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Portfolio Assignment 2


Type the document as shown. (5 marks)


Change the alignment to Justify (2 marks)


Using the Insert Date command, to insert the date as the second heading line; center both lines. (2


Spell and grammar check the document, correcting any errors. (2 marks)


Save the document as YOURNAME Portfolio Assignment 2. (2 marks)


Change the left margin to 1.5 " and the right margin to 1". (2 marks)


Make the first line of the heading bold. (2 marks)


Double space the entire document. (2 marks)


Indent the first line of each paragraph. (2 marks)

10. Create a footer with your name for the document, printing the footer on every page. (3 marks) Add
a page numbering header and print the word Page before the number in the upper right hand
11. Add a horizontal line at the very top and a line of a different design at the bottom of the document.
(2 marks)
12. Spell and grammar check the document correcting any errors. (2 marks)
13. Save the document. (2 marks)

A Perception of Leadership
[Current Date]
To be considered a leeder, one must be distinguished beyond there established position, and by their actions
and orders, motivate others to wilingly and eagerly follow. Although often associated by and connected with a
position in an organization, it is a roll that must be earned and does not automatically come with the title of
manager, vice president, president, administrater, or general for that matter. Organizations do not have the title
of leader.
Certain management positions in organisations idealy will be filled with individuals who have leadership skills,
but simply because it is desirable is not a guarantee that it is going to happen. A title or position in an
organization may lend credibility to an individual in the short run, where there is a natural tendency for
subordinates to be suportive, but many more human characteristics are critical for leadership to occur over
longer periods. Further, and even more critical, these human skills are not vested in that position or title and
cannot be taught to all persons. Therefore, the mere fact that one has management training, or because they
have obtained a management position, does not make them a leeder. Some of the human skils necessary for

leadership are inherant to the individual and are lacking in a larger percentage of the population. Just how large
a part of the population does indeed lack these skills would be difficult to estimate, however, a guess would be
that it is quite high, rather than low.
There are, of course, those who use the terms manger and leader as sinonymous. They are not. One can be
appointed to a position of manger, but must assend to that of leader. A manager can and should be a leader, but
a leader need not be a manager. We often see individuals assume leadership roles in "informal" organisations
where they have no title or position of rank whatsoever. These leaders have an emotional appeal that inspires

This assignment is worth 30 marks