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Fugro has many years of specialist experience in ground investigation and the detection of unexploded ordnance.

global expertise and extensive range of probing and drilling rigs combines to offer a rapid solution for all your needs.

UXO Desk Study

An Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) desk study reports on the
bombing history and assesses risk.

Surface clearance
If appropriate, a surface scan of the site is performed to detect any
potential UXO targets. This produces an anomaly chart for further

Typical piling operation in progress

UXO Clearance before piling or drilling

3D Magcone* or 3D Magdrill probing using UXO magnetometers to
detect deep unexploded ordnance.

UXO identification and disposal

Explosion due to WWII bomb

We expose and identify the UXO and manage the disposal.

* Two major advantages of Magcone over other systems:

Penetrates made ground without pre-drilling
Obtains geotechnical and magnetic field data
simultaneously in one push.

Damage to piling rig due to explosion of WWII bomb

Fugro Engineering Services Limited

Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Service

Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Service

Threat Assessment

3D-Magdrill Drilling System

Threat Assessment - Risk Assessment and Desk Study

UXO Drilling System For Tough Ground Conditions

The risk of UXO can be difficult to manage because of the high

Based on the same technology used in the probing system the 3D

potential impact during ground works.

MAGDRILL system can be used with any drilling rig. It is fast to use



blitz on Britain has left

a legacy of unexploded
bombs just as capable



today as the day they




guideline the maximum

depth of risk is more
than 15metres in soft






competent rock. This

is complicated by factors such as the type and size of bomb,
geology, type of made ground, change in ground level, extent of
cover by buildings and trajectory. Bombs over 1000kg did not
necessarily go the deepest as they were normally fitted with a
kopfring to present excessive penetration. In Britain the most
common unexploded bomb (UXB) is the 50kg SC type.

Surface Clearance Of UXO

Shallow Investigation - Appropriate Geophysical Techniques
Fugro has wide experience of all geophysical investigation
methods. This means that we can deploy exactly the right method
to investigate the threat of unexploded ordnance for any site.
Large areas can be investigated rapidly with the latest equipment
operated by experienced Fugro geophysicists.
The surface geophysical survey produces immediate results in the
form of target plots which are the basis of any necessary explosive
ordnance clearance (EOC). These techniques can be used on land,
shallow water, and deep water environments

and with its large sphere of detection it is a cost effective in situ

tool for UXO clearance. The 3D MAGDRILL system is lowered to
the bottom of the drilled hole in stages and looks ahead to clear for
the threat of UXO. The MAGDRILL is rapidly removed from the hole
and drilling continues to the safe depth then the 3D MAGDRILL
is lowered gain. The system is used to penetrate tough soil
conditions such as very
dense gravels or made
ground containing rubble.

3D-Magcone Probing System

UXO Probing System
Fugros highly advanced magnetometer probing system can detect
the presence of UXO in the ground several metres away. It is a very
sensitive, accurate magnetometer pushed into the ground using
any of our Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) rigs to clear the ground
of the threat of UXO.
The probe is compact enough to allow deep penetration of most
soil conditions down to 25metres deep or greater. The data logging
system continuously collects
Estimated Soil Type

and displays the data from

the 3D-MAGCONE in real time
allowing immediate decision


Medium dense SAND

making on the presence of

The probe is fitted with an
inclinometer to monitor the
verticality of the probe as








Soft becoming firm CLAY


3D-MAGCONE probing can

be completed in a day. The
probes can be used on land


using tracked or crawler rigs

or from jack-up rigs in the
near-shore environment.


Medium dense becoming

dense SAND

End of CPT run at 8.01m

Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Service

Other services available
Land & marine site investigation
Geoenvironmental investigation
Geophysical Investigation
Buried services surveying
Buried foundation / structures investigation
Laboratory testing of soil and rock

World Wide Support

Wherever you are in the world FUGRO is at hand to be your local
specialist for geotechnical, survey and instrumentation services.

A German 50kg bomb exposed during construction in London

Our unrivalled geographical spread means that we have local

specialists who will fully understand the technology, logistics
and project management requirements of your work. Our 8,000
employees are distributed through 260 offices worldwide. By using
our regional staff, supplemented where necessary by specialists
drawn from our international centres of expertise, we can provide
the optimal mix of resources to support your projects.

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