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Name: Shoukat Mumtaz

H. No. CB 27, New Gudwal
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Mobile: 0300-2451783

To test my expertise in Power engineering and apply the theoretical knowledge of Power for the
growth of your organization. I seek an opportunity that could challenge my limits and help me ace my


From – Till





09/11 – 06/15
05/09 – 04/11
05/96- 04/08

Air University
FG College for Boys
POF School

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Wah cantt




Technologies’/platforms’ EXPERTISE
Knowledge of testing and commissioning procedure for Electrical Installation

Protection of feedersPF correctioncalculation of short circuit currentStatutory
Test and Inspection Functional Performance TestsConductor ContinuityEarth Fault
Loop ImpedanceFunctions of All Devices including Protective Devices Lightning
Protection System Busbar Trunking SystemPower EnergizationMotor Installation
Knowledge of Protection and control in power systems

Breaker protection (REQ650) Bay control (REC670) Busbar Protection
Generator protection (REG670) Line differential protection (RED670)
Phasor measurements Transformer protection (RET670)
Solar PV system design and installation

Volts, Amps and Watts the Photovoltaic Effect control and conversions suitability
system components solar design process initial estimates site survey
system sizing component selection wiring installation and commissioning
maintenance calculation for the number of components required PVwatts
calculation of area
Power generating system

Gas-fired combined cycle power plant Nuclear power plant Hydro power plant
Biomass fired steam power plant  Photovoltaic power generation Gas power cycle
system Multi generating system modeling and optimization
Distribution system planning and automation

 Load forecasting  Distribution planning techniques  Distribution system planning
models Distribution system planning in future  Monitoring and controlling power
system  fault detection, location and isolation  power line radio carrier  Fault
current calculation 

automatic circuit re-closer. 2. Solar PV system design and designing of MPPT Charge Controller for PV Designing and implementation of Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller for Solar Panel. 3. 5. 4.Distribution system Protection  Overcurrent protection devices (Fuses. From – Till Institution City Designation Department 08/2014 – 07/2014 PAC Kamra (AIR FORCE) Kamra Internee Engineering . automatic line sectionalizer) Distribution feeder protection scheme Coordination of Protection devices  Power Transmission system Component of power system Transmission line parameters Performance of transmission line Corona  Line insulators Mechanical design of Transmission line Underground cables Neutral grounding HVDC ETAP Protective device coordination (Star) Knowledge of Substation Automation system (SAS) IEC 61850 ABB vendor Relay REF615 Numerical protection relays Semester Project 1. 7. 6. Project Name Description CGPA Database Frequency Divider Power Supply Light Detector Automatic Street Light Logic Gates Instrumentation Amplifier Tachometer Implemented a CGPA Database in C++ Programming Course Designed a Frequency divider using Logic Gates Designed a 5V Power Supply Designed a Light Detector Circuit Designed an Automatic street light using LDR and Relay Implemented Logic Gates using Emitter Coupled Logic Designed an Instrumentation Amplifier using LDR in bridge configuration Designed a circuit displaying motor speed on LCD using 8051 microcontroller Final Year Project Project Name and Description 1. 8. Technical Skills Languages Tools Platforms C ++ C Assembly Proteus MATLAB ETAP Windows Any Other IEC 61850 ABB vendor Relay REF615 numerical protection relays Experience/Internship 1. It obtained maximum power from solar panel and Charged the battery effectively.

Awards & Achievements Awarded Merit Scholarship in 7th Semester President ship of Air University Blood Donors Society .