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The New Marketing Paradigm: Social Media in a B2B Setting “Overview of Business Applications of Social Media”

Karen Leavitt, CEO, Marketing Fusion

Angela Lauria, CMO, AppAssure Gail Nelson, SVP, Marketing, BurrellesLuce Jeff Majka, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Strategic Communications Group

Social Media Webinar Series
The New Marketing Paradigm: Social Media in a B2B Setting
Enterprise Sales Support - Using Social Medial to Support the Enterprise B2B Sales Cycle Price for SIIA Members: Free, Non SIIA Members: $35 Monday, October 5th - 1:30pm - 2:30 pm EDT Using Social Media to Target the C-Suite and Close Deals Price for SIIA Members: Free, Non SIIA Members: $89 Monday, November 2 - 1:30pm - 2:30 pm EDT Social Media for Brand Awareness, Thought Leadership and Other Traditional PR Activities Price for SIIA Members: Free, Non SIIA Members: $89 Monday, December 7th - 1:30pm - 2:30 pm EDT


Nomination Deadline: Oct 16, 2009 http://www.siia.net/codies

For more information contact Lisa Mithcell-Brooks, lmitchell@siia.net


Lars Dalgaard CEO, SuccessFactors Zach Nelson President and Chief Executive Officer, NetSuite, Inc. http://www.siia.net/ondemand

Karen Leavitt

Company History • Marketing Fusion • Mzinga • WebEx • Intranets.com • Lotus Development

Marketing Fusion is a small, private consultancy focused on advising startup businesses on creating online business and marketing strategies.


Gail Nelson, SVP, Marketing, BurrellesLuce
twitter.com/gail_nelson gnelson@burrellesluce.com

• • • We provide media monitoring, measurement & reporting services along with a media contacts database. Services accessible through an online portal, called BurrellesLuce 2.0. Clients range from sole PR practitioners to communicators at Fortune 100 companies.


• We NEEDED to be where our constituents are, and our audience is active and pioneering in this space.

Social Media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter MySpace Percent Active 71 52 50 15
Source: BurrellesLuce client survey, June 2009




“The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful”
Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard law professor and Internet expert


Designed a page that directs visitors to our cadre Tweeters


BurrellesLuce using Twitter to solve a client issue

Customer service is everyone’s job – even @gojohnab

• • • • • • Listen to their needs Don’t DM unless asked to Write good headlines Provide links Do your research Showcase expertise

• Engagement and Hard Numbers

• Blog Results
• Traffic: 350% increase in visits; 1/1 – 7/31 • Engagement: Growing. (last 10 posts drew 13 comments)

• Twitter Results
• BurrellesLuce sentiment: 98% neutral to positive. • Engagement: • Four have 1000+ followers • 27 successful customer service interventions • 414 sales contacts

• Facebook Results
• Advertising campaign generating downloads and leads

Adding horsepower to our branding and public relations strategy: @valeriesimon @tressalynne @dfriez

You only need to be active in social media if this is where your stakeholders are active. That being said EVERYONE should be listening.


• http://www.twitalyzer.com • http://www.socialmention.com

• If you can get your organization to agree, let the people with the passion for the job run with it. They’ll make the time. They’ll have fun, they’ll make friends. • Be patient. We don’t have our own community a la Groundswell, but we’ve built a lot of little villages. We’re seeing success. • Be a social media student, and be a teacher too. We all are learning and sharing everyday.

Effectively implementing a B2B social media strategy

Agenda – How we do B2B Social Media @ AppAssure
Start with the goal not the tool
Ignore pressure from management to ‘get on FaceBook or Twitter’ Focus on what results you need in marketing – then think about what tools will help you reach that goal

E.G. We use social media for lead gen, branding & awareness

Know how you are going to measure success

Find your Voice
Know who you are. You need a personality – people don’t like to buy from companies they like to buy from people. We use a social media ‘lead’ approach because for us getting employees to write didn’t work – though I really admire Zappos.

Dream small and build
Bite off a bit of the apple that you can measure – that will help get funding/support going forward Do not expect magic/spontaneous participation to happen

1st – a bit about AppAssure & our audience AppAssure provides innovative backup and disaster recovery software purpose-built for Windows applications. We are the Home of Backup 2.0. Backup 2. 0 is the next generation of backup and disaster recovery.
• • • • • •

Messages geared to targets IT Professionals Extremely ad-resistant, skeptical audience In charge of enforcing CAN-SPAM. Especially low open rates Make most purchase requests based on word of mouth Site “Google” and “Forums” as top places for advice Generally over-worked, often misunderstood members of company without budget authority – the “Rodney Dangerfield’s” of their office.

Beware the Gnomes….
Your mission? Figure out phase 2 before you start collecting underpants.


Start with the goal not the tool
OUR PRIMARY GOAL: - Get more downloads of our 30 day software trials
A few of the tools we considered: Viral Video | LinkedIn | Facebook | Digg | Delicious | MySpace | Twitter | Free Download sites | participation in Forums | Blogging | Building our own social community | Contributing articles

What we did: Introduced Our Lead Geek – Josh Hoffman with credibility in the space (former editor-inchief of leading trade publication) Concentrated on Josh building a relationship with prospects based on providing them high quality content. NOT by pushing downloads. We had Josh blog, tweet, and grow a twitter community for us. We also picked 3 hot forums for Josh to participate. Focus on driving traffic back to our site but not ask for downloads. We were using the tools we thought would grow the most organic traffic from THE RIGHT PEOPLE.
OUR SECONDARY GOAL: - Get in front of more IT Professionals so they know who we are when we call. Which tool? We felt like building the brand of JOSH would go further than the AppAssure brand. Josh is now involved in customer calls, webinars, and he is the Dean of Backup 2.0 University.

Measure and Grow!
OUR PRIMARY GOAL: - Get more downloads of our 30 day software trials
Measurement: “non-paid” downloads… in other words, organic traffic that downloads Value: $100 a download. 1 in 10 become customers so for $1000 we get 1 customer with a LTV of $8K Before Social Media Campaigns started we did about 60 non-paid downloads a month. April: 68 | May: 56 | June: 60 After Social Media Campaigns started: July: 86 | August: 162 Cost of social media lead : $6500/month – total: $13,000 Value of downloads above 60/month benchmark: $12,800

ROI: almost break even month 2!
OUR SECONDARY GOAL: - Get in front of more IT Professionals so they know who we are when we call. Measurement: harder to quantify but we look at non-paid traffic / time on site

Find Your Voice
Congratulations: You’re a Publisher! Best Practices: •Make sure your voice is consistent •It must resonate with your audience •It’s best if you don’t start and stop or make frequent changes – be committed •Nice if you can get company participation – ideal in my mind is an active CEO like Tony Hsieh from Zappos but be realistic •If you have to twist someone’s arm into tweeting it’s not going to work •Integrate your strategy across all of marketing •Write once – publish many times •AGGREGATE!
There is always some art to the science!

Dream Small & Build (aka what NOT to do)
Be careful! It’s rough out there. Here are a few pitfalls, I’ve fallen into:

easy to have eyes bigger than your stomach. Don’t bite off more than you can chew/measure. •Go to communities that are out there. Don’t start your own unless there is demand from your audience. You’ll know there is demand because they will start there own community •Get your cast and crew to commit. Get buy it – it’s a real program. It’s not free, easy, or convenience. Think of it and plan for it like you would a tradeshow with no end date! Your booth is always open. •Try not to let empty pages stay live. •Remember your goal is to figure out phase 2 – Underpants DO NOT = profit
Sadly, This screen shot was taken yesterday.


Let’s Stay Connected!

Angela E. Lauria, PhD AppAssure, Chief Marketing Officer alauria@appassure.com
Twitter: @appassure (work) | @alauria (personal) LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/angelalauria

Free Tools for IT Pros @ www.appassure.com:
For Exchange Admins: free single message recovery for Exchange with MailRetriever Lite For SharePoint Admins: free document recovery for Sharepoint with DocRetriever For Hyper-V Admins: the first tool in our Hyper-V Toolset, VHD Mount ShellExtension

Social Media Webinar Series

Overview of Business Applications of Social Media

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

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Strategic Communications Group is an integrated social media, digital communications and public relations agency. We work with some of the largest and fastest growing technology and healthcare companies helping them sell their goods and services in a B2B and B2G environment.

Social Media Made Simple
Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, information exchange, and the sharing of words, pictures, videos and audio. This interaction, and the manner in which information is presented, often results in the creation of communities of like-minded individuals. We have a different philosophy about social media.

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Karen Leavitt Chief Executive Officer Marketing Fusion (774) 444-0544 ksleavitt@gmail.com Jeff Majka Director, Marketing and Business Development Strategic Communications Group, Inc. jmajka@gotostrategic.com http://majka.blogspot.com http://twitter.com/jmajka Angela E. Lauria Chief Marketing Officer alauria@appassure.com @appassure (work) | @alauria (personal) http://www.linkedin.com/in/angelalauria Gail Nelson SVP, Marketing, BurrellesLuce gnelson@burrellesluce.com twitter.com/gail_nelson +1.800.631.1160

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