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Divine Virginity of the Body

The Virginity of the Female of Creation hath birthed a Male Child of Light
and Revelation.
In this dimension we see all of creation is as to the woman or female side of
God. So as Mary in the Physical Realms birthed a Male Child even Christ, the
Light, then hath the Mary of Creation birthed a divine Mind of Revelation for
comprehension purposes. If this has happened as it did with the Virgin Mary
in the Physical realms, then it has happened in the Natural and the Spiritual
realms also. In this view we are seeing the female type as all of creation
that has always existed.

Now we understand the male is the invisible world and hath produced the
female of creation. This has been our view for some time now and it is true
in its proper dimension. As it has been asked, which came first the chicken
or the egg, we ask the question of which came first the male or the female?
We can say in one way, neither, because they were actually ONE in their
origins. However if we can relate back to our previous writings on the
purpose of contrast was to cause divine comprehension, then we can see
the Why, of the purpose of the Male and the Female separating itself to
bring about a Child and the child being the Object of Love expressed by the
Male and Female divinity, then we see the Child is contrast between the
Parents for two purposes. One is for existence itself to be in existence, and
two for the object to begin the process of Comprehension of itself, its origin
and its parents, as to what we term as God, or Male and Female or Light and

We can see if there be such a thing as a Female of Creation that has always
been as to a Virgin Mary, then it is made up of the invisible divinity of that
from which it has came forth from, if it be, and that is the hidden Spirit or
male. So a Divine Female of Darkness as to Creation hath like a sponge and
water, absorbed and hidden and veiled the invisible eternal divinity of the
Male side of God. God the Male, hath veiled Himself, within the Woman or
the female. We say Light hath veiled itself in the darkness. So we see the
Mother as it was with Nimrod, laying with her own Son, as the Son is the
Father. In its anti type it is perversion because of the weakness of the flesh.
In the Spirit it is not such a way. That is a different level altogether and

cannot be compared to the beggarly elements of carnal flesh life. There are
animals that are what is called Asexual, that can reproduce by not having
sexual relations with its own species. This showing a type of the virginity of
the flesh in the perspective of those who are Born Again. This also relates of
course to the Virgin Mary, who hath conceived without knowing a man.

Now having said those things, lets take a look at how this affects us and in
what way. As Children of God and in the Age we are in, we can certainly tell
the last final episode for the Elect is this. The Change of the Body. So lets
take a look and see how the divine virginity of Mary and her divine
conception of the Christ is relative to us in pertaining to us birthing a divine
bodily headship at this time.

The one thing we must always keep in mind is this. Nothing has changed,
but has always been, with the exception of our perception. Like an ear of
corn, within the veil of the shuck, it has always been corn, it has never been
the shuck, and we are simply by divine revelation from the Lord removing
each layer till we unveil the full ear. We do not say, after we shuck, Hey I
just found corn. No we had corn the whole time, we just had to unveil it is
all. SO in light of this, we know we have always had the Transfigured Body,
the Celestial Body. When we look back and see the many supernatural
things great Men of God did with their own bodies, we can see they had a
changed body already. Remember, not that it became changed so to speak,
it was always there, just now recognized and in that it has become an
established thing by faith.

SO if we view ourselves in the female light as to our seeming current body

of flesh, then we see we are the Bride of God. We are His Virgin Mary. We
have conceived of the Christ and reproduced His Image so that now we
have an eternal inheritance. Now here is the simple yet astounding part of
this. When you as the female produce as Mary in divine conception, then by
producing that Man Child, You are no longer in the female perspective, but
the Male Perspective.

When you was in the female view you was the darkness that veiled the
hidden inner light. This was the negative. Once born again, you are now the
Light. You have changed dimensions. You have changed worlds. You have
birth and brought forth, back to its original state the inner Christ to rule in
the Outer Jesus. So we see Spirit being the hidden pure invisible virginity
state, producing a divine male body, we call the Lord Jesus Christ. So from
Spirit comes a Body. From Mary comes Jesus, from the female comes the
male, changing the female by the enveloping Spirit back to a Oneness with
the once hidden Male. They are now One. The Black Widow that swallowed
her male companion hath now been swallowed up by the male as it has
subjected the weaker flesh to itself.

When Light withdraws or is absent, then it leaves the darkness. When the
light withdrew it revealed what we call Creation or it caused the Carnal view
to come into existence which means the Body which was Celestial, was now
veiled in the darkness and seen as a human carnal weakly fleshly view. It
was seen as a pauper when it was a Child of the King. It was always a Child
of the King, it simply lost it's identity. That was all. That is it! Spiritually and
Bodily, you simply lost your identity. When God, who was and is your
revelation and knowledge of who you truly are, withdrew, so went your
Upon His return by New Birth and by The Revelation of Jesus Christ, does
that Knowledge return and your identity returns and your Spiritual and
Bodily Identities are One. Your Body, the same as your Spiritual Birth have
always been, there has never been a time you was not a Child of God ever.
It was simply hidden from you. So you have always been a Spiritual Son of
God and you have always had the Celestial Body. You do not have to wait for
the Change, you received the Change when you was born again. All that
changed in the fall was this, their perception, their knowledge, their faith.
That was all!
Christ returns and corrects the disorder and Now we are back to the
Celestial State of Being, Body, Soul, and Spirit.

Much of this has been covered in previous writings, so we are just reminding
you of these things to stir up your pure mind and activate faith in the heart.
As the Body is Divine and in a state of virginity it produces Christ. As the
Spirit in its virgin state produce a Bodily Jesus. Both have always been pure

and holy and eternal. It was simply the purging of the Satanic Lies that
perverted and lied to us that needed to be purged by the rending of the veil.
May God Bless You!

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