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Suggested Reading List for Systems & Growing Media

Basic Hydroponics for Everyone: for Australia and New Zealand

Romer, Joe
[New ed.], G.P. Books, Wellington, N.Z.
Commercial Hydroponics
Mason, John
Simon & Schuster, Sydney.
Australian Hydroponic Conferences 1997-2009
Gardening Indoors with Rockwool
Van Patten, George F., Bust, Alyssa F., 1997,
Van Patten Publishing, Seattle.
Growing in Perlite
Day, Desmond, [1991],
[Grower], [London].
How to Build and Operate Your Greenhouse: Growing Methods, Hydroponics, Nutrient Formulas,
Plans, Costs, Heating and Cooling, Introduction to Solar Heating
Ellwood, Charles, 1977,
H.P. Books, Tuscan, Arizona.
Hydroponic Capsicum Production: a Comprehensive, Practical and Scientific Guide to Commercial
Hydroponic Capsicum Production
Morgan, Lynette, Lennard, Simon, 2000,
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, N.S.W..
Hydroponic Food Production: a Definitive Guidebook of Soilless Food-Growing Methods
Resh, Howard M., 2005,
6th ed, Woodbridge Press Pub, Santa Barbara, CA.
Hydroponic Gardening
Carruthers, Steven L., Patrick, John, 1993,
Lothian, Port Melbourne.
Hydroponic Gardening in Australia
Romer, Joe, 1997,
[rev. pbk. ed.], Reed Books, Port Melbourne.
The Hydroponic Hot House: Low-Cost, High-Yield Greenhouse Gardening
Dekorne, James B., 1993, c1992,
Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, N.S.W..
Hydroponic Lettuce Production: a Comprehensive, Practical and Scientific Guide to Commercial
Hydroponic Lettuce Production
Morgan, Lynette, 1999, Casper Publications, New South Wales.

Hydroponic Nutrients: Easy Ways to Make Your Own : a Cultural Handbook

Muckle, M. Edward, 1993,
3rd ed, Growers Press, Princeton, Canada.
Hydroponic Questions and Answers: the Best of Reader Inquiries from Practical Hydroponics and
Greenhouses Magazine [and] International Trade Directory 1999-2000
Donnan, Rick, [2000?],
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, NSW.
Hydroponic Tomato Production: a Practical Guide to Growing Tomatoes in Containers
Ross, Jack, 1998,
Casper Publications, Narabeen.
Hydroponics: a Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower
Jones, J. Benton, 1930-, c1997,
St. Lucie Press, Boca Raton, Fla.
Hydroponics for Everyone: a Practical Guide to Gardening in the 21st Century
Sutherland, Struan K. (Struan Keith),
Hyland House, South Melbourne, Vic.
Hydroponics: Growing Plants without Soil
Weir, A. G., Awad, A. S., 1988,
2nd ed, NSW Agriculture & Fisheries, [Sydney].
Hydroponics: the Complete Guide to Gardening Without Soil
Harris, Dudley, 1992,
New Holland, London.
The Illustrated Guide to Hydroponics
Harris, Dudley, 1994,
New Holland, London.
Lighting in Horticulture
Carruthers, Steven L., 1951-, 2002,
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, N.S.W..
A Method for Calculating the Composition of Nutrient Solutions for Soilless Cultures
Sonneveld, C., Donnan, Rick, [1997],
3rd translated ed, Proefstation voor Tuinbouw onder Glas, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands.
Nutrient Handbook
Barry, Carl,2002,
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, N.S.W..
Nutrient Solutions for Vegetables and Flowers Grown in Water or Substrates
Sonneveld, C., Straver, N., [1997],
10th translated ed, Proefstation voor Tuinbouw onder Glas, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands.

The Handbook to Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions

Barry, Carl,Nutrients :
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, NSW.
Planning a Profitable Hydroponic Greenhouse Business
Savage, Adam J., 1996,
Sovereign University Pub. House, Sark, Channel Islands, U.K..
Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses
1994-2011, Casper, Narrabeen, N.S.W..
Simple Hydroponics for Australian Home Gardeners
Sundstrom, A C., 1982,
New and rev. ed, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne.
Australian Hydroponic Conference .Australia, 1988- 2010, Australian Hydroponic and Greenhouse
The ABC of NFT: Nutrient Film Technique: the World's First Method of Crop Production Without a
Solid Rooting Medium
Cooper, Allen, c1979,
Grower, London.
The World of Orchids : a Practical Guide to Cultivating Orchids in Soilless Culture
Ross, Jack, 2001,
Casper Publications, Narrabeen, N.S.W.
Soilless Culture Theory and Practice
M. Raviv 2008
Practical Hydroponics
Soilless Australia
Official Newsletter of PCA (formally AHGA)
International Society for Horticultural Science publications
Proceedings from International Symposium on Growing Media and Hydroponics (ISHS)
Publications by Keith Garzoli and Geoff Connellan on the web.