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A. Definition : penggabungan dua (lebih) kalimat

sederhana menjadi satu dengan conjunction (kata
B. Study this example :
The man who lives next door is very
Main clause: The man is very friendly.
Sub clause: who lives next door.
Clause adalah bagian dari sentence yang
memiliki unsur S & P.
Simple sentence:
- The man is very friendly.
- He lives next door.
C. Conjunctions of Adjective Clause :
Who, whom, which, that
: yang
Whose, of which
: yang
nya (untuk possessive).
D. Steps to combine :

1. Cari kata yang sama.

2. Jika orang, perhatikan kata yang sama
dikalimat kedua (sbg S atau O)
3. Tentukan Conjunction.
4. Gabungkan.

Perhatian !
Fungsi conjunction yaitu mengganti kata yang
sama dari kalimat kedua.
Jika yang dijelaskan adalah Obyek, maka
conjunction bisa dihilangkan.
E. Examples :
1. a. The woman is a TV reporter.
b. We met her in a bank yesterday.
The result:
2. a. Where are the books?
b. Ive given them to you.
The result:
3. a. Mr. Brown is my supervisor.
b. His son studies in Harvard University.

The result:
4. a. How much is the price of the laptop?
b. Its shape is quite small.
The result:
1. a. We need a female secretary.
b. The female secretary speaks and writes
English fluently.
2. a. Have you called Mrs.Tobing?
b. I introduced Mrs.Tobing to you last week.
3. a. Java is overpopulated.
b. Java is a relatively small island.
4. a. The lady is Mrs. Nana.
b. We know Mrs. Nanas family very well.
5. a. It happened in Brazil.
b. Brazil is situated in South America.
6. a. These people should be transmigrated to
other islands.

b. These peoples productivity is very low.

7. a. He looks like a man.
b. He has no sense of responsibility.
8. a. I would like to say thank you to Mrs. Lina.
b. She has given me a chance to be a speaker
in this seminar.
9. a. She introduced me to her lawyer.
b. I wanted to discuss something very
important with him.
10.a. I know the girl.
b. She submitted this application letter this
11.a. She is our receptionist.
b. Our receptionist has worked here for years.
12.a. Did she explain the reason?
b. She wouldnt come for that reason.
13.a. They can move to other areas.

b. They can have more land in the other

14.a. We must face the consequences.
b. The consequences may be anything.
15.a. Mak Nyak is the winner of the English
Debating Contest.
b. We usually call her Mak Nyak.
16.a. Sheilla goes to Surabaya once a week.
b. Her mother has been sick for six months.
17.a. The girl is a friend of mine.
b. He is going to marry the girl.
18.a. The advertisement has attracted my
b. You set the advertisement in some
newspapers two days ago.
19.a. They are moving to Padang.
b. People speak Minangkabau in Padang.
20.a. The clerk types fast and accurately.

b. I told you the clerks name last night.

- Return the test paper! (Soal dikembalikan!)
- Do it on the available answer sheet! (Kerjakan
di lembar jawab yang tersedia!)
A. Find the incorrect word or phrase in the
sentence from the underlined part by crossing (X)
A, B, C, or D!
1. I am considering to move to Sumatra because
of my husbands job opportunities.
10 numbers.
B. Choose the suitable response or question for
each short dialog on the phone by crossing (X) A,
B, C, or D!
1. Secretary : Mr.Jim, you have a phone call
from Ms.Betty, the marketing officer of PT Dumais.
: Yes,.

A. Im busy

C. Put her through

B. Contact to me
10 numbers.

D. Im here

C. Fill in the blank with an appropriate

conjunction! 8 number (in fact 10 answers)
1. He showed his secret to everybody.he
D. Essay
1 number
Total 31 Time 60 minutes.
Materials covered:
- Gerund and to infinitive
- Compound Sentence
- Alphabet and numbers
- Formal Telephoning
- Complex Sentence
Semoga diberi kelancaran dan kemudahan untuk
semua. Amin.