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Devin Cutler here:

Remember Baroshi? The baby godling who was in Snake Pipe Hollow when Termain Osboropo
attacked with the Chaos Maggot? Well, my players listened to Nurse and freed the godling, who
then went to send the Maggot howling back into the void and thence to reestablish his place in the
Now, the cult of Baroshi is growing larger (he was freed about 4 years ago Gloranthan time) abd
establishing its unique niche in the Earth pantheon.
A preliminary draft of the cult writeup is hereinbelow. Suffice to say that it is to the Earth pantheon
what Vinga is to the Storm Pantheon and/or what Yelorna is to the Solar other words,
it is a cult for male earth warriors. The cult is only called upon to serve two functions:
1. Fight Chaos...for which it is recognized that Baroshi had great powers
2. To come to the aid of the Earth during crises so large that the female warriors need more
manpower (or person power).
The history of the godling is sparse, but that is to be expected for a godling who performed a single
act or two before becoming trapped within Time. I will probably create more info on Veralz and
Enori for inclusion in the writeup.
Why am I presenting a writeup of Baroshi?
1. I think male warriors have a place within the Earth pantheon
2. Surely others must have freed Baroshi in their campaigns
3. Since there is no history on this guy, I can pretty much do what I please without risk of being
Gregged or someone-elsed.
THE CULT OF BAROSHI (envisioned after about 5-10 years after his release)
Mythic History:
Baroshi was a godling born of two gods of the Earth, King Verlaz and Queen Enori. These gods
dwelt in the land of the Snakepipe Dancers, in what is now Snakepipe Hollow, and were
worshipped by a variety of local inhabitants.
When Chaos invaded the world, the home of the King and Queen was attacked by a Chaos Demon
named Termain Osboropo, who brought with him a giant Chaos maggot which chewed its
corruption into the Earth.
At the time, Enori was pregnant with child, and when King Verlaz went to combat the invasion and
was slain, Enori gave birth to the godling Baroshi, and then went to her doom fighting the Chaos
It was then that Baroshi himself lept up from his cradle, bade goodbye to his Nurse, and went to
fight the Chaos.
Queen Enori had done well with Baroshi, for while he formed and grew within her divine womb,
she saw the approaching onslaught of Chaos and began to reshape the embryonic Baroshi from a
peaceful deity of Earth into a potent fighter of Chaos. In this, she was aided by her companion and
friend, Babeester Gor, who saw that the fight against Chaos to protect the Earth would be a
desparate one and would even need the help of men. It is also said, amongst the High Initiates of the
cult, that Stormbull also lent his aid to the godling, allowing Enori to imbue Baroshi with some of
the essence of the Bull. WHile it is certain that the Stormbull did give Enori some form of his own
powers and skill, many believe this transfer was carnal in nature, a speculation not appreciated by
adherents of the cult.
Thus imbued, Baroshi met and slew Termain. He then fought with the Maggot, and drove it away
from what remained of the palace of the King and Queen.

Unfortunately for the godling, just as this task was completed, Time was born, and he became
trapped within TIme and was lost to the world.
Recent History:
Baroshi was found and rescued by [fill in the name(s) of whomever rescued him], who had been
enjoined to rescue the godling by the local Ernalda Temple at Glasswall. With the aid of magic from
the ghost of Baroshi's Nurse, the godling was healed of his temporal stasis and was reborn. The
godling immediately lept to finish his attack upon the Chaos Maggot, which still chewed through
the Earth. After a struggle, the godling sent the Maggot streaming back into the void, and the
Snakepipe Hollow Temple was cleansed.
Once he had completed his deed, Baroshi fought his way outside of Time, so that he might take his
place amongst the gods and goddesses of the Compromise. After his "re-apotheosis", a cult
dedicated to his worship began to develop amongst the males who worshipped or lived among the
worshippers of the Earth goddesses. The formation of the cult was encouraged by the local Earth
Priestesses, and the cult is very small but growing. Recently, Baroshi worshipping missionaries
have appeared in Esrolia, speaking to the men of that land.
Holy Days and Runes:
The Runes of Baroshi are Earth, Law, and Mastery
Holy Days commemerate his birth and his release within Time. Of these, his birth is the High Holy
Day, being in Earth Season, Fertility Week, Godsday.
Holy sites to the Cult include the Earth Temple in Snakepipe Hollow.
Initiate Membership:
Initiates of Baroshi are expected to defend the Earth against Chaos. Most of the Earth Cult
hierarchy considers the followers of Baroshi to be fairly useless in all other matters of Earthly
import, but recognizes the importance of this male-oriented cult in times of dire emergency and
against Chaos, when even men must be called to the fore.
The cult only accepts males. They must have exhibited a sincere love of the Earth and a hatred of
Chaos. In addition, they must pass three out of five tests involving the following skills:
Ceremony, Weapon Attack, Shield Parry, Scan, Dodge
Spriti Magic:
Strength, Shimmer, Disrupt, Vigour, Protectiion, Detect Chaos
Special Spirit Magic:
Temporal, Active, Instant, Ranged
This spell works like the Stormbull skill, except that the Chaos must be in contact with the Earth in
order to be detected. However, no amount of Earth will block this spell. Due to the unpredictability
of Chaos, this spell does not always function accurately. The chance of the caster to successfully
detect Chaos is Pow x3%. If this roll is failed, no information is gained but if it is fumbled, then
false information is given. In any case, only a general uneasiness will occur. The spell will not pin
point the exact location of the Chaos nor tell how many sources of Chaos are within its range.
Earth Fighter Membership:
This is the pinnacle of the cult, being masters of fighting Chaos in defense of the Earth. The
position requires a 90% skill in Weapon Attack and Shield Parry, and three of the following at 90%:
Ceremony, Dodge, Scan, or Search
They must have a POW of 15 and know the spell of Detect Chaos.

Earth Fighters are required to always give aid to any Earth Cultist in response to a call to fight
Chaos. This is their overwhelming passion, although they are not beserkers like the Stormbulls.
Earth Fighters are expected to obey all Priestesses of Ernalda, Grain Goddesses, and all Runelevels
of Babeester Gor, and to aid or protect them when the need arises.
Earth Fighters must devote 50% of their time and income to the cult, but htey must always heed a
call during emergencies. They may use cult spells reusably, but only DI on a D00 roll.
Divine Magic:
Common - Heal Wounds, Worship Baroshi, Dismiss Magic, Spellteaching Special - Shield, Enchant
Amber, Earthburn, Defend Against Chaos
Enchant Amber 1POW
ritual Enchant, reusable, stackable
This spell must be cast upon a piece of Amber. Once performed, the piece of Amber may be wielded
properly only by the Enchanter. The amber sparks and sputters continuously, and looks quite
Anyone but the Enchanter who touches the Amber with bare skin will lose 1 Str and 1 Con per MR.
Such drain is temporary, regained at 1 point of each per day.
When used as a weapon by the Enchanter, the amber is wielded at the user's Fist attack skill. The
piece of amber itself does D4 damage (like a rock) plus strength bonus. If any amount of damage
actually penetrates armour and contacts the skin of the target, then 1 Strength and 1 Con are drained
from the victim. This characteristic drain is regained at a rate of 1 point for each characteristic per
day. Note that contact with skin is all that is required in order to drain characteristics. Even if an
opponent has armouring enchantment upon his skin or scales (like a dragon), the characteristic drain
will still work. Only actual armour, or protective magics like Shield, Protection, or Damage
Reiststance will stop the draining effects.
If the Amber strikes a being of Chaos, however, it activates with a huge flash of sparks and a smell
of burnt earth. The amber will cause 2D4 damage
(plus strength bonus) and, if it contacts skin, it will drain D3 Strength and
D3 Constitution from that foe. If the wielder sends MP into the enchanted amber, then for each MP
placed into the amber, add D3 damage to the amount of damage done, and, if characteristic drain
occurs, ad +1 to the amount of Strength and the amount of Constitution drained. Any MP placed
into the amber will be retained by the amber for 25MR before dissipating. When the amber contacts
a being of Chaos, the MP are dissipated anyways in the flash.
The maximum MP that can charge the amber is determined at the time of enchantment (see below).
Opponents drained to 0 Str or 0 Con collapse and cannot move until Str or Con reaches 1.
The enchantment used to create the amber is stackable. That is, for each POW stacked into the
casting at the time of creation, 1 MP may be placed into the amber to charge it. The enchantment
requires a piece of amber hand sized, upon which the proper runes are engraved and over which the
blood of a thing of Chaos is smeared.
Earthburn 1POW
Temporal, Ranged, Reusable, Stackable
This spell causes the Earth to burn anything of Chaos which touches it. This burning is not heat or
fire, but a painful rejection by the Earth and a lashing out of Earthpower. Each point of this spell
causes a patch of Earth
(not worked stone) to burn things of Chaos which are in contact with it. This
contact need not be fleshy contact.
Each patch measures 3x3 meters. If another point is stacked with the spell, this area may be cubed,

and so on. Thus, a 3POW Earth burn would cover an area 9x9 meters.
Earthburn does D3 damage to general hit points. The spell must overcome the MP of the Chaos in
order to affect it, but since the effect si being powerd by the earth itself, the spell attacks with a
POW of 30. For each additonal point stacked in the spell which is not used to increase the area, the
spell will do an extra D3 of damage.
Thus, if Molokki the Earth Fighter casts a 6 point Earthburn, he could do 6D3 in a 3x3m area, or
3D3 over a 9x9m area.
Countermagic will protect against this damage if matched against the points in the spell that apply
to increased damage.
Associated Cults:
The following cults are associated and grant Divine Magics:
Ernalda provides Command Gnome (but not Summon or Bind Gnome), Command Snake, and
Babeester Gor provides Earthshield (i.e. Great Parry)
If anyone else has had any ideas on Baroshi, please post them or email them to me. Also, I would
like to see posted anyone's full writeup of Firshala.
Devin Cutler