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The Volunteer Issue

Tsunami - Red Cross Shares Progress
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Canadian Red Cross

Winter/Spring 2006

Hello from Bob and Linda

Linda Hoffman
Region Council President

Bob English

inter 2005/ 06 has been a time of exciting change and growth at the Red Cross in Toronto. We
are continuing to expand our Disaster Management program, providing the Greater Toronto Area
with first-class disaster preparedness and response services on which they can rely in times of
crisis. Whether it is a natural disaster or a house fire, the Red Cross is ready when you need us.
We are also responding to the needs of Torontonians through our settlement services, homeless
and underhoused services, first aid and water safety programs, international services and home
support programs. We are particularly thankful for our community funders who help us provide
so many valuable services to those in need.The Red Cross in Toronto has a rich history in
community support and we are continually evolving to effectively meet the ever-changing
needs of Torontonians into the future.
Our recent March is Red Cross Month campaign brought Torontonians together. They supported
us by purchasing Red Cross ribbons, the proceeds of which help us carry out our work.
National Volunteer Week is April 24-28 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all
volunteers who gave generously of their time in support of Red Cross services. Please join us for
our Toronto Region Annual Meeting on May 8th, and help us plan our future. We look forward to
working with all of you in the months to come.

Bob English

Linda Hoffman
Regional Council President

Canadian Red Cross

Volunteer Spotlight

Tim Steele

Second Career: Committed Volunteer

New Disaster Management Chair Offers Leadership, Gains Inspiration
"Im a realistic kind of guy. The Red Cross deals with real problems.
People sleeping on a grate somewhere is a real problem, and us
wishing they were home somewhere isn't a real solution."
When Tim Steele retired at 57, he knew he wanted to contribute to
the solution.
"I wrote a book about my family history, I spent a lot of time at my
cottage, but essentially, I wanted to give something back." Steele
began volunteering with the Red Cross disaster management team
in Toronto.
"I fell in love with it," he said. "I started spending 70 hours a week
running around this city helping people who needed help."
Recently, Steele became the Toronto Red Cross Disaster Management Chair. It is a leadership volunteer
position, where Steele will be instrumental in consulting with staff on how to recruit and retain great disaster
response volunteers, and improve partnerships with other organizations in the field of disaster management.
"We are very good at what we do," said Steele, "but we can be even better, and that takes work. It takes
leadership on all levels."
Steele is committed to offering this kind of leadership, whether its in his new role as Disaster Management
Chair,or as a Red Cross-trained first aider. In late February,he saved the life of his neighbour,who began choking
and collapsed outdoors. Steele quickly performed CPR and rescue breathing, and the 78-year-old victim was
revived. Although he modestly downplays his recent heroics,he does admit that the impact of saving a life feels
similar to that of his volunteer efforts. "What a feeling to be able to help a stranger. That's pretty special."

Toronto Volunteer to Assist Grenada Red Cross

Bridget Stirling

lthough volunteer Bridget Stirling has only been

with the Red Cross in Toronto since October, she is
already a mainstay with the Street Relief program. As
part of Street Relief, she serves up Monday morning
hot breakfast, and works as a Team Leader for the Out
of the Cold program, a winter outreach initiative for
the homeless and underhoused in Toronto's
downtown core.
Stirling is set to share her spirit of volunteerism with
the national Red Cross Society in Grenada. Through

an organization called
Youth Challenge
International, she is
headed to the
Caribbean to help the
Grenada Red Cross with
community development projects.
Stirling must raise $4500 to support her mission in
Grenada, which begins May 15. If you'd like to help,
email her at
Canadian Red Cross

Toronto Red Cross Disaster Management

Whats in a name?

Our Disaster Services program is now called Disaster Management. Why the change?
Well, as you know, Red Cross doesn't just provide services following a disaster. We help
people prepare, respond and rebuild -that's management! And that's why we're now
called Disaster Management.

hat happens when the flames go out? That

was the question for Mgeni Mgambo and her
three small children when they were burned out
of their Toronto townhouse on January 14.
When fire strikes in Toronto, Red Cross Disaster
Management volunteers are there to provide a
safe temporary home, food and clothing, and
help families like the Mgambos start to rebuild.

"Our volunteers get up in the middle of the

night, go to the scene of a personal disaster, and
make sure that a family isn't left out in the cold,"
said Red Cross volunteer Kathy Ross-Waugh, "I've dried tears, found hotel rooms, arranged transportation, and
sadly, even helped to plan funerals. Sure, I've helped hurricane victims in the US, but we give the same
comfort right here in Toronto when personal disaster strikes at home."

Toronto Red Cross Fundraising Updates

March is Red Cross Month Campaign

oronto Firefighters and Toronto Red Cross volunteers headed to

Union Station on the morning of March 1, but there was no
disaster. They were there to kick off the annual March is Red
Cross Month campaign by selling Red Cross ribbons to
commuters.The group raised $6444.80 for Toronto Red Cross
programs in just one morning!
Thanks to the Toronto Professional Firefighter's Association and
our dedicated volunteers for making this annual campaign a
resounding success.

Red Cross Updates Smallest Tsunami Donors

ed Cross is accountable to all donors, large and small. That's why on December 16, 2005, the Red Cross
visited grades four through eight students at Toronto's St. Cyril Elementary School. St. Cyril students raised
$5000 for tsunami relief.
"We really want the students to understand why their generosity was so powerful," said St. Cyril principal
Darquise Leroux. "Our students are excited to hear how the Red Cross is using their contribution to make a real
impact on the lives of people affected."
The students heard a presentation by Ole Flyng, an
Ontario delegate who worked in Indonesia as a program
manager. Flyng oversaw plans to rebuild housing in
Aceh province. Now that he has returned to Canada,
Flyng wants to use his experience to educate Canadians,
such as the students at St. Cyril Elementary.
Over 1.7 million tsunami survivors have received some
form of assistance from the Red Cross movement.The
Canadian Red Cross is committed to working in the
region for up to ten years.
For more information about Red Cross projects in the
affected regions visit

Canadian Red Cross

Recently at Red Cross

Rescuer saves life - second day on the job

alk about testing your knowledge. Arvin Gjoni was on his way to
day two of his Red Cross Standard First Aid course, when he
witnessed a car accident near Jane and Finch. Gjoni called 911, and
jumped out of his car.
Gjoni realized immediately he was going to have to use his new
rescue skills. The driver of one of the vehicles was slumped over the
steering wheel, unconscious.With the information he learned only
the day before flooding back to him, Gjoni gently lowered the victim
to the ground.
The victim had a pulse, but was not breathing. Gjoni began rescue
breathing and continued until the ambulance arrived, when
paramedics took over.With Arvin Gjoni's help, paramedics were able
to get the victim breathing again.
You can be a hero too - Ensure your first aid training is current.

Volunteers Making Volunteering Better

Toronto Red Crosss Volunteer Resource Committee

Staffing Toronto Red Cross with enough volunteers to deliver meals, respond to house fires, and fill all the
many other functions that keep our organization running is a big job - bigger than staff alone can handle!
The Volunteer Resource Committee, a group of seasoned Red Cross volunteers, is helping to make this
Volunteer Committee Chair Sue Berlove explains that the purpose of the committee is to make the
volunteer experience at Red Cross the best it can be. "We want to create a forum where Red Cross staff
and volunteers in Toronto can exchange ideas that will make changes or improvements, " says Berlove.
If you're a volunteer or staff member, and have a suggestion on how we can improve the Red Cross
volunteer experience, the Volunteer Resource Committee wants to hear from you. Contact the Committee
Chair with your ideas, If you would like to become a volunteer, email Kara King at

Upcoming Events
Annual Volunteer Recognition Event Toronto Red Cross
13th Annual Meeting
National Volunteer Week is coming up April
24-28, and the Red Cross wants to say thank
you! We invite all Toronto Red Cross
volunteers to join us for an evening of
awards, entertainment and goodies.

Toronto Red Cross extends a warm invitation

to all volunteers and staff to our Annual

Monday, April 24, 2006

Ramada Inn Hotel - 300 Jarvis St. (Jarvis/Carlton)

5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m.
North Memorial Centre
200 Eglinton Avenue West - (Yonge and Eglinton)


R.S.V.P. to Lucille Dent at (416) 480-0195

ext. 2218 by Friday, April 14.

R.S.V.P. to Joyce at (416) 480-2500 by Friday,

April 28, 2006.

World Red Cross Day, May 8, 2006

Annual Meeting
Presentations and Speakers

All Star Charity Shootout: The Clash of the Charities

The Red Cross in Toronto is excited to be involved in the All Star Charity Shootout. The
basketball game will showcase 20 of the brightest amateur basketball stars in the country.
Each team plays on behalf of a charity, and Toronto Red Cross is one of them. The winning
team gets the bragging rights, but all the non-profit organizations get funds and awareness
for their important programs.
In order for us to win this Clash of the Charities, we need you there to cheer on the players,
and support the Red Cross.

May 6, 2006
3:30 p.m.
Humber College North Campus
Order your tickets online at
Canadian Red Cross

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April 24 - 28
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National Volunteer Week

Annual Volunteer Recognition Event
HSS Volunteer Recognition Event



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World Red Cross Day

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