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Book Review

Management Case Studies

Vishal Soodan
Research Associate, Department of Business Management,
HNB Garhwal University, (A Central University)
Srinagar-Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
Dr. Akhilesh Chandra Pandey
I.K International Publishing House Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
ISBN 978-93-81141-75-5
Price: 145/- Pages: 192

Management is a discipline that is very diverse and wide in its applications. Unlike other
disciplines, which are having limited scope and applications, management is having a vibrant
scope in day today life. Management Text and Cases is an attempt to highlight such
applied part of the management in business world, with the help of Case Studies. It is a well
established fact that cases help the budding Managers to gain the practical knowledge of the
corporate world and have vital insights to understand the problems faced by the organisations
in the dynamic corporate world.
The Book concentrates on the problems faced by the reputed organisations through
fifty three cases. Through issues which are provided at the end of each case, it helps the
readers to concentrate on the problem part faced by the organisation. It is a comprehensive
book specially designed to meet the needs of students from other disciplines too. The book is
also useful for the students of MCA and Engineering, which makes it a useful tool in
understanding the basic concepts of Management for the students having no commerce
background and also helps to increase their problem solving skills.
The Book is divided into two parts, the first part which is further divided into two sub
sections, provides the inputs regarding decision making whereas the second sub section
makes the book unique by the by having the section which deals with the Methods to solve
the case study. The second part deals with the self made cases with problems and also cases
from the leading organisations. The book is also very useful for the professionals practising
management, as it help them to equip with the required decision making skills which
ultimately lead them to ethical ways of solving problems.
The book has easy and free flowing content as well as rich knowledge building cases
which forms a prescriptive reading suitable for management students as well as students from
other disciplines too. In its disguise of simplicity, it is a highly thought provoking book.
While stressing on the decision making and methods to tackle a case, the author has
attempted to bring the common management problems faced by the organisations with the
help of cases, by citing various organisations.
The book is versed with handy knowledge on problems faced by the organisations in
their day today operations and covers almost every type of business hurdles that makes it a
must read for all working professionals, executives and all Management students irrespective
of their area of specialization.