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Grammar revisi

like/hate etc. + gerund

Present tense contrast


It often rains ¡n England.
Look! It's raining now.
We don't speak Japanese.
We aren't speaking Spanish now.

don't mind
don't like skiing

I like shopping.

4 Write sentences. Use the notes.
Circle the correct alternative.

Jess / not mind / play football

Jess doesn't mind pfaying footbal

Do you know / are you knowing Caroi?


1 she / love / buy clothes

Jo always looks / is always looking smart.

2 He wears / 's wearing sunglasses today.
3 Are you understanding / Do you
understand this exercise?

2 she / not like / study

4 Please be quiet! I try / 'm trying to study.

3 she / hate / cook

5 My cousins are living / live in the USA.
4 she / like / dance

Put the words in the correct order. Are the
sentences present simple (PS) or present
continuous (PC)?
often / 1 / English. / study
I often study English. (PS)
1 wearing / 1 / today. / jeans / 'm


Look at exercise 4 again. Write the acta tes
in the correct order.



2 to school? / Do / walk / you

Mark phoned Ana.
4 doesn't / Our teacher / French. / speak

3 Complete the pairs of sentences. Use the
present simple or present continuous form
of the verbs in the box.




Who phoned Ana? Mark
Who did Mark phone?


6 Read situations A-C. Answer questicrs %•


A The teacher saw Ben.
a) Rachel never wears make-up.
b) I
a) I usually

jeans today.

b) I never

to work every day.
tennis in summer.
golf at the moment.
my sandwich!
meat. l'm a vegetarían.

80 Unit 1 Spotlight on grammar

Who saw Ben? The teacher
1 Who did the teacher see?

to our maths class now.

a) Look! The dog


Subject and object questions

3 lunch? / you / having / Are

B Mum listened to Emma.
2 Who did Mum listen to?
3 Who listened to Emma?
C Phil kissed Amy.
4 Who kissed Amy?
5 Who did Phil kiss?

Grammar extensión
Present tense contrast; like/hate
etc. + gerund; Subject and object

3 Answer the questions. Write complete
1 Who does Kate live with?
2 Who stays with Kate in the hotel?

Complete the text. Use the present simple
or continuous form of the verbs in the box.

3 Who takes photos of Kate?

hate know live teek not mind
notsuit stay take wear

4 Who does Kate know?
The lífe of a teenage modei
Duríng the week, Kate iooks líke a normal
teenager, and she (i)

wíth her

parents. Butat weekends, she often

ín a hotel wíth her agent,

because she's also a fashíon model.
'I (3)

getting up early on

Saturdays/ says Kate, 'because I love stayíng ín

Questions with like

Today the photographers (4)

Match questions (1-4) with answers (a-d).

photos for a summer fashíon catalogue. Kate



1 What do you like doing?

shorts and a T-shírt. I asked

her how she's feelíng. 'Not great!' she saíd. 'It's



2 What does your brother look like?

very cold today!'

3 What is your teacher like?

What about the advantages and dísadvantages

4 What would you like to do tomorrow?

of beinga model? 'Well, I enjoy travellíng. But
the best thíng ís that I (6)


a lot of

a) She's very cheerful and funny.

famous models/ she says. The worst thíng ís

b) He's got brown hair and he's quite tall.

that sometímes I have to wear clothes that

c) We'd like to go to the beach.


me. Actually, I don't líke

d) I like playing sport and listening to musió.

shoppíng for clothes, and I (8)
wearíng make-up!'


Write sentences about Kate. Use the
expressions in the box and the verbs ¡n
got up oarly
stay ¡n hotels

shop for clothes

wear make-up

What are the questions in exercise 4 about?
personal character

future preferences


hobbies / interests

6 Answer the questions for you.
1 What do you look like?
I Ve got

(not mind) Kote doesn't ms'nd getting up
1 (love)
2 (enjoy)
3 (notlike)
4 (hate)

2 What are you like?

3 What do you like doing?
4 What would you like to do tonight?
Unit 1 Spotlight on grammar 81

when the teacher carne in. 2 I (have) lunch when someone (steal) my mobile.. b) wasringing 2 It. I didn't use to like English classes.. a) wasn't raining b) didn'train 3 I was watching TV when you .. 1 Write the past simple form of the verbs. I was chatting (chat) to my friends when the class started.. he's got two brothers.. 4 Sue (go) to a party when I (see) her in town. We . 82 Unit2 Spotlight on grammar 6 Read the information about Oldtown.. football but now he 3 He pizza. for the bus.Grammar revisi Past simple and past continuous used to used to go to bed at nine o'clock. become became 1 talk 4 see 2 sleep 5 chat 3 go 6 watch 5 2 Write the -ing form of the verbs.. a) talked Read the information about Richard. when I left the house. (start) 1 My brother when his friends one brother Madrid football chips shorts two brothers Valencia basketball pizza tracksuits in Madrid but now 2 He plays basketball. a) rang i In 2000 Richard used to have one brother but nov. Write sentences with used to or didn't use to.. (play) the guitar (arrive). Complete the sentences with used to and the correct verb. while I was having a bath. a) werecalling b) waswaiting 4 Complete the sentences. Now I ! lovethem! L I watched a good film last night. 3 I (wait) for Hannah when she (send) me a text message. Family House Sport Food Clothes chat chottíng 1 tidy 4 wait 2 stop 5 live 3 listen 6 do b) weretalking 1 The phone . Use the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Sara was studying at nine o'clock. shorts but now he b) called 4 He saw the accident while he . 3 Circle the correct answer.. 1 (market) 2 (theatre) 3 (supermarket) 4 (internet café) | . chips but now he eats 4 He wears tracksuits.. Now I go to bed much later.. a) waited Now 1 Richard he lives in Valencia. Oldtown 1990 I library : market theatre supermarket internet café (library) There didn't use to be a íibrary.

get ¿/sed ío 3 5farmagazine intervie (interview) the young actorSam Potter. X (Sam / be famous) Sam didn't use to be famous.. but now she loves them! Hope you are all well. Use the correct form of i/sed to and the Information in brackets. 3 2 l'm used to swimming in the sea now. so she can teach us! Laura (4) is getting used to / didn't use to secondary school . From student to star! i/sed fo. Now we've got a big house with a swimming pool. We (2) didn't use to / weren't used to have a computer. They (6) (look for) an English boy. Star 1 3 My parents are getting used to sending emails. I would miss it if we returned to Madrid! Sam Well.Tve got a prívate teacher.we love the beacFfl As you can see. 1 / (he/watch Spielberg's films) 2 y. Laura (3) used to / ¡s used to having them at school. Sam It changed a lot! We (9) (move) to Hollywood lastyear. (Sam's parents / have a big house) 3 / (Sam / go to theatre school) 4 / (he / have a swimming pool) 5 X (Sam / be an actor) 6 / (Sam's family / live in London) Helio Luis and Mary! How's life in Madrid? We are used to / used to Cádiz now . but we bought one last week. c) A situation in the past that isn't true now. but now we live in Cádiz. How (2) you (start) yourfilm career? Star Andthey(7) How (8) (change) after that? Match the expressions in bold (1 -3) with the definitions (a-c). be i/sed fo. a) The state of being accustomed to something. Best wishes. Sam. And I don't go to school now . They bought a new computer last week. (choose)you! your life b) The process of becoming accustomed to something. Peter and Mercedes Unit2 Spotlight on grammar 83 . 2 1 We used to live in Madrid. 1 2 3 i/sed to 2 Write sentences. 4 Transíate sentences 1 -3 from exercise 3 into your language. I (3) (study) at theatre school in London when Spielberg and his team (4) (come) to do auditions for a big Hollywood film.she started there in September.. 5 Circle the correct expressions in the email. He (5) (not want) an American actor.Grammar extensión Past simple and past continuous 1 Complete the text. Use the past simple or past continuous form of the verbs in brackets. She (5) used to / is used to hate English classes. and (i) (ask) him about his new life in Hollywood . we (1) used to / 're getting used to sending emails. Hi.

/ opened 1 we / see / that film 2 heard / We / a noise. Complete the sentences. I haven't played golf. The class has just started. 5 Ann has already had lunch alrcady. 1 (go)to Madrid. 3 Write sentences. 1 just / 's / She / the door. Juan / not study / Germán Cross out the wrong word. Write the words. She hasn't eaten sushi./just/finished/'ve 3 my sister / do / yoga 4 has / Paul / returned / just / from Grans 4 I / not meet / David Beckham 84 UnitS Spotlight on grammar .Erammar revisi Present perfect Have you ever seen a lion? Tve played hockey. 4 My brother (not start) school. : She's eaten paella. I've already done my homework. 4 They've already been already on holiday. I 1 I haven't yet finished this exercise yet. Use the present perfect form of the verbs ¡n brackets. 2 We already have already seen that film. The teacher hasn't arrived yet. 1 you / ever / go / to Madrid Have you ever been to Madrid? Find eight more past participles. D S (WR I O T R O R A O T T T O A R P E D I O F E L T D R H P E D I D I R R E P A L S T P O H A I N O C A write 1 your bestfriend/ever/play/golf E N) H W E witten 1 speak 5 carry 2 phone 6 wear 3 have 7 stop 4 try 8 do 2 you / ever / visit / New York 3 your teacher / ever / arrive / late 4 you / ever / go / to a concert E O P H R O N D R O W O R N OR I C A R R Y E D H E K S P O K E N A R H A D 2 4 Write the questions. (not go) to Disneyworld. Present perfect with already and yet . affirmative or negative. / Ve / just 2 David / not travel / to Australia 3 They/lunch. 2 (nottry)skiing. Use the present perfect. 6 Write the words ¡n the correct order. 3 Mymum (study) French. I üyejust had lunch. Present perfect with/t/sf (finish). 5 The concert 3 The maths class yet hasn't started yet.

y'usf 1 Complete the text.. B Q (4) anything (happen) recently? Rob I haven't tried windsurfing.. Look at situations A and B. Neither have I! or /have! Tve had breakfast today. so and neither 3 Telepathic twins Have you heard (hear) of telepathy? It's the strange experience of knowing exactly what someone ís thinkíng. Lisa A Well. Use So have I!. we / read / a story about telepathy (just) Rob Paul B Rob Paul Lisa 1 strange things / happen / to Elsa and Mary (already) 2 they / not speak / to a doctor about ¡t (yet) 3 they / talk / to their parents about it (already) 4 Elsa / have / a telepathic experience (just) 5 I / not have / a telepathic experience 5 Respond to these sentences for you. and she was writing one to me! 1 Lisa and 2 hasn't been to London. I haven't!. A Lisa 2 Write sentences. We (9) talk) to our boyfriends about ityet. 2 I haven't seen a ghost.We(3) already (have) a lotof telepathic experiences. haven't tried 4 Transíate situations A and B from exercise 3 into your language. (yet) Unit 3 Spotlight on grammar 85 . Q (6) you anyone about your telepathy? 3 has tried windsurfing. Complete the sentences. Fortwins Elsa and Mary Frew. Use the present perfect form of the verbs in brackets. We asked Elsa about her experiences. 4 I 've had a shower today. 3 I haven't eaten paella. I (5) just (send) Mary a text. but it could be interesting in the future! 4 and windsurfing. have been to London. we (7) (not speak) to a doctor about it. Use the notes and the words in brackets. when I had a skiing accident two years ago. / Rob Lisa Paul you always _ (know) thatyou and Mary are telepathic? Q (2) Paul A Yes. already and yeí. Mary knew that something was wrong. For example. (tell) A Well. but Mary (8) (tell) our parents.Grammar Extensión Present perfect. this (1) already (happen) many times. So have I! 1 Tve met Nicole Kidman.

3 My sister's been married since / for a year. Mike for ages.. I a) had ' b) have had 3 Write sentences. b) Have you faller 4 I . 1 a) I 2002. I. b) We 3 a) I 5 I / read / that book / a year (live) in Burgos from 1999 to b) I 4 a) Mum (never / go) to Hawaü. going out with Dan a month ago. I'-.. I / have breakfast / four hours I had breakfast four hours ago.. Use the expressions ¡n the box. b) I (live) in Spain all my life.. b) hasfancied 2 Mum and Dad . We usually use the present perfect with.' ] • • . 5 Circle the correct answer.. Use the expressions in the box.. (have) lunch at two o'clock.. I -.. in love with him already? Past simple with ago a) Didyoufall The film started ten minutes ago. I went to London last year. (just / have) lunch. a) have been married b) were married 3 ... yesterday ever 2 Gírele the correct answer.Grammar revisi Present perfect with for and since Past simple and present perfect I Ve studied English for eight years. 1 We've lived here since / for five years. an argument with Dan last night.. since 1989. 1 I / get up / five hours 2 we / go / to the beach / six months 3 my parents / get divorced / two years 4 I /meet/my teacher/three months 6 Complete the pairs of sentences.. l've been ill since /for last week. aweek ages an hour lastweekend ago already evef for just last month Monday last week Soptombor two years 2003 never since yootorday yet We usually use the past simple with . 2 l've had these glasses since / for I was ten! a) have started b) started/ 1 Sally. Complete the table. Use ago. 86 Unit 4 Spotlight on grammar .French when I was little. i We've lived here since 2002. ... . (work) there for two yea-s b) She (work) in a different office three years ago. 4 Complete the table.. Use the past simple or present perfect. English for ten years. a) fancied 4 Jill's been divorced since / for 2004. 2 a) We (go) there last July.. 5 We've studied English since / for ages. 1 l'vebeentoLondon.

last 2 Fiona's lived in London born. A Q A Q A Q A (ago) . Congratulatíons! (7) you already the weddíng? Yes. Fiona's known Dave for two years. three 1 I (find) your glasses! They were under the sofá. He feels much better now. what Dave looked líke before your fírst date? No. 2 We (learn) English for many years. Past simple and present perfect 3 Write sentences with the past simple or the present perfect. Use the past simple or present perfect form of the verbs ¡n the box. 5 They've been planning their wedding day theygot engaged. ín the summer. 4 It It's still raining now! (rain) all morning. 1 They've been engaged year. we have. I (4) hím because he \vas late for our date. Unit 4 Spotlight on grammar 87 . Use the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. to her about the 2 Complete the sentences. b) We use the present perfect simple to taik about a completed action. I dídn't! But he \vas very handsome! At fírst. we do. 1 2 1 l'm sorry! Tve broken your CD however. Use for or s/nce. Dan and Mary / be married / 2002 (since) 1 Complete the text. Use the Information and the words ¡n brackets. And do you get on very well now? Yes. she was 3 Dave's been a firefighter years. 1 I / fancy / Sam / weeks get §© not have invite know meet not like plan speak (for) 2 my sister / go / on a blind date / two weeks (ago) Lave m blind! 3 Tim / not have / a girlfriend / last summer (since) Have you ever been on a blínd date? That's how Piona (i) We (2) experience. We (8) 500 people! It's goíng to be a fantastíc day. l'm tired! Tve been working (work) all day. 5 Complete the sentences. 4 Fiona's dreamt of getting married a long time! 3 Mydad (stop) smoking.Erammar extensio Present perfect with for and since. 2 Tve been waiting for you since two o'clock! a) We use the present perfect continuous to talk about an activity over a period of time. Present perfect simple and continuous 4 Match sentences (1 -2) with rules (a-b). Past simple with ago. Q (3)__ 4 Ann'sboyfriend/askherout/ayear herfiancé Dave. We (5) any argumentsyet! When (6) you engaged? A year ago.

Whatisthe 1 We had a good holiday in Italy th=: we're going there again next year. Ruth isn't as rich as Julia. as 1 Complete the table. loud that I had a ... Use the comparative or superlativo forms of the adjectives. 6 The musió was headache. Comparative Superlativo taller the tallest (1) happier the fattest dangerous . Use the comparative form of the adjectives and than. Use not as. 5 late a big breakfast that I wasn': hungry at lunchtime. (hot) place in the world? 1 What is the world? (big) country in 2 Whois your class? (tall) person in 3 Whois in Spain? (attractive) actor 4 Whatis subject? (good) school 88 UnitS Spotlight on grammar ' 2 My new computer game is that I can't stop playing it. Henry 2 Write sentences. 4 Complete the sentences. (3) the most dangerous 2 My bag is heavier than your bag. 3 It was the beach.. 4 computer games / expensive / magazines The exercise was so easy that I finished it really quickly. Adjective Julia is richerthan Ruth. Nicola 5 Cari is more attractive than Henry. Expressing result: so and such surgeons / rich / cashiers oüi Qsons un6 i icncp i nczn CQsmsps.Grammar rev/5/ Comparative and superlativa adjectsves notas.. far further (5) good (6) the best bad worse (7) "tal! fat happy Skiing is more dangerous than swimming. Swimming isn'f as dangerous as skiing. 1 Pedro is bigger than me. interesting more interesting (4) 3 The jeans are more expensive than the shoes. as. excitir z a lovely day that we went te 4 My dad was tired that he fell asleec in the armchair. Use the superlativo form of the adjectives. Use so or such. (2) l'm not Your bag The shoes 4 Sandra is older than Nicola. This book is so ¡nteresting that I can't stcc I reading it so + adjective This is such an interesting book I can't I stop reading it such + a(n) + adjective + noun 1 Spain / big / Portugal 2 my bedroom / tidy / my brother's bedroom 3 New York / far / London 5 Complete the sentences. 3 Complete the questions.

Use the correct form of the adjectives ¡n brackets. You'reyoungerthan me. This is definítely the (8) (good) iob Tve ever had! Cari Wells. It was the (2) This is (happy) day 4 Lawyers are richer than chefs.. I went for an interview and got ít. Adventure Holidays is se a good company! Adventure Holidays is . aren't you? 1 Your sister is a better singer than you. (such) It's such a fantastic beach that you'IS want to stay all day. These holídays are (3) (expensíve) than some holidays. than them. Use the words in brackets. not as. 5 Complete the sentences with question tags. as) I used to have the (1) (bad) Job in Carl's friends the world! I was working ín an office and ít was 3 This is a great Job. 1 Cari's oíd Job was boring. 2 If the first verb is affirmative. In any case. I don't mind about the low salary. the question tag is negative / affirmative. 3 You aren't as tall as your brother. Then circle the correct word ¡n the sentences. money ísn't everything. Unit 5 Spotlight on grammar 89 .. 4 Carl's friends think he has so a great Job. as) of my life! Chefs Adventure Holídays organíses tríps for adventurous people. and I travel (7) (far) 4 Read the information. so and such 3 Rewrite the sentences..a good company! 1 Carl's new Job ¡s gooder than his oíd Job. 3 If the first verb is negative.Erammar extensión Comparative and superlative adjectives. It's a fantastic beach.... isn't he? My bag isn't as heavy as yours. 22 2 Correct the mistakes in these sentences. but they are defínítely (4) (excítíng) than package tours! A lot of my fríends stíll work ín the office. but I think my Job is (6) (interesting) than theírs. (so) Carl's oíd Job Career chotees 2 Cari is happier than his friends. 2 Cari isn't as richer as his friends. (such) really boríng! Butthen I sawan advertforthe Job of tour guíde. Jim is taller than Dan. as. We use question tags to check information. (not as . 3 Adventure holidays are such popular that Cari is extremely busy. 4 Leopards are faster than lions. You'll want to stay all day. is it? 1 The last word is always a ñame / pronoun. 1 Complete the text. They may be (5) Question tags (rich) than me. 2 This CDisn'tas good as the last one. (not as . He used to fall asleep. the question tag is negative / affirmative.

smoking this year.. 4 See you at nine o'clock. we (see)Ana..Grammar revisión will: offers..' a) 'm going to have I won't tell anyone your secret. We . a bottle of water. 4 towns / get bigger 2 If we 5 the world / get hotter 3 If it (play) tennis.' 'I. 1 íf gou eat ñeafthg food 2 If you get up very early 2 Write the sentences. Mum (tell)-e- .. Use going to. Match the parts of the sentences.. 2 I my homework thisevening. If she doesn't pass. late. Use the correct form of will and the words in the box. I a) will stop b) 's going to stop 5 Look! It's ten past nine. 90 Unit 6 Spotlight on grammar \ cause polluríor^ If you don't goto the party 4 // we travel by car 5 we'll produce more rubbiz. 1 I thisexercisetoyou... we (make) a donation to charity. goo'fffeefgoo'd you wow't meet my friends- Ifwe don't recy cíe you'll be tirer 5 Complete the sentences. I (design) a poster. I 5 Where's Emma? I message. a) 'II do b) 'm going to do 2 'I haven't got any money. thecompetition. yousome.. l'll help you wíth your homework! We won't forget to come to the party! l'msureyou . the famine / not end The famine isn't going to end. I 6 That looks heavy. If Jamie march. 3 l'm thirsty. ... she'll be happy. 4 Dad . Use the correct form of the verbs ¡n brackets. affirmative or negative. 1 pollution / get worse 2 tigers / disappear 3 the war / not finish 3 **••». she won't be happy! going to: predictions 4 Look! It's going to rain. (win) the lottery.' buy carry explain finish notbe not toll send a) 'II lend b) 'm going to lend 3 'What would you like?' 'I. b) 'II have a) 're going to be b) 'II be late! her a text First conditional ¡t for you. (cali) "II go (go) on the 1 If you (help) me. more sport this year! 1 Complete the sentences. I (not help). a)ni win) b) 're going to win 1 I. somejuice... 6 I / not fail my exam 4 Ifl 5 If I (be) angry. (not rain). promises and decisions will and going to contrast 3 Circle the correct answer. We aren't going to have a barbecue today. If Lola passes her exams.

Ben. cali not arrive start 2 The baby will wake up during the night. Use a dictionary to help you. first conditional Complete the first conditional sentences. l'm sorry. Sue Don't worry about that. 7 I was really nervous for / during my maths exam.. 3 He'll stay with his cousin in Madrid for / during three days. Ben Helio? Sue Hi Ben! Ann and I = : . see you then. come §e meet not forget not rain If Sue invites (invite) Ben to go on the march. l've just got up. I saw the weather forecast on TV ... 2 Ann and Sue march if Ben On Thursday evening. going to. I (9) a bit late. 4 Circle the correct preposition. 8 l'll help you with your homework for / during a few minutes. she H .. Sue Ben? Where are you? Everybody's here. 6 Pete is going to go to university for / during three years. Ben Oh. I (4) 3 Transíate sentences 1 -2 ¡nto your language. I know! I (7) him on the mobile.¡n • Grammar extensio will. Bye! Sue Bye! be We use for to talk about a period of time. 5 I think it will rain for / during the night. here Sue calis Ben. OK then.. Ann Where's Ben? He's late.. What time does it start? Sue We (3) you in town at nine o'clock in the morning. On Saturday morning at halfpast nine.. We often use duríng with these words: during the morning / afternoon / night JB Sue Great. I don't know. 1 Ben (go) on the march if he (get up) early. Ann and Sue are in town waiting for Ben . he (not answer) the phone. l'll be here for two weeks. 1 l'll phone you for/ during the afternoon. 3 If Ben (not arrive) soon. Do you want to come? (miss) the (be) late.••-. : on the peace march this Saturday. going to or the first conditional. 2 Sarah will be in London for / during two weeks this summer. 1 Complete the dialogues. OK? Ben OK. 4 I work for / during the morning. l'm sure he (6) in a minute.. I (1) with you if ¡t doesn't rain. The march (8) ! Ben Sue! Hi! Oh. See you on Saturday then. 4 IfSue (cali) Ben. Unít 6 Spotlight on grammar 91 . Don't worry. Tve got a lot to do this weekend. be Prepositions of time: for. Sue (send) him a text message. duríng 1 l'll beon holidayforamonth. I bet he's still in bed!lfhe(5) soonwe'll miss the march! Sue Oh. Ben Yes.. Sue calis her friend.• (see) him at the weekend. Use the verbs in the boxes and the correct form of (2) this weekend! Ben Oh.

' 'You shouldn't stay at school. If we didn't Uve here. Look at the ¡nformation. 1 A I haven't got any money. If I hc¿> (nave) the receipt. 1 If we (save) a lot of money.' If I had more money. we (swim) in the sea. borrow If wo didn't livo horo If I won the lottery If Juan could borrow some money If I found a purse If the books were more expensive tetíy do go tell tidy A Those trainers are too expensive. l'd return these jeans. Write the second conditional sentences. A Cari has got toothache. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (speak/tohim) B 3 A l'm really tired today. B B You l'd take it to the pólice station wo wouldn't go to thio oohool I wouldn't buy them he'd go to the concert l'd give some money to Greenpeace to bed late tonight. we'd lie on the 1 A l'd like to do more sport. Use should or shouldn't and the verbs ¡n the box. (play / hockey) B 2 A My sister fancies Richard. If I didn't come to school. (look / on the Internet) B 5 A I hate ail my clothes. (buy / some new ones) B 92 Unii? Spotlight on grammar . (eat / sweets) B 3 4 2 Complete the sentences. B You shouldn't buy them. B You it! 5 A Jane told me a secret. (go / to the disco tonight) B 4 A I can't find this information. 1 Match phrases from A and B.firammar revisí IBHk Second conditional should 'Idon'tfeelwell!' 'You should go home. I wouldn't see myfriends. we wouldn't go to this school. 3 Complete the sentences. what would you do there? 4 If the weather was good. Write sentences with should or shouldn't. (use) ¡t 3 Ifyou (go)toHawaü. we'd go to Hawaii on holiday! 2 If I had a credit card. I to pay for the holiday. 5 If it beach all day! (not rain). 4 A I can't find anything in my room. l'd buy those shoes. 3 A Charlie's getting fat! B He more exercise. 1 2 B You 4 anyone. B You some! 2 A I nave to get up early tomorrow.

Ifonly 3 I can't afford to go out tonight. Jiil's bought a new top. (try ¡t on / throw away the receipt) 5 Rewrite the sentences. 1 I found a credit card ¡n the street.Grammar extensión Second conditional 1 Complete the second conditional questions. If only 2 l'm sorry your friends aren't happy. 5 If you (not have to) go to school. (stay at home / borrow £10) 4 l'm sorry you can't help me. I wish I (can) sing as weil as her. I wish Unit 7 Spotlight on grammar 93 . She's not sure ¡t fits. If only we went (go) (do) today? to the same school! 1 I moved to this city last month. (keep it / take it to the pólice) I wish you iiked my dog! 1 Unfortunately I don't have aniPod. Use the verbs ¡n brackets. If should and shouldn't and the information in only I brackets. (have) tickets! 4 Mysisterisgoodatsinging. Then / wish / If only + past simple answer the questions for you. I wish I (live) in Spain! 2 Write two sentences for each situation. 2 Grandad gave Gail £50 for her birthday. i b) If only I had more money! (not líve) here? There's probably only one expression for 2What (do) ífyou / wish and Ifonly in your language! (not be) a student? 3 3 If you _ where Transíate sentences a and b into your language. If only I (know) more people! should 2 It'ssocoldin England. what I hardly ever see Peter. (go)? a) b) 4What (buy) if you (win) the lottery? 4 Complete the sentences. Use 3 There's a Jamelia concert on Saturday. (spend ¡t / save ¡t) I wish 3 Unfortunately schooi doesn't finish at twelve o'clock. (can) travel to any country. Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets. l'm sorry you don't like my dog. Are you sotisfied with ufe? Try our quiz! We use / wish / Ifonly + past simple to talk 1 Where would you be (be) if you didn't Uve a) I wish we lived in a bigger house! about situations we would like to be different.

K. 4 Carbón fibre is the material who / which ¡s used to make tennis racquets.. We stayed there. Ínthe1980s. That's the café where I had lunch yesterday. Complete the sentences. 1 Sara is the girl which / who plays football with my sister. Picasso ís the artist who painted Guernica. 3 Myshoes . It isn't made of wood. They aren't written ¡n Spanish. a) weren't make d) who wrote Don Quijote.. Use the present simple passive of the verbs ¡n brackets... It wasn't written by Shakespeare. (not make) in 3 Punta Umbría is the place where / which we go on holíday. a) was designed 1 That's the campsite.. which or where. b) weren't made This is the cake. I bought it yesterday. by Isabel Allende. 3 Circle the correct word.. (not 5 Is he the actor which / who was in Troy? 4 Match (1-5) with (a-e). b) was invented 2 This room .. Past simple passive 1e Harry Potter was written by J. 4 This book . a) were invented c) which you lent me. a) weren 't cleaned e) whoro I writo my omailo. thirty years ago. (sell)aroundtheworld. 3 Dalí was an artist.. 1 Thousands of text messages (send) every day. These trainers were made in China. 5 Cervantes was the writer My house . 2 The new Italian restauran! (cali) Bella Pizza.auy?i (not teach) at school.Grammar revisio Passive Relative ciauses: who.. which and where Present simple passive My chair ¡s made of plástic. These books are written in English. a) was build b) who made the film Mar Adentro. yesterday. b) wasn 't cleaned 5 Join the sentences. Japanese ísrn* . 2 3 4 5 1 That's tho Intornot cafó 2 Alejandro Amenábar is the director 3 Here's the money 4 This is the room 2 Circle the correct alternative. b) were designed 2 Here's the DVD. They weren't made ¡n Spain. I made it this morning.. 2 These are the books which / who our teachergaveus. by a famous architect.. 94 UnitS Spotlight on grammar . ¡Pods Is that the shop where / which you bought my present? Aluminium cans produce) in this factory. Rioja wine England. Rowling. in Spain. a) was written b) was write 5 These houses . b) was built 1 CDs. a) where my brother sleeps.. He lived near Cadaqués. Use who. This is the CD which my friend gave me.

the iPod. Unit 8 Spotlight on grammar 95 . In the first week. : (sell) around the worid. But what is an iPod. 3 The disaster has affected many countries. a million songs (8) Complete the sentences. which or where. 4 Relativa ciauses: who. which and where 2. (not invent) (not play) on a CD. (open) ¡n 2003. 1 The pólice have caught the crimináis. Thousands of i Pod Minis are sold there. The first iPod (2) (make) by Apple Mac in I has/have + been + past participle hasn't/haven't A painting has been stolen from the gallery. The songs (6) 2 Three million mobile phones (sell) this year. (download) from music shops on the Internet. Use the present perfect passive form of the verbs ¡n brackets. Use the present perfect passive. The ¡Pod ¡s a music player. Join the sentences. (design) in 2004. (kill) by the original iPod. like the Apple iTunes Music Store. (buy)! And what about the future of iPods? The iPod 4 A new president mini (9) 5 Many people hurricane. It (5) ___________ (record) onto a chip inside (7) i An AIDS vaccine hasn't been invented yet. 3 2001. It invented ¡Pods. It costs $250.000 iPods (3) _________ (sell) thatyear in the USA. He created the idea of iPods. A surprise party 4 Tokyo is a Japanese city. Rewrite the sentences. What do you kno\ about the hístory of the íPod? The original idea (1) (créate) by Tony Fadell in 2000. . Use the present simple passive or the past simple passive of the verbs ¡n brackets. and Apple have now created a new versión of the (elect). The thieves haven't been caught yet. player which is very differentfrom a CD player. Apple has its offices there. The swimming pool 1 Apple ¡s a company. exactly? It's a digital music 1 This box of chocolates (not open) yet. 4 They have built the new houses. and more than 100.rammar extensión Passive 1 Complete the text. which 3 These new boots (not wear) yet. The new houses 5 They have repaired my computen 3 Tony Fadell is an inventor. Many countries 2 California is an American state. Use who. The passive: present perfect A short history nf the iPod Millíons of íPods ore . They have awarded the prize to David. The prize has been awarded to David. The music (4) . My computer 6 They have organised a surprise party. The crimináis 2 They have cleaned the swimming pool.

'We 96 Unit 9 Spotlight on grammar love lovod was were would 6 'We She said that she working. 1 Henry told / said that he was thirsty. 'We're-^ery busy.'They said that they lived here. Tm very hungry!' Greg said that he was very hungry. Remember to use the past form of the verb. 1 'We wantto goshopping.' In reported speech. 5 Mum and dad told / said me that I couldn't go to the concert.' David said that 4 'We usually go to France on holiday. 3 'I pizza.' Yolanda told / said me that she lived here. Use the words ¡n the box. 1 Change the direct speech to reported speech.Srammar revisto Reportad speech Sara said that she loved me.' They said that 5 'I study French and English. He said that uve 2 Look at the reported speech and write the direct speech. 3 All the teachers said / told that we had to study a lot before the exams.' Bien said that 3 'I likeplayingfootball. 1 'We'restudying. = Sara told me that she loved me. Remember to change the verb. 4 'I buyit. Direct speech Reported speech 'I love football. 3 Circle the correct word.' He said that he would buy it. 2 Jane said / told me that she wanted to go to the party. Direct speech | Present simple I Present continuous Future we change the tense: Reported speech -> Past simple -> Past continuous -> Conditional 4 Complete the sentences. Sara Sara said that she loved me. 2 Tllhelpyou!' She said that she help me. 'We 3 Sally said that she wanted to go home. 'I 4 Ted said that he was sixteen.' She said that she loved pizza.1 They said that they studying. here.' 1 Alan said that he enjoyed playing hockey. . '] 2 Meg and Joe said that they lived in Oxford.' He said that he football. Ann and Mary said that 2 'I livein Australia. 4 Cathy told / said that she didn't like dogs. 5 'I'm working. Rob and Sue said that they were very busy.' 'I 5 Josh and Lauren said they didn't like shopping.

I (6) 6 boast to the 2 Read about the party.' Katy that Real Madrid would win the match. Well. 2 Tm the best football player in the school!' John that he was the best football player in the school. Underline all the verbs. thanks. Dan met a nice girl. her the her at At the party. 2 explain 3 predict 4 complain Dan said that he was meeting Chris that night. Dan 5 joke that I sounded like Rosa tomorrow. Mel I can't go to the party. Dan told Carla that he would meet her at eight o'clock. quietly that the baby 6 'What are you singing? You sound like Julio Iglesias!' Helio! I (2) Dad Julio Iglesias. He told Carla that he liked her dress. Carla said that she was going to the cinema with her friend Rosa the next day. 'You should do exercise 3 first. And I'II see you at school on Monday. Dan Hi Sue! l'm meeting Chris tonight. I (1) ^ 4 Complete the sentences. You if you want. She told him that her ñame was Carla.' The teacher expiained that we should do exercise 3 first. l'm ¡II! 1 reply Dan Oh. and that they (1) to George's party.Grammar extensión Reported speech 1 Read the conversation. nrfr-ü %ife Reporting verbs 3 Transíate the verbs into your language. 1 Thissoupiscold.' Mum was sleeping. Then complete the text with reported speech. dear. 3 'I think Real Madrid will win the match. Use the correct form of the verbs from exercise 3. He said that he would bring his friend Chris. Carla Thanks! Carla I (3) (4) Dan OK! I (5) o'clock. ¡II. Complete the conversation using direct speech. Unit9 Spotlight on grammar 97 . 4 'Do you want a coffee?' 'No. You need to use verbs and other words. Dan said helio. She said that Dan could come if he wanted. Use a dictionary to help you.' Paul coffee. that he didn't want a 5 The baby's sleeping. I'II cali you tomorrow.' Jill that the soup was cold. Later. We're going to George's party. and that he (5) school on Monday. Mel told Dan that she (2) party because she (3) Dan said that he (4) next day. She said she was George's sister. Carla Hi! Myname's Caria.

My brother loves mobile phones. I (7) think you should cheat in the exam. and poor children ir Britain who hardly ever go on holida^ Finally. l'd buy things for my family and friends. D a computer D a mobile phone D a motorbike D a holiday D jewellery D clothes D windsurfer D CDs G1V1NG ADVICE about Mark Can I ask your (1) something? Sue Sure.a friend has offered to copy it B: shouldn't copy CDs . l'd buy a windsurfer. We Uve near the sea. and l'd love to learn how to windsurf. l'd also buy lots of clothes and some new jewellery. 1 What exam has Mark got? 2 What does Mark want to take into the exam? 3 What does Sue suggest? 4 What does Mark want to do at the weekend? Write a conversaron ¡n your notebook like the one ¡n exercise 1. too. . but he can't afford a very good one. l'd dónate a lot of money to charities to help starving people in —* Third World. so l'd take them on a really good holiday.000. advice could don't should think want problem Read the text. M\m and dad travel and see the world. take photos and videos* send emails and use the internet. Use the words ¡n the box.borrow money from parents? A: already owe them £10 46 Unit7 What would you do ¡f you won £1 million? by Stephanie If I won £1. because my brotheand 1 will need money for universrx and l'd also like to buy a nice cawhen l'm oíd enough ro that he could phone people.000. Tick (/) the things that Stephanie would buy. Sue Even so. but can't afford it . Mark What (4) do then? you shouid spend Sue I (5) .EVERYDAY EIXIGLISH READING AMD WRIT1IXII Dialogue Reading Student's Book 1 page 71 4 Complete the conversaron. the first thing l'd do is buy some things for myself. Use the ¡deas ¡n the box or ¡nvent your own. Sue I don't think you shouid cheat. 2 Answer the questions. l'd buy him the latest mobile phone . ma\::-f to Australia and Japan. I (3) ___^_ take my maths book into class and hide it under the desk. . You've got enough time. l'd have lots of lessons so that l'd be really good at it. A: want to buy Green Day's latest álbum. Mark But i (6) to play football and go out with my friends this weekend. l'd save a lot of the mo-f for the future. What's the (2) ? Mark I Ve got a maths exam on Monday and I haven't done any revisión. the weekend revising for the exam.

000. Introduction If I won €1. 1 l'd buy my brother a season ticket at Oíd Trafford so that / to he could always watch Manchester United play.000. 5 l'd dónate money to a charity so that / to help homeless people. 4 l'd put most of the money in the bank because / so that I could think carefully about what I wanted to do with it. 2 one example of to + the base form.000. Use your notes from exercise 8 and the writing guide. 3 two examples of so that. 9 Write a text ¡n your notebook about what you would do ¡f you won €1. 2 l'd save money because / to buy a motorbike when l'm older. 8 1 Would Stephanie teach herself how to windsurf? Write notes about what you would do ¡f you won €1.. the f irst thing . 3 l'd buy my dad a new car because / so that his car is really oíd. 7 Choose the correct words.5 Answer the questions. Paragraph 1 (What would you buy for yourself?) Paragraph 2 (What would you buy for your family and f n'ends?) Paragraph 3 (Would you dónate any money to charities?) Paragraph 4 (Would you save any money? What for?) 6 l'd give some money to my dad because / so that he owes the bank a lot of money.000. Unit 7 47 .000. Things l'd buy for myself 2 What could her brother do with the mobile phone? Things l'd buy for my friends and family 3 What would she do for her parents? 4 Who would she like to help by donating to charities? Charities l'd dónate to 5 What would she save money for? Things l'd save money for Writing Reason and purpose Student's Book 6 page 72 In the text. underline: 1 one example of because..000.