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Increasing dependence on internet and Internet Security Measures

Internet refers to a collection of electronic networks containing information that
allow people to get information and communicate in a number of ways. On
internet, massive amount of data is shared by millions of people with others.
Internet has facilitated people to get information, share information and
communicate with others. There are many others advantages of internet which
have made life easy. However, with these advantages, one has to consider about
the security and safety of using internet. It is questionable that to how much extent
internet is safe. Widespread use of internet has generated many security issues.
People face risk to lose their digital identities through online transactions, emails,
and many communicative resources. Moreover, there are many chances of losing
data and identities through spam and viruses. To combat these issues, many antiviruses and anti-spam software are available. However, there is no software which
can prevent theft of digital identity. On everyday basis, digital identities are stolen
and shared with others for illegal purposes. Cyber stalkers and online predators
steal digital identities through online communities. Despite of all these security
threats, people use internet because of its wide range benefits.
There are many ways through which internet users can deal with the online
insecurities. However, internet safety is like a person driving in a street between
two neighbors in which one is safe and the other is dangerous. The driver has no
choice to make a wrong turn towards dangerous neighbor, otherwise, he will
regret. Online communities need to establish more secure ways of communication.

The technical issues include security of banking information or credit card number safety. 2001). online communities are at great risk. For fair use of internet. people also face hesitation to trust on the other parties at the time of payment through digital accounts. people used to buy items from other parties through a virtual media. In addition to this. On these auction sites. . There are high risks of hacking credit cards and illegal transfer of money. users must be at a point where they can trust each other for establishing long term and productive relationship (Kollman. these communities also give opportunity to meet with new friends and people from across the world. People used to make fake identities to hack accounts of others for getting their personal information which can be used for illegal purposes. On the other hand. There are many chances that the things to be bought are stolen from somewhere and placed on these sites for selling. Through these steps. The financial institutions have been facing technical concerns as well as legal issues in ecommerce.Over the past decade. Moreover. These communities allow people to meet with their friends. From this point. Security issues in online auction sites are also very common. online communities have increased massively. issues of trust arise. many new security issues have been arising which need to be resolved for fair completion of transactions. There are dozens of online auction sites which sell wide range of things from cigars to cars and from books to patents. relatives and professional circles. 2003). legal issues include responsibility of individuals for buying or selling over internet (Rhee. With the spread of e-commerce.

image of online transactions can be improved. long measures need to be taken for ensuring internet security. these security measures are working for ensuring security. However. some social issues have started to emerge with growth of linkage among businesses and individuals. because of security issues. Because of raising security issues in on internet.Financial institutions face challenges in management of millions of encryption keys for their users. At the same time. and laws regarding illegal use of identities. To some extent. Consumers have been adapting themselves to the new ways of shopping and doing business over digital media. they are hesitating to trust a particular network for completing transactions. Though this cooperation. encryption keys. and financial institutions and data confidentiality. However. browser security tools . Although these security measures have been working for making digital identities and online transactions safe but they are still far behind from making internet an absolute secure media. These efforts are limited to development of software. many companies have developed security solutions for internet users. Therefore. In order to deal with these issues. Industry wide cooperation and efforts can ensure security. Internet has also raised issues related to access of certain materials. Internet is also spreading immoral and unethical materials which are not acceptable to many societies. privacy. internet hackers have developed many new ways for stealing information. Spread of pornography materials are common issues in this context. music volumes and other literature materials are protected through copyrights. Many books.

Moreover. it is needed that organizations and individuals should increase their technological expertise and knowledge for raising standards of security. certain laws have been developed for providing internet security. Organizations and individuals have been relying on internet for getting data. User certificate tools are the simplest tools through which these issues can be resolved and unethical materials can be prevented to spread. Despite of these security measures. In many countries. there are very rare laws regarding protection of internet content. Therefore. despite of widespread and extensive growth of internet. On the other hand.have been developed. effectiveness of these laws becomes low. In this way. However. In conclusion. Thesis Statement: The thesis statement for the essay is as follows: “Internet security measures are insufficient to compensate increasing dependence of organizations and individuals over internet” . personal certificates are also used by several browsers to provide secure access to internet content. implementation of these laws is another big question. communication and business. these laws rely on the traditional measures for allowing security. Internet users are just at beginning to develop and learn secure ways of browsing and transacting over internet. hackers use innovative ways for stealing information from internet. One simple way or methods cannot stop hackers for stealing information from internet and ensuring privacy. it is still an insecure media for communication and business. Moreover.

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