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DISRUPTION: An Anthology

2014 J.N. Monk. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored
in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,
photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior permission of J.N. Monk.
All works herein are copyright of their respective creators as indicated herein, and are
reproduced here with permission.
Produced by J.N. Monk

Copyediting: J.N. Monk and Zach Pettit

Cover Art: Anna-Liza Ybarra

Design and composition: McAlister Grant

Assembly: Z Akhmetova
The individual copyrights are as follows:

Grovers 2014 J.N. Monk and Kelly Angel.

Mechan Folly 2014 Mark Fraley.
A Break 2014 Clay Lindvall.
Gestos 2014 Catia Moreira.
(Untitled) 2014 Zofia Zabreska.
Monday 2014 Krystal Ureta.
Friendship Comic 2014 Jacob Stern and Zach Pettit.
Topside 2014 J.N. Monk and Z Akhmetova.

Its used a bit loosely, but disruption as a theme seemed like a great way to cut to
the core of storytelling: every story is about conflict or its effects, how we maneuver
around them or, in some cases, dont.
In these stories things go wrong, or get weird. And we suspect youll like it.

-Zach Pettit, co-editor

When I first took on this project, I had no idea that the chosen title and theme would
eventually apply to my life on a very literal level.
What had originally been planned as a small showcase for comics I had written
somehow ballooned into a very large anthology with twenty-two contributors. But
during ten months of blown deadlines, multiple dropouts (well over half the roster in
fact), missed engagements, frequent delays, and agonizing frustration, I was ready to
call it quits many times over.
Over that same span of time I relocated from Ohio to Florida, moved in with one of
my best friends and began planning for a wildly different future than the one I had in
mind when all of this started.
Some way or another, despite numerous instances where I was ready to put my head
through a wall (and on one occasion actually did), we were able to pull together a
pretty great assortment of tales from more than a few rising stars in the comic scene,
and finallyfinallythe result looks absolutely fantastic. In the end, Im quite happy
that I let this thing literally disrupt my life.
And hopefully, you will too.

-J.N. Monk, head editor

Script by J.N. MONK

Art and Script by MARK FRALEY

Art and Script by CLAY LINDVALL

Art and Script by ZOFIA ZABZREKSA

Art and Script by KRYSTAL URETA

Script by J.N. MONK