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THURSDAY, 12-2-2015
4.30 – 5.30PM


The general elections scheduled for February 2015 has been
postponed. There have been mixed feelings since the announcement
of the rescheduling of the election. Why the postponement of the
general elections and how will the postponement impact in the
elections and the Nigerian populace. These and more are what we will
be looking into today on the Programme, “Issues of the Moment”.

to help you make informed decisions that can effect a turn-around in your individual life as well as the country....... ANCHOR: The Nigerian general elections of 2007 held on 14 and 21 April 2007.Play for 30 secs and fade off..... TUNE: Play for 30 secs and fade Under-Voice..... while the presidential and national assembly was held a week later which was the 21 of April . “Issues of the Moment” is a platform for mutual exchange of ideas on issues of national importance...30 pm Edition: Topic: 2015 GENERAL ELECTIONS: POSTPONEMENT AND IMPLICATIONS Producer: Chinomnso Okafor Presenter: Salem Akindele-Rock SIG. ANCHOR: Welcome to “Issues of the Moment. Governorship and state assembly elections were held on 14 April... SIG. TUNE... 29-1-2015 Time of B/Cast: 4.... My name is …………………..... with a view of birthing a new vision for our dear country Nigeria..Programme Title: Issues of the Moment Date of B/Cast: Thursday.. the programme that places in your hands the resources needed.

Late Umaru Yar’Adua of the PDP won the election and was sworn in on 29 May. will everything that needs to be put in place to ensure successful polls have been put in place? Will those who are yet to collect their Permanent Voter Cards have collected them? These many questions raised alongside many issues will be addressed as we look at “2015 General Election: Postponement and implications”? .2007. is the postponement necessary? At the end of the six weeks extension. 2015 respectively. The 2015 general election was earlier scheduled to hold on the 14th and 28th of February 2015 for presidential/National Assembly and Governorship/ State Assembly elections respectively. barely a week to the election. One of them is. The 2011 presidential election held in Nigeria on 16th April 2011. Let’s listen to the INEC Chairman. the Chairman of the Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) Professor Attahiru Jega in a press briefing said that the General election in Nigeria had been rescheduled to hold on 28th March and 11th April. It was shifted from the earlier scheduled date of 9th April 2011. 2015. SM: INSERT The rescheduling of the 2015 general election has thrown up a lot of issues. on the 7th of April. But.

... training of the ad-hoc staff had already commenced....... What does the law say about shifting of elections? 3.... ballot papers are in place. Elections have not been conducted in February before....... would you say that INEC was actually ready for the election with millions of Nigerians yet to collect their PVCs? . Esther Uzoma.ANCHOR: We are not doing this alone. Why the postponement... What impact will this have on the election and the Nigerians? 5... and Mr. Barr.. why did it take just a few days to the election date for its postponement to be decided..... Assuming security outfits were not ready for the election according to the INEC Chairman...... QUESTIONS (2015 GENERAL ELECTION: POSTPONEMENT AND IMPLICATIONS) 1. fixed and announced? 4...... welcome to the programme. why was it scheduled to hold in February and then postponed just days to the polls? 7. what are the reasons? 2...... We have in the house a Public Analyst Mr.... Preparation for the election has been in progress for over a year now. This is the second time elections has been postponed under Professor Jega’s Chairmanship.... Odilim Enwegbara... just a week before the election with pre-election modalities having been set in place: most people have travelled to vote... Emeka Ononamadu Gentlemen. does it show lack of planning on the side of INEC or are we trying to set a precedent that elections must be shifted? 6.

What is INEC doing to make sure that a larger population of Nigerians get their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs)? 9. it’s not a new thing. What is your word of advice to Nigerians? . Definitely. Shifting the election because of insecurity sounds as if we just got the red alerts of insecurity a week to the election? Or have there not been preparing 11.8. How can we guard against election postponement in the future? 13. 10. Do you think shifting the elections will aid (encourage/enhance) the conduct of free and fair Elections in Nigeria? Isn’t there a trace of inadequate preparation by the security officials? Because we have been fighting this insurgency for the past six years. too? Could the elections be delayed again? What is INEC presently doing to guarantee the safe delivery? Can INEC assure us that nothing will stop the election again? 12.

... It’s now time to throw the lines open for you to call into the programme and make your …..ANCHOR: The programme is “Issues of the Moment” and it is coming to you from the Network Service of Radio Nigeria... reminding you to vote wisely.... You can send your comments and suggestions to us through the E-mail...... is the studio Manager. INSERT VOX POP ANCHOR: LET THE GUESTS REACT TO THE VOXPOP ANCHOR: This is the point at which we wrap up today’s edition of “Issues of the Moment”....... The numbers to dial are--------------------------and --------------------------------.... let’s listen to what some people we met on the street of Abuja have to say about the postponement of the 2015 general election... I am Salem Akindele Rock.... issuesofthemoment@gmail.(Phone calls) But before we pick your calls.... The topic is 2015 GENERAL ELECTIONS: POSTPONEMENT AND IMPLICATIONS... . Good evening................... Ugochukwu Osuji assisted in the production... Chinomnso Okafor produced the programme..