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Fall 2015

Ability Anyware
In This Issue:
* Assistive Technology
(AT) Apps
* Digital Literacy
* Starkey Hearing
Global Impact
* Noteworthy Books &
* Ability Anyware
Holiday Gift Guide
& Greeting Cards
* Disability
Friendly Venues

"Every Tree is Different in Some Way" greeting cards are
available for purchase during holiday season while supplies last.
Printed on recycled paper. Visit Ability Anyware Market on Square
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Cover Art

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From the Editor

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Ability Anyware Workshops

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Editor’s Pick of AT Apps

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AT World: Putting AT on the Map AT

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AT & Daily Living

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Global Impact

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Disability Friendly Venues

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Noteworthy Books & Performances

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Ability Anyware 's Holiday Gift Guide

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Ability Anyware’s mission is to disseminate assistive
technology (AT) news that facilitates the accessibility,
inclusion, safety, employment, self-determination,
recreation, creativity, and dignified recognition of
persons with disabilities.
Please note that some of the bold text
in articles contain website and email links.

Cover Art

"Every tree is different in some way."
By Sharon, Deaf Artist
Sharon is a Deaf artist. She paints in
watercolor and oil, sketches in colored
pencils and charcoal, and dabbles in
electronic art.
Artists, submit your art to (jpeg or png file) for
consideration to be featured in one of our
Please participate in the Ability Anyware Assistive
Technology (AT) Survey! You can complete it
online today! See page 3 for more details.

Ability Anyware:Mission POSSIBLE
October 17, 2016
More Details on Page 5

Alternative formats of this publication (audio, large prints,
simple language) are available upon request.
Please submit your request to

From the Editor
Ability Anyware’s Free Workshops:
1. My Safety Matters: Technology for Safety
2. Accessibility in Windows & Microsoft Office
3. Accessibility in iOS (Mac) & Pages
4. Accessibility in Adobe
At Ability Anyware, we work diligently to find and
distribute assistive technology (AT) news. This
includes technology and personal products, as well as
disability-related services and training for persons
with disabilities across gender, ethnicity, cultural
background, and age.
We consider disability
diversity (hearing, visual, cognitive, ambulatory, selfcare, independent living). Not all information shared
by Ability Anyware reflects the opinion of
individuals involved with or featured in our
Tanya Maxwell

More than 37 million individuals
with disabilities are reported
living in the U.S.
(2012 estimate by

5. Accessibility on YouTube
To register for workshops, contact us at
Editor’s Pick: AT Apps

use of mouse
using your
head or face
Transcense by Ava
Transcense translates
conversations in a
peron's immediate
surroundings to text.
Enables individuals
with physical and
speech disabilities to
call for help quickly.

We offer advertising opportunities for
startups, nonprofit organizations, and
exceptional individuals to be featured in our
For more information, contact us at

Software which provides
caregiver and support
matches for individuals
with disabilities.
"Talkingtiles is an
assistive care app that
can be used for

(Augmentative &
Alternative Communication/AAC), learning,daily
living and social skills
for individuals with a
special need, disability,
or a behavioral health

A free Windows 8 App!
An educational app for
kids to learn how to read
and distinguish between
different fruits! All they
have to do is click and
drag the name of the fruit
over the corresponding
image. When the correct
pair is chosen, kids will
receive a check-mark, if
not, they will get another


AT World: Putting AT on the Map
Accessibility in the
Google Universe

What is Assistive
Technology (AT)?
AT is any form of
technology (high or low)
that aids individuals with
disabilities in mobility,
daily tasks, personal care
and safety, communication,
job duties, medical
treatment, exercise,
recreational activities, and
creative expression. With
possibilities afforded via
AT, developers continue to
create apps and devices with
the disability community in



Google is the most
widely used search
engine. With Google,
users can retrieve the
information they seek
quickly and easily.
Google is well aware
that individuals with
disabilities need access
to information too. They
make information and
technology accessible
to individuals with
disabilities through
Google Accessibility
Accessibility Camp in
a11y nyc, an AT
focused Meetup in New
York City, held its first
Accessibility Camp on
September 26, 2015 at
Metrotech Center in
Brooklyn, NY. The
goal of the camp is to
share information on
"digital accessibility for
users with different
disabilities, cover
digital accessibility
topics from the web
(technical to tactical),
desktop software,
mobile apps, eLearning,
online gaming, open
source innovations, and
everything in between."

Your Input = Output

Ability Anyware would
like your input on which
AT you use. We are also
interested in stories about
barriers encountered in
your life (tasks, equipment, surroundings).
Ability Anyware
Assistive Technology
Survey will gather
important data like this
to share with developers
in updating, creating, and
releasing AT.

You can complete the
survey here: Ability
Anyware Assistive
Technology Survey
If you need assistance
with completing the
survey or require
audio & alternative
formats of the survey,
please contact us
at ability.anyware@

Physically Challenged Action
Foundation (PCAF) in Ghana,
as featured in The World's
Worst Place to be Disabled?,
needs your support! They
provide a nurturing home to
youth with disabilities, who
were ostracized in their
villages. PCAF teaches these
youth skills necessary to lead
independent, productive lives.
Please click here to support:

The Assistive Technology
(AT) Act of 2004
established a total of 56 AT
centers across the nation
under the RESNA
Engineering Society of
North America) Catalyst
Project. The centers, funded
via a Rehabilitation Services
Administration and
U.S. Department of
Education grant, provide
employment services, such
as job traning. To find out
more about these centers,
please visit RESNA Project
http:www.resnaprojects. org/

AT & Daily Living
What is digital literacy? How can one get it? When do
we need it? Digital literacy is the ability to understand/
use digital devices and interpret digital content.
Digital literacy is required on a daily basis for tasks such
as communication, work related activities, school
assignments, shopping, travel, recreation.
literacy can fill a communication gap for
individuals with difficulty speaking or articulating
Austim Expressed provides specialized training/lessons
to help adolescents to develop their digital literacy/life
skills. They have different modules for understanding
the Internet, safety, daily activities, education, and
professional development.

instructors sensitive to the individual needs of our
On campus, Pathway students attend classes and
participate with UCLA students in the many
social, recreational, and cultural activities of a
major university."
For more information or request a tour, please
contact UCLA Pathway at (310) 794-1235 or .
Nationwide reports of missing perons with
disabilities calls for greater safety training.
Programs like Project GET SAFE in hospitals,
schools, day treament programs, and residential
facilities helps reduce safety risks and protect the
vulnerable segment of our population. This
includes individuals with disabilities, children, and
seniors. Please visit Project GET SAFE Training
& Resources Center for access to web-based
safety lessons.

UCLA, a Pathway of Study for Students with
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

UCLA Extension offfers a variety of courses for adults
with diverse interests. This includes Pathway, a
specialized curriculum for students with intellectual and
developmental disabilities.
"Pathway at UCLA
Extension is a two-year certificate program for students
with intellectual and other developmental disabilities,
offering a blend of educational, social, and vocational
experiences, taught and supervised by experienced

Common shortage of manpower in hospitals,
residential facilities, and day treatment programs
can lead to insufficient monitoring during moments
that are critical to personal safety. Furthermore,
individuals with disabilities have challenges
reporting abuse, neglect, or danger. Assistive
technology is a safeguard and can be ubiquitous
when humans are not.



For over 25 years, Infogrip has been the
world leader in assistive technology,
ergonomics and special education
solutions. Our extensive experience and
product knowledge enables us to match
you with the best product that fits your
needs. We know that every person with a
disability requires something unique and
that "one size" never fits "all" in our
industry. That's why our customers
receive the individual attention they
need to find the product that is right for
them. We truly believe there is a solution
out there that can make using a
computer possible for every person with
any ability.


Global Impact


Sound Gifts of The Starkey Hearing
The Starkey Hearing Foundation, established by Bill
Austin in 1984, provides hearing aids to deaf and hard
of hearing individuals with financial challenges around
the world. Through the foundation's unwavering efforts,
more than 1 million individuals have received the gift
hearing, many for the first time in their lives. Starkey
Hearing Foundation representatives and celebrity
sponsors haven taken trips to more than 100 countries,
many in remote villages, to fulfill individuals' requests
for hearing aids.

OCTOBER 17, 2016
Ability Anyware Seeks
Disability Advocacy Delegates
for Virtual Conference

Starkey Foundation recently donated $300,0000 in
hearing aids to the 2015 Special Olympics. Click here
(Starkey Hearing Foundation) to see one of their
profoundly meaningful and touching videos and to
contribute ''so that the the world may hear."


What's your ability? Ability Anyware is seeking
delegates with disabilities to participate in our
Mission Possible Conference on October 17,
2016. The conference will be launched online to
make it more accessible for individuals with
physical disabilities. The last day to apply is
January 30, 2016.
Please contact to
apply or get more information about this event.
More details about the virtual conference will also
be posted on our Twitter page @abilityanyware.


Best Day Foundation is a volunteer organization that helps children with
special needs build confidence and self-esteem through safe, fun, adventure
activities like surfing, bodyboarding, kayaking, snow sports, and more.
Please join us in creating special days for children with Autism, Down
syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, blindness, cancer, spinal cord injuries, and other
physical and developmental challenges. Learn more about Best Day
Foundation at


Disability Friendly Venues
The following venues are accessible and disability friendly. They make
accommodations necessary to provide a more than satisfactory and
socially inclusive experience for customers with disabilities.

Nature's Fruit Lab is operated by
a Deaf father and his daughter. It
is a mobile food unit on Westwood
Blvd (near UCLA) campus. They
serve sweet,fresh fruit bowls
made to order.

Paint a Tee located in Red Bank, NJ has
kind,creative staff in an accessible
art space where individuals can paint
their own T-shirts.

The Big Blue Bus in the city of Santa
Monica has wheelchair accessible,
kneeling (lowers on the ground) buses.
The bus drivers are very considerate and
help push individuals in wheelchairs onto
the bus whenever necessary.

SweetGreen (Santa Monica, CA) has a
delcious assortment of nutritious,
organic, hearty salads in a transparent,
accessible venue. SweetGreen employees
are very helpful and patient while
assisting customers make the perfect


A special education teacher partnered with an
experienced brewer to train and hire
unemployed adults with developmental
disabilities to
brew beer.



Ability Anyware's List of Noteworthy, Disability
Related Books, Poems & Performances
Click on titles for descriptions from other sources & links to websites.


Traveling Blind by Susan Krieger
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Writers by Lindsey Lawson
Know the Night:A Memoir of Survival in the Small Hours by Maria Mutch
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:: A Memoir of Life in Death by Jean-Dominique Bauby
In Search of Freedom:How Persons with Disabilities Have Been Disenfranchised from
the Mainstream of American Society by Willie V. Bryan, EdD, and Charles C. Thomas

Films (Most films listed are for general audience.

Films with * require parental screening)

The World's Worst Place to be Disabled? Presented by Sophie Morgan
My Brother Directed by Anthony Lover*
My Left Foot Directed by Jim Sheridan
What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Directed by Lasse Hallström

Spring Awakening on Broadway Deaf West Theatre

Music Video
Renegades by X Ambassadors

Educational Video
American Sign Language -ASL
Lesson 101

Voice Activated Applications for Individuals
Who Cannot Read or Use Touch Screen
1. Window's Cortana
2. "OK Google"
3. Apple Siri
For information on Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines,
please go to:

Ability Anyware Holiday Gift Guide

Ability Anyware Greeting Cards
by Sharon, Deaf Artist
Box of 10 greeting cards with
envelopes on recycled paper for $20

Pick boxes with 1 art design or a box of
assorted designs (see mages/styles above
& below).

Limited supply available for holiday
season, order early.

3E L<3ve Hoodie

More Gift Ideas on Next Page...

Gift Guide...

Seamingly Perfect Hand-Made Baby
Boties & Hat Set,for more one of a kind,
hand-made gift ideas, click here

SweetGreen Gift Card
DC, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, New York
City, and other locations on the East Coast

Tickets to Spring Awakening, a Deaf West Theatre Production

Make a donation on behalf of a loved one to a nonprofit
organization that serves individuals with disabilities this
holiday season.

Ability Anyware Holiday Gift Guide

$20 Paperback in English
$35 Hardcover in English
$30 Paperback in Spanish, French, or Italian
$10 English eBook

$25 What Do I See When I Look at a Tree?

What Do I See When I Look at a
Tree? Sign Language Video Trailer

What Do I See When I Look at a Tree?
by the Maxwell Sisters (Deaf artist) Gift
Set includes paperback book, onesie,
and Sign Language Video for $60.
Onesie in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months,
1 year), a Sharon's Darling Starling onesie
also available 0-3 months, 3-6 months,
1 year).

$25 Sharon's Darling Starling Onesie

In Our Next Issue:
* More AT Apps & Video Games
* Ability Anyware's List of Disability Friendly Venues
* More Noteworthy Books & Performances
* Holiday Wishes & Messages


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