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This work was carried out under the English discipline proposed by teacher Manuela. So I plan to alert people to one of the great problems of our society. . its consequences and some of the preventive measures. Discriminately I will speak of the three most common types of pollution. to reset the hours that exceeded the module. as well as its causes.Introduction In this paper I will address one of the environmental problems: pollution.

 Results from the burning of fuels such as coal and oil products.  There are three most common types of pollution Atmospheric Pollution  It is the most common and most dangerous pollution.  Disrupts the ecosystem and directly or indirectly affect the living organisms in an ecosystem  It is the activity that disrupts the natural system and the balance of an environment. Causes  It is currently present in almost every major city in the world.  There has always been a symbolic way. but had a significant beginning since the Industrial Revolution.  Due to burning of fuel there is a release of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide high .  Since then.What is pollution?  It is assigned to the act of contaminating the environment through the introduction of certain hazardous agents. we began to live directly with pollution as something ordinary.

the woods (. in the gardens.  Technology has generated industrial equipment that is cleaner and less harmful.. rhinitis and asthma. Mining .) Pesticides . Ground pollution This occurs by contamination by substances capable of causing significant changes to its proper frame.Generated problems  Respiratory diseases. and also causes damage to the heritage. Causes    The waste that arises in the street. such as bronchitis. . which is responsible for killing plants and animals.  Direct damage to the ecosystem: acid rain.  Climate change: the greenhouse effect What to do?  Development cars that emit less carbon dioxide.

industrial waste chemical and mining unchecked. Put trash in proper containers. plants and animals . The irrational use and pollution of important sources can cause a shortage of fresh water very soon. Solutions . Protect forests. sewage. Using recycled materials whenever possible and prefers green products. Salinization of the soil. How to prevent soil pollution?     Treating waste and household and industrial waste. Causes   Pollution and contamination by pollutants and sewage Of waste. Death of microorganisms . Water pollution   Water is an essential good and precious.Consequences    The contamination of aquifers.

put chemicals..htm http://www. Regulate the discharge of the shower.infoescola. fuels or detergents in the http://www. Division and administration of water resources Water Saving Tips     And close the taps. Ensuring food supply. Valuing water.infoescola.todabiologia. Take short showers. Ecosystem     Basic needs. Do not send garbage into the rivers and lakes Tips to help reduce pollution     Do not Do not Do not Do not put garbage in rivers. Webgrafia http://www. lakes (.) place frying oils to the drain. use Bruna Costa .