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I Choose the correct answer

1.Frank is __________________ player in the team.
a) better
b) best
c) the best
2.This is ____________________ essay I have ever read.
a) the worst
b) bad
c) worse
3.She is _____________________ person in the office.
a) annoying
b) the more annoying
c) the most annoying
4.Australia is _________________ the UK.
a) the biggest
b) bigger than
c) bigger
5.You should be ______________________ with your things.
a) carefully
b) more careful than
c) very careful

5/ ____

II Put the adjectives in the correct form (comparative or superlative)

We`re in Cairo today. It`s one of ______________________ (beautiful) places I have ever seen. It`s _______________
(large) city in Africa, so there are a lot of things to see.
It`s definitely _______________ (hot) place I`ve been to. The streets are crowded but there are ________________
(many) tourists than Egyptians in this part of town. It`s much _________________ (noisy) than any town I`ve been so
far. It`s like one gigantic market place.
We had coffee in the Cairo Tower this morning. It was lovely. It is _________________ (high) structure in the city and
has the _________________ (good) view. Then we went to the Pharaonic Village which was very interesting.
I`d better go. This is __________________ (busy) holiday of my life.
See you soon.

III Write the English words with the same or similar meaning as the following definitions
1.suffering from hunger _________________________
2.notorious ______________________ given to good students by an organization so that they can study ______________________________ influence _________________________
5.sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings of others _____________________________

IV Complete the sentences with the correct word






1.People dump more ________________ after the Christmas and New Year celebrations than at any other time during
the year.
2.Bob Geldof started organizing ________________ concerts in 1985.
3.The young Beyonc Knowels showed signs of _________________ from an early age.
4. When plastic is __________________ it can be used to make sleeping bags, jumpers and even furniture.
5.Beyonc performed in her first concert,as a part of a church ________________ , when she was just seven.

V Complete the sentences with the correct form of USED TO and the verbs in brackets
1.They _______________________ (not/have) a swimming pool.
2. When we lived in the country, we __________________ (go) fishing.
3.My uncle Dave _____________________ (live) in Boston but now he lives in Seattle.
4.______________________ (you/go) on holiday with your parents when you were young?
5.Samuel ___________________ (visit) us a lot but now he doesn`t have enough time.
6.My mum ______________________ (work) as a shop assistant, but now she stays at home to take care of my baby
7. My sister _____________________ (not/like) sports but now she does.

VI Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense Past Simple or Present Perfect
1.She ______________________ (leave) a week ago.
2.How long _______________________ (he/live) in France?.
3.Tom _____________________ (wake up)early yesterday morning.
4.A:_______________________ (you/see) Jerry recently?
B:Yes,I ____________________ (see) him a few days ago.
5.A:Where ____________________ (he/be) last night?
B:I think he _____________________ (be) at his parents` house.
6.A:How long ________________________ (she/live) in Brazil?
B:Not long.She _____________________ (move) there six months ago.
7.A:________________________ (you/have) any news from the girls?
B:Yeah!They _____________________ (call) me from Rome last night.
8.______________________ (you/see) Harry Potter?
9.They _____________________ (not/go) to the doctor yet.
10.A:When _____________________ (they/meet) for the first time?
B:I`m not sure exactly, but they _____________________ (know) each other for years.


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