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Europeans or Whites; which is the Best Way of Classify and Identify the Native

Europeans Populations and its Descendants, the Advantage of Using Accurate Terms.

Before digging a little more in the topic, lets define (or discuss if you do not agree) some terms
first (from more specific to more general terms):

Country: A defined physical territory, which have a defined population within its borders, and
runs under a specific government system and body of laws.

Nation State: Is where a defined country enclose as its only, or major, population a defined
Nation, so that country is a Nations State (although the most correct term will be Nation
Country), if the government of that country effectively resides in the Nation (e.g. Sovereign
Nation), then we can correctly say that it is a Nations State (e.g. Germany, although being a
mostly Nation Country, has been in external Jewish occupation, so we cannot longer say that
it is a Nation State).

Nation: A Nation is a defined subset of population where, although obviously sharing the overall
ties of people within a defined Folk / Volk (e.g. Germanic peoples, all speaking a Germanic
language, although German and Swedish are not mutually intelligible, for example), share a
specific and additional subset of historical, genetic, cultural and linguistic ties and characteristics
that differentiates them from the rest of people of the Volk; in short, Nations develop from Volks.
A major differentiation from Volks is that most European Nations develops generally between
late Pre-History and recorder History (e.g. the German Nation (Deutsche) developed from the
Germanic Volk mostly between the beginning of the Migration Period and the beginning of the
High Middle Ages).

Folk / Volk / People: Originated primarily from a native European way of thinking (from which
the XIX / XX century German way is the most recognized), is where the human populations of
the world are classify around common evolutionary origins, common linguistics structures,
common cultural characteristics and common genetic composition. The XIX / XX century
German Vlkisch Movement, for example, would define and classify most of the European
populations in Volks like Germanic (Germanen / German, Germanen / Low German,
Germanen / Dutch, Germane / Afrikaans, Germanere / Danish, Germanere / Norwegian Bokml
and Germaner / Swedish), Slavic and Mediterranean Peoples and so on. Furthermore, a Volk is
in general, a collection or related components or Races, but is also a collection of Nations
which developed from it.
A major characteristic of Europeans Volks is that they develop mainly in pre-historic times (e.g.
up to the Germanic Heroic Period, for the Germanic Volk). We can imply elaborated behavioral
and social characteristics (or tendencies) from certain Volks (e.g. for the Germanic Volk, strong
sense of honor, group membership, seeking of social status, warlike attitude, leader / chief
based society, simple but effective hierarchical structure, exploration and risk taking, team work,
strong respect and attachment to nature, monogamous and medium size families, are common

Race: In general, Race can be understand as a defined genetic group, or sub-group, that
usually resides between a Volk and / or a Nation; but also can range across Volks and Nations,
usually, most Volks are constituted mainly from a small group of predominant Races, but lesser
(smaller) Races cannot be underestimated; in the other hand, Nations usually derived from a
single of a couple of predominant Races (but this is more like a rule of thumb), but also, lesser
races cannot be forgotten. Races are a product of profound ancient genetic changes, over
thousands of years, under extreme environments and extended social trouble and they
precedes Volks in some degree (but also, Race and Volk could develop alongside).
Apart from the genetic aspect, which can be analyzed more accurately, given its age and the
difficulty of try to document the background of its development in an accurate way, we can only
imply basic behavioral and social characteristics (or tendencies) for certain Races (e.g. for
Races of Northern and Central European origins, delaying of gratification, tribe membership,
tribe respect and acceptance and predisposition for monogamy, are common landmarks).

Europeans: A very broad term, mostly of geographical origin, which encloses all the Volks and
Nations which have been developed mainly in the European Continent and immediate Eurasian
regions (e.g. some regions beyond the Urals, and some regions beyond the Caucasus
Mountains), Although a mostly geographic term, the kind of geographical isolation of Europe
(include related islands) since the Ice Ages, has been driving the development of The
Europeans Peoples (Europeans Volks / European Nations), in a very specific way, isolating that
development in some degree from events of other regions of the world, both in blood and
culture. In short, most Europeans Peoples share / borrow common characteristics from each
other, as Europeans peoples have been isolated from the rest of the world, they have been
influenced each other since the beginning of times; affecting the development of Volks and
Nations in some degree.

White: A pretty new term, although the Greeks used a similar term to refer themselves in
contrast to people from African and middle east, the current term comes from the 17 century,
mainly from English speaking colonies, in order to differentiate European from native or
imported (e.g. Black in Americas) populations. Although White could be understood as a
simplified way to say European in that times, there are some flaws with it because currently,
White mainly refers to skin color (or at least the media try to imply that). There are also other
problems, as not all native populations of Europe are that White (e.g. many Sicilians, Southern
Spaniards and Greeks could be pretty dark skinned), and also, many people without (or
questionable) European origins, could be white skinned.

We cannot separate blood, history, language, culture and customs from each other in order
define us, as we saw; so, what can we infer from this?

Although many Europeans in America (and even Europeans in Europe) use White to refer
themselves, currently White is mostly a synonym of just white skin, without cultural and history
backgrounds (all thanks to the corrupt actions of media and politics), and given the kind of
melting pot that has become some places like the U.S. (e.g. where many Mexicans are
apparently whiter, thanks to a degree of former interracial mixing with Spaniards and the fact
that, with lower sunlight levels, they do not develop properly their melanin in their skins). So

given the kind of media and political attack that the Europeans are receiving, using generic
terms could be underproductive; also the kind of stigma that White currently has (again, all
thanks to media and government), is hard to forget.

Apart from the fact that researching in our own origins is a truly enriching experience. Also
identify ourselves in more accurate terms is a more effective way of challenging the system. For
example, for a complex European population like the U.S. we can infer that most of its White
populations are Europeans, also we can infer that most are from the Germanic People given
that most are from Nations of the Germanic Volk, also most speak English or other Germanic
language (like Pennsylvania High German / Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch or Mennonite Low German
/ Plautdietsch), furthermore, for people of English descent, they certainly will fall within the
English Nation; for many descendants of Germans, although most of they dont speak German,
they brought to the U.S. many of their traditions and customs and could classify in some degree
as a mixed but predominantly German Nation, and so on.

If Mark (Brainwashed) asks Friedrich (Nationalist), both white,

Mark: What do you think about Black lives matter?
And Friedrich responds,
Friedrich: Well thats fine, but you know what? German lives also matter.
And Mark, confused, would say,
Mark: What do you mean with German Lives?
And Friedrich, self-confident, answers,
Friedrich: Well Im not just White, I am from European decent, my family comes from the
German Nation, I have a great appreciation for the peoples of Europe; we, the Europeans and
particularly the Germans, developed great things like science, engineering and medicine that
improve the lives of people around the globe, even in Africa; and we fought against social
injustice, for fair work and wages and even fought to end some forms of slavery, lime the debt
slavery, so I think that our lives also matter.
And Mark, still confused but intrigued, would probably say
Mark: Well, I didn't know that..

What would happen if Friedrich would just say White lives also matter, fucking niggers to his
brainwashed partner?, proving knowledge, showing good arguments and self-confidence is
probably the best way of changing the political climate and convince others of the validity or
your ideas.