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Lovely Professional University

(For all Full Time Programmes except LSAD, M Pharmacy, School of Education and Physical Education)


Start of session for Freshmen – Induction and classes for MBA (Honours) Pre Term
Start of session for Freshmen- Induction and start of Classes
Commencement of classes for all continuing students of B. Pharmacy
Evaluation of Summer Term Training for continuing Engineering students and
students of School of Business (wherever such training is applicable)
Commencement of classes for all other continuing students (As per Reporting
Schedule uploaded on UMS)

M-Th, Jul 27-Aug 06, 2015
Tu-W, Jul 28-Aug 05, 2015
Th, Jul 30, 2015
M- W, Aug 03-05, 2015

Registration for backlog courses
Commencement of classes for freshmen of Ph.D. Programmes
Last date of applying for Reappear Examination for immediate previous even term
Announcement of Reappear Examination schedule for immediate previous even term
# Mid Term Test (MTT) for all Regular Programmes
Term Break for Students
Completion of Advance Registration for Elective Courses (Dept. Electives, Spl.
Electives, OE & SE) for Spring Term (Term II) of Session 2015-16
Close of Autumn Term (2015-16) for all regular programmes
Preparatory Leave for ETE for all programmes
End Term Examination** (ETE) including Theory and Capstone Evaluation for all Full
time programmes
Winter vacation for Students of all Full time programmes
Scrutiny of answer books (Term I 2015-16) by students
Commencement of Classes of Term II of Session 2015-16 for all regular programmes

Th-W, Aug 13-19, 2015
Tu, Aug 11, 2015
Th, Aug 20, 2015

Th- F, Aug 06-07, 2015

F, Aug 28, 2015
M-M, Sep 28-Oct 05, 2015
Su-W, Nov 08-11, 2015
F, Nov 13, 2015
M, Dec 07, 2015
Tu, Dec 08, 2015
W-Tu, Dec 09-29, 2015
W-F, Dec 30, 2015- Jan 08, 2016
Sa-M, Jan 09 and 11, 2016
Tu, Jan 12, 2016

# For B. Pharmacy


Mid Term Test (MTT-I)

M-M, Sep 28-Oct 05, 2015

Mid Term Lab Examination (Regular teaching will go on)

Tu-M, Oct 06-12, 2015

Mid Term Test (MTT-II)

M-F, Nov 02-20, 2015

*Immediate previous even term courses would mean:
For a 2009 batch student (who took admission in 2009) it would mean courses of term 12
For a 2010 batch student it would mean courses of term 10
For a 2011 batch student it would mean courses of term 8
For a 2012 batch student it would mean courses of term 6
For a 2013 batch student it would mean courses of term 4
For a 2014 batch student it would mean courses of term 2
**The End Term Examination of courses like Dissertation & Projects will be scheduled as per the Guidelines released
for Capstone, Dissertation and similar courses issued from time to time by the University.
Some important points:
1. The dates mentioned in the calendar, especially with regard to end of Mid Term and End Term Examinations, are
tentative and a variation may occur. Students are advised to plan for travel keeping into consideration an extension
of at least 3 days.
2. Due to any unforeseen reason, if the University remains closed, then the University may declare any Sunday as

Lovely Professional University

3. Any examination may be held on Sunday.
4. If a student is not present on the date of scrutiny he/she will lose the opportunity to look at his/her answer books,
however such students can apply for revaluation.
5. There will be no scrutiny of reappear examination answer books; however such students can apply for revaluation.
6. The schedule of sports/ co-curricular/ cultural events will be notified separately by the concerned Division/ School.

For Faculty and Staff:
1. Annual Conference (Sanidhya): W-Th, Dec 23-24, 2015.
2. Winter Vacation for Faculty members: Th-M, Dec 31, 2015 - Jan 04, 2016.