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Help Yourself Issue No. 156
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April 2010

Stainer’s Crucifixion at St Mary’s, Attleborough
A speci al St. Mar y‘ s parish performance of Stainer‘s Crucifixion will take place on Palm Sunday, March 28th at 6.30 p.m. Given by St. Mary‘s Church Choir and guests. Many people came to share in our choir‘s magnificent Advent Procession, which made a thoughtful start to the approaching Christmas season. It was promised then that the choir would make another significant contribution to the spiritual and musical life of our church, and here it is – Stainer‘s ―Meditation on the Sacred Passion of the Holy Redeemer‖ – or to give it its usual title ―The Crucifixion‖. This great work was originally written for Marylebone Parish Church choir from where it became a favourite over the entire English Speaking world. Thousands of performances would be given throughout the country in every sort of church, usually in Holy Week. Some of the hymns, written within the work, became widely used in churches, indeed we sing them still at St. Mary‘s including the beautiful ―All for Jesus‖. However, during the second half of the 20th Century the work became less and less sung, dismissed by some experts as being too popular and no more than worthless Victorian tosh. But in recent times there has been an amazing revival of interest with many competent church choirs making it the centrepiece of their Lent work. Now, here in St. Mary‘s, we have the chance to judge for ourselves what a moving and deeply spiritual work this is. It will not only please you musically, but it will enable you to enter fully into its significance as you join in with the hymns dispersed throughout the piece. We have secured the help of two soloists and some members of another church choir are hoping to join us. If you have enjoyed singing then this would make a fine Lenten offering for yourself. We want everyone who wants to hear good music, support our fine choir and understand what Jesus did for us on Good Friday to come and listen and bring friends and neighbours with you. I know that you will find it a moving approach to understanding more clearly the meaning of the Cross.

Watton Round Table and 41 Club - the final cheque

Noel Abel presents a cheque for £367 to Amy Mower and Geoff Garrett of Project Rainbow The presentation of a cheque for £367 marked the final act for what was Watton Round Table and 41 Club. Whilst Watton Round Table was disbanded some 10 years ago, the tradition has been kept alive by ex Round Tablers in 41 Club (you had to leave Round Table on reaching 40 years). However, with dwindling numbers 41 Club has also disbanded and the members voted to donate the remainder of their funds to the Rainbow Project in Watton. Noel Abel, aged 80, was nominated by his fellow 41 Club members to present the cheque as he is the only surviving founder member of Watton Round Table – which was formed in 1954. Mr Abel said ―This cheque marks the end of an era. Over the years Watton Round Table raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities and organised events such as the Carnival and Senior Citizen‘s Christmas Parties.‖ ―As we bow out it seemed appropriate to pass what funds we had to the youth of the town, to our future. The Rainbow Project is doing so much for our young people in Watton and I understand that they need as much support as they can get - and we are very pleased to help‖. The cheque was received by Claire Mower, one of the youngest members of Project Rainbow, and the project Chairman, Rev. Geoff Garrett who commented that the baton had been passed on together with the cheque and he looked forward using the money to help continue building Project Rainbow for the betterment of the community.

Katie’s running to beat bowel cancer
Watton girl, Katie Adcock is running the London Marathon in memory of a very brave man. Nathan Bray was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in March 2009. Just months later, he discovered his cancer was terminal and sadly died aged 32, just 5 days after his wedding to Katie‘s best friend, Aneliese McCain. On April 25th 2009, which would have been Nathan‘s 33rd Birthday, Katie will be running the 26.2 miles in his honour and raising money for the Beating Bowel Cancer campaign. If anyone would be kind enough to sponsor Katie a form is available in Adcocks in the High Street in Watton or you can donate on line at Pictured below - Katie (left) at Nathan and Aneliese‘s wedding.

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Christopher Horn
It is with great sorrow that we have to say that we have lost one of our much cherished and respected brothers, Chris Horn. Born during the last war in Beachamwell, Chris lived his early years at Swaffham until the family moved to Watton in 1952, when his father, Wilf Horn, took up a teaching post here. Associations with Swaffham continued as Chris Attended Hamonds Grammar School travelling daily on the train. In 1961 he joined the RAF, attending No 1 Radio School at Locking, in Somerset. Chris married a Somerset girl, Veronica and after a long career in the RAF he then worked for British Aerospace developing guided missile technology after the Falklands war. After attending university where he earned a degree, Chris morphed his career into Health and Safety in which he became a specialist trainer. Just recently while working in Kazakhstan, he suffered a ruptured appendix which sadly led to his death on March 6th 2010 aged 65years. Chris and Vron had two children, Sven who recently emigrated to Australia with his wife Sarah and who are expecting their first son in a few weeks, and Martin who, following in Chris‘s footsteps is also a specialist in

Making the most of your savings
When you have taken all the time and effort to set money aside, you want to be sure those savings are working as hard as they can for you. This guide lays out some of the main points you might want to consider when planning what to do with those savings – and some general rules you might want to follow to keep then on track to meet your goals. Build a firm base The general rule of thumb is that before you do anything else, you should build up an amount equal to between three and six months‘ salary and place it in a deposit account. This should be easily accessible so that you can get hold of what you need, should an emergency arise. There are two benefits to having an amount set aside in this way. First, you can feel assured that, should the worst happen – for example you need to undertake significant repairs to your house or car or you lose your job – there is a fund readily available to help you financially whilst you deal with other issues. Second, this frees you up to make the right decisions about any additional savings. If you invest in the stock market, for example, the value of that investment can go down as well as up. It is therefore no place for money which you might need to use in an emergency. Building funds on deposit means you can then begin to consider longer term investments without the worry that you might have to take money out of the market at the wrong time. (But more of that later……) Whilst interest rates are currently low, careful study of the best buy lists and interest rate surveys can help you maximise the rate you earn on this money. You can also spread your money between a number of accounts – some on immediate access; some on 30 days notice, some perhaps even on 90 days notice. Spreading your money between institutions also increases the guarantee coverage you receive from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Currently, the FSCS will pay compensation up to 100% of £50,000 per institution. Diversify As with your deposit account cushion, if you are averse to the idea of exposing your entire portfolio to the whims of the stock market you can build a further cushion into your investment by spreading money across different asset classes. There are not just equities but also property, gilts and corporate bonds to choose from. In this way, when equities are suffering, one of your other choices might be doing better and can compensate for some of that loss. Even if they all have a bad day, they will not all do equally badly. Buy low, sell high This is a basic tenet of investing but, sadly, is a lot more difficult than it looks. Calling the top or bottom of markets has proved impossible to do with any consistency, even for experts – if it were easy, there would be many more Warren Buffets around. Generally speaking, it would be unwise to adopt this as an investment strategy. Diversification is the key to a successful portfolio. Even in a recession, not all companies suffer, some might even prosper. A simple way to increase the diversity of your portfolio is to invest in a collective investment, such as a unit trust or an OEIC. In this way, your investment is spread across a range of companies, thus the risk is lessened. Invest Regularly Probably the best way to benefit from the swings and roundabouts of the stock market without even thinking about it is to invest regularly. If you do this, as opposed to making a single or occasional lump sum investment, you benefit from what is called ‗pound/cost averaging‘ i.e. buying shares at a range of different prices as the market moves up or down over time. A monthly savings plan is a particularly efficient way to do this because it disciplines your budgeting and after a while, the money will disappear from your account without you even noticing. When prices are high you will buy fewer shares or units, but when prices are low, you get more for your money. Your average buying price is therefore likely to be lower in volatile markets and will benefit overall when markets rise again. This is another way of mitigating risk within your portfolio. You can stop worrying about when is the right time to invest – and when is the wrong time – and you can continue the good savings habits you created whilst building your deposit account cushion. Look to the long-term We consider investing in equities because over the long-term, they have traditionally outperformed all other asset classes. However, by long term we mean at least five years and preferably longer. The downside to equities is that shortterm, stock market investments is a volatile business and you need to be prepared to see the value of your investment fall from time to time. The trick is to remember why you invested and look through any short-term issues towards your longer term goals. However, there is one final rule which overrides all of these… Don’t push your luck Markets are constantly changing so, just as long as you prepare your portfolio at the outset, you also have to plan for the final goal. Therefore, as that date gets closer, you might consider consolidating some of the gains you made so that you can actually carry out your plans. After all, you do not want to see all your hard earned savings cut in half by a market downturn in the final six months before you need to access the money in your portfolio. Better, therefore, to consider moving money out of the stock market, bit by bit. Similarly, during the life of your investment, watch out for market peaks. Depending on your goals, you will likely have to consider this repositioning several years before you actually want the money. It is usual for a person to move from equities and property into fixed interest and cash, but it is imperative that you take professional advice on this, as this period represents the culmination of many years‘ savings. If you would like help and support with any investment decision, from starting your deposit account through to consolidating your long held pension plan, please do not hesitate to give Smith & Pinching a call on 01953 885904. Their advice can help you make the most of your money, plan for the future and free your time, allowing you to get on with making plans. Please note: the value of any investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount you originally invested.

the RAF and is married to Kate. From the tributes we have received and heard he made an impact on many people‘s lives – world-wide! He died in the knowledge that he would soon be having his first Grandson. We know that he was very proud of his two sons, their wives and would have been proud of his future grandson. He will leave a great hole in the family but especially in the life of his very dear and loving wife. His funeral will take place in Weston Super Mare on Monday 29th March at 2pm Donations will be taken for the Weston S M Lifeboat which is a RNLI boat and can be sent to Elms Funeral Directors, 50 Baker St, Weston Super-Mare, Avon. BS23 3AQ From Robin, Adrian, Julian, Nicholas and Bryony Horn.

An AWSOME project
Young people in and around Watton are being encouraged to engage with police and the wider community by becoming involved in Project AWESOME, which aims reduce crime and disorder by developing a sense of pride in their surroundings while at the same time participating in positive activities over the coming months. Working in partnership with Watton Town Council, the Youth Focus Group, Wayland Youth Council, Project Rainbow and the Wayland Partnership, the project ―Activities With Engagement Summer Of Mega Events‖ is to engage with young people who don‘t normally relate well to authority and to encourage them to take on tasks they wouldn‘t normally do such as litter picking etc with the reward of positive activities by bringing facilities such as a climbing wall, mobile skatepark and archery to the area for day long events. Sergeant Lance Ogbourne of Watton Safer Neighbourhood Team said ―We hope the young people will get a great deal from this summer‘s activities. It is a real opportunity for them to participate in fun and exciting activities by putting something back into the community themselves.‖ Dates for the forthcoming events and activities will be advertised locally nearer the time in order for young people to attend and enjoy.

Ovington Village Hall Annual Quiz
Are you one of the many people who shout answers at the TV screen during quiz shows? Do you think you could compete with the Eggheads? Then do something about it: form your own quiz team and come along to Ovington Village Hall for the Annual Quiz on Saturday, 24th April at 7.30pm. We can promise you an evening of teasing the grey matter, of rummaging in the lost recesses of your memory while raising money for the Village Hall. All this entertainment, with a cold buffet supper thrown in, for only £6 per person - how do we do it? Call Christine on 01953 885848 to find out and book in your team of 4 people. Hurry as space is limited.

Coffee at the Queens Hall
9.30am to 11.30am

Farmers Market Day-

Saturday April 3rd


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Community Safety Taxi hailed as success
The Community Safety Taxi initiative that caused so much interest some months ago has been hailed a success by Norfolk Police. The scheme, which was set up in response to increasing anti social behaviour resulting from late night drinkers returning home on Friday and Saturday nights, transports drinkers direct from the town centre to estate entrances in Watton and Carbrooke. Since its introduction there has been a significant reduction in instances of petty vandalism and rowdy behaviour on the route home along the Norwich Road corridor, which has freed police resources for deployment elsewhere. Speaking about the scheme Sgt. Ogbourne said ―Although it attracted a lot of criticism for Police and Watton Town Council, who provided the first round of funding, the scheme has been a great success. With the ever increasing pressure on resources these days, the success of the Community Safety Taxi has been a great help in reducing crime and disorder.‖ ―We do need more funding but since the scheme only costs £27 per weekend, it is such good value that I‘m hoping that local businesses will support it; it‘s a service in the community for the community.‖ If you would like to help support this positive initiative, Sgt Ogbourne can be contacted by email to: or by phone on 0845 456 4567

Making the news at Attleborough High

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An Inspector Calls
The Birlings are enjoying a family dinner party to celebrate the engagement of Sheila and Gerald when the door bell rings. It is an inspector who announces that he is investigating the suicide earlier that day of a young woman. At first the family deny any involvement but all is not quite what it seems! The Wayland Players will be presenting J.B Priestley‘s classic thriller from 15th17th April starting at 7.45pm in the Queen‘s Hall, Watton. Tickets, priced at £6.50 are available from Adcocks, 3234 High Street, Watton Tel 01953 881248. Website:

Attleborough High students spent an exciting day creating the news when a class of Year 8 students spent a day experiencing what it was like to be a reporter and produced written articles and filmed reports on school events. On 11 March Attleborough High School was involved with the BBC School News Report national project. The aim of this BAFTA nominated project which won the Royal Television Society (RTS) award for Innovation in Education 2008 and was shortlisted for the Innovation in Journalism award 2007 - is to interest young people in news of all sorts, and the world around them, by giving them the chance to make their own news. The Attleborough High Students enjoyed the experience of creating news and the challenge of writing reports to a tight deadline. Class 8A1 worked with their English teacher, Mrs Graham, and Miss Lane to write news articles about school issues. They produced a range of articles which could then be accessed by students all around the world. On the day the students filmed their reports using the school‘s new

green screen staging 14. They then went live to the nation with their video broadcasts at 14.00 on the day. They received superb technical support from Garry Baisden, the school‘s ICT Network Manager and last minute troubleshooting from three Sixth Formers, Brett Knights, Joshua Buck and Richard Perkins in the last tense hour of preparing their work for the final deadline. Assistant Headteacher Mrs Carmina McConnell commented: ―This was a wonderful experience for the students; it gives them a taste of the pressures and excitement in producing the news.. ―It was such a positive experience and all the students are eager to get involved in the p r o j e c t n e x t ye a r ; a t Attleborough High we are already planning how to involve more members of the school in the BBC News Report in the future.‖ To view some of the Attleborough High students work, click on the BBC logo on the top left corner Attleborough High School website home page at


Lusher Coach Excursions 2010
Sunday 28th March Monday 5th April Sunday 25th April Sunday 16th May Monday 31st May Lunch at The Stag, Attleborough Mini Mystery Tour Nene Valley Railway, Peterborough includes train ride with steam locomotive Colchester and Beth Chatto Gardens including admission to gardens Suffolk Coastal Tour £25.00 £9.50 £23.50 £17.50 £12.00

Our 2010 Excursion List – is now available To get your copy – please call us on 01760 440589 or e-mail:

On your PVCu Replacement Windows, Doors and Sunlounges.
Plus!We have no pushy sales reps, all appointments are undertaken by

50ish? thinking of getting fit?
Can't face the gym or jogging, can't swim and don't think bowls is quite for you? Why not come and have a go at Table Tennis? I bet you played when you were young - it's not such a hard game to pick up again. Watton has an excellent Club at the Sports Centre, lots of tables so you won't have to hang around waiting to have a go. Lots of bats and balls so until you know if you like it there's nothing to buy; no special clothes except soft soled shoes. No heels! Friendly people to get you started and show you how. If you have played a lot before there's competition available. We're all over 50 some of us over 70! We can do it - so can you! Come to the Sports Centre on Thursday afternoons between 2 and 4pm we'll make you welcome. Ring David on 880027 or Brenda on 881792 if you want to know more. See you there!

Ray Harman(Proprietor)

Unit B, Yaxham Rd,

(behind Halfords)

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our lovingly-tended seedlings went overnight. Having dealt with soil, aspect came next and it came as no surprise that they enjoy full sun. They do not do well under trees. In a garden setting they do best with a backdrop - wall, fence, evergreen hedge but they also do well in open ground provided they have been properly staked against their main enemy, wind. Delphiniums also need feeding as all herbaceous plants do and there seemed to be no magic secret about it. These plants are easily raised from seed and it is recommended that you buy plants or seeds from wellestablished growers, the most famous is Blackmore and Langdon. There is a specialist nursery called Larkspur at Spalding, o wn ed b y As hle y Ramsbottom who was head of the propagation department at Wisley. He should know a thing or two about raising plants! This brought us to propagation which is done in spring by removing the soil from the sides of the plant and removing a cutting section with a sharp knife. Division is possible but may check the plants as they are not keen on being moved. However, once the plants reach 4-5 years it is likely the centres will be rotted, so this is a good time to take the cuttings and discard the middle bit. This brought us to showing. The Norfolk Show is the Delphinium Grower‘s annual Show and this year they are also hosting the East Anglian Championship. This should be well worth a visit. For showing the stems Mr Wade fills the hollow stems with water and plugs them with cotton wool. The flowers are then wrapped in tissue paper or cotton wool or bubble wrap and packed in cardboard tubes - he uses tubes that held fluorescent lamps. A bit of recycling there as well. Unfortunately due to a broken projector we were unable to see his collection of slides but there was a display of poster-size photographs of perfect delphiniums. This display was a real inspiration, as was the fact that they are not at all difficult to grow. I‘m sure members will be getting started soon. The meeting continued with the usual raffle and the results of the mini-show which was an 8‖ pot of mini-narcissus. This was won by Ralph Kinsley with Geoff Twelftree second, Michael Simmons third and Vic Cossins Highly Commended. A special mention should go to a new member, Peter Hicks, who had interpreted the brief as one bulb. His display off that one bulb was truly impressive with several perfect blooms, all the same height and all fully out. We ended with Geoff's Tips for April and these were mainly to bear in mind how late everything is after the winter so included jobs that would normally be done in March: pruning roses and starting the lawn off. Geoff does give us lots of pointers for the following month but to take advantage please come to one of our meetings where you will be given a real Bradenham welcome. There will be no meeting in the Village Hall in April, but please do come along to our Spring Show on Saturday 10th, also in the Village Hall, when the doors open at 3.30pm for viewing the exhibits and teas.

Bradenham & District Horticultural Society
We held our March meeting on Thursday, 18th in the Village Hall. Our speaker was Mr Barry Wade, Chairman of the Norfolk Growers Group of the Delphinium society, who had come all the way from Caister-on-Sea to talk about delphiniums. The delphinium is queen of the herbaceous border, probably because of its majestic height, as most grow to 4-6 feet. Obviously they need supports. The most common is the old method of three stakes and string but Mr Wade makes his own from wire mesh fashioned into a ring at about 3ft high and diameter. The plants are so vigorous that fully grown they hide these completely. He addressed the issue raised of plants flowering one year then disappearing. Mulch is the answer. These perennials are shallow-rooted so whilst they need lots of water in the growing season they are vulnerable to cold and water logging in the winter. Mr Wade uses well-rotted horse manure autumn and spring and his plants survived even the harsh winter we just experienced. Other problems were solved. Delphiniums are not fussy about the soil type. Many originate from Asia where they grow on mountainous dusty soil but hybridising has meant they will happily take to clay. Delphiniums attract slugs. Wrong. If you have a slug problem you have a slug problem. Simple as that. The little critters don‘t come from miles around for the delphiniums. All gardeners have their own methods of dealing with them and let‘s face it Picture: Wikipedia Creative Commons we‘ve all wondered where

Ashill Senior Youth Club
The club is open every Wednesday night and is open to youngsters at any high school. We meet 7.30pm 9.30pm at Ashill community centre. The club offers a safe environment for the young people to meet their friends, to join in activities or just sit around for a chat. Please remember we are closed Wednesdays 31st March, 7th and 14th April and we reopen on 21st April. Over the last month two months the members have enjoyed making pizzas, pancakes, darts tournament, gory make over night and a trip to strikes bowling alley. In April we are going to the cinema, filming round the village for a horror film we are making. We are looking for extra's of all ages to join in the fun. Filming will be taking place from Monday 12th April.

Ashill Junior Youth Club
We meet twice a month on a Friday and are open to 8 years old until end of year 7 at any high school from 7 9pm at Ashill Community Centre. Dates for March to May are as follows: April 9th club night with disco, April 23rd spring clean, May 7th sports competition, May 21st, June 4th sponsored walk, June 18th For more information on both of clubs or if you can offer any help or have any ideas on how we can improve the clubs for the future Please contact mark on 01760 440577.


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Westfield Science Week

Wayland Short Mat Bowls
Come and join us at the Youth and Community Centre in Harvey St. Watton. We are a small friendly bowls club that welcomes experienced or new bowlers. We play Wednesday morning 9.30 - 12.30 in the rear hall, with a break half time for refreshments. Why not come and give it a try. For more information you can ring Betty on 01953 883600

Watton Town Council

Councillor’s Surgeries
Come and talk to a Councillor and make your views known in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere at The Surge, behind the Co-Op
Pupils at Watton Westfield Infant and Nursery School have been enjoying National Science Week. Classes have been making telephones, magnetic pictures, doing magic painting, looking for the signs of Spring and measuring the flight of paper aeroplanes. Everyone has had a most enjoyable and informative week which culminated in a ‗Show and Tell‘ Assembly. In the photograph above you can see some of the children learning about food and scientific changes as they made a vegetable pasta bake. Local chef and parent governor Dan George was able to teach the children how to prepare an easy but delicious healthy meal.

Farmers Market Day Saturday 3rd April from 10am to 12 Noon

Education Sunday at Watton Methodist Church
(Editor‘s note: this item was inadvertently missed last month) January 31st was a very special day in the life of Watton Methodist church because it was Education Sunday, the day when members traditionally remember and celebrate the work of the schools in our town. Representatives from Westfield Nursery and Infant School and Watton Junior School took part in the service demonstrating enthusiastically some of the things they have been learning and doing in school in recent weeks. A large group of children from Westfield Nursery and Infant School explained about the Solar System and sang songs which


fitted with their theme. Watton Junior School Choir contributed two lovely songs from their repertoire. Again this year the service was enhanced by photographs from the two schools projected onto large screens enabling the congregation to appreciate something of what it means to go to school in the 21st century. Worship songs were chosen by some of the

children and included ‗He‘s got the whole world in His hands‘ and ‗Live Live Live‘ This very lively service was led by Rev. Barbara Winner and her new friend, Poppy, a puppet who wanted to learn to sing! It was wellattended and greatly enjoyed by many of the children‘s parents and friends as well as by the older members of the congregation.

Working home alone - how about breakfast together?
Th e Wayl and Chamber o f Commerce is aware that there are many more businesses within our district, than those visible on Watton High Street and within our Business Parks. We are keen to assist each and every one of them regardless of how big or small they are. With this is mind, we are setting up quarterly Breakfast Forums with the aim of giving individuals the opportunity to build business relationships and to listen to short talks by guest speakers, who may be able to offer solutions or ideas to move your own business forward. The first Breakfast Forum, kindly sponsored by Smith & Pinching is on Monday 26th April at Watton Sports Centre from 7.30am until 8.45am to ensure that you should be back in your office for the start of a working day. Attendance for the first delegate from a Chamber Member Business is free, additional delegates from that business the charge is £3.00. Non Chamber members £5.00 per delegate. Bacon butties or Danish pastries along with tea, coffee or juice will be served. Free Business Card Draw. For more information or to request an invitation/reply slip, please contact the Wayland Chamber of Commerce at:

call in and we’ll be happy to explain what you may need
32 - 34 High Street, Watton Tel: 01953 881248

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Breckland Harmony in concert at Ovington
On Saturday, 17 April at 7pm, St John‘s Church, Ovington, will be resounding to a concert of music with an international flavour performed by Breckland Harmony and instrumentalist friends. Breckland Harmony, under the direction of Julia Grover and accompanied by Mr John Richens, will be performing songs from around the world, including some old favourites. Tickets cost only £5 each and include refreshments after the concert. All proceeds go to the church, which like so many beautiful old buildings, is in great need of much refurbishment work. Ring Christine on 885848 for details and tickets.

Queen Mary 2 visits Adelaide

East Harling Bowls Club
You are warmly invited to our

(with cake stall, etc) on

The early morning sun shines on the Queen Mary 2 as she enters Adelaide harbour. Picture by Maurice Berry © 2010 M.Berry Something different in our Letter from Australia this month. The arrival of the Queen Mary 2 in to the main harbour of South Australia, saw thousands of Adelaidians line the coast between North Haven and Outer Harbour to witness the arrival of one of the biggest passenger ships ever to visit there. The ship, which joined the Cunard fleet in December 2003 and was formally named by Queen Elizabeth on 4th January 2004, has 19 decks and a gross tonnage of approximately 150,000 tons. She is 345 metres long with a beam of 41 metres and carries around 3,000 passengers. Adelaide sightseers were treated to a splendid vision as the sun rose over the Adelaide Hills to cast its glow on the QM2 as she glided through the breakwater of the Harbour. It is estimated that visitors to Adelaide injected somewhere in the vicinity of 500,000 Australian Dollars in to the local economy as a result of the vessel‘s short stay. Local media had a field day, conducting interviews with everyone from the Captain to the ship‘s guests as well as filming the opulence of the ship. It is anticipated the QM2 will make a further 2 trips to South Australia over the next 12 months

Saturday 24 April from 10 am to 12 noon
at the Bowls Club, Church Road, East Harling (opposite the church)


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Wretham joins in 'Breckland Clean up' blitz
Wretham residents joined the Breckland-wide Blitz clean-up that is part of Breckland Council's Pride in Breckland initiative designed to set new standards in safety and cleanliness across the whole District. The council has already made major strides in tackling environmental antisocial behaviour – such as littering, fly posting and graffiti – but is committed to continuing to reduce this, because of the major impact it has on people‘s quality of life. The ‗Breckland Blitz‘ was launched on 1 March when Breckland Council staff gave up their lunch hour to tackle everything from chewing gum on pavements to clearing litter from grass verges. In mid-March 11 strong volunteers from Wretham managed to collect 47 sacks of litter, a motorcycle seat, a chemical sprayer and a few empty DVD cases from a 10 mile stretch of the A1075. East Wretham parish clerk Julian Gibson, who helped to organise the event said; ―If only we had a few more volunteers. We would really love to be able to extend the range down to the A11. I know this is outside our parish, but we regard the A1075 as "our street". Perhaps next year we'll top the 20 volunteer mark and get more covered!‖ More litter picks have been organised over the next five weeks, together with pond clean ups, graffiti removals and the additions of new litter bins. Environmental Services staff and Spike the Hedgehog will also be giving 'litter talks' to pupils at

Spring Art Exhibition (Mixed Media)
April 10th - 17th The Dragonfly Gallery, Wayland House, Watton

Opening times: Weekdays 10.00 - 4.00pm, Saturday 10.00 - 1.00pm
Spring Art Exhibition, 12 talented artists. Mediums to include, watercolour, pastel, graphite pencil, oil, photography and acrylic. New seasons gifts to purchase also available. Free admission. Contact Susan Hollingworth 01953 880205



& Applestore Gallery Telephone/Fax 01953 883488
55 High Street, Watton


For quality out of print books, Fine Bindings and Collectable Editions. New Books including local and children’s classics. Visit the Applestore Gallery on the first floor, exhibiting the Paintings of Kevin Robinson and his complete range of East Anglian prints including Watton and Wymondham. Primary Schools in the district, urging them to bin their rubbish rather than dumping it on the streets The Campaign to Protect Rural England Director James Frost said; "CPRE is pleased to see Breckland Council taking the initiative on litter and fly tipping through its Pride in Breckland scheme. Our local countryside needs all the help it can get and springtime is a good time of year to clear litter hidden in hedgerows, roadsides, lay-bys, parks and gardens. If everyone does something then we'll achieve a lot - the Breckland Blitz is the perfect way to get started." Cllr Theresa Hewett, Executive member for communities who is spearheading the initiative, says, "Pride in Breckland is all about making our communities safer, cleaner places to live. "We want to create an environment where it's socially unacceptable to drop litter, spray graffiti on walls or vandalise public facilities. However, if the Breckland Blitz is going to work, we need the support of everyone who lives and works in the district.‖ If you would like to get involved in the Breckland Blitz please contact Richard Wills, Pride in Breckland coordinator on 01362 656870.

Free lessons at East Harling Bowls Club
East Harling Bowls Club is offering a series of FREE INFORMAL LESSONS on our outside bowling green to anyone (of any age) interested in this popular national sport, which is easy to learn, friendly and sociable. The first lesson will begin at 5.00 pm on Saturday 24th April. Bowls will be provided, but please wear soft, flat soled shoes. Ring Pauline on 01953 717275, or Arthur on 01953 717482 to reserve a place, or just turn up at the clubhouse in Church Road, East Harling (opposite the church) on 24th April at 5.00 pm. The Breckland winter indoor league draws to a close at the end of March and, after a much improved season, our thoughts now turn towards a summer of playing outdoors. It is hoped that the weather will be kind in order for us to complete a full schedule of games in both the Norfolk County EBA and Ashill mixed triples leagues as well as several local friendly matches and our usual Saturday evening club nights. We have steadily increased our membership over the year, but are still looking to welcome new members who wish to join a friendly and sociable club (based behind the car park opposite Harling Church). If you would like further information, then please contact either Pauline (01953 717275) or Arthur (01953 717482), we look forward to meeting you. Dates for your Diary: Saturday 24th April from 10.00 to 12.00 Bowls Club Coffee and Bric a Brac morning Saturday 24th April at 5.30 pm Bowls Club first outdoor meeting for 2010

D Day Is Here For Marathon Runner
Only a few weeks to go for Marathon runner Geoff Ray as he prepares for The 2010 Virgin London Marathon on Sunday 25th April. Whilst the rest of us are probably tucking into chocolate eggs at Easter, local pharmacist Geoff Ray is pounding the pavements in preparation for the marathon. After 4 previous marathons and having vowed never to run the London Marathon again, Geoff is steadily working towards his goal of raising £2,000 in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance. The charity provides a vital emergency service to our rural area 365 days a year and receives no government or lottery funding. Training has gone well and so far Geoff has had no injuries, just the usual sore muscles. Says Geoff ―I have to keep reminding myself that I just need to finish and that it isn‘t a race! I‘ve put a lot of miles into my legs so hopefully they will be strong enough to carry me all the way. I‘m looking forward to standing at the start with all the other thousands of runners and hope that I can take in some of the views of London on the way round. Finishing in front of Buckingham Palace will be amazing!‖ There is still time to support Geoff and help him to reach his target. Sponsorship or donations can be made at Total Health Pharmacy, 14 Gregor Shanks Way, Watton (opposite the Watton Medical Practice‘or by visiting and entering Geoff Ray

Book of the Month from your Library
Horatio Clare, A Single Swallow: Following an Epic Journey from South Africa to South Wales (non-fiction) Clare has been described as a modern day Laurie Lee with his wonderful account of the migration of a swallow and the countries it passes over on its long journey. It leaves you completely in awe of how this little bird can fly so far. The next time you see a swallow arrive in the spring imagine its journey and you will be amazed. A journey of 6,000 miles across two continents and 14 countries is nothing to swallows: they do it twice a year. But for a writer and birdwatcher, this is the expedition of a lifetime. By trains, cars, buses, motorbikes, trucks, canoes, planes, one camel and three ships, Horatio Clare follows the journey of the migrating birds.

I am trying to contact a Northumbrian Clog Dancer. She is a local teacher who has been teaching youngsters to dance around the Maypole but she is also a dancer in her own right. If you are that dancer or you know who she is please get in touch.

Tel 01 953 8854090

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Mid-Norfolk Times Page 9

South Africa again with a touch of Breckland Flower and Garden Club Mozambique and Swaziland
By David and Carolyn Jessup Snakes galore!! Snakes are not everyone‘s cup of tea but it has always been my desire to get a closer look at some of these creatures in the wild. Of course they can be extremely dangerous and many of these reptiles in Africa are to be avoided. For the casual visitor it can be a problem as they are not easily identified, hence it is better to be safe than sorry. There are 130 species of snakes in southern Africa, 34 are venomous and 14 others have been known to have caused human deaths. I believe that unless they are cornered or surprised there will be no problem, as they will just slither away and out of sight quickly; more frightened of you than you are of them. In our previous six visits to Africa we have never really had a good view of snakes, only occasionally seeing one dash away, twisting and turning into the undergrowth. This time it was quite different. The best sighting was an African Rock Python which was lazing across the road in Kruger National Park in the blazing sun. It was massive, about four and a half metres long and almost touching one edge of the road with its head and the other side with its rear. The Rock Python is the largest snake in Africa and although it is not venomous it is, nevertheless, still very dangerous. They catch their prey by wrapping themselves around the body of the unfortunate animal and squeezing it ever tighter so that it eventually cannot breathe. One of our acquaintances in South Africa has actually witnessed a Rock Python swallowing an Impala - it must have been an awesome sight. We saw quite a few other much smaller snakes (dead and alive) although some of them were still well over a meter in length. We were not able to make any positive identification although some of them were almost certainly venomous and perhaps highly dangerous. Sometimes snakes basking on the road in the sun would dart unexpectedly under our car and one such reptile had a very lucky escape. The car went right over the snake but it obviously escaped death as I could not see a dead body in the rear view mirrors. At the first opportunity to stop I checked under the car bonnet, as snakes have been known to attach themselves to a moving vehicle and then make their way inside through the smallest of holes and into the car. Not a prospect to look forward to!! On one same day we saw two different snakes with just their head sticking out of the thatch inside two different viewing hides. Every time we stopped at one of these hides after these experiences, we made a thorough visual check to make sure there was no danger. The most terrifying moment was when Fifo (our 10 year old Zulu friend) and I were leaving the swimming pool. Fifo was walking in front and just going down the last of a few steps when she screamed out in an extremely frightening manner. She had trodden on a snake which I just managed to see scuttle away and into the undergrowth. We will never know what it was but imagine it was not venomous as it would otherwise surely have turned on her. A very, very lucky escape and a good lesson learnt - ALWAYS LOOK WHERE YOU ARE WALKING. Snakes apart our overall wildlife viewing was not quite as good as the previous trip, although we still had some amazing experiences in Kruger National Park. We again got our money‘s worth from our ―Wild Card‖ (annual membership), as we went into the Park 53 times. Most people‘s favourite is the Elephant and we certainly saw our fair share of these magnificent creatures. On our early visits to Kruger we learnt a little about how to respect these giants - you don‘t perhaps realise just how big they are until you are sitting in a vehicle a few feet away. They can, of course, be extremely dangerous so there are times, like when they are in musth or have young, that you must take extra care. We have enjoyed many ―cabarets‖ from Elephants, usually family groups but occasionally individuals. They will find a patch of muddy water and spend ages lying, rolling and spraying themselves the mud helps to keep them cool and to keep the ticks away. An agitated Elephant can be frightening and we had an experience of one such animal. We came unexpectedly upon a small family group in the bush at the edge of a dirt road. I didn‘t notice that there were also babies and as I drove past the mother, she shook her head vigorously from side to side in protest and made the loudest Elephant ―screams‖ that you could imagine. Head down and foot down, we escaped unscathed, but with a much quicker pulse rate. On at least three separate occasions we were approached by massive Elephants walking in the road. Its certainly not safe to drive past an Elephant in the road, especially if they are facing you. We normally sit, reverse, sit and reverse until they move into the bush, but this can sometimes be 30 minutes or more. The alternative option recommended by some Safari Guides is to pull up on the side of the road, switch off the engine and wait for the Elephant to walk past. That‘s ok, but what happens if they take a sudden dislike to the vehicle and/or the passengers ???? We had already been waiting for ages on a narrow dirt road for a large Elephant to stop eating and move off. It was very reluctant to amble away and I didn‘t want to chance driving past. The road was so narrow, it was difficult to turn. Another larger vehicle appeared behind us, he was impatient and after a few minutes, drove past. The Elephant showed its obvious displeasure so we still didn‘t take any chances. We reversed well back, did a 10-point turn and went the longest (and safest) way round. We are still here to tell the story !!! Most Park visitors are desperate to see a Cheetah. We also have never been lucky enough to get good views of them in past years, but this was our lucky trip. We saw a few pairs of these elegant, slick and very fast ―cats‖ but usually lying under the shadow of a tree, and never really close enough to photograph. Our best sighting was a mother and her two babies walking together in an open area - a good view but not that close. Leopards were most reluctant to show themselves, getting only fleeting and, usually distant sightings. Lions were also not playing the game, except that we came across a male and female lying on a quiet dirt road and with no other vehicles around. Plenty of time to watch their antics and to take some decent ―shots‖. After some time we also noticed another male lying in the long grass nearby. Lions, of course spend up to 18 hours a day resting and sleeping. We had driven past two males lying about 100 meters from the road, but in the open. We were alerted to their presence by two Park Rangers on foot, so we turned back to look at these wonderful creatures. When we were leaving the Park 9 hours later these Lions were still lying in the same place. Giraffes are also quite fascinating and it seems you either see all or nothing. On one day alone we counted 58 sightings of Giraffes, other days very few. The bulls fight by swinging their heads at each other, fascinating action that we have witnessed on a few occasions. They are the tallest living animal and it is difficult to imaging a Giraffe being taken down by Lions, but the sight of 2 or 3 carcasses in Kruger shows that it happens quite often. Another magnificent sight is a large herd of Buffalo which we saw on at least 4 occasions. We followed a trail of fresh Buffalo dung on a tar road for about three kilometres and luckily this led to a large herd lying under the shade of the bush. On 3 separate drives we picked out a small herd of quite shy Sable - a very attractive antelope varying in colour from mid to dark brown, but with white markings. We had our first ever sighting of (Common) Reedbuck and were also lucky to see some quite rare and shy Black Rhinoceros. There are also many attractive and colourful birds and its quite amazing just how close you can get to some by driving up quietly and with extra care. One of our favourites is the Saddle-billed Stork, a large and very tall bird, with mainly black and white plumage, a mainly red bill with a black band across and a yellow ―saddle‖ at the top. In the past we have been lucky to watch one of these amazing birds catch and swallow a large frog, and less than 2 meters from the car. They are very much endangered in South Africa with a population of around only 100 birds. Another endangered bird is the Southern Ground Hornbill and although they can fly, are more usually seen foraging on the ground for food, which can be small animals up to squirrel or hare size, and reptiles such as lizards, snakes and tortoises They are turkey sized and mainly black with red face and neck. They have a very strong bill and we saw one trying to prize the meat from a Leopard Tortoise shell. (Pictured)

The Annual General Meeting was held in March when Pat Wells was re-elected chairman and eleven members voted onto the committee plus one co-opted member. The chairman thanked everyone for all their help during a busy twelve months including two charity events which raised a total of £2500! Our out-going president Marion Beasley thanked the committee for all their hard work and passed the president's badge to Joyce Woodward. Winners trophies for the year were presented to Margaret Smith (New Hands) and Ursula Jackson (Old Hands) and the President's cup for most points gained during the year went to Margaret Smith. After the AGM Christine Hewson gave a demonstration using spring flowers - daffs, tulips and hyacinths - light, fresh designs suitable for any home. During tea members took part in a light-hearted quiz. The March competition winners were Janet Skidmore - new hands and Ursula Jackson - old hands. April's meeting will be held on Thursday 8th at 2p.m. Old Buckenham Village Hall when 'The Flower Girls' will be demonstrating. The competition will be for a modern arrangement using three flowers and foliage. Visitors are always welcome. Further details from Pat 01953 457305 or Sally 01953 788712

To ask a question about the Norfolk’s Wildlife please call the Norfolk Wildlife Information Service. Wildline 01603 598333 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri. E-mail Website Further details and Membership enquiries 01953 498467 Tuesday, 20 April 7.45pm. Local Group Annual Review followed by a talk from NWT Education Manager David North followed by refreshments and raffle. Venue: Watton Christian Community Centre, High Street, Watton. Cost £1.50 members and £2 non-members for NWT funds.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust

Thursday 15th April Fakenham 9.30am & 1.30pm Return Adult & Child £5 Saturday 17th April Oxford 8am & 4pm Return Adult £20 Child £15 Sunday 18th April Dominic Kirwin at Hunstanton Adult £27 Saturday 24th April Aylsham & Train to Wroxham 9.30am & 4pm Return Adult £15 Child £12 Mon 3rd May Shepreth Wildlife Park 9am & 4pm Rtn Adult £20 Child £12 Sat. 15th May Bury St Edmunds 9.30am & 3pm Return Adult & Child £5 Sunday 23rd May Houghton Hall & Bircham Windmill 9.30am & 4pm Return Adult £19 Child £11 Sunday 25th April Kensington Palace 8.30am Adult £27 Child £20 Saturday 29th May Southwold & Dunwich for Fish & Chips 9.30am & 4pm Return Adult £20 Child £15 Sunday 30th May Southend Airshow 8am & Return After Last Display Adult £15 Child £12 Saturday 5th June Johnny Marks Showboat Adult £28 Saturday 17th July Country Company Showboat Adult £28 Saturday 14th August 50's & 60's Evening with Cardy & Coke Adult £28 Saturday 28th/Monday 30th August BBQ Cruise Evening Adult £24 Holidays 2010 (Please ring for Itineraries) 16 – 19 April Country and Western Break Sunday 30 May – Saturday 5 June Lake District Friday 23 – Tuesday 27 July Isle of Wight Friday 10 – Sunday 12 September Emmerdale Weekend Friday 26 – Monday 29 November Turkey & Tinsel at Folkestone

2010 Brochure Out Now! For more details please phone:

Picture Supplied


01953 881159

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Ladies Fashion Show
At Great Hockham Village Hall

Tomato – Tomayto
Gardening in Navasota, Texas with Helen Quinn
The annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo took place in March. The festivities were preceded by a grand parade of floats, clowns and horses, and I sure wish I had access to all the horses‘ ―leftovers‖ for my garden! I watched the parade on television and didn‘t see anyone out there with a shovel! Speaking of soil enrichment, I have discovered a new bagged compost of 100% natural cotton burrs, which is touted to be great for growing. Cotton burrs are the outside husks of the cotton boll, and are supposed to contain all the nutrients that the cotton plant was fed whilst growing. I grew a few cotton plants in the flower bed one year, and harvested several bolls – hardly enough to make anything other than an interesting flower arrangement! Cotton is actually a very interesting and useful plant, related to the mallows, hibiscus and hollyhocks, and was one of the main reasons communities developed back in the 1800‘s. The rich river-bottom blacklands attracted the cotton growers, the settlements grew, and along came the railroads to carry the cotton bales to the major cities. Cotton is still grown around Navasota, but many farmers have turned to the more lucrative grain sorghum crops. Over-planting of cotton resulted in the land being infested with a soil borne fungal disease called Cotton Root Rot, which unfortunately also affects many of my favourites, such as apples, grapes and roses. Tree pollen is really heavy now, especially from Junipers and Oaks, and my fish pond has a film on it. As soon as the water warms up I‘ll have to catch the fish and put them in a holding tank while I clean out the pond. Maybe once all the ―stuff‖ in the bottom has gone, Tennyson Turtle will leave to annoy someone else. Speaking of Tennyson, it seems he must not be a boyturtle after all. I have recently spotted two little baby turtles scurrying around in the murky water, and have created a big division among my friends and neighbours. ―Let them stay, they are so cute‖, ―surely you wouldn‘t make a family homeless‖, ―if you take them down to the creek they will come back (like I am going to lead a parade of turtles down the street to the creek like the Pied Piper!) and so on!! How I love spring, despite the back-legarm-everything aches after overdoing it the first time the sun shines, the itchy eyes and sneezing. The spring flowers

make it all worthwhile. The bush beans are up, and the tomatoes, jalapeno and sweet bell peppers, cucumbers and aubergines are out of the dining room and hardening off on the porch where it is sheltered. An interesting way to plant tomatoes in this climate, where water is an issue in summer, is setting them on a slant, or in such a manner as to encourage root growth out of the stem. A good way of doing this is to lay the pot on its side a few days before planting out, and the tomato in its wisdom will turn up at a right angle towards the sun. Then you take it out of the pot, lay the root ball horizontally in the hole, with the shoot pointing up – stronger roots = better crop! Another thing they are doing now with tomatoes is grafting heirlooms on to hybrids to try to regain the big juicy flavourful tomatoes of old, with the benefit of hybrid disease resistance. It is a delicate operation! Pictured: White Iris and gaillardia - early spring flowers in my garden.

Monday 10th May @ 7.30pm
Outfits by She Fashions, Attleborough
Free Refreshments & Nibbles, Raffle. In aid of Great Hockham Yoga Group

Admission £4.00

Tickets from

June on 01953 498343

Hosted by St. Mary’s Church in April Sun 18th Watton Christian Community Centre 2.30pm until 4pm All welcome—please come along and bring family and friends

Weds 7th 2pm Meeting at Watton CCC Mon 19th 12.30pm for 1pm Lunch at Griston Wagon & Horses

Tel 01953 889890 for details April 24th Longshot
“The Best In Country Music” 8 ‘til late

The Historic Parish Churches of Norfolk
Has Your PC Slipped a Disc? Netted a virus? Mouse trapped and wont work now?
Here Lyeth the Body of Christ* Burraway, who departed this life y* 18 day of October, Anno Domini 1730. Aged 59 years. And their Lyes Alice, who by hir Life Was my Sister, my Mistress, My Mother and my Wife. Dyed Feb y* 12 1729 Aged 76 years
The extraordinary epitaph on the memorial to Christopher Burraway in the church of St. Mary, Martham, has aroused great interest in all who have seen it, leaving them wondering how his wife Alice could also have been his sister, mistress and mother. The origins of Christopher Burraway are shrouded in mystery. He is said by some to be the result of an incestuous union between an unnamed man and his daughter, was sent away to be brought up and years later happened to return to his native village. From the information on his tombstone, Christopher Burraway was born in 1671. On 21 October of that year another earlier Christopher Burraway married Mary Jane of Potter Heigham. It just may be that this particular Christopher had been married before and was the father of young Christopher but I have been unable to find any documentary evidence to prove this speculation though it may be significant that they both have the same name. Alternatively, young Christopher may have been the result of al illicit relationship between the older Burraway and an unknown lady two years before his marriage to Mary Jane. There appears to be no documentary evidence for either assumption and arduous searches by a good friend, an expert in family history, have so far proved fruitless and young Christopher disappears from the scene for some 30 years. Christopher Burraway senior died in 1673 and Mary Jane, who was still only 21, married Gregory Johnson in 1674. When Mary Johnson died, Gregory, Christopher Burraway's putative stepfather married Alice Ryall, a widow with a young son and when he died in 1700, she married in 1702 the young Christopher Burraway, who had now turned up in Martham. He was aged 30; Alice was 49, old enough to be his mother. For 20 years, Christopher and Alice lived at the Hall and like his step-father before him Christopher filled the posts of Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poor. In 1729 the thrice married Alice Burraway died at the age of 76 and is buried near her second husband, Gregory Johnson, in the south aisle of the church. Christopher died in October 1730 aged 59. He too is buried beside his wife. In trying to make some sense of the inscription it could be that Christopher called his wife 'my mother' since she was his step-father's widow. If he managed the farm for her after his step-father's death he might well call her 'my mistress', but I cannot see any family connection whereby he might call her 'my sister'. Interesting as Christopher's epitaph undoubtedly is, there is more to Martham's church than one memorial. It is a large church with a substantial early perpendicular (c1350) tower and a correspondingly very tall tower arch. As with many, if not most, Norfolk parish churches, architectural details change over the centuries but the most striking feature of this church is the chancel which is a complete rebuild in Victorian Gothic (1855 -61) with a riot of carving everywhere – roof, chancel arch and especially the tomb of the Rev. Jonathon Dawson of Rollesby Hall, as a memorial to her husband by the vicar's daughter. The architect of this work had previously carried out restoration work in the nave, principally to the hammer beam roof with its 22 angels. Good 15th C stained glass of red, yellow and blue in the east windows of the aisles and 15th C seven sacrament font. A fine painted chest may be 14th C. St. Bilda, mother of St. Walstan of Bawburgh and patron saint of farm workers is said to be buried here. This fine church rising above the flat solitude of the Broadland marshes is often called the Cathedral of the Fleggs, the name given to this part of the county, a title it fully deserves. By Frank Wilder

For all manner of computer repairs and support
Call Julian Horn on 01953 881885 “Silver Surfer” support a speciality!


We are also pleased to offer News Deliveries 7 days a week in the following areas Griston, Northacre, Caston, Stow Bedon, Breccles, Great Hockham, East Wretham, Larling, Snetterton, Shropham and Mount Pleasant
Established in Watton for four generations

"Pick & Mix Sweets" now available in store

50 High Street, Watton. Tel: 881234


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Old Buckenham looking back
A successful Archive Evening was held on Saturday 13 March at the village hall in Old Buckenham. The local rector David Hill was the compere for the event. There were two main attractions for the evening which resulted in nearly a hundred people turning up. The East Anglian Film Archive was there to show a specially selected program of local films ranging from an early 1926 commercial for Coleman‘s starch to the 1970s when someone in Old Buckenham was featured making sculptures from scrap iron. Morecombe and Wise were seen wise-cracking in a TV interview promoting their summer show, a wartime special showed how a hardworking Norfolk farmer was using all the ‗latest‘ techniques to provide the country with corn and other crops while another newsreel item recorded customers in Old Buckenham‘s ―Sun‖ pub in Ragmere Road on their last evening before it closed down. Many people and local organisations had also brought along memorabilia for others to see. They were mainly photographs showing how Old Buckenham used to be – collections of local postcards, the log books of Old Buckenham Women‘s Institute, reports of village shows pictures of the children‘s playground and some of the official parish records of births and deaths. Further support showing local people and places was provided by the Attleborough Heritage Group and material from the New Buckenham archive. There was also a short prize-giving when the winners in the recent competition for the best photos of the village‘s specially-designed cloth shopping bags in use were presented by the editor of the village newsletter. With the help of a large raffle and some tasty refreshments this was a

Watton SNT delighted at Bill Barrow success
Watton Safer Neighbourhood Team are delighted with the response to their ―Bill Barrow‖ initiative which has seen hundreds of members of the public talking to team representatives at their stall on the Farmers Market in Watton High Street. Sergeant Lance Ogbourne of Watton SNT said ―The scheme has been a huge success and information received has led to arrests.‖ ―It is a superb example of partnership working between the police and the community together with the Wayland Partnership and Watton Town Council.‖ Information and feedback received at the stall is used both to solve crime directly and to help shape the policing priorities for the SNT. The Bill Barrow has been highlighted to the rest of the country as an example of good policing practice. ―We aim to give the public an accessible means of engaging with local officers to say what particular concerns they have and also to pass on, confidentially of course, any information they may about crimes being committed in their area‖ said Sgt Ogbourne. ―We want to work with the community, addressing crime and disorder at all levels by this novel means of community engagement.‖

Picture courtesy Old Buckenham Blog

Recycling centres to become Calling all budding part-time

most enjoyable and educational evening that has raised useful funds of around £400 to be shared between the upkeep of the village hall and All Saints Church. Story and picture from

Thespians . . .
Local charity Age Concern Norfolk is once again joining forces with theatrical organiser Pip Jenkinson to host a fundraising matinee performance of Sandy Wilson‘s ―The Boy Friend‖ on Saturday 9 October 2010 at the Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich. The musical romance is set in the 1920s at Madame Dubonnet‘s fashionable finishing school on the sun-kissed French Riviera, where young ladies are schooled in the finer arts of ―marrying well‖. Here Polly Browne, a millionaire‘s daughter, tries to escape the stern influence of her father and find true love encouraged by Madame Dubonnet – but when Polly falls for the Tony the delivery boy, and so pretends to be a mere working girl herself, matters become rather complicated! Pip is looking for young amateur

Age Concern Norfolk to benefit from charity performance of The Boy Friend
actors and actresses who can sing and dance to audition for the production, which will run for a week commencing Monday 4 October 2010. Each performance will benefit a different local charity. Auditions will be held on Sunday 11 April 2010 between 5pm and 9pm and participants will be required to perform a set audition piece. For further information and to request audition pieces please contact Pip Jenkinson on 01603 4 3 6 5 1 0 o r e m a i l If you are holding a fundraising event and would like to help support older people in need across Norfolk, please contact Gemma Pendleton on 01603 785251 or email

Starting on 20 th April the recycling centres at Snetterton and Wymondham will be closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays although the sites will open normal hours from Fridays to Mondays inclusive. All other recycling centres will remain open seven days a week, closing only on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year‘s Day. Normal opening hours are: October to March from 8am to 4pm and April to September from 8am to 6pm. Recycling centres are for the recycling and disposal of household waste, not trade waste. As well as recycling a wide range of materials, Re-use Shelters now operate at Caister, Hempton, Ketteringham, King‘s Lynn and Mayton Wood. These allow visitors to buy reusable items for a small charge. Proceeds from sales are split between the Council, the site contractor and local charities. Further information can be found at Proposals for a new £1m Dereham Recycling Centre are at the planning application stage and subject to planning consent, the centre should open later in 2010/11. The plans are part of the Council's strategy to increase the efficiency of its network of recycling centres and modernise it by opening more best practice sites, as at King's Lynn, which offer a wider range of recycling facilities to a larger number of people.

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Summer Classes Teens’ chance to
Two new 6 week classes are planned for after Easter at Wayland House. Computer classes for beginners will run on Monday afternoons from 1.30 - 3.30 from April 12th - May 24th Cost £5 per session £10 deposit required. Creative Writing: classes will run on Friday mornings 10 - 12 from April 16th - May 21st. Anyone interested in either of these classes should contact Wayland House 01953 880202

question politicians
Future voters in Breckland can get a unique first opportunity to question the main candidates at a hustings event on 21 April at the Breckland Council offices weeks prior to the announcement of the next General Election. Prospective Parliamentary Candidates from the major parties have been invited to attend and as a result George Freeman, the Conservative party‘s candidate, Elizabeth Hughes the Labour party‘s candidate and Tim Birt, the Green Party‘s candidate, will be on the panel for the Question Time-style debate. The constituency is currently held by the Conservatives after a majority of 7,560 over Labour at the last election in 2005. Elizabeth Hughes, currently a local councillor in Hounslow, west London, was the Labour parliamentary candidate for the Conservative North Essex seat in 2005 and was beaten by an 11,000 majority by the incumbent Bernard Jenkin. Currently living in Hounslow with her husband, Elizabeth said she would move to Norfolk if she was elected. For the 2010 general election she will be up against the Conservative's prospective parliamentary candidate Cambridgeshirebased George Freeman in the Mid Norfolk seat, which is a new seat after boundary changes has resulted in a new ninth constituency. The newly created Broadland constituency will mean that people will be able to elect nine MPs for Norfolk when they go to the polls. This general election is the first time the Green party has stood in all the county's constituencies, Timothy Birt, a town councillor in Dereham, is stepping up to contest the Mid Norfolk seat. He is a 44year-old electronics engineer and has developed a fast electric sports car for the Ecotricity company. Caroline Cox, Breckland Council‘s Youth Engagement Officer, who is organising the event, said: ―This is the young people of Breckland‘s opportunity to question local candidates about the issues that really matter. It‘s important to give our young people a chance to question the candidates face to face and it‘s a great opportunity for them to learn more about political campaigns‖ The hustings event takes place on Wednesday 21 April at 4:30pm at the Anglia Room, Elizabeth House, Breckland Council, Dereham. After the hustings event the attendees will be invited to stay on for the Breckland Youth Council meeting where they will get an insight into how young people have their say in the running of their local area.

Bradenham & District Horticultural Society Barnsdale Gardens Visit
We have now finalised the details and the charge for non-members is £19.50 per head. This includes the coach and entry to the gardens. The coach will leave Bradenham Village Hall at 8.30am on Thursday 8th July and will return to arrive early evening. We have space available and would be pleased if you could join us. Please contact: Belinda Ashman Events Organiser 01362 821442 or Marianne Kilmartin Publicity Officer 01362 820744

The firm favourites from Watton’s ‘The Good Old Days’ are now available to entertain. A gentlemen's group singing humorous songs. To discuss contact Ken Davis on 01953 881792

60’s Disco
Saturday 10th April 7.30pm till Midnight
The Old Hall Leisure Centre, Ashill Tickets - £5.50 pp From Marcia , Colin , Maureen 01760 440604 or 440134 Peter The Old Hall Leisure Centre, 01760 440448. Proceeds to St Nicholas’ Church, Ashill

Ola a todos
Desta vez trago-vos uma informacao que podera ser util para os seus filhos. Sabia que todas as Segundas-feiras e Quintas-feiras esta aberto um centro para jovens dos 11 aos 16 anos. As portas abrem das 7 ate as 9 horas da noite e so pagas £1 para entrares . Temos a disposicao deles Sala de Arte , Maquinas de desporto , Sala com Consola para jogarem, Sala com Instrumentos Musicais, Mesa de Snoker e outras. Eles que venham divertir-se e tragam amigos ou familiares com eles. Aproveita este espaco para passares um bom bocado. Quero tambem desejar uma Feliz Pascoa a todos e nao esquecer de dar as Amendoas e/ou o "Folar da Pascoa " aos nossos pequeninos .

SSAFA FH helps
AS you know this is the year SSAFA Forces Help celebrates its 125th year of helping Servicemen and their families. You have probably already donated when we were at the Coop In February and only a few days later our Chairman, Stuart Fidler, attended the Service of Celebration at Westminster Abbey. Perhaps you would like to read his account of the day. ― . . . The band music was played by the Band of the Grenadier Guards and you can‘t get any better than that. It was particularly touching to hear the testimonies from Zoe Charlton, a young caseworker from Lancashire Branch and Major Simon Shirley, Royal Irish Regiment. Zoe‘s father was killed in a civilian accident when she was young and SSAFA helped her with her education, supplying such needs as lap top. SSAFA was there to help her and her mother during every stage of her growing up and on completion of her education she decided to help SSAFA by becoming a caseworker. I understand she intends to join the armed forces and will continue to support SSAFA in whatever way she can. Major Shirley was on active service in Afghanistan when he was blown up by a roadside bomb; he suffered severe injuries and had to have dozens of operations to get him back on his feet. It was difficult to see from where I was how badly injured he was but physically he looked fairly healthy. What was apparent was the psychological effect on him when he started to talk about one of his men who was less fortunate with his injuries. Major Shirley had to choke back the tears and I think we all had a lump in our throats at that stage. Major Shirley was full of praise for the support that SSAFA gave to him and his family during his time in hospital and during the recovery phases. In all, the two testimonies showed how appreciated and vital the services of SSAFA Forces Help are . . . ‖ SSAFA Forces can help in many, many ways. If you have served for only one day on full pay then you and your family are entitled to approach SSAFA FH for assistance – and many do. The money raised at the recent collection in Watton will stay in Norfolk to help Norfolk cases > 500 last year. If you would like to talk to us about your case or you would like to be volunteer then please ring the number below. We have several fund raising events this summer, come and see us or ring in to help! Tel 01603 403322

Polish: Cześć wszystkim
Tym razem przynoszą informacje, które mogą być przydatne dla ich dzieci. Czy wiesz, że wszystkie poniedziałki i czwartki jest otwarte Centrum Młodzieży do 11 do 16 lat. Drzwi otwarte od 7 do godziny 9 i po prostu zapłacił £ 1, na wjazd. Mamy do ich dyspozycji pokój Art, pokój sportowy, pokój WII, pokój muzyczny z instrumentami, pokój Snooker i inne. Zapraszamy do zabawy i doprowadzić przyjaciół lub krewnych z tobą. Korzystanie z tej okazji przekazać odpowiednim czasie.. Chciałbym także, Wesołych Świąt dla wszystkich i nie zapomnij podać Sweet orzechów i / lub "Pisanka Cake" (Portugalski Tradycja) do naszego maluczkich.

HJC Ltd Motor Engineers
Servicing & MOT preparation to all makes of modern cars & light commercials Tyres, Exhausts, & Batteries supplied and fitted Courtesy cars available
Ask for Steve at: 5 Linmore Court Threxton Rd Industrial Estate Watton

Tel: 01953 889924 Petrified of Your Computer? You don’t need to be!
Ring Lesley Horn
For 1 to 1 beginner’s support in your own home
Friendly, patient and knowledgeable help with using your computer to find things on the Internet, email your family & friends, “Listen Again” on the BBC® iPlayer® and do your shopping without leaving your home

English: Hello to everyone
This time I bring you an information that may be useful for their children. Did you know that all Mondays and Thursdays is open a Youth Centre for 11 to 16 years. Doors open from 7pm until 9 pm and you just paid £1 to enter. We have available to them Art room, Sport room, WII room, Music room with instruments, Snooker room and others. Come to have fun and bring friends or relatives with you. Use this opportunity to pass a good time. I also wish a Happy Easter to all and do not forget to give the Sweet Nuts and / or ―Egg Easter Cake― (Portuguese Tradition) to our little ones.

Events at Watton Library
Go Wild in Watton library - Go wild in half term at Watton library with our free family fun morning. Monday 12th April 2pm - 3pm. There will be wildlife stories and crafts to make. There's no need to book but children must be accompanied by an adult. Watton Audio Book Club - Do you have sight problems? Are you no longer able to enjoy reading? Why not come along to a new group at Watton library and re-discover the joy of books! The group, supported by The Norfolk and Norwich Association for the Blind, will be meeting in the library between 2:00pm and 3:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month for friendly chat and discussion on a wide variety of audio books. Please call Mark or Simon on: 01603 629558 or email them at for further details.

01953 881 885


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Carbrooke Sequence Dance Club

Grandmas Patch sends balaclavas to Afghanistan
For some months we have been collecting Balaclavas for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many ladies have come in for a free pattern and the obligatory khaki green wool (Sold at a special rate of £1.25 per 100g) and to date we have collected and distributed over 500. The first batch went to Swanton Morley, the second Territorial Army and the third batch are bound for Bodney Camp (organised by Mayor Margaret Holmes). Today we came into the shop and received a letter of thanks from Private D Jacobs who is serving in Kabul, fantastic to think with everything going on around him he took time out to thank all the ladies – his letter follows: Dear Knitters, I am writing to you in regard to the parcels of hats, balaclavas and scarves you have sent us. It's always a pleasure to receive parcels but when it is something hand made, it adds a special something! Yours parcels actually caused quite a stir, with many of the platoon almost fighting amongst themselves! It was quite funny and a good lift and distraction to life out here. So may I say many thanks again for your parcels, thoughts and support. Many thanks and kind regards. Darren Jacobs PTE. Kabul, Afghanistan We thought this was a story well worth sharing and to say thanks to all those who have knitted items to date. They are very much appreciated. We are still collecting, balaclavas, scarves, gloves or pull on hats and all will be given a very good home, please call in for details.

Picture Supplied

The Sequence Dance Club has been meeting at the village hall in Carbrooke since 1982. The number of members increased steadily until the late nineties after which there has been a slow decline in membership. The dances are the same tempos as used in ballroom dancing but all the dancers are dancing a set sequence of steps at the same time. The first

sequence of a named dance is danced by the dance leaders. The club‘s leaders are Michael and Peggy Rowe who are professional qualified dance instructors. We use specially recorded compact discs that are at the correct tempo and played on a quality Hi Fi system that is pleasant to listen to. The club meets every Thursday at 7.30 pm at the Village Hall,

Church Street. Carbrooke.The first 30 minutes is tuition which is included in the admission charge of £1.50. New members are very welcome and would help to ensure the long term future of this friendly club. For more details please phone Brian Wells 01603 412809 or email

A Day in the Life of a Community Librarian
When you think of a librarian you may have wonderful childhood memories of a helpful and happy librarian, or perhaps you came across the 'shushhh! Lady' who frowned at your choice of books? Being a librarian today is very different and attracts people from a variety of backgrounds. I joined Norfolk Library and Information Service as a library manager, having previously worked in banking and retail management. My previous knowledge of libraries was as a customer but I am an avid reader and really wanted to make a difference to the service we offered. Norfolk was at the forefront of opening up librarian posts to a wider range of people, not just qualified librarians. The role of librarian had changed and my time as a library manager prepared me when I applied to be a community librarian. I had wonderful support from librarian colleagues and training which helped me to complete my qualification with the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. I cover two libraries, Watton and Downham Market and all the areas in between and out to the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk borders. I visit community groups, schools, Children's Centres, day care centres, young offenders, nursing homes and anyone else who wants to discover what the library service has to offer. We also have lots of groups who visit the library as well as talks, events and learning opportunities. I read stories, lead reminiscence sessions, teach computing, make crafts, train staff and develop promotions as well as a whole host of other things. We have activities in the school holidays and talks and events for adults in the library as well. A lot of my time is spent evaluating what we do and writing reports to

Picture Supplied

demonstrate the difference we make. We also do a lot of consultation with different groups and work with partner organisations and other county council departments to deliver the best service we can. Libraries are now much more vibrant places as well as still offering quiet areas for study where possible. The days of the shush lady are gone and you can even bring your lunchtime sandwich in to eat as we have lots of seating where you can spend time reading a book, magazine or newspaper. If you haven't visited your local library or mobile library for a while, why not come in and see the changes for yourself? Our friendly staff are always on hand to help and if you have a community group who would like a visit please get in touch. Details of all our services can be found on our website at . . . or contact Watton Library on: 01953 881671 When I'm not in work I enjoy lots of other activities apart from reading. I'm currently in my second year of a part time degree in ecology and countryside management and spend a lot of time outdoors watching wildlife and walking. My partner David and I are walking our way across Norfolk this year, doing a section of Peddar's Way and the Norfolk Coast Path every month. When not on two feet I enjoy being on two wheels on my Triumph Thunderbird, having been a biker since I was old enough to ride. I'm also a keen organic gardener and like to have a go at most things from basket making to snowboarding! I hope this has given you an insight in to being a librarian today and look forward to seeing you in the library. Jayne Winterbone (Community Librarian)

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 14

Looking Back

EXERCISE TO MUSIC CLASSES Watton Sports Centre, Dereham Road.
All the sessions are designed to promote stamina, strength and flexibility whilst taking into account the fitness level and ability of participants.

General Aerobics Mondays 7pm
An hour long, as energetic as you wish!**

Probably the best customers and fish & chips in Norfolk . . .
It‘s official! The Fishermans Mission have suggested that the Watton Plaice not only have the best customers but also the best fish and chips in Norfolk. Writing to thank Paul and Steve for their donation to the work of the Mission, Andy Malcolm, Fishermen's Mission Regional Organiser East Anglia said: On behalf of the Fisherman's Mission I would like to thank you very much for your brilliant donation of £269.70. Once again The Watton Plaice has surpassed itself in its fundraising efforts for the UK's Fishermen. Thank you for organising a Christmas raffle for the Mission and for supplying the prizes. I can definitely see a connection here between the great amount of money raised and the prizes on offer. Your customers will obviously go to great lengths to try and win a £10 voucher for your fish and chips. This not only proves you have the most generous customers but also the best fish and chips in Norfolk! As you know our UK fishermen risk their lives on a daily basis to feed our nation. As I write this letter the families of nine UK fishermen lost at sea over the past three months are facing up to a very difficult New Year. It has been one of the toughest winters in recent memory for our fishermen and their families. Our mission men are caring closely for these devastated families as they try to come to terms with their loss. So once again, let me thank you personally for your splendid gift. I can assure you it will be used directly where it is needed most. To give our fishermen, their families and communities the pastoral, practical and spiritual help they so desperately need. Andy Malcolm. Paul and Steve would like to pass on the thanks to their customers for all the support they have given in helping to raise this fantastic sum for those who work daily in some very dangerous conditions to being us our favourite national dish.

Nifty Fifties Fridays 11am
A challenging workout for "recycled teenagers"**

Gentle Option Fridays 10am
40 minutes duration, no floorwork. Problems such as arthritis and joint replacement are taken into account.

** Please bring a mat for floorwork Easter Holiday Dates
Please note there will be no classes between Thursday 1st and Monday 19th April inclusive

For further details, please contact

Diane Cuthbert

01953 850275
RSA/YMCA Qualified Teacher

Rocklands School news
School numbers are on the increase and we are delighted to welcome a further two pupils to the school. All pupils have started a health and fitness scheme; The Golden Mile. Children are given their o wn progress card to record the number of laps of the playground they walk, speed walk or jog during the school breaks. One lap of the playground equals a twentieth of a mile, and therefore 20 laps is a mile. Parents are encouraged to sponsor the children. The money raised is going towards the £150 that pupils need to raise to enable the school to benefit from a sizeable energy grant. World Book Day was celebrated in the school on 4th March. All pupils were encouraged to dress as a favourite character from a story (see picture above), and bring in well-loved books to exchange. All parents, pupils and staff were invited in extra early (8am) for a breakfast; tea, toast and cereal were served with a selection of books and newspapers, all had a nutritious and enlightening meal. On Wednesday 24th February in the afternoon, the school was alive with the sound of singing as all took part in ‗Sing Up, helping kids find their voices‘. All three classes learnt new songs at the beginning of the afternoon, which were later performed with great gusto. Class 1 performed African call and response songs, Class 2 sang a beautiful unaccompanied song called Little Bird (see our website http://, and Class 3 sang a number of rather loud songs, including 'Rowdy Round'. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. Many thanks to those who have offered instruments to the school. We are now the proud owners of an electric organ. We are still looking for smaller instruments such as percussion instruments, a clarinet and a flute. If

Bales Browne Accountancy Services Limited
Accounts preparation for Sole traders, Limited Companies and Partnerships Personal, Limited Company, and Partnership Tax Returns Book-keeping PAYE VAT Returns

Karen Bales ACCA MAAT Bsc (Hons)

Telephone 01953 884019
118 Norwich Road, Watton, Thetford, Norfolk. IP25 6DU Email:

T he Best Traditional Fish & Chips

Now In Our 6th Successful Year
The Right ‘Plaice’ to get the best!
9 Middle Street, Watton Frying on Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30am to 1.45pm and 4.30pm to 8.00pm
Closed Sunday and Monday “Gone fishing!” Don’t forget our Thursday Lunchtime Delivery Service for the Housebound and Elderly only. There is no charge for delivery - you pay only the normal take-away prices.

Plaice your order before 11am on a Thursday

WET FISH available from 9am daily

Telephone 01953 882 401

you have any of these please contact the school. It is so important to encourage pupils to practice every day, but not cause them to lose enthusiasm, even ten minutes a day can result in improvement. Mini sagas: Class 3 are entering a Young Writers competition. They had to write adventure stories using just fifty words. You can read a selection of their work on our school website. The school has signed up to the Potato Council‘s ‗Grow It‘ campaign and has recently received their potato growing kit. As a result of this Class 1 may well have been featured on the gardening show on the 19th March on Radio Norfolk. The school is very much looking forward to the forthcoming events: Class 1 is visiting the East Anglian Transport Museum which relates to all the work they have been doing on vehicles and their history; Class 2 has been studying JR Tolkien‘s The Hobbit in school and are off to see the stage show of the Hobbit at the Norwich Theatre Royal and Class 2 and 3 will also be taking part in a Gandalf Storytelling workshop. The final event planned so far, is a school visit to the dress rehearsal of Sleeping Beauty by the English Youth Ballet at Norwich

Theatre Royal. All these trips would not be possible without the support of our enthusiastic and hardworking Parent-Teacher Association. We are very grateful for their invaluable contribution to our school. A very successful cake sale was held on Friday 12th March, particularly as a bunch of very hungry students returned from their weekly swim and were able to feast on delicious (pretty healthy) homemade cakes. We hope to make this a regular event, and all are welcome to buy or donate. Keep an eye out for notices at the school and shop. On the penultimate day of this term the PTA is hosting an Easter Crafts afternoon followed by Easter Bingo, with the opportunity to practise maths and win chocolate eggs. School finishes on Thursday the 1st of April for a well deserved rest for all pupils, staff and parents. Have a very restful and chocolate-filled break. For further information about school activities, student projects and the opportunity to keep up to date with events, visit our website: Visit the Parent page for school term dates, and the calendar for information and school events throughout the year.

Freshl y Cooked Especiall y For You

Looking Back

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 15

At the History of our area . . .

I thought you would like to see some more of the pictures taken by Ruth Dwornik, and scanned from the negatives she has recently given me. There are virtually no Attleborough related items except for the two pictures here (left and above). They are marked as ―Attleborough Children‘s Pantomime‖ and I have identified the date as the 2nd November 1950. So what was the pantomime and where was it? There some lovely shots of Hingham, which for me is a town that seems to retain its dignity, and continues to look pretty much as it did despite continuous development. The picture below is of course the Market Place and below left is Bond Street.

Left is an unusual picture taken I imagine from the tower of St Nicholas’s Church. The area depicted above is on the right hand side of the Market Square.

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 16

Looking Back

The Rendezvous Fire 1st May 1973

Pictures that will, I am sure, bring a tear to the eye of many an old Watton Rocker! The aftermath of the fire at the Rendezvous Café in Watton High Street. The Rendezvous was the ‗headquarters‘ of the local motorbikers and I think I am probably right in saying was viewed in fear by many Vespa riding Mods and the parents of ‗nice‘ children! In the today‘s context, the place was fairly innocuous of course. How times have changed.

Looking Back

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 17

Watton Youth Club Dance 1968 - 1969

If you are between fifty five and sixty something (as I am!) there should be some familiar faces here - but if like me, the memory is not as good as it was then you may have trouble remembering the names. Although I can name a few - for example right is Adrian Horn, Jan Goodwin and Julian Horn, the rest have slipped into the dim and distant corners of my mind. So if you name them please get in touch and I‘ll do my best to record them for the future.

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 18


Prayer of the Heart Activities at Watton Methodist Church
Comprising Christian Meditation and Bi Monthly Worship. For those seeking reflective prayer, mid week worship with a more reflective and contemporary feel, and those who enjoy exploring their faith by reading spiritual books old and new. Christian Meditation 7.45pm in the Vestry on Tuesday 6th and Monday 19th April. Next Monday Evening Worship 28th June 7.30pm in the Vestry Spiritual Journey Book Club—more dates later. Two special dates for the future: Monday 17th May ‗Walking the Labyrinth‘ with Rev Mary Cousins Monday 7th June Anne McDonnell of the World Community for Christian Meditation will be with us to speak briefly about WCCM and John Main. We would like to welcome new folk to all our meetings.

Watton Rotary roundup
March was another interesting month for Watton Rotary. We had two excellent speakers, one on the subject of motor neurone disease, the other a farmer from the west of the county where he specialises in the production of ‗essential oils‘. He grows, distils and trades in both the oils and the by-products, such as scented water. Who would guess a local farmer buys from South Africa to sell to China?! On 3rd March we had our first bric-abrac market stall of the year and raised over £65 to go into our general charity fund. On 8th March, Richard Akister was interviewed on Radio Wayland and gave a rundown on the club‘s fundraising activities during his extended year as President. The club has a regular monthly slot on Radio Wayland – at 5.20pm (approx) on the first Monday each month. On 12th March we welcomed back, for the third time, Simon Nelson‘s DixieMix; it was 5th in our twice-a-year series of ―Jazz at the Queens Hall‖ events. There was a good turnout and club funds benefited by a profit of £480, a figure enhanced due to an excellent draw and the auction of some old jazz and big-band vinyl LP records. DixieMix has been going for just over a year and are steadily building a reputation for the excellence of their showcase performances throughout the county. We are very fortunate to have a substantial following of jazz lovers locally, and thankful for their support for our twiceyearly jazz concerts. child/children and meet the staff and committee members. Refreshments will be available. If you are unable to come on this date, please telephone 07743 097618 to arrange an appointment or just pop in, you will be very welcome. We are open between 9.15am and 2.45pm Monday to Friday, term time only. We can be found at the Blenheim Centre, Tedder Close, Watton on the Royal Air Force (RAF) residential housing estate. Looking forward to seeing some new faces and hoping you will join our playgroup. Treetots is a long established, Ofsted registered (No. EY37946) pre-school, with more than 20 years service to Watton families. We are committee run and a registered charity (No. 1090725). Thank you for reading this.

Treetots Playgroup
I would like to begin with a great big thank you to all the parents/carers and children who supported our Valentines Disco during the half term holiday. A special thank you to Hannah for providing the music. I also wish to thank the Great Eastern Lodge for their excellent donation. New toys and equipment have been purchased or ordered with this money, so thanks from the staff and the children. Congratulations to Carley (Deputy Supervisor) for completing her NVQ level 3, well done! By the time that you read this our playgroup children will have enjoyed the end of term Easter Egg Hunt and will have taken part in an Easter bonnet parade, wearing hats that they made themselves. We will also have chosen a winner for the colouring competition. Hopefully, during the Easter holidays the children will be able to enjoy some warm weather before returning to playgroup on 20th April. We currently have a few spaces in our morning and afternoon sessions. If you have a child/children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old we would love to meet you. To enable parents and carers to view our setting we are holding an Open Day on Monday, 19th April from 11am to 1pm. Just come along, bring your

Need small home improvements?

Keith Huish
Skilled & Experienced Carpenter Doors, windows, locks . . . no job too small. Free no obligation estimate.

K R H Carpentry Services
01953 (Watton) 882484 – Mobile 07746 114285

It’s good to talk! Counselling can help if you’re struggling to cope with:
Relationship difficulties Bereavement Stress Bullying/Abuse Addictions Depression

Official recognition for prompt action of Dereham Centre lifeguards

Sanctuary offers a confidential low-cost counselling service with professionally trained counsellors, who work on a short-term or long-term basis. Call us on 01953 880922 to arrange an appointment.
Appointments are available 6 – 9pm Tuesdays and 9.30am – 1pm Wednesdays.
Sanctuary Counselling Service is part of River Ministries (Norfolk), registered charity number 1054419

MOTs £35.00


Tel: 01362 820416
Safely and Professionally Cleaned
Picture Supplied

Mike Barrett at Clean-Tech For a FREE no obligation quotation
Telephone 01485 609 223

Tea, Coffee and Red Wine stains removed totally 100% Payment by major credit and debit cards welcome

The quick thinking and prompt action of three Dereham Leisure Centre pool lifeguards was recognised officially recently, when they were presented with Royal Life Saving Society Certificates of Meritorious Action by Breckland Council Chief Executive, Trevor Holden. On 3rd July last year, 65 year old Beryl Hunt became unwell and lost consciousness whilst swimming in the Centre pool. Parkwood Leisure pool lifeguards Holly Stillwell and Paul

Robson immediately raised the alarm and went to her assistance. On recovery by the poolside, Holly and Paul commenced cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and Duty Manager Pasquale Guida contacted the emergency services who arrived five minutes later. Thanks to their specialised lifeguard training, all three members of staff were able to treat Beryl until the paramedics arrived. Trevor Holden praised the professional response of the three lifeguards, which

helped prevent a potential tragedy; ―Holly, Paul and Pasquale remained calm and focussed and followed the Centre‘s Operating and Emergency Action Plan procedures in an exemplary manner. Thanks to their leadership that day, Mrs Hunt made a full recovery‖. Mrs Hunt said: ―These certificates are very well deserved and I‘m delighted to see that their efforts that day have been recognised‘


Mid-Norfolk Times Page 19

Centenary Thinking Day Service at Carbrooke Church

Watton & District Royal British Legion Annual Dinner
The Watton & District Royal British Legion held its annual dinner at The Hare & Barrel Hotel on Saturday 6 March 2010. Guests included Mr and Mrs Hubbard who so caringly look after the War Graves in St Mary‘s Churchyard, Mr and Mrs Richard Sample and the Branch Chaplain Rev Geoff Garrett. After the meal an illustrated and informative talk on old Watton was given by Mr Julian Horn who was accompanied by his wife. This was the second part of Mr Horn‘s talk on Watton & District from the past and the members and guests look forward to a third chapter. Thanks once again go to the Landlady Mary and all her staff for the superb meal and service, also to Mr Alan Chilvers and Mr and Mrs Knight for organising the attendance of the Branch Standard and the superb raffle. And last but not least to the one and only Mr Ron Wheeler for his excellent organisational skills yet again for a most enjoyable evening.

Rainbows, Brownies, Guides, Senior Section and Guiders from the Watton District Guiding Units travelled to Carbrooke to share their Centenary Thinking Day Service on a

very cold and snowy Sunday in February 2010. Fun was had by everyone who attended, playing games and decorating cakes after a lovely Church service. Thanks to

Jayne Eastwood and Becky Hood for organising the event and thanks to the adults and girls for turning up on such a miserable winter‘s day.

The last straw
By Edith Pleasance Thank goodness the long Winter seems to have loosened its grip, although I‘m sure many readers will recall snow falling after Easter. This year Easter is on the early side! The icy weather and perilous roads reminded me of a friend‘s experience during similar conditions one year. ―I really don‘t want to go to pictures this evening‖ Joan pleaded ―there‘s been a bad weather warning and it‘s a fair way to drive.‖ However, Tom, was used to having his own way so reluctantly Joan was persuaded but she was not happy during the journey nor, indeed, while watching the film. She always seemed to give way and was getting just a bit fed up with Tom‘s selfishness. Finally the evening‘s show ended and they, together with the sparse audience, made their way out to the car park. Just as she feared, the forecast had proved correct and all the cars were covered in a couple of inches of snow. Tom fumbled with his keys. ―Oh blast!‖ he exclaimed, ―now I‘ve dropped the damned thing.‖ Bending down he scraped around in the snow while Joan became colder and shivered as she watched the other drivers slither their way through the exit. ―Haven‘t you got a torch?‖ she exclaimed as the car park light went out. ―Yes, of course I have but . . . it‘s in the car.‖ The weather took on blizzard proportions as they realised that by now no-one was around to help. The key could not be located and the only course left was to walk the two miles home. An hour and a half later, exhausted, sodden and thoroughly fed up, Joan turned on Tom and gasped, ―That‘s it – we‘re finished. You just wouldn‘t listen when I told you I did not want to go out this evening. Here‘s your ring – the engagement‘s off.‖ My friend eventually married a much nicer fellow and as far as I know they are still together. Edith Pleasance © 14.03.10

Letters to the Editor
Thanks from a serving soldier in Afghanistan
My name is Duncan Chalklin, I am a serving Lance Cpl in the Household Cavalry Regiment C Sqn, 3 Troop on a six month tour of Afghanistan. I would just like to say three big thank you‘s. Number one goes to Chris Edwards, the newsagent, for sending out the News of the World and Sun newspapers to me so I can keep up to date with the page 3 LOL. Number two goes out to the Watton Methodist Church for praying for me and my mates and number three goes out to everyone who has supported me and sent me parcels out here. Thanks once again to you all. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Thanks from Sylvia
On Marie Curie Daffodil Day collection on Saturday March 6th in Watton, raised £672.85 A collection from the Saham Samsen Club raised £16.58 making a total of £689.43. Many thanks to all our collectors and to everyone that contributed. Sylvia Frazer

Hackers, Tackers and Stuffers
Members took part in the Heritage Day at the Queen‘s Hall on 26th February exhibiting and answering questions about quilts and old photographs etc printed on fabric, the latter produced at a Wayland Heritage workshop. On 24th February there was a demonstration of making a folded fabric coaster. On 8th March fifteen members had a most enjoyable and informative day at an appliqué workshop led by the internationally renowned tutor and author Shirley Bloomfield. On 27th April there will be a demonstration of various techniques for making borders to finish quilts. We continue to meet at the Christian community Centre in Watton High Street on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday in each month, apart from August, from 7 to 9 p.m. For further details look at our Blog on: or ring Sue on 01362 822536 or Jane on 01953 884215.

Ovington Gardening Club
The garden visit to a spring garden has been postponed due to the adverse weather which has delayed the onset of spring. The April meeting will be held in the Village Hall on Wednesday 7 April at 7.45pm when we shall be informed about ‗Setting up a Wormery‘ by Jan Hunt. Visitors are welcome (at the cost of £1) and if you require any further information, contact Ed on 01953 885848 or Carole on 01760 440719.

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 20


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Were you at Watton Secondary Modern ’67 to ’69?
Did you go to Watton Secondary Modern School? Were you in the 4th year in ‘67, ‘68 or ‘69? Yes? Well, Dave, Dougall, and Julian would like to hear from you. Recognising the approach a ‗significant‘ birthday, and while reminiscing about the happiest days in our lives, (well that‘s what they told us they would be!), it became clear that we each knew what had happened to some of our school friends but even after pooling all we knew, it was lamentably little. So we would like to make contact with you again – initially to build a shared database of old schoolmates and with a view organising a reunion in the not too distant future. Then we can all marvel at how incredibly old everyone else has become while maintaining the belief that we still look as young as we used to! So Coral, Karen, Beany, Hoppy and all the others . . . where are you now? Get in touch again and let‘s find out how life worked out for us all. Email us on:

Rocklands Post Office & Stores
The Street, Rocklands 01953 483 217
Car Tax, Lottery, Fresh Milk

Great Ellingham Village Stores & P.O.
Long St, Gt Ellingham 01953 452 155
Post Office, Fresh Bread & Milk Daily

Quick Stop
Church Street, Attleborough 01953 458 036
Italian Wines 2 for £5 Wide range of Polish Foods available

Old Buckenham Stores
The Green, Old Buckenham 01953 860219
If you purchase goods from the shop costing over £40 (excluding the post office, cigarettes, lottery and Paypoint) in one transaction then you will be entitled to claim a bottle of Italian wine (worth £5)
Picture Supplied

Lovells Post Office & Stores
Market Place, New Buckenham

01953 860 351

Village Stores
Market Street, East Harling

The photo above shows the Watton Westfield School Council who would like to say a big ‗Thank you‘ to Barclays Bank for the very generous £750 of matched funding that has been given to ‗The School Friends‘. The school is most grateful to Mrs Tamsin Dye, who is a committed employee from Barclays Corporate in Norwich. Tamsin, who is also the mother of a Year Two pupil, took time out from her day job recently to get involved in the school‘s fundraising activities to support ‗The Friends of Watton Westfield Infant

& Nursery School‘. In total Tamsin Dye helped to raise an incredible £819.04 at the School Christmas Fair and Raffle. Furthermore, the money raised will be matched pound for pound, up to £750, as part of the Barclays Community Investment ‗Charity Begins at Work‘ programme, bringing the total to £1569.04. Jeannie Marsh, community relations officer for Barclays said, ―At Barclays we strive to strengthen local communities in which we live and work by supporting a range of causes from local schools to centres for

older people. This is a fantastic example of Barclays‘ staff fundraising with the local community to achieve something which we hope will make a real and lasting difference.‖ Roxanne Atkinson Chairwoman of Friends of Westfield Infant and Nursery School said: ―Thanks to Tamsin and Barclays, the funding will now be able to provide additional play equipment to add to that already bought through previous Friends fundraising activities.‖ Roxanne is in the picture above with the School Council.

Would you share your hobby?
St Mary‘s Church, Watton, invite you to share your hobby with us and others by exhibiting at our Annual Hobbies Exhibition at the Queen‘s Hall, Watton. This will be held on Sunday 13th June as part of Watton Carnival Celebrations. We welcome all enthusiastic people with an interesting hobby. For further details and application form please phone or visit St Mary‘s Church Office, Church Road, Watton (01953 881252). Tues, Wed, Thurs 9.00am – 1.00pm. We look forward to hearing from you.

01953 860219
A wide range of products in stock Clare and Kevin Ledgard

Londis Banham
01953 887320 Your Local Village Supermarket

Memories at the RSPCA

Watton University of the Third Age (U3A)
The Annual General Meeting of the Watton &District U3A was held on Thursday 25th March. A full report will be published in the next issue of The Mid Norfolk Times. The visit to the BBMF at RAF Conningsby returning via Springfield Gardens is on Friday 23rd April. The coach will depart the Queens Hall car park at 8.30 am. The speaker at the meeting on Thursday 22nd April will be Yvonne Harold ―Little Cressingham School in Victorian Times. The Membership Secretary can be contacted on 01953 881109. For further information on the National U3A go to

Wayland Happy Circle
It was nice to welcome Gill Buckley and her husband Frank to our March meeting her talk gave us all a surprise ABOUT life and made us realise what a small world it is. We were also able to welcome our Mayor Margaret Holmes, and it gave us great pleasure to present her with a cheque for Project Rainbow Our next meeting will be held on April 6th, at at the Watton Christian Community Centre. High Street, when our speaker will be Yvonne Harrold who will talk to us about her life as a 'Jenny Lind Junior'. For our May meeting our speaker will be Penny who will give us a talk about 'Break' the children's charity. Hope to see you all there.

Londis News Extra
High Street, Attleborough, (Opposite Sainsburys)

01953 453 257
Newspapers & magazines
Wide range of confectionery, tobacconist Wide range of Wines, Beers and Spirits

Keep an eye on the RSPCA shop window in Watton after Easter as they will be displaying a changing selection of pictures from Mrs Dwornik. They are all unidentified (as is the above) and if you see yourself there you can obtain it a copy in exchange for a donation.


Mid-Norfolk Times Page 21

‘Writing is Exciting’ author Will HARMONY Hadcroft tells Wayland pupils QUILTING
Wayland High School recently played host to author Will Hadcroft and experienced firsthand how he believes writing really can make a positive difference. Pupils also discovered how an author goes about writing a book from the initial idea right through to getting a book published Will Hadcroft spent the day at the school talking to different Year groups about his great passion for writing, explaining how something as simple as writing a letter had enabled him to win a competition, get a Blue Peter badge and also appear on television, as well as publish two novels and his autobiography. Will wrote his first ‗book‘ aged 10 in an exercise book, after discovering how much his friends enjoyed reading his stories became determined to become an author and now enjoys being able to get children interested in reading and writing for pleasure by visiting schools throughout the country. He explained to the pupils how he developed the ideas for his children‘s novels Anne Droyd and Century Lodge and Anne Droyd and the House of Shadows. They all received an insight into the processes involved in writing a novel and the excitement of seeing your own work in print.

A Professional Machine Quilting Service
!!! You do the patchwork !!! I do the quilting For Quilting Wadding & Backing Prices

Tel: 01953 882484

Attention All Gardeners!
Improve your soil, keep weeds down and keep moisture in with

Picture Supplied

‗To me, writing is something that can really make a difference‘, commented Will, ‗I am always thrilled to be given the opportunity to inspire young people to have a go themselves. I hope today‘s visit will encourage the

students to believe they too can achieve something by writing‘ The pupils were also treated to an exclusive reading from Will‘s latest novel The Blueprint, which he finished writing last month and

hopes to publish later this year. By the end of the day many pupils were keen to borrow the signed copies of Anne Droyd from the school library.

Sterilized Mushroom Compost The ideal mulch and soil improver

Only £1.40 per Bag
Delivered free (min 5 bags) Watton area

Watton & Wayland Visitor Centre
At the Annual General Meeting of the Wayland Tourism Association, which took place on Tuesday 9th March, Simon Rowling (Broom Hall Hotel) and Dave Green (Visitor Centre Staff Volunteer) were confirmed as chairman and vice-chairman respectively, and Martin Anscombe continues as Administrator. The Visitor Centre will open for the summer season on Good Friday 2nd April and continue, for mornings only (9am-1pm), during Easter Week until Friday 9th April when our normal opening hours will pertain: 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and to 1pm Saturdays. The first exhibition of the year in the renamed Dragonfly Gallery will be the Spring Art Exhibition from 10th - 17th April. So far, our plea for volunteers to help staff the Visitor Centre cum Dragonfly Gallery has not borne fruit. Surely there must be several souls who would like something different to do for as little as half a day a week? No experience necessary but common sense and an enquiring mind will be useful! C o n t a c t M a r t i n An s c o mb e , Administrator on 01953 884224.

Snowdrop walk to Walsingham Abbey: We re-arranged this for Sunday 28th February and yet again the weather was so dreadful, freezing cold and blowing a gale that we left it up to the members to decide and noone dared venture out! We hope for better next year. ON WEDNESDAY 10th MARCH our programmed speaker, Nick Bailey, let us down at late notice and so our snow-thwarted speaker from February managed to make the journey this month and got us out of a hole. Anne Etheridge told us of her job at Blooms of Bressingham and how she had always had a ‗Passion for Plants‘. She showed us lots of plants that are favourites in her own garden and brought along lots of well -priced plants to sell. The flower competition was won by David Peachey, 2nd was Shona Levy and 3rd Patsy Peachey. 28 members attended. On Wednesday, 14th APRIL, DEREK ARCHER will talk to us about his ORCHID collection and how we can grow these beautiful plants. Held at the village hall, doors open at 7.45pm and we get started by 8pm. There are refreshments, a raffle and a fun flower competition. Free to members, £2.50 guests. For more information look us up on our website which you can see at: www.greathockhamgardeningclub.or or ring me on the number below. We are a very active, friendly club, always keen to increase our membership and now is a great time to join. If anyone would like a lift to meetings please give me a call. Please Note: It is not long until the HORN FAIR on SUNDAY, MAY 30th. Members are asked to grow extra plants to sell on our plant stall and to volunteer their services for help to me as soon as possible. We will need cakes for the cake stall too. Thank you. Jane Dalton (Secretary) 01953 498694

01953 881969

New Book Wayland Agricultural Society Young Achiever Club
in Watton Library
The Six Book Club is an informal and friendly new reading group for adults starting at Watton Library on Wednesday 5th May 6pm - 7pm. It will be held the first Wednesday of the month and initially run for 6 months. We will be reading popular fiction and sharing our thoughts on these books and others we've enjoyed. It's open to everyone so why not come along for a cuppa and a chat to see what it's all about? It's free and there's no obligation to come again, though we hope you do! Please contact Watton Library on: 01953 881671 for further information.

of the Year 2010

Nominations are invited for the Wayland Agricultural Society Young Achiever of the Year 2010. The award is designed to recognise outstanding dedication and contribution to agriculture, horticulture, wildlife or any other rural related sector or industry. All entrants must be under 21 years of age. All entrants will be required to demonstrate and share their commitment and involvement to their related subject. This should

include their achievements and their aspirations. Applicants will be required to show passion and enthusiasm as well as a sound knowledge of their category. The award is sponsored by Weco Engineering of Watton. All nominations must be made in writing to: Attn: Mrs Bridget Hall, Wayland Agricultural Society, Broom Hall, Richmond Road, Saham Toney, Thetford, Norfolk IP25 7HJ

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 22



Mid-Norfolk Times Page 23

Wayland Scout Group

Young Rider Club needs helping hand to get on the road
Organisers of the Wayland Young Riders Club are looking for a bike dealership or someone connected with the motorcycle trade to help get the club on right road. 'Wayland Young Riders' - the new bike club, has been set up by Watton Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and The Wayland Partnership to educate young motorcyclists about safe riding and bike maintenance. The group is aimed at youngsters between the ages of 16-25, who live in the Wayland area. Watton PCSO Joe Jermy said: "We are encouraging young bike enthusiasts to get involved in this exciting new project in the town. We hope that the project will improve their bike security measures as well as educating motorcyclists about road safety." Jan Godfrey from The Wayland Partnership said: "This is another example of The Wayland Partnership and the SNT working together for Wayland and is a follow up to the young people's project to raise awareness of bike safety with ITV Fixers." Partner agencies also need volunteers with specialist skills and knowledge of motorbikes to help out at the Wayland Young Riders Club. If you are able to assist and provide some of your spare time to support the project contact Watton SNT on 0845 456 4567 or e-mail

Caston Village Hall
The Street, Caston. NR17 1DD

The Village Hall is available for short and long term hiring. Hire it for an hour or two to practice dancing, play table tennis (equipment supplied), darts or carpet bowls (equipment available) or maybe for your children’s party. Very Reasonable Rates Contact Stephanie on

01953 488 495
or email

The Cubs and Scouts have both had a busy month. We have taken up the Shelter Box Challenge which helps highlight the great work of Shelter Box. They have set 10 months of challenges to celebrate their 10th anniversary. We hope to complete these challenges over the coming months. The Group has been lucky enough to receive two marvellous donations. Watton Council very kindly donated us £500 which will be used to buy new flags for both the Cubs and Scout Sections,the rest of the money was put towards our Group neckers. The Wayland Show also kindly donated £275 which will be used towards new camping equipment. We would all like to thank Watton Council and the Wayland Show for these

donations. It is wonderful to receive such support. Our new neckers finally arrived and we have been able to present all the Cubs and Scouts with them. All invested members re took their Promise as the neckers were presented to remind us all of the values and ethics of Scouting. We also invested new Cubs and Scouts into our Group. We hope they enjoy their time in Scouting with us. Photo shows the Cubs with their new neckers. As the lighter evenings and the spring approach we hope to get outside more and start preparing for our forthcoming camps. If you are interested in your child joining Cubs or Scouts, please contact Paul Cutts on 01953 884243 or email

Your Job Search
Thoughts from a Career Coach
I ask people to record exactly what they do and how long they spend each day on their job search. It's remarkable how each day looks much the same as the previous newspaper, internet job pages, send a few copies of your CV in the post . . . I then ask - 'did you make any progress?'; the answer is usually 'no'. 'So, do you plan to do the same tomorrow? Do you expect a different result?' If you want a different result, do something different. Get out and meet people, volunteer for part time charity jobs, attend the job fairs which are advertised locally. It's remarkable how much time you really have for extra activities, and every person you meet could be a connection to a real opportunity. David Bridge is a Career Coach with Mayfair Coaching Practice Telephone 01379 650045

BROOM HALL Country Hotel
Saham Toney Your Local Three Star Hotel

The Surge Needs you . . .
Since celebrating its ‗first birthday‘ in December the Surge young people‘s centre is going from strength to strength. Over sixty young people are regularly attending the Surge on a Monday and Thursday evening. The new Wednesday evening session for younger members is growing in numbers too. At the other end of the age scale the SATS (Seniors At The Surge) group is well attended every Wednesday morning. As the numbers of young people grow our loyal band of volunteers are becoming more stretched as sixty energetic teenagers ‗take a little managing‘. Therefore if you‘re equally energetic, charismatic and patient and can relate to and engage with our young people we‘d like to talk to you about becoming a volunteer. If you would like more information please call Marion on 01953 881248 or Gina on 01953 883920

New Centre Opens in Watton
Wednesday 10 th March saw the opening of the Colin Mackenzie Centre in Watton. Colin‘s widow, Jan, was moved to open the centre after his death in January 2010. Jan feels very strongly that had the r i gh t fa c i l i t i e s b e e n available, Colin might have been able to cope with his life much better and he would still be with her today. So, to help prevent further similar tragedies, Jan has set up a trust and opened a centre at 13b High Street Watton (access besides Browns Estate Agents) to offer a range of activities including training for both personal & professional development and community based activities. The centre is open 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Support will also be offered to people needing advice in their lives. There will also be educational training for anyone with concerns ranging from anger management to a lack of self confidence, these and a variety of courses will be run in future. The centre will be running

Wednesdays Fridays

Steak Night Pie & Mash Night

Sirloin or Rump with chips £10.00 Pastry Pie & Mash with Dessert £9.95

New Ivy Room for Bar Meals
Monday to Saturday 6.30 – 8.30 Tuesday to Saturday 12.00 – 2.00

01953 882125

Unit 2, Coughtrey Industrial Estate Church Road, Griston. IP25 6QB


courses by approved trainers from Barnabas Training International, an organization affiliated to the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC). These courses will give people who are interested in becoming professional Christian counsellors a qualification. P o s i t i ve I mp a c t Tr a i n i ng Services will be running courses from the building and all trainers have a Teacher‘s qualification. There is an age limit on the training services of 18+, however, the centre will run courses in drug and alcohol awareness and self esteem etc -

training for people over the ages of 14 on specific days with parental permission. Getting the centre open has needed the help of dozens of people and a wide range of b u s in e s s e s . Al t h ou gh too numerous to mention here, Jan would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped get the Colin Mackenzie Centre open. Pictured from Left to right are: Misty Wood, Katelyn, Mike Callagam, Jan holding Holly, Steve Moser, Steve Scott and the Rev Geoff Garret

Fitted Kitchens Bathrooms Internal Doors

Free Quotations & Full Planning Service

01953 881243

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 24

Watton Ballroom Dancing Association
Queen’s Hall, Watton
8 to 11.00 Admission £3.00

Saturday April 3rd and Saturday May 1st

Mike 01953 882799

Women’s World Day of Prayer


James Ball CARPETS
SHOWROOM: 49 High Street, Watton

01953 883288
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& Vinyl Supplied and Fitted

All your plumbing and heating needs

R.S. Plumbing & Heating

Boiler Servicing, Installations and General Plumbing All work undertaken. CORGI Registered

Telephone 01953 883829 07836 267 419
Picture Supplied

Watton Town Council
Notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL TOWN MEETING
Is to be held at The Youth and Community Centre, Harvey Street, Watton on

Some fifty people celebrated Women‘s World Day of Prayer on Friday 5th March, with a Service which was held at St. Mary‘s Church, Watton. This year the annual service had been prepared by Christian women from Cameroon, an

African country twice the size of the UK, but where hardship exists in the form of malaria, poverty, malnutrition, child trafficking and problems in delivering education. The theme of the service was ‗Let Everything That Has Breath Praise

God‘, which in spite of their difficulties is the message coming from the women of Cameroon. Mrs Angela Pye, our speaker, ably related that theme to our lives here in Watton and district. Margaret Cator WWDP Committee

Thursday 22 April 2010 at 7pm
All parishioners are invited to attend and the business as set out below will be transacted:
1. Apologies for Absence 2. To confirm as a correct record the Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 24th April 2009 3. To receive the Chairman‘s report of the work of the Council 4. To receive the Council‘s Accounts 5. To receive reports from the County Councillor for Watton Councillor John Rogers 6. To receive reports from District Councillors for Watton Councillor Claire Bowes, Councillor Keith Gilbert and Councillor David Myers 7. Questions and Comments from members of the Public 8. To receive reports and accounts from representatives from the f following local Organisations a Meals on Wheels and Wayland Luncheon Club b Watton Sports Centre c Queens Hall Management Committee d Citizens Advice Bureau e Twinning Association f Watton Society and Watton Festival g Community Car Scheme h Loch Neaton Trustees i Wayland Partnership Development Trust j Youth Council k Watton relief in Need 9. To consider any resolution of which written notice has been given NOTE: Any written resolutions for consideration under item 9 at the meeting must be duly handed in to the Town Clerk at the Town Council Office, Wayland Hall by noon on the day of the meeting 22 April 2010 Signed: Jacqui Seal Town Clerk, on behalf of Town Mayor and Chairman of Watton Town Council

The W.I. in the 21st Century
Mrs Jean McLean was our speaker in March when she took us on a mini tour of the inside of St. Mary‘s Church and gave us an outline of its history. I expect you all know that St Mary‘s is almost unique in that it is wider than it is long and it has had many additions and alterations in its long history and is due to have more in the near future. After an absolutely absorbing talk we then enjoyed social time when Carol and guest, Angela, were joint winners of our little competition and correctly identified the most objects in the sealed bags. On 8th April we will be back in our usual meeting place - 7.30 pm in Watton Christian Community Centre when Linda Kerr will tell us about the Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Recently I was asked if there was an age limit for joining the W.I. as it was thought you had to be 45 or over. Ladies, that is NOT the case! There is actually no age limit, either upper or lower. If the thought that you have to be getting on a bit in years has been stopping you coming along to find out more about the WI you can cast that aside with confidence. There have in fact been quite a few new WIs formed around the country recently by ladies mostly in their twenties. Subscription for 2010 is £29.50 which covers attendance at all meetings and includes a cup of tea or coffee. Any lady can come along as a guest up to three times in any one year and this costs just £2 per meeting. We always plan to have a wide variety of speakers throughout the year and members also take advantage of various events and activities organised by the WI Federation. For example, in May the Federation is having a Garden Party in the garden of the Bishop of Norwich, there will be the usual WI marquee at the Norfolk Show and in October there is an organised trip to Cardiff, not to mention the darts, scrabble and bowls tournaments that will be taking place around the County. Any organisation has to have young, new members in order to move forward and keep up to date with the changes in our ever evolving society. New members are always welcome – just come along to a meeting (7.30pm any 2nd Thursday of the month) or ring Pat on 01953 882275 or Barbara on 01953 882595

St Peter And St Paul C.E V.C School Carbrooke
Well what a busy month it has been again. By the time you read this we will be on our Easter holidays. This will be a well deserved rest for us all especially our teachers. Our year 5 and 6 have had their Holt Residential weekend which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Year 2 will have been to the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth. Our parents will have all seen our teachers for parent consultations. Sports Relief on the Millennium Green will have raised some money. When we return from Easter we will be doing a Bags2School collection. Anybody with unwanted clothes, soft toys, blankets or bedding can put them in a plastic bag and leave them at school on Wednesday 28th April before 3.30. This raises money for the school and all the things get sorted and goes to poorer countries for distribution. New to the school is a Stay and Play run by Watton Sure Start Children‘s Centre. This is on Thursday Mornings 10am till 11.15am starting from 22nd April. A big THANK YOU to Rix Petroleum and Carbrooke Consortium. They have given us a lovely cheque for £321.66 If you would like to know more about our school please go to our website news.html

Church Times

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 25
Service Calendar for April 2010 Breckles, Caston, Great Hockham, Griston, Merton, Stow Bedon, Thompson

St. Mary’s Church, Watton
1st, 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 9.30am Holy Communion 2nd Wednesday Morning Worship Church Office opens Tues, Wed & Thurs 9am-1pm Tel: 01953 881252 Thurs 1st Fri 2nd 7.00pm 10.30am 11.00am 8.00am 10.00am 8.00am 10.00am 8.00am 10.00am 8.00am 10.00am 6.30pm Five Parish Bring & Share Supper including Holy Communion & Vigil Good Friday Silent Procession from St Mary‘s Church for Service at the Methodist Church Holy Communion Easter Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion Holy Communion All Age Worship & Holy Baptism Praise and Worship with Shine

Worship Calendar: April 2010
Maundy Thursday - 1st April 7:00 pm Commemoration of Institution of the Lord‘s Supper (Holy Communion) Gt. Hockham Good Friday - 2nd April 12 - 3 pm Stations of the Cross: Seven Churches Pilgrimage: 12 Noon Thompson, 12:20 Merton, 12:40 Griston, 1pm Bring your packed lunch to the Rectory; 1.45pm Caston; 2.05pm Stow Bedon; 2.25pm Breckles; 2.45pm Great Hockham 2 - 3 pm Hour of Meditation Gt. Hockham Holy Saturday - 3rd April 8.00pm Service of light on the Eve of Easter Easter Sunday - 4 April 9:00 am Holy Communion (BCP) 10:30 am United Holy Communion Sunday 11th April 9:00 am Matins (BCP) 10:30 am United Holy Communion Sunday 18th April 10:20 am Sunday Club (ages 4-11, church room) 10:30 am United Holy Communion
th th

Sun 28th PALM SUNDAY Holy Communion Sung Eucharist for the joint-benefice with distribution of Palms 6.30p.m. 'The Crucifixion' by John Stainer, sung by the Mary's Choir and guests, with Nicholas Jackson (Tenor) and Samuel Eglington (Bass) Mon 29th 7.30p.m. Holy Communion with address 10p.m. Compline Tues 30th 7.30p.m. Holy Communion with address 10p.m. Compline Wed. 31st 7.30p.m. Holy Communion with address 10p.m. Compline 1st April MAUNDY THURSDAY 10a.m. Holy Communion 7p.m. Maundy Thursday Supper in the Church Hall 8p.m. Sung Eucharist with the stripping of altars and Watch until Compline at midnight Fri 2nd GOOD FRIDAY 8a.m. Matins and Litany 10a.m. Children‘s activities and worship 11.30a.m. Act of Witness at Queen‘s Square 2p.m. The Last Hour 10p.m. Compline Sat 3rd EASTER EVE 8 p.m. Vigil & renewal of baptismal vows Sun 4th EASTER DAY 8a.m. Holy Communion (1662) 10a.m. Sung Parish Eucharist with Easter Egg Hunt for children following the service 11.30 a.m. Holy Communion at All Saints‘ Besthorpe 6.30 p.m. Choral Evensong March 8a.m. 10a.m.

Sun 4th Sun 11th Sun 18th Sun 25th

Breckles Merton Caston Merton Caston Gt. Hockham Gt. Hockham

Watton Methodist Church
Every Wednesday the Church is open for quiet reflection and prayer between 10am & 12 Noon It’s your quiet place. At 10.30 there is a half-hour Midweek Service in the Large Vestry led by the Minister or a Church Member. Fri 2nd 10.30am Good Friday Silent Procession from St Mary‘s Church for 11.00am Service at Methodist Church Sun 4th 8.30am Rev Daphne Lloyd Holy Communion 10.45am Rev Daphne Lloyd Easter Holy Communion 6.30pm Mr Brian Lawrence Sun 11th 10.45am Section Service at Watton Mr B Lawrence 6.30pm Mr Alan Warby Sun 18th 10.45am Bright Hour Anniversary 6.30pm Bright Hour Anniversary Sun 25th 10.45am Mrs Sonia Mann 6.30pm Mrs Janet Roebuck

Sunday 25 April 9:00 am Holy Communion (BCP) Merton 10:20 am Sunday Club Griston (ages 4-11, ‗Manorcourt‘ Day Centre, Manor Rd.) 10:30 am United Holy Communion Griston Sunday 2nd May 10:30 am United Holy Communion Stow Bedon

For all our parishes…
‘The WAY’ Youth Group (ages 11+) Sunday, 18th April, 7-8:00 pm, Rectory Pram Services: Wednesdays, 10:15 am (no service on 7th April) 14th April at Chase Farm, Caston; 21st and 28th April at Caston School Hall For parents or carers with children aged 0 - 5 Enquiries: The Revd. Bob Nichols: Tel.: (01953) 483222; Email:

All Saints Church, Threxton
Easter Service Sunday 4th April at 10am

Roman Catholic Community
Each Sat Thur 1st Fri 2nd 5.30pm 9.30am 7.30pm 9.30am 10.00am 3.00pm 10.00am Mass at Watton Methodist Church Morning Prayer & Confession, Swaffham Eve Mass of the Lord‘s Supper, Swaffham Good Friday Morning Prayer, Swaffham Children‘s Station of the Cross, Swaffham Celebration of the Lord‘s Passion, Swaffham Morning Prayer followed by Video Show, Swaffham No Saturday Evening Mass at Watton 8.30pm Easter Vigil, Swaffham Easter Day 8.30am Mass at Swaffham 10.30am Mass at Swaffham

Sat 3rd

Sun 4th

Pentecostal Church, Dereham Road, Watton
There is a Noah's Ark Sunday and King's Kids for children during the Sunday morning services Fri 2nd 11.00am Good Friday Communion Sun 4th 10.30am Easter Day Celebration ―The Evidence of Easter ―The Evidence of the Bible‖ Sun 11th 10.30am ― The Evidence of Easter ―The Evidence of the Witnesses‖ Sun 18th 10.30am Alpha introduction Is there more to life than this? Sun 25th 10.30am ―The Evidence of Easter ―The Evidence of Modern History‖

Thought for the Month
By the Rev. Barbara Winner, Watton Methodist Church
We were fortunate to have tickets to see the performance of Le Miserable at Norwich recently. I knew some of the songs but not the story. It begins with a prologue which shows us how Jean Valjean who has served a long and cruel sentence for stealing some bread to feed his starving family is released on parole. He tries to make his way in the community but because of his status is rejected and condemned as an out cast. He is however welcomed into the home of the Bishop who offers him food and a bed for the night. In his desperation steals some of the Church silver. He is promptly arrested and when the officials ask the Bishop if Jean Valjean has stolen the silver he says instead that it was a gift. The Bishop promptly goes and finds two silver candlesticks which he gives to Valjean as well. From this one gift of forgiveness and love comes a story of reformation and redemption which influences many lives. On Good Friday you can see Churches Together in Watton walking silently together behind a cross. As we walk we remember and think about another gift of forgiveness and love – the gift of one life for all people – the gift of Jesus Christ on the cross for our redemption. Why not join us? Why not come and hear more at a church near you this Good Friday and Easter Day? It‘s a story which could become your story too.

St. Nicholas’ Church, Ashill
Fri 2nd Sun 4th Sun 11th Sun 18th Sun 25th Fri 2nd 2.00pm 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 9.30am 10.00am 10.30am 8.00pm 11.00am 10.30am 11.00am 11.00am 2.00pm 10.30am 10.30am 10.30am Good Friday Meditation Easter Holy Communion Lay Led Morning Worship All Age Worship Holy Communion Procession of Witness leaves the Wells CCC to St George‘s Church for Good Friday Meditation Group Service of Light - Preacher The Ven John Ashe, Archdeacon of Lynn Easter Holy Communion Benefice Service of Holy Communion All Age Worship Holy Communion Good Friday Meditation Easter Holy Communion Holy Communion Methodist Service

St. George’s Church, Saham Toney

Sat 3rd Sun 4th Sun 11th Sun 18th Sun 25th Fri 2nd Sun 4th Sun 18th Sun 25th

S.S. Peter & Paul’s Church, Carbrooke

St John the Evangelist Church, Ovington
Sun 4th Sun 18th Sun 25th Thursdays at 8.00am Said Holy Communion 9.00am Easter Holy Communion 12.30pm Holy Baptism 9.30am Lay Led All Age Worship

Mid-Norfolk Times Page 26


Ashill Village Yard Sale & Car Boot Sale
Sunday 25th April 9am till 1pm
Car boots in the hall £6 per table in the community centre. Yard sale £5 To book your yard sale or car boot please ring Mark on 01760 440577

In your garden with Lotta Potts
Spring is here! The Met Office says the first day of Spring is 1st March. I prefer the equinox on 21st but let‘s not split hairs. After the winter we just had it‘s to be hoped that most of the catching up was done in March so the soil is warming up nicely and in theory we have sunshine and showers, perfect growing weather. The traditional test for the soil is to see if you can sit comfortably on it without protection. It‘s advisable not to drop your kecks in public! The hand will do just as well, or buy a soil thermometer to be accurate. Some of these also give the ph. The clocks have gone forward so we have longer evenings to spend in our garden as well. Unfortunately in Britain, we have weather not a climate and April can go from being positively summer hot to snow. If I remember rightly last April was very warm indeed. Usually Easter falls in April and you may be surprised to know that there is more chance of snow at Easter than Christmas. Oh no! Please not. Easter is traditionally time to plant potatoes. This may have started when workers had most time to spare but it‘s a good rule of thumb. Some gardeners traditionally only start gardening at Easter when the garden centres really stock up. The rule for successful gardening in April is not to be in too much of a rush to plant out tender young plants. This is the one most gardeners break, even the most experienced among us can succumb to the ritual Easter visit to the garden centre and buy those attractive trays of bedding plants, put them out and go to get some more when they get frosted. We‘ve all done it. So, it's important to keep the horticultural fleece handy to protect against frost and to watch the weather forecasts. Cloches really come into their own in April, not only do they protect from frost but the micro climate they create means plants will leap ahead, even if the weather is poor. One good tip with a cloche is to place it a week or two before you plant out. This will cause the soil temperature to rise by a couple of degrees and helps to avoid shocks to your plants when they leave the greenhouse or cold frame. This could be a temporary shelter for those bedding plants (still in their trays), avoiding the otherwise inevitable. If you bring things on in a greenhouse or even on a windowsill, don't make the mistake of planting out directly, even into a cloche covered patch. Plants need a little time to get used to the great outdoors and need to use 'hardening off' for this. It‘s pretty self-explanatory and is really not complicated, you move them from a windowsill or heated area of a greenhouse to a cooler part of the greenhouse for a few days and then move them into a cold frame. Leave the cold frame shut for the first couple of days, unless the weather is wonderful and sunny, which would over-heat them. After this, open the vent in the day for a few days and finally leave the vent open overnight. It will still give them some protection but it's not as exposed as outdoors. If you don‘t have a cold frame or greenhouse it gets a little more labour-intensive. Take the plants grown on the windowsill outside to a sheltered spot on sunny days and bring them in again at night to somewhere cool. Keep doing this until they‘ve been out for a few days according to the weather then put a bit of protection over them at night until they can be left to their own devices. Then plant them out. If a cold snap develops whilst you are hardening off, you can insulate your cold frame to keep them warm. In an emergency newspapers laid several sheets thick and weighed down to stop them blowing away will do the job but a length of folded fleece is easier and more effective. By the end of a week or so, your plants will be ready to brave the world and better equipped to cope if it snows. Having covered your plants against the weather, do remember now is the time when gardener's worst enemy is coming back to drive us mad. These evil creatures can make a row Look Out Ashill the o f t e nd e r s e e d li n g disappear overnight or reduce a plant to a skeleton in hours. The slug, of course. I'm sure slugs must serve some purpose in the greater scheme of things, Young people of the Ashill youth club are but to the gardener they making an original zombie Film which they are just the enemy. In the have written and will star in. They old days we just scattered desperately need extra's of all ages to make metaldehyde slug pellets the film a success. Filming will take place the around by the bucket load last week of the easter holidays.If you can and killed them that way help or would like more information please but there have been call concerns about the 01603 628367 or potential effects on pets Email Tea, coffee and and wildlife with those. biscuits will be provided. Now we more environmentally friendly You will then be invited to a free cinema methods of dealing with screening of the film in Norwich slugs and the good news is that these are actually more effective in many cases. If you grow potatoes, you may have had the experience of digging up a wonderful crop only to find holes occupied by horrible little slugs munching away. The best cure is to use nematodes slug killer from the start. This biological control is comprised of thousands of tiny worms that cause no problem at all to anything except our enemy. They are, however, a little delicate as regards to temperature and moisture. Because they get under the surface, they get all the slugs unlike pellets. You can still use pellets in a lot of situations but if you have pets be very cautious and only use the advanced ferramol based pellets. They're more rain resistant as well so b etter value for mon ey. Incidentally, only ever scatter slug pellets very thinly. Piles are ineffective and wasteful. If they all disappear overnight, then scatter thinly again and smile. It means the slugs have eaten the first lot and crawled away to die. Another way to defeat the little blighters is to grow plants on until they are more robust than is usual for planting out. Slugs are, surprisingly, fairly fussy eaters and will go for very young tender stems and leaves. Not being a biologist I don‘t know if this is due to lack of ability to chew anything a bit stronger than baby growth or choice but it does work. If you‘ve read the instructions for nematodes and given up and are disinclined to go chemical the only other way is physical removal. Some recommend the torch and squish method after dark. This is unpleasant in more ways than one. Others recommend scissors. Ugh! My personal favourite is the pub. I make one or more for the slugs. Empty margarine or cream cartons with a small amount of beer or milk in the bottom will attract slugs. How you dispose of them is up to you. At least they die happy and don‘t survive long enough for the hangover. There are lots of safe and environmentally sound solutions to pests and problems now, thank goodness. Some older gardening books read like chemical warfare manuals. Sweet peas can be sown outside this month. Plant out autumnsown sweet peas that have been raised in pots, and prepare your wigwam supports for them to climb, using a light twine to tie the plants in. You can sow other hardy annual seeds for display and cutting. Plant summer-flowering bulbs, if not done already. Prepare the soil first, to ensure that drainage is sufficient to prevent the bulbs rotting. You can still plant herbaceous perennials such as Geranium, Astrantia and Oriental poppies. Check that the plants you buy have strong, green shoots and plant them into well-prepared soil. If you are crafty, pick the pot that shows several separate small clumps, knock the whole thing out of the pot and divide it. Sometimes you can get as many as four for the price of one. The little ones will need to be potted up for a while before planting out but will very soon get away for planting out. The same way existing perennials that are showing new shoots from the crown can be can be propagated via basal stem cuttings. Shoots 810cm (3-4in) high are cut from the parent plant with a sharp knife. Sometimes a piece of root can be taken with the cutting (which speeds establishment), but stems can be cut without root, and then dipped in hormone rooting powder before striking into growing medium. An easier method to increase stock while rejuvenating old plants is to divide clumps of herbaceous perennials - those that have become too large for their allotted space, flowering poorly or have lost their shape. Bamboos and clumps of bulbs or rhizomes can be divided in the same way. Just make sure that the transplanted divisions have roots, shoots, and are given adequate water to settle into their new positions. At the same time as dividing perennials, make sure weeds are removed, so doing two jobs at once. Prune penstemons and other slightly tender plants such as lavender. Make the cuts just above fresh, new shoots. Apply a general-purpose fertiliser to borders and beds. Take care not to damage emerging shoots, or to burn them with fertiliser. Put supports in place for perennials before they get too large. Criss-crossing strings from hidden or decorative posts work well, allowing stems to grow up in the gaps between strings. There are also many supports available either from garden centres or mail order. Remove faded daffodil and tulip flowers, nipping off the heads and seed pod at the same time. Deadhead pansies, primulas and other spring bedding plants. Pansies will carry on into the spring and even to early summer, if attended to frequently. Check whether containers need watering. Even at this time of year, they can dry out. Pots and tubs benefit from topping up with fresh compost. Old compost can be removed and replaced with new to a depth of 5cm (2in) if there is not much room for topping up. Pot on plants showing signs of being pot-bound. You can tip out the root balls of unhappy looking containerised specimens, to see if they are indeed pot-bound or if they are suffering from some other problem such as vine weevil. One final bit of advice, if you didn‘t do a lot of gardening in the winter (as if that was possible!) do take care of that precious bit of equipment - your back. Little and often is the way to do it. Try to ignore all the other pressing overdue jobs until tomorrow or you‘ll be looking at it through the window while your poor old back recovers.

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Hockham History Group


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Would you like to win a £10 Adcocks Voucher to spend? Simply complete the crossword on the right and drop it in to The Wayland News bin at (or post it to) Adcocks, 32 High Street, Watton, Norfolk. IP25 6AE before the paper deadline. All correct entries will be put into a draw and the winner will receive a £10 Adcocks voucher to spend. In the event of any dispute the decision of the Editor will be final. The clues are a mix of cryptic, and easy with one or two anagrams thrown in just to make it more interesting! The correct solution will be published in the next issue.

Hockham has now formed a History Group to help with its own village history research for the Wayland heritage Project. A healthy 21 people attended the first meeting and members of the group have now gone away to think about the particular field of research that might interest them and also help work towards achieving

something that will last into the future. The work of constructing an all new village website has been happening for sometime and anyone interested can see it at In the meantime the above 1904 photograph of Hockham village centre, has been submitted to the editor to hopefully gain some interest from

outside Hockham, so if anyone has any information, photographs, or interesting stories, or would like to come along to the next meeting, please either contact the group via the website contact page, by phone to Chris Garrod on 01953 498447 or to Sue White the Wayland Heritage officer on 01953 880216

Citizens’ Advice Gateway Diabetes UK Assessment - A Change To The Way We Operate
We are introducing a new system called ‗Gateway‘ assessment, which is designed to improve the service we are able to offer our clients. This is particularly important at a time when more and more people are seeking advice. It is designed to make our service more efficient and should enable us to deal with most of the enquiries more quickly and effectively. Introduction of this change in our service is a requirement of Citizens‘ Advice and must be implemented by October 2010. We do, however, have the option to adapt and refine the system to best suit the circumstances at each of our offices. What does it mean for our clients? Gateway assessment means that all clients will get a short focussed interview – the gateway assessment – to find out the problem and how best to deal with it. This will take about 10 minutes and there will be a number of possible outcomes from this first contact: You could be given information to take away to help you to help yourself to resolve your problem You could be asked to get further information to help us give the best advice possible for your problem You could be given an appointment for specialist advice – with a Debt or Welfare Benefits adviser for example You could be given contact details for another agency – perhaps one of the Benefits Helplines or the Housing Advice Section of the Local Authority If none of the outcomes listed above are appropriate or helpful for the issue on which you want advice, we will ask you to wait to see one of our generalist advisers for an interview. You will be given a number and will be called when an adviser is available. The adviser will be made aware of the basic details of your problem and will be able to quickly focus on how this could be resolved. If you are unable to wait you will be offered the opportunity for a telephone advice contact and you will be asked to say what time would be suitable. Will it be a better service? That is our aim - experience at other Bureaux has shown that as many as half of those waiting for advice can be provided with the information they need through the gateway assessment, without the need for what can often be a lengthy wait for advice. We shall always try to offer you the best service we can with the resources at our disposal. With that in mind we shall be considering carefully how best this service would operate in each of our offices. There are different layouts and resources in each of our locations and we shall be working out what will work best in each. When will it start? We shall be training our advisers over the next few months and plan to start the gateway assessment system in September. We shall initially run it for a four week trial and assessment period. We shall make a continuous evaluation of the service during this time and we may call on you to give your opinion in that process. We shall then fully introduce the service but we shall remain open to learn from experience and adapt and improve the service accordingly.

30 members attended our March meeting where we welcomed PCSO Rachael Tussington from the Watton Safer Neighbourhood Team, and PC Chris Newberry. Although they could not stay long because of their work commitments, they were able to talk about the WSNT, what they had achieved, what they were achieving and what they would like to achieve in the future. It was an informative meeting. At our April meeting, we will be welcoming Mike Wabe who will be speaking to us about "Life & Death in a Victorian Gaol". This should be very interesting and if Mike is looking for a couple of people to demonstrate anything on, I shall have great pleasure in recommending John and Rod!! The meeting is on 12th April, 10.15am at the Pentecostal Church, Old Dereham Road, Watton, whom we thank for the use of their facilities. If you have any questions about this meeting or the group itself, please phone Helen 01953 884713 and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Across 7 Search for food (6) 8 One had an accident face to face (4-2) 9 able to bundle hay (4) 10 A vessel to save others (8) 11 Is excited (5,2) 13 Boost for your footwear (5) 15 Aromatic resin that is burned as incense (5) 17 Progress against the tide (7) 20 soft woollen fabric from goat hair (8) 21 Wogan's duvet measurement system (4) 22 Two-dimensional - not one who smooths wood! (6) 23 Long time ago (3-3)

Down 1 The Indic language of the Gypsies (6) 2 Tear down to the ground (4) 3 Green-eyed (7) 4 The wheat needs sorting from this (5) 5 Ill will (3,5) 6 Element number 27 (6) 12 Use ape or hen to listen to the radio (8) 14 Even art gave long service (7) 16 Annual (6) 18 Diamond shaped knitting pattern (6) 19 Oyster's jewel (5) 21 Journey as in Star - (4)

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The winner of the £10 prize last month was Mr & Mrs Muskett of Carbrooke

Inner Wheel Club of Watton
The March meeting held at the home of member Val Semlyen a business meeting, where the future trip to Kew Gardens was discussed and a date set for June. A speaker had been arranged but was unable to attend, so a quiz was arranged at short notice. Arrangements for the Strawberry Tea were discussed the date for this being 17th June 2010, at the home of member Brenda Davis, we look forward to seeing you there. Stella Leonard- Club Correspondent.

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Government announce changes to bus pass scheme
Recent Government changes to the state pension age will have a direct impact on local residents' eligibility for free bus passes. From 6 April 2010, the government is gradually changing the eligibility to apply for a free English National Bus Pass. This is in line with their changes to the state pension age for women, increasing from 60 to 65. The rise will be staged over the next ten years. Eligibility for bus passes will rise by two months each month. This means that residents, who turn 60, on or after 6 April 2010, will no longer be eligible for the scheme on their 60th birthday. Details on when they will now qualify are shown below: If you were born before 6 April 1950 you now qualify on your 60th Birthday If you were born between 6 April 1950 – 5 May 1950 you now qualify on 6 May 2010 If you were born between 6 May 1950 – 5 June 1950 you now qualify on 6 July 2010 If you were born between 6 June 1950 – 5 July 1950 you now qualify on 6 September 2010 If you were born between 6 July 1950 – 5 August 1950 you now qualify on 6 November 2010 If you were born between 6 August 1950 – 5 September you now qualify on 1950 6 January 2011 If you were born between 6 September 1950 – 5 October you now qualify on 1950 6 March 2011 If you were born between 6 October 1950 – 5 November you now qualify on 1950 6 May 2011 If you were born between 6 November 1950 – 6 December you now qualify on 1950 6 July 2011 If you were born between 6 December 1950 – 5 January 1951 you now qualify on 6 September 2011 Councillor Lady Kay Fisher, Portfolio Holder for Environmental Well being and Customer Contact, says: "The government have decided that this would be the fairest method, rather than introduce a one-off rise which would leave those currently close to retirement age facing a full five-year delay." "However, the changes will have an impact on those residents in the district who are approaching their sixtieth birthday and were expecting to qualify for a bus pass. Current holders over 60 years old, and other qualifying residents, will not be affected by these changes. Current pass holders will be eligible for a renewal pass when their pass expires." Should you requ ir e furt her information please contact Breckland Council on 01362 656870.

The Ovington Crower
Dear Sah Thort I orta let yu know Ovington hev got a lot ter be thankful for, cos we hent quite bin flooded out like sum o‘ them por folk. Mind yu thet ware a cloose run thing, cos arter thet snew an thet rearn we wos hevin sum wet a runnin down tha ole dykes, thas ware thar‘s a dyke left o corse. They keep a fillin on em in ter days, thas wot ole Horry say, ―Tha ole boys din‘t dig orl tha ole dykes fer suffin ter du of a Satdy mornin, thare wos a parpus onnit,‖ he say ―Yu hev gotta hev a drearn or tu aside tha rood or fild, du else yar gooin tu be orl of‘ a mash‖ I rekkon he‘s right, cos yu doon‘t half see sum grate ole fleets inna tha filds tha days. Tha ole Cownsil are gonna arsk ifen tha kin change tha nearm o ―Church Rood‖ tu ―River Rood‖ cos tha water wos a hossin down it is like a young river. Thas nowares else fer it ter goo now the dykes ha bin filled in. Cos thas orl rite for them as goo up n down in thar mooters, but ifen yu draw along steady yu need yor hi lows on. Horry he say ―We orta tearke ower didles along a thar of a nite time and dig em owt agin‖ I say ―Doont worrit Horry, thet‘l dry up afore long‖ Torkin of tha ole Cownsil, I reckon thar gittin worrit bowt now, cos thas allus sum rum‘uns at this time o year, doont fare to hare tha ole buds a singin arly mornins. ‗N tha allus wont tha cownsil tu du suffin abowt it, which git tha owd boys on tha cownsil a bit flummoxed, cos thet ent easy tu arsk ter buds to hold thar duller. Abowt as daft as keepin tha ole cocks quiet I reckon. Now abowt them taters, ifen yu ent got yor seed taters on a tray under yor ma‘s bed by now then yu orter do so. Leave em thar till tha shoots git gooin, an tha garden mowld warm up, then dig a grate ole trench acrorse yor garden, fill it full o muck, stick yor taters in it a foot an a bit apart, then hale em up, an keep a halin em up as thar growin. Tha allotments are a movin at larst, sum good ole boys hev dug a loke inta tha fild, and set it to tha plow, (an dint he draw a streart furrer too) and so it‘ll sune be a sproutin wittles. Tha Church yard hev bin full a snowdrops ter year, an no end of folk hev bin along tu tearke piktures an hev bin wholly stammed tu see tha little darlins. I see tha cownsil hev set sum more daffs along a tha rood sides ter year; they‘ll sune be a shig – shugging abowt. Jest hoop we doont git em pinched like we did larst year. Well I‘m gooing to shack orf now, cos thars a pint o Bullard‘s mild waitin fer me in tha pub. Fare y‘ well tergether. Boy Sid.

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From the Wayland Chamber of Happy Easter to Commerce…
At the Annual General Meeting of the Wayland Chamber of Commerce the outgoing Chairman, Richard Crabtree, talked about the changes and difficulties experienced by Wayland businesses over the last two years and the Chamber‘s continued commitment to work for local people in business. Salena Dawson was elected Chairman for the forthcoming year a nd J anin a Din gwa ll Vi c e Chairman. Committee members elected were Richard Crabtree, John Paul McCarthy, Krissy Marwood-Cross, Adrian Goldring, Norman Wilson, Wendy Carr, Sam North, Wayne North and Tania Petkova. Additional co-opted Committee members were Lifetime Honorary Member Martin Anscombe, and Iain Cockburn. It was agreed that Churches Together and Wayland Community High School should also be offered Honorary membership for the year. The Annual Accounts for 2009 were presented and adopted. Following fifteen years of the annual membership subscription remaining at £25 it was agreed to raise it to £27 for 2011. This would help with the work the Chamber is currently doing to raise its profile and develop a new website; as well as other initiatives for people in business in Wayland, such as the new quarterly Business Breakfast Forum. A t t h e C o m mi t t e e me e ti n g following the AGM new members were agreed and welcomed: M&J Carpet Cleaning, Bailiwick IT Services, Des Hartnell Electrical Services and Stohn Ltd. (natural stone products) and Norfolk Country HIP (handmade gifts and decorations). The 2010/11 Wayland Chamber of Commerce Information, Trade and Services Directory (28th issue) is now being compiled and publication is anticipated around Easter. The Directory will be delivered free to all homes and businesses in the Wayland area over the period. If you can‘t wait… updated local information and me mb er s ar e all onlin e at All enquiries please contact the Secretary,, 07979 264047 or 01760 440837 or write to Wayland Chamber of Commerce, Wayland House, High Street, Watton, IP25 6AR.

BROOM HALL Country Hotel
Saham Toney Your Local Three Star Hotel

all our customers from the Country Market Producers
As I write in the middle of March it is hard to realize that Easter is only three weeks away. Hopefully we shall have plants on sale throughout April, although the extremely cold winter and late, soggy spring have meant that the plant and produce stalls, normally well stocked in March, have been sadly lacking in goods for sale. We have continued with just a few late root vegetables and potatoes and a few apples. We look forward to presenting our normally well laden stalls in April. Our cooks always produce special delicacies for Easter and our crafters are ever busy. Beautifully made wooden toys, a large selection of very reasonably priced jewellery, knitted goods, greetings cards for all occasions, hand turned wooden gift items and pens are all included in the goods on offer. Our fresh eggs come from a local farm. All our goods are produced within a ten mile radius of Watton. All our cooks have their kitchens inspected by the local environmental health authority and all have up to date food hygiene certificates. We are open every Wednesday morning from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. in the Watton Christian Community Centre. Please come and see us and if you want a cup of coffee after, or before, doing your shopping in the Country Market nothing could be easier: the Methodist ladies serve coffees in the smaller rear hall until 12 noon.

Telephone: 01953 882125

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Sport News

Super junior hockey at Watton Sports Centre
Watton Junior Hockey Club hosted their annual tournament at Watton Sports Centre and clubs from around the County converged on Watton for the U11 and U13 Boys and Girls Tournament. It was a superb tournament for Watton‘s U11 Girls who won their To u r n a m e n t . H a vi n g ga i n e d confidence and experience through the season, but never any placings in earlier Tournaments, the girls ‗worked some magic‘ for this tournament. The hockey was played in a very positive manner, with great effort and lots of enthusiasm to secure 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Defensive pairings were all solid, Poppy Williams played well in every game, capably supported by Megan Taylor and Lorna Brett-Greenacre. P o l l ya n n B a t t y m a d e s o m e outstanding saves (not only for Watton but also playing for Dragons). There was good passing through the midfield with Amy Church and Haidee Anscombe showing good control making frequent runs up the wings. Having played with their usual amount of effort Chelsea Collinson, Tamika Bustin, Taylor Cassidy and Jasmine Vincent all claimed much sought after goals leading to the deserved first tournament win. In their first game Watton played Dereham which was an evenly matched game with neither team in full flow and ended in a 0-0 draw. Game 2 saw Watton‘s first win with great work by Tamika Bustin on the right who passed across goal for Chelsea to score in a crowded D, resulting in Watton 1 Norwich City B, 0. Next Watton faced Magpies and lost 1-0. The winning streak continued in game four with a 1-0 win over Pelicans with an individual goal from Tamika Bustin, running into the D to shoot past the keeper. Game five saw another Watton win, beating Dragons (from Norwich) 1-0. A great run down the right wing by Haidee Anscombe and well timed pass across goal was finished off by an unmarked Taylor Cassidy who scored a great goal. In their final game Watton beat Norwich A 1-0 with the hard working Jasmine Vincent scoring a well deserved goal in a busy D. In the U11 Girls Tournament Watton were the winners, Dereham runners up, Norwich City A third. Magpies were fourth, Pelicans 5th, Dragons 6th and Norwich City B 7th. Watton‘s U13 Girls played well and finished their Tournament in third place. They lost 1-0 to Dereham A, drew 0-0 with Pelicans,and beat Norwich City B 1-0 with Cerys Adcock scoring. Watton beat Magpies 1-0 with Chantelle Samuels scoring, lost 2-0 to Norwich City and won 1-0 against Norwich City B with Ellen Fulham scoring. Dereham A‘ were the tournament winners and Norwich City A‘ runners up. Pelicans were 4th, Magpies 5th, Norwich City B 6th and Dereham B 7th. The U13 Girls squad was : Fran

Picture Supplied

U11 Girls Winners Standing L to R: Jasmine Vincent, Poppy Williams, Taylor Cassidy, Lorna brett-Cassidy, Takika Bustin, Amy Church, Haidee Anscombe. Front row: Chelsea Collinson, Polyann Batty, Megan Taylor. Kirkpatrick, Lauren Fitzgerald, Chantelle Samuels, Megan Colley, Cerys Adcock, Ellen Fulham, BethAnne Singer, Shelby Redfern, Ellie Philpott. FR: Natalie Smee (GK) In the U11 Boys Tournament Watton again played well and also finished in third place. They got off to a good start with a 1-0 win over Dereham with Steven Gale scoring. Game two saw another 1-0 win for Watton over Norwich City with Steven Gale scoring again. They next drew 0-0 with Magpies then lost 2-0 to Pelicans. Watton finished their last game on a high note with Thomas Barber and Steven Gale both scoring for a 2-0 win over Dragons. Coach, Sean Billington, was very pleased with all the boys performance giving them their best result of the season. At the end of the tournament the first three placing‘s were very close With Pelicans winning on goal difference and Magpies runners up, both with 11 points. Watton were third on 10 points ! Dereham were 4th, Norwich City 5th and Dragons 6th. The U11 Boys squad was : Thomas Hazell, Thomas Barber, Thomas Redfern, Sam Holland, Callum Haggart y, Micheal, Steven GaleSean McCarthy and Owen Hughson. Watton‘s U13 boys joined forces with the Dragons team from Norwich to make a squad. Matthew Russell, Craig Ellis, Josh Holland, Henry Garner and Jake Hargreaves represented Watton. In their first game they drew 0-0 against Magpies B, beat Norwich City 1-0, lost 2-0 to Magpies, lost 1-0 to Dereham and lost 1-0 to Pelicans. It was a good joint team performance considering the boys have never played with their Dragons team

Picture Supplied

Racing to defend for the Watton U11 girls are (back to front) Taylor Cassidy, Amy Church and Lorna Brett-Greenacre. mates before. Dereham were the Tournament winners, Magpies A‘ runners up, Magpies B‘ third, Pelicans 4th, Watton 5th and Norwich City 6th. Home James Taxis from Watton we r e th e Bo ys Tourn ame nt sponsors. Thanks to the hard work of the Junior Club Committee and the great co-operation from the senior hockey clubs the Tournament was a great success. It was also a great success for the development of the Club as two former junior members Kim Ashby and Sean Billington were now coaching two of the junior teams. In addition former junior Liam Healy lead and coordinated the umpiring. In addition Bea Hinchliffe, Amy Childerhouse and Roxy Samuels assisted in umpiring through most of the day.

Picture Supplied

Steven Gale showing some nifty footwork to the opposition

Sport News

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pass to put Bloomfield in on goal, Brandon broke away and slid in a 3rd. Enforced changes with Watton tiring saw Woods replaced by Fincham, and Bray replaced Allibone, and Callaghan by McCullouch. Further Watton pressure was thwarted, and they conceded a 4th in the dying stages. It was harsh on Watton, as the opponents were not 2 goals better than the hosts tonight, but as with your luck when you fighting a relegation battle, Brandon took all 3 points to move up to second in the table. Man of the Match: Mike Callaghan Saturday 13th March League Loddon United 1 Watton Utd 1 After the impressive but unlucky performance midweek, Watton travelled to Loddon at the weekend, looking to secure 3 points. 20 months ago, this fixture was between two teams fighting it out at the top of division 1 in a promotion battle, and is the harsh reality of the demise grass roots football, Watton only fielding 3 players who were present that day, and Loddon 5 players from their title winning side. Watton always struggle on Loddon‘s tight sloping pitch, and with a 5-2-3 formation deployed from the management team , coped well with Loddons direct counter attacking approach in the opening 20 minutes. In a first half of few chances, with Chris Bray , Jimmy Walker and Kev Bloomfield as the three strikers Watton were always confident of scoring. On 70 minutes man of the match Bloomfield finally broke the deadlock at the second attempt, after a great header from Ben Smart stuck the post half way through the second half. They held on until the 94th minute, when a kick by the keeper deceived the impressive Merv Brown, who was drafted in at the last minute from Reserve team duty, and the on r u s h in g s t r i ke r sl o tt e d p a s t Cruickshank. Man of the Match: Kev Bloomfield Reserve Team Match Reports Saturday 13th March League Watton United Reserves 0 Bungay Town Reserves 2 Watton‘s reserve team returned to action this weekend at home to Bungay, who were promoted to Division 4 with Watton last year. Without a fixture since the 13th February, Watton looked sluggish first half, and were undone by two sloppy goals in the first 45 minutes. Chances for striker Reeve could have put Watton closer at half time. Watton‘s management team introduced two new signing this weekend, and it was 16 year old James Lawrence drafted in from the under 18s who impressed in a better second half performance. Its hoped the team and new faces can build on this performance, as with only 8 games left, /Back page

Watton United roundup
First Team Match Reports Saturday 6th March League Watton United 0 Sheringham 2 A poor performance from Watton in this home fixture, with Sheringham moving above Watton in the table. The opposition hit the bar twice in the first half, and probably deserved to lead at half time, and even with a number players missign from their ranks, still showed why they secured the league title last season, with some composed passing and movement off the ball. Watton rarely troubled Sheringhams defence, but a solid performance from Stu Chrystall and James Brown at centre back limited Sheringham to few clear cut chances. Sheringhams opened the scoring with a fine chip after a mistake by Cruikshank, and secured a second in the dying stages when their height advantage finally paid off from a corner, when Jordan nodded down for Clarkson to finish from close range. Watton must show improvement mid week to high flying Brandon to avoid losing further ground at the foot of the table. Man of the Match: Stu Chrystall. Tuesday 9th March League Watton Utd 2 Brandon Town 4 After suffering the embarrassment of a 8-0 thrashing in January to the visitors, Watton‘s management team of Harwood and Hunt urged the greens to ensure they compete for 90 minutes in this fixture, and again deployed sweeper to combat the opposition goal threat of Waites upfront. As with Watton‘s early season form, midweek games seem to suit the home side, and in an much improved performance, Watton came back to lead 2-1 in the first half with a penalty from Chris Bray and great move finished off with a Kevin Bloomfield header from a Mark Woods cross. A goal just before half time deflated the Watton players, who showed much more composure in the first half on the ball, helped by the return of Mike Callaghan to the side at left back. Watton had chances to take the lead in the second half, but 20 minutes Paul Woods stumbled on making a

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Two more team photos from days gone by. Above are Watton Sunday (date unknown) Back Row: R Haines, G Pitcher, S Shipp, J Sisto, M Upton, R Hewitt, N Highfield, S Cross. Front Row: P Sales, P Reetz, K Kitteridge , C Bristow , B Pawsey Below looking a little like a 118 advert audition are a team from 1973/74 Thetford Rovers (away) Back Row: D Binks , N Highfield , J Sisto , D Woodward, T Mouncer, G Pitcher, Not Known. Front Row: P Scott, Colin Skipper, B Taylor, Chris Girdleston, A Shipp

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it looks like Watton may get drawn into a relegation battle unless they can put a couple of wins together in the forthcoming weeks. Man of the Match: Chris Hayward Tue 16th March League Watton Utd Reserves 1 Thorpe Rovers 1 A midweek game for the reserves is a rarity with only 15 teams in their league, but since the bad weather call offs in January gave them a fixture backlog, Managers Wilkins and Griffith were able to show some of their emerging youngsters the benefits of playing on Watton‘s award winning surface under floodlights. With a few call offs from the weekend due to work commitments, Watton lined up with a 4-4-2 formation, deploying Mark Allibone and Luke Jones as central strikers. After 20 minutes, with Watton controlling much of the possession, a long ball caught Sam Fincham napping, and Thorpes strike pairing combined to slot past keeper Bridges. Further pressure almost put them 2-0 up, with Hayward clearing off the line Watton quickly changed to a 3-5-2 formation and went in 1-0 down having rarely been troubled since the change, and almost levelling through chances from Jones, McCullouch, Allibone and Lawrence, who was making his first start of the season. In the second half Reeve was brought on to trouble the Thorpe backline with his pace, and his direct running released Allibone 15 minutes in, who levelled with an impressive left footed strike in off the bar. Further chances came and went, but Watton‘s young side performed admirably right to the final whistle, and credit must go to the under 18 players of Brown , Lawrence , Fincham and Jones, who tireless running and assured passing epitomised Watton‘s performance against a strong Thorpe side who are likely to secure a mid table finish.


ACC = Ashill Community Centre, Hale Road, Ashill; Watton CCC = Watton Christian Community Centre; Wells CCC = Wells Cole Community Centre, Saham

Thurs 1st Sat 10th Sat 10th } Sat 17th } Sat 17th Tues 20th Sat 24th Sun 25th Prize Bingo at Gt Ellingham Recreation Centre See Ad 60‘s Disco The Old Hall Leisure Centre, Ashill See Ad Spring Art Exhibition at Wayland House Mixed Media 10-4pm Weekdays, 10 - 1pm Sat. Car Boot & Crafts at St Mary‘s Church, Watton. See Ad. 7.45pm - 9.30pm NWT Group review of the year and talk by NWT Director Brenda Joyce. Watton CCC See ad. East Harling Bowls Club Coffee & Bric a Brac See Ad Ashill Yard and Car Boot Sale see ad.

Richmond Park Golf Club . . .
Seniors Section
The weather slowly improved during February and March so the Seniors were able to play more golf and the February Stableford competition winners were Glyn Long, Keith Flitcroft, Ben Stone, Rod Whyatt, George Travi and Ken Cundy. The first event of the season was held over two days in March- the annual Captain versus Vice Captain match. 44 players took part in a 'Ryder Cup' format and the Captain's team emerged triumphant again (third year running), although only 4 points separated the teams at the end. The first inter-club matches take place later this month and reports and results will follow during the summer. ladies were Dilys Gibbs, Mary Wakeford, Anne Bell and Margaret Lockwood. Lesley Matthews and Julie Ellis won the club's qualifying competition of the Daily Mail Foursomes last August, and were entered into the main draw . They played their first knockout match at Richmond Park against two ladies from The Links Country park (West Runton), and were successful, winning 4 and 2. Congratulations to them - they now await their next opponents.

Sat 17th April 9.00am
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Mon 10th Fashion Show by She Fashions, Gt Hockham. See Ad Tues18th 7.45pm NWT Talk. The Breckland Reserves and their Management. Watton CCC.

Programme – March, April & May 7.45 p.m. at the Watton Christian Community Centre
Weds, April 21st.Robert Maidstone - Woodland Wonderland Weds, May 19th. Visit to Azsu Alpacas near Shipdham. Weds, June 16th. Barbara Miller - The Norwich Shoe Trade. For more information on the Watton Society and a programme to December 2010 telephone Judy Kerr 01953 882613 or email

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Photographic Exhibition

African Wildlife & Culture by David Jessup
at Woods Restaurant, Richmond Park Golf Club, Watton on

Monumental Masons ~ Craftsmen in Stone

Junior Section
The next competition will be held on Wednesday 14th April with 6 prizes to be awarded. Open to all existing members plus any newcomers wishing to join. The day will also incorporate the Richmond Park Golf Club Juniors Open Day - which will be extended to all the players‘ parents and sponsors. This will take place from 3.00 pm until 6.00 pm. This will include a tour of the Club's facilities taken by PGA Professional - Keith Capindale-Scott. Also included will be the presentation of the trophies etc, for the day‘s competition, free light refreshments and of course Keith will be happy to answer any questions regarding the Junior Section. PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY For further details please contact Junior Club Secretary on 01953-882872

Saturday 5th June 10 - 4pm Sunday 6th June 10 - 3pm

Entrance by donation only
All proceeds will go to helping improve the life of Zulu families in Africa

Call for our Brochure or Visit our SHOWROOM and WORKSHOPS Home visits can be arranged also Fireplaces, House Names etc. 75 NORWICH ROAD, WATTON, NORFOLK, IP25 6DH Tel: 01953 881501

Ladies’ Section
Due to the continuing inclement weather, not much golf has been played by the ladies of Richmond Park Golf Club. At least 2 competitions were cancelled, with the March medal the only one to be completed. The results were: Division 1 Anne Bell Division 2 Liz Johnson Divison 3 Eileen Chard Five ladies were lucky enough to achieve a birdie, with one lady managing 2! What a great achievement - well done to Karen Ralph. The other


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