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Determine at what time are the following sentences and pass a simple present or simple
past as appropriate.
1) you are happy.
2) she was at home.
3) they are with my mother
4) Carlos is here.
5) Mary and I were sad
6) Miriam was at the university.
7) The dog is tired.
8) The cat was at the farm.
9) My parents are here
10) He is in the hospital
1) You were happy
2) she is at home
3) They were with my mother
4) Carlos was here
5) Mary and I are sad
6) Miriam is at the university
7) The dog was tired
8) The cat is at the farm
9) My parents were here
10) he was in the hospital.


Yesterday I went to Andrea's house, but she was not there.

My neighbor's wife was not a good woman, she was not friendly and his words
were not sweet.

When my neighbor came home at night, she was not there and dinner was not

The new notebook Carlos was not on the table. That book was on the dining room


Andrea was a beautiful girl, but she was not sociable.

My brother was very grumpy, but he was not a bad person.

I was very happy and extroverted , but was not Solidary.

Catalina was affectionate and sincere, but was not tolerant.

My brother was not the concert and his friends were not happy


The Great Depression

The article refers to the economic crisis experienced during the 20's in America. At
that time there was a major transition between rural America and cautious by one to
an America liberated and eager interest which the American dream was to splurge
and get material goods in a very short time; regardless that despite all the economic
boom of the average worker's salary was very low.
As a result of all this there was a great economic catasfrofe that made history with
BLACK TUESDAY October 29, 1929., When the collapse of the stock market THE
GREAT DEPRESSION. To date it has been considered as the worst economic
imbalance of all time.

Herbert Hoover, then president; not yield greater importance to the situation and
refused to offer assistance to the population affected by poverty going down in
history as the president guilty of the Great Depression. Faced with this horrible
situation a savior government program offering the NEW DEAL, taking prompt action
to tackle the problem and appears to rescue the country. Roosevelt created alliances
with unions providing estadunidence helps people develop habits of thrift and care,
encouraging work and the value of women, Roosevelt defended the rights of blacks.
THE GREAT DEPRESSION AND THE NEW DEAL forever changed the lives of
Americans and their relationship with the government's commitment to the people it
governs looking to achieve the American dream.