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Professional Experience Summary (6 Years)

Diversified international career in the Oil/Gas Industries. Broad based engineering expertise, primarily in Electrical and Instrumentation , supports a solid capability in technical management Employers:

1. QATAR KENTZ (W.L.L), QATAR (From Aug 2006 to till date)
Designation: Electrical Engineer

(From May 2004 to July2006) Designation: Electrical Commissioning Engineer Education and Technical Skills


: :

Bachelor in Engineering| (Electrical & Electronics) Visveswaraiah Technological University, Belgaum, INDIA.

 University
Technical Skills:

 Professional in Project Management  Project Management planning tools Primavera 6.2 and PrimaveraWeb  SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)-Intouch  Programmable Logical Controller (PLC): Unitronics (U90OPLC), Allen Bradley and  Computer Proficiency
Job Profile  Preparing Procedures for pre-commissioning and commissioning activities Installation, Commissioning, Preventive and corrective maintenance of HV/LV Electrical equipments such as Transformers, Generators, Switchgears, over head Lines and under ground Cables etc.  Experience with Hazardous zone/Area of classification and Explosion proof equipments. Conversant with protection relays like GE SR 750 (Feeder protection Relay-GE Multiline), SR469 (Motor Protection Relay-GE Multiline), REF542 and REF543 (Feeder Protection Relay-ABB). Siemens (Certified PLC Programmer) :MSOffice Package and well versed in internet concepts

Strong knowledge of protection co-ordination grading, short circuits, Stability test, equipment rating and relevant Codes & Standards. Page 1 of 4

Fair knowledge about DCS and its Communication with the switchgear controllers like Mlink, MControl and MView (LV Motor Contrller-ABB), Relays etc. Attending of faults, breakdown works and Troubleshooting. Experience in the field of automation and explore to the modern communication technologies is an added advantage for me to perform in the real system environment.
Prepare Method statement and Job Safety Analysis for each task. Coordinate with planning Engineers and other discipline Engineers like civil, mechanical and instrumentation at site for joint activities. Strong commitment to HSE principles and good operating & engineering practice.

 

Conversant with testing kit like FREJA 300, Omicron, Programma Relay Test Kit, Primary current injection kit, Transformer test sets, Power frequency test set, Dielectric test set etc. Configuration, Testing and commissioning of numerical/static/electromechanical, differential relays, over current and EF relays(REF541,REF545,REM543, SR750, SPCJ, SPAJ etc.) of various manufacturers like AREVA, ABB, GE, Easun Reyrolle, Siemens etc.

    


: Synchronization, Controller(ComAp) settings, Protection settings and Load sharing.

Transformer: Installation, Testing, Protection Relay setting, Commissioning and Troubleshooting. Switchgears: Installation and Testing of protection Equipments like CT ,PT and Circuit Breaker, Feeder Protection settings, commissioning and troubleshooting. Under Ground Cable & Overhead line: Study cable route map, installation, Cable Testing (High Voltage Testing), and commissioning. Battery and Battery charger: Testing of Battery(Ni Cd) and battery charger, Commissioning and Troubleshooting. Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs)

Major Project Details Project -1: RL(3) Common OffPlot Project, RasLaffan ,Qatar Owner: RasGas Client: Fluor Middle East The scope of the project is to establish electrical power for Condensate Phase-1, Condensate Phase-2, LPG and LNG areas for RasGas at RasLaffan Industrial city, Qatar. The scope includes 33KV, 6.6KV and 400V switchgears and related equipments. Duties and Responsibilities:

o Testing of Cables, Transformers, CT, PT, 33KV&6.6KV Switchgears, Up stream/Down
stream Interlocks, HV & LV motors, UPS system, Battery and Battery chargers o o Functional Checks like Local start/stops, Remote (DCS) start/stops etc. Co-ordinate with Client Walk down and clear the punch list items. Page 2 of 4

o Commissioning of Transformers, Switchboards (33KV, 11KV, 6.6KV and 415V), field
panels like Lighting and MOVs.

o Testing and commissioning of HV/LV motors.
Project -2: 6.6KV Substation for RASGAS at RasLaffan, Qatar. Electrical power supply system is established in such a way that, Eight 415V Diesel generator voltages are stepped up to 6.6KV using eight transformers. The output of all transformers is synchronized into a single 6.6KV busbar. The 6.6KV substation power is distributed to various areas using 25 Ring Main Unit (RMU) Substations. Each RMU contains a distribution transformer and its LV switch boards. Duties and Responsibilities:

o Installations of Cable, RMU, Transformers, Switch gears, Battery and Battery charger
o Cable termination

o Testing-Cable, RMU, Transformer, CT, PT, 6.6KV Switchgears, Interlocks, Battery and
Battery charger o Commissioning-Generator (Synchronization), 6.6KV switchboard (Relay settings) and RMUs. o Co-ordinate with QA/QC inspectors to ensure the quality of the work as well as all paper works has been done. Project -3: 6.6KV/400V Unit Substation for RASGAS at RasLaffan, Qatar. The scope of the project is to establish power supply to the New Maintenance office from a 6.6KV outgoing feeder and to tie in a new 6.6KV feeder with the existing switchgear, inside the Rasgas plant. Duties and Responsibilities: o o o o Installation of Power and control cables and unit substation (6.6KV/415V). Termination of power and control cables. Retrofitting of 6.6KV outgoing feeder CT and busbar. Testing of Cable, CT, Relays and Unit substation.

Project -4: Pearl GTL Waste Water Treatment Plant(WWTP) Duties and Responsibilities: o o o o Installation of Power and control cables and unit substation (11KV/415V). Termination of power and control cables. Testing of Cable, CT, Relays and Unit substation. Commissioning of VSDS and Motors.

Project -5: Pearl GTL at RasLaffan, Qatar. Project ongoing INEL POWER SYSTEM ENGINEERS, BANGALORE, INDIA Designation: Electrical Engineer KSEB is utility owned by state government having generating stations, EHV & HV substations (up to 400kV) and distribution network supplying power to about 8 million Page 3 of 4

consumers in Karnataka State, India. Had a responsible role in the construction and commissioning of the following substations. Project -1: 33/11KV Substation (Karnataka State Electricity Board), Wallabellary, India through L&T. 33 K V substation with single bus; Two 33/11 K V, 5MVA transformers and 11 K V feeders. 11KV feeders are taken to pole mounted transformers to energize different areas of Wallabellary district. Feeder protection contains distance relay OPTIMHO of M/s Alstom, Numerical Differential Relays MICOM P632 of Alstom/Areva, Over current and Earth fault relays and auto re-close relays. Project -2: 11kv/440v substations, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bangalore, India. Two 11KV substations with single bus; 500KVA transformers. 415V is supply used for the utilities of HAL. Project -3: 66kv/6.6kv/440v substation, Petronet, Hassan, India. Petronet is petrol pumping station, where 66KV substation steps down the incoming 66KV to 6.6KV to a double bus switch board.6.6KV supply is then taken to 6.6KV/440V transformers via under ground cables to different part of the plant utilities. There are some 6.6KV feeder used for heavy motors Personal Profile Date Of Birth Marital Status Nationality Indian Passport Driving License Languages Known : 02 – May – 1983 : Married : Indian : B2624511 : Valid Qatari and Indian Driving License (No: 28335610206) : English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

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