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Characteristics of a good history teacher.

Teachers play important role in shaping the lives of youngsters. The

children always follow the one who teaches them. Therefore, teachers should
strive to what can be considered as a good teacher. A positive or negative
influence from a teacher, can have a great effect on the life of a child. A good
teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to do their best
in everything while at the same time trying to make learning interesting. Here
are some characteristics how to be a good history teacher.
Firstly, a good history teacher must be knowledgeable. She must know the
detail of the history. She is also able to make the lesson becomes easier for her
pupils. For example, a knowledgeable teacher can explain a topic to her students
in a simple and confident way. Most important, she is passionate about history
and about teaching history. She is also expert in all subtopics for this subject.
Means, she knows very well what things she teaches. She is able to recognise
the historians people like Syarif Masahoor, Tok Janggut and some more the old
Secondly, to be a good history teacher, one should be fun and enjoying to
attract the pupils. It does not mean she must be funny or becomes a clown in
front of the class. The teacher just have to be creative in her teaching. She could
set games and quiz that related to history. She can also makes two ways of
interaction and creating a bonding between her and the pupils by asking
questions. Moreover, she can plan a trip to any history places like Malacca, Kota
Tampan, Lembah Bujang and many more. By doing this, the pupils not also can
learn history, but can also release stress.
Thirdly, another way to be a good history teacher, one need to built up
charisma. In order to built up charisma, the teacher have to be neat and tidy,
discipline and hardworking. She should really know what she want from her
pupils. A charismatic teacher will get respect from her pupils and this makes
process of teaching becomes easier. For example, she hears the pupils and
respect their voices, allow them to freely express their intellectual thoughts and
personal opinions, encourage them to respect and listen to diverging viewpoints
and attitudes, and continuously use new teaching methods that fit student
needs. In this way, a respectful class environment can be created.
In conclusion, history is actually a very fun and entertain subject because
it tells us about the past. In order to attract the pupils to love this subject, one
should be a good history teacher. Nowadays, people becomes concern about our
nation history because they had knew importance of history. Those who forget
the past, will possible repeat it again.
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