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resume book

class of 2015

The resumes included in this book are for the students currently enrolled in the Supply Chain
Management (SCM) Program, a graduate-level program administered by the Center for
Transportation & Logistics at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. Although the program
is designed for early-career supply chain professionals, the 40 students represented in this book
hail from a variety of backgrounds and countries, including students with experience in fields
such as finance, information, technology, management, marketing and sales. Regardless of their
backgrounds, all students receive a world-class supply chain management education and also
complete a thesis-level project with sponsoring companies.
The SCM program is a ten-month master’s level program where students graduate with a Master
of Engineering in Logistics from the top program in the field. The program prepares students for
a supply chain management career in various industries, including consulting, manufacturing,
distribution, retail, software, and services. Founded in 1998 by the MIT Center for Transportation &
Logistics, the SCM program improves its students’ proficiency in both problem solving and change
I invite you to review these resumes and contact me or the students directly if you have any
questions or would like to speak to them further.
Without further ado, allow me to introduce the MIT Supply Chain Management Class of 2015.

Thank you,

Allison Sturchio
SCM Career Development & Recruiting Coordinator
+1 617.253.5055

Amiryan, Nane
Andrianopoulos, Panagiotis
Bai, Xinye (Gloria)
Barbará, Axel
Barooah, Mayurpankhi
Bhattacharjee, Sharmistha
Blomberg, Niklas
Brady, Collin
Bulusu, Vinod
Buscher, Stephanie
Chittella, Kishore
Chong, Wenzheng
Chopyak, Ann-Marie
Dokmo, Charles
El Jebbari, Zyad
Gras, Ramon
Kalenderski, Asen Georgiev
Kim, Haekyun
Kim, Kyung D.
Kumar, Manish
Lai, Yuwen (Amanda)
Lee, Haotian
Li, Dan
Ma, Kurn
McCord, Joseph Cole
Molet, Tomás D.
Nelson, Jordan
Novoa Garnica, David
Patel, Nipun Rajnikant
Pérez Wario, Héctor Rafael
Poyato Ayuso, Ángel
Rosenberg, Yaniv
Sanivarapu, Satya
Shin, Seung Hwan (Sean)
Siu, Jaspar
Stanchik, Anna
Stephen, Santosh Abraham
Teixeira, Marcos Machado
Williams Jr., Joseph H.
Yakzan, Mounir


Nane Amiryan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Engineering in Logistics, Supply Chain Management Program

Cambridge, MA
Expected June 2015

Yerevan State University
Master of Economics, Honors, GPA-4.00
• Winner of a Business Plan Competition written among fifty students of Economics Department.

Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan State University
Bachelor of Economics, Honors, GPA-3.98

Yerevan, Armenia

Led team of seven students to victory in intellectual competition at Economics Department for two years in a row.
Led student group to conduct charitable activities for the student union.

Nersisyan, Inc. (Car transportation company.)
Operations Manager

Analyzed the market conditions and created a business plan for car shipping services and suggested changing the direction of
the existing business. The newly established business surpassed its first year’s targets in five months.
Recommended changing the one-directional route to multi-stop route system. As a result, the number of loads increased by
four times, which in turn resulted in 40% increase in profits.
Created a more efficient system for arrangements of time and place of deliveries and pickups, resulting in 25% reduction in
total time of the trip and 15% reduction of fuel costs.
Established relationships with well-known brokerage firms and signed contracts with two major auto auction companies
resulting in $180,000 in new revenue, representing 30% of total firm revenue.

Nersisyan, Inc. (Car transportation company.)
Operations Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Applied effective changes to prevent the declining sales of the company, reducing total costs by 8% and increasing sales by
4%. These included introducing the idea of travel time charge and organizing advertisements on Google, local newspapers,
USA Today, and radio stations.

American Devices, Inc.
Assistant Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Feasterville, PA

Compared several price quotes through analytic research and selected the most efficient combination of price and quantity,
resulting in $170,000 in overall annual savings.
Negotiated with part suppliers and minimized the delivery time of ordered parts. Improved inventory
turnover by implementing new inventory checking methods and updating product quantities in stock, leading to an increase
in reputation and increase in annual sales volume by 7%.

Volunteer Work:
• Sarah Care Adult Day Care Center - initiated special Reunion Program for immigrant adults.
• Apostolic Church - taught English and assisted in career placements for 15 adults, held class twice a week for 2-3 hours.
Languages: Armenian (native), English (Fluent), Russian (Fluent).
Technical skills: Microsoft Office, Tableau
Interests: Piano (Recently organized a piano party at Sarah Care Day Care Center); Chess (a common sport in Armenia, have played
regularly since childhood); Swimming.
Legal Status: U.S. Permanent Resident


ELMED. Lafarge) § Speaker at the Sustainability Forum 2013. Mars. 2nd Best Thesis of all Engineering Schools. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics. Engineering. Apt 3072. Athens. exclusive representative of AT Kearney in Greece. EFIP in Greece and the Greek logistics community to the Greek government § Publication in the proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Environmental Management. held by Global Sustain § Invited as facilitator to Unilever’s carbon footprint meetings Supply Chain Consultant. planned the processes for collaboration with the affiliate courier service business and negotiated with union representatives SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises) § Assistant project manager for creating the strategy presented to the Minister of Development to make port of Piraeus the main logistics HUB of Southeast Europe Junior Consultant. School of Mechanical Engineering. designed the new route schedule. “Sustainability in logistics and implementation of evaluation method in the logistics centers of Beiersdorf Hellas & Elais-Unilever” § Active member of the reforestation team of mountain Parnitha after the catastrophic fire of 2007 2013-2014 June 2013 5 . project resulted to 43% inventory reduction AWARDS AND RECOGNITION § § § § Fulbright scholar 2014-2015 Scholarship for Academic Excellence. Athens. TNT. promoted into full-time Supply Chain Consultant in 2011 and from 2013 I served as Supply Chain Senior Consultant. attended from more than 100 logistics managers and professionals (including ECR carbon footprint project. supplier contracts revision and incoterms. Cambridge.) to shorten product range and stock value. 2011 ADDITONAL § Alternate member of the board of directors at EEL (Hellenic Logistics Association). NTUA. Supply Chain Management Program 2014-2015 ALBA Graduate Business School. MA 02139. the scientific association representing CSCMP. aiming to investigate company’s customers (wholesalers) satisfaction from its logistics network. DHL. dead stock and SKU control. top 3 projects: 2011-2013 Unilever § Project manager for the design and implementation of operational flows of people. implemented an integrated key performance indicators (KPIs) system and Activity Based Costing Coca Cola § Conducted the Supply Chain Competitive Advantage Benchmarking Survey. USA | +1 (857) 389-5572 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Cambridge. all resulted in more than 25% inventory reduction Actions concerning Planning’s “Sustainability Engineering” business unit § Project manager of sustainability and carbon footprint related projects in Barilla. G. Industrial Engineering Option. 2012-2014 st 1 graduate. Planning and Economics (CEMEPE 2013) and SECOTOX Conference. NTUA. interviewed 8 major customers in different Greek islands Plaisio Computers (biggest Greek electronics retail) § Performed data analysis per product category and assessed SKUs validity (ABC analysis etc. ALBA Graduate Business School.PANAGIOTIS ANDRIANOPOULOS andrianopoulos. Colgate. with offices also in Cyprus. Vivartia and MAVE (3PL provider of Unilever) § Sustainability trainer in numerous events and seminars in Greece and Cyprus. Greece Master of Business Administration (MBA) 2012-2014 National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Chartomatzidi award Best thesis. Barilla. Supply Chain Senior Consultant 2013-2014 Frigoglass (worldwide leader in beverage cooler and glass manufacturing) § Led the initiative of warehouse consolidation in Europe. School of Mechanical Engineering. Unilever. contributed in maximization of MRP utilization. | 235 Albany street. product and equipment resulting to 29% more efficient operations of the new main distribution center built in Schimatari in 2012 (storage area of 2. SOLE.panagiotis@gmail. also responsible for Planning’s new business unit called “Sustainability Engineering” focusing on supply chain. Greece Diploma of Mechanical Engineering 2006-2011 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Planning Management Consultants SA 2009-2014 Planning is one of the biggest supply chain consulting companies in SE Europe. TITAN. Bulgaria and Romania. I started in 2009 as part-time Junior Consultant while studying. top 3 projects: 2009-2011 Lavipharm (international healthcare company) § Carried out the work sampling method in the main warehouse to calculate standard times per activity and identify efficiency of operations.7 ac) Hellenic Post (ELTA) § Assistant project manager of the work stream for redesigning the distribution operations.

2015 Shanghai Institute of Technology. saving $4M while market price increased over 25% Compiled over 60. Member of Leadership Toastmaster Club. contributing over 150. SQL. increased satisfaction level of internal users from 65% to 80%  Conducted due diligence and cultivated a sustainable relationship with the Top 10 suppliers (80% volume)  Assembled cross-functional team to redesign the compliance management system that ensured automatic data delivery and transparent invoice posting. Cambridge. such as healthcare. contract reviews and negotiation  Led the Beijing Office Renovation Project ($10M budget) by creating a procurement plan. reduced full-time equivalent staffing (FTE) by 30% in Accounting Department  Coordinated with head of procurement to develop the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) library for Procurement department (12 SOPs). evaluated over 2. reduced travel cost by 30% Advised IT team to upgrade the interface components of the material management function in SAP system and  facilitated meetings between globally dispersed team members. MS Access. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management  Ambassador of MIT Supply Chain Management Program Expected June. process analysis and internal communication with IT department ADDITIONAL Awards: Won Bayer’s first-ever Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Partnership Award for American Chamber of Commerce. 2014 – August.2014). 2006 – December. Traveling. trained more than 200 internal end users to use the tool Shortened computer lead time by 10% and lowered complaints from internal users by 30% through supplier’s  capacity • 70 Pacific St #848C. cost analysis and management. volunteers grew from 20 to 520+.229-9257 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology.2. Habitat for Humanity in China and in USA. with a focus on reducing vendor expenditures through supplier selection. Global Procurement Group  Managed strategic sourcing initiatives across seven commodity categories throughout the Asia Pacific region. Service Procurement Led a four-member team to develop sourcing and negotiation strategies. Service Procurement  Led 12-member cross-cultural team to launch multiple 2-year projects and introduce new suppliers to Bayer China for the Travel Management Companies (TMC) solution o Ensured management buy-in for projects spanning 14 legal entities within Bayer China group o Achieved $5M annual savings by running RFP and managing the service level of vendors o Trained over 500 Bayer key users. involving communication between stakeholders and suppliers to assure internal requirement in different regions Bayer Material Science (China) Limited July. MA 02139 • 617. 200610028185. Reading 6 .000 vendors by identifying  potential synergy opportunities. Shanghai. 2006 Bachelor of Science in Material Science and Technology  Researched and created new plastic material and filed registered patent No. Operated in Bayer three business units. chemistry and life science group Buyer. story selected to represent Bayer China (1/1000+) and published in the Bayer 150th anniversary publication Leadership: Co-founded and led Bayer volunteer association as president (2009 .XINYE (GLORIA) BAI xybai@mit.000 pieces of raw data and built valuation models to analyze company-wide user information to  identify potential saving opportunities.  Shanghai Outstanding Graduating Student (Top 3% in Shanghai). accelerated project delivery by one month and cut projected cost by 15%  Initiated the revamping of the financial checking process and contract management practice  Collaborated with ten regional leaders to develop the Global Category Management Strategy. Cambridge. Tableau. 2013 Senior Buyer.000 direct volunteer hours over a span of five years Computer: MS Excel. China June. analyzing data and facilitating effective communication. Outstanding Student Leader (Top 1% in university) EXPERIENCE McKinsey & Company March. risk assessment and mitigation. intermediate level of Tea Ceremony Running. 2014 Senior Procurement Coordinator. ERP Activities: Shanghai Museum tour guide (2007-2014).

GPA: 3. Argentina 2008 . Publicly listed company. government procurement protocol. Texas. Spring 2014 UNIVERSIDAD DE BUENOS AIRES. production and distribution of hydrocarbons. coached the staff and achieved a successful adoption TRUSTEESHIP OF FINANCIAL RECOVERY OF THE PROVINCE OF BUENOS AIRES. IAE Business School. presented recommendations to regional executives  Managed vendor relationships and requests-for-proposals. Government dependent autarchic entity. Buenos Aires. Argentina December 2013 Master of Business Administration. operating. Performance Monitoring and Procurement  Improved average margin of 25 gas stations by 200 basis points through evaluation of demand/margin characteristics and optimization of product mixes  Evaluated gas station expenses and proposed maintenance expense and investment budget reallocations  Performed statistical analysis of customer service metrics. negotiated contract amounts and terms. English (Advanced). Revenue: US$50M. Buenos Aires. Procurement and Cost  Procured 95% of the materials and supplies for two factories from 120 suppliers. TX. Argentina Postgraduate course. Manager. Minor: Economics December 2011 EXPERIENCE TERRA PAVE INTERNATIONAL. and pricing analysis  Developed real-time tracking process to maintain appropriate stock levels. Argentina 2010 . USA 2014 Manufacture of natural and cost-effective alternatives for road improvement. Business Development  Opened the markets of Ecuador.7. MA. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics. Manager. approved by Board of Directors and Minister of Economic Affairs  Managed and coached multiple employees in ERP systems. McCombs School of Business. Bolivia and Paraguay by developing long term relationships with exclusive distributors  Migrated the data and Implemented the use of a new CRM. Analyst. Concentration in Finance & Developing Economies  International exchange. French (Intermediate) Rugby (First Division Club). Buenos Aires. Revenue: US$5M. saved human capital and financial resources worth $10k REPSOL . Procurement and Services  Negotiated fee and price increases based on economic analysis of inflation.2013 Recovery of defaulted debt. EU. 119  Cambridge. Supply Chain Management Program December 2015 UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL. Planning and Strategic Administration December 2012 UNIVERSIDAD ARGENTINA DE LA EMPRESA. Buenos Aires. Employees: 50. Chess (Nationally Ranked Player 2006) Work Eligibility: Eligible to work in the United States.2010 Hospital laundering services and powdered soap producer. improved budget accuracy by 25%.5% inflation adjusted average price improvement  Analyzed and allocated material. modeled and analyzed the variations in product margins due to inflation and fluctuating exchange rates  Arranged product shipments to customers. achieved 1 hour/15% delivery time improvement ADDITIONAL    Language fluency: Spanish (Native). Buenos Aires. Revenue: US$20M. Portuguese (Advanced). Employees: 26. 02139  +1(512) 739-5040 EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. Apt. Argentina Bachelor of Business Administration  Major: General Management. achieved a 7.000. Cambridge. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN. and procured supplies and services from non-centralized  224 Albany Street. realized 20% improvement in prices of items procured SETEX. Class Rank: 3 . Full-Time Bilingual Program rd  Magna cum laude. $150k  Implemented an optimal batch size estimation process. Austin. Austin.AXEL BARBARÁ axelnb@mit. Analyst. Employees: 140.2011 Exploration. and Mercosur countries with no restrictions 7 . and administrative costs to derive a cost per unit figure for each product. $2M spend annually. School of Economic Sciences.YPF (RYPF). Employees: 85. Buenos Aires. Argentina 2011 . Revenue: US$15B.

Govt. Bangalore. badminton 8 . GMAT: 750 SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. identified outsourcing locations and created implementation plan. defined sourcing strategy and identified key suppliers  Entry / growth strategy and commercial due diligence o Formulated India entry strategy and business plan for a Fortune 500 home improvement product company to target revenues of $100 M in 5 years. Cambridge. PowerPoint. MA 02139 mbarooah@mit. Mumbai. Lead vocalist of music band. Supply Chain Management Program. Mumbai. Drove internal knowledge initiatives and coached teams. Electronics & Radar Establishment 2002-2005  Youngest team member to lead cross-functional knowledge creation for development of indigenous airborne imaging radar  Assisted in vendor development. India  Enabled electronic collections from channel partners across India leading to $1 M annual cost savings 2006 ADDITIONAL  Software skills: Microsoft Office Suite (Excel. traveling. Matlab  Certifications: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) level I  Languages: Fluent in English and Hindi  Interests: Indian classical music (Visharad – equivalent to degree). MA  Master of Engineering in Logistics. supervised quality and air safety evaluation of prototype sub-systems Consultant at adsila. defined manufacturing and supply chain strategy o Identified product and marketing interventions to help consumer electronics company enter a nascent product category o Carried out a commercial due diligence exercise for a pan Indian Telecom operator helping raise $250 M capital Defence R&D Organization (DRDO).org (California based not-for-profit virtual incubator). defined vendor selection process and negotiated contract terms. identified vendors. Access). India  Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication. Tableau. Mumbai. Calicut. of India. reduced delivery lead time by 30% o Designed organization structure and processes for a leading CPG company to double revenue in five years  Sourcing / Outsourcing strategy and implementation o Formulated outsourcing strategy for large education company. India Consultant at TSMG . Select assignments include:  Business Process Redesign and organization restructuring o Developed business processes for large telecom operator in Sri Lanka helping transform internal business unit into externally focused profit center. formulated. India Specialized in radar imaging at Government of India’s premier defense R&D agency ($ | (857)-600-9034 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Apt H-2 Cambridge. MA  Assessed the social enterprise incubation market and formulated go-to-market recommendations 2012-2013 Intern at Unilever. Graduated first class with honors  Awarded North East Council Scholarship. estimated annual savings equal 33% of the cost base o Defined outsourcing strategy for the African Development Bank in Tunisia.largest Indian owned management consulting firm (part of $100 B Tata Group) Project Leader (Promoted in April 2010 from Associate Consultant) 1998-2002 2007-2012 Planned and led consulting engagements. Boston. managed teams. syndicated savings of $100 M in 5 years o Shaped growth strategy for an aerospace and defense firm. Lead organizer of sports and cultural events 2014-2015 2005-2007 National Institute of Technology.MAYURPANKHI BAROOAH 282 Vassar Steet. winner of music and drama events EXPERIENCE Tata Strategic Management Group (TSMG). India  Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (MBA) in Operations Management  Dean’s list for academic excellence. and presented recommendations to clients based on rigorous analyses.9 B annual budget) Scientist.

63/10 (Cumulative) – Ranked 11th in a class of 201 students Mumbai.71% (Distinction with Honors) – Ranked 2nd in a class of 70 students Granted French Embassy Scholarship for post-graduate studies on photonics research in France Mumbai. a highly selective award given by the CEO. Confectioneries and Noodles category in India NESTLE (Summer Intern)  ACHIEVEMENTS & INTERESTS  Strong Academic Record: Ranked 10th amongst 250. Cambridge MA 02139 +1 (617) 682-5994 I sharmi87@mit. Led a cross-functional team of 12 to conduct a pilot in South Africa  Developed supply chain entry strategies for white spaces in Africa and Middle East. MA 2014-2015 National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Management CGPA: 8.  Implemented capex savings of $40M by changing process sequence in detergent manufacturing facilities across the world. having generated the ice cream business 2000 bps gross margin improvement Management Trainee.SHARMISTHA BHATTACHARJEE 143 Albany Street. over 100 senior corporate members and 1000 student participants  Volunteered with National Rural Health Mission. Bangalore 9 . Team awarded Laundry Compass Award. Senior Analyst. warehousing and customer service. Canada Jan ’12 – Apr‘12 Worked in an internal consulting team making recommendations to the CEO for optimization of the end to end value chain of the $177 M Ice cream business for Unilever Canada  Generated savings ideas of $14M by reducing brand changeovers on production line by 30%  Developed an optimized production scheduling and inventory strategy to reduce the total finished goods inventory from 32 days of stock in hand to 28 days  Project initiatives rated as one of the best continuous improvement project in 2012. sustainability and capability projects for the second largest category in Unilever – Home Care ($ EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Masters of Engineering in Logistics.4M  Improved customer invoice accuracies from 80% to 96% by simplifying the Unilever-Customer IT interface Apr ’09.7bn)  Led the supply network planning. Supply Chain Management Program GMAT: 750 Cambridge. South Africa May ’12 – Jun ‘14 Led capacity and supply network planning for new product introduction and product reformulations.Dec ’11 Selected for the prestigious Unilever Future Leaders Program. 1st prize in debating at Indian Institute of Management. for sustainability. India. Led project management resulting in quick set up of multiple low cost plants and developed new local suppliers in the region with materials buying team. Supply Chain Strategies.Jun ’09 Developed a strategy to increase customer fill rate from 85% to 98% while reducing the inventory by 3 days for Infant Nutrition. UK. 011A Edgerton House. India 2005-2009 EXPERIENCE UNILEVER Global Planning Manager – Home Care (Detergents). India 2009-2011 University of Mumbai Bachelors of Engineering (Electronics and Telecommunications) 81.  Generated a strategy for supply network optimization of the Shampoos category in India to deliver savings of $2.000 students in Maharashtra State Merit List in Grade 10  Leadership Abilities: Chief Coordinator of Annual Business Conclave at NITIE with participation from 7 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Developed an open source carbon footprint calculator for National Carbon Research and Education Foundation (NCREF)  Proficient in Indian classical music. India Jan ’11. Worked cross-functionally across teams like Demand and Supply planning. capital expenditure and project management for the re-launch of the brands Surf and Radiant resulting in incremental turnover of $20M in 2013 across 10 countries  Developed the Unilever manufacturing and supplier network for the first water saving laundry powder with a potential to save 350 billion gallons of water per annum.

Staff Assistant.blomberg@gmail. security and logistics. German (basic). French (basic) MS Office. Swedish Armed Forces.Mellanvångsvägen 2C | 22358 Lund | Sweden | Cell: +46 (0) 763 360619 | E-mail: niklas. Sweden Bachelor of Science in Economics Uppsala University. fees and partially covers living expenses during studies at MIT. Afghanistan Coordinated communications and requirements between the Swedish Contingent in Afghanistan and the Headquarters in Sweden. Mazar-e-Sharif. France Erasmus Exchange. Other Language skills Computer skills Other skills Personal interests Swedish (mother tongue). English (fluent). Uppsala. scuba diving. Staff Officer. Sweden Military Service 2005-2006 Career History Swedish Armed Forces. Supply Chain Management Program Lund University. Lundakarnevalen is a student-run festival with 5000 volunteers and 400 000 visitors which takes place every fourth year and generates a revenue of $4M. Cambridge. Aug 2006-May 2007 Oversaw implementation of visualization tools. Cut time of key analysis from several hours to minutes. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics. Jul 2010-Aug 2013 Designed. Paris. Uppsala. Kabul. Participated in patrols with combat and liaison units when required. Afghanistan Responsible for situational awareness and in one province. Awarded Dr. Sweden Bachelor of Science in Social Science. football. Tech. running   10 . provided support functions. Concentration: International Relations 2009-2010 Swedish Armed Forces. MS Access First Niklas Blomberg Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology. driving armored cars Trekking. Marcus Wallenberg’s Grant for Education in International Industrial Entrepreneurship. Lund. Miscellaneous Head of Command Centre and member of the security management team for Lundakarnevalen 2014. incl. built and implemented database to track staff processes. The scholarship fully covers tuition. Concentration: Political Science Graduation expected 2015 2013-2014   2007-2010 Sciences Po.

Data Transformation – Steel Manufacturer  Led an offshore team of three to streamline the inventory tracking systems of two EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. currently in its sixth year LEADERSHIP/COMMUNITY SERVICE EXPERIENCE SPACE CHALLENGES. PA B. Advanced Planning System – Steel Manufacturer Jun 2011 – Present  Led a team of four in coordinating the integration of two steel plants with the established company-wide advanced planning system  Awarded the ‘Outstanding Service Commitment & Achievement Reward’ (top 1%. PiMios. PA Start-Up Accelerator Consultant. 40 winners out of 22. Pittsburgh.100+ stores throughout the United States and Canada Analyst. Pittsburgh. Aerospace Engineering | B. PA Golf Coach  Taught core values to a group of 10-12 children. Supply Chain Management Program MIT Fellow – Received tuition fellowship award STANFORD UNIVERSITY Professional Certificate. Won the Center for Engineering Design and Entrepreneurship Business Plan Competition in 2010 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ACCENTURE. Organic Produce Delivery . Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Aug 2014 – May 2015 Apr 2012 – Jun 2012 PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY. Kennedy Space Center. Google Lunar XPrize Project Feb 2010 – May 2010  Coordinated with multiple Google Lunar XPrize contestants to host robotic excavation technology on planned lunar launches  Co-Authored a publication with the Vice President of Honeybee Robotics discussing the shift to privatization in the space industry FUYOU ENTERPRISES GROUP. eliminating over 30% of unnecessary data THRILL MILL.. PA Consultant. Engineering Entrepreneurship Sep 2006 – May 2011 GPA: Major: 3.. National Aerospace Honors Society | TA. resulting in a 100% increase in outsider funding and a position at a second start-up accelerator NASA – KENNEDY SPACE CENTER.S. INC. Workforce Optimization – Arts and Crafts Retailer  Developed labor utilization improvements identifying over $1M in annual labor savings by redesigning the point of sale protocol  Designed labor standards to be used across all hourly employees in 1. PA Bureau of Neighborhood Empowerment Committee Jan 2014 – Aug 2014  Built the newly elected mayor’s central repository of community development center data for 15 Pittsburgh neighborhoods FIRST TEE OF PITTSBURGH. PA Board of Advisors Feb 2014 – Present  Organized inaugural NASA Space Apps Challenge for the Pittsburgh community to compete against 45 countries  Designed a social platform with Pittsburgh startup. University Park. Pittsburgh.000 eligible employees) Senior Business Analyst. PA President of Pittsburgh Analysts – Corporate Citizenship Lead Mar 2014 – Aug 2014 June 2011 – Mar 2014 SKILLS Project/Access/Tableau/CATIA/SolidWorks/C++/MATLAB/Oracle/SAP/SQL/Maynard Operation Sequence Technique 11 .S. FL Business Analyst.55 | GMAT: 740 (Q49 V41) | President. Pittsburgh/Philadelphia.linkedin. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics. Economics | Minor. to aggregate information about sky phenomena into one central location for STEM educators and students worldwide OFFICE OF MAYOR WILLIAM PEDUTO. Cambridge.61 Cum: 3. ages four to five. Econ Dept. Dalian. Energy Company (~30 employees) May 2008 – Sep 2008  Started a volunteer program at a local Dalian elementary school for future interns of the energy company. through interactive golf activities ACCENTURE SKILLS 2 | Phone: (724) 681-2082 | www. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh.Fittsburgh (500K+ Revenues) Feb 2014 – Present  Assisted co-founders with multiple revisions of their business plan. Liaoning Province/China Engineer.COLLIN BRADY Email: cbrady@mit.

5 million for a pipeline product  Championed the concept of operational excellence by creating standardized platforms for various operations to generate best practices.Vinod Bulusu 235 Albany Street. Consulting club member University of. and identified opportunities to reduce cost of sales by $1. Raised over $8.Operations March 2009 – September 2014  Led several new product introductions by designing engineering solutions. and collaborating with suppliers. Operations/Supply Chain June 2015  Honors: MIT Competitive ODGE fellowship covering entire tuition and providing monthly stipend  GMAT: 750 IE Business School Madrid. hiking. CA Senior Engineer and Team Lead . inventing delicious. yet healthy. New Hampshire Durham. Teaching Assistantship Andhra University India Bachelor of Technology. Chemical Engineering April 2003  Honors: Ranked in top 5% of chemical engineering students across India in an examination conducted by IIT EXPERIENCE Amgen Inc. increasing manufacturing network flexibility and. Best pipeline award of the year Engineer. to create “a dollar a day” schools in India. FDA regulations. AIChE annual meeting and Chemical Engineering Science Expertise in Data analytics (SIMCA-P+). reducing commercialization timeline of pipeline products by 25%  Devised a strategy to reduce the product introduction timeline of pipeline products by creating synergies across a cross-functional group. MA-02139 6037815489 | vbulusu@mit. Thousand Oaks. outreach events. R&D and manufacturing to enable commercialization of multiple pipeline molecules  Collaborated with Supplier Quality Management (SQM) to establish release specifications and audit guidelines for raw materials to reduce supply chain risk  Repurposed an existing facility by managing key activities in a $70 million capital project. balancing resources and information needed to achieve accurate results  Implemented Quality by Design (QbD) approach to facilitate development of flexible processes. MA Master of Engineering.000  Utilized advanced analytics to implement “Big Data” initiatives to enable predictive analysis and real time corrections of potential deviations in manufacturing processes  Initiated the concept of Lifecycle Management in Process Development by partnering with Business Operations. (2010-present) Interests: Traveling. providing savings of about $ 2 million per new product introduction  Designed an innovative prototype resulting in significant improvements in predicting implementation outcomes of manufacturing processes by managing a budget of $750. increasing the yields of manufacturing operations by up to 5%  Trained over 100 new manufacturing staff to ensure proper orientation of Amgen’s business practices. Cambridge. facilitating faster integration of new staff ADDITIONAL      Presented and published at IBC life sciences conference. Chemical Engineering September 2006  Honors: Dean’s summer fellowship.500 in donations and initiated 5 new schools in India. Spain Master of Business Administration (MBA) March 2015  Honors: IE Blended program scholarship  Clubs: Operations Management leadership board. Operational Excellence award. leading to successful product disposition to patients and. NH Master of Science. recipes. Operational Excellence Leadership team Thousand Oaks Ekal Vidyalaya team that led fundraising. working out at the gym US permanent resident 12 .Global Process Engineering February 2006 – February 2009  Managed the design of EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge. Statistics (JMP). Tableau. increasing efficiency by up to 10% for numerous operations  Mentored junior staff to take additional responsibilities in managing issues during production. reducing the product disposition timelines by 10%  Awards: Bravo for flawless execution.

SPSS. directed resource planning and generated account assignments  Developed a new client services team and process to service high volume clients that returned a 200% increase in sales in 2014  Acted as first point of escalation for all client/project triage or problem-solving o Identified and contracted alternative procurement sources within cost requirements o Facilitated communication with consumer services to ensure B2C satisfaction levels and that the Better Business Bureau rating remained high and protocols were followed o Generated innovative solutions in identity verification.Stephanie Ann Buscher 130 Standish Road . fielding specifications. and analysis  Coordinated a solution with the IT Department that reduced the cost of questionable data quality respondents by 25% a year  Developed custom account plans and maintained account relationships. Massachusetts 02171 . MA Jan 2013 – Aug 2014 Group Leader – Client Services  Managed a team of eight project managers (projected 2014 revenue: $18 million) o Audited project work. Women in Leadership Institute (November 2013). bringing 3 new clients onto the list in 2012  Assisted in the development of 5 new standard operating procedures rolled out company wide ADDITIONAL__________________________________________________________________________ Software: Tableau. data reporting. Traveling. MA 2006-2010 Bachelor of Science in Management.Quincy. Carroll School of Management Chestnut Hill. Global Strategy. Powerpoint. MA Masters of Engineering in Logistics. Interests: Shark Diving. Illustration 13 . (GMI) Marlborough. Supply Chain Finance. World.000 research projects totaling $6 million from commissioning through invoicing in 2012 o Set new company record for largest number of projects managed and highest grossing month for an account manager in December 2012  Consulted and guided over 70 clients on best practices around online research related to questionnaire design. magna cum laude  Honors: Golden Key Honor Society. resulting in a 50% increase in utilization in 10 months  Performed high level monitoring and management of over 30 vendor relationships  Provided project level reporting and demand forecasting as well as ensured that account relationships remained healthy and productive. Microsoft Office Suite (Excel. Negotiating Conflict (November 2013).edu EDUCATION _________________________________________________________________________ Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge. Data Internet and System Integration Technologies Boston College Wallace E. serving as the head account manager for 40% of the company's top 40 accounts in 2011 and 2012. Supply Chain Management Program 2014-2015  Awards: SCM Fellow  Coursework: Logistics Systems. Alpha Sigma Nu  Awards: Boston College Representative and Finalist in the Berg Ethics and Leadership Case Competition. Hutchinson Memorial Award: Outstanding Marketing Student Award EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________________________________ Global Market Insite.(617)777-2135 – buscher@mit. resulting in the successful achievement of GMI’s 20% growth target  Standardized and implemented ongoing training/development procedures in conjunction with newest protocols to ensure consistency and excellence in training across company Client Services/Project Manager Jul 2010 – Dec 2012  Managed all project level details to ensure client satisfaction on over 1. preserving a $2 million relationship  Collaborated with senior management in both Product and IT departments in the development and utilization of innovative real time procurement technology. Supply Chain Analytics. Photography. Access) Additional Training: Leadership through Action (April 2013).

                •  •  •         •           •         •  •  •  •  •      •  •     •  •       •   •      •  •  14 .

reverse logistics project Launched remote optimized logistic pilot project in Dallas. ArcGIS. budgeted and formulated strategic pilot Integrated Supply and Services proposal (Prospect: USD$560M. Europe and the Americas Extracted and analyzed logistics data to determine 3 cost-optimal network solutions resulting in certified $140K to $2. Project. 13 executives. Supply Chain Management | Specialization. Asia and Oceania Senior Executive (Business Development & Investments). BD and SCM advisory to 12 regional markets and subsidiaries (Dept rev: USD$900M/yr) in tubular / pipe products to various oil & gas operators  Established 2 business entities (total rev: USD$250M/yr) in Malaysia and Brunei providing integrated pipe supply and SCM services  Secured award and extension of (USD$1B. organizational design. Top 5% academic student (all 3 degrees) | Dean’s List | TA. coordination and conducting of Army division / formation-level exercises Attained intelligence specialist designation certifying commanders competence in intelligence gathering. iTIMS (Oracle-based ERP).com/in/chongwz EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY  Masters of Engineering (Logistics). Study Abroad (Antarctica and Mexico). TX as a proof of concept primed for nationwide rollout Mobilized and coordinated 16 member cross-functional and cross-continent team spanning Asia. America Service Logistics     Singapore 04 / 2009 – 02 / 2011 Round Rock. 10 Years. 2nd and 3rd Year End Review  1st Employee to be granted inaugural Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania Graduate School Full Tuition Scholarship (USD$160K)  High visibility projects featured on Sumitomo Corporation Asia & Oceania website and in 1 client & 2 company-wide publications Leadership Awards:  Eli Broad College of Business. International Cuisine. Spanish (Basic) Technical Skills: MS Office Suite. 6-σ (Yellow-belt). forecast and asset management reports  Structured. USA. Outstanding Senior of 2008 (Top 25 Graduating Seniors) Research Awards:  “Top 50 Most Downloaded of 2006” paper on topic of Hydrostannation / Stille Coupling in Journal of OrganoMetallic Chemistry  Presented at American Chemical Society National Meeting and UURAF University-level conferences to 6000+ audiences Scholarships:  Cole International Study Award. Steel Products Group 06 / 2012 – 07 / 2014 Supervised and managed a team of 6 executives with comprehensive scope encompassing program management. Undergraduate Leader of the Year (Top Student Leader)  Michigan State University. asset management and business development (BD)  Provided strategic.linkedin. Chemistry (Cum Laude) Bachelor of Science. budget. M & A (JVs).edu | sg. 7 National Oil Co. Tubular Products Department 10 / 2011 – 05 / 2012 Coordinated as operations manager in machine shop (Vietnam) supporting oil company onshore supply operations (rev: USD$5M /yr) Led a cross functional team of 15 people in 5 international locations in VMI to ensure just-in-time delivery of pipe to offshore rig Managed and trained local hire to effectively transition operations after 3 months of operational supervision and mentorship Awarded Top 5 subcontractors award in support of Oil independent company’s drilling campaign in Vietnam     Business Executive. MA 02139 | Cell: +1 617-955-0636 | chongwz@mit. Japan. training & development. Supply Chain Management Program Cambridge. SCM operations.) Constructed best-in-class tools and designed best practice methodologies so as to drive continuous improvement in global supply chains Conducted business and provided training in 12 locations including Myanmar. Basic Section Leader Course. Apt 501 Cambridge. MA 06 / 2015 MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY Honors College. Chemistry    East Lansing. Business | RA. MI 12 / 2008 Bachelor of Arts. Texas 05 / 2008 – 08 / 2008 Led BPI / Six Sigma Green-Belt level US-based parts return. BD Team Supervisor. Regional SCM Coordinator. SAP/R3 and BW. Tableau Leadership: Singapore Student Association (President). Scuba-Diving 15 . International Business | Equivalent major in Finance Bachelor of Arts. Peer Recognition Award (Top 2 Graduating Business Students)  Michigan State University. Visio. information analysis and uncertainty planning at Battalion and Company level DELL INCORPORATED Supply Chain Management Consultant. Exercise Planning Group. MSU CIBER Scholarship & American Chemistry Society Travel Grant ADDITIONAL     Languages: English and Mandarin Chinese (Native). reporting. India. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology EXPERIENCE SUMITOMO CORPORATION ASIA & OCEANIA A leading Global 500 integrated trading company engaged in trading goods and commodities worldwide. HQ TRADOC   Supported Majors and Lieutenant Colonels in planning. and 2 Independent Co. 2 managers) in SCM and BD Promoted integrated SCM to senior management clients and government officials (2 Majors.5M savings AWARDS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Professional Awards:  Promoted in 1½ Years and Exceed Expectation (Maximum) in all criteria for 1st. UAE. Steel Products Group 06 / 2011 – 09 / 2011 Responsible for regional training and development of new hires (4 mentees. 5 year) supply and services contract for O & G operators in Malaysia  Developed forecast and operational models with ERP (SAP & iTIMS) system for budget analysis. Norway. 200 jobs) endorsed by major oil company and Brunei government (12/2013) with service contract secured (08/2014)  Operations Manager. ASB. Vietnam     SINGAPORE ARMED FORCES (ARMY) 3rd Sergeant. Department of Student Life. Basic Intelligence Specialist Course Activities: Global Travel (37 countries / 7 continents). Azerbaijan. Intelligence Specialist. USD$200M/yr.WENZHENG (CHONG) 540 Memorial Drive.

Manugistics. SAP. Excel. finance. Tableau. led to 20 percent delay reduction in three months  Established new division-wide shipping schedule for Puerto Rico which reduced monthly shipments by three containers and increased on time deliveries by 15 percent  Designed model from historical shipment data to identify optimal product mix and transportation strategy for new distribution centers Logistics Management Solutions. Cum Laude Concentration in Operations and Technology Management May 2008 EXPERIENCE L’Oreal USA. SKU and account level  Maintained company accuracy standards and exceeded goal by 28 percent in March and May  Led monthly forecast consensus and presented recommended adjustments based on analytical conclusions  Generated new product profiles and reviewed add-delete scenarios utilizing relevant historical data. and Baking 16 . including hazardous. Publisher Interests: Sailing. PowerPoint. competitive information and marketing/sales feedback  Analyzed account specific launch trends utilizing ship share models to determine risks & opportunities  Advised marketing and finance team on budget trends to help develop a 40 percent more accurate fiscal model for the division skin care and hair color categories Consumer Products Division Transportation Analyst March 2011-November 2013  Managed new EDI and transportation software implementation which received Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award  Co-authored business requirements and program changes in SAP to better support customer EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Cranbury. Cambridge. international. New Jersey 08540 (617) 721-1528 ● achopyak@mit. Skillman. corporate operations. SCM Fellow GMAT: 740 June 2015 Boston University School of Management. MA Masters of Engineering in Logistics. Apartment 6 ● Cambridge. NJ March 2011-May 2014 Consumer Products Division Demand Planning Analyst November 2013-May 2014  Managed forecasts for hair color and skincare at brand. MA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Boston. Microsoft Word. inventory management. and temperature controlled shipments  Reported and resolved claim disputes with suppliers and carriers  Developed financial and service level performance templates for team use  Supported on-boarding of first transportation management platform with technical and planning team  Identified and reported key areas for greater logistics financial savings and overall efficiencies to senior analysts for further investigation ADDITIONAL    Six Sigma Green Belt Certified Software: Logility. NJ June 2009-March 2011 Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices and Diagnostics Support Analyst  Supervised domestic and international inbound shipping lanes for five operating companies. Massachusetts 02139 Permanent: 48 Coriander Drive ● Princeton. Supply Chain Management Program. Cycling. and transportation teams  Developed methodology with customer service account specialists and supply chain teams to identify order alignment opportunities for greater cost savings and operational efficiencies  Created template to locate late shipment root causes and assisted senior management in identifying solutions. Access.Ann-Marie Chopyak Current: 278 Harvard Avenue.

MC-130P Instructor Navigator.CHARLES A. 68 staff. United States Air Force. streamlining training curriculum for 112 staff. 5K personnel out of Iraq. Access. • Awards: AF Achievement Medal. done 11 days prior to int’l deadline. AF Commendation Medal. • Developed long-term project funding strategy. identified four key sustainability barriers. Chief of Training.400 items graded ‘excellent’. and Kuwait. The Fletcher School | Tufts University Master of Arts in International Relations • Awards: Trilling Society Scholarship. • Traveled and worked professionally in Afghanistan. two other academic scholarships. & 8 partner organizations. managed $8M operations budget for $375M assets. • Awards: Humanitarian Service Medal. United States Air Force. Cadet Wing during my senior year. peer awards during training. 2015 USA 2012-2014 Purdue University USA Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering 2000-2004 • Leadership: Commanded Purdue’s 242-student Air Force R. USA Candidate. $399M flight budget. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE United States Air Force Reserve. executed multi-national relief airlift in Indonesia. Honduras. 550th Special Operations Squadron USA Second Lieutenant .C. Company Officer of the Quarter. flying. MATLAB. Enterprise for Vocational Development (ENVODEV) Chad Independent Pro-bono Consultant / Intern . academic. leadership.380-aircraft.7 weeks during summer 2013 • Created analysis tool for biomass sourcing/charcoal production. • Conducted market research on urban cooking fuel pricing. 17th Special Operations Squadron Japan First Lieutenant . MA 02144 USA ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in | 26 Burnham Street. delivered 30K lbs emergency aid to victims. Global Experience: Lived in 7 countries on 3 continents.O. • Designed first-ever drop zone/landing zone request website. Computer Skills: MS Word. Professional Training: Private Pilot’s License (2005). German (Elementary). 17 . ADDITIONAL SKILLS & EXPERIENCE Languages: English (Native).T. Supply Chain Management • Awards: MIT Partial Tuition Fellowship. Security Clearance: Active TS/SCI. identified and developed 4 local partnership opportunities. 2-day systems analysis course (2013). consumption. Russian (Elementary). traveled to 37 countries on 5 continents. built two hi-efficiency cook stove prototypes. Deputy Chief of Operations 2007-2010 • Led 4-person team. Headquarters .Air Operations Officer . Tableau. and local supply chains in Chad. ranked #1 of 8 captains. saving $60K/yr. Company Officer of the Quarter. bridged critical information gap for SOCPAC.Student Navigator.Special Ops Command Pacific (SOCPAC) USA Major . 9th Special Operations Squadron USA Captain . • Led five Chadians. • Led 6-man team. Excel. United States Air Force. 2004 Peer Leadership Award. • Awards: Full-tuition ROTC scholarship. stove production now central to strategy. • Traveled and worked professionally in 13 countries across Asia and the Middle East. all 1. Command’s #1 Training Team. built benchmark website. Blakeley Foundation Fellowship. • Led 24 program managers for huge triennial HQ compliance inspection. French (General Working). Executive Officer 2010-2012 • Mobilized 5M lbs of special ops equipment. SharePoint Designer. Assistant Executive Officer 2004-2007 • Designed/built data management system for the Training Command’s 1. • Planned. Israel. DOKMO Cell: +1 850 240 4295 | dokmo@mit.5 weeks each summer 2012-Present • Managed strategic planning for Pacific/Asia intra-theater special operations airlift. • Awards: Navy Achievement Medal.MC-130P Evaluator Navigator. Outlook. Somerville.

Morocco January 2012 to June 2014 FX options trader  Managed a market-making options book (personal profit of $12 million) and a proprietary trading book (personal profit of $1 million)  Launched a new electronic trading platform and marketed the product with sales on client meetings. UK January 2011 to December 2011 Derivatives Structurer/Financial Engineer  Priced and structured equity as well as cross-asset derivatives financial products to provide solutions for retail and institutional clients (personal profit of $500. Cambridge. MA. France Prepared for the competitive entrance exams to the top series of French engineering schools 2008 2005-2007 WORK EXPERIENCE Ministry of Handicraft and Social Solidarity Economy. Casablanca. JAVA. Paris. MA 02139 (617) 838-3608 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).000)  Collaborated with traders. France Master in Science and Executive Engineering 2007-2010 The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Morocco June 2014 to Present Advisor to the Minister of Handicraft and Social Solidarity Economy  Led a $7 million project to develop an integrated regional entrepreneurial cluster for artisans and help them access international markets through E-commerce in collaboration with the MIT Legatum Center and the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization)  Prepared the 2025 Ministry’s national strategy which was presented to the Economic. Social and Environmental Council and received a $800 million budget for its implementation (three times the previous budget)  Selected 8 times to prepare speeches and accompany the Minister on official visits BMCE Capital. tracked customer behavior through A/B testing. Arabic and Spanish 18 . VBA. French. Maple. Bloomberg. sales and risk managers to launch new hedging/investment products ADDITIONAL Extra-Curricular Activities: General Secretary of the Student Union (managed a $200. Albany Street. R. Hong Kong Exchange student in the Faculty of Engineering ‘Lycée Du Parc’. USA Master of Engineering in Logistics. Casablanca. and pivoted the company’s strategy accordingly to increase brand recognition and Key Performance Indicators such as Bounce Rates and Conversion Rates  Recruited and managed software developers and salespeople to accelerate the company’s growth  Marketed.Zyad El Jebbari zyad@mit. Tableau Languages: fluent in English.Preparatory classes. Reuters. Cambridge.000 budget) and Member of the Board of the Moroccan Alumni Association (Created ‘’ website) Sport: Captain of the MinesParisTech’s tennis team (2008) and ran the “Semi-Marathon of Marrakech” (2013) Technical Skills: MS Office. Supply Chain Management Program Legatum Center and MasterCard Foundation Fellow 2014-2015 Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (Mines ParisTech). London. Morocco December 2010 to January 2012 Founder and Partner  Created a company that enables businesses to increase their revenues by posting mobile coupons through a website by allowing customers to pay less and businesses to fill their loss of earnings  Implemented a Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”). Rabat. which improved the sales volume by 10% and the profits by 5% during the first year MyCoupons. pitched and successfully sold the concept to 40+ local businesses as well as 10+ big companies Societe Generale CIB.

000€) of the Memorial Democràtic contest (2009). Ap. Construction completed in May 2012.000€) in the Telva magazine Solidarity contest („11). Scientific Paper: “The Mobile Bridge of the Port of Tarragona” published in “Estructuras en Cataluña – Volumen 7. Cambrils. Project Manager ACS Dragados (BarcelonaTech University-Business practices) Construction of the Leisure Center “Las Arenas” (a Richard Rogers Partnership Project). Developed a strategic alliance with a tech transfer BarcelonaTech spin off company. Barcelona 10/2011 – 12/2012 Barcelona 07/2009 – 09/2011 Barcelona 07-09/2007 Grupo Azvi (Summer Internship) Construction of the high-speed rail between Barcelona and Valencia. Biblioteca de la Universitat de Barcelona and Die Bibliothek der Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (Berlin / Bonn). Co-founder and Manager. La història de Josep Alomà” (Arola Editors. IESE Business School Summer Course: “Management. ISBN: 978-84-15248-78-1. ISBN: 978-84-92839-09-4. SCIENTIFIC PAPERS AND INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS     1rst Prize (1. 19 . USA). regional government infrastructure companies & Public Administration. ISBN: 978-84-87691-61-4 (UPC-BarcelonaTech.  “Excellent” in the Final Project: “Access bridge to the Miracle beach of Tarragona from the highlands of the city”. IISH Amsterdam. 5075. 35 Km stretch.rg-civilengineering. a professional future”  Barcelona July 2006 Native Languages: Catalan and Spanish. MA (USA) 2014-2015 UPC-BarcelonaTech Barcelona. upgrading of the highway to a freeway via shadow toll. Received First Prize (22. Tarragona 08-09/2006 ACCIONA Infraestructuras (Summer Internship) Construction of the Breakwater Extension of the Port of Tarragona. Cambridge.500€) in the BASF Construction Chemicals Prizes in Barcelona (2009 edition). Both books can be found at the Library of the Congress of the USA (Washington.RAMON GRAS Address: 235 Albany Street. 2009). negre sobre blanc. 2012). Designed business plan. una Esperança. Spain MSc & BSc in Civil Engineering 2002-2010  “Excellent” in the Dissertation/Minor Thesis: “Accessibility plan for the Collserola Park”. Tarragona 08-09/2005 ACADEMIC AWARDS. 2009) Documentary funded by the endowment of the First Prize (9. Complete competency in English and German. Barcelona Barcelona-based technological company focused on designing civil engineering projects and consultancy EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Engineering in Logistics (SCM Program) Cambridge. 2009). Author of “La Idea. Project writer (co-author) of the ADESCI Project “Water supply network for the town of Manaboué (Ivory Coast)”. ISBN: 978-84-87691-60-7 (UPC-BarcelonaTech. Budget: 70M €. HISTORICAL RESEARCH    Author of the book&documentary: “Una Utopia. Assistant Project Manager Gravi729 Civil Engineering Consulting Family Office. MA 02139 (USA) / (857)253-8274 / raygras@mit. marketing plan & recruited the Engineering Team. EXPERIENCE RG CIVIL ENGINEERING (www. Scientific Paper: “Nanotechnology applications for Bridge-building in Marine Environments” published in “Anales de Construcciones y Materiales Avanzados – Volumen 8”. Articles de Josep Alomà” (Arola Editors. Structural Engineering & Urban Planning Projects. Led projects for major energy companies. Entrepreneurship Project 12/2012 – 07/2014 ACSA Sorigué Construction and widening of the highway C-25 between Cervera and Manresa.

 Supported the software in terms of changes and updates to align with Bulgarian regulations.  Participated in bids for purchasing computing equipment for over $300. SQL Server. Bulgaria. Bulgaria Executive Master of Business Administration Program Bachelor of Arts with Honors: Majors: Computer Science and Business Administration Aug 2014 – June 2015 Jan 2011 . Bulgaria 2003. finance and inventory management. Current address: Ashdown House Room #4083A. English – fluent.. MySQL. customer and SKU properties. C#. Oct 2010 – Jan 2011 Supervisor of Transportation Activities  Consulted on Bulgarian national transportation regulations. NetBeans IDE. by extensively using SQL queries and dynamic creation of SQL queries. worked in the Bulgarian office Sep 2011 – Jul 2014 Application Developer  Improved the functionality of the ERP system that the company develops. +1 (617) 433-9278. CA). Dreamweaver MX. C++.  Used the software to perform administrative tasks to prepare documents. Visual Studio. to acquire license for transportation. 235 Albany Street. HTML. Pascal. time. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics. “Gavi – 2009” Ltd. Implemented and documented algorithms for calculation of prices and discounts based on quantity. Java Script. Rational Rose.Asen Kalenderski asenk@mit.. JAVA. while over 200 courses were organized and more than 1000 drivers completed the courses. Assembly Language. 20 . the foreign exchange functionality and the inventory costing functionality. Blagoevgrad 2700.  Supervised and managed the firm. MS Visio. Jasper Reports.  Built and maintained servers for electronic education. XML. Bulgaria EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). MS Access.000. Chinese – basic. Bulgaria Special Labs Supervisor  Maintained student computing environment and student computing labs. by reporting more than 500 bugs and applying knowledge in accounting. Aug 2009 – Sep 2011 Local Parking Regulation Firm. Linkedin: bg. German – basic. Visual Basic. Bulgaria Dec 2009 – Apr.  Participated in the development of pricing. Supply Chain Management Program Center for Transportation and Logistics Fellowship Chaprachikoff Scholarship American University in Bulgaria (AUBG).  Developed software to support the operations of the company. Cambridge.May 2009 EXPERIENCE Argos Software (US company based in Fresno.linkedin. Logo.  Contracted consulting.  Designed and implemented the financial reporting functionality. Office of Computing and Communications in AUBG. ADDITIONAL Computer Skills Servoy. licensed the company to perform professional transportation education. Adobe Illustrator. yED. accounting and law firms to assist in starting operations. 2014 Manager and Co-owner  Established the business.2005 IT support  Developed award winning software for document flow automation.May 2012 Sep 2005 . Local Transportation Education Firms.  Coordinated business processes for organizing courses. MS Office. Languages Bulgarian – native. GW Basic. with a team of 10 discounts. sales orders functionality and dashboards module. MA 02139 Permanent Address: 20 Mayor Stefan Ivanov st.

Korean (Native) 21 .Sep. Supply Chain Management Program Cambridge. Korea Feb. Student Vice President in 2002 Seoul.S Army. 2015 SungKyunKwan University Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. export control. Visual Basic Application. expertise and technologies for missile.Jun.Feb. Korea Aug. radar and avionics systems (total contract amounts equivalent to over $40M annually)  Operated over 10 technical cooperation programs with global top 10 weapons manufacturers as a program manager coordinating diverse requests and reconciling different business practices between internal departments and foreign companies  Managed and solved various issues and processes from suppliers to end customers including costs.S. leading to an increase in on-time delivery rate up to 98% and a decrease in repair turnaround time by 30%  Collaborated with marketing and engineering teams to design Scope of Work for new projects with foreign partners Buyer. 2007 Analyzed market trends of windshield wipers. achieved 100% on-time delivery to end customers  Created communication process with international suppliers. quality and urgent delivery. Graduate of the 8th US Army NCO Academy. 2005 Conducted over 20 field exercises leading junior U. technical problems. earned recognition for volunteer work by the Mayor (2006)  Proficient in MS Office. scholarship and full-time job offer BOSCH Marketing/Sales of Automotive Aftermarket Department Intern  Seoul.HAEKYUN KIM 540 Memorial Drive. 2008 EXPERIENCE LIG Nex1 | Korea’s largest weapons and defense industry manufacturer Purchasing Manager. Tableau. Cambridge. MA Expected Jun.Aug. Korea Jun. Submarine and Telecommunication programs with 30 suppliers from 10 countries  Maintained overall supplier relationships and monitored status of progress to meet milestones on time  Monitored and managed costs to meet project-specific budgets. 2014  Negotiated and signed contracts with foreign manufacturers to procure components. 2 nd Infantry Division Sergeant. Army)  Changwon. MA 02139 | 857-266-1635| haekyun@mit. received award for excellent project performance.S soldiers. Basic knowledge of programming  English (Fluent). 807. Apt. completed all projects within allocated budgets  Coordinated cross functional teams to improve ERP system by devising an automatic alert system as means of risk mitigation  Led team to optimize internal process for strategic procurement. improving engineering department’s working efficiency. Korea Mar. Technical Cooperation Procurement Team Pangyo. received the Army Commendation Medal ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Led team of four and performed quarterly at live Jazz clubs as a pianist (2007 . Helicopter. 2003 . Global Procurement Team Dec. batteries and spark plugs to forecast supply and demand EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Engineering in Logistics. 2007 . torpedo. customs. 2012  Structured and negotiated more than 30 purchase agreements in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. 2007 . Training jet. decreasing buyers working hours from 13 to 10 a day VOLVO Construction Equipment Engineering Department Intern  Developed modeling program with Visual Basic Application to calculate lift capacity of excavators. 2007 Uijeongbu. 2007 . KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to U. Korea Jan. regulation. 2012 .May. taxes.2013)  Taught traditional Korean music instrument to Filipino students.

Systems Development. Dean’s List. NY Business Analysis. Weight Lifting. GMAT 770. repair needs.Kyung ‘KD’ Kim 540 Memorial Dr. VA IT Project Management for Federal and Commercial Clients Jan 2011 – Jul 2014  Managed a matrix team of three staff. and operating costs for federal real property assets enabling the client to comply with a Presidential Executive Order Science Applications International Corporation – Project Lead McLean. SSIS. SQL Server. development. Conversational Korean 22 . reducing reporting time from three weeks to three days  Implemented a SaaS solution for tracking deferred compensation in compliance with 409A IRS regulations  Enhanced and integrated custom software with a COTS business process management system ADDITIONAL  ITIL Expert Certification. MA Tufts University Bachelor of Science – Electrical Engineering May 2004  3. and maintenance of an online executive real property dashboard automating 12 management reports  Coordinated multiple workstreams to integrate capital project data as technology lead for client’s Recovery Act PMO eliminating project definition reporting disparities  Implemented the Federal Real Property asset model for modeling the values. SSRS. quality assurance. LLC – Senior Consultant New York. and Implementation for Financial Firms Jun 2006 – Jul 2009  Designed and developed a management reporting system integrating with Virtual Portfolio Manager. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies. MA • 02139 202-683-0601 • kdkim@mit. . Tau Beta Pi and Eta Kappa Nu Engineering Honors Societies EXPERIENCE PricewaterhouseCoopers. VA IT Project Management & Software Development for Federal Clients Jul 2009 – Dec 2010  Managed the full cycle implementation of a public web application for the submission and management of electrical outage incident reports reducing processing time over 75%  Developed system enhancements and supporting tools to produce the Department of Energy’s Weekly Petroleum Supply Report resulting in a 99% efficiency increase in draft report production FinServ Consulting. LLP – Senior Associate McLean. VBA.NET  Interests and Other: Tennis. five contractors.Master of Engineering – Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cambridge. Apt 705 • Cambridge. MA June 2015 Medford. and 14 stakeholders for an enterprise data migration engagement managing $700K in firm revenue and preserving 10 years of historical data  Streamlined development release cycles as PMO lead for a mega-regional auto and property insurance client reducing unnecessary test script execution by 25%  Orchestrated the platform modernization of a custom online system for reporting building sustainability data Data Analysis & Management for Federal Clients  Directed the EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Candidate .62 GPA. Magna Cum Laude.

India Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Technology) Professional Experience Amway India Enterprises Pvt. in Logistics. India Manager/ A. Hindi. Ltd. stocks at various locations and the demand numbers  Created a comprehensive supply chain manual for the organization within 6 months of joining Additional:    Implemented kaizen event for “Effective Liquidation of Obsolete/excess inventory” Represented my college in badminton and cricket tournaments. Punjab Tech. sign-offs & production scheduling for launch  Managed supplies from 8 3rd party manufacturers accounting for 25% of total revenue of the company  Delivered critical color cosmetics launch ($ 3. Demand Planning and OEM Supply Planning Gurgaon. a mid-sized FMCG company Manager..Supplier Development Established agile & robust supplier development processes and implemented new supply chain metrics June’15 Mar’04 June’02 Gurgaon. I have passion for sports Languages: English. India’s largest tyre company Associate Manager-Supply Chain Management Held positions across Distribution Planning. USA Master of Eng.Jan’06 Worked in the planning and systems area Selected accomplishments:  Created an organization wide reporting structure for tobacco division. Supply Chain Management program LBS Institute of Management. Led project steps like supply chain setup. University. systemic design changes and finally implementation on SAP 5.Mar’13 Managed Contract Manufacturing and MRP (Material Resource Planning) activities for 25% of the products Selected accomplishments:  Achieved on time launch for Nutrition SKUs contributing $ 6mn to annual revenue along with delivering 20% cost saving.0 platform  Improved forecasting accuracy by 15% through re-categorization of SKUs and multi-level collaborative demand forecasting supported by data analytics  Reduced regional transportation cost by 5% through supply network planning and frequent loads with SKU mix DS Group Noida.Supply Chain May’04. India Apr’13-Jul’14 Selected accomplishments:  Accepted the challenge of new role in the company and conducted a record 15 supplier qualifications in 1st year  Segmented top 80% suppliers to enable & fast-track varied procurement efforts like consolidation/ risk mitigation and sourcing strategy creation. . India Jan' 06-Nov'08 Selected accomplishments:  Implemented and maintained SAP-APO-DP module in the organization.Sourcing & Supplies Nov'08.5mn in annual revenue) within tight profit margins & timelines Apollo Tyres Ltd.MANISH KUMAR 617-949-9582 manishk@mit. Ltd. India Associate Manager. The structure included the in-transit status.linkedin. Gurgaon.. India Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management. The project involved demand analysis.M. Punjabi 23 . Improved On-Time-In-Full metrics by as much as 25%  Conceptualized & implemented supply chain dashboard with global metrics like Total Economic Value and working capital savings in India leading to enhanced focus and faster reaction from top management Amway India Enterprises Education Massachusetts Institute of http://in.

Cambridge. Chinese (native) Skills: MS Office. which was implemented by management Sales & Marketing  Discussed term and conditions while negotiating contract with agency in New Zealand  Reviewed KPIs of 100+ sales people in 2013 and made recommendations in setting KPIs for sales force Customer Service  Liaised with internal stakeholders for quoting. Singapore MAY 2010 .JUNE 2014 Management Trainee Rotational Program Operations  Decreased port storage cost from $285. SQL. MA EXPECTED JUNE 2015 Master of Engineering in Logistics.AMANDA (YUWEN) LAI yuwen111@mit. conducted art appreciation class for 30 low income families.36/5) University President Research Scholar (top 2%). Norway DEC 2010 Six-month Exchange Program Coursework: International Maritime Law EXPERIENCE Hanjin Shipping Pte Ltd. income statement and balance sheet in regional accounting team Det Norske Veritas (DNV). sales team and operations team to revamp business in Batam office.2012  Advocated higher supply chain transparency and setting up of variable payment agreement with service providers University President Research Project . UML. Tableau Interests: Taekwondo(Green Belt). booking.2010  Organized two exhibitions on campus. dancing(Best Performer in Float Competition). Operations Strategy Nanyang Technological University. Apartment 6.Maritime Supply Chain Security and Competitiveness 2009 . Oslo. Global Supply Chain Management. Cambridge. singing Others: Singapore Permanent Resident 24 . expanded customer base. Supply Chain Management Program Coursework: Logistics Systems. System Dynamics. resulting in sales revenue of 1M in 2013 Accounting  Constructed general ledger. Nanyang Technological University. Nanyang Arts Ensemble.000+ audiences Vice President.2010  Published research paper on benefits. South East and West Asia Regional Headquarters JULY 2012 . MA 02139 ● (857)999-1392 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Singapore 2011  Obtained sponsorship for food and costumes by Korean restaurant and Korean Travel Organization in one-day event on campus. documentation and claims of regional customers  Led customer management team. Singapore MAY 2012 Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies (GPA: 4. Dean’s List (top 5%) Coursework: Shipping Logistics.Innovative Maritime Logistics in Achieving Higher Integration and Efficiency 2011 . Clean Technology Center  Worked with a team to develop solution for Norwegian companies in developing Liquid Natural Gas supply chain RELEVANT PROJECT WORK Capstone Project .JULY 2010 Internship. designed six workshops for 300 members. badminton.000 per year in Dhaka. ● 278 Harvard Street.000+ audiences during research fair LEADERSHIP Business Manager. created 400 pieces of art work and sold for $800 in three days ADDITIONAL Language: English (fluent). Indonesia. Bangladesh by researching new vendors and implementing off dock storage for empty and full containers  Redesigned transportation network in Indian Subcontinent. Nanyang Technological University.300 to $186. Singapore 2009 . Intermodal Transportation BI Norwegian Business School. successfully promoting Korean culture to 1. prepared bank reconciliation. Korean Cultural Festival. cost and long term implications in global context of supply chain security regulations and presented research findings to 10. consulting.

Golf. volume and medical policies . Recognized for top performance.Supported senior leadership team by creating client presentations. selected as a GSAP Scholar and granted full tuition scholarship for graduate school Consultant August 2013 – July 2014  Advised a Fortune 100 energy. chosen for high-priority engagements. including synergy tracking reports and organization-wide executive summaries - Reengineered pharmacy integration program management process by designing and implementing a suite of tools used to track milestones and risks across 19 business units Business Technology Analyst Summer 2010.Built financial model used to evaluate over 9. McCombs School of Business Austin. Supply Chain Management Program Cambridge.Developed 210 end-to-end test scenarios to validate remediation of both Medicare and Commercial product lines  Advised Texas Health and Human Services Commission on redesign of the state’s integrated eligibility system . achieving $14 million in savings by managing bid process through e-procurement tool and establishing consistent supplier pricing methodologies - Coached client on strategies for facilitating supplier negotiations that ultimately established a Preferred Supplier Program generating 10% in annual savings  Advised a Fortune 100 health plan on post-merger integration of multi-billion dollar acquisition . MA June 2015 The University of Texas at Austin. Fall 2009  Class President of Texas Wranglers..Served as primary point of contact to senior program manager and created executive communication | (512) 785-3203 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Engineering in Logistics. NY Provided strategy.Led analysis on market positioning of 14 competitors and presented growth strategy recommendations to Deloitte supply chain leadership ADDITIONAL  Languages: Conversational in Mandarin Chinese  Software Skills: MS Office. MS Project.000 for Easter Seals non-profit EXPERIENCE Deloitte Consulting LLP New York. the latest coding standard for clinical data . operations and technology advisory to leading Fortune 500 companies. Quantified Self. producing system testing executive summary reports and prospecting potential new clients Select Leadership/Non-Client Service Experience:  Deloitte Academy. TX Bachelor of Business Administration June 2011  Study Abroad Program at The National University of Singapore. Texas BBQ. Mentor Lead May 2013 – June 2014 . Visio.Haotian Lee 70 Pacific St.Coordinated 600+ volunteers at a fundraising campaign which raised $40.000 supplier bid responses to quantitative RFP assessment and short-list the suppliers brought in for final round negotiations - Conducted strategic sourcing of four unique categories of spend totaling $225 million.Led design of business solution through gathering product requirements. August 2011 – July 2013  Advised a regional health plan on implementation of ICD-10. grains and foods company on strategic sourcing initiative . Room 462B. SharePoint. Tableau  Interests: Teaching tennis. a university service organization with military training component . Workstream Lead May 2012 – June 2013 . creating the user interface and overseeing development by two offshore programmers - Analyzed over 5 million historical claims to identify and validate areas of highest business risk based on cost.Recruited and coordinated 90 Deloitte practitioners to professionally mentor over 100 college aspiring high school students and teach a technology-enabled curriculum  Freight Sourcing Market Offering. Philadelphia Eagles 25 . MA 02139 | haolee@mit. Cambridge. IBM Emptoris Sourcing.

2007) and at 28th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (2006) ADDITIONAL  Software: MS Excel. R and Visual Paradigm  Relevant coursework: Database. Mandarin (fluent)  Director of Document Translation Department. Rochester.Bachelor of Science in Biology (National Talent Program) 2000 EXPERIENCE Strategic Diagnostics (SDIX). Rural China Education Foundation. learning SQL. Windham. managed 15 volunteers (2005-2007)  Board Member. Shanghai. MA Expected 2015 Master of Engineering in Logistics.000+ participants (2004) 26 . Operations Strategy. Cambridge. ranging from three to 18 people. decreased nonconformance by 80% within one year Genzyme Corporation. Supply Chain Finance. Logistics System.2010 A $4. Wuhan. Framingham.000 candidates) Fudan University.Master of Science in Genetics 2003  Led the medical writing group of the National Laboratory of Genetics Wuhan University. evaluate capacity. Rochester. 2006).PhD in Genetics 2007  Graduated two years earlier than peers while publishing four research papers (four times more than peers)  Young Investigator Award of American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (one of 50 recipients from 5. ME 2011. increasing profits by 15%  Promoted deeper client relationships. Supply Chain Management Program University of Rochester. leading to the founding of the vaccine company Codevax Inc. fueling growth of a $3M antibody production facility that was pursuing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standard  Led a cross-functional team of seven people to analyze root cause of high product failure. resulting in a $100k saving  Managed multi-cultural. MA 01701 • 585-309-5092 • dwli@mit. and enhance customer satisfaction. Framingham. Supply Chain Planning  Languages: English (fluent).DAN LI 10 Bellwood Way. global and multidisciplinary teams.2014 A global leader in creating better diagnostics for the pharmaceutical. to publish four conference articles. and launch a 1000-catalog-product project ($1M budget) spanning across five sites globally  Designed operating mechanisms to streamline processes. Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Rochester (2004. MS Access. collaborating with customer service. attracting 1.5B global biopharmaceutical company leading in the orphan drug market Project Leader/Scientist Led drug development projects with $300k annual budget  Invented new technologies to analytically quantify drug targets. Tableau. first-ever speaker invited by the 2010 World Congress on Osteoarthritis from the department  Assisted in market research and marketing by performing critical data analysis of osteoarthritis pain reliever Synvisc-ONE® with revenue of $263M in 2008  Collaborated with domestic and international partners to identify arthritis drug targets and evaluate drug candidates University of (US Permanent Resident) EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). organized the 1st Moon Festival Gala in Greater Rochester area. System Dynamics.  Presented as an invited speaker at 52nd and 53rd Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society (2006. NY . decreased the failure rate by 25% in three months  Launched five new services in one year to diversify the company’s business. China . China . optimize resource allocation. marketing and sales through effective cross communication and quick conflict resolution  Collaborated in a global team of 15 people to analyze cost. MA 2007. Internet and System Integration Technologies. NY 2005-2007 Research Assistant Directed four research projects through interaction with laboratory colleagues in America’s #1 ranked orthopedic research center  Identified a diagnostic marker for bone infection and invented an effective vaccine for the prophylaxis of bone infection. biotechnology and food safety markets Technical Operations Manager Managed a comprehensive manufacturing lab of four engineers with a catalog of 3.000+ stocked and custom products.

                                                                                                     27 .

B. and MS Navision supply chain planning modules Proficiency in German language. written and spoken 28 . leading to recovery of over $7M for USPS  Selected to present “Million Dollar Idea” at division-wide ‘Town Hall’ meeting Honors MIT SCM Fellowship Recipient.S. | 1654 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge. USAID | DELIVER PROJECT December 2011 to June 2014 Washington.S.A.H. McCord jmccord@mit. Llamasoft Supply Chain Guru network and transport modeling softwares.97/4. DC Summer Intern. Vienna.. MA 02138 | 410-905-1213 Education MLOG.000 subcontractor implementation of mobile-based pilot for community health worker logistics reporting in Mozambique. Tableau Basic proficiency with Oracle. Inc. Part-Time Intern  Analyzed payment history data to assess and diagnose payment errors  Prepared and presented data to airline carriers for error reconciliation. Supply Chain Management.Joseph C. Carrier Management Course  Evaluated available airline simulation programs for classroom use  Mentored class of 22 students in functionality and strategy behind airline simulation US Postal Service. MA Expected June 2015 “Systems Operations in Humanitarian Response” Course Georgia Institute of Technology B. SAP. DC The DELIVER PROJECT strengthens developing country public health systems to improve health outcomes Technical Advisor  Developed national requirements forecasts and supply plans for Yemeni emergency obstetric care and contraceptive commodities.. University of Maryland 2012 2009 G.0 Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien Exchange semester. MD Teaching Assistant. Phi Beta Kappa Honors Fraternity. leading to secured funding through international sources  Managed $200. Austria 2007 Experience John Snow. Taff Departmental Scholarship. MS SQL Server.P. subsequently implemented across all 30 Districts and at National logistics management office  Quantified vehicle requirements for Swaziland healthcare waste management using transportation modeling software. leading to stable commodity supply levels  Led two state-level logistics system assessments in Nigeria and achieved stakeholder consensus on long-term strengthening initiatives  Researched and wrote adaptation of supply chain process maturity model to developing country public health context – a top-10 annual download on WHO-maintained online SCM resource database Robert H. achieving first ‘point-of-sale’ visibility for the system  Contributed language and technical guidance to corporate external strategy document “Getting Products to People” and served on core implementation team for internal supply chain strengthening strategy update  Proposed and developed ‘supply chain cost dashboard’ for Rwanda’s national public health system. Smith School of Business August to December 2009 College Park. International Business R. University of Maryland Honors Program. including development and implementation of standard operating procedures for a segmented procurement approach  Facilitated collaborative forecast and supply plan development workshop for national community health program in Rwanda. University of Maryland Presidential Scholarship Skills MS Office Suite. Apt 55 Cambridge. International Transportation Office May 2008 to May 2009 Washington. Smith School of Business. Supply Chain Management Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2008 Charles A. contributing to successful system initiation Technical Analyst November 2009 to November 2011  Conducted supply chain segmentation analyses for two states in Nigeria.

only high potential candidate among +10 colleagues. Lead Special Editions “Sondermodelle” for Amarok. Coordinated product design. Materialize Magics (Additive Manufacturing Software).Tomás D. Germany. EXPERIENCE VOLKSWAGEN . Proposed and implemented reorganization in the production line so as to make it more efficient in order to avoid problems with the Trade Union. Swimming: Participated in local tournaments representing High School. Part of a 10 people group chosen from +200 alumni for representing Austral University at the World Youth Day. Product Planning and Management Junior Analyst for SAM Projects – Suran Vehicle. Treasurer (2008). Tableau. Participated in selective Junior Professional Leaders Program. • Italian – Fluent. CATIA. Languages • Spanish – Native. Materialize Mimics (Advanced Biomedical R&D). • Manage Production & Engineering budget of over 5M Euros to introduce new improvements in the product.Buenos Aires.Milano. Supply Chain Management Program. Only student selected by Austral from Class 2004 (200 students). SQL. being the first Company in introducing successfully in Argentina a technology developed and used in Germany. Team captain and champions (2006-07). Rotary Club. Cambridge. • Took part in working meetings with Doctors and Surgeons helping them and supporting the new technology used so as to shorten the time in surgery. AR and Bardonecchia. • Created and implemented a new style of effective presentations which was subsequently adopted as concern Vehicle wide. Tennis: Play actively in amateur league team since 2001. Co-Founder of Interact Buenos Aires (2003/04) • Active member of ACDE “Asociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresas”. Team is still working together and expanding its ideas. Argentina Bioengineer Designer 04/2006 – 09/2009 • Coordinated a 3-person team that developed and implemented a new Cranioplasty Area.Buenos Aires. KREO INNOVATION CENTER . decided by Area’s Management for achieving successfully monthly goals and by peers as most • integrative member. Argentina Trainee program at Global Real State & Facilities – FULL TIME INTERNSHIP 01/2011 – 12/2011 • Awarded “Employee of the Month” August ’11. implementation and sales of after market accessories for Amarok for LAM Markets. • Led a new Argentinean team developing and implementing new Instrument Panel for Suran & Fox. launched for all Mercosur countries. Italy 35th Full Time MBA – Master in Business Administration. Competences / Hobbies • Microsoft Office Pack. 01/2012 – 10/2012 • Led 3-person project management team that implemented new car model with technological and design improvements.Molet � 224 Albany St.Buenos Aires. Argentina 2004-2012 POLITECNICO DI MILANO . Quality and Engineering. Vice-President (2009) and President (2010 re-elected 2011).02139 � +1(617) 785-7092 (Mobile) EDUCATION MIT – MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY . MIP Award Nominee 2014-2016 UNIVERSIDAD AUSTRAL . achieving the implementation of the first Limited Edition for LAM and Australian Market and developing 3 innovative Special Edition Projects to be used globally and launched into 25 countries in 2014 & 2015. (2010 – present) • Co-organized International Student Orientation through Austral University Student Council. 10/2012 – 03/2014 • Co-organized and coordinated the development and implementation of the production plant for Amarok in Hannover. • French – Elementary Proficiency • German – Elementary Proficiency 29 . • Golf: Play actively in amateur Tournaments. Italy 2009-2010 6 years Bachelor in Industrial Engineering. Portuguese – Fluent. ITA. Sales. Production. PERSONAL Community involvement • Active member of Rotaract Buenos Aires. Being Committee Coordinator (2007). • Designed successfully +300 customized medical prostheses used in patients. EXXONMOBIL . • Led 4-person project management team that developed and implemented new car model with technological and design improvements. • • English – Fluent. Logistics. Finance. Completed University working full time Exchange program Austral-PoliMi. coordinating +30 team members from • • • different areas as Supply. Argentina Product Planning and Management Senior Analyst for Global Projects – Amarok Vehicle.Buenos Aires.Milano. USA Master of Engineering in Logistics.Cambridge. Massachusetts . Co-organized and participated in ACDE Joven events for promoting startups and annual members event. Ski: Participated in ski journeys to Bariloche. SCM Fellowship 2014-2015 MIP POLITECNICO DI MILANO – SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT .

edu • 11 Cogswell Avenue.  Implemented information sharing dashboard for largest client in Chicago office and named product owner for US offices. Assistant Project Supervisor June 2010-June 2011  Analyzed data with complex statistical measures to uncover market trends. subsidiary of the Omnicom Group Project Manager July 2013-August 2014  Led process for supplier best practice at a company-wide level. IL Global research consulting company. Presented internal technology update to US CEO explaining new structure and operational implications. Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity Class President Urbana. Supply Chain Management Program Cambridge. XML. MA 02140 • (630) 809-5779 EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Masters of Engineering in Logistics.  Procured and implemented new data collection and processing system replacing an incumbent system of 15 years resulting in a 20% increase in team capacity.  Influential Volunteer Award 2013 – Outreach Community Center.Jordan Nelson jwnelson@mit. CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS  Outreach Community Center – REACH ACT program founder and director  Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity Alumni Connection – Business Function Director AWARDS AND RECOGNITION  Most Outstanding New Concept 2013 – Hall and Partners Chicago awarded to employee with best idea and presentation selected by office vote and leadership team evaluation. Project Supervisor June 2011-August 2011  Granted increased responsibility for brand research operations.  Delivered insights on brand health and effectiveness of marketing communications for over 25 different brands across a variety of industries. Segmented consumer groups based on both demographic and psychographic traits. IL August 2006 – May 2010 EXPERIENCE HALL & PARTNERS Chicago. Directed research functions for largest clients and implemented various company-wide operational improvements.  Increased gross revenue by 7% in Q2 2011 by creating unique business-to-business contact methodology for largest client. Project Coordinator August 2011-July 2013  Supervised all international and external team operations. Cambridge.5% above the company average.  Acted as project level consultant on six strategic accounts totaling in revenues over $9 million dollars with a final gross margin 9.  Developed new global operational processes that resulted in an increased team gross profit from 43% to 61% resulting in global process replication  Directed global training programs for key company offerings. MA August 2014 – June 2015 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN College of Business/ Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing  Six time Dean’s List Award recipient. SQL. RABIN RESEARCH COMPANY Chicago.  Increased team gross profit by 45% over a year and a half through operational reforms and resource planning. UML. TECHNICAL SKILLS  Microsoft Office Suite (including Access). Met quarterly with global COO providing status and initiative updates. and analysis. Led process overhaul and redesign that identified areas for potential growth and refinement resulting in over 320 work hours saved annually and a 5% increase in margin. Tableau 30 . Implemented process reforms allowing for total revenue increase of 30% in 2013. reporting.  Managed the first ever ‘real time’ reporting study conducted and communicated results directly to client while answering real time analysis questions.  Named to leadership committee involved in direction of strategic global operations across four offices. Ran collaboration workshops with suppliers to create content and direction used to develop master services agreement. IL Market research firm with diverse experience including both consumer facing and B2B brands.  Managed three teams responsible for over one fifth of office revenue and serving largest clients in Chicago.

inc Visiting researcher. All objectives fulfilled.DAVID NOVOA GARNICA 235 Albany Street. 2008 Kristall Services International Commercial Assistant.Contributed to weekly meetings and collaborated on a daily basis with the IT provider Paris. . Tableau. Paris VI – Ecole Polytech Paris Master of Engineering in Robotics with Honors Tuition waivers for three consecutive years Paris. France Jan. Visual basic. Accounting assistance . Full-time Client: Large European Clearing House Acted as the interface between the French side (Client and IT provider) and the offshore team in Bangalore. Druon.WGI. 31 . English and Spanish Interests: traveling (Africa. Americas.Estimated resources and time needed for different projects in order to meet deadlines . MA 2014 – 2015 Université Pierre et Marie Curie. C. Our team ensured the compliance of a clearing platform with the European Securities & Markets Authority and the client’s requirements. optimization.Validated E-learning content with technical experts and experienced workers Thourotte. 2009 to May 2011 Northeastern University . .Trained a five-person team on an equities management platform . Germany .Designed test scenarios with external users (financial institutions) to facilitate integration Paris. Garcia Marquez). Java. France Spain & Germany Feb. Supply Chain Management Program Citizenship: France / Colombia EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics. Colombia 2004 – 2005 WORK EXPERIENCES Tata Group . Analytical skills: data analysis. MATLAB.Training of five intern engineering students and a MKT² developer engineer .Synchronized teamwork to cope with the offset in time zones and increase efficiency . Spain. . France 2006 – 2009 Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Belgium. 2013 Saint-Gobain Glass Developer Engineer. MA June 2008 to Sept. Internship +Full-time E-learning program – MKT²: Manufacturing Know-how Transfer & Training Improved the MKT² program and acted as the interface between the central team and the glass production plant. Asia.Tata Consultancy Services Test Analyst.Handled customer care for a high end tourism organization (English. Client contact.Detected and followed-up technical and functional defects . France June 2007 to Aug. 5091A.Localized the modules for plants in France.Validated technical and functional specifications with business analysts . simulation. French & Spanish) Paris. Internship Design of a closed-loop control for a robotic hand-rehabilitation device . Paris VI Second year of Electronics Engineering Paris.Won the best team award across Tata Consultancy Services . 2013 to July 2014 Sopra Group Junior Analyst.Achieved more than 30 extra minutes of training per month per user over the 1-hour target . Europe). France June 2011 to Jan. statistics Technical skills: proficient in Microsoft Office. historical novels (Dumas. Internship Computer assistance. Cambridge. Full-time Client: Large European Clearing House Ensured the reliability of a Clearing platform which is currently used by several trading and clearing organizations. 2007 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Language skills: fluent in French. France 2005 – 2006 Universidad de los Andes First year of Electronics Engineering and Industrial Engineering Scholarship “Alberto Magno”: Outstanding score in the national university admission test ICFES Bogota.Created a differential and signal filtering electronic circuit and used a real time machine Boston. probability. MA 02139 | 857-285-0964 |dnovoag@mit.

Fortune 220) Franklin. <1% acceptance rate) • Ranked #1 in peer group and rated ‘Role Model Leader’ in end-of-program leadership evaluation (highest possible rating) • Only graduate in program history to be offered a project consultant position while attending graduate school [Rotation 1: Production Supervisor – 5 Direct Reports] • Commended by operations leadership team for developing direct reports into ‘high-potential performers’ • Reduced annual labor requirement by 360 hours by leading three process improvement teams (team size: four to six) [Rotation 2: Process Engineer – Lean Enterprise & Order Fulfillment] • Achieved over 300% growth in site-wide lean enterprise initiatives by innovating two process-audit programs ! Invited by divisional leadership team to be a board member of lean enterprise steering committee for entire site • Initiated and led cross-functional team of five marketing and customer service associates to streamline order fulfillment ! Created rare opportunity for team to tour an ‘Amazon. $100M Annual Revenue) Foothill Ranch. force applied to soccer ball when kicked) ! Coordinated with New England Revolution (major league soccer team) to run a private soccer clinic with students • Persuaded 12 Thermo Fisher employees to teach apprenticeships during Spring 2014 semester ! Promoted as ‘Role Model Leader’ by Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for this achievement ! Chosen to present experiences to corporate social responsibility board in support of a $’ order fulfillment center to study best practices ! Recognized by both divisional and corporate leadership teams for improving order fulfillment customer advocacy by an unprecedented 67% in only six months [Rotation 3: Global Sourcing Analyst – Asia & Mexico] • Generated $120. CA Volunteer September 2004 – May 2008 • Contributed over 500 hours of volunteer service to pediatrics wing at Mission Hospital Dhayabhai Bhailalbhai Patel Memorial Library Gujarat. Full Time July 2012 – June 2014 • One of only three candidates selected (300+ applicants.A. MA & Chino.g. 2012) CERTIFICATIONS & COURSEWORK Six Sigma: Black Belt | Certifying Body: American Society for Quality (ASQ) | Certification Number: 14484 Lean Enterprise Process Manager Certificate | Certifying Body: Thermo Fisher Scientific Harvard ManageMentor | Institution: Harvard Business Publishing (via Thermo Fisher corporate resources) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Venus Group – (Family Business. CA Consultant. supplier scorecards. Operations & Technology Management | GPA: 3. Patel nrpatel@mit.B. India Volunteer June 1998 – August 1998 • Catalogued and stocked over 4.Nipun | (949) 202-6416 | www. MA ! Utilized soccer as an application to teach course topics (e. MA) STEM Citizen Teacher: “The Science of Soccer” September 2013 – December 2013 • Taught four-month physics apprenticeship to 21 seventh grade students from low income community in Boston.000 grant proposition Mission Hospital Mission Viejo.000 of sourcing savings by leading four global project teams in China. English (fluent) EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology August 2014 – June 2015 Degree: M.linkedin.g. Logistics Boston University School of Management September 2008 – May 2012 Degree: B.S. supply base consolidation) Thermo Fisher Scientific – (Biotechnology. Mexico and Asia Pacific • Launched pilot program (under budget) to redesign product packaging. Spanish (intermediate) • Invited to be a guest lecturer in three ‘Strategy & Innovation’ courses at Boston University (2013) • Fully restored a 1972 BMW 2002 through self-taught repair (2010-2014) • Completed a four-day trek through the Andes Mountains in South America to get to Machu Picchu (2013) 32 . prompting 10x funding increase [Rotation 4: Distribution Services Analyst – Southwestern United States] • Selected to lead a cross-functional team of seven IT and engineering analysts to streamline warehouse error processing for entire North American distribution network (14 warehouses) ! Recognized by divisional Vice President for reducing weekly overtime by 78 hours across the network (6 hours/week/warehouse) SELECTED SOCIAL WORK IN CHILDREN’S CARE Citizen Schools Orchard Gardens K-8 School (Roxbury.64 (Magna Cum Laude) • Led a 9-member team to 1st Prize (over 80 teams) in McGraw-Hill/Irwin Business Plan Challenge (2011) • Captain of intramural tennis team (2011. Project Based July 2012 – Present • Influenced corporate development by introducing best practices in global strategic sourcing (e. product lifecycle management software. CA Operations Leadership Development Program.000 children’s books in the library my parents built in the farming village they grew up in ADDITIONAL • Languages: Gujarati (fluent). Hindi (fluent).

Engineered construction plan for Espacio Elite Shopping Center located in Zapopan. Reported directly to the President of the Company. MA June 2015 Guadalajara. New York Leader in tensile architecture industry with more than 100 stadiums and several complex structures. Supervised Installation procedures and engineering quality control. May 2013 – July 2014 Designed and developed the business and sales plan for the new Latin America division. University of Applied Sciences Schmalkalden. EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics. LLC Dallas.000 usd of engineering savings per year. Developed an integral sales plan to decentralize the operations from Amherst resulting in 50% reduction of operation overhead and a 20% increase in net profits. 491C. Holland June 2008 EXPERIENCE FABRITEC STRUCTURES. Increased historical overall project profit sourcing from local suppliers and optimizing global purchase supply chain. Project Manager Latin America      February 2009 – September 2010 Developed structural models with plastic analysis in main elements. Developed routines in AutoLISP to increase productivity of drafting engineering. coordinated cash flow and payment schedules. around 150.HECTOR RAFAEL PEREZ WARIO 70 Pacific Street Apt. Germany Fluent in English and French (certified) Spanish (native language) and B1 level for Dutch and German 2013 2010-2012 2008 2008 2008 2006-2007 2006 33 . This plan secured continuity and profitability of the division. NV Part time Process Control Engineer for WE clothing factory outside Utrecht. Texas Fabric architecture contractor. this initiative reduced the material costs in three projects in Mexico. February 2012 – January 2013 Involved in new product development. Project and Business Development Manager      September 2010 – February 2011 Managed logistics between customers and manufacturing and / or construction department. featured projects include London Olympic and BC Place stadiums. Managed business development and sales operations. architects and engineers. online course Santa Fe Institute Technical drawing and AUTOCAD teacher at Liceo del Valle High School Attended two Structural Engineering courses: Finite Element and Plastic Analysis. Established new construction methodology for Latin America countries. Developed strong relations with remarkable developers in Latin America. Imperial College London Six months internship for Dutch contractor Heijmans Infra. the Netherlands One year part-time estimator engineer for Torrena Tower telecommunications project Int’l Economics and Cross-Cultural Management diploma. Cambridge. Managed client’s communication and interaction. Project Management Consultant     INTEGRAL ENGINEERING Zapopan. Increased market share from 1 million usd in 2011 to 6 million usd in 2013. BIRDAIR. together we tackled complex infrastructure projects. Designed Loading Criteria software for the entire company. Supply Chain Management Program Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Management Hogeschool Utrecht Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering and Built Environment Cambridge. using local resources. Owner   February 2013 Developed a flexible schedule of works and engineering program for Monterrey Line 3 Train stations. part of the Tensotherm® fabric development. closing three large scale projects with a revenue of more than 8 million usd. Project Engineer    ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Introduction to Complexity. 02139 Massachusetts Mobile (857) 928-0871 | hperezw@mit. the routine calculates the exact wind pressure and coefficients saving one hour of engineering time. Coordinated a small but high skill team of designers. Reported to Senior Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Operations and managed five full time employees and ten part time consultants. INC Amherst. Mexico Envisioned a startup of lean six sigma project management to complex construction projects. México July 2008 Utrecht.

concentration in Marketing  La Caixa Full tuition merit scholarship for academic excellence and leadership Cambridge. MA. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Languages: Computer Skills: Activities: Spanish (native).org’.5 million €. JMP. Spotfire. conducted a Value Stream Mapping process.May 2010  Coordinated a LEAN project for the Skins Program (aero structure of the A320 aircraft fuselage). Tableau. Hong Kong (China).edu SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST  INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER  GLOBAL MINDSET  ANALYTICS  COMMUNICATION EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain.  Led technical audits together with the Quality department for train projects in Russia (Moscow-Kiev and Moscow-Berlin) and Saudi Arabia (Mecca-Medina pilgrim train).  Created and developed a network of suppliers in China. Purchasing Department Jan 2012 . Seville. R. coupling production needs and monitoring transportation.  Implemented and installed new manufacturing information system aiming to monitor and enhance production workflow. AZ. poyato@mit. German (intermediate). Cambridge MA. Spain Bachelor of Engineering. Spain Airbus Military-EADS Change Agent. USA June 2015 Phoenix. USA April 2014 Hyderabad. English (fluent).0 of the United Nations website ‘business. LEAN Manufacturing May 2009 .Jan 2013  Coordinated the purchasing localization project for interior train parts in Kazakhstan. Sloan Certificate in Sustainability Thunderbird School of Global Management Certificate of Advanced Global Studies (Honors) Indian School of Business Master in Business Administration. Spain Senior Buyer and Sourcing Coordinator. Summer 2010. ensuring that suppliers met quality standards and improving compliance. Spain International Management Program in Supply Chain (Germany – Spain) Sept 2010 . 34 . resulting in savings of 200. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Talgo Madrid.  Coordinated a Production Transfer Ratio Project by integrating suppliers information. Excel Volunteer at the Non-Profit Organization “Crossroads International” as a Software Engineer reviewing the accessibility compliance with the WCAG 2. negotiated contract terms. developed relationships with local suppliers. double major in Industrial and Telecommunications Engineering February 2009  Graduated among the top 5 students.un.Dec 2011  Managed key projects between Spain and Germany with rotations in several departments (Logistics. Study abroad: thesis developed at Tokyo University of Science (Japan). (623) 428-3611. reduced lead time by 20% and inventory stock by 15%. outsourced the production of components. Microsoft Project.ÁNGEL POYATO AYUSO Edgerton House. Purchasing and Controlling) aiming to enhance supply main management efficiency between the two countries. India April 2014 University of Jaen Jaen. 143 Albany Street. Robert Bosch Madrid. French (basic) SAP R/3 Materials Management.000 € a year. resulted in an increase of local content by 10%. achieved savings of 0.

operations consultant. eliminate supplies shortage and expedited shipments as well as smoothen production. pointed out dated processes. good in Visual Paradigm 35 . • Built dispatch rules at several production stations – interviewed operators and function managers. AMCG . analyzed complex data. Visual Basic. including capacity ramp and R&D Projects in the semiconductor industry.2008 Operation Consultant – consulted a large semiconductor company in operation optimization to increase throughput. influenced senior managers and sales managers to embrace the change.2014 Senior Consultant . Israel September 2004 ___ AMCG (USA) LTD. Elbit Systems Ltd. by taking full responsibility for scheduling activities. consulted senior managers in multiple projects • Won a complex production optimization project competing with 2 other companies based on superior results of a pilot project and despite a much higher rate. MA June 2015 Karmiel. increase responsiveness to trends. • Performed big data analysis using advance technics in Excel.YANIV ROSENBERG EDUCATION yanivr@mit. Israel 2005 – 2006 Project Manager. and a project manager. as onsite representative. and VB programing to solve complex problems and to provide deep business insight. implementing risk management processes. ensuring well defined project goals. led multiple functional teams. • Held a leading role in major projects.managed projects for leading companies as a business analyst. Reported to VP of operations • Built production plans. redundant routines. ADDITIONAL 2003-2005 Military Service .. MS Project. • Managed 30 sales people to set and achieve sales and growth targets. and presented to factory manager. • Worked as a lean production/Six Sigma consultant to drive operations efficiency. Kukula. and generated management reports. Founder of a direct sales business in clothes and beauty products • Built the profitable business from scratch with almost no initial investment. and reporting project status to obtain upper management support. • Changed the compensation structure for the sales force of a big client (>$500M) from fixed to performance based pay.Developed foundations of leadership in the founding team of the squadron as team leader Master level skills in MS Excel. • Built and controlled the schedule for major capacity projects in the semiconductor industry. used it to build annual budgets. designed optimal solutions. Supply Chain Management program Ort Braude College Bachelors of Technology. • Main coordinator with daughter concern in Romania. reported to clients’ senior managers • Built a comprehensive model to accurately forecast (w/less than 2% error) demand for a digital printing • 774-285-2565 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Engineering in Logistics. SQL. and communication issues among different departments. WW implementation. monitored progress. USA leading Israeli management consulting firm 2008 .Industrial Engineering and Management EXPERIENCE ___ Cambridge. SQL. Access. Israel 2006 . solved conflicts. Israel Owner. MS Access. Tableau. analyzing data and trends.

Cambridge. Morristown. MA Expected Jun 2015 S P Jain Center of Management Master of Business Administration (MBA) Singapore/Dubai May 2007 Osmania University Bachelor of Engineering (B.Satya Sanivarapu satya@mit. MA 02139 • (814) 321 7493 Education Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics. SQL. Tableau Authored and published articles on ‘Event Driven Supply Chains’ and ‘eFleet Management’ in APICS print edition APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP Certified) Permanent Resident of the United States (Green Card) 36 . and telematics based Fleet Management Systems Technical: C. C++. Cognizant Technology Solutions Chennai.x/2011. J2EE.x Warehouse Management System configuration expert Strong working knowledge of JDA(RedPrairie) Enterprise WorkForce Management. 224 Albany Street. Oracle DB. NJ BUSINESS CONSULTANT Jun 2013 – Jul 2014 Customer: The KERING Group (GUCCI)  Conceptualized warehouse operational processes across Ecommerce. India SENIOR CONSULTANT May 2010 – Jun 2011 Customer: WALMART STORES INC. Neenah. Apt # 134. Computer Science Hyderabad. India SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT Aug 2008 – Apr 2010  Led the New Solutions Design and Development Center for Transportation and Logistics division.  Led Integration/UAT Testing and KPI reporting during the implementation of JDA (RedPrairie) 2011.x WMS across 23 warehouse sites in North America. and Wholesale channels for the KERING Group (GUCCI). Oracle Transportation Management. WI SENIOR CONSULTANT Jul 2011 – Jun 2013 Customer: KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP. Chennai. India Apr 2004 ProfessionalExperience Panalpina Inc.  Functional lead to the team involved in design and development of the Receiving and Putaway modules of a custom WMS for the Import Distribution Centers in the United States HCL Technologies Ltd. India SOFTWARE ENGINEER Jul 2004 – May 2006 Customer: GLAXOSMITHKLINE (GSK)  Served as Software Programmer supporting the design and development of GSK portal applications Additional        7 years of experience in Supply Chain Management field out of a total 9 years of professional experience JDA (RedPrairie) 2013. Oracle Transportation Management consultant Mahindra Satyam Hyderabad. MS OFFICE 2013 (EXCEL/ACCESS/WORD/POWERPOINT). Supply Chain Management Cambridge. and complex distribution processes Cognizant Technology Solutions US CORP.x system for the fashion customer involving 1 million SKU’s. Retail.) • The Warehouse. multi-channel fulfillment. Led a team of 9 configuring the JDA (RedPrairie) WMS 2013.

2M profit Doosan Infracore – Forklifts Business Group. 2014 Manager in Sales & Operations Support  Led teams as a project manager for the introduction of warehouse products sourced from Chinese OEM suppliers . KOREA  Leading conglomerate in Korea with over USD 20 billion revenue focusing on the Infrastructure Support Business  Acquired ‘Bobcat’ skid steer loader business from Ingersol Rand in 2007 Doosan Corp. SEOUL. 2003 Sergeant  Led 16 soldiers in the ROK (Republic of Korea) Army office as a senior KATUSA sergeant  Received an Army Commendation Medal from the U. Microsoft Office Suite. KOREA Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Arts in Economics Dual Degree. 2005 – Dec. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics.Introduced the first OEM products of Doosan Industrial Vehicle which resulted in $2M revenue in the first year  Directed iT4 truck inventory operation strategy to meet new emission compliance and made a successful transition  Achieved 23% annual growth in a newly consolidated parts division of the business . – Industrial Vehicle Business Group. 2006 Associate in Tri-C Team (In-house consulting body)  Served twice as a cross-functional facilitator in Doosan Performance and Leadership Program (PLP) . 2004 EXPERIENCE DOOSAN GROUP. 2014 Manager in Strategy  Led a due diligence team for an acquisition of a U. Asia and Middle East.Obtained a decision from Headquarter for removing aged parts taking 15% of total inventory to increase fill rate . Liquor BG and proposed new brand management structure  Took charge in a short-term risk mitigation module for Doosan Capital PMI (Post-Merger Integration) project  Joined Doosan as one of the Young Potentials (<1% of total employment in 2005) 34TH SUPPORT GROUP OF 8TH U.Made GX a flagship model in Africa.Revamped new product development process and organization for Doosan Infracore Engine BG  Participated in Wine business project for Doosan Corp. 2006 Jan. 1999 – Feb. Supply Chain Management Program YONSEI UNIVERSITY. 2015 Mar. communication process and optimal forklift inventory level . OH & Suwanee. MA 02139 ● Mobile: 1-617-852-4415 EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.S.S. Apple OS X. SEOUL. which generated $1.Army upon completion of 2-year service ADDITIONAL Certificates: Technical Skills: Language: Interests: CSCP .Certified Supply Chain Professional by APICS (2013) Windows OS. 2001 – Oct. SAP. Korea Mar. Korea Dec. 2014 – Jul.S. KOREA KATUSA (Korean Augmentation to the U.Managed after-market program improvement project and increased its portion in overall sales from 8% to 15%  Transformed forklift purchasing logic. Focused on Marketing Exchange Student at the Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden Expected Jun. CAMBRIDGE.Estimated a proper value of the target by due diligence for Top management’s decision making Doosan Industrial Vehicle America Corp. Visual Paradigm and SQL English (Fluent) and Korean (Native) Avid Traveler – visited 23 countries across the globe. Warrensville Heights.SEAN (SEUNG HWAN) SHIN seanshin@mit. 2004 – Dec.ARMY.Implemented ‘one stop shop’ concept of domestic market for Doosan Infracore Forklifts BG . KATUSA basketball team co-captain in the military (Won three trophies from various tournaments) 37 . SEOUL. Korea Jan.S-based manufacturer while focusing on valuation of the target . 2009 Assistant Manager in Overseas Strategy Team & Overseas Sales Team 1  Reengineered a price structure between HQ and overseas branch  Spearheaded the project for China plant-manufactured GX model’s export strategy . comprising 15% of total sales in emerging markets Doosan Corporation – Strategic Planning Center. GA Mar. Basketball team member in college & company. learning ● 224 Albany Street. 2007 – Feb.Streamlined aged truck inventory from 353 units (2009) to 6 units (2010). 2009 – Feb.. Cambridge.Army) Sep.

Raleigh. successfully launched Phase One and Two on time. 2014 o Chaired monthly meetings with local project managers to create standardized processes and share best practices to build stronger project management competencies and capabilities in the • U. Habitat for Humanity Volunteer (2014) LANGUAGE SKILLS: Fluent in English. 2015 Thesis: Building a resilient global supply chain network for a high volume personal computer and tablet manufacturer Coursework: Operations Strategy. o Managed a labor and expense project budget of $2.Engineering and Technology Leadership Program (2 nd Rotation).Components Re-Sourcing and Validation Cost-Out Project  Oversaw a team of seven people from Milwaukee. o Recruited 16 members. 2009 – Aug. Pittsburgh and Coamo. PA Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering Sep.  ACTIVITIES: North Carolina Project Management Institute Seminars (2010–2014). PMP Jaspar@mit. 2012 – Jun. o Increased transparency and efficiency of resource allocation by developing and implementing an innovative resource management tool to enable resource-usage tracking and planning and to resolve inter-project resource • 235 Albany St #3011B. Cantonese SOFTWARE SKILLS: MS Office. Pittsburgh.Project Leader for three concurrent new product development Uninterruptable Power System projects  Led a diverse project team of 26 people from 13 cross-functional departments in launching a two year program that drove three development projects to generate 31 types of Uninterruptable Power System electronic devices. resulted in $8 million sales from 2012 to 2014. MA 02139 • +1(949) 945-3479 • linkedin. SharePoint. achieved 5% under product cost target for multiple cabinets. MA Master of Engineering in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Expected Jun.5 million in annual inventory of components utilized across eight product lines. 2012 – Present LEADERSHIP: Chairman – Eaton Project Management Competency Network. Puerto Rico for a components re-sourcing and validation cost-out project that consisted of $1. CA Jul. implemented three new tools. WI Aug. Tableau. 2014 Senior Project Manager .  Achieved $120K in annual cost savings by coordinating test and validation efforts for 53 new parts and negotiating second sources from five different vendors for each part. Latest Electronic Gadgets. achieved an unprecedented 14% under product cost target for one cabinet. 2010 – Jun.S Citizen EDUCATION MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. NC Aug.JASPAR SIU. resulted in a projected mature year sales of $37 million by 2015. o Drove 10% reduction in product cost by developing a reliable cost model that computed aggregate material. supervised cost-out activities on high cost materials and operational processes. Cambridge. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION   CERTIFICATIONS: Project Management Professional (PMP) May. 2003 – May. @Risk. 2007 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE EATON CORPORATION Eaton Electrical Americas Sector .Engineering and Technology Leadership Program (1 st Rotation). shared best practices from three major projects. Business Writing Leadership: Class Program Captain – Responsible for lining up guest speakers and arranging company tours and presentations CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY.Critical Power Solutions. Golf. Matlab. Mandarin. 2007 – May. Raleigh. Costa Mesa. NC Nov. Cambridge. China consisting of a cross-continental team of 20 people to launch four new Uninterruptable Power System electronic devices.3 million. Eaton Electrical . 2010 Project Lead . Eaton Aerospace . The tools reduced analysis time by 80% and eliminated manual paper processing. successfully launched the project ahead of schedule by one month and under project budget by $50K. 2008 – Aug.  Headed a 13 month joint development project with Shenzhen. 2008 Sep. o Administered a labor and expense project budget of $610K. presented 28 topics. Logistics Systems. analyzing and presenting lighting data.CH-53K Military Helicopter Project  Spearheaded a variety of design for six sigma projects and developed engineering lighting tools for collecting. PRMS (ERP). Analytical Methods for SCM. labor. SQL INTERESTS: Mensa. 30 Day Challenges. Milwaukee. Visio. SCM Finance. Chess. Wakeboarding    38 . Design for Six Sigma Training (2009). formatting. 2009 Electrical/Lighting Engineer . SAP. Eaton College Recruitment Team (20082014). Project. overhead and transportation costs at both locations. Enovia.

assessing current capabilities and channels to improve and synchronize procedures with operations in US and Canada  Optimized and expanded inland carrier network by EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Master of Engineering in Logistics. Access. Canada. Apt. Cambridge. evaluating their progress. and cross-functional teams in US. synchronizing operations across multiple offices and expediting training  Mentored new employees by supervising the training process. SQL. and Russia. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in the Context of Food Crisis and Instability in the Region”  Attended the Annual Session of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) ADDITIONAL Languages: Russian (native). Badminton (club level). Distinction in the Major International Study Abroad Universidad de Buenos Aires (Literature. Petersburg  Analyzed the Russian intermodal division. Sociology. MA 02139 | (201) 916 8239 | stanchik@mit. Zumba Work authorization: US Citizen 39 . delivering smooth daily operations and customer satisfaction during a 40% demand increase period  Started up operations at the new port of call in New York and optimized inland carrier network  Revised the internal intermodal procedures manual. Traveling. increasing cargo bookings by 10% Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers (Multi-purpose Ocean Carrier) Intermodal Coordinator and Inside Sales Hoboken. and providing feedback and support UNICEF Office for the UN & Intergovernmental Affairs New York City Intern and Researcher July 2008  Published research paper on “Armenia. improving customer service and coverage and reducing cost by 20%  Reduced average quote time by 50%. Psychology) Madison. NJ February 2011 – June 2013 Managed relationships with clients. History) University of Stirling (Statistics. Moldova. # 712. English (fluent). Petersburg. September 2005 – May 2006 EXPERIENCE Baltic Mercur (General Agent of Ocean Carrier Atlantic Ro-Ro Carriers) Logistics Analyst and Customer Service Representative St.Anna Stanchik 70 Pacific Street. June – July 2009 Scotland. Spanish (conversational) Software: Excel. service providers. MA Expected June 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (Politics & Policy in the Global Economy) Honors: Dean’s List. Russia July 2013 – July 2014 Led team to manage inland delivery in Russia and Kazakhstan and terminal handling for import cargo in port of St. QuickBooks. Softship Interests: Billiards (club level). WI August 2010 Argentina. Tableau. Supply Chain Management Program Awards: SCM Fellowship Cambridge.

Manufacturing Practice. services. India 05/04 Chennai. economics. reducing freight penalties by 20% IBM Corporation Key Account Manager – Manufacturing & Financial Services Industry Bangalore. (SF) Chennai. SF: Developed real-time tracking of supply chain status with respect to customer orders for a fashion boots manufacturer. helping clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage § -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Consultant. India 08/05 – 05/08 Applied Lean Supply Chain concepts in various operating environments such as flow manufacturing. increasing tractor production by 25% and plant inventory turnover by 40% § -­‐ -­‐ -­‐ Designed and implemented Sales & Operations Planning process. and coordinated national product rollouts. improving supplier manufacturing and delivery capability by 25% Developed proprietary simulation-based Supply Chain Planning tool that enabled top-down supply chain performance gap diagnostics. and a leather accessories manufacturer. Varsity soccer captain. Managed business partner relationships. Fundraiser. and bottom-up evaluation of improvement projects Operations Management Consultant Eicher Consulting Services (ECS).8th percentile) at IIT Joint Entrance Exam. Hewlett-Packard (HP). ECS: Deployed Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) at a 3000-manpower Paper Plant. § Volunteer: Union Capital Boston. Shelter House Foundation. § -­‐ Increased share of spend with key competitive manufacturing and banking accounts in the region by 15% ADDITIONAL § Academic: All-India Rank 518 (99. Production Planning. Tsunami relief. Youth Leadership 40 .Santosh Abraham Stephen 356A Harvard Street. HP: Implemented capacity planning and production planning. Supply Chain Management (Funded) Fellow – Supply Chain Management & Regulatory Systems (2011-14) Indian Institute of Management. MA 05/15 Lucknow. Madras Bachelor of Technology – Mechanical Engineering Cambridge. Medical service. and Teaching Assistant in computer science at IIT Madras. India 05/01 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Massachusetts Institute of Technology Research Assistant – Center for Transportation & Logistics Cambridge. and Teaching Assistant for more than 20k students worldwide § -­‐ Developed course content and managed team of undergraduate researchers to deliver on product testing and launch project milestones Tractors & Farm Equipment (TAFE) – Automotive Internal Consultant – Supply Chain & Materials Chennai. Developed concept and piloted the Toyota Production System-based Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in operations. consisting of three plants and 200 suppliers. Scientific Factory Inc. Youth camps § Leadership: Students • 972. Cambridge.510. OFA Founding Member. increasing process capacity by up to 80% Consultant. Production Planning& Control. MA 05/14 – Present Course Manager for the Department’s first Massive Online Open Course on Fundamentals of Supply Chain and Logistics. TX ssantosh@mit.8383 EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MA 02138 • 6292 Larkspur Lane. Advanced coursework in business. In Full delivery by 20% Manager. Lucknow MBA – Marketing & Operations Indian Institute of Technology. India 05/04 – 08/05 Managed IBM’s relationship with key accounts in the manufacturing and financial services industry. and fashion goods. MIT Master of Engineering in Logistics. Frisco. and regulation at Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. India 06/08 – 09/09 Led a two-year project to restructure TAFE’s inbound supply chain. and implemented Lean Manufacturing improving On Time. improving production plan adherence by 40% Implemented pull systems for top 10% critical suppliers.

PR. CA • Worked in the Corporate Cash Management Group • Researched and prospected new clients through the Bloomberg terminal • Developed commercial contacts and presented the Bank´s products Berkeley. Brazil May 2005  Federal University of Parana .USA May 2006  FAE Business School Bachelors Degree in Economics (GPA: 9.Brazil July 2008  University of California Certificate in Diploma Program in Finance with Internship  Awarded with Distinction Internship at UBS Financial Services – San Francisco. PR. Brazil Transportation Logistics Company January 2007 -Present Executive Manager • Managed the legal issues related to Civil Law and Tax Law • Brought in three new customers who are responsible for 12 percent of the company´s current revenue • Negotiated with a Chinese supplier for some consumer items that resulted in savings of R$ 900.00 (Brazilian real) in two years • Opened 03 new subsidiaries that are responsible for 17 percent of the company´s revenue • Developed an outsourced fleet in the company which now responds for 15% of our revenue • Automated the company´s payment methods resulting in more accuracy and less risk • Earned the ISO 9001. United States – 02141 .1/10. reducing the company´s quality problems from 0.0/10.1% of the total freights • Produced reports for Financial and Operational situation of all subsidiaries directly for the Boarding of Directors • Created a human resources sector only for truck driver’s hiring and training • Established a partnership with the Brazilian army.UFPR Bachelors Degree in Law Internship at Federal Court of Parana – Civil Law • Processed legal orders • Assisted the Public in legal questions Curitiba.50% Academic scholarship in all years Curitiba. Cambridge. English (fluent). CA .PR  UFPR – NPJ – Legal Assistance to Disadvantaged Communities 41 .MARCOS MACHADO TEIXEIRA 10 Museaum Way. PR . in Ponta Grossa to hire soldiers after they leave the army  HSBC BANK – HSS (HSBC SECURITIES SERVICES) Curitiba.donation gathering for a Child Care Center’s construction in Ponta Grossa .4% to less than 0. MA – USA Expected: June 2015  FAE Business School Business Administration Specialization with major in Logistics (GPA:9.Phone: (617) 415-8560 marcosmt@mit. unit # 1528. Brazil January 2005 WORK EXPERIENCE  COSTA TEIXEIRA TRANSPORTES Ponta Grossa. EDUCATION  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics. Spanish (advanced) Volunteer Experiences:  Francisclara . MA. ISO 14001 and SASSMAQ Certificates. PR.0)  Ranked 1st in class (class size: 50) . Brazil Institutional Funds Services Operations June 2006 –December 2006 Full Operations Analyst • Processed Fund Portfolios • Settlement of market transactions • Controlled and reported Investment Foundations’ cash flow position ADDITIONAL INFORMATION  Languages: Portuguese (native). Supply Chain Management Program Cambridge.0) Curitiba.000. PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Energetic and strategic-minded professional experienced in field operations. VA 1998 EXPERIENCE Norfolk Southern Corporation Pittsburgh. Managed 300+ human resources in the Transportation. corporate compliance and timely transportation operations practices. adopt and implement policies and procedures to ensure optimum safety. engineers. customer service and procedural recommendations to the Executive team to increase overall process efficiencies  Managed a diverse team consisting of conductors. project and program management. Access. Williams. Football. Reading 42 . Member National Society of Black Engineers.  Leveraged cross-functional resources in order to provide exceptional service to local. national and international customers (both internal and external). Regional Advisory Board Chairperson MIT Campus Affiliations: Operations Management Club. American Mensa. personal and professional development and project planning. National Member-at-Large.  Motivated and mentored team members in change. ADDITIONAL Professional Affiliations: Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Dayton. resulting in a 95% satisfaction rate compared to a company average of less than 86%. Tableau Hobbies/Interests: Leadership Development. Confidently identifies root causes of critical issues and instantly integrates that knowledge into real-time solutions. Excels at establishing integrated and organized business solutions that solve complex problems often involving seemingly disparate pieces of information. design and maintenance activities including budgeting and resource allocation. Weightlifting/Fitness. Chicago. Management Consulting Club Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite. able to provide real-world transportation experience augmented by highly advanced managerial skills.  Provided staffing. Allentown 6/2001 – 1/2013 Operations Manager Asst. A versatile and respected leader who inspires commitment and followership.  Addressed associate satisfaction concerns by perpetuating a safe and opportunity rich operating environment. Jr. Aluminum Manufacturing Corporation in Kidricevo. VA 2000 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Bachelor of Economics Blacksburg. Terminal Superintendent Terminal Superintendent District Superintendent Oversaw the overall strategic and operational direction for best-in-class transportation standards and procedures.D. and transportation management. EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology Master of Engineering in Logistics.Joseph H. planning and logistics. Supply Chain Management Cambridge. Cleveland. and Maintenance of Way departments. Mechanical. yardmasters and trainmasters along with support team resources to develop. Music Performance. MA 2015 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Master of Business Administration  GMAT Score: 750  Study Abroad – Talum D. efficiency. o Achieved a 100% injury free environment in both the Cleveland and Dayton terminals. MA 02139 ▪ (412) 716-0325 ▪ jhwillia@mit. 224 Albany Street #310 ▪ Cambridge. Slovenia o Consulting Cooperative in marketing and product distribution Blacksburg. Communication & Signals.

§ Developed and presented trainings to distributors for marketing and sales strategies. Tableau. § Hobbies: Cars. Jude Medical Clinical Projects Leader January 2010 – September 2011 § Responsible for running clinical studies related to implantable medical devices in the Middle East and Greece. YAKZAN 70 PACIFIC STREET.MOUNIR H. § Created a mobile software development company. Access. C++. § Prepared and presented quarterly business reviews to Management to update on key performance indicators. Technology. § Lead a team of four people to create and publish two games. 60% growth over plan. prepared bidding documents for big tenders and ensured proper execution of tender agreements through strict inventory management and high quality of service. Basketball and Travel. § Prepared MENA 5-year plan for three divisions. Graduated with Honors. operating expenses. Cumulative GPA 88/100. § Awarded sales manager of the year for 2013. § Created a pipeline of projects to transition seamlessly after finishing each project. WORK EXPERIENCE Square Logic February 2013 . § Worked with Medical Doctors in Greece. MA Expected June 2015 Masters of Engineering in Logistics. Supply Chain Management Program. August 2009 – December 2009 Field Technical Engineer § Provide medical device related technical support for physicians in the Middle East and Greece. Moderate Spanish. § Computer Skills: Java. French and English. § Created and executed launch strategies for all divisions in North Africa. ADDITIONAL § Languages: Fluent in: Arabic. Objective C/XCode. § Awarded President’s Club for outstanding achievement in 2012. Middle East and North Africa § Managed sales and marketing for three main divisions in North Africa and Lebanon. § Worked through tough deadlines to meet with International team’s schedule. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PHONE +1(617)528-8900 • E-MAIL MYAKZAN@MIT. § Negotiated sales deals with distributors and hospitals. § Designed and implemented QA processes to test software and catch exceptions for games. MA 02139. § Prepared the area for the International Clinical Studies and launched them in Saudi Arabia and Greece. 43 . Skiing. § Partnered with Startup incubators in Lebanon to develop company strategy. § Trained Health Care Professionals and distributors on products and procedures. Minors in Engineering Management and Mathematics. Managing Director § Won Harvard i-Lab Competition with an initiative to bring education through Apps to developing countries (“Ameba”). § Set Sales. Saudi Arabia. CAMBRIDGE. aimed at developing gaming applications. Swimming. American University of Beirut. § Designed pseudo-algorithms for the logic of the games. C#. Boston Scientific October 2011 – July 2014 Product Manager. § Established the go to market strategy to localize applications in all regions. including sales. marketing and new launches. St. Cambridge.EDU EDUCATION Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marketing and Training objectives for distributors in North Africa and Lebanon. Astrophysics. § Grew and strengthened market share in North Africa and Lebanon from 5% to 30%. Lebanon June 2009 Bachelor of Computers and Communications Engineering. United Arab Emirates and Lebanon on developing abstracts for local clinical studies. 88% growth over plan.Present Founder.

MA 02142 http://scm. Building E40-361 Cambridge.5055 email: sturchio@mit.MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics MIT Supply Chain Management Program Center for Transportation & Logistics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1 Amherst SCM Career Development & Recruiting phone: +1 Allison Sturchio Coordinator. . All Rights ©2014-2015 MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.253.