That's What You Get Part 5 | Kitchen

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Chapter 5“Melonee? Are you asleep?” someone whispered in my dream. “Melonee, wake up.” the same someone said in a more urgent whisper. I then felt someone poking me in my side, so I rolled over and ended up falling out of the bed. “What the hell?” I yelled, as my back met the floor. I looked around, feeling disoriented, and I saw Alivia at the foot of my bed, trying to stifle her giggles. “Yeah, just laugh it up.” I said, as I made my way to my feet and stretched out my muscles. “What time is it?” I asked, stifling a yawn. “About 4 o'clock.” she said, looking at her non-existent watch. “In the afternoon?” I asked, my mind and body becoming more alert. “Yeah, you fell asleep pretty late, so don't worry.” she said, going through the walk in closet I had in my new room. The room was huge! When Alivia showed me the place, it was mostly just red and black furniture, but when she found out that my favorite color was in fact, blue, she changed with wave of her hand. Now, the walls were blue and the ceiling was black, my king sized bed had blue and black, satin sheets and cover. The pillows were 100 percent egytian cotton and they felt wonderful. I had my own bathroom, which had a purple crown theme to it, because purple is a royal color. The walk in closet, wasn't just a closet. It was a room. A huge room. The closet(room) was smaller than my room, but still pretty huge, and it had double glass doors that led to a room where your clothes were put. Then, it had a single glass door that led into a room where your jewelry and accessories were, and there was another glass door that led to a changing room that had mirrors all around it. It was truly amazing. Apparently, Alivia already went shopping for some clothes that she thought would fit, and I have to say, the girl has taste. She pulled out some ripped skinny jeans, with a plain black off the shoulder shirt. “I'll leave you with the accessories and stuff, and when you get dressed, we're going to make your breakfast.” she said before walking out of my new room. I quickly took a shower and and washed my hair. I grabbed one of the super soft towels they had in the bathroom and wrapped it around my body and another one to dry my hair with. I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were a sparkly blue, broadcasting my happiness, and my mouth twisted into a smile at seeing my favorite color. I loved the shade of blue that my eyes were. They looked like clear, blue oceans on a sunny day. It was the best color ever. After I got dressed in the outfit Alivia picked out, I went to pick out my accessories. I picked out a black and silver, Mad-Hatter ring, and a black bow to put in my hair. I grabbed some black flats and went back into the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. I pulled my wet hair into a side ponytail and decided to wait until it dried before I put the bow in. For my makeup I decided to keep it simple. I put on a thin layer of black eyeliner and some mascara, with some sheer lipgloss and I was done. I walked out of the room and to the kitchen. I had no idea where it was, so I just followed to the smell

of food into what I thought was the kitchen. “Wow.” I said, when I saw the kitchen that was made for a chef. The place was, as always, huge! It had stainless steel stoves and refrigerators, with an island and barstools in the middle. “Mmmm, smells good.” I said, as I followed my nose to the delicious smell of french toast. “Nope. Go to the dining room until the food is done.” Eden ordered. “But dude, I'm starving!” I said. “And you'll have to stay hungry until I'm done with the food. It won't take long, I promise.” he said before turning back to the stove he was cooking on. I grabbed a banana nut muffin off of the counter. “Put it back it.” Eden said, catching me red handed. “This food had better be delicious if you're gonna make me wait for it!” I pouted. “Oh it will be, trust me.” he said, turning back to the stove while I stomped out of the kitchen. “Eden chase you out?” Hayden asked, opening the door just as I was coming out. “Yeah.” I pouted. “Where the hell is the dining room?” He just laughed and gave me a push in the right direction. “You really need to watch your language if you plan on becoming a princess.” he said. “Like hell I do.” I muttered as we entered the dining room. There was a long table with about thirty chairs, fifteen on each side, and two huge chairs at the ends of it. Everybody was already seated at the very end of the table and there were five empty seats, which I assumed that three of them were for Eden, Hayden, and I. “Good afternoon, Melonee. Did you sleep well?” Elena asked, getting up from the table to give me a hug, which I returned politely. “Like a baby.” I answered, while taking a seat in the middle of Alivia and Ares. “Good.” she said. “Babies don't sleep good though. They just wake up and cry in odd hours of the night.” Alivia complained. “It depends on the baby, I guess.” I shrugged. “You like kids?” Hayden asked. I shrugged again. “I act like a kid myself sometimes, so I get along with them fine.” I said, truthfully. “Good, because I'd like you to meet two someones.” he said, and I must have givin him a funny look because he just laughed. “Is there another long lost family member that I don't know about? Next you're gonna tell me I have another aunt that I never knew I had.” I said, and I knew that sounded kind of harsh, but it just came out. “No offense.” I muttered. “It's quite alright, dear.” Elena said, and I nodded. Hayden left and a few seconds later he came with the two most adorable children I've ever seen.They looked about 4 or 5 years old. “Aww, who are these little cuties?” I cooed. “Hi Auntie!” the little girl said, running to me and wrapping her little arms around my legs. “Auntie?” I asked incredulously. “Melonee, meet my son and daughter, and your new neice and nephew, Jayden and Jordan.” he said and my eyes went wide. “Um, hi?” I said awkwardly. “Hi!” Jayden said, bouncing up and down on her tippy toes, then she looked back at her brother, Jordan. “Get over here slow poke!” she said, dragging him by his arm to come and greet me.

“Hello.” he said quietly. Hmm, he doesn't seem the quiet type. He was probably shy around me because he didn't know me. “Hi, it's nice to meet you.” I said, not knowing whether I should hug him or shake his hand. They both had straight, red hair. Jayden's hair went down her back, and it curled into ringlets at the end, and Jordan's hair was kind of spiky, in a short mohawk. They both had pink lips that seemed to pop out against their pale skin. “Wait, are they--” My assumption was confirmed with a nod of Hayden's head. “Oh, weel they're really adorable, Hayden.” I said. “Thank you.” Jayden replied, taking a seat at the table and I laughed. “Food's ready!” Eden announced, busting through the doors with his hands full of plates and platters. “Finally.” I said, rubbing my stomach. “Fatty.” Eden said. “Not fat, just being starved by vampires who won't share their food whenever I need it.” I said, defending myself. He ignored me and just started passing out plates, when he got to my seat, I almost yanked my plate out of his hand and inhaled it. Man, did it smell good. I started digging in the chocolate chip pancakes, and noticed that everyone was turned to look at me. “What? I'm hungry, and he took too long.” I said and they just laughed, but I didn't see anything funny. I was halfway done with my food when I something red caught my attention. I looked up to see red liquid oozing out of Alivia's danish. It was too dark to be strawberry filling, so that could only mean that it was-“Ew, that's disgusting!” I said, trying to hold back the vomit that formed in my mouth. “What is?” Alivia asked, looking startled. “That!” I exclaimed, pointing to her plate. “Oh, it's just blood.” she said, shrugging. “It's not like it's weird for a vampire to drink or blood.” “Um, while it may not be weird for you, it's really freaking me out. So, I'm going to just take my food up to my room. If I still have my appetite.” I said,but then I remembered that I had a danish on my plate too. I poked it with my fork to see of anything would ooze out of it and when nothing came out, I cut it in half, just to make sure. “There's no blood in your food, I made sure of that.” Eden said. “Thanks.” I said, taking my plate back to my room. I walked out of the dining hall, but I remembered that I didn't know how to get back to my room. “Dammit.” I mumbled under my breath. I sat down in the hallway, next to the door of the dining area, and started eating my food, trying to keep my mind off the blood thing. ELENA'S POV“I'm worried about her.” I told my family after Melonee exited the room in disgust. “Why? She seems fine. A little distant, but fine.” Eden said, with his mouth full of food. I gave him a look, showing my disapprovement, and he swallowed his food to speak again. “Sorry. What are you worrying about?” he repeated. “I'm worried that she'll change her mind about becoming one of us. I mean, she never said that she wanted to become one if us, but she seemed like she was actually considering it.” I told them. “But, she doesn't have a choice.” Hayden replied. “Exactly. That's why I wanted her to come to terms with this before she had to be forced into it.” I said, wringing my hands in worry.

“She'll be fine, dear.” Aleksandr said, putting my hand over my hands. “She hates me.” I said, bowing my head in shame, tears forming in my eyes. “Mom, she doesn't hate you. She just needs some time to accept everything we've thrown at her last night. She'll come around, eventually.” Alivia said, coming to put her hand on my shoulder. “I hope so, and don't you go using your powers to fix our relationship! If I'm going to do this, then I'm going to do it right.” I said, in a stern voice, knowing exactly what she was about to do. “I promise I won't use my powers to fix you two's relationship.” she said, and I knew that she would keep it. I really did hope she was right about Melonee coming around. I didn't regret my decision to leave her with her father, not one bit. He deserved some happiness in his life, because when I left him, I knew it crushed him to the point of no return. It hurt me deeply to do it, but no matter how angry I was with my husdband, I knew that I was going to always be in love with him. I was hoping that Marcello found his special someone, besides Melonee, but it seems that he didn't. I looked at my husband and I was glad that I had someone like him to love and be loved by, but I was alsp sad because I was happy with Marcello also, I just didn't feel the same way about him as he did me. Aleksandr saw that I was sad and even though he didn't know why, he hugged me anyways and I smiled. “She has a heart big enough for her family, our family, and you. You just have to give her time to adjust to the abundance of love she has in her heart now.” he said, kissing me on the forehead and I smiled even wider. I was really lucky to have a husband and family that loved me even after I told them about Melonee. I honestly thought that they would be angry with me, and I would've deserved that. Of course Alina wasn't to happy about it, but I think she'll come around at her own time, also.

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