Black Abyss Pt.


Chapter 3: Tearless Sobs.


As I sped down the highway all I could think of was how could I let this happen? Why did I leave? Why was I so stupid?

We arrived in forks about 8 hours later. We couldn’t let anyone know we were here or things would look suspicious. I followed Bella’s scent all through the town. The freshest one led to the parking lot of the school. Her body wasn’t there. Where could she be? Did Victoria already bury her,

did she burn her? I sat there for maybe hours before I herd the first car pulling into the school parking lot.

God why her? We have to find her. I bet it had something to do with those weird Cullen’s. Since they left she was never the same. She wouldn’t even go near the Biology room, and I don’t even think she ate at lunch. She just sat there. Then she finally starts getting better and she disappears?

I was bombarded with images from Mike’s memory of Bella. She wouldn’t talk in class or even at lunch, she didn’t go out anymore, she lost a lot of weight. Her thin body only looked thinner her beautiful skin clung to the bones of her cheeks. She almost looked skeletal. Then her image morphed into an image more like the Bella I remembered. She looked less dead. She still wouldn’t talk in class but at lunch she would eat and apple or a salad and even tried to talk to Angela. Then the images stopped. Mike got out of the car and went

to the front office door of the school and posted 2 flyers. The first read : No school for the remainder of the week due to the fact of a missing person.

The second said in bold letters : Missing person Name: Isabella Swan Age: 18 Height: 5’2” Weight: 110 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Others: She has a strange bite like mark on her left wrist. If you find her please bring her home. We all love and miss her dearly.

Mike turned on his heels and let out a little sob as he got into his car and drove off.

I ran to LaPush. Jacob must have known something about what happened. When I got to the border Sam was standing there with the rest of my family. His thoughts were saying how much he hated us for what we did to Bella. He replayed everything that happened form when he found her lying in the forest. He continued to show images of how Bella was at first. She was so quiet. She cried all the time, and then he showed me her nightmares. She would wake up screaming. Charlie trying to send her to Florida with Renee, and her fighting because she was waiting for us to come back for her. She never gave up on us. Never.

Carlisle stepped forward and asked Sam if they got Victoria. He said that when they arrived in the parking lot Victoria was gone and so was Bella’s body. The followed Victoria’s scent to Canada where the turned back and Bella’s scent went into the woods and then there was nothing.

We went back to the house and I went to my room and cried tearless sobs.

Chapter 4: A Sad Ending

Charlie POV

It’s been 3 weeks since Bella disappeared. We’ve searched for her every single day. I hate to say it but we’ve got to stop searching for Bella. After a week cops know that it’s very unlikely for a missing person to be found alive and the search just starts to burn up funding. We are planning Bella’s funeral for Friday. I hate to give up but we’ve looked everywhere and we’ve only come up with dead ends. Renee and Phil came up from Florida. It’s been so hard on everyone. I just woke up and saw a note saying she should be back by 6. I waited and waited until noon. When she wasn’t home when I got back from work I started to freak.

Jacob feels so guilty about not being here. He’s come home for a few weeks to help look for her but there’s nothing new to be found. Its like she just vanished into thin air.


I was still in the dark but I felt a burning. It was like I was on fire. I don’t know how long it was but finally the pain seemed to go away. When I opened my eyes I could see everything. The dust particles in the room and I could hear cars in the distance. Wait. Where am I? The room seemed very quiet. I herd footsteps coming up the hall. I tall pale strawberry blonde came into the room. Her eyes were beautiful butterscotch like….. Them. Even in this new life it hurt too much to think of them. The women in the door interrupted my thoughts.

“Hello Bella,” she said. “My name is Tanya Denali. You are in Alaska right now in my home. We would love to make it your home too if you want. If you have anything you want to know please just ask.”

I had millions of questions running through my head at the moment.

“How did I get here?” I asked.

“Well Bella,” she said “As you may remember Victoria attacked you. The wolves found you before she finished you and some of them chased her up to Canada and the others ran trying to find some vampires who could take care of you. They found us. They were pleased to see that we were vegetarian so they told us what happened and then dropped you off here. Their leaders said that it wasn’t safe for you to be in town so young with no one to help you and that he is

very sorry. But he wouldn’t want you to hurt anyone you loved.”

Sam was right I knew it would hurt to not see Charlie again but it would be better than killing him. Tanya asked if I was thirsty. Until then I hadn’t really noticed the itching in my throat that turned into a burning. She must have noticed my slight discomfort so she led me out to a forest near the house.

She taught me to listen to the surroundings. I closed my eyes and heard something like a drum beat and then the smell hit me. It was wonderful like citrus but with a hint of hyacinth. It made my throat burn even worse.

“What is that?” I said through barred teeth.

“That’s a moose” she said.

“I want it.” I said as I felt a liquid flowing freely in my mouth

“Then go.” Tanya said.

With that I ran through the forest listening to nothing other than the beating heart and the smelling only the blood. I saw it from the ledge where I stood. It must have known there was danger near but before it could run I jump onto its back and sinking my teeth through the tough skin. The blood filled my throat quenching the thirst. After I drained the animal I threw it too the ground. When I stood up my throat felt much better. There was still a slight burning but nothing I couldn’t handle. Tanya and I went back to the house where I Elezar, Carmen, Katie, and Irina. We talked for hours about my life (I left out the Edward part it still hurt too much to talk about) before Carmen said “Bella have you seen the new you yet?”

Until she said that I never thought about how I looked. I probably look the same.

“No,” I said simple “Why do I look different?”

They all laughed. Elezar answered my questioning looks. “Well Bella the venom not only stops you heart and dissolves blood, it fixes any physical damage flaws or blemishes. For example if you skin was uneven toned after the change you skin would all be the same pale color.”

With that I ran to the mirror in the living room and looked at myself. Wow my lips were now perfectly proportioned to my face and my hair had more luster, and instead of a dull brown my hair was now an auburn brown and almost bronze. I look hot. I thought to myself. I ran back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Tanya. Wow maybe

I could get used to this new life as a vampire, a new life without Edward.

Chapter 5: Denali


We all stayed outside during the funeral. We knew that our presence would cause a stir. The whole time during the funeral I had a feeling that this wasn’t the end of Bella Swan. I felt like she was somewhere still alive. Renee and Charlie sat in the front row Renee sobbing. Esme was crying too with Carlisle trying to comfort her.

“We shouldn’t have left,” Esme kept saying “We should have protected her. She was my daughter. Now we’ve lost her.”

Edward sat there holding onto the Iron Gate outside the church so tight it began to give in under the pressure that he was putting on it. I sat there silently. Jasper looked at me with confusion. He felt the sorrow and hope radiating from me. When the service was over and Bella was laid to rest in the Forks cemetery everyone left. Our family stayed and said our final word to Bella.

*language* “Bella I know I’ve been a bitch to you,” Rosalie said “but I thought I was protecting you from becoming something hideous. I only wish I was here to protect you when you really needed it. I’m sorry.”

“Hey Bells were really gonna miss you. You weren’t only fun to pull pranks on and great comedy wise when you got angry, but you were truly like a sister to me. I wish you were

here. I promised that I would always be here for you and I broke that promise. I’m sorry” Emmett said.

“Bells I know me and you weren’t very close. It was for your own safety. I would just like to say sorry if it came off like I didn’t want to be around you. I was protecting you. I’m gonna miss you little sis’” Jasper said

Esme and Carlisle both spoke of how Bella was a daughter to them and how guilty they felt for abandoning her. Esme was hysterical and Carlisle was trying to soothe her.

“It’s all my fault.” She kept saying. “I should have stayed, we should have stayed.”

It was my turn. I walked up to Bella’s Grave stone I read her epitaph it said : Here lies Isabella Marie Swan. She brought

joy into our hearts and light into our lives. She will be greatly missed. We love you Bella.

I stood at her tomb stone and said “Bella, I love you. I have a feeling I’m going to be seeing really soon. I miss you.”

Everyone looked at me wondering if I’d seen anything.

“No I haven’t seen anything but I know that wherever Bella is, I’m going to be with her very soon.” With that I walked away to the car knowing that Edward was going to want to speak to Bella alone.

Everyone followed behind me thinking the same thing I thought. As we drove back to the house Jasper felt my relaxed mood.

“Alice?” he said “What did you mean you are going to see Bella soon? Are we going to die? Are you going to die?”

“I don’t know,” I answered truthfully. “I just know that I am going to be seeing Bella very soon.


I sat at Bella’s grave for hours. Crying, and shouting, but mostly apologizing.

“I’m sorry Bella, I’m so sorry,” I repeated over and over again. “I love you.”


When we got to the house I pulled my laptop put of its case and went to my favorite online store. I ordered dresses and

skirts, blouses and jeans, and lots of Converse sneakers. I knew Bella would love the sneakers. Then I called our friend Tanya in Alaska.

“Tanya?” I asked. “Hello Alice. Are you coming to visit?” “If its okay with you I would love to.” I said. “Is our golden boy Eddie coming?” She asked. I tried to hide the disgust in my voice for sorrow. “No, he can’t make right now. It will just be me and Jas for the moment. The rest of the family will be joining us soon.” “Great” she said “but I must warn you we have a new member to our coven. She is a new born. She shows great control for one but still know I can say you have been warned.” “Oh that’s fine we can handle ourselves. Well Jas and I will probably be up there by tomorrow at around noon. Thanks Tanya see ya soon.” I said then hung up.

Tanya has a new addition to her coven hmmmmm. I hope it’s a girl we can go shopping and everything. But she’s a new born so maybe we should make that online shopping.

I packed up some clothes for Jas and I that I brought with us and headed out. We drove there but stopped a few times to hunt. Jas wanted us to be strong incase we had any trouble with the new born.


Tanya just got off the phone she looked pretty excited.

“Okay everyone so we are having some guests. Bella I won’t tell you who they are because I want them to introduce you themselves. They are a very gifted family of vampires who are vegetarians like us. They are good to know incase you

get into trouble. Speaking of which Bella have you heard of the Volturri?”

“The Volturri? I think I’ve herd of them.” I said.

“Really?” Tanya asked. “How you just woke up yesterday?”

“It’s a party of my human life I try not to remember but I sorta dated a vampire. We had a messy breakup recently. Then the vampire who changed me sorta did this out of revenge because my then boyfriend killed her mate. She wanted to kill me but you know the wolves saved me.” I said.

“Wow.” Tanya said.” I only know one vampire who’s dated a human. I wonder how he’s doing. Well we will find out soon enough.”

Just then there was a knock on the door.

“Oh our first guests are here.” Tanya nearly shouted. “come in I want you to meet the new member of our coven.”

You would not believe who stepped in the.

“Bella this is Alice and Jasper, Alice, Jasper this is Bella.” Tanya said.

“OH MY GOD.” We all screamed.