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World Harmony Organization (WHO) began in San Francisco, California as a harmony

discussion group in the spring of 2004. The need for improved understanding between
the U S and China was felt by the group under prevailing Western media assertions of
China threat, religious confrontations, cultural divisiveness and the aftermath of 911
terrorist attacks on United States. The original founders, including Francis C W Fung,
Julia A Devendorf and John Delfavero growing up in the diverse American cultural
environment, were imbued with the conviction that unity in diversity and East West
harmony must begin with U S- China harmony. This led to the early introduction of
Chinese ancient harmony philosophy of Confucius and Laozi to the publications of WHO
articles in the world media, websites and blogsites.

In October 2007, World Harmony Organization was registered in California as a

nonprofit public benefit corporation and announced to the world by Xinhuanet and
through many other U.S. and China internet news media sources worldwide, including
the premier international relations journal “Foreign Affairs”. World Harmony
Organization was organized by modeling United Nations Non Government Organizations
allowing for independent Commissions and maximum participations of honorary
directors and senior advisers.

Shortly after its early conception, WHO was fortunate to have attracted the resonance of
visionary Americans and Chinese Americans with diverse natural and social science
backgrounds and talents. This led to the development of the comprehensive Harmony
Renaissance platform with global inclusiveness to pursue world harmony. Harmony
Renaissance, envisioned as the second wave of human creative energy after European
Renaissance, will release mankind from the shackles of bondage and baggage of distrust
and suspicion.

Subsequently, with the infusion of the dynamic Harmony Renaissance Model and Eastern
and Western model of universe creation by invisible energy, our systematic theory
“Harmony Faith: Order of the Universe” began to take shape. These theories are firmly
rooted in harmony as the order of nature and the law of universe. They can be applied to
all human relations and relation with nature. For more details, see the following attached
“Harmony Renaissance Preamble”, “Harmony Renaissance Declaration” and Spring of
United Nations Speech, April 25, 2008 by World Harmony Organization.

The previously mentioned Staff Day Speech to United Nations was a resounding success.
In the meeting we introduced the First Global World Harmony City proposal and our
Harmony Renaissance and Harmony Faith theory. Both theories received resonance from

Friends of United Nations in Harmony. Dr. Noel Brown, President of Friends of United
Nations, announced as moderator of the U. N. Forum that Harmony Renaissance and
Harmony Faith are the missing theories U.N. needs to continue pursuing a Harmony
World. The new theories prepare the coming of Harmony Renaissance tide for the next
level of human achievements after European Renaissance.


Dr. Noel Brown’s remarks of wisdom and insight, is the preamble to our current mission
statement. World Harmony Organization wishes to proclaim that our vision has finally
led us to the mission of supporting the U.N. in the global common pursuit of harmony by
providing Harmony Renaissance and Harmony Faith theoretical foundation to U.N. This
will enable the U. N. to take the high road in leading the world of 193 nations to ride the
Harmony Renaissance tide. As in our attached Harmony Renaissance Song, “We wish the
world can sing in perfect harmony.” As a grand undertaking we are providing the
following Soft and Hard Harmony Energy platforms as objectives to our First Global
World Harmony City Proposal to involve U N in World Harmony Renaissance.

SOFT HARMONY ENERGY PLATFORM: Heralds world Harmony Renaissance.

Harmony is universal common value. Harmony is nature’s order and the operating
principle of the universe. Without harmony the universe cannot be eternal. To establish
World Harmony Institute (WHI) for harmony theory research. Additionally WHI will set
up World Harmony University to appoint distinguished individuals as harmony
ambassadors and to educate qualified harmony volunteers to spread Harmony
Renaissance worldwide. Thus harmony will truly belong to the world. Man and nature
harmony will be a universally accepted consensus. Harmony Renaissance is the next
wave of creative energy that humans are waiting for. This inevitable Harmony
Renaissance tide will carry forward our collective innovative accomplishments for the
next millennium to the next level of human civilization, surpassing European
Renaissance. History will bear the mark of your brilliance and judgment. World
Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century!

HARD HARMONY ENERGY PLATFORM: Innovate and develop new renewable

green and cold energy for enhanced ecology, green transformation and sustainable
development. Call for energy conservation through new life style and innovative holistic
building material and technology. Recover waste heat and replace the use of fossil fuel
to limit pollution. Establish new appropriate green and cold energy inventions
depository under World Harmony Renaissance Center (WHRC) to conduct research in
solar, wind, tide, wave, hydrogen,, fuel cell energy, super conducting, helium 3 fusion
and other yet to be invented scientific break throughs. The collective inventions will be
shared by all 193 nations in the world thus leveling the playing field.


The following books published by WHO are carried by AMAZON, BORDERS and
TARGET and can be previewed at :

(1) “China’s Harmony Renaissance: What the World Must Know”

(2) “World Harmony Renaissance: Promise for a Better World”
(3) “Harmony Diplomacy: Golden Rule for Global Governance”
(4) “China’s Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century”
(5) “World Harmony Renaissance in 21st Century”
(6) “Harmony Faith, Order of Universe” to be published, look for its coming.
(7) Over 80 harmony articles published by news media worldwide.

Please visit our websites:
our blogsite:


Looking back, World Harmony Organization must acknowledge the following valuable
and significant contributions by our numerous friends, directors, senior advisers and
honorary directors. Without their timely advice and assistance along the way, WHO
cannot reach our current maturity to be of value to United Nations and to mankind.

Leon Jew, we are all greatly indebted to our renowned and able attorney, for his insightful
advice above and beyond the registration of non profit status and numerous trade mark
registrations, including but not limited to “Harmony Renaissance”, “World Harmony
Organization”, “World Harmony Institute” and others. Leon is our resident attorney as
well as the most ardent supporter and adviser to all our publications including over 80
harmony articles published in the media.

Julia A Devendorf, our cofounder and collaborator on many theories and articles. She
provided indispensable input and advice on many ideas and articles through out our
publication history. She is also selfless and ready for any discussions on Harmony,
Harmony renaissance and Harmony Faith. Without her WHO could not have developed
our theories in such a grand scale.

Farzam Kamabaladi, Ma Shuhai and Jonathan Sun, our directors and our inspirational
collaborators in Harmony Renaissance and Harmony Faith, provided endless
encouragement and discussions. They are true harmony confidants in our journey of
search for the truth. Together we have weathered many trials and challenges.

Albert Chang and James C J Yin, our directors, we thank them for their support,
encouragement and travel donations. We share many ideas in Harmony Renaissance.

Peter Neuman, Michael Qiu, Albert Cheung and John Defavero, directors and personal
friends are always there through thick and thin. Their friendship and support are
invaluable in sustaining our development.

Lin Guang Qian, our director, Chinese translator and co- author of many Chinese articles.
We are grateful for his excellent translation skill, tireless and selfless devotion to the
service of Harmony Renaissance. Because of his exceptional understanding for Harmony
Renaissance at times he has to double as my personal assistant.

We recognize the importance of the United Nations Staff Day Forum in developing our
mission statement. Thanks are especially due to Dr. Noel Brown, Richard Jordan,
Stephen Kisambira, Frank Liu, John Danner, Bunny Dubin and Margo Lazaro. Together
they inspired the work to put together this Harmony Renaissance Proclamation.

Dean Jacob Perea of San Francisco State University, Eric and Sheila Chipps are our
directors. Their support is very important in our early formation and discussion stage.

Noam Chomsky, Hon. John Prescott (Deputy Prime Minister of U.K.) and James Fallows
of Atlantic Journal, they are invaluable senior advisers. We are extremely appreciative
for their timely support, encouragement and invaluable advices in our Harmony
Renaissance publications.

Terry Rukus, we thank you for your support in planning for Harmony Cultural Festival,
also the music and arrangement for our Harmony Renaissance Song.

Terry and Teresa Luk for their support and printing undertaking of World harmony
Organization books and the Chinese calligraphy of Harmony Renaissance Preamble and
Harmony Renaissance Declaration.

Eileen and Tat Cheung, Liu Xiquei for their generous hospitality, friendship and help
during my trips to Hong Kong and China to attend meetings and conferences.

We also owe our gratitude to the following friends in their cooperation and early
recognition of the importance of Harmony Renaissance. They are Saul Yeung, Lester Lee
and Ingrid Lee. Specials thanks also to Qin Nanji for the discussions on invisible energy.
Many thanks also to those we did not mention here because of our unintentional


Francis C W Fung, PH.D.

Director General
World Harmony Organization