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Proposed Letter Agreement Between the City and Comcast

1. Internet Essentials: (a) Streamline the eligibility determination process, applications, and
turn-around time for service activation; (b) expanded Philadelphia program for eligible low
income seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.
2. Low Income Senior Discount: Discount minimum 10%; City can assist with prequalifying
recipients based on social programs such as LIHEAP, LOOP, etc.
3. Digital Inclusion Alliance Fund: $500,000 grant to support City creation of the Digital
Inclusion Alliance Fund of corporate, institutional and other stakeholders to address digital
inequality in Philadelphia.
4. Customer Service: New Philadelphia call center with 200 Philadelphia hires.
5. Data Sharing: Comcast to provide City on an agreed-upon frequency a database (without
revealing any personal or subscriber information) to assist with the audit and verification of
the 5% franchise fee.
6. Wireless Access: Where appropriate and needed, the City will use the I-NET to provide for
wireless access in public areas where government services are provided. This includes, but
not limited to, Park & Rec locations, keyspots, health centers, police and fire locations,
council offices, municipal buildings, etc.