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THURSDAY, 25-03-2015


4.30 – 5.30PM





In less than 48 hours, Nigerians will be trooping out to cast their
vote in the 2015 presidential election. With the conduct of
successful, free, fair and credible elections in the past, the eyes of
the international community is on Nigeria. Expectations are high
because Nigerians are clamoring for a non-violence Election
come March 28, 2015.
There are high expectations in the country that the election will be
free, fair and that the votes of Nigerians will count. What has been
done to ensure that the election meets the aspirations and
anticipations of Nigerians, its neighboring countries and the
international community? This will be the focus today on the
programme, ‘Issues of the Moment’


..... TUNE..30 – 5. ANCHO In about 48hours from now. ANCHOR: : Welcome to “Issues of the Moment. “Issues of the Moment” is a platform for mutual exchange of ideas on issues of national importance.. the programme that places in your hands the resources needed... 25-03-2015 TIME: 4..........30PM PRODUCER: JOY UBI PRESENTER: SALEM AKINDELE-ROCK SIG.... DATE B/CAST: THURSDAY.. My name is …………………. SIG...PROGRAMME TITLE: ISSUES OF THE MOMENT TOPIC: ENSURING A VIOLENCE FREE ELECTION... to help you make informed decisions that can effect a turn-around in your individual life as well as the country.. the great people of Nigeria will be going to the polls to exercise their voting rights. 2 . TUNE: Play for 30 secs and fade Under-Voice..Play for 30 secs and fade off..

3. Our guest this evening are: ………………………………. fair and credible election? 2. INEC has said that there will be a maximum of 3 security agents in a polling unit in a distance of 300meters away. In the course of the programme. Gentlemen. what will make this forth coming election different. QUESTIONS 1. ………………………………... Previous Elections have been marred by violence. How quickly can these agents respond to violence from that distance? 4.2015 Presidential Election? how prepared are we against Electoral violence?. Some say that the Nigerian factor (such as religion and tribalism) is a contributing factor to the history of violence during elections. What is your take on that? 3 . welcome to the programme. what can Nigerians do to prevent Electoral violence in the forth coming Elections? These and more are some of the questions we will be finding answers to on this edition of ‘Issues of the Moment’. How can we ensure a free. we’ll be opening the lines so that you our esteemed listener can be a part of the discussion but for now let’s get some answers from our guests in the studio.

The topic is “ENSURING A VIOLENCE FREE ELECTION” . Do you think we can build a better nation when we work together in unity? 6. Continue with questions. It’s now time to throw the lines open. Here are their responses. who do you think stands a better chance of victory and why do you think so? 8. 7. 0810 126 9169. No man is an Island they say. More than 12 contestants are vying for the number one position in Nigeria. How would you suggest we go about it? PRESENTER: Okay.5. VOXPOP PRESENTER: Those were the voices of some Nigerians (to guests in the studio). INSERT. The numbers to dial are: 0818 075 8276. Ugochukwu Osuji have interviewed some Nigerians on what their expectations are for this Presidential election. let’s feel the pulse of some Nigerians on this Issue. just for you. 4 . 0807 622 6771 Take calls. Would you like to respond to some of the comments? ANCHOR: The programme is “Issues of the Moment” and it is coming to you from the network service of Radio Nigeria. In your opinion.

. You can send your comments and suggestions to us through the E-mail. Ugochukwu Osuji............ANCHOR: And this is where we wrap it up today on “Issues of the Moment”.. JOY UBI... Assistant Producer...... On behalf of my Producer.... issuesofthemoment@gmail. during and after the elections..... I am Salem Akindele-Rock. 5 . Still on the Network Service. urging you to be the change you want to The Studio Manager has been .......... we bring you NAFDAC AND YOUR HEALTH.. Speak with your vote and say NO to violence before...