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Company Overview
Dabur India Limited is India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine manufacturer and a leading
Indian consumer goods company with interests in Hair Care, Oral Care, Health
Care, Skin Care, Home Care and Foods. The Health Care range brings for you a wide
selection of Ayurvedic and natural products that offer complete care for varying
individual needs. The Personal Care range covers categories like Hair Care, Skin
Care and Baby Care. The Food range includes various energy drinks. Home Care
products help keep the home clean and healthy and include room fresheners, cleaners
etc. The Health Care section of Dabur has been working for over 125 years. Dabur has
mastered the art of producing Ayurvedic preparations, blending traditional
knowledge of drug manufacturing with scientific update.

Total employee strength: 3000

Corporate Office : Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Plants : 10

Warehouse: 6 major warehouses and 47 C & F (Carry & Forwarding) Agents

Management Team

Chairman – Anand Burman
Vice Chairman – Amit Burman
CEO, Director Sales & Marketing – Sunil Duggal

Business Overview

Dabur is oriented towards Ayurvedic or Herbal treatment:
Health care
1) Health Supplements
 Dabur Chyawanprash
 Sugar-free Dabur ChyawanPrakash
 Chocolate-flavoured granular Dabur Chyawanprash Junior
 Dabur Glucose
 Dabur Honey
2) Digestives
 Hajmola
 Hajmola candy
 Pudin Hara
 Pudin Hara-Lemon fizz
 Nature Care Isabgol
3) OTC - Health Care
 Active Antacid

 Dabur Honitus Cough Syrup  Dabur Honitus Lozenges  Dabur Shilajit Gold  DaburActive Blood Purifier  Dabur Shankha Pushpi  Dabur Badam Oil  Dabur Lal Tail  Dabur Janma Ghuti  Dabur Gripe Water  Dabur Balm Strong  Dabur Balm Strong Action Personal care 1) Hair Care Oil  Dabur Amla  Dabur Amla Flower Magic  Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil  Vatika Enriched Almond Hair Oil Shampoo  Vatika Smooth & Shine Shampoo  Vatika Black Shine Shampoo  Vatika Anti Dandruff Shampoo 2) Oral Care  Dabur Red Toothpaste  Dabur Babool Toothpaste  Dabur Meswak Toothpaste  Promise Toothpaste  Lal Dant Manjan  Babool Mint Fresh Gel 3) Skin Care Dabur Fem Range  Fem Fairness Creme Bleach  Fem Gold Creme Bleach  Fem Herbal Bleach  Fem Oxy Bleach  Saka Bleach for Men  Hair Removing Cream  Liquid Hand Wash Dabur Gulabri Range .

 Gulabri Rose Water  Gulabri Face Freshener  Gulabri Moisturising Cream  Gulabri Moisturising Lotion Dabur Uveda Range  Complete Fairness Cream  Face Mask  2 in 1 Moisturiser  Moisturising Face wash  Clarifying Face wash  Age Renew Cream  Sun Block Cream Foods 1) Real  Orange Juice  Grape Juice  Tomato Juice  Mixed Fruit Juice  Pineapple Juice  Mango Nectar  Apple Nectar  Peach Nectar  Pomegranate Nectar  Litchi Nectar  Guava Nectar 2) Active  Multi Fruit  Orange Juice  Apple Juice  Orange Carrot Juice  Mixed Fruit Beetroot Carrot  Orange Citrus Punch  Mixed Fruit Cucumber Spinach 3) Burrst  Mixed Fruit  Orange Bytez  Crispy Apple  Mango Mania .

Ethical 1) General Health  Stresscom 2) Lung Support  Broncorid  Madhuvaani 3) Digestive Support  Trifgol 4) Cardiac Support  Lipistat 5) Joint Support  Rheumatil Gel  Rheumatil Tab  Rheumatil Oil 6) Uterine Support  Mensta Professional Channel  OxyLife Facial  Fem Gold Facial .4) Hommade  Tomato Paste  Ginger Garlic Paste  Tamarind Paste  Garlic Paste  Coconut Milk 5) Lemoneez 6) Capsico Home Care  Odomos Mosquito Repellent Cream  Odonil Air Fresheners  Sani Fresh Shine Surface Cleaner  Odopic Dish washer Consumer Health .

toner and moisturiser  Makes skin rosy  Fragrance  Look good and attract women .com/watch?v=5gS8APhbtYk  Segment: Family  Target: New Borns  Position: Massage oil for quick growth of babies  Appeals to mothers more  Quick growth of babies 3) Dabur Amla smooth and glowing  Multiple usage : Face  Segment: All age sections particularly children  Target: Family  Position: two spoons a day keeps you away from diseases  Herbal and protective ingredients  Healthy and tasty 2) Dabur Lal Tail  Segment: Urban Female Consumer  Target: Young girls  Position: Makes your skin feel fresh. Fem Pearl Facial  Fem Body Bleach Marketing Campaign 1) Dabur Chyawanprash face  Segment: Urban female consumers  Target: Young girls  Position: Beautiful hair helps you to be confident  Enhances hair growth  Increases shine  Makes hair more strong 4) Dabur Gulabari Rose Water http://www.

2) New v=p5tnA5V0BII&feature=related  Segment: All class of consumers particularly urban  Target: Middle class  Position: Targeted towards the middle class who have problems with mosquito coils  Highly effective  Tested for babies  Only mosquito repellent cream endorsed by the National Integrated Medical Association (NIMA) Competitors HUL. Financials SNO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 METRIC Sales Turnover Total Income Operating Profit Gross Profit Net Profit Dividend EPS Equity VALUE 3798.5) Dabur Real Juice http://www.24 130 2. Godrej Consumer.92 Awards/Recognitions 1) Dabur ranked third in list of Asia's Best Investor Relations Companies by B Institutional Investor 2012. 2012: Dabur India has been awarded the Aaj Tak Care .48 Mar’12 figures in Rs.05 3825.  Segment: Urban consumer  Target: Educated and upwardly mobile  Position: Real juices with no artificially added ingredient  Multilayer packaging keeps the juices fresh  Health drink 6) Odomos Mosquito Repellant Cream http://www. Godrej India.55 659. 7. Gillete India and P&G. Jun 6.

Jan 7. 2) Training & development People are the most important asset of Dabur. Dabur adds value through result driven training. December 24. be it leadership or functional. 2011: Dabur Gulabari. and it encourages and rewards excellence. former Director. . organized the grand finale for the South Zone edition of its mega model hunt Dabur Gulabari Miss Rose Glow 2011 in Hyderabad. as also rewarding individual initiative. 3) Jun 5. The winner of this contest in each city round will be featured in an advertising campaign along with Bollywood celebrity and Dabur Amla Hair Oil Brand Ambassador Rani Mukherjee. Career and Desired Qualities 1) Sourcing talent: As one of the world's most widely recognized Ayurvedic consumer brands and one of India's best employers. The ranking was part of the Financial Express-EVI Green Business Survey 2011-12 released on June 5. 2012: India's largest hair oil brand Dabur Amla Hair Oil hosted the first-ever Dabur Asli Amla Star Ki Khoj – a unique contest to identify the girl with the best hair across India. 3) New Delhi. through campus and lateral recruitment. 4) Dabur India Ltd ranked amongst the Top 3 Green Business Leaders in the FMCG industry. Recent News/Events 1) Mumbai. 3) Grooming talent At Dabur. The Rose-based beauty products brand from the House of Dabur announced the launch of a mega nation-wide campaign “Vanya Mishra Ko Banao Miss World” to gather support and luck for India’s prettiest face. 2012: Dabur India Ltd has also been ranked amongst the Top three Green Business Leaders in the FMCG industry. 2) Hyderabad. Pradip Burman at the first-ever Aaj Tak Care Awards ceremony held in Delhi. Dabur attracts the country's best talent at various levels in the organization. Nancy Gupta from Hyderabad was adjudged the winner and walked away with a cash prize of Rs 50. preliminary assessment.Award for its environment initiatives. 4) Recruitment process Recruitment follows a well defined 4-step process comprising: the application shortlist. the country's leading rosebased beauty brand. 29 June 2012: Miss India World 2012 Vanya Mishra Seeks Your Secret Dabur Gulabari Beauty Tips To Win Miss World Crown. It believes in creating a harmonious and value based work environment that encourages team spirit. the final interview and a medical evaluation. 2012.000 and a oneyear modeling contract. The award was presented by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Dabur India Ltd. After four grueling rounds at the grand finale. talent is groomed keeping in mind the competencies they need to possess.

Role of the marketing organization 5. which prepare them to take the plunge into the corporate world. Linkages between the sales and marketing functions and other functions. Objectives and tasks of sales and marketing functions 3. Sales and marketing fundamentals of Dabur 2. Field force management 8. With every passing year. 9.5) Rewarding talent Results and excellence are well rewarded at Dabur. Channels of distribution. Individual initiative is most welcomed and is rewarded too.Overview YMDP is a two-pronged approach in recruiting dynamic professionals – lateral recruitments and the Management Trainee/ Engineer. Young Managers Development Programme (YMDP) . Nature and organization of resources and how they can be optimized 7. structure and dealing with the trade of different SBU 6. Roles of the sales managers and field force 4. This program is aimed at getting fresh students from premier B-Schools and providing them with structured inputs. Trainee recruitments at entry level: The Management Trainee/ Engineer Trainee Programme has been a focus area to induct young and vibrant professionals at the entry level. Practical application of marketing mix fundamentals COMPETENCIES        Sales planning and management Field Force management Cost Control Brand Implementation Consumer and Trade Promotions Development Advertising Marketing Research . YMDP offers Management Trainee specialization in: Sales & Marketing. up gradations are made to it to make the learning experience more enriching and rigorous with a greater focus on functional and conceptual inputs and an objective learning evaluation system. Supply Chain and Human Resources To develop the competencies in a trainee to independently manage a sales system and field force by developing a sound understanding of: 1.

This 52 weeks training programme consists of orientation. Others    Dabur has been undertaking a host of energy conservation measures. sales training.8% reduction in the Company’s energy bill in the 2008-09 fiscal alone. through different participatory and need-based initiatives. illiterate and unemployed – of the society. It aims to reach out to the weaker and more vulnerable sections -.rediff.such as women and children. Successful implementation of various energy conservation projects have resulted in a 13. What was noteworthy was the fact that this reduction has come despite an 8-9% volume increase in http://www. sales project. on job training followed by evaluation and reviewing of process by Review Committee. Dabur's overseas revenue today accounts for over 30% of the total http://www.indianretailer. Sources: http://money. presentations.7% increase in cost of key input . conceptual overview. Sustainable Development Society (SUNDESH) is sworn to the mission of ensuring overall socio-economic development of the rural & urban poor on a sustainable and an average 11.