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File: 90s-internet.jpg (85 KB, 400x400)

nostalagia thread Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:00:06 No.23738710

>>23738772 >>23739183 >>23739389 >>23739550 >>23741127 >>23741875
>>23742279 >>23742436 >>23742523>>23742768 >>23742838 >>23744263
>>23746267 >>23746294 >>23748396 >>23750171 >>23750289 >>23750465
>>23750672 >>23751297 >>23752090 >>23754167 >>23754322 >>23755084
>>23755288>>23762326 >>23763671 >>23764657 >>23764999 >>23765176
Do you miss your first years on the internet, /r9k/?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:01:43 No.23738748
Fuck no, the old internet sucked.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:02:31 No.23738758
>>23741383 >>23744204 >>23745336 >>23747568
>"Remember, don't ever use your real information online"
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:03:23 No.23738772

>>23738710 (OP)
>don't chat online anon
>there are old men that are pedophiles
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:04:36 No.23738798
>>23755997 >>23762291
>tfw you're the pedophile now
wew lad
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:06:38 No.23738833
File: domain_LO.jpg (59 KB, 787x503)

Textless posts are not allowed!!!1121!!!

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:25:00 No.23739183
>>23739496 >>23764417 >>23764947
>>23738710 (OP)
waiting a week to download age of empires, nty
however back then i actually played the games i downloaded
now i just download them play for 1 hour max and never click on them again
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:26:54 No.23739217
>>23746299 >>23750672
When i was 12 i got in an argument about family guy with a 20 year old
what a giant fucking loser that guy was

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:28:11 No.23739248

>>23739375 >>23739507 >>23743472
File: whatsthatpepe.jpg (19 KB, 320x240)

>download a song on limewire

>open file
>Bill Clinton
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:35:49 No.23739375
File: 1429032217837.jpg (1.07 MB, 5616x3744)

>download song on limewire
>don't know what .exe means
>time for some Metallica
>pc shuts down
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:36:28 No.23739389
>>23738710 (OP)
Only because I wouldnt be looked down on for searching teen cp
Wasn't easy in the 90s
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:38:28 No.23739428
>>23747722 >>23748531 >>23750658 >>23750672 >>23754682
> limewire

Napster bitch
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:41:47 No.23739496
>now i just download them play for 1 hour max and never click on them again
More is less
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:42:24 No.23739507
Limewire rules!
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:44:35 No.23739550
>>23738710 (OP)
>dial up
Yeah I don't miss it.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:44:54 No.23739555
>>23739637 >>23742434
I miss going to non social media sites/youtube and actually exploring the internet.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:47:52 No.23739628
when 4chan allowed webms
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:48:25 No.23739637
File: rt44.jpg (59 KB, 960x510)

Did faggots really do this?
Explore the Internet? What the...
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)16:50:41 No.23739683
Fuck no. Aussie Internet was ass back in the day.
I will say I do miss Pimped MySpace pages. Oh man that is some quality nostalgia
right there
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)17:47:42 No.23740939
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)17:51:29 No.23741022
>>23741360 >>23743718
>Receive two old PCs from coworkers
>Finally get around to turning them on, snooping around, etc
>Both are circa 2001-2004 or so running Windows XP
>Instantly hit with nostalgia
>See fucking Musicmatch Jukebox
>AIM, MSN messenger
>Gonna either keep on on XP or upgrade to 7 after I wipe and system restore, and
the other will be a Linux machine if I can find a distro that can run on extremely
antiquated hardware.
Felt nice.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)17:56:06 No.23741127
>>23738710 (OP)
no. I didn't know how to do anything properly. many viruses were had

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:06:28 No.23741360
>if I can find a distro that can run on extremely antiquated hardware.
I hear mandrake linux works quite well on older stuff, or you could try
damnsmalllinux, stuff like that that has minimal requirements.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:07:17 No.23741383
>>23741928 >>23741998 >>23744204 >>23764734
File: google_privacy.jpg (218 KB, 1436x674)

>>"Remember, don't ever use your real information online"
Normies literally can't invest any time into something without receiving attention.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:10:02 No.23741448
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:12:40 No.23741507
File: 1445147913446.gif (1.16 MB, 300x515)

>watching previews on pay2porn websites

>visiting obscure websites on geocities and angelfire
>witnessing the early era of youtube
>hanging out at internet communities

>playing games at lans

>posting on 18+ forums despite being underage as fuck
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:12:56 No.23741514
>>23741627 >>23754182
File: PANIC.gif (387 KB, 269x270)

>go on limewire
>search for vicky vette because I had the hots for her
>download a video that sounds right from the filename
>open it up when it's done
>it's a video of a little girl sucking cock, set to Britney Spears
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:14:27 No.23741560
File: keanu_buried.jpg (102 KB, 1280x534)


Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:17:18 No.23741627
how old were you?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:18:08 No.23741659

>playing runescape with homie

>porn popups floods screen
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:18:44 No.23741674
13, maybe 14. It was halfway horrifying and halfway hypnotizing.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:27:27 No.23741875
>>23738710 (OP)
>Do you miss your first years on the internet, /r9k/?
Not really, during those years my internet use was sporadic (I didn't have a proper
internet connection before 2006), so I didn't get to experience much.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:29:35 No.23741928
So when people become YOutube famous, fans can seek out more juicy gossip :)
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:32:42 No.23741998
>>23742059 >>23742656 >>23742962 >>23743749 >>23748170 >>23750672
remember when youtube was not owned by google
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:35:06 No.23742059
File: it sucks.gif (662 KB, 498x378)

it has yet to leave my memory
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:37:32 No.23742108
Got my first PC in 2000. My first memories are Windows Me, Kazaa and playing
Theme Park World
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:41:22 No.23742209
>>23741659 [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:42:11 No.23742234
>Theme Park World
Did that work properly in WinME? We had Windows XP and that game used to crash
all the time and you couldn't even enter a park with full simulation mode.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:42:18 No.23742239
>"you've got mail!"
>have no idea what search engines are
>find websites by taking in things like ""
>look at a few pictures of goku or vegeta
>woah this is fucking awesome
>play everquest 2 and ultima online for a while
god damn those were good days. everquest 2 actually felt like a real live world and
not like playing a video game.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:43:44 No.23742279

>>23738710 (OP)
>The dial up internet noise.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:44:35 No.23742307
>>23742434 >>23752166 >>23754774 >>23764828
Yeah, before Google became huge and social media was a thing there were actually
things in the internet you actually had to stumble upon/look for. You could just surf
around for hours and find all kinds of interesting/weird stuff
The Internet felt so much bigger back then ~
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:45:33 No.23742329
>>23742362 >>23742508 >>23742523 >>23765209
Was the internet the only good thing about the 00s?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:46:50 No.23742360
File: 1426566274775.jpg (122 KB, 488x697)

>downloaded and tried to play Sim Golf recently

>locked at 800x600 resolution
Nostalgia ruined
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:46:53 No.23742362

maybe video games
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:49:47 No.23742434
holy shit this. i swear i only use 4chan and youtube all the time now. but back then
i'd find hundreds of different sites
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:49:55 No.23742436
>>23738710 (OP)
Nah i don't miss 50kb/s upload when you have to keep a positive ratio at torrent
sites is terrible.
Does anyone use dc++(revconnect) anymore? It's a shame that i didn't think at that
time what of a gold mine it was.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:52:18 No.23742494
File: 1444111235878.jpg (23 KB, 500x368)

>try to replay Max Payne because I loved it when I was younger oldfag, I was old
enough to be married when it came out.
>need to run in compatibility mode to get it to even start
>need to download a fanmade sound fix just to get that to work
At least 2 only needed compatibility mode. Loved those games.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:52:51 No.23742508

The internet of the late-90s -early00s was a normie free zone. People actually gave
a shit about creating content just because they could, and not because they wanted
likes and favorites.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:53:30 No.23742523
>>23742555 >>23742788 >>23748234
File: 1445531244749-2.jpg (171 KB, 720x540)

>>23738710 (OP)
2000-2005 was great, almost like a mini-90s
2006-2009 sucked [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:53:36 No.23742525

File: 2714257-keenspot.gif.jpg (14 KB, 480x480)

....anyone else?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:54:27 No.23742555
why do i regongnize you from /mu/?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:54:31 No.23742557
>>23742642 >>23742801 >>23758398 >>23765191
File: 1402027557804.jpg (79 KB, 587x562)

>hanging out on message boards

>getting to know all the big players, all the clicks, all the rivalries, all the forum
sluts who'd make nude signs
>felt like such a baller when you had an old reg date, high post count and high rep
>no one uses message boards at all, its all social media garbage or anonymous
image boards
>all your old message board friends are either normies with a wife and kids or
fucking dead
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:57:15 No.23742633
I was still young when computers where like windows 98 and stuff but it all seemed
a lot more magical for some reason. Now it's some governmental control machine I
fucking hate it. I wish I lived in a less corrupt time.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:57:34 No.23742642
Are any of these old forums still around? If I type in my old email address into a
search engine it brings up my old posts from 10+ years ago.
ADOLF !HITLERqi96 10/26/15(Mon)18:58:17 No.23742656
>>23742723 >>23746228 >>23746313
2008 was best year
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)18:59:36 No.23742697
Have had a gmail account from 2005, literally haven't deleted almost a single post
since then. Just went back to look at the oldest messages, holy shit the nostalgia
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:00:49 No.23742723
Thats when things started to change imo, I saw a lot of online communities die out
that year and normiebook really took off.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:02:36 No.23742759
the smaller ones are dead as hell and the bigger ones sold out and turned into
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:02:52 No.23742768
File: 1444792301643.png (323 KB, 560x574)

>>23738710 (OP)
The internet kicked ass back in the early 90s up to around turn of the millennium
(I'd say up to around 2004). It was a lot easier to establish and maintain friendships
with complete strangers; hell, I'm still friends with the majority of the people I met
back then. Everything was primarily text-based, it was magical. Everyone was
always thrilled to share with one another and there weren't too many faggots. Most
everyone was a programmer or at least versed in *nix based operating systems well
enough to dial up and connect to the IRC server.
I think one of the biggest differences is that being a nerd wasn't socially acceptable
and was frowned upon. So, most people and businesses kept away from technology
and the netz for the most part. The biggest plus was that the girls who frequented
the IRC servers (DALnet, EFNet, UnderNet, were the only ones at the time if I'm
remembering correctly) weren't attention seeking whores. They were actually
interesting, had hobbies, and possessed an above average intellect.
Shit got watered down as soon as AOL came onto the scene though. That's when
the influx of over-entitled faggots started pouring onto the net and into IRC
channels. The internet fucking blows now, but looking back I don't think there was
really anything that anyone could have done to mitigate what happened.
>tfw nostalgia
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:03:51 No.23742788
Haven't you posted this before?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:04:38 No.23742801
>>23743754 >>23749020 >>23750137 >>23761428
&totse for life

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:05:18 No.23742813

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:06:05 No.23742828
I remember that site.
EDIT: It's still up:
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:06:24 No.23742838
>>23738710 (OP)
I'm wearing a shirt with that picture on it right now.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:07:49 No.23742870
>>23742955 >>23743120 >>23744826 >>23748030 >>23752192
File: bf7f753ef00ei.jpg (70 KB, 450x426)

Back when Dailymotion was accepting with nudity and softcore amateur porn. Fast
forward to 2015, Dailymotion have been on a video deleting spree. All my favorites
are gone now and I cant find said videos anymore.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:08:53 No.23742896
Anyone remembers the era where watching anime happened on youtube in
shitquality? Not that it's that old but still.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:11:15 No.23742955
>a week ago
>search for movies
>dailymotion link in results
>click it
>something along the lines of "this video has been deleted"
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:11:41 No.23742962
>>23743619 >>23744146
File: 1402970613910.jpg (54 KB, 640x482)

Money changes things for the worst some times.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:16:01 No.23743057
I spent fucking days on a 56k modem downloading this quake movie, and then the
mod that was released after it [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:18:57 No.23743120
File: hug.png (156 KB, 350x217)

I feel you anon. I've never been a fan of hardcore porn and Dailymotion used to be
my primary website for fap material and now it's all gone. I've found one or two of
the clips I used to like on other websites but most of it is just gone forever.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:18:59 No.23743121
Dailymotion users upload the best spy/hidden camera nude videos back in the days.
In fact the Erin Andrews changing video was first uploaded to Dailymotion before it
was ToS'ed. I remember fapping to it furiously and adding it to my favorites playlist
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:22:30 No.23743207
my little sister (13) still does that because she doesn't bother to torrent or use
normal streaming sites.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:25:37 No.23743288
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! It doesn't even exist anymore except when it's in spanish
or mirrored or something.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:27:49 No.23743340
nope. if you look hard, there are some in horrible quality, or some that are really
scaled down and have a frame
here's some nostalgia for you [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:29:17 No.23743367

File: 1376944031814.jpg (26 KB, 320x320)

>once saw a report on that Nick at Night news program or maybe just a regular one
that was basically about porn
>had a graphic reading "The Dark Side of The Internet"
>thought this was a single website that distributed all porn and such on the internet
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:32:16 No.23743472
My fellow Americans, I would like to say that I did not have sexual relations with that
woman. I did, however, go to
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:36:31 No.23743594
>>23746262 >>23751669 >>23755323 >>23761152
File: 1383463536367.jpg (517 KB, 1440x900)

old anon here; I remember the days before the plague of normies and fucktard
soccer moms started cancering up the internet with their bullshit faggotry
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:37:28 No.23743619
That gives me the feels :(

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:38:56 No.23743657

File: dd triggered.jpg (176 KB, 1280x720)

>My fellow Americans
I'm having flashbacks now.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:41:20 No.23743718
Even though MSM Messenger won't work anymore, is probably keep it on a CD or
something for nostalgia.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:42:51 No.23743749
remember when you gave a 5 star to a video and you felt awesome?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:42:59 No.23743754
Oh god Totse... Being 13 and reading up shoplifting tips and how to make bombs.
Learning how to get fucked up off nutmeg and cough syrup. Finding those text
daddy/daughter sex stories that I think we're the reason it's my fetish this very day
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:44:58 No.23743806
I miss the MSN groups
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:46:28 No.23743843

Quality was like 10 times worse back when I watched anime on youtube. It was
sometimes unrecognisable what was happening and in case of motion it would
freeze or lag or somehing.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:47:14 No.23743865
>>23743917 >>23743944 >>23743988 >>23743989 >>23748128 >>23748220
>>23749767 >>23750021 >>23750561 >>23752013 >>23753612 >>23755215
File: Ultimate vault.jpg (1.13 MB, 2222x2590)

Looks like its time to whip out the old NOSTALGIA VAULT!
Suggestions open!
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:47:51 No.23743887
yeah, but you'd have to go into the wayback machine to experience that. i think it's
just the fact that they fixed their site, because it used to be really broken
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:48:42 No.23743911
Gonna ask it again.
Has anyone tried running DC++? Do people anywhere use it? Are there any hubs
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:48:52 No.23743917

there was an updated version though
The nigger who made those disappeared into thin air
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:49:16 No.23743932
File: pointcast_square1.jpg (35 KB, 400x400)

All my teachers had pic related and it slowed the fuck out of the network.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:49:40 No.23743944
>>23743967 >>23747850
>all those flash games
probably the only thing that really strikes me with nostalgia other than runescape
and wc3
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:50:19 No.23743963
I tried it multiple times back in the day, could never get it to work. Seemed like a
cool idea though.
I'm sure it's still active.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:50:25 No.23743967

You will never discover miniclip and Xgen studios for the first time again
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:50:38 No.23743971
I see. Did you ever discover veoh? It was the new best thing to watch anime.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:51:04 No.23743988
This reminds me, I've started listening toa lot of "pop punk" or whatever it's called
from that era for the nostalgia trip. Stuff like this. Any good songs are appreciated. [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:51:07 No.23743989
>fancy pants adventure 3 came out on ps3 and xbox 360
it was a really fucking awesome game too
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:52:09 No.23744015
So how many of you guys would be up for an all new nostalgia vault thread right
I might make one if there's enough suggestions and participation
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:55:28 No.23744100

I'm in.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:57:01 No.23744146
To be fair, the main google page is still like that unless you specifically set it to be
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:58:46 No.23744183
This is what the internet used to look like.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:59:05 No.23744193
>>23744220 >>23765760
remember igoogle? it was a personalized google page where you could add a bunch
of widgets and useless shit
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)19:59:41 No.23744204
This is what bothers me the most. How the killed privacy in favor of making it easier
for the government to track you and companies to data mine and advertise at you.
And like that anon said, the normies don't even care. They have to put their fucking
face and name all over everything. I miss when the Internet was more anonymous
and shadowry, more about gathering and sharing information with each other, not
about self-aggrandizement and lets face it -- getting laid. Most normies have turned
the Internet into "push button, receive sex!" and it's another thing contributing to
the death of everyone's privacy.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:00:19 No.23744220
oh god the feels :(
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:00:40 No.23744229
WinMX, limewire, kazza, THE PIRATE BAY!
How could we give up our freedom without a fight? [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:02:23 No.23744263
>>23738710 (OP)
When I first got high speed internet, yeah, that's what I missed. It was a breath of
fresh air compared to years of AOL shitty dial up. But it's sad how when that
happened, AOL kind of died and I lost contact with a lot of people I used to talk to
back then.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:05:16 No.23744325
I used to play a game on the internet where I would start out on a random (clean)
website in my bookmarks and see if I could get to 18+ sites by only clicking links.
Using the keyboard was not allowed.
I never failed.
Shit I'm totally playing that right now. I bet I could still get there from miniclip.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:09:09 No.23744409
Cummed gallons from using that site back in the day.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:21:07 No.23744699

File: 3634-1-getaway-entertainm(...).jpg (41 KB, 648x440)

Anyone remember this game?

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:22:34 No.23744734
>>23744868 >>23745165 >>23745287 >>23747905 >>23747970 >>23748424
>>23749903 >>23751471
File: maxresdefault.jpg (46 KB, 1280x720)

Surprised no one mentionned Stick Death yet.

Or maybe that was just popular around my city/school.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:26:22 No.23744826
dailymotion was a titfags paradise
Sage 10/26/15(Mon)20:28:38 No.23744868
It was pretty popular I think, I remember it at least
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:34:43 No.23745016
wow. right in the feels

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:35:27 No.23745028
File: 2015-10-26-16-34-31-888681362.jpg (10 KB, 256x192)

This game was the shit as a kid. You get to roam around and maul the fuck out of
zebras and other lions.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:37:05 No.23745070
Not that old though.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:37:39 No.23745086
File: 2015-10-26-16-33-31-1773564795.jpg (26 KB, 278x181)

Here's another. Probably one of the first games that allowed me to discover glorious
female human titties
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:39:50 No.23745134
I've used the internet since i was 8. I'm 21 now, but for some reason i can't
remember SHIT from before 2010.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:41:08 No.23745165

Yeah I remember viewing Stickdeath at my school library and no one would care.
This was before Columbine happened. After the Columbine massacre my teachers
was on high alert for anyone with violent tendencies/urges. I would see students
getting suspended from the school for viewing something they shouldn't have
viewed or said.
Sage 10/26/15(Mon)20:42:44 No.23745204
>>23745329 >>23745579
Nowadays pretty much everything you do on the internet can have repercussions in
real life, like piracy or writing something offensive
Before it felt more like its own place, separate and different from real life
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:43:06 No.23745213
Everything turned to shit after 2005/2006
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:45:47 No.23745287
similarly, stick rpg was the shit at my school
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:47:25 No.23745329
It was its own place, especially if you go back to the early 90s, when you were
expected to have a level of technical know-how to even be on it.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:47:36 No.23745336

Trying to explain that this was the golden rule of the web in the pre-2.0 days to
anyone I know simply can't understand it.
They're not even "angry" at the idea - they truly can't understand why it would be
the cultural norm not to use your real name and info on the web.
How sad.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:49:42 No.23745389
File: movies.jpg (426 KB, 922x956)

Dumping some random movies out of my head.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:50:52 No.23745428
>born in 93
>captivated by my dad's pc
>he let me play a bunch of dos games since I was as young as 3 or 4
>managed to be able to navigate through file explorers
>one time found his pr0n stash
>2d flintstones porno
>barney, fred, wilma and betty all fucking each other at the same time
>huge cocks
>mom comes in the room
>can't hide it
>got in trouble
Never spoke to my dad about it. I often think maybe that's why I grew up to be such
a pervert. I tried finding the photo again so maybe I could fap to it for nostalgia sake
but there is so much fucking flintstones porn out there.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:51:35 No.23745445
enjoy robots
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:52:01 No.23745461
I think Tumblr is the closest thing to the way the internet used to be, with lots of
smaller communities, personal pages and the way you can just follow links and end
up in all kinds of weird or interesting places, pity its mostly pretty cancerous though
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:52:13 No.23745468
>>23745587 >>23746254
File: X0kxxf-ZrHfz.878x0.Z-Z96KYq.jpg (49 KB, 610x347)

>making an Angelfire website for your Unreal Tournament clan

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:53:12 No.23745501
I know that feel. I got a hate replies the other day from normies on Youtube,
because my username is not my real name. Everyone was assuming I'm a troll.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:54:21 No.23745535
I remember that exact video. I haven't seen it in years. I've got some dick nostalgia,
for lack of a better world.
>Started using limewire way back, around age 10
>Found a ton of CP back then, thought it was normal because I was the same age-

>Somehow never got my family investigated/vanned
>Set up my fetishes when I was barely pubescent, now into 2d loli/shota.
>All my old computers were fucked up by my younger siblings, thankfully
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:55:40 No.23745579
>>23745696 >>23747792 >>23747886 >>23749738
File: howcommunitiesaredestroyed.jpg (451 KB, 4040x626)

Yeah exactly. I have a best friend who talks about this all the time he used to be
really into computer programming and was making websites when he was a kid, we
had a DBZ fansite back in the 90s! Every time anyone does anything stupid online
he goes "I miss when you actually had to TRY and KNOW how to get online." His job
now is writing social media for companies... he hates the Internet.
Yeah that's what I'm talking about. I think it still messes with me. I'm sort of old and
set in my ways, for example I'm used to "there are no girls on the Internet" and
when it was "weird" to talk to girls you didn't know in real life when you're online.
Now we have Tinder. People meet online, click, click, exchange STDs. It still baffles
me. I think it effects what little game I have too, because I'd rather talk to a girl in
real life and I think I get penalized for it when competing with all the guys hitting
her up online with their "push button , receive pussy" attitudes.
Seriously Chad ruined the Internet too. I remember my Chad friends a couple years
ago. "Dude... there are chicks on Facebook... REAL girls! I'm getting on that shit
This is the same person telling me before that computers are gay and for nerds.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:55:51 No.23745587
Oh man. I miss that shit so much. Off to see if I can still get it and play it...

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:56:42 No.23745612

I miss YTMND. I mean it's still there but I miss the old community.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:57:31 No.23745640
Maybe still German servers, I don't know.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)20:59:13 No.23745696
>>23745810 >>23745996
I just wish I could've had more time to use the internet before the "eternal
September" in 93. I'm still very set in the "old ways" of the internet, though. Any
personal information I have out there is 100% fake to throw people off, as an
example. And I don't like asking for help finding something. I'll exhaust every option
I can think of before I ask. Now I basically babysit retards for a living. My job is to be
the adult who knows how computers work while they lose their shit every time they
accidentally hit F11 in their browser or forget to turn the printer on before printing.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:01:16 No.23745735
>Friend calls me and tells me he has a new pc game that's crazy
>Walk to his house
>Game is called Sim Planet and it is TWO floppies big
>Play it for the next few years losing our shit over it
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:02:00 No.23745757
File: dead net.png (42 KB, 1789x303)

There was a thread on /g/ not too long ago about what happened to the web after
2007. I posted this and I figure it's relevant to this thread too.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:04:30 No.23745810

It was the newfags that never end
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:06:06 No.23745852
>>23745920 >>23760985 >>23761232
File: 50c50e8f55f17.jpg (163 KB, 1022x605)

>Security Forum regular

>Coded back then
>CS 1.6 every day
Fun days, I pity those that will never know the joys of CS 1.6 fun maps.

Enemy Territory was also a lot of fun.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:08:22 No.23745904
>Not being able to find - or being scared to find - porn sites
>Go on newgrounds
>Tons of sex games, hentai puzzles, and barely-VN porn games
Probably why I'm into hentai now.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:08:58 No.23745920
You remember c-note?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:11:01 No.23745975
>look up how to do something on youtube
>video shows you how to do something with occasional windows movie maker text
>look up a video now

>splash screen
>"Hello viewers, I'm who-gives-a-shit and welcome to my channel. Shill shill shill."
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:11:33 No.23745996
>>23746027 >>23746532
What was the eternal September? I was just barely old enough to get on a computer
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:11:52 No.23746003
File: Spoiler Image (175 KB, 854x1240)

>start coming to 4chan when it was basically brand new

>threads lasted days, if not weeks
>would have threads on /v/ where it was basically just a bunch of people shooting
the shit about a bunch of different games while dumping lolicon
>huge lolicon fetish now because of it
>still have the first doujins I ever got from 4chan
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:12:54 No.23746027
Look it up, it's on wikipedia.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:14:19 No.23746076
Did you take a considerable quantity of any given drug?

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:15:21 No.23746111

>>23746327 >>23746328
File: 1428163328855.jpg (7 KB, 231x218)

>Be 15
>Using Kazaa
>Was into girls my age so I constantly searched for "15 year old sex" and
downloaded every video I could find
>Still wonder to this day how no one ever came knocking on the door to arrest my
How naive and horny I was
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:17:40 No.23746176
File: hqdefault.jpg (14 KB, 480x360) [Embed] [Embed]
Remember him?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:18:28 No.23746204
>>23746366 >>23748207
>using MSN messenger with my high school gf since her phone was always tied up
between her two sisters and mother
>downloading single songs off of Limewire
>playing a free Nexon game called "Combat Arms" before it moved to Steam
>having that wide eyed wonder at 4chan when I first was shown it around 2008

>browsing the internet before every page had buttons to share everything to
Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc.
>remembering when memes were mainstream (don't mean to sound like a hipster,
but you know what I mean)
Not really internet related, but computer related:
>playing the shit out of Roller Coaster Tycoon off of a disk that came in a cereal box
Better times.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:19:15 No.23746228
>>23742656 [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:19:58 No.23746254
zetaboards/invision free for runescape clans
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:20:15 No.23746262
Damn man, dat highly realistic desktop texture.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:20:33 No.23746267
>>23738710 (OP)
>first years on the internet
i mean, really?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:21:21 No.23746294
File: 8ecpMhx.png (213 KB, 805x1000)

>>23738710 (OP)
>be a kid
>dont know about online porn sites
>download all my porn from limewire
>begin getting into mom/son roleplay
>download vids with tags like that
>big mistake tbh fam
Also who here remembers that limewire porn vid of the blond milf in a green nighty
getting fucked by some guy POV
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:21:27 No.23746299
Greentext? What website or whatever and how long ago was this?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:21:53 No.23746313
>>23742656 [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:22:26 No.23746327
No one would even today.
When you hear of a cyberpedophile getting into trouble on the news it's because he
started selling some material, produced some himself, or cops were able to get a lot
of material on him from various witnesses of his activites.
Not because he googled "child porn".
At least, in Canada that's how it goes.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:22:30 No.23746328
Exact same thing happened with me. It's amazing no one in my family was vanned
because of me.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:22:33 No.23746330
>people had to get another phone line to use the internet
>had to wait like ten minutes to get a flash game to load
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:22:36 No.23746334
File: tclogo_640x480.jpg (22 KB, 640x480)

Anyone a fan of Crims?

>Choosing occupation..
>Choosing the ugliest/cheapest prostitute because too poor
>Beating potheads
>Ending up in the hospital
>Taking drugs
>Doing robberies
>More robberies to level up
This was Payday back in the days....
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:23:41 No.23746366
If I'd have to estimate your age, I'd say you are 21.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:25:57 No.23746428

Did danbooru turn anyone else gay? Asking for a friend
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:26:46 No.23746458
Damn. I feel hated. I mean there's no stopping it but it feels bad.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:27:12 No.23746467
File: SCR3.png (189 KB, 1024x768)

still boot it up once in a while to this day

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:27:31 No.23746478
this is the one fam
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:29:08 No.23746532
It was when Usenet when public and people kept shitposting. Before it was only for
college students. It was called eternal september because every september Usenet
would go full summerfag
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:29:50 No.23746554

File: old 2flashgames.png (105 KB, 961x859)

Go to to see old snapshots of your nostalgic website.

pic related,, some of you probably remember that website.
Nowaday it looks like any shitty flash game site.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:31:39 No.23746600
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:32:22 No.23746622
File: 1334007659241.jpg (82 KB, 645x773)

I think I miss MSN messenger the most. My friend of 12 years had MSN+ or
whatever that automatically saved all our convos over the years. We recently got
drunk together and he remembered he had them and we had the biggest nostalgia
trip of our lives.
They were simpler times.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:34:04 No.23746671
This makes me fucking sad.

>if you're not willing to give your data, you're probably a troll :^)
Fuckin' normies.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:34:21 No.23746677
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:34:37 No.23746686
>>23747395 >>23749903 >>23749961
File: download.jpg (259 KB, 616x425)

>you've got mail

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:36:43 No.23746737
That's great, I'm browsing 2004 Stick Death right now and everything is saved, the
animations are still up.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:37:12 No.23746755
File: desktop01.gif (8 KB, 403x447)

the feels are real

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:37:36 No.23746766

>>23747126 >>23747686 >>23748024 >>23751930
File: 3w6q69U.gif (37 KB, 690x575)

I remember one time I was in a chat room and a mod tried to converge it with one
for gay Japanese men just for the hahas. They declined.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:37:46 No.23746770
holy hell i hate how normalfags use their real names. even though
"xXxDevilMayCryxXx" looks cringey it still felt like the internet. now it feels like a
school assignment where you have to be politically correct, use your full name, stay
professional, etc etc. fuck youtube
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:40:40 No.23746847
Close. Just turned 23 a few weeks back.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:40:50 No.23746850
There was always this sense of danger about using any of your personal info on the
internet years ago. Now sites are asking you to register your fucking personal phone
number with your account and people do that shit no problem.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:49:03 No.23747072
And the only way to find it was by typing in www.heavensgate com. Or by finding a
link on some other website. Honestly the early internet is like the deepweb of today.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:49:04 No.23747073

Anyone remember the Big Al game on the BBC dinosaur website?
I want to play it, surely it is still in existence somewhere
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:50:05 No.23747106
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:50:50 No.23747124
File: 1366358483531.gif (8 KB, 645x773)

>first thing I googled was dinosaurs, at my mom's laptop

>discovered youtube by searching for naruto ultimate ninja 3 [Embed]
>when paralyzer by finger eleven used to play on videos, or that other song posted
earlier >>23746228
>when you used to watch that naruto vs sasuke amv over and over again listening
to last resort or linkin park
>mfw the whole series of sa-mp Cop Out used to be on youtube, I remember
reading a comment and with my very small english at that time made it out to be
that I have to pay to watch videos on youtube and I got so scared
>all those flash games you used to play
>when you slowly started your way to watching porn by searching stuff on youtube
>remember all those people you met in old online games and wondering what they
are doing right now - dustin514 from Crossfire, I miss you my friend
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:50:52 No.23747126

File: 60435.jpg (88 KB, 478x620)

I seem to remember this working on my university internet connection back in
'03-'05 even when other file sharing had been blocked.
>playing bf1942 demo and even though the net code sucked it was still incredibly
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:51:58 No.23747148
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:52:56 No.23747163
thats hitting me hard, I still use the first email I made to this day on all the
important stuff, one day I should check through my old convos I hope they are still
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:54:20 No.23747201
>>23747269 >>23747974 >>23750252
File: binladen.jpg (81 KB, 694x325)

>post-9/11 memes
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:56:49 No.23747269

File: hqdefault.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:57:51 No.23747302
File: uf007629.gif (25 KB, 720x274)

>trying to get a gmail invite

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:58:46 No.23747321
File: dTvf3p3.gif (271 KB, 210x131)

why did normies have to shit up the internet?

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)21:59:10 No.23747331
>friend at school in 7th grade gave me a CD
>had a hidden folder on it
>it's full of porn pics, hentai pics, some western torture porn comics and those 5-10
second previews from porn sites in 320x240
What a wonderful time I had with that CD.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:00:12 No.23747365
It makes me nostalgic just looking at it but my brothers always monopolized it. I
spent a lot of time watching them play it.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:00:17 No.23747368
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:01:11 No.23747390
I remember filling a floppy disk with games, or at least attemping to. I was like 8
years old, was about to go to my friend's place, and thought I would bring my game,
so I copied paste all the icons from the desktop on the floppy disk.
Oh youth.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:01:27 No.23747395
I mumble that to myself when I open my mailbox and see things for me.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:05:21 No.23747489
File: 63300SYBX_w.jpg (24 KB, 500x272)

I had IIRC, 2mb of space in my hotmail account before gmail came along.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:06:30 No.23747520
Why was the thong song a result for everything?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:06:33 No.23747523
sneaky ronald.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:08:18 No.23747568
I miss that.
Present day:
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:11:34 No.23747669
No, but 4chan did. Or at least bi. At this point, I don't even care - if something turns
me on I'll jerk off to it.
danbooru just ended up being the vector of all my trap porn.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:12:10 No.23747686
wow anon you blindsided me with that nostalgia
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:13:07 No.23747712
>>23747791 >>23747792 >>23747895

File: 3c5.png (273 KB, 1167x879)

Anyone else feel like the world got way stranger, and worse overall after 2006 or
so? I feel like the Internet has played a big part in this, but it's hard for me to put
into words.
It seems like no one can separate reality from Internet anymore, and the Internet is
now just a extension of real life. I see people around me acting crazier and, dare I
say, more like an autistic person, even normalfags.
Internet memes have no substance now either, and they're way too forced and
common whereas they used to be little inside jokes on the old Internet that almost
no one knew about and never used in real life.
I don't even know if I'm even typing anything coherent right now, but this is a big
part of how I feel now. I've felt this way ever since, I think, 2011.
What about it? Has the world gone insane, or have I?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:13:33 No.23747722
File: 1354741179886.jpg (24 KB, 282x436)

Metallica, Napster, you did this on purpose didn't you
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:15:27 No.23747775 [Embed]
Where were you when normalfags ruined the Internet?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:15:49 No.23747791
>>23747972 >>23749013

When did memes ever have substance?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:15:49 No.23747792
The answers are pretty much >>23745757
and this picture >>23745579
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:18:07 No.23747850
All of the old flash games are strictly released as shitty indie games now.
Fuck, Super Meat Boy started out as a flash game. You can still play the early
version on Newgrounds.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:19:14 No.23747886
>tfw browsing DBZ fan sites and saving the images to floppies
Oh, BTW... do you recall Super Saiyan Goku looking different in the 90s?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:19:31 No.23747895
Don't worry anon, you are never alone, and you are not losing it
The world has changed, and too many normalfags use memes like pepe which used
to be our thing, its just another form of "that feeling", for example when I had my
crazy period of listening to Eminem, I used to get very mad everytime I was finding
another person listening to him, I just wanted it to be only for me you know ?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:19:32 No.23747896
File: winamp-screenshot-04.png (280 KB, 1024x742)

>tfw winamp still whips the llama's ass

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:19:48 No.23747905
Why was early Internet so obsessed with stick games? They were fun, though.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:20:14 No.23747919
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:21:36 No.23747955
File: just a lil.jpg (685 KB, 1756x2200)

>tfw you'll never go back to the golden 2005-2010 era

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:22:05 No.23747970

Thank you so much you for making me remember this robots, I love you all [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:22:07 No.23747972
They were much more original, whereas now a lot of them are mutations of old
memes or just something in real life thrown onto the Internet and turned into one.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:22:10 No.23747974
File: 1373830395151.jpg (261 KB, 858x990)

I remember waking up at 4am to my dad listening to this in 2002 (the family PC was
in my room for some reason back then, not that I ever complained) [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:22:41 No.23747988
>not 1998-2007
By 2008, it was all over. The normie hoard found the web, and the end began.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:23:09 No.23747996
>>23747970 (You)
sorry missed you on my reply

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:23:44 No.23748012
I can't hear the original song anymore without singing the Bin Laden one instead,
and it's been nearly a decade since I heard it.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:24:13 No.23748024
Win fucking MX. Damn. That's way, way back.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:24:26 No.23748030
This sucks the biggest dick, I remember a video of a beautiful lady stripping down,
used to get me so hard, but all is gone now.
Been a long time since I last visited that place.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:26:09 No.23748079
What do you mean? I haven't noticed anything.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:27:16 No.23748108
>I remember a video of a beautiful lady stripping down, used to get me so hard, but
all is gone now.
>Been a long time since I last visited that place.
Archive everything you love. They say that nothing on the internet disappears, but
that's absolutely not true. Especially now that corporations and governments are
more involved online than ever before.

Once some of my favorite porn vids online started disappearing, I saved everything
I came across.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:27:59 No.23748128
File: 1445514925713.jpg (63 KB, 633x758)

>System of a Down & Gorillaz
>Newgrounds (for the porn games)
>MSN Messenger
I think I'm overdosing on nostalgia.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:28:28 No.23748146
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:29:11 No.23748170
I actually remember finding youtube for the first time from google videos. I was
watching a runescape pk video of a guy with an aby whip and somehow found my
way to youtube.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:30:05 No.23748207

>Combat Arms
Played the shit out of that and CS til CA I got sick of p2w and hacks. Moved to AVA in
its golden ages when Skadoodle played then it went to shit as well
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:30:29 No.23748217
Orange swept-forward hair, red eyes... clearly different - a "Mandela effect".
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:30:32 No.23748220
oh shit nigga
only thing there i don't have any nostalgia for is the shitty nu metal
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:30:46 No.23748233
>still using kazaa/limewire in 2006
For what purpose?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:30:47 No.23748234
>sprite remix
You triggered my memory of the commercials for it and how gross it was.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:32:02 No.23748261
for downloading stuff, you shitter

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:33:35 No.23748300

Yeah I remember the orange every where but no red eyes. The hair is like white
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:33:55 No.23748311
File: thatfeelwhen.jpg (48 KB, 535x577)

>have a really bad case of brainfog

>forgot this shit years ago
>apathetic as fuck about everything
>mfw this thread
>mfw all this memories triggered
>mfw all this nostalgia
>nothing to live for now without bitter reasons
this is the best feels thread i've seen in a while and it isn't even a feels thread
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:34:09 No.23748317
This. This is why I torrent all of my favourite porn videos, and save every pic of hot
chicks that I come across and want. I have about 3TB of videos, and about 20GB of
pics; I started collecting around 2009 or so. It's a hobby that I enjoy, and if shit ever
goes dark, I'll have a back up at least for awhile (drive degradation, etc.).
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:34:59 No.23748337
File: bob.jpg (38 KB, 432x619) [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:35:21 No.23748346
My memory could be wrong on the red eyes part. Do you remember it being sweptforward and covering one eye?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:36:20 No.23748372
The old yahoo user chat rooms were the wild west for me. A chat room for whatever
your fetish/interest was. I would RP so hard on them shits. My parents would just
barge into my room so looking at porn could only be done when everyone was
asleep. So during the day I would chat with random creeps and get off on the stories
I made up for them. Those were the days man.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:36:23 No.23748375
>Xgen studios
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:37:10 No.23748396
>>23738710 (OP)
Late 90s up to the mid 00s kicked a lot of arse on the Internet.
I had sporadic access from 1995-2001.
Most of my Internetting was done during free time at school. Up until 2000 the
whole school shared a dial-up connection, so it was epically slow around lunchtime.
My main search engine at the time was Yahoo!
I found all kinds of stuff, some of which got blocked by the filters.
Around 2000 the school upgraded to a shiny broadband connection. I discovered

new things like and Yahoo Clubs.

I also switched to Google as my main search engine.
But outside of school my Internet access was extremely patchy, I was only able to
get online at cybercafes (which have pretty much died here in the UK but still seem
to be a thing in mainland Europe)
That all changed in 2001 when we got a home PC and Internet so I could get online
pretty much whenever.
That's when I got into IRC and warez.
I remember shit like:
>Launchcast (pre and post Yahoo! ownership)
>Hotmail pre-Microsoft
>Ebay when you could still get bargains
In a way I do miss those days, it was like being a pioneer in the Old West, no
normies clogging shit up with Facebook and crap and you actually had to search for
interesting stuff, none of that SEO crap.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:37:53 No.23748424
oh god i remember this
the owner was a huge autist too. so angsty
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:38:48 No.23748452 [Embed]
Anyone remember that Fanta Shokata site where you could add custom subtitles to
their shitty films?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:41:24 No.23748531
300 Baud Hayes dialing into my BBS
Get off my lawn, Junior.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:43:04 No.23748577
Anyone who isn't a normalfag learned how to torrent by then.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:44:18 No.23748610
link to the original???1
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:44:48 No.23748631
File: you feel it too.jpg (54 KB, 271x271)

>tfw all those forum in jokes and image macros will be lost in time, like tears in the
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:48:23 No.23748729
I fear that one day I will wake up and find that r9k/4chan is no more.....
I don't want to lose you guys, I feel so close to this place, sometimes for than
We need a backup
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:48:24 No.23748730
File: alien x.jpg (44 KB, 508x341)

Who /shockwave/ here?

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:48:50 No.23748742
>>23748850 >>23748854
guess i'm just a filthy normie then, aren't I anon?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:53:00 No.23748850
Only if you want to be. You've gotta make your dreams come true.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:53:09 No.23748854
You exactly are.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:57:01 No.23748952
>tfw first baby rape video I ever saw was downloaded through Limewire/Frostwire
So many great memories
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:58:53 No.23749013
when they weren't known as a collective entity
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)22:59:06 No.23749020
what was your username?

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:00:45 No.23749071

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:01:28 No.23749090
Gohan's SS2 transformation, yeah.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:05:57 No.23749227
>tfw Desert Combat
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:06:49 No.23749254
Looking in this thread was a mistake.
Nothing will ever seem as good as it did then.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:06:52 No.23749256
File: farmingpepe.jpg (50 KB, 640x640)

>in 10 years people will be sharing pictures of pepe and wojak and reminiscing
>at least 5 people reading this post will be dead

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:13:37 No.23749477

>at least 5 people reading this post will be dead.
>from suicide.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:16:22 No.23749567
File: dance.gif (93 KB, 100x132)

>tfw going through abandoned forums and wondering what happened to the
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:18:00 No.23749620
Back when games could be easily modded :-( [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:18:21 No.23749631
>>23749838 >>23754560
File: screen_02.jpg (124 KB, 798x599)

buh huh
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:18:27 No.23749637
>For all the drugs that I've done - yo I'm still gon' do
>To all the people I've offended - yeah fuck you too!
>For everytime I reminisce - yo I miss my past
>But I still don't give a fuck, y'all can KISS MY ASS
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:21:31 No.23749738
this picture should have a final phase, for the moment where mass media like TV
gets a hold of it and SJW tear down the last bits of fun/competitivity it had.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:22:45 No.23749767
>tfw used to record voice messages to randoms from chat rooms on messenger
>now messenger applications like skype are so devolved and forceful people don't
even feel comfortable and are alerted when you want to speak
I miss having a username, becoming a chat room regular, making profiles, building
up relationships so that the next level of friendship was "lets trade msns"
I used to meet all sorts of interesting and nice people from all over the world.
Now i just feel its so much harder because people are expected to have a name and
a face so they won't judged you by your personality like they used to.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:23:21 No.23749786
>tfw Coldsnap in Halo: CE
Modders, man. [Embed]
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:25:02 No.23749838
Fuck. I used to play as the dragon and the woman with the cleavage and seductive
look was my waifu.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:25:15 No.23749845
I had the spookiest experience ever a few years back.
>Randomly searching for info on something (I forget what)
>Stumble on a forum
>Look around, all the posts go up to a certain date and then activity just stops
>It's like everyone just decided to stop posting
>No topic or other indication that the forum moved or anything, boards not locked
down and registration appeared to still be open.
>Seriously it was like the mary celeste
Creeped me out.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:26:39 No.23749887
File: nostalgy.jpg (111 KB, 1760x1032)

or a game similar to this, playing as a fish to become a bigger fish

there was game with planets like this too, way before, could be almost 10 years
before agario
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:27:18 No.23749903

File: aol.jpg (12 KB, 225x224)

I loved StickDeath
I'm pretty sure my entire online experience started with a CD I got in the actual mail
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:29:01 No.23749961
>>23750155 >>23750232
Why did everyone stop using Aim and Msn?
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:29:56 No.23749990
File: Runescape+circa+2004+_28c(...).jpg (159 KB, 1400x1050)

Runescape a decade ago

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:31:06 No.23750021

I've worked on Age of War.


Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:31:58 No.23750049

>tfw missing the old days (around 2000-05 for most people ITT)
>now in 2015, yet in 2025 we'll still miss 2000-05 rather than 2010-2015, because
everything is objectively shit now
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:34:10 No.23750137
i miss totse so much. i stumbled upon it being 12 years old googling "what
household items can i get high off?" i was there when pickwick did that fake jenkem
thing lmao
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:34:37 No.23750155
File: image2.gif (33 KB, 400x301)

Those CDs would be in my mailbox like once a week. Physical spam tbh.
Why did RealPlayer last up until the late 00s? It was by far the worst media player
yet half of all the videos on the world wide web required it.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:35:14 No.23750171
>>23738710 (OP)
>get limewire
>"Would you like to upgrade to Limewire Pro v2.4.4 for $59.99?"
>no thank you
>Use limewire to download Limewire Pro for free

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:37:25 No.23750232
Isn't MSN out of service now? Up until that time (wasn't so long ago, probably like
2012) I was still using it and it was still very active (non-english culture though, MSN
was a pretty big hit for us, no one here really knew ICQ or anything else). Then they
sent mails that all our accounts would become Skype accounts, and now that's that.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:37:51 No.23750243
does anyone remember the hentai flash you got pictures of girls?
"someones quest" or something it was called.
some of my first faps were on that.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:38:08 No.23750252
I remember finding a site dedicated to anti-bin laden stuff, pictures and music. It
was pretty good.
Fucking loved that game! We had an Afghanistan refugee kid at out school and
apparently I played this game in front of him and got into some shit over it, but I
cannot remember that happening.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:38:42 No.23750260
File: 2011-11-04-2.jpg (307 KB, 1024x768)

>I unironically enjoyed Trespasser

The amazing thing is that people are STILL modding it and posting in the forums:

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:39:49 No.23750289
>>23738710 (OP)
>Limewire: the Land of Cheese Pizza and Viruses
Shit, I had to format some many computers during the early days
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:41:16 No.23750334
I think what will happen is that we'll still miss those early years, but we won't really
remember WHAT we miss other than the vibe it had. I've noticed in every single
nostalgia thread, there are people who -myself included- are really fuzzy in terms of
what they remember about the internet before 2010ish. It's like we're hit with so
much information now that our memories are less like a hard drive, and more like
RAM. It going to be even worse for people who are in their early teens or younger
since their whole lives on the internet (and much outside of it) are going to be
constantly bombarded with replaceable things almost from the outset; they'll never
use a site without using their real info (I say this with the expectations that there
will be laws that restrict sites like ours here), they'll never know the community of
forums where everyone is a familiar stranger, they'll never know using forums that
aren't all about getting likes/upvotes rather than simply posting cool/funny shit...
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:41:46 No.23750348
>Tfw used frostbite after limey shut down
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:43:24 No.23750401
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:44:07 No.23750417
File: 1445243062297.jpg (88 KB, 650x842)

>play runescape all day with my friends

>get super stoked when I finally get a 99, or completing a hard quest or
successfully pk'ing
>eventually bought WoW in middle '05 after 4 years of playing RS
>a whole new beautiful world, everything is big and filled with mystery and
>now money seem to be the only thing devs care about
>every dev just tries to scam you of your money through micro transactions, preorders, early access and DLC's instead of trying to make a pleasing game
>don't play with friends anymore because what's the point, MMO's always fail one
way or another so the only options is stuff like witcher 3 and when it comes out,
fallout 4
>a thought always spring to my head, where I imagine people doing such a
revolutionary breakthrough in a genre like blizzard did with the mmo's
>star citizen will probably fuck up, they want people to buy the ships for real money
just kill me now fam
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:44:30 No.23750428
I second that notion.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:45:58 No.23750465
File: lara croft tit fuck - Fre(...).jpg (8 KB, 320x240)

>>23738710 (OP)
Aside from a few shitty porn clips and nostalgic sites I miss, not really.
>internet before adblock/popup blockers
>getting dozens of popups while trying to find a decent ROM site to download from

fuck that. Also, fuck limewire. It was all about morpheus, then kazaa lite when that
went to shit.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:48:28 No.23750530
Man, I'm the guy earlier in the thread that posted about how he used to talk to his
gf all the time on MSN Messenger. Your post just reminded me of this:
>used to talk to her all the time on it
>eventually stopped as she eventually preferred to use Facebook inbox to talk
online (also we were able to use the phone way more when her house got a second
>we broke up in early 2012
>never deleted Messenger off of my computer, but hadn't thought of it since I had
deleted the desktop icon
>stumble across it one day, and decide to log in since I was sad about our failed
relationshit; wanted to look up our old chats to beat myself up
>MSN is kill, directs to set up Skype
I really was bummed since I just wanted to see what the last thing that we sent to
each other on it. Wouldn't have done any good, and it was probably nothing too
special like "see you at school tomorrow!", but I'd still have loved to know.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:48:40 No.23750537
When it comes to websites and stuff, I have no idea what a current 9 year old would
make memories on. Facebook probably, but will Facebook ever stop being a thing?
Same for Youtube, but these are so generic, wide-spread.. these aren't websites
with personality.
I guess in a decade plenty of young adults will remember all the nights they've
spent playing Minecraft, the whole minecraft hype period (from 2010 to 2013 we
could say, now it's slowing down) must appear like ages to them, it will be the lifedefining time for them, the period that they will think off when they think "playing
games when I was young". I'm 23 and I feel like Minecraft came out 2 years ago or
something, when I think about my golden period it's stuff like Diablo 2 that comes
out, seems like I played that shit for years and years but it was probably 3-4 years
max if I took the time to calculate and check.

Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:49:16 No.23750561

>madness combat
MUH NIGGAH literally perfection in flash form
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:51:20 No.23750622
>reading spooky ghost stories online
>come across a website called ghostvault or some shit
>front page had a gif of a door opening with a random scary picture behind it
>scared the shit out of me and spent a minute trying to close the window covering
my eyes
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:51:48 No.23750633
>>23750664 >>23750789
File: bonus.gif (6 KB, 138x196)

I used to spent so many hours playing so many games on this website and now it's
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:52:36 No.23750658
>>23751979 >>23761993
kazaa was better than napster
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:52:40 No.23750664

Oh man I remember some 3D ski game on that website with fir trees and I think you
played as Santa or something.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:52:52 No.23750672
>>23738710 (OP)
I miss being young, and also the rush of first discovering new sites and going on a
treasure hunt for new things to do and to look at online, but otherwise no the
internet is far better in every possible way in 2015 than it was 10 or even 20 years
ago for us older robots.
I once spent, no joke, 36 waking hours arguing with someone about.... something I
can't even remember.. when I used to go on newgrounds in 2003
Kazaa middle ground here
Go one step beyond that. I honestly can't recall where I'd go to watch videos. Yahoo
had a streaming service for music and music videos that were like 96p
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:56:08 No.23750773
Shit I think I remember that. Was the door at the top of some stairs? After a few
seconds the ghost comes down the stares and gets right up close to the camera.
Kinda creepy shit when you were tired and browsing at around 2 in the morning.
If it's the same site I'm thinking of though, they had excellent month ghost galleries.
Anonymous 10/26/15(Mon)23:56:29 No.23750789
File: battlefield.jpg (111 KB, 848x454)

I'd play pic related for hours and shit my pants whenever a major or colonel started
shooting me.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:07:41 No.23751147
File: very gruntled.jpg (54 KB, 465x604)

>>23749887 (You)
>mfw I came to this thread specifically to ask about this game expecting nobody to
know about it
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:09:41 No.23751201
>fw the power to shape and control my image and personality online is what gave
me confidence to first start talking to girls, meet a few IRL, and eventually start
>that's now practically impossible on social media, especially facebook.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:11:52 No.23751256
>>23748729 (You)
imo we need to create a new internet to emulate the ways of the old internet,
separate from the already existing deep web culture, but around the same difficulty
to access
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:13:14 No.23751293

I played so much Maplestory in the past. I still log on once in a blue moon, for
nostalgia's sake.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:13:21 No.23751297
>>23738710 (OP)
SOE Infantry
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:13:36 No.23751305
File: camadygeld.png (8 KB, 328x300)

>tfw 10 yrs old and catfishing lesbians in chatrooms using images i found by
searching "bikini babes"
>trolling before there was even a term for it
>tfw my grandma got a letter in the mail about a "wolfman22" cussing at people in
chatrooms and i got into so much trouble
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:15:48 No.23751367
File: Untitled.png (250 KB, 671x879)

at least try next time

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:18:15 No.23751442

File: madnesscombat.jpg (22 KB, 468x250)

This shit right here

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:18:16 No.23751443
Yeah except none of those games are actually the one I am talking about. The game
wasn't a flash game. It was an actual game from a CD and shit, we had it on my
school's computers in middle school.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:19:08 No.23751463
Plz anon
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:19:25 No.23751471
Was pretty popular at my school.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:21:09 No.23751520
>surfing with 64 meg of ram.
>ie5.5 hijacks
>Rebooting 10 billion times to install anything
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:21:26 No.23751531

Well, you have the game it turned into. Add some text to the search like "CD" or
"original" and you should be able to find it.
Include the operating system and such as well
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:22:05 No.23751553
Sometimes I'm still pleasantly surprised that websites allow you to sign up without
using an existing facebook/twitter/google/whatever account.
Nowadays that kind of choice is almost an afterthought, unfortunately.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:26:01 No.23751669
File: 1445582213287.jpg (38 KB, 420x420)

I'm a demon cleaner....
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:26:27 No.23751684
>>23751845 >>23752081
File: 1444183693791.jpg (39 KB, 556x546)

>tfw my grandma got a letter in the mail about a "wolfman22" cussing at people in
chatrooms and i got into so much trouble

Your post gave me PTSD, I'd forgotten all about my parents receiving letters (yes,
plural) because I swore in an IRC channel and some dork reported me. When the
third AOL envelope arrived he didn't even open it to see what it was, he just gave
me such a bad hiding that my teacher reported my bruising to CPS. Good times.
Why did ISPs ever think it was reasonable or sensible to send their customers
warnings based on the complaint of some random chuckleschmuck, anyway?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:28:09 No.23751745
>>23751928 >>23765424
File: cartoon summer resort.png (889 KB, 900x593)

RPG of the century.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:31:02 No.23751845
Holy shit, the ISPs really did that?
I had no idea. That's the kind of thing you expect from Britcuckistan.
I was a total christfag when I was on the internet for the first 10 years or so, so I
never would have encountered that.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:33:39 No.23751928
File: oh god OH GOD.jpg (22 KB, 228x392)

It's all coming back to me now. That game was the shit.
If I could find a flash version of it somewhere, I'd die of nostalgia.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:33:45 No.23751930
>>23751964 >>23752161 >>23753812 >>23761314
WinMX was so good. One strong memory I have is of discovering one user with an
amazing assortment of pornography, but all the filenames seemed to be random
characters (could have been Japanese or something, I guess) - so I'd start to
download a video, copy and paste the file while downloading to get a preview, and
decide whether to continue. One file was of this really cute Japanese girl having
giant enema after giant enema put into her, it was amazing... I left it overnight,
woke up horny and excited to see more of (lel) the clip, only to find out that they
inject these sea eels into her or something. Was so disgusted and ashamed. So
upset that they'd ruined this scene with such a cute girl.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:34:38 No.23751953
File: 1415198943014.jpg (68 KB, 807x538)

>downloading 20sec porn videos

>playing quake 3 with 110ping
>aunt complaining she can't reach us on our family phone cause the line is always

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:34:56 No.23751964

>Giant enema
>the asshole of a cute japanese girl
>somehow this is "ruined"
That sounds amazing, really.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:35:26 No.23751979
kazaa was masterrace
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:36:30 No.23752013
>fancy pants
>the classroom
>xiao xiao
>fucking SMBZ
nostalgia overload
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:38:25 No.23752064
File: Star-Wars-Jedi-Knight-Dar(...).jpg (137 KB, 1920x1080)

>tfw played Jedi Knight on a 24.6kbps connection (26.4 if it was a good day)
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:38:40 No.23752073
Fuck no, the speeds were something truly disgusting.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:38:53 No.23752081
Is this like penis inspection day? Why would an ISP ever get involved in something
like that? It's not their problem.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:39:05 No.23752090
File: 7030078.jpg (101 KB, 701x526)

>>23738710 (OP)
>Wait 2 hours for a 3mb Blink 182 song on Napster
>Download pictures of Baywatch girls
>Save it on floppy disk
>Sell each disk at school for 10 bucks
>Feel like such a hacker
Good times man
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:40:58 No.23752161
File: 1440781199891.png (937 KB, 904x720)

In my horniest and somewhat darkest moments, that video still manages to get me

And then I feel the same level of disgust as if I viewed some CP
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:41:10 No.23752166
>The Internet felt so much bigger back then
This is true, it felt like you could anything and it was a place where there were no
limits. Thats what it felt like. Now it almost feels like some public restaurant,
everyone goes there, you know exactly what you can get and theres little room for
fun anymore. unless you want to go exploring in le spooky dark web then you are
out of luck, even that feels oddly limited. Its like you've seen and heard everything
by now, nothing is new or exciting.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:42:09 No.23752192
Oh god I remember there was an ebony with massive tits that always filmed herself
in new outfits, never showing anything nude.
Just softcore material.
I did not save her videos and I will never see her again.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:45:54 No.23752321
No this was real, my grandmother got a letter from AOL when I was shittalking
people in the AOL chatrooms and apparently I got reported
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:46:17 No.23752335
File: Entrancepic.jpg (49 KB, 633x510)

I used to go here and read erotic fanfiction of the old Toonami classics. Sometimes
I'd read some of some shows I hadn't even seen before and knew nothing about.
You bet I was a cool kid.
Also anyone remember the concept of "shrines"? Those weird lil dead end fansites
for particular fictional characters?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:46:36 No.23752349
>once bought a printed picture of a naked Lara Croft 3D model
feels bad tbh
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:47:44 No.23752389
Back around 2008 I found an album on photobucket of a jailbait in an untied bikini
but holding it against herself while posing in the mirror. Was pretty hot and once I
came I closed the tab.
Went looking for it again a few weeks later but couldn't find it again and most
definitely never will. Shame because she was pretty cute as well.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:52:12 No.23752549
File: neoseekerlogo.png (10 KB, 783x83)
shit was so cash

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:53:29 No.23752605

>Also anyone remember the concept of "shrines"?
Of course. Some of them are still up, but obviously most are gone
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:56:24 No.23752700
You've seen the video I'm talking about?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)00:57:53 No.23752740
Do you have a copy of the letter, still? What would AOL say exactly? Was it a proforma letter? Why would AOL waste their time and money acting as an intermediary
between some random person complaining about a user, and you the accused? How
would this person be able to identify you in particular, anyway - even with your IP
address they wouldn't be able to say "this person".
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:00:29 No.23752818
File: 1362821506263.jpg (71 KB, 396x385)

Once upon a time shemale/tranny porn was hard to find and I had to get it on
I'd set up newsleecher quadleecher, or some other programs I can't remember to

download everything overnight and then I woke up I had to go through it and

immediately delete all the CP that was crossposted everywhere for some reason.
There is no greater arousal killer
AOL maintained "family friendly" chatrooms and was often the only choice people
had to connect to the internet since everyone was computer illiterate (they still are
but it's just so streamlined and accessible these days, hence the normalfags
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:01:36 No.23752854
isnt usenet pay to use?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:02:52 No.23752895
I miss when game walkthroughs were just a simple text page with an ASCII graphic.
Modern F&Qs and Walkthroughs now are videos with shitty music and "HEY
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:04:40 No.23752950
>>23753040 >>23764561
>Holy shit, the ISPs really did that?
Absolutely. This was back in the era of 'netiquette', mind you, and back then there
wasn't such a large divide between what you might expect someone to say to your
face and what you could expect to be told in a chatroom.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:06:05 No.23752993
No, but these days ISPs pick and choose which of it to allow- hence outside groups
selling "premium" access to them. Like elsewhere, the wild west period of the

internet is dead and most of them trim files to obey the will of media
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:07:27 No.23753040
You\he said you\he swore in an IRC channel. Why would AOL send letters rather than
simply banning the person from the channel? Why wouldn't they use something
other than IRC?
This story strains credulity. If this really happened, show us proof online of these
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:10:45 No.23753134
>>23753190 >>23753332
File: x6QfJmh.jpg (169 KB, 750x750)

I still remember my first pc game, Math For The Real World

What a catchy soundtrack...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:12:00 No.23753168
Holy shit they have a shrine to Mink from Dragon Half. OG waifu right there
Warms my heart that somebody took the time to assemble that directory
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:12:53 No.23753188

I feel it homie,,
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:12:53 No.23753190
Mine was
>Smithsonian presents... Mystery at the Museums
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:13:44 No.23753215
Is it still possible to play runescape for free?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:13:47 No.23753217
>You\he said you\he swore in an IRC channel. Why would AOL send letters rather
than simply banning the person from the channel?
How would an ISP ban a user from an IRC channel?
>Why wouldn't they use something other than IRC?
>This story strains credulity.
I'm not posting to convince you that an event in my childhood really occurred, I was
sharing feels with another anon. I'm sure you can look this up if you'd really care to
learn more about it.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:16:02 No.23753279
File: Picture34.jpg (29 KB, 640x480)

I tried this on a P4 1.5 Ghz and the playback animations were going warp speed.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:16:02 No.23753280
here nigger
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:16:19 No.23753286
>>23753365 >>23753399
File: icq_h.gif (4 KB, 169x296)

Anyone ever use ICQ in your countries or was it majority AOL?
I was way into it, talking to random people across the globe, probably all creeps.
Organizing a Age of Empires 2 match with my friends waiting for them all to log on.
Then some classmates started using to talk to each other after class...
>Discover qt crush started using ICQ
>Get a hold of her digits
>Created a new account
>Called myself Kenny (fan of south park back then), from another state
>Was literally Chad, talked to her every single day
>She would say I love you before logging off
>See her every day at school she has no idea it was me
>One day feel a crushing feels in my chest
>Deleted my Kenny ICQ account, never told her why

>She is visibly upset at school for a few days after that

It was just really nice to have her talk to me like she liked me, even if I was
pretending to be someone else though.
I wonder if she remembers Kenny, if I go on facebook and tell her about it how she
would react...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:17:37 No.23753322
>How would an ISP ban a user from an IRC channel?
This is my point, if an ISP were running their own moderated chatroom, they'd have
their own system in place to control who was in there, rather than sending letters
letter on. It wouldn't help the ISP to be able to say "We sent him a letter afterward!"
if they were running a chatroom where some guy was posting links to CP. If, as you
said, they were IRC channels - then there would have been moderators who'd be
able to ban people, or even automate bans using a script. It just doesn't seem
believable that they'd bother sending out letters to people for swearing. Perhaps
your parents TOLD you they received a letter, but never actually did?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:18:11 No.23753332
BRUH. I know that game and I remember it *specifically* for its music. I remember
actually scouring the web for a soundtrack CD as kid, after playing that game in my
grade school's "Computer Class," but I never found it.

All the cool kids played Spelling Jungle, but they were missing out cuz they didn't
get to listen to that "Are We There Yet?" song
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:19:45 No.23753365
I lived in New Zealand in 97-2002 and regularly used ICQ. It was good because it

actually had a directory where you could look people up by gender, but I really don't
recall having any relationships or even many meaningful conversastions on it.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:20:23 No.23753383
I didn't even check the site - I figured they had to have taken it down years ago.
Thanks anon
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:21:04 No.23753396
>Tfw looking for music and movies on limewire
>Fuck around and find some porn
>8 years later still have a masturbation addiction.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:21:06 No.23753399
Yep, ICQ was the official unofficial chat client for Ultima Online.
Must have gone through 6 or so accounts after forgetting my number or password
so many times, or it getting stolen since my passwords sucked
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:24:44 No.23753491
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Not yet! I still remember
Edna the diner lady...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:29:06 No.23753612
Oh man. Nostalgia. Looking back on the past and thinking about playing those now
would make me feel like haven't moved anywhere.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:31:53 No.23753685

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:33:00 No.23753711
File: 5120_549445b0f0b99.png (64 KB, 640x480)

Does anyone remember a sort of online 3D hub, much like what second life is now?
It was for kids, you could choose many weird avatars like a panda, a unicorn, or a
I think it was bundled with some PCs back then, maybe around the same era of this
Crayola Art game. [Embed]
I wish I could remember what it was called, at least see a screenshot of it. I have a
vivid memory of some Fairy telling me to go away after I tried talking to her.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:34:45 No.23753748
>Tfw playing habbo all the time
>Would join multiple rpg rooms and armies and try to climb ranks
I tried to play habbo last year and it just wasn't the same.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:37:20 No.23753812
japanese characters will often show up as gibberish because of issues with different
methods of decoding text basically
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:37:24 No.23753814

Sorry don't recall it anon. Related, I'd like to know if anyone recalls using a program
called VPlaces. It was a chat program primarily, you'd use little portrait 'avatars' of
yourself and idle in a room with these other avatars. You could surf the web
together and play games like Backgammon.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:38:56 No.23753851
>>23754365 [Embed]

It's tiem to hit you bros with that sauce.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:44:10 No.23753987
Yeah, that's what I suspected. It was great for me because downloading clips from
this guy was always exciting, finding something new and unexpected.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:46:29 No.23754064
replace 0 in com
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:50:02 No.23754167
>>23738710 (OP)
>be me (who else would I be?)
>on dads computer
>search boobs
>lol girls
>watch first porn
>some hick licking out some hairy pussy

>I will never see this porn again

>please r9k I need to find it again please
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:50:40 No.23754182
I fucking watched that, immediatly freaked out
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:52:14 No.23754230
>The internet is for porn
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:53:32 No.23754269
>>23754388 >>23754424 >>23755118 >>23755201
File: heatherideepthroat.png (200 KB, 583x446)

Anyone else remember her?

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:55:30 No.23754322
>>23738710 (OP)
>download everything that looked half decent on Napster.
>my entire world changed.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:57:03 No.23754365

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:57:41 No.23754388

Every straight male over the age of 20 does.
Heather is/was the GOAT.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)01:58:50 No.23754424
She must be about 60 by now. It was impressive what she could do with cum, but
she was never that attractive.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:00:09 No.23754469
for some of the weebs [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:01:05 No.23754508
I saw someone wearing that shirt earlier today. Was it you?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:02:40 No.23754560
holy shit fucking jasper
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:03:20 No.23754583
File: 1400724150670.png (79 KB, 291x343)

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:05:59 No.23754663
I still remember the first porn video I ever watched, and it was thanks to Limewire.
I've never been able to find it since, and it saddens me.
>Video wasn't amateur, but the girl wasn't a pornstar as far as I know
>Redhead, maybe shoulder length hair
>Creampied in the end, camera focuses on the cum leaking out, and the cum
splattered/plastered in her red pussy hair
>She laughs/smiles/something like that
That shot of cum leaking out has been ingrained in my head forever.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:06:04 No.23754665
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:06:38 No.23754682
morpheus way back in the day, that and audiogalaxy before kazaa took over.
Nothing like downloading an mp3 and listening to it on your super expensive mp3
player with 256 mb internal storage.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:07:45 No.23754721

Frank's adventure?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:09:36 No.23754774
>>23754851 >>23754876 >>23755115
File: 1342803466300.png (404 KB, 631x627)

>tfw finding a new forum
>creating an account, hoping to gain a reputation and become a part of the
>post an on-topic thread
>next day, see there's replies
>veteran member replies "wow, this has been gone over hundreds of times. use the
searchbar newb"
>like 8 other people come into the thread and ride veteran posters dick and insult
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:10:57 No.23754812
Well shit, I finally looked it up and found it. Wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it'd
Nostaliga fap session, here I come.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:12:11 No.23754851
File: a bit irked.jpg (28 KB, 300x300)

>start a new thread about an on-topic subject
>"wow, we've had this thread before, no need to make it again"
>bump an old thread about an on-topic subject
>"don't bump old threads, stupid"
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:12:21 No.23754858
Post a screencap please, and link.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:12:33 No.23754863
>>23756093 [Embed]
Nevar forget
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:12:51 No.23754876
>use the searchbar newb
>joining a forum comunity
>not knowing how to use the fucking search function
yeah, you should be glad you didn't get the boot right away, because your kind is
the most inane, stupid, pants on head retarded kid that will never contribute
anything and just shitpost constantly.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:16:42 No.23754988

The Robot won't let me post the pornhub link, but the title is "Kyla Gets Unwanted
Turns out I was wrong all these years about the pussy hair, though. She's got none.
Definitely kind of a shock, because I was so sure about that one part.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:17:29 No.23755011
Dad isn't coming back just because they made you a mod.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:17:35 No.23755016
mods make sticky when
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:19:11 No.23755062
Anyone remember this? [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:20:04 No.23755084
>>23738710 (OP)
Around pre/post y2k
>Subspace (1st 2D MMOG)

>36.6 kbps
>us robotics
>sony ericsson
>turbo botton and key lock on PC casing
>game and watch
>he man, gi joe, transformers, voltron, superfriends, sesame street, muppet show
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:20:45 No.23755115
>>23764645 >>23765727
File: squallnohface.png (129 KB, 500x312)

>Be really well verses in every single Final Fantasy game
>Create an account on Final Fantasy forum
>Expect to have in depth conversation about my favorite franchise
>Start friendly threads about my favorite FF6
>Zero replies
>Start a thread on "what do you think about the ending of FF8?"
>This was before all the crazy online theories we know these days
>Zero replies
>Some veteran members circlejerk around a Tidus x Yuna fanfic
>All the members talk about is FF7 and 10
>Threads like "rate the previous poster's profile", "say something nice to previous
poster", "Who's your favorite mod contest", "Tifa or Yuna?," "Who would win in a
fight, Jecht or Sephy?"
>Those reach ironman numbers
>Meanwhile mfw no face
That's when I discovered people who shared my interests were completely retarded.
Now I never mention I like weeb shit.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:20:48 No.23755118

remember her? I still watch her shit from time to time!
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:21:30 No.23755141
>>23755203 >>23762225
>Being on the biggest forum dedicated to your favorite game/anime/whatever
>Having to curb yourself around the community star, who no one ever speaks out
>Dealing with the few girls online who made it to a mod spot simply because
they're girls.
Forum politics were fun, despite how shitty they were.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:22:02 No.23755152
>Watching AMV fight scenes with Linkin Park and getting pumped as fuck
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:23:13 No.23755184
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:23:52 No.23755201
That video hasn't left my mind since the fist time I saw it at 13 or something.
She's not even all that mindbendingly hot (although she is cute, and has nice fake
tits)- it's the way she really loves/craves dicks and jizz. Also, the dude's got a rather
nice cock.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:23:57 No.23755203
>tfw you were always an autist, so you only ever went to programming and math
forums as a kid

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:24:12 No.23755211
I only vaguely remember that, but it reminded me of my friend showing me
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:24:18 No.23755215
>>23755320 >>23763635
>Nostalgia over this
This was like 10 years ago.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:26:26 No.23755288
>>23738710 (OP)
I still listen to sum 41 I have in too deep on my phone
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:27:20 No.23755320
File: 1424729014158.png (508 KB, 623x630)

did making that post make you feel superior?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:27:26 No.23755323

>Listening to pre QOTSA
Damn you are og as fuck
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:28:30 No.23755351
File: tumblr_nqzjbqJ7Rn1uvuwdlo1_500.jpg (44 KB, 484x311)

>curtain haircut
Today, we got the Hitler youth bullshit...
Hitler youth, the gayest haircut in the universe...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:30:52 No.23755425
File: 1443107471657.png (43 KB, 357x390)

>Looking through some older files on my PC

>Date modified: 1/23/1996 2:20 AM
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:37:51 No.23755621
>dawsons creek
>beverly hills 90210
>melrose place
>falcon crest
>blue thunder

>knight rider
>blue lagoon
>alicia sylverstone
>21 jumpstreet
>madeline stowe
>brooke sheilds
>buffy the vamp slayer
>x files
>trees company
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:42:02 No.23755750
>a team
>the wonder years
>the grestest american hero
>karate kid
>mork and mindy
>bionic man
>miami vice
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:44:13 No.23755821
>implying this isn't the Mandela effect at work
>it's even messing with our porns
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:44:21 No.23755826
>>23755896 >>23755977
>curtain haircut
>curtain haircut
>curtain haircut

>whose line is it anyway

>drew carey show
>attitude era
>skinny trent reznor
>flannel shirts
>zordon era power rangers
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:46:11 No.23755893
File: 1426657085279s.jpg (11 KB, 250x250)

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:46:15 No.23755896
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:46:52 No.23755917
>Mandela effect
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:48:13 No.23755958
>Sadie has sent you a nudge
>download MSN Messenger plugin that lets me send infinite nudges
>Spam nudges everywhere
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:49:03 No.23755977

>michael jackson
>education tv
>long hair/mullets
>saturday morning cartoons
>in flames (before clayman)
>xtreme slangs
>arnie movies
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:49:46 No.23755997
File: wew_lad_negretius.jpg (81 KB, 640x1040)

> wew lad
thank god for memes
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:50:00 No.23756002
v=saKtGFhXl2Q&list=LLkjbdDWOLjXmm3QdVOm5rmA&index=37 [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:53:13 No.23756093
This is beautiful
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:55:29 No.23756158
I remember chatrooms being a lot more popular. I used to chat on and

MSN messenger too.

Geocities/Tripod/Angelfire websites galore.
Kazaa Lite
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)02:56:33 No.23756184
Clayman was an awesome album.
Reroute to Remain was where they went to shit.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)03:00:38 No.23756300
What was your Username!?!? I was Ecko!
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)03:43:04 No.23757363
>all those anime sites on angelfire
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)04:03:49 No.23757900
come join us, the new thread is just up
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)04:12:10 No.23758117
>>23758754 >>23759337 >>23762082
File: neopets.jpg (20 KB, 250x250)

>tfw your pets are dead

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)04:22:41 No.23758398
There's always neogaf if you miss all that horseshit
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)04:37:15 No.23758754
I'm sure they cull old, unused accounts
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)04:59:09 No.23759269
Honestly my last good memories were from Halo 3, maybe some from MW2 also but
that was the cutoff. I still don't know what happened, it was so sudden. The feeling
of actually belonging to something is gone. All of the devs and content creators left
and were replaced by money hungry whores.
Social media will always be here, but who knows. Maybe we'll have another golden
age if by some act of god the majority of people get tired of the current state of the
internet/vidya but that isn't very likely at all. These are dark times. [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)05:02:19 No.23759337
>tfw they wont give you acess to your old account.
>tfw youll never plat the stock market again and feed you puggle free omelettes
cause youre a miserly bitch.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)05:46:23 No.23760464

>>23760892 >>23760937 >>23761229
File: realworld.jpg (38 KB, 720x486)

tfw you will never watch MTV re-runs of your favorites shows ever again because
MTV had stopped showing it completely.
>Total live request
>Pimp my ride.
>Room Raiders
>MTV Real world
>Road Rules
>Old Jackass (TV series)
>Beavis and Butthead
>Stressed Eric
>MTV Cribs
>Making the video..
What happen to MTV....Now it's plague with poisonous SJW crap like Laci Green's
braless and cringeworthy "fembot" shows like "Awkward"
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)05:57:50 No.23760762
>tfw unironically playing 07scape.
just take me back
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:03:23 No.23760892
MTV was good back then
Today, we got Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, Jersey Whore...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:04:58 No.23760937

>tfw was so pumped up seeing jackass for the first time I was literally jumping
around the house laughing and yelling in excitement
last time I felt a bliss so pure
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:05:06 No.23760940
Yes, today they are a nu metal/metalcore band
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:06:37 No.23760985
File: 1441946004944.png (4 KB, 236x176)

Omg ....right in the feels. I used to drop so many med/health packs in that game. It
was intense. Amazing it was an unfinished game the company gave away.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:08:14 No.23761018
Holy shit I've been trying to figure out the name of that game for so long. What a
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:11:22 No.23761094
>letting my computer on all night to download a fucking 100mb file.
Man, time sure flies.
Also : [Embed]

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:11:43 No.23761101

File: isketch-ss.jpg (55 KB, 600x350)

Ho-lee FUCK. just remember this shit.

>the cyber chatrooms
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:14:37 No.23761152
I still remember the boot sound.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:18:18 No.23761229
Girls. Teen girls.
MTV has always pandered to them but to guys too. But they realized or their
marketing team conviced them only the teen girl demo was worth going after.
So every single show now caters to dumb preteen/teen girls.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:18:32 No.23761232
>>23761253 >>23761255
File: 1445394067109.jpg (72 KB, 600x600)


spending all night playing de_dust and de_dust2

playing surf and he_ maps
playing tfc on turkeyburgers
playing thru the original half-life for the first time

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:19:52 No.23761253
I've been getting the urge to replay HL1 lately. I want to wait until the 20th year
anniversary though.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:19:55 No.23761254
Yeah. Today MTV is no longer a music channel...
Feels bad man...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:19:59 No.23761255
>people always camping near the radio
>people always getting headshot because everyone knows it
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:21:33 No.23761282
>just started college
>used yahoo in highschool
>roomate shows me google
>"Its like 20X faster than yahoo!"

>joke about how we should buy stocks in the company because it will become the
new major search engine
>he says "why? its just a search engine, they don't make any money"
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:23:25 No.23761314
i have seen webm of the eels on /b/
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:28:29 No.23761428
File: i miss totse.jpg (54 KB, 800x315)

hitting me right in the feels
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:28:56 No.23761437
File: image.jpg (105 KB, 680x623)

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:41:10 No.23761661
File: 1445392616962.png (21 KB, 645x773)

I remember that game!
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:42:29 No.23761687
>IT Class
>We used Friendster in school
>I comment on the site's arduous design and clumsy/unintuitive features
>Jokingly pitched in my idea of a social networking site where classmates can
communicate and post messages to each other with user friendly profiles and friend
>I also told my classmates that day I will make my own website dedicated to
streaming videos.
>Friends and classmates laugh at my idea
>"Hahaha why would you do all of this? It can't make you any money!"
>Fast forward to 2002...
REEEEEEEE!!!! I was too young and lazy that time to learn how to make websites.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:43:17 No.23761705
All that Cheese Pizza I saw and justified it "Oh their my age, its okay" My parents
never found out
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:54:03 No.23761922
>>23747124 (You)
>remember all those people you met in old online games and wondering what they
are doing right now
This for the most part tbh.
My Diablo 2 Baal running crew, in OP FFX and OP SJ
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)06:58:32 No.23761993

kazaa had the best porn in the internet's history
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:05:14 No.23762082
I had a little dragon pet. Miss the bastard
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:07:03 No.23762128
>>23762161 >>23762411
File: 195298-globetrotter-2-win(...).jpg (103 KB, 640x480)

Anyone remember this? I do!

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:07:56 No.23762143
Heather Brooke
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:09:18 No.23762161
>>23762201 >>23762411
File: 396098-globetrotter-2-win(...).png (255 KB, 640x480)

Here's another one.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:11:38 No.23762201

File: 13389-Globetrotter2.jpg (37 KB, 480x300)

Oh, dat feel!
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:13:25 No.23762225
>Dat superiority complex on forums
>Power hungry mods who banned you if you said something they did not like
>The forum attention whore
>That post count and joint date matters more than facts mentality
Looking back, it makes me grateful for finding 4chan, but somehow I can't help but
look back on those forum times and get nostalgic.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:15:32 No.23762262
File: Spoiler Image (323 KB, 640x480)

Ok, that's enough!
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:17:17 No.23762291
Sam is that you?

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:19:42 No.23762326
>>23738710 (OP)
>download song off limewire
It's this [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:20:18 No.23762337
I'm in that thread. I was 14.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:25:43 No.23762411
File: 1445911721885.jpg (16 KB, 400x449)

I wish I can play Globetrotter via Android...
Feels bad man...
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:32:56 No.23762502
Hell yea
Many a late night spent playing this game
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:36:29 No.23762555
>used to post on
>still alive

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:37:46 No.23762579
i ran a website devoted to cardcaptor sakura character Tomoyo and spent all
my free time aged 12 on a board full of asian american fujoshis posting yaoi stories
about CLAMP characters
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:38:59 No.23762601
File: hqdefault.jpg (28 KB, 480x360)

Who else played this game?

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)07:44:42 No.23762696
No i meant the classic edition.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:24:35 No.23763348
File: FEELS.png (216 KB, 1022x631)

Had a game with 100 and something games on it for windows 98 back when i was
like 6 or 7
had shit like
rise of the triads
shitty doom clones like bad toys
commander keen
and this motherfucker right here

will give my kidney to the anon that can give me the name of this multi game
also their was this other game for 98 where you had to re direct trains to stop them
crashing i dont remember what it was called but it was the shit [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:28:08 No.23763423
Holy shit this thread i still alive. The cutdown on shitposts is massive - thanks chinky
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:30:19 No.23763462
File: hqdefault.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)

I used to have that folder but I think it had different games. Did it have SkiFree in it?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:35:05 No.23763552
pretty sure it did
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:39:29 No.23763635
>10 years
Anon, it's almost 2016.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:42:34 No.23763671

File: 5418[1].jpg (43 KB, 646x428)

>>23738710 (OP)
Who / corncob3d/ here?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:43:52 No.23763687
Tried googling, got nothing. Also had Asteroids, the one with the line drawings of
tanks (pretty sure it was called Tank but idr), one called Alien that was basically the
same as Galaga but lower quality and had an array of big gray blocks in the center
to manoeuvre around, a bunch of others
I forget the name of that but who else /namcomuseum/ here? Bosconian and Rally X
2 were my shit, the DS port was pretty good
I've still never gotten past level 25 of Galaga, feelsbadman.jog
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)08:58:55 No.23763907
File: 1432725848031.gif (214 KB, 320x332) [Embed]
Which one of us will burn until the end?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:03:55 No.23763980
File: Math-Circus-Home-Menu.jpg (56 KB, 640x480)

>tfw math circus was the highlight of the school day

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:08:53 No.23764058
>Nah i don't miss 50kb/s upload
Nigger that's my upload now.
Fuck Australian Internet.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:29:26 No.23764364
Anyone remember dice derby? There was also this one browser game, it was a
puzzle game...for some reason i cant remember SHIT about it but i played it so
fucking much. I think you had to maybe move blocks around to beat it? that doesnt
help at all though
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:33:18 No.23764417
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:33:30 No.23764418
Did anyone else ever fap to meet n fuck games? I always liked the incest ones
beause the moms or sisters had crazy proportions. Wish I could go back and play all
those again and see how they hold up today as fap bait
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:44:02 No.23764561
I used to troll people in chat rooms all the time and my ISP never cared. Not
burgerstani, so that might be why.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:50:34 No.23764645

That's /a/ in a nutshell.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:51:15 No.23764657
File: 1444274312987.png (32 KB, 640x400)

>>23738710 (OP)
This thread is still up.
>mfw in five years people will become nostalgic for Smug Wojak
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)09:57:40 No.23764734
I'd actually forgotten about the explicit warnings against real information. By nature,
I use pseudonyms and second/third email addresses.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:02:03 No.23764782
>>23764931 >>23765061
File: Becky11.jpg (55 KB, 640x400)

Who 286 here?

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:06:45 No.23764828

dam, no shit, right?!
>so much much.....
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:15:08 No.23764931
fucking KEEN. keen2 was best though. Did you play Jill of the Jungle?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:16:57 No.23764947
File: 1443170828063.png (51 KB, 876x773)

>now i just download them play for 1 hour max and never click on them again
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:18:25 No.23764964
i remember downloading nude pettites from kazaa
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:21:37 No.23764999
File: 1354362376827.gif (104 KB, 700x526)

>>23738710 (OP)
>That dial up screech while connecting
>AOL time cards
>All those click adventure games

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:24:12 No.23765025
>>posting on 18+ forums despite being underage as fuck
So everyone on 4chan then
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:26:20 No.23765061
There's a commander keen pack on steam if you want to feel that feel again
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:29:42 No.23765107
remember bebo and 'sharing the love'?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:31:44 No.23765130
File: 330x192l.png (7 KB, 54x54)

>Found all my old accounts

>Cringe as fuck comments and pictures I made
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:32:06 No.23765134
ok after watching a few videos i just found out that these game had fucking music in
them. i never played a dos game with music holy shit.
except skyroads
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:35:52 No.23765176

File: 1405359436949.gif (761 KB, 300x169)

>>23738710 (OP)
>Download Blink 182 - Carousel.mp3
>open file
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:36:46 No.23765191
It's been far too long since I've seen anyone call themselves a "Reg"
Gametalk represent
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:37:57 No.23765206
File: Putfile.jpg (25 KB, 240x90)

Old online games had a special, almost comfy feel to them. I remember playing
Counterstrike, Halo 1 on PC and lots of flash games online.
It's just not the same. Video games aren't as enjoyable. Partly because I'm older,
and partly because they've gotten too big and everything is either a triple A
platinum 10/10 megahit that sold 5 million+ copies or it's some garbage 2D indie
It makes me sad that games have to be ultra realistic and whatnot anymore.
Nothing can just be made for fun.
Also, Putfile. I remember so many AMVs on there.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:38:04 No.23765209
>not appreciating the 2000s

Fucking hell guys, use your brains. Gen Y/kids born after 1990 or so are the 'handme-down' generation, our older siblings shared with us all the great shit of the 90s
and possibly late 80s, we got born into an age where controversial shit like South
Park, Jackass, late 90s-early 2000s WWF, Eminem and shit of the like was popular
which means we never had to fight our parents over what we enjoyed cause it had
already been done and they were nullifed, also, we're old enough to be able to
utilize the gift of the internet to find cool movies, literature and shows of the past
due to the second hand information we got from the pre-internet generation, the
kids before us just got what they were given and got given whatever was defined as
cool/popular by corporations or Chads and couldn't deeply explore other
hobbies/interests, and the kids who are kids now are raised in a fucking bubble
where all that matters is social media and they're too young to have been born in a
time where there was anything important other than the internet and where there's
no youth culture at all. Mid-to-late 90s kids are easily the luckiest out of the postbaby boomer generations. Prove me wrong.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:44:17 No.23765318
oh man. fuq this thread. it's killing me so much right now.
i was in high school in the early 2000's and the internet was a small golden age in
itself. everyone had their virtual community that somewhat claimed their identities.
ebaums world, something awful, new grounds, etc. i was mostly a loner/loser, but
one day i stumbled upon liquid generation. heh, i sort tried to make it cool among
my friends, as i wanted my new pet site to be accepted, but it was always on the
sidelines. in hindsight i suppose this was good, because it became my
place to go to.
as people have said in this thread, the internet was such a huge place back then.
even at the hurr durr 'dawn of the millennium and information' a lot of shit was still
word of mouth. that random site, that one picture, etc... again, before google,
before reverse image search (at least that i knew of at that age), you had to scour
the net for long periods of time to find shit. the shining light times where when
some random person at school was like, 'ya nig, i remember that link, it's right here.
what you stressin' out about?" those moments made my day.
i do remember having a myspace, but i did not use it all that much other than to
keep in touch with my friends who i saw every day at school anyway or to find
random music.

Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:45:28 No.23765338

gaming demo's were all the rage. too broke to afford much anyway. get all freakin'
excited for a demo of a game, start the dl, have it run for 2+ hours only to have it
slow down and eventually time out and have to start again.
anyone play swat 3? my friends and i got the online stuff sorted out and played
paintball mode multiplayer. sounds lame now, but man....actually felt like i
connected with my friend even more lol. stupid shit like play hid and
many hours on that game.
i liked exploring different kinds of rap, so i spent hours on kazaa searching for rap
from different countries. eventually ran
so much of the internet was getting lost and feeling like life was alright. family
issues, no friend, blah blah blah, off and on throughout my day i could escape to
someplace else. i would wonder. no one could tell me otherwise.
back then, the net was just another thing i guess. ya it was special, but not special,
ya know? now it feels like every swinging dick and their brother is on it HAY LOOK AT
ME! i've taken breaks from facebook (and most recently deleted it) and people get
all annoyed like "how we gonna communicate?"
a big philosophical question is "if you had a time machine, what would you use it
for?" as much i hated high school and that period of my life, i'd give just about
anything to relieve even a day back then. when things were more simple.
anyway.....i'm done.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:50:04 No.23765415
Anybody remember the dancing baby from Ally McBeal? World's first meme?
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:50:06 No.23765417
File: 1444780562135.jpg (22 KB, 480x480)

>be like 5-6 (21 now)

>playing some games on newgrounds
>usually the naked britney spears shit
>see ad at bottom of page
>it's a piss porn ad
>click it
>start getting really deep into the website
>mom comes upstairs
>opens my door
>I panic and go to close the window but hit minimize instead of the x
>mom sees the porn
>beats my ass
>makes me apologize to a Jesus portrait for 2 hours after beating me
>shows brother and dad porn site when they get home
yeah good times.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:50:27 No.23765424
That's what I came to this thread for.
Also, does anybody remember the Cow & Chicken game on the cartoon network site
where you had to get people on the school bus and avoid Red's bus? Was thinking
about it the other day. I wonder if it still exists somewhere
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:56:39 No.23765523
Holy shit topkek
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)10:57:04 No.23765528
File: tim.gif (514 KB, 640x400)

Any of you play The Incredible Machine games? I remember always doing stupid shit
and depending on luck as I was too dumb and inpatient to beat the game
I still have the CD should try beating it for real this time.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)11:12:43 No.23765727
>ironman numbers
thanks anon
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)11:15:21 No.23765760
They took down igoogle region by region, I had to keep switching to more obscure
google domains to keep using it.
Ended up using iceland as the last one.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)11:17:52 No.23765798
For some reason my dad loved ME and yeah theme park worked fine on it.
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)11:24:19 No.23765880
tfw dad deleted all your emails on your old email account from 2005
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)11:48:24 No.23766161
Needs some more Not Another Teen Movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer,

Scooby Doo, Big Daddy, American Pie, The Matrix, Demolition Man and Goldeneye
Windowlicker 10/27/15(Tue)11:53:53 No.23766235 [Embed]
Anonymous 10/27/15(Tue)12:07:55 No.23766410
veoh was how i watched the first 50 eps of bleach dubbed like 10 years ago
ADOLF !HITLERqi96 10/27/15(Tue)12:32:40 No.23766760
get even more contraptions
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