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1. Write the words correctly!




This car’s engine is more efficient than the others.k. q. students that time had an average of one to six written assignments per term. When the numbers of most language problems had decreased. The result of a survey about English language problems of overseas students conducted in Britain shows us how the students overcame their English language problems after six months of living there. p. The other 36% of the students wrote reports about 5 times a term with the average length of 3750 words each. it affected the formal written English.We need to replace that part to increase the engine’s efficiency. l. The lack of grammar and incorrect pronunciations might be the most contributing factors. Write a description based on the result of the survey! o.The efficiency of using Pertamax as our engine fuel is 80%. Only about 7% of the students wrote a dissertation with the average of 100 pages long. Based on the data shown.We need to design an engine which is more efficient than the last one. speaking. Another 7% of the student wrote a thesis with the average of 73 pages. Yet. Efficient . we can conclude that the daily lives overseas (to an English-speaking country) have some effects for English language problems. 4. the number of writing problem had risen from around 15% of the students on arrival to 32% after six months living there. a. Result of a survey about English language problem. There were 36% of the students who wrote essays with the average frequency of 6 times a term and the average length of 2750 words for an assignment. b. and understanding spoken English problems which had gotten better. Definte the technical terms of: a. n. The overall number of students whom still have problems was decreasing. . While the spoken English they practiced every day gave them confidence to speak in English. 2. 5. b. 3. Efficiency . . . the writing problems was getting worse. it doesn’t occur on the writing problems which received a negative effect. m. Based on a survey conducted in University of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1974. Air-cooled engine’s technical term is for cooling the cylinder and keeping the temperature within operating limits by using the cooling fins that was built outside of each cylinder. Despite the reading. Baffles are used to provide a more even flow of air around the cylinders and to cool all parts equally.

. although the number hadn’t reach Rp12. . Disadvantage . There were many factors affecting it including the Asian Crisis in the late 1990s. especially when playing in the street. . Then it kept getting worse until 2005. 98 of them were children from the age of 2-4 years old killed while playing in the street. s. This number got better from then just until Rp10.More budget would be spent for the family’s daily lives. Overall. During May. 7. The large family unit a.500/$1 in 1975 had become Rp12.000/$1 in 1995. r. Most deaths were caused by road accident while children were playing in the street.A carefully planned family would be an asset for the nation’s next generation.6. The only period Indonesian Rupiah’s value had gotten better was around the year 2000 to 2005. t. The family would have more cheerful daily lives. 370 children were killed in road accidents.The more the merrier. a. Information table about children killed in road accidents. It indicated the lack of parents’ duty guiding and protecting their children whenever they are. also killed while they were playing in the street.There would be a big problem if family members do not get along with each other. the value of Indonesian Rupiah was getting worse. The value of Indonesian Rupiah which was around Rp2.000/$1 again. b. The other 81 of them were children from the age of 5-7 years old.000/$1 in the year 2000. even though the value didn’t raise much. Out of the total of 370 children killed.Planning a large family is much more complicated than a normal family of 2 children. . 8.Family members should take care of each other more. The most victims came from around 2 to 7 years old with the most vulnerability to be caught on a road accident while playing in the street. b. . and July in the recent year. June. Advantage .