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The UnPerversion Part 1

Now we will need to be pure of heart and go by the pure Mind of Christ into these
things, as Satan has used them for perversion, we will see the hidden things of God
so clear. The purpose of this is not to glorify perversion as to see these things in
their carnal fleshly view, but to simply take the perverted acts committed and see
the unveiled Mystery of God in that act. We will still try our best to remain as veiled
as possible, while yet giving the Spirit the freedom it needs to bring such things
forth from the darkness.
Lets start by saying some basic things. We know the only reason there is physical
rape in this world is because their was first spiritual rape. The spiritual is the true,
the others are the type. We know no matter what it is physically, it is this way ONLY
because of the Spiritual first. Whether it be death, murder, stealing, lying, rape,
incest, beastiality, or other demonic fleshly deeds done by the human race to one
another or to some thing, we know it is the anti type of the spiritual. Satan perverts
in all things, as He is the very spirit of perversion.
First in Genesis we find the first act of perversion was the Fall itself. Eve who was
married to her Husband Adam, hath not heeded His voice but listened to the voice
of another, even the Serpent. It has been said that she sexually laid with this
serpent who was a man. Some say this is where Cain came from. Well that is not
true and we have already cleared the air on all of that. So lets move on and see this
again. We know the Tree in the Garden was of the Knowledge of Good and of Evil.
We know the serpent we say climbed that tree and supposedly spoke to Eve to eat
of its fruit. Well as we have said before there was only two beings in the Garden.
Adam and Eve. The Garden was Heaven. Adam was God and Eve we say was His
Bride or Wife. Thus He said, Let US go and make man into our own image. So if we
come after the fall, we see the separating of Good and Evil and Light and Darkness
for the purpose of beginning the process of making men (children) into their Image.
We say they are going to Procreate. So we see if Adam the Male is Good and God,
then after the separating and the fall, we find Eve is the Evil and the Female. So in
that sense we see all mankind are a constitution of good and of evil.
Now we also see that as Adam and Eve have been separated, then God told us He
hath separated the Day from the right and the Darkness from the Light, then we see
a separating of the Tree of Good and Evil. What if Adam and Eve were the Tree of
Knowledge of Good and Evil? And God commanded them to Lean not to thine own
understanding. If we say the serpent was in the tree or climbed up into it etc. then
we are saying the Serpent was in the Tree. So being that Adam was One in the
beginning, then we find God separating from Him, His Eve, then we see again the
separating of the One making two. Are not all of Adam and Eves descendants a tree
of knowledge of good and evil? Sure they are. What was the temptation of the
serpent? It was the Flesh. They were flesh, but did not know they were flesh. You
say, that is impossible. Well Jesus was a Flesh Man that yet still claimed to be in
Heaven and Heaven was and is the Garden. So Here He is Flesh in the Garden, yet
not partaking of the flesh. If we reverse what Adam and Eve did in the person of
Jesus, then as we seen Jesus was God and He was flesh, yet He walked through
walls and on the water, just like a Spirit can. Since He was God Almighty in the Flesh

and He was in the flesh but not of the flesh and did not partake of the flesh as Adam
and Eve had done, then we see by looking in reverse, that Jesus was the 2nd Man
Adam, that makes Him the exact same First Man Adam. He was Adam. Adam was
the Son of God, Jesus was the Son of God, A Son of God is God.
Now at the Cross what do we find? We find an Adam. We say Adam has returned to
correct what has been done and to pay for what His disobedience has caused. So
we find Jesus or an Adam hanging on a Tree of Wood. He is the Life and
Righteousness of God, and He is taking your Sins upon Himself, so He is your Evil as
well. Now Moses hung up on a pole of wood in the wilderness the symbol of the
serpent. So again we see an Inward Adam and an Outer Eve, a Tree of Wood and a
Serpent, right there at Calvary. What was in the Mind of God before the Fall? The
Lamb that was slain. Calvary! So what took place in the Garden but Calvary. Eve the
weaker vessel that was the light bearer of her husband Adam. She began reasoning
and being she was the one we say that was closest to the flesh which was the
serpent, then her flesh and its desires conjured within her all manner of curiosity
about the Body or the Flesh. It became a serpent of enticement to her. Now if you
see this pictorially then we say at first we have the Sun shining on the moon that
reflects light to the earth. So lets be imaginative for a moment and see this as the
Garden Story. Eve or the Moon sees the Earth and is closer to the Earth, sees it as a
beautiful thing. The Sun is 93 Million miles away so it does not have the same view
or desires as the moon would. We say her or it being the weaker vessel, then she
was actually created to be relative to the earth, this explains the role of the Mother
with her Children as she will lie and steal and do whatever to keep and protect her
children. She is relative to them. So lets say the Earth conjured up all manner of
curiosity within the Moon and the Moon listened. Just like the Mother will literally
bow to her childs wishes and demands over her own many times. Suddenly after the
Moon gives into the vice of the Earth, then suddenly they begin to change positions.
Now lets say the Earth has moved in between the Sun and the Moon. Now we have
what is called an Eclipse. With the shadow of the earth being cast over the Moon,
it causes the Moon to turn to a Blood Red color. Blood Life. So now see this as Adam
and Eve were the Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil. The Serpent was the Flesh
that Eve was drawn to in her desires. God made her to be the weaker vessel so she
would be relative to the flesh as a Mother would be to her children. God knew her
serpent flesh would beguile her and she would eat. It was predestined to be. We say
the Father was the Sun but the Moon was the Mother, so her desires was for her
children or the Earth. This is why she shines so bright at night and it is then we see
her children or the stars, because that is her realm. When Eve partook, then by her
faith in reverse as she was the negative, then She became Flesh. Her unbelief,
being faith in reverse, hath now believed the carnal fleshly satanic mind into
existence, that answers the flesh.
This explains why Satan is always after the flesh. This is why the Moon was turned
to Blood. Eve taking the God faith she reflected from her Husband, and changed it
to be in reverse. So in another view lets seat this way. Eve was the first part of
Adam as to the Fall. Lets remove Adam for a moment and see the fall was about
Eve. Then when we come to Calvary, we see the fall of her husband or Adam who

also partook. The 2nd man Adam. Eve fell in the garden we say and then Adam
partook to go in search of His bride and to save her, He would have to also partake
of the fruit to be with her and protect her and pay for her to get her back. Hence
here comes Adam at Calvary to save Eve. They both partook, but it was a world of
difference as to the Why or the purpose. Adam or Jesus partook in Love, Eve partook
in Lust. So now we see Eve was the evil in the Tree of Knowledge as she was One
with her husband and she was his weaker side. Adam was the good or male
stronger spiritual side of the tree. We see this also in Jesus at the Cross. The Christ
being the Adam and His Flesh being the Eve. We see God withdrawing from His Eve
and His Eve crying out, Why hast thou forsaken me? The Eve being separated
from the Adam caused the Illusion of Blood Life to come into power and it has
ruled the earth ever since. This was the red dragon or Eves Lust pulling down her
Husband Adam or the Spirit to be bound in Badger Skins of Animalistic flesh. Beast
Life. God veiling Himself in darkness. Is it not the flesh of the woman whose desires
overtake the man and He enters her for her own pleasure. He cannot resist her
beauty. He desires her because she was and is supposed to be one with Him.
Suppose man never knew of a woman existence. He would had no need to be a
flesh being, He would not have had the need for a organ of reproduction thus He
would have had no ungodly desires. The separating of the One into a Two caused a
desire between them, that had not been there before. People do not desire that
which they have as much as they desire what they do not have. Adams desire unto
Eve was in love, Her desire unto her Husband was a selfish desire to satisfy her flesh
and she used that flesh to entice her husband and cause Him to eat and listen to
her now illuminated mind. When she leaned to her own understanding of the
serpentine desire within herself, she had already separated herself from her
husband. Thus she at this point was now empowered by a God Knowledge so to
speak that her Innocent Husband had not been made aware of, so she easily
overtook Him. She had invented the lie and used it against her innocent husbands
Mind of childlike trust. So God cursed the carnal mind Eve hath birthed making her
desire unto it. He cursed her flesh by putting it on its belly, as all flesh labors for the
belly. He cursed Adam as a burden bearer to till the earth in briars and such. So we
see God as Adam working in the Earth for the 6 days of His Labor.
You can still see this daily in humanity. They still are the Eves leaning to their own
understanding, listening to the voice of their flesh or serpent as it beguile them unto
the grave. Once we are born again we are the restored Adam and we have subdued
our Bride or Wife (Body back unto us and destroyed her own mind. This is bodily
redemption. We have seen this also as Jesus at Calvary, becoming sinful flesh that
he might enter the realm of the damned to find and destroy the Mind of Eve and
release her from Her deathly imprisonment. So we have the Spirit or Mind of God as
Adam or Christ, we have the Soul or Mind of Eve, and we have the Body or Serpent,
these 3 are One. So we have in the Garden One Tree. Adam was the Good, Eve was
the Evil and the serpent was the desire of the fleshly Body. Remember you can be
in the flesh but not of the flesh, Jesus said, Feel of me, a Spirit hath not flesh and
bones as you see me have. So though what happened in the garden was an act of
perversion as we have said Eve laying with the serpent, we see from a much higher

spiritual standpoint the purpose and pure Mind of God in the situation working all
things after the counsel of His own Will. Gods will is good always. Even when its
intent was to cause all of this to happen in the first place, it was good. So we have
changed the view from a perverted sexual serpentine view to a Godly pure divine
act and will of God view. Eve leaned to her own mind and it caused her to awaken
her fleshly sexual appetite and she used that to further entice her husband. Cain
simply took after the Mind of His Mother Eve. He was not born of the Will of God, but
of the fleshly desire of His now wicked Mother. He was the result of the sexual
fleshly desires they had awakened and caused her to conceive as the beast do. So
he was of His Father the Devil or Evil or Eve. Gods intent that was to manifest itself
through Calvary was for the Woman to be in subjection to the God Mind of her
husband and she conceive by divine conception spiritual speaking producing a child
of the Will of God, bypassing the fleshly serpentine beastly desire of her sexuality.
Some are born of the will of the flesh, some of the will of men, some of the Will of
God. However we also see God using the Grace from Calvary to already begin
correcting the fallen sexual disorder by allowing humanity to conceive of His Christ
until the Change of the Body. The event is the Birth so to speak and when One is
birthed they all are birthed at the same time, spiritually speaking we all change our
bodies at the same time, no longer mystic Sons in the veils womb of the Mother, We
will be birthed and changed to the Image of our Father. Manifested Sons.
Stay with us, as we continue on with other parts to this Mystery. We will strive by
the Lords Help to unveil other Stories of perversion and correct the impure view and
show the Mind of God in the pure view and open up many beautiful revelations. In
part 2 we will see perhaps the Killing of Abel, or maybe Cain and who His wife was
and where he got her from. Maybe we will look at Noahs Sons looking upon their
fathers nakedness. We will see. May God Bless You.

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