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I was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Cancer High Grade

with numerous Mets to the liver in October 2012. Inoperable! I
immediately started chemo . After the 2nd round I had a scan . WOW what
shrinkage I had, we were so hopeful if I had the same shrinkage after 2
more rounds I may be cancer free. That did not happen. I ended up with
Blood clots after the 4th round of chemo.I had a large blood clot in my leg
which pieces broke off and landed in each lung. I ended up in the hospital
for 10 days and treatment was delayed for 6 weeks or so.. After the blood
clot scare I had 2 more rounds of chemo. I had about 55% shrinkage once
my chemo treatment was done. My local oncologist was stressing quality of
life and that more Chemo wouldn’t help me. As much as I pushed him and
asked him, he continued to say no more chemo. That was a God Send.
In April 2013…I saw numerous Drs. at Sloan, NYU, Jefferson…no one was
willing to give me another treatment option. Just enjoy the time you have…
After leaving Sloan the last time we walked around the city and stumbled
upon St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was here that I prayed to God to give me the
strength to fight this beast. It is with God’s help that I am able to stay
positive and continue to research cures that may help me.
Things I changed:
All storage containers are glass
Changed my cookware to stainless steel
No Soda
No Gum
Eliminate as much sugar and processed food as you can.
Eat many fruits and vegetables
I use gloves when using any cleaning chemicals
Take baths in baking soda and Epsom salt 3xs a week….this extracts toxins
These are the things I did to reverse my cancer, Wheat grass smoothies,
supplements, budwig protocol, carrot juice and cannabis oil. I didn’t know
anything about any of these products until I was faced with death and
needed to research how I could possible save myself or reverse my cancer.
I was educated about wheat grass by a produce worker at a health food
store. She was friendly enough to share with me how a man ordered a tray
of wheatgrass every week and he swore it saved his life from cancer. I went
home and started researching it…she was right. I often think of her and wish
I could let her know she may of saved my life. I guess I was open to try
anything because modern medicine could not help me.

I use this carrot juice in my green drinks and then I drink the Supplements I use: .html Budwig Part of Budwig protocol. Also helps your digestion. Be sure to space out your supplements and flax seed oil by an hour. large kale leaf or handful of spinach.naturalnews.html These are the supplements I use….These have evolved over time and do change on occasion. Blend cottage cheese and cold pressed Flax seed oil. 1”ginger slice. http://www. I also add berries to it. There are many different types of green powders to buy I use Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder…. I do one in the morning and one in the evening. ½ lemon. http://www. My first scan after starting on some supplements and the wheat grass smoothies in July of 2013 I had shrinkage…This success encouraged me to research atural_treatment.naturalnews. This is an article of a man who reversed his cancer with wheat grass. It got tough to maintain doing 3 smoothies a day with everything else I was doing so I cut back to two a day.php Carrot Juice: I juice 5lbs of carrots a day . Just use this as your base research…. You can change up the ingredients and use things you like. 3 asparagus stalks and any fruit I may have to sweeten it . This is so your body can absorb your supplements without interference of the flax seed oil http://www. Do what works for you.Green Smoothie Drinks: This is what I started with: powdered wheatgrass.There are many supplements that can help you…just start searching and listening to what others do as well…and then create your treatment plan. Someone cured their lung cancer with it and here is the link.Garden of Life Raw Super Food Powder is another good one. When I first started the wheat grass smoothies in May of 2013 I did 3 of them a day. Wheat grass purifies the blood and gives me energy. This is about 40 oz of juice. 2 shots each of carrot juice and beet juice.

000 times.aspx?x_cid=20150501_ranart_whole-food-supplementdangers_facebookdoc Turmeric is very good for you and I am always looking for ways to get more in my diet. Cannabis oil is referred . (quote from Cancer step outside the Box) Cannabis oil…. it multiplies the effectiveness of curcumin by 1. Here is an article: 2 capsule 3x per day 500mg/capsule Ginger: 2 capsule 3x per day 550mg/capsule Reversatol: 1 capsule 3x per day 250/capsule Grapefruitseed extract: 1 tablet 3x per day 125mg/tablet Graviloa: 3capsules 3x per day 250mg/capsule Immpower AHCC Mushroom extract 2 capsules 3x per day Fucoidian Seaweed 1 capsule 3x/day Spirlina 2tablets 3x a day Vitamin D3 5000 units 3x/day Black Cumin Seed Oil 1 capsule 3x/day 500mg/capsule Astragulus 1 capsule 3x/day 470mg capsule I read somewhere that Cancer patients should not take any supplements that contain magnesium stearate and citrus stearate. I am amazed at how many people have cured themselves…I first learned about it in a Pancreatic Cancer face book page…someone’s Dad had a clear scan and the only thing they did was cannabis oil. “If you combine curcumin(turmeric) with black pepper. I never heard of cannabis oil until I was looking for cancer cures. It makes it the most powerful “natural chemotherapy” you can ever experience. Here you will find a wealth of information that is reliable. I started putting it in my coffee and on my roasted vegetables. Turmeric may stain everything in your Kitchen but it whitens your teeth.Research and decide. something about they interfere with our T-cells. Rick Simpson is the pioneer of cannabis oil and he is from Canada. Go to phoenixtears. That sold me…worth a this is the website of the pioneer of cannabis oil.

You take that 3xs a day …. At his website he has many videos to watch. It tastes yucky too! Once I got closer to a gram I started putting my oil in capsules.Sometimes I need to sleep 10-12 hrs. Wow that was hard it took me from November 7. I use Ever clear alcohol as my extractor. But eventually we found a source. So after many trials and error I put the oil on a piece of bread and then mash the bread up and swallow with water. I think we watched the video 10xs before we made it. Website: Chrisbeatcancer. It takes about 2-3 hours before it kicks in and then you get very tired. Chris had surgery to remove his cancer but refused chemo or radiation. When you get closer to a gram it will be difficult to comprehend things and carry on a conversation. It was making me too high and I couldn’t function! After being on small doses of the oil for a month my liver enzymes fell back to normal range. So just sleep it off. So we purchased empty vegetable capsules and made .This book gives a complete details of different supplements and what cancers they fight. It is too expensive to make mistakes on a large batch. This is how to make it: http://www. it sticks to everything. The only thing I do different is I use a food grade solvent. 2013 till July 2014 to get up to a gram of oil. You usually sleep great and long .youtube. The oil is very thick and sticky. I was determined to find a source to sell to us…not easy when you are middle aged straight laced girl. I also make smaller batches at a time. Book I recommend: Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger . You only start with a very small dose the size of a grain of rice.35 gram capsules and I started taking them 3xs a day.doubling the dose every week till you can tolerate a gram. Watch…this website discussed all kinds of natural remedies to cure your cancer.8 cm and too many liver met’s to count .as RSO or Rick Simpson I started The Cannabis Oil on November7th of 2013. Perspective: When done with Chemo March of 2013 my pancreas tumor was still 2.

This wasn’t easy and I second guessed myself the entire Journey but I am in a place Today I was told would never happen. . REMISSION…… The only thing I changed from the June scan to the November scan was to make sure I was taking a gram of oil. Got to about ½ gram per day by February 2014 Got to ¾ gram per day by June 2014 Took a gram of oil per day from July 2014 till November 2014 (5 months) I started backing down the oil in December 2014 to 1/3 of a gram. I thought I was but after weighing on a new scale I realized I had been wrong. 2014 May 2015: CT Scan…My scan is still great…nothing on the pancreas and some scar tissue on the liver. My oncologist said to keep taking the oil.. I thank my Oncologist everyday because if he would have offered me more chemo I would have taken it.15 as a maintence dose. Now I will be backing it down to ¼ gram and I will stay here until My next scan in either April or May of 2015 Update : April 2015 taking . 2014.and they can count 4 or 5 small liver met’s and 1 larger liver met.February 2014: CT Scan…. June 2014 : CT Scan…Basically stable…had a scare about a large lung tumor…but it was a shadow. CT Scan…. Started taking a gram of oil around July 15th. Next scan 6 months. Overview of doses I took and when: I started taking the oil November 2013 Taking 3 grains of rice a day and then slowly doubling the dose when I could. called my Oncologist and asked him what treatment I was on.NO Tumors can be pancreas tumor is hard to see on the Ct scan and is less than 1 cm…. The Radiologist Dr. I can’t tell you what is working…but something is working! UPDATE: November 25. He has never seen such improvement in a stage 4 patient.

net. BUT remember I am not a Dr. I am willing to talk to anyone and share what I do. just someone trying to save their life. My email is elissahilliard@verizon. More Time is what we are all fighting for.I know some things listed on this page may have you raise an eyebrow but I was willing to try anything to buy myself more time. or even a Naturopath…. .