Vienna YouthForce

Advocacy Subcomittee
The Advocacy Sub-committee (AS) is one of the five sub-committees of the Vienna YouthForce (VYF), a coalition of youth-led and youth serving HIV and AIDS organisations working to empower young delegates and promote youth participation around the subject before, during and after the XVIII International AIDS Conference in Vienna. As done during the 2006 and 2008 International AIDS Conferences in Toronto and Mexico City, the AS is responsible for generating common advocacy messages on behalf of young people around the world in regards to HIV prevention, young people living with HIV rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights. These are then turned into a campaign which includes: a) visibility materials; b) a commitment desk, and c) capacity building of young people in order to partake in international debates, negotiations and decision making processes.

Nickie Imanguli (Azerbaijan) Co-chair Studied Economics, Art History and Spanish in school, but I have bee n an advocate for almost ten years now specifically in the issue of youth sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Aram Barra (Mexico) Co-chair s and have Studied international relation years in been an activist for the past 10 xual and diverse topics ranging from se to youth reproductive health and rights ucation and participation, employment, ed most recently, drug policy and harm reduction.


Vienna YouthForce

Subcommittee members
Ahmed Tammam (Egypt) Young medical activist who has wo rked on the HIV/AIDS area for 8 years, loc ally, nationally, and regionally. He led a medical campaign which targeted 1,500 you ng doctors’ attitude towards sexual minorities and ended with a national studen t conference in his country.

Ajay Kumar (Nepal) int of Global South Asian Regional Focal Po (GYCA) and Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS at the student of M.Sc. Microbiology past 5 years University of Mysore. For the ipation, he has focused in civic partic HIV and AIDS leadership development and of young and Sexual Health and Rights people.

Bernadette Fis

chler (Austria)

Advocacy and P ublic Affairs Coo rdinator for the World Ass ociation of Girl G uides and Girl Scouts (WA movement repres GGGS), a worldwide enting 10 million girls and young women, where she take s care of advocacy strate gy and issues re lated to girls' and young women’s health and the MDG’s.


Vienna YouthForce

Subcommittee members
Casimiro Vizzini (Italy) I studied medicine in Palermo (Si cily) and I got my specialization in urology. I attended a Master at the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques in Paris where I live now. I am an Associate Expert at UNESCO and quite act ive in the field of sexuality, society, HIV/AIDS and human rights.

Kyla Zanardi (Canada) on an Currently working as trainee gram called interdisciplinary research pro Men and Boys the CIHR South African HIV ection of Project, examining the inters HIV. Prior to gender-based violence and ders and the this, I was one of the co-foun tor for Youth international project coordina -led harm RISE, an international youth reduction organization.

Katharina Metzb

auer (Austria)

Currently studyi ng Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Vienna. She is an intern at the World VIs ion Austria, organiza tion handling th e preconference on 'c hildren on HIV/A IDS' and a volunteer in the 'Aids Hilfe Haus Wien' doing workshops and info-stands.


Vienna YouthForce

Subcommittee members
Mohammed Lamarana Barry (Ga mbia) Interim vice chairperson of the Ga mbian Treatment Action Group and the Executive Director of Aid for Smiles interna tional. My journey to the AIDS response beg an at the age of 11 when I stood up and spo ke up to break the silence and give a voice to children living with HIV and the edu cation system of Gambia.

Ojok Eric (Uganda) ist 6 years ago, I started working as an activ t of youth in my motivated by the commitmen to fighting the country and around the world on other human scourge of HIV and working with African Child rights issues. I have worked ation Group for Outreach Trust, AIDS Educ d currently doing Youth, Hope Alive Uganda an S Information a part time work with the AID d testing. Center on HIV counseling an

Orain Edward

s (Jamaica)

Student of inte rnational relatio ns and sociology and social policy at the university of the West Ind ies. A passiona te youth advocate for th e past 9 years in areas of sexual reprodu ctive health an d rights, youth empowe rment, youth d evelopment and education. As a third year youth parliamentaria n, I have been working with policy makers in Jamaica.


Vienna YouthForce

Subcommittee members
Pablo Torres (Mexico) Student of International Relations and coordinator of the HIV programm e at Espolea, a mexican youth-led org anization working on harm reduction, gen der equality and HIV. There, I am working on the development of the 1st Latin Am erican network of YPLHIH/A and as a representative at the UNAIDS Th eme Group.

) Paolo Cansino (Philippines ng activities, Active in youth and youth-servi the member of the Boy Scouts of as a National Philippines and have served tional Scout Representative to the Na ar I am part Executive Board. Since last ye Advisory of the UNFPA Philippines Youth n of its Policy Panel serving as the chairma Committee.

Peter Hanl (Au


I am currently en rolled in a post-g raduate program of intern ational relations at the diplomatic acad emy of Vienna. I strongly believe that the so called “vulne rable groups” need to get a better hear ing. There are still so many problems, peop le getting marginalized an d also being “pig eonholed”.


Vienna YouthForce

Subcommittee members
Tea Topuria (Georgia) Studies Business Administration and Accounting and is a member of You Act and Ysafe. She is a youth leader at HE RA-XXI, where she holds presentations, trai ning, workshops and informational sem inars to help other volunteers make plans and strategies on the SRHR field.

Ukwo Joy (Nigeria) ing, visionary, I am an energetic, hardwork person who self-motivated and confident thing for the believes that I can do some d Peer Educator benefit of humanity. A traine on community Trainer by UNICEF focused mmunities, with prevention on HIV in rural co , data collection experience in programming d evaluation in and analysis, monitoring an her country.

an Republic) Today I’m a yo uth leader and advocate that has been ded icated for alm ost 14 years to generate chan ge, promote y outh rights, by way of youth p articipation an d empowermen t initiatives, fo r the better development of peers and s ociety, contributing e specially in to wards defens of human righ e ts in the area of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), youth public policies and H IV.

Vladimir Jaq uez (Dominic