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Supporting the arts
In the spirit of Art Dubai & Art Nights,
This is Not a Love Song
An exhibition co-curated by Elie Domit
Villa Moda has commissioned two very & Mrs. Deane/Hester Keijser, featuring
talented women to exhibit their works six emerging photographers and one
at their boutique - an international common denominator: the current
installation artist and a Lebanese state of Palestine.
jewelry designer. Patricia Millns who
has shown in major international
museums is doing a fashion inspired
installation called “My friends” which
explores fashion in terms of time & Taste of Zuma with Patricia Millns
culture. Meanwhile the multi-talented Taste of Zuma with Patricia Millns is a
Nadine Kanso (she is also an avid Japanese inspired art display of hand
photographer) is launching her latest made Kimonos and the first of a
“Bil Arabi” jewelry collection based on sequence of art installations with
Arabic letters, but this season featuring Zuma. The Kimonos have been made
colored stones creating a more abstract using Zuma Menus and Brownbook
version of her traditional work. Magazine covers; there will be an
opportunity for guests to write their
favourite Zuma dish on the Kimonos. A
complimentary drink created by Zuma
and Patricia for Brownbook will be
offered to all guests who participate.


7-11pm Gate Village
7:30pm: Exhibition Opening 8:30pm 9:00pm Art and Cheese Tasting The art of origami Meet the artists: Mona Fares & Shamma
Contemporary Orientalism Guided Tour of Iran Inside Out Curatorial Tour of Sacha Jafri’s Sample some fine cheese while ORDNING&REDA celebrates the Al Amri
Under the patronage of H.E. Ahmed Emilie Faure, Collection and Exhibitions ‘Universe of the Child’ enjoying the collection of works on traditional Japanese folk art of paper nbx stands for nomad box: A 12 x 2.5m
Humaid Al Tayer. An exhibition of Manager, will give a tour of the new Curatorial tour with Bashar Al Shroogi, display, including Zakaria Ramhani, folding. Their very own origami contained space that is actually a
paintings by both international and edition of the groundbreaking Director of Cuadro Fine Art Gallery, of Ayad al Kadhi and a sneak peak to the specialist Elenita Yumang will be on site shipping container showcasing ground
emerging artists, presenting a broader exhibition Iran Inside Out. Since Sacha Jafri's latest collection: Universe upcoming exhibition of Yousef Ahmed. constructing the origami bird and breaking concepts of art & design, while
vision of contemporary orientalism and opening in New York, the show has of the Child. These Large-scale works demonstrating some basic origami challenging the concept of the
what it stands for. travelled to Chicago and is being are inspired by the artist's extensive techniques. traditional gallery space.
featured for the first time in the Middle travels through the Middle East and LIVE ART
East at The Farjam Collection in Dubai. South East Asia. Box Wall Swedish brand ORDNING&REDA, whose * The official opening of nbx2010 + preview
of the current exhibition, “Still Breathing”
Iran Inside Out explores the varied A semi-permanent urban art style name literally translates into ‘Proper pinhole photography by Shamma Al Amri,
forms of artistic expression of young Cuadro is excited to be unveiling this pop-up installation, designed by Order’ offers products that are designed will be held at 6:30pm on location – grass
8:00pm Iranian artists working today, both collection for the first time before its underground event specialist Simon to alleviate clutter and mess in their lawn in front of DIFC.
‘Sweet City: A Sculpther by Gita Meh’ inside and outside of Iran, and global tour in museums in over 12 cities Hunt. Live within the hustle and bustle consumers’ lives, through a wide range
Introduction by Janet Bellotto and Q&A challenges traditional notions of Iran of the world. of Gate Village, six Dubai-based artists of high quality paper and storage
Sugar Daddy’s Bakery Cupcakes Galore!
with Dubai-based Iranian conceptual and Iranian art. will construct a wall of cardboard boxes products in classic Scandinavian design.
Experience true sensory overload as
artist Gita Meh. Gita Meh works with Sacha Jafri's Private Collection will also (donated by Easytruck Removals) then
you indulge in tasty cupcakes in every
many mediums, from painting to This edition features a selection of the be shown for the first time worldwide. proceed to paint it in their own unique
imaginable color.
installation, sculpture to poetry, exhibition’s most arresting works This extraordinary collection is style. The production will be recorded in
photography to performance; in her alongside some of the finest examples comprised of the artist's most powerful time lapse format, compressing 4 hours
attempt to touch all aspects of sensation of contemporary Iranian art drawn works from his last seven collections of footage into 1-2 minutes. The
and intellect in her viewers. She has from Dr Farjam’s collection. (1998-2010). These works have until artwork along with the film will be
often involved herself with food now been held by Sacha himself and auctioned off for charity at the next Art
preparation and ritual, thus engaging never exhibited. Nights @ Gate Village.
taste, smell, and touch as well as sound
and sight. Sweet City follows in this vein.