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Club Building (Near Post Office)
Old JNU Campus, New Delhi - 110067
Tel: +91-11-26161796
Decision No. CIC/SG/A/2010/001364/8383
Appeal No. CIC/SG/A/2010/001364
Relevant Facts emerging from the Appeal


Mr. Suraj Pal
464 J.J. Colonies, Batana
Delhi- 110039
Mr. Chokhe Lal
Public Information Officer &
Assistant Commissioner
Food and Supply, GNCTD , Gov. of NCT
Delhi, Block C, Pkt. C, ShalimarBagh

RTI application filed on
PIO replied
First appeal filed on
First Appellate Authority Ordered on :


The Applicant is making an inquiry about his ration card which he has not received.
Information Sought
Reply of the Public Information Officer (PIO)



Furnish information regarding not
printing of BPL ration card of the
Furnish information that to get a printed
BPL ration card Appellant have to pay
25 Rs. Or this fee is asked due to
departmental order, give certified copy.
If no then what is the reason of not
giving ration card to the Appellant.
Kindly give the name of the person who
had the responsibility to print ration
card of the appellant.
Kindly reply that taking 25 Rs. from the
Appellant by FSO and inspector is
valid. If yes then under which
departmental order it is taken. Furnish
certified copy.

Cards were sent for modernization, but your card
is still to be received by the department.
For getting the card an application has to be made
on a plain paper. The amount of Rs. 25 is charged
on form “A” (New/ Changing of Name of head/
Duplicate ration card.).
The appellant can come to the office and write an
application regarding this matter.
New ration cards are sent to VIRGO company.
The appellant’s ration card is still to come back.
There is no fee taken for making an application to
the Department. Fee is only taken for form “A”.
Please come to the office and meet the Asst.

Kindly inform that will there be any Kindly specify your question regarding form “A”.
action taken against the FSO and the

. The appellate authority Mr. appellant. new ration card will be given to the Action will be taken. Chokhe Lal. Notice of this decision be given free of cost to the parties. It is not at all clear what the PIO is expected to do. It is unimaginable that the department cannot find a corrective for this. The appellant has basically filed this RTI application since he has not got his ration card. Ground for the Second Appeal: Non-compliance of the order of FAA by PIO. Respondent : Mr. FSO (C-7) on behalf of Mr. Kindly furnish the date by which the Come to the office and give an application. The PIO has provided the information available with him. Enclose that the acts of FSO and inspector is not legal the what action is taken by the Department against them. Garg.)(ARG) .who cannot be unaware of this scandalous state of affairs. The department at the highest level has to take the responsibility for the distressing state of affairs where ration cards are not being printed for three years by a vendor. The PIO has definitely given the information available with him within 15 days. R.has just ordered that the PIO should furnish information. Shailesh Gandhi Information Commissioner 02 July 2010 (In any correspondence on this decision. Decision: The appeal is disposed. mention the complete decision number. The FSO states that the printing of the ration cards is outsourced to VIRGO who have not supplied the rations cards since three years. PIO & AC. First Appellate Authority (FAA) order: FAA directed PIO/AC (NW) to redress grievance of the Applicant within 15 days. Ajit Singh. Relevant Facts emerging during Hearing: The following were present: Appellant : Absent. Joint Commissioner. This is unnecessarily harassing citizens and also PIOs who are left to justifying a completely unjustifiable situation. Ground for the First Appeal: Information is insufficient and unsatisfactory.7. This decision is announced in open chamber. L.. 8. Any information in compliance with this Order will be provided free of cost as per Section 7(6) of RTI Act.