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Noah’s Nice, France Update

146 OAH B
BR EUM September 2007 No. Twelve
Nic u
e, F e de F ER
ranc r
e 06 ance
TEL 000
003 E
3 6 PHON
For to you it has been
98 9 E granted for Christ’s
4 55 :
99 sake, not only to be-
By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called lieve in Him, but also
to suffer for His sake,
to go out to the place which he would receive experiencing the same
conflict which you saw
as an inheritance. And he went out, not in me, and now hear
knowing where he was going. to be in me.

Last Weeks of
August 15th / BACK TO FRANCE:
My return to France was a smooth but quick en-
trance. I arrived on the 15th of August and I
immediately had a visitor. His name was Powell.
Powell was refreshing! I had been kinda scared to
return to France and he helped to remind me
what it was all about. Thanks Powell for coming The Castle: Millstatt, Austria
and visiting! Kate arrived the next day and there
we were back in France together after being apart
most of the summer.

August 18th / DATE OF BIRTH:

That Saturday I celebrated 26 years of being
alive and would have to say that I have been a
blessed man. I have got to see and experience
many places/things for how young I am. I spent David Downs riding the town lion The Castle
my birthday on the beach and like many pon-
dered about the year I had just finished, and The castle in Austria
wondered what was to come.
was a refreshing time
to meet with other
August 19th - 24th / MISSIONARY CONFERENCE: missionaries from all
The next day after church Pierre, Nancy, Jeni, over western Europe
Kate, and I all piled in to the car and made our and get to fellowship
way to Austria. Once a year there is a missionary and share stories of
conference there in the small town of Millstatt
what God is doing!
located in the Alps of Austria.

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Noah’s Nice, France Update

If your going to get married you might as well do it in a castle King Manu and Queen Esther

And Jabez called on

MISSIONS CONFERENCE continued: and groom get to sit down for the major- the God of Israel say-
At the castle we met many other missionar- ity of the time. There of course was some ing, “Oh, that You
ies from all over western Europe. For me worship music, special songs, a small mes- would bless me in-
especially it was a great blessing to hangout sage and the legal side of things. But it was deed, and enlarge my
with about thirteen other young men like the vows that really struck me. They actu-
me scattered through out Europe serving
territory, that Your
ally had them. They actually took the time
and answering the call that God has placed to write something special and then to re-
hand would be with
in there lives. We had great speakers, but cite them one to another. This is an art that me, and that You
the one that stuck out to me the most was seems to be foreign now in weddings in the would keep me from
the pastor from Boise Idaho, Bob Caldwell. States. evil, that I may not
He spoke a few times and all the messages After the ceremony there were bev- cause pain!”
seem to pierce through me and challenge erages along with delightful German baked
my spiritual state as well as my attitude goods on the grassy lawn next to the castle.
about certain situations. All in all we had a Following that everyone got in their cars
very blessed time and a great start to a new and honked there horns while driving
year of serving in France. closely behind the king and queen to the
reception hall. Here there were tables of
GERMAN WEDDING: drinks and even bigger tables of food. Eve-
After the conference we headed to Ger- ryone ate and drank and were completely
many where two friends of ours from Nice marry far in to the night. There were skits,
were going to be getting married. They games, special music, and dancing. The
both met and served in Nice with a mis- whole evening reminded me of the first
sionary couple from Switzerland and now miracle recorded in the gospels. Jesus was
were tying the knot the way Germans do at a wedding, which back then could last
best. up to a week, and they ran out of wine,
A German wedding is a sight to see this being an important part of the cele-
and for those who have never experienced bration Jesus went ahead and turned water
a wedding outside of the normal American into wine so that the celebration could
wedding there is a lot to take in. The wed- continue. Well the Germans did not run
ding started about 3 p.m. and would last out of beer at this wedding, but Jesus was
into the next day. The ceremony was beau- defiantly there pouring out his blessing on Kate and I borrowing the wedding car
tifully set in an old castle on a hill top this wonderful for a few pics.
where the stage was set simply for the king celebration.
and queen of the day. One of the best
parts about the ceremony is that the bride |
Noah’s Nice, France Update
PICNIC: I would read of the hard times of David
Every now and then we as a church have and would find great similarities in the
an after service picnic at a nearby park. way I felt, but at the end of each Psalm
Its always full of good food, desserts, it was if I was forcing myself to simply
sports, and conversations. Our last one say praise the Lord.
was especially fun because we got to see There has been many things go-
a dear friend that had been in the hospi- ing on this last month that I think made
tal since the beginning of the summer. it harder and harder for me to really
Please pray that the Lord would con- praise the Lord. I had a difficult time
tinue to heal Craig. choosing an apartment, roles and things
are changing here in the church, finan-
FRENCH CLASS: cially I am at a place I have never been
Well I first have to start off by saying at. I am totally dependant at this point
Michael and Nathaniel sun bathing.
thanks for all yours prayers in the lan- on the generosity of you guys, and that
guage department. I have been improv- is a very humbling place for me, I broke
ing. This September will mark my third a rib just before leaving for France, and
semester in the language school here in also Kate and I’s relationship has been
Nice. Every semester they test you to see back and forth like a ship in the middle
what level you are going to be placed in of a storm. It was if it all came at once,
to. There are six levels in the program and I didn’t see it coming so I have been
and last year I completed level one and getting hit hard.
two. So naturally after six weeks in the It seems that my time with God
states and not using my French while has been bad as well, funny how all that
home I thought that I was going to is connected. I feel so distant right now
maybe move up to the third level or even and I ask for your prayers. For a renew-
have to do the second one again. But ing of my mind and refreshing of the
boy was I surprised when looking at the Spirit. I know right now is a great time
placement test results to see my name on of testing and
the level four list. Its amazing what our refining in my
brains can remember! Praise God and life and that is
thanks for your prayers! Keep praying when the Lord
Brother Yann enjoying the slide that I would continue to progress in the is transforming
language. us and building
character, so for
that I thank the
Before I even left for France a strange
depression began to make its self in to
Noah Beumer
my head. For the entire month of
September I seemed to be stuck
in this vegetable state. My mind
felt like mush and I couldn’t
seem to focus on anything. I
Jeni and Eddy enjoying Italy’s fine coffee was constantly beating myself
up, and when I realised
that I was doing that I
then began to beat myself
up for beating myself up.
It seemed like an endless
cycle. I decided to
read the Psalms and
Proverbs in the Bible
and so everyday I did that, Ventimiglia Italy
but it didn’t seem to help. |
Prayer & Financial Support
Noah’s Nice, France Update

Personal Prayer Support:

• That I would daily seek the Lord and His I believe that the Lord
will for my life, for His joy, to know Him bet- uses the entire body to
ter and that I would live to please the Fa- work and minister and thus
ther and Him alone.
the entire body is blessed
• For my language skills
when it comes together for
• That I could be a light to my non believing
friends and classmates here. the sake of the gospel. I
• For a passion for God’s Word and a heart would like to ask each one
for His people. of you to first earnestly
• Focus & unity amongst the group serving pray for the work being
in the church done out here in France
and for the hearts of the
people in the country of
Financial Support: France. Second, I would
W ou ld y ou plea se pra y erf u lly consi der su pporti ng m e a n d ask that you prayerfully
th e work i n Fra nce b y ei th er a one ti m e gi f t or b y a f a i th f u l consider supporting the
m onth ly com m i tm ent of ;! $ 2 0 / $ 5 0 / $ 1 0 0 / or Oth er. work done out here
through a one time or
Plea se a ddress & send ch eck or m oney order to:
monthly gift/donation. It
! N oa h Be ume r costs me about $1000 to be
! 617 W . K nox able to cover my living ex-
! S poka ne , W A. 99205 penses and to be able to
You m a y a lso send su pport v i a Pa y Pa l i f th a t i s m ore con- study the language in
v eni ent f or y ou to m y em a i l a ddress (noa h b eu m er@ gm a i l. com ) France on a monthly basis.
With your faithful support
I am then able to focus my
Thank You! time on the ministry that
God has me doing in
Th a nks to a ll wh o a re su pporti ng m e a nd th e work th a t th e
Lord h a s a sked m e to do ou t h ere i n Fra nce. It i s b y th e
gra ce of God a nd you r contri b u ti ons th a t I a m a bl e to
sta y a nd serv e h ere. I th a nk God
NOAH BE f or th e b lessi ng th a t y ou a re to m e
146 B Ru UMER
e de Fran a nd pra y th a t H e ri ch ly b lesses
N ic e , F r a ce
nce 0600 you a s well.
ONE: September 2007 No. Twelve
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