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First Name:
Contact Number (s): Mobile & Telephone
Email Address:
Current Employer:
Current Role:
Project Name:
Current Location:
Highest Education Attainment:
Total Years Experience:

Last Name:
Date of Birth:

Total Oil & Gas Experience:

Are you a Permanent Staff Employee or a Contract Employee?

Staff/Permanent Employee

Contract/Temporary Employee

If Contract/Temporary Employee, please specify the duration and if contract is renewable.

1. Is your compensation split across several countries? (Yes or No)
If YES, please detail the countries and split percentage

2. In which country (or countries) are you being paid by your current employer?

3. In which country or countries do you pay personal income tax?

4. What is your monthly salary Specify Basic & Gross & Net (Mention only Salary paid every month, if
transportation & Accommodation allowances are paid in Salary you can include, Facilities that are
not provided by allowance in salary please tick in below question no 5




5. What benefits do you have apart from Salary mentioned above ?

( ) Car provided by company
( ) Car personal leasing support/car allowance
( ) Car with driver provided
( ) Fuel card: international/national
( ) Representation allowance
( ) Foreign service/Hardship allowance



) Housing allowance
) Household utilities (electricity, water, etc.)
) Personal education/language school
) Schooling for dependents
) Paid home leave
) Daily expenses
) Health care cover
) Paid home leave: during vacations only/any time
) Health care cover
) Accident cover
) Pension (please detail type and contributions e.g. defined benefit/defined contribution)
) Other (please detail below)
) None of these

6. Please provide details of your expected Salary (Monthly Basic Gross Salary)

7. What short term incentives do you have?

( ) Bonus Plan
( ) Others (please specify)
( ) None
Please detail frequency and value, the basis for the award (company and/or personal performance), and
the amount your received in each of the last two years.

9. How many days paid vacation do you have?

10. What is your notice period?

11. If you will be selected, will you be working as a

Single Status

Family Status

If Family Status, please provide details of the persons who will accompany you
(Relationship, Gender, Age)

12. Please provide 2 Professional References (Will be used only on your confirmation)

Name and Position:

Company Name:

Contac number(s):

Name and Position:

Company Name:

Contac number(s):

13. Information gathered is OK to be released to Hays Oil & Gas Client?