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2 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

POLITICAL STATE ...............................................................4
THE VATICAN........................................................................7
ITS ORGANIZATIONS .........................................................10
POWERFUL BANKERS. ...................................................... 16
THE VATICAN'S FINANCES ..............................................19
OF GOODS ............................................................................22
THEIR FINANCES ................................................................ 25
NATIONAL CATHOLICISM................................................28
VATICAN'S CATHOLIC STATE......................................... 31
IN VENEZUELA....................................................................34
IN MEXICO ........................................................................... 40
POWER ECONOMIC MIGHT IN MEXICO......................... 46
CATHOLIC CATECHISM..................................................... 49
IN THE EDUCATION: "A GOLD MINE".......................... 54
THEIR POWERED OFFICES ............................................... 60
JOHN PAUL II AND MARCINKUS................. 66


THEIR ADMINISTRATORS...................................................74
ROMAN LEGIONS ..................................................... 77
THE POWER OF THE VATICAN ...................................... .83
AND RICHES......................................................................... 86
OF AMERICA......................................................................... 92
VATICAN'S RICHES .......................................................... 101
RELIGIOUS LEADERS ........................................................104
THE CORRUPTION OF THE OPUS DEI .......................... 107
CATHOLIC POWER ............................................................110
CONCLUSION..................................................................... 124
4 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


To be able to have a good idea of the Vatican's power
administration, I ought to make reference to the
millennial organism that functions in this Roman
dictatorship and copies from the empire of the Cesar,
which is preserved unto this day in the Catholic
system, its continuation. Here is the organism. The
tiara or Papal Egyptian blazon, which represents papal
infallible authority, an indelible seal of the
monarchical prerogatives of the political state of the
Vatican, we see appearing in all the dioceses of the
Catholic World. This seal and its meanings are
significant in order for you to be able to distinguish the
Episcopal or abatable miters, another insignia of
authority, from the papal tiara. During the centuries,
the Vatican has created a Science apart from heraldry,
with all the combinations of architectural art, symbols
and colors of the ecclesiastical vestments, etc... I
recall in Seville my parochial insignias: the emblems,
colors, shoes with silver buckles, bottoms, solideos,
pluvial capes, roquetas of the fine linen and
embroidered in the best factories with fine gold thread,
etc. And I was only a parson (vicar) then. You many
take for granted the many uniforms of Cathedral
beneficiaries, canons, royal chaplains pages and
thousands of liturgical wardrobes of the most fine
fabrics of Arabia, of various colored silk for every day
of the year (blue for Mary's Immaculate conception,
December 8; red for the Holy spirit, etc). To continue,
visit the cathedral museum or any other museum in the
Vatican, basilicas, sanctuaries, etc, and you with your

own eyes will comprehend the prodigality of the

finances, offerings and other money you offer to God to
be distributed among the poor. I remember that in expo
92, which is celebrated in Seville, Spain, from the
pavilion of the Vatican one could see the whole
Museum of Art in gold, from monstrance's, chalices, ,
and liturgical instruments to unnecessary pectorals,
crucifixes of the most fine silver, kilates in gold, etc. In
my mind, I could not but recall the armed robbery and
despoilment committed by the Catholic Church's death-
and-blood plunderers, who called themselves the
representatives of Christ's Church, upon their arrival to
the Americas, destroying not only the natives cultures in
blood and fire but also taking their patrimony. It was the
moment of the Spanish Renascence and its ally the
Spanish Pope Alexander VI, whose abominable lifestyle
and Vatican corruption go to germinate the New World.
The worst thing about these abuses was that they were
done in the name of Christianity. And to confound and
deceive, Americans were regularly chosen for the
evangelization of the native people or tribes. Let the
lector remember that the many cathedrals and all these
sacred vases embossed with the most precious and
appraised stones of the most renowned and famous
European goldsmiths, silversmiths, artists and architects
internationally, and the schools whose artworks,
imagery, glass cases, alter pieces, retable, choral chairs,
etc, were all part of the European, Spanish, Flemish, etc,
Renaissance. When I have visited the Mexican
Cathedrals and their museums in the Church of Santo
Domingo, all in gold, I was amazed. I could not
comprehend in the least how, being on the frontiers of
the starving natives, they allowed them to die of famine,
sicknesses, abandonment, etc. I could better
6 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

comprehend where their offerings ended up; and how

the missionaries sent to Mexico by the Vatican continue
to rule and rob (by armed robbery) the riches and tithes
belonging to the poor, wretched natives. If these Vatican
thieves would dedicate themselves to distributing those
riches to the native population, it would no doubt solve
the problem. Mexico is still a country where millions of
natives still live in extreme poverty, without being
rescued by civilization.

The Vatican's finances are easily known when, as this

servant, one has dedicated his whole life to the
investigation and auditing of her financial structure. The
few times, I have been allowed to do any investigating
on the administration of the Vatican and her dioceses,
which I've been called to serve as a monsignor and
member of the diocesan finance committees, what I
found was very troubling. But the new democracies now
open a horizon of hope of being able to properly inform
the people, who pay their taxes for religious services,
which are generally patronized and sponsored by the
convents, seminaries, churches and priests, of how their
offerings to God are being spent. They are infallible
proofs of her formidable riches.


Now in the 20th century, as we approach the Third
Millennium, historians of the Vatican and of the
Catholic Curia have been able to tip the information
outlets concerning the Vatican's finances, a subject
very jealously guarded and prohibited to talk about
(under penalty of excommunication). The new
democracies and their scientific advances have made
it possible to demand from the Vatican the aperture of
her secret archives, to put the reality of the state of her
finances on the carpet, and to show the world,
including Catholic, where their offerings, which are
collected in all the world, end up. A growing number
of journalists, representing the news media, and who
are commissioned and paid for the task, have made
their residence in the Vatican, associated as specialists
in Vatican affairs and, consequently, in her curia
repercussions in the entire world. I insert their names
and documented books in the biography at the end of
this book. Gordan and Witts, in their book "Inside the
Vatican, Behind Today's Sensational Headlines,
Pontiff," have known how to scrutinize and gather
very valuable statistics on the Vatican's finances, and
they have helped us unmask, once and for all, the
occult mystery of Catholic money. In page 399, he
gives us an account of the millions which are spent on
the Salaries of cardinals, officials, soldiers, servants,
new appointments, and papal representatives all over
the world, and of the millions which are invested in
papal delegates, apostolic nuncios, all the diplomats
with the right to palaces, scholastic diplomas or
8 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

academic degrees from the Gregorian university;

thousands of personages who live the dolche Vita
(sweet life), and without selling so much as a broom, as
the popular refrain states. All of them occupying
political functions for which not even the embassies of
Russia or of the United States invest larger budgets. The
millions of dollars received by nuns, friars, priests,
monsignors, and bishops with political missions and
consignments, which are programmed yearly, add up to
millions and millions, and their bookkeeping is
accomplished in the same way as the offices established
in the Vatican, in the following order:
The Administration of the Diocese of Rome, whose
chief and Monarch is the pope himself, to whom all
must render accounts from the cardinal vicar, who
represents the pope, to the 20 offices which exist in the
political state of the Vatican, which include the
A) The college of cardinals, responsible for electing
new popes and assembling councils and conferences. B)
The Synod of Bishops, special Dutch Synods,
Ukrainian, extraordinary, etc..
C) Maintenance of buildings, museums, patrimony of
the Vatican, personages related to the pope, etc.
D) Secretariat of State or the Ministry of foreign
E) Assistant Secretary Ministry.
F) The office of Statistics; in which we can analyze her
false listings, which she desires to show to millions of
faithful Catholics seeing they answer not to reality.
G) Twelve mighty congregations (also) exist for the
Doctrine of the faith, besides the International
Theological and Biblical commissions, whose thousands
of members and commissioned associates are they who

supervise the books in the dioceses, and who impose

the Nihil obstate Imprimatur. They that manage the
INDEX or SYLLABUS of prohibited books and
H) The congregation of Bishops, to which none can
be name without first being recommended.
I) The congregation of clerics; where all of us
clergymen appear and our record of obedience is
J) The congregation for religious and secular institutes
run by more than 600 men and 800 women, with
thousands of members and very diversified Catholic
Statutes, with thousands of dwellings, colleges and
properties, which should (do) contribute substantial
quantities to her coffers.
K) The congregation of Sacraments and of Divine
Adoration of the Liturgy.
L) The congregation for the causes of the Saints,
Beatification's, canonization's a real fountain of
revenues, never mind they may never have even
existed, so long as they pay millions to the Vatican's
M) The congregation for oriental (or Eastern)
N) Evangelical Proselytism.
O) Catholic Education.... Twelve powerful
congregations, and with their very carefully selected
leaders: Jesuits, etc.
10 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen



There exist not, upon the face of the earth, a better

organized dictatorship, and which has maintained
herself for so many centuries, than the Fascist political
state of the Vatican. She has known how to use the
name of Christianity astutely, and has willed to
represent Christian values thus confusing and deceiving
millions. When the reality is . . . that her works and
corruption could never represent the true Christian
Church. Her satanic offices, bearing the most sacred
names, still function, in this 20th century, as well or
better than in the previous, bloody centuries, and all of
them divide the millions in offerings, which should go
to the poor and needy: if so be that they really want to
fulfill the evangelical precepts. The administration of
the Vatican State, in the hands of unscrupulous bankers
as Michele Sindone, a financier friend of John Paul II
now interned in a New Jersey prison, together with the
Archbishop Marcinkus, banker exceptional of the
Vatican, led the Vatican's finances into bankruptcy. We
all know of the many denunciations against Bank
Ambrosiano, and the scandals brought to the public
light in the international press. The cardinal John Cody,
archbishop of Chicago, the most controversial American
archbishop, whose money management and doubtful
morality impede not his entry to the Vatican, because of
his friendship with Marcinkus and the pope, is another
of those intimate friends who spend the budget with us
dickering. I don't have the space to continue citing the
money managers in the Vatican. Suffice it to say, that I
have a list of twenty priests, cardinals, Irishmen,
Spanish, and including Latin Americans, who live the

sweet life at the expense of the Vatican's

multimillion dollar budgets.

The administration of the Vatican continues in a

crisis in like manner as her parishioners collectively,
who can no longer be told just anything about how
their offerings are being managed, and no longer
accept the bad examples that all these thieves (John
2: 13-17), who claim to be evangelizing in the name
of Christ and to be in charge of the spiritual direction
of souls, have set. Instead of saving souls, these
hypocrites are leading them to eternal perdition. The
technical services used by the Vatican, and directed
by ambitious Jesuits, diplomats, nunciatures, and
commissioned diplomats in UNO, UNESCO, etc,
including the following: secretaries for the Union of
Churches (budgets to finance works with other
religions of non Catholic believers; the ecumenical
movement, etc), Pontifical Commissions for the
family and culture (for justice and peace, Cor Unum
aid, etc), science and archeological academics and
organizations, commission for non-clerical
secularists, Penitential Tribunals (for cases of
conscience), the powerful offices of the Sacred
Roman Rota (for divorces, ecclesiastical Penal
judgments, etc), Signature Apostolic (for imposing
penalties, excommunications, etc), offices for
economic questions and aid (welfare) works, etc.
And never mind the Vatican's so perfectly structured
organi s m (which we cease not to cite) and how she
administered her might millions (or billions), which
make the Vatican and her functionaries as deified
dominators who better appear, to us anyway, to form
part of an exclusive Mafia.
12 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

For under the guise of a Christian Church she has

deceived millions and millions of both Catholic and
Protestant believers. I also ought to make mention of the
Opus Dei, the only Exempt Institute of the Dioceses,
and which has now superseded all the other religious
orders, including that of the formidable Jesuits (who are
fallen into disgrace), and whose members in these
moments are they which are in charge of naming the
new nuncios, archbishops, and Castrenses in Latin
America. Their bank accounts and multinational
businesses manage the Vatican's interests with the
complete confidence of Wojtyla, who thanks to their
millions, was brought to the pontificate by the same. In
these moments the Vatican's deficit has been covered
by the finances of the Opus Dei, which has offered
million dollars to raise funds and prevent bankruptcy. In
these very moments Mexico receives hundreds of Opus
Dei members: Nuncios, papal delegates, ambassadors,
etc, whose is to take over not only the most productive
entrepreneurial assets but also education, news medias,
banks, etc. They are already offering, through the
dioceses, loans, etc. Thus were they able to impose the
Franco dictatorship in Spain, and I was a personal
witness of the arrival of the Ultralight capitalists of
National Catholicism.

In my experiences as a monsignor and priest during
forty seven years, wherein I have performed diverse
ministerial duties, I have come to the conclusion that
the Catholic Church's interests are anything but (the)
spiritual or the salvation of souls. They are, on the
contrary, political and economical interests, and
almost every bishop and priest contrives to enrich
himself and to live the life of a wealthy capitalist in
the name of a poor Christ.
If we investigate National Catholicism or the Political
State of ultra rightists of the Vatican through history,
we clearly see that the crusades, armies of nuns and
clerics, are the very same Roman legions which are
maintain since the days of Emperor Constantine, who
converted the Christian Churches and communities
into political strongholds. It was the biggest shock of
my life, when parson in Seville, to witness the arrival
of the Italian, fascist military columns and nazi
armaments, which were blessed and approved of by
the Vatican. Who would have told me this? During
twelve years of seminary, I was programmed and
brainwashed into believing that I was an alter Christ,
that is to say, another Christ with the divine powers of
doing miracles, absolving sins, and saving souls
falsehoods and lies of a church that deceived and
brainwashed us. During my ministry in different
nations, and my evangelistic missions from the
suburbs of Seville, Spain, to the native zone of
Panama, and from New York, Puerto Rico, and
Mexico to California, my missionary work of San
14 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

Henoc, which I created for the extension of Christianity

and the salvation of souls, is but hampered, persecuted,
and prohibited. And only for the deed of being for the
poor, and for not charging them anything for religious
services, to which 1 dedicated primordial attention, I
was removed from my parishes, never mind the
blessings I always received of the Lord, or the
thousands of souls which joined themselves every day
unto his Holy Church. At the end. I insert some things
related to my missionary work, its magazine, and some
data. Upon my return later to Seville, after the
ecclesiastical transformation from a Tridentate Church
to a church of the second Vatican Council comes to
pass, they had just finished destroying the most
prosperous diocese of Spain and the most excellent
cardinal and priests of the Spanish clergy. I found the
parishes without priests, the seminary without
seminarians, the convents razed, and the curia in the
hands of inept Vicars, secretaries, or economists;
companions whom I knew, and they couldn't have
chosen a more unqualified lot and of the worst caliber. I
have written about the three personages, whom I call the
Three Musketeers, who have destroyed artistic
treasures, real properties, libraries, museums, etc, and
enriched themselves of the foundations and lands which
existed: the greatest larceny that could ever be
committed in the name of a church that still has the
impudence to call herself a Christian Church. I have not
the space to cite everything I said in my letter directed
to the Archbishop, wherein I make reference to the
rectories and parishes in need of priests or spiritual
guides, but I demonstrated to him how their contentions
that they couldn't give me a parish was not so,
considering the many vacancies. And I also showed him

that in the persecution that they were making me go

through they were not fulfilling canon laws and
obligations which a bishop is supposed to have with
his priests. But they cared not in the least that I was
homeless, or had no dwelling, or that I was entrusted
with the care of abandoned souls. They cared not if I
found myself without a profession that, according to
out ordination, is "in eternal ultra," that is to say, for
the rest of my life. Everything was turning out to be
but lies and falsehoods, and the souls of Christian
priests would continue to be persecuted, neglected,
canceled and without canonical rights. Among the
forty dwellings and rectories which were unoccupied,
and whose locations and settings I pointed out to the
bishop, was the one which I occupied with my family
and mother before marching off to the mission fields
with my licenses, without losing my rights for when I
returned. And in the same way that they deprived me
of my home, so that I couldn't organized myself, so
they also deprived me of my social rights. For I had
not dedicated my evangelization, as the majority of
Spanish missionaries and friars, to the hoarding, that
is, stealing, of money so that I could have a cozy
retirement with my very own house and rent to
survive. I couldn't even solicit the residence that had
always existed in Seville for retirement priests
because the diocese had destroyed it. And in the
Archiepiscopal Palace is now installed a luxurious
16 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


We historians of the Vatican have been able to break
the reticent silence that has always been maintained as
dogma and canon in relation to the Vatican's finances.
She has always excommunicated her critics and silenced
them by dismissing them from their ecclesiastic charges,
never mind that they are universal theological figures as
Hans Kung, Rahner Ratzinger, etc (I have not the space
to continue citing them all); I insert most of them in the
biographies at the end of my books. The famous (or
infamous) banker and archbishop Marcinkus, an
American who is a very good friend of Wojtyla, and
who scandalized the world with his malfeasance and
misfeasance in managing Vatican money, together with
his friend the cardinal Egidio Vagnozzi, head of the
prefecture for the economic affairs of the Apostolic
Holy See, his financial companion the cardinal
Giuseppe Caprio, president of the administration of the
patrimony of the Holy See (APSA), and finally the
powerful casaroli Sergio Guerri, administrator of the
government of Vatican City all these together with the
Pope's other cardinals, private secretaries, polish
compatriots, Irish priests, National vascos, and Opus
Deists are among those which administer the Vatican's
finances and pertain to her Holy Mafia. We know this
by the limited data that comes to the public light. In
1976, the deficit of the Vatican's finances amounted to
$20.2 million. The budget for 1980 amounted to $28
million. The losses just kept increasing inexplicably for
the bank supervisors of the five most industrial nations
of Europe, which serve as supervisors of the capitals.

The Vatican (then) presents false account statements,

and occults her financial responsibilities to the public.
By 1984 the Vatican starts declaring herself in
bankruptcy. "The pays," as Morgan Witts very well
says, "was in urgent need to consider the matter
objectively. Never before had the Vatican
acknowledge the state of her finances. During this
period we see assassinations, the intervention of the
KGB, which tries to exploit the death of Gianpaolo,
etc. The Vatican traverses through a vital financial
crisis and other serious difficulties from 1975 to 1985.
The Pope increases his nepotism, doubles his
appointments of cardinals, beatifies and canonizes
numerous saints (who never even existed), declares
basilicas all over the world, and distributes the
privileges of indulgences, monsignors, bishop, etc, to
all who could engross the Vatican's empty coffers.
The millions he receives from these appointments and
indulgences go to remedy to situation; so much more
when all over the world programs to re-excavate
money are carried out. Greater contributions are
demanded of the dioceses, and the religious orders,
especially the powerful Opus Dei, are they that
absolve the out balance of the bankrupt budget, pay
for the Pope's trips and the sale of his promotions,
literature, images, collaboration of the most powerful
enterprises of the nations he visits, etc: they facilitate
the money necessary to continue increasing the
Vatican's budget.
During Pope Wojtyla's Pontificate, finances are going
to be or gani zed and structure with a surplus. The
revision, distribution, and centralization of finances so
they can be controlled better is being attained; and to
historians of this decadent period of Vatican history
18 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

it's a big surprise . . . today, of course no money is

being offered to the missions, nor are any meaningful
compromises being acquired by third world countries.
The statistics which show up on budgets for the poor
and/or social institutions, supplied by the collections of
DOMUNO or of the propagation of the faith, are not
being fulfilled. I was a missionary in Panama and never
did I receive any money at all for my poor Indians. It
was care and other Protestant organisms which helped
generously with foods and agricultural implements. The
Vatican's deficit is concentrated not only on the
increase of the salaries of her thousands of employees
but also because her very powerful news media
(L'Observatore Romano, Radio Vaticano, etc) and
museums are suffering a crisis. All of their budgets must
be trimmed, and to engross his budget, Editorial
Edetrice is going to imprint millions of stamps and
books. The Pope himself publishes sixteen books,
whose prices and translations furnish him with millions
of dollars. Thus it is with his other enterprises and
commercial properties, which extend all over the world,
and which the Opus Dei, the Jesuits, the Dominicans
and hundreds of other fanatical orders which obey and
work for the Vatican administer, believing that they are
doing it for Christ and his successor, Peter. What
effrontery!! All lies! The Vatican's finances are a
millennial larceny, theft a big fraud!!


The Vatican has known to surround herself with the
most professional bankers of Switzerland, France,
with the Chairmen of Barclays Bank, Allied signal
and others of Italy, yeah, and of financial institutions
and numerous big businessmen of so-called Catholic
States allied to National Catholicism. These
counselors meet twice a year and make
recommendations. Many already have businesses tied
to Vatican money both firms and merchants. They
give advice concerning the possible conflicts in the
world's stock exchanges, and the most convenient
interests to invest in. Thus the Vatican can invest
virtually free. The cardinals are the main ones who
supervise the Holy See 's finances, and their most rich
dioceses support and contribute to them. The Vatican
has investments in German marks, Swiss Frances, etc,
and we all know hoe the Swiss banks and their super
secret accounts harbor money laundering and drug
trafficking money. The Vatican also has many
i nvest m ents in Latin America, especially in Mexico,
and Asia. On page 222 of the report of Monsignor
Divine, we are told, "we have participation in the
emerging world, in Latin America, Mexico, Asia..."
And concerning deposits and purchases of bonds,
currencies, liquid capital, the responsible Monsignor
Divine tells us: "we stay liquid," that is to say, we
keep solid capital. In such a way that their
investments and earnings fluctuate some 90 billion in
1933. "The Holy See," P. Reese tells us in page 223,
"Also has real estate investments around the world
that were valued on the at about 781 million at the end
of 1994. That is to say, the Vatican has been acquiring
20 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

and investing in real estate at the highest prices you can

imagine, and acquiring substantial profits through the
same. I am a witness, in the Diocese of San Diego, of
the monopolization of ranch properties, apartments, and
retable businesses which the Catholic Church has tried
to establish, and of how Mexican pesos are being
invested in San Diego. Even parish secretaries allow
themselves the luxury of possessing condominiums and
houses, which they later rent out in the name of the
parish. In Seville I witnessed how the Catholic Church's
financial administrators, some of whom were my
seminary companions, and certainly of the most poor,
undertook the sale of the Christian patrimony received;
how the real estate office, right in the archiepiscopal
palace, was the most frequented and busy place of all;
and how all those ranches were for sale to the highest
bidder. It is incredible that so many religious order,
which have taken the vow of poverty, in the dioceses of
San Diego, from the Franciscans and Carmelite nuns to
the Claretians, the claustral nuns, the redemptorists,
etc., have so many riches in real estate. I invite you, as
this servant has done, to comprehend this amazing
paradox; to wit, that the Catholic Church, whose
kingdom is earthly, sensual, devilish, and which has
completely deviated from her spiritual mission serving
mammon, cannot be the true Christian Church, whose
present kingdom is not temporal, but spiritual,
holiness....The Vatican's buildings in Italy alone are
appraise at about 1.150 billion; outside of Italy they are
some 700 billion in properties (A TRILLION ? ). The
Vatican's net profit in real estate in 1994 totaled some
19 billion. The congregation for the evangelization of
the peoples, better known as the congregation for the
Propagation of the faith, administers, at the end of 1994,

some 94 billion in securities and pay guarantees, some

11 billion in liquid capital, etc. Also, the
congregation for e as t e rn c hu r ch es and of
propaganda, administers approximated 26 billion as of
This is also goes with the universities and seminaries,
the roman collage, etc, in missionary countries. Is this
the catholic church that wants us to believe that she is
poor? The Vatican also receives 24 billion (or more)
from her worldwide dioceses yearly, and 2 billion
more from her innumerable religious orders. That's
also why we can find schools and pontifical activities
in every monastery and parish, which are to send their
31% monthly to Rome. Have you ever really
ruminated on all the monies received by Parochial
schools, colleges for religious and for religious, from
alll over the world, and more than 800 congregations
with enormous enrollments? If you are a teacher, as
this servant, or the father of a family, you can
understand the magnitude of the business that the
Vatican manages with her colleges, universities,
educational institutions and social programs. It's time
already to separate education from business from
doing business with it, that is.
I have a doctorate in Philosophy and Educational
sciences. And as a professor and teacher preaching a
pseudo Christianity in her institutions, I acknowledge
and am a personal witness to how she occults her
Mafiosi interests.
22 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The Canonical Right, or the constitution of Vatican
State, which we are made to study in seminary,
constitutes the Civil Right. Part of its canons, the
product of the Jus Romanum, is maintained today in the
Catholic Church, augmented and corrected more every
year; and it is the foundation of all her legislation's. The
new universal Canonical Right, published in 1983 by
the Library of Christian Authors (I'd call it, rather,
Catholic Authors), relates all the Vatican's
administrative functions, and decrees that all the
Catholic dioceses of the world are bound to obey it, as
all the other canons, I urge you to consult it so that you
can better understand me. on page 425, in the
definitions of General Principals explaining canon 1254,
1, we are told: "that by native right (birthright), and
independent of the civil power, the Catholic Church can
acquire, retain, administer, and alienate temporal wealth
to attain her own ends." Also canon 1255 says: "That
the Universal church and Apostolic See, and also the
particular churches there of, and any other juridical
person, whether public or private, are subject to and
capable of acquiring, retaining, administering and
alienating temporal goods according to juridical norms."
The Canonical Right has been a fountain of legislation's
for centuries and, as the Civil Right, is studied in the
universities, from which her cardinals, nuncios, and
doctors graduate.

The concept of ecclesiastical wealth, and of all the

patrimonies and riches possessed by the Catholic

Church, can be understood by simply doing an

inventory and official audit in every nation where the
Catholic Churches and convents permit their finances
rents, leases, temples, churches, chapels, monasteries,
productive businesses, universities, social institutions,
cultural centers, etc which are administered by her
dioceses' clergy, to be known. One must patiently go
about documenting himself on true statistics, as this
servant has done for years, investigating in the
dioceses of Seville, Puerto Rico, the United States,
Mexico, to be able to testify to and make known the
truth and reality of the formidable riches of Catholic
administrations. I can also add that as a Monsignor,
who is as non yet excommunicated, I have been able
to assist the assemblies which control pastoral
budgets, expenses, and admissions booths to activities
collecting money, etc. And I can tell you and explain
to you why and how these ecclesiastical hierarchies,
and even the most humble vicars and parsons, are
enriching themselves. And all that they claim to spend
on pastoral programs, pious works, or benefits to the
poor, in general, just remain written on paper nothing
is fulfilled! All is lost into the bank accounts of these
so many thieves, who, in the name of Christ, live the
life of good capitalists without having to work.

All canons related to the Vatican's finances, if you

consult them, from page 226 to page 462, are a genius
of juridical wisdom, scholastic; that is to say, a
pseudo-philosophy which proves the false for the true;
and applies the teachings of the gospels deceitfully to
protect themselves and make us understand that all of
them are the commandments of Christ himself; and
that his vicar and pontiff on earth has received a
24 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

commission to make the genuine Catholic believe that if

he obeys not every word he says, he will be
excommunicated and damned to eternal fires in the
same way that all reformers of her so great Simoniacal
corruption are silenced, slandered, and/or defamed so
she can attain her goals of enrichment.

I have not space to continue enumerating the canons

and perceptive laws of the Vatican and her Catholic
Churches throughout the entire world. But so that you
yourself can have a good idea of the biggest emporium
or multinational capitalist enterprise existing upon the
face of the earth, you yourself, as this servant does, can
start adding the wealth and patrimony acquired for
centuries (1500 years) by National Catholicism, a
Political State and millennial dictatorship that has
accumulated millions of hectares of land, buildings, and
pious foundations with hundreds (thousands) of friars,
monks, clerics, bishops, etc... all living the sweet life
without working.



There are 67 offices in the Vatican, and every one of

them has its very own budget that is zealously
guarded. One of them is called the propagation of the
faith and of evangelizations. It is one of the most
important of all, not only for its multimillion budget
but also for its organization on an international level
for the fathering of funds during the whole year. As a
missionary to the Indian Guaymies in the native zone
of Panama, I have personally seen the reality of the
working of the Catholic Church's hypocritical
missionary work and its false doctrine. The millions
which all the Catholic world generously offers on the
day of DOMUND or Sunday of the propagation of the
Catholic faith, as well as during all masses, collegiate,
diocesan and parochial activities, only help increase
the Vatican's finances, which are used for anything
but evangelization, it seems. It is vital to arouse the
Catholic conscience and to warn him that neither this
monsignor missionary, nor any other missionary who
thought he'd receive some of their offerings for to
carry out their missionary work, ever receives
anything for their poor native zones, and less does
there exist a (steady) budget for missions. That money
is simply diverted for to enrich the Vatican, whose
extremely fierce, sacrilegious appetite devours it
irremissibly. In the complete documents of Vatican II,
seventeenth edition, page 16, in the message of the
Fathers of the second Vatican (Ecumenical) council to
all Men (October 21, 1962) we have: "In reality we
neither posses human riches nor the temporal
power..." and then they quote, or rather, misquote, 7
26 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

Timothy 2:4 as saying: "who ever collaborates with us

to restore a more righteous and fraternal human society
in the world ..." - pretty words, and as the Americans
say, "nice dream." But the reality is that in practice they
are filthy rich and have the terrestrial power; and have
created a corrupt society; and that, unfortunately, we
have all been collaborating in living this dehumanizing
crisis, which has caused us to corrupt true Christian
teachings. Her gospel is not the gospel of Jesus Christ,
but rather of her canons and dogmatic laws, and of her
councils, encyclicals, catechisms and the terrestrial,
satanic interests of world National Catholicism, the
richest, yeah, the most prosperous multinational
enterprise on earth, which continues to deceive the
whole world in the name of the poor Christ.

In the decree "Ad People," concerning missionary

activities, in the constitutions Dogm Lumen Gentium 48
of the pope, we see how a Catholic missionary science
is defined, with the inconvenience of all the principles
and laws which we have had to learn in seminary to
become missionaries. We can now see that the teachings
are but scholastic teachings void of rationality.

That is to say, they indoctrinate us in numerous

doctrines supposedly taken out of the gospels, and then
later we see that they are really just doctrines of the
Vatican sacred congregation for propagating the faith
(sacra congregation de propaganda fide). In chapter VI,
in the decree concerning Ecumenism 12 (pg. 314. 392),
where missionary laws are imposed, you yourself can
comprehend the fair palaver used by the Catholic
Church to confuse and, above all, make Catholics
believe that it's their sacred duty to support her

missionary work. And as this servant, you yourself

can know the lies and falsehoods of the sacred
congregation for the Catholic faith, whose budget is
the biggest of the remaining statistical offices of the
Vatican. And as we can analyze by my investigative
work into papal documents, besides my own living
experiences on the mission fields of Panama, where, if
it were not for CARE and other International
Protestants organizations, I never could have helped
my poor Native Indians, who died daily of pestilence
and want of all human hope, the Vatican's finances go
anywhere but to her missions. I remember once
soliciting CLAM and its perfect, Cardinal Ratzinger,
for humanitarian aid, the same as the Catholic
conference of bishops and caritas, and how they
didn't even bother to answer me: this servant knowing
of the millions which their budget manage
(supposedly) for missionary work.

This is the truth! I lived it in my own flesh! And

when I refused to impose prices for the sale of
sacraments, masses, or religious services, as happened
unto me with the poor natives in Seville, Mexico, and
California, I was excused from my parish: only for
demanding that they abide by what was written in the
pastoral program and councils. Is this not a shameful
28 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


No nation nor empire imperial upon the face of the earth
can surpass the Vatican's riches, even though it's the
smallest in territory of the world. How, then, was it
possible for her, being so little, to hoard and
accumulating so many treasures: banks accounts,
multinational enterprises, businesses, and bullion
through the centuries? Amazing isn't it? When I was a
parson in Seville, Spain, I witnessed the arrival of the
fascist hosts, together with those of National
Catholicism, and I beheld as they went about destroying
the riches of the republicans, the protestants, and the
flourishing Spanish businesses; and how their homes,
bank accounts, and jewels were sacked.
They took everything of any value in their path,
expropriating the legitimate owners thereof of their
lands, palaces, etc, and incarcerated, banished, or
murdered them. And neither were the ecclesiastical
properties of all those bishops and cardinals who
opposed the Vatican spared.
The even sacked and/or destroy numerous dioceses (and
I repeat I was a witness), and the biggest and smallest
seminaries, homes for retired priests, hundreds of
historical convents, pious centennial foundations, and
many museums, from which very valuable artistic
relics, paintings, sculptures, images of Seville's most
famous schools, goldsmiths' works and so many other
valuable pieces of gold and silver disappeared all the
faith of a people which had offered to god for centuries.

They sacrilegiously sold it all, and it went but to


engross the Vatican coffers, yeah, and to buy arms,

guns, rifles, tanks and bayonets for to kill republicans,
whom she labeled as communists, and union workers,
and the republicans army, and priests and religious
opponents: a million dead in a bloody, tragic war, and
another million either incarcerated, banished, or
murdered without mercy. This is how National
Catholicism makes her riches.
Thus she has been doing it throughout her history in
every nation where she has alliance with the
governments. In relation to this very subject of most
importance, I will recommend that the reader avail
himself of the incalculable list in the Index, or the
history of the papacy written by non-Catholic
Christian historians, or the audits carried out by
reformers of the Italian, German, Spanish, and French
political states, authors who define and very clearly
document the despoilments, thefts and abuses which
National Catholicism has committed during all her
revolutions in order to put an end to her corruption
and crimes.

For she has caused the Vatican of today to be a

fountain of currencies: an International Bank with
which even the most powerful states see themselves
obligated to pact and make alliances in order to
conquer the world. Seville, in Spain, has always been
the primary, the most extensive, the See of Isidoro
and Leonardo and of the most famous cardinals in
Spain's ecclesiastical history.

This servant was a parson in Seville, and his cardinal,

Pedro Segura y Saenz, was a very famous man over
the diocese with the most priests, convents,
30 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

monasteries, and even the seminary El Palacio de San

Telmode los Montpelier Ragalo, and the famous gardins
of Maria Luisa, where the most exotic fauna and flora,
brought from American, is found. In my doctoral thesis
on the discovery of America I dedicate a chapter to
narrating these plants, as well as the Zoological
Museum, which had thousands of species and new
minerals brought from American soil, besides thousands
of incunabula's (books printed before 1501, etc),
700,000 volumes with unique collections, etc ...
When I was a seminary student, I served as a librarian,
and even the section of the classic books of the
reformers has completely disappeared. Who sold it?
who has stolen the patrimony and riches of this famous
seminary palace? Could this be a motive for having
been a witness for not wanting to include me as a priest
in Seville? Seeing that I wrote about this armed robbery
and disappearance? It is incredible that even the very
palace has been sold to the Andalusia, Spain Junta by
National Catholicism. See, then, how the Vatican acts,
and how she takes over the world's riches? Did you
know this? The reason is it's hidden from you. The
reason is obvious undue enrichment! Theft void of a
Catholic consciences . Can you now comprehend the
reason for the Vatican's formidable riches and sanitary
finances? .

Read Avro Manhattan's book "The Vatican in world

politics," which is very well documented.



We Catholics have been deceived concerning the

reality of what the most prosperous business in the
world is: The Millennial, Multinational, hypocritical
Church who with the name of Christianity has been
constructing the most formidable Capitalist Empire
that could exist in the world. It has taken me more
than 40 years to be able to decipher and explain to
myself, as a monsignor and parish priest in the
different dioceses, where I've exercised my pastoral
ministry, how the Catholic state of the Vatican is
organized financially: That is, her springs of
pecuniary revenues and income, her multinational
enterprises, her wealthy banks, her dioceses in very
nation, her parishes, her monasteries, her ranches, her
author (editorial) rights, her libraries, art collections,
real estate, revenues from tourism in her hundreds of
cathedrals, her multiple Marian shrines and of saints,
Christ of Nazareth, commercialization of religious
objects, simony, payments for indulgences and
sacramental services, papal certifications,
canonization's, beatification's, liturgical books, etc.
And I couldn't even begin to enumerate the hundreds
of juicy sales made by every diocese and parish
through their mercantilist businesses, and concerning
which the bishops must render accounts every five
years to the Vatican in their "ad liminam" visit, which
is demanded of them in the canonical right; and
according to which they us answer for all the riches
which every diocese, parish, or monastery under their
control possesses. A bishop administrator or a parson
is sent, and according to the millions in annual
32 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

revenues the Vatican selects the bishop or parson. The

parson is to deliver the monies to the bishop, and the
bishop to the Vatican and so forth and so on ... So that
if he doesn't live up to their (or her) expectations, he is
removed from his charge and sent away to a second
class parish; or even a third class if he forgets to pay the
Mite of San Peter (Peter's Pence?) to the Vatican's
saturated coffers. In Seville, for example, where I was a
parson, I was able to witness firsthand the arrival of the
Vatican's National Catholicism with Franco's
dictatorship. All of us had to apportion the parishes for
ourselves according to monthly revenues from ranches,
foundations, etc, which they had. According to the
social category (statues) or ecclesiastical hierarchy of
the curate (priest), so the economy of the parish was
granted. Thus he was classified, not according to a
pastor of souls but as an economist or administrator.
The subject of the finances of the Vatican's dioceses,
parishes, and of the sanctuaries, cathedrals and basilicas
of the Vatican's multinational enterprise, is jealously
occulted by the ecclesiastical authorities. They inform
not their donors or contributors of the status of how
their offerings are distributed, or concerning what part
the poor has therein.

Neither do they render accounts to the U.S. Department

of the Treasury or Ministry of Finances or Economics.
If it is true that in a democracy human rights are equal,
in democracy, and that every citizen or business must
render accounts on taxes, why then do we find that the
Vatican, in the name of God, and violating all the laws
in not accepting to be a part of the democratic state, is
permitted to forget what every other citizen and entity is
made to respect; namely, to present her expenses and

income to the Internal Revenue Service for the

common good and progress of the peoples.

I have had access to the salaries of the bishops,

archbishops, cardinals, nuncios, clergymen, parish
priests, parsons, vicars, chancellors, etc, and the
opportunity of knowing the financial status of several
priests and parsons, and you can believe me when I
say that they are lying to us: for they have enriched
themselves with the offerings you make to God. In the
Diocese of San Diego, alone, where I exercise my
ministry, I have been able to document a book
wherein I reflect how in this Irish-Catholic church, the
same as the Spanish-Basque, Mexican, or Polish-
Catholic churches, there exists the most shameful
mercantilism imaginable, in the name of the poor
Christ, and gathered mercilessly with the blood and
sweat of the faithful poor, who continue to ignore
where their offerings end up.
The moment is come, in the new democracies, to
expose without fear of excommunications or censures,
the realities of the corruption of Vatican state, a
multination enterprise that in the name of Christianity
is become rich belong dreams, and which still contuse
to fill up her coffers at the expense of the ignorance
and punishments of conscience which she imposes up
her fait h f u l adherents.
34 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


In the newspaper "National Catholic Reporter" (Dec.
24, 1993, V. 30, n9, pg. 12), an article written by Peter
Hebblethwaite, and titled "Vatican Bank Scandal
Reappears in Venezuela," appears, saying: Venezuelan
lawyer Alberto Jaime Berti, who administered the
Church's finances during the 1970s, has testified to
Italian authorities with regard to money laundering.

He has revealed and exposed the connections between

the (Vatican Bank), the Bank Ambrosiano, and the
polish movement of solidarity." The article is inserted
under the topic "Political Corruption in Italy."

I don't have the space to quote the whole article, but

you can solicit it in the Public Libraries of San Diego
General Reference Center with the heading Institute per
le Opere di Religione (IOR); Periodicals. Bank
Ambrosiano S.P.A. Investigations, organizations (of
the) Catholic Church in Venezuela.

We have at last found out one of the Vatican's most

zealously guarded secrets, which demonstrates once
again that this corrupt Church can never represent the
interests of the true Christian Church, and that she but
uses Christianity to benefit herself and hide her true
interests of enrichment, money laundering, running
businesses, unholy investments, etc; with the Vatican's
banks today cornering some 75% of foreign currencies,
businesses, etc.. and Opus Dei now being the Catholic
Church's new multimillionaires.

The Vatican's financial scandals have shaken the very

foundations of the Vatican's administration, and the
political corruption of the Italian government itself has
been profoundly affected, and the majority of its
members found guilty of briberies and incarcerated in
connection with the Vatican's scandal. I prefer to
translate the article of The National Catholic Reporter
1993. I'll do it literally: "Oxford, England.
The scandal of the Vatican's finances has shaken the
very foundations of the Vatican's financial
administration. It has become a soap opera whose
angles have taken us to unexpected discoveries. Alberto
Jaime Berti, 55, a lawyer of Venezuela, gave an
interview to the Italian seminary L'Espresso,
concerning the load of money with interests which has
secretly unknown.

The Institute for religious works (IOR), also known as

the Vatican Bank, The Opus Dei, and the Bank
Ambrosiano in one, which declared bankruptcy in 1982,
was involved in some $400,000 therein. He also spoke
with Italian magistrates, who took much interest in this
case. They had the hope that light would be shed on the
case of Roberto Calvi, president of Bank Ambrosiano,
who eluded the Italian district attorney's office and the
money movement control with the help of the IOR. The
judges also thought that Berti's revelations could shed
new light on Calvi's death, who was found hanged
under Black friars Bridge, London, England, June 18,
1982, with a rope around his neck. In Caracas,
Venezuela, Berti was the director of the Institution with
the Church, a dependent of the Venezuelan Episcopate,
for to administer the important patrimony of the
36 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

ecclesiastical wealth. Also, at the usual investigations of

the papal nuncio, the Vatican invests, and at the highest
level, with ecclesiastical authorities. Thus, for example,
we were able to find out that in 1980 a Spanish
merchant, Luis Baron Mora Figueroa, came with the
Vatican's most secret recommendations to invest
$200,000. Berti was put into action. The money was
then placed in the account of the Institution with the
Church, an Episcopal ecclesiastical entity. The money
was invested in Panama in Shell company, whose
dividends would later be invested in the New York
Stock Exchange, through a brokerage firm, for all kinds
of purchases and sales in the market. The Vatican's
astuteness and financial experiences (1500 years of
experiences), occulted for so many centuries, and her
critics and opponents silenced, excommunicated and/or
murdered, can now be fully known in the new

The Vatican continues trying to silence opponents and

wanting to represent Christianity, but her deeds show
otherwise. To receive more benefits from the capital
invested, even though it belong to just one person, none
of the six investors could touch the money without the
prior consent of the others.

The profits were equally divided between the institution

with the church (in ecclesia) and the anonymous
investors. Berti never really knew whom he laundered
money for, but he had sufficient evidence to conclude
that it was for Bank Vatican, the Bank Ambrosiano, and
the Opus Dei, which were all involved. The
representative of Opus Dei, Jose Maria Ruiz Mateos,
was also president of the merchant group RUMASA.

(The Opus Dei later broke with Ruiz Mateos and now
denies all connection to him). We have also been able
to find out many things through other sources: that the
Rumasa Group, the Banco Suizo (Swiss Bank) and
the Nordi finance bank in Zurich were all really the
same bank, which was managed by a director together
with four other members of Opus Dei, organizing the
firm Limmatstiftung, another Opus Dei foundation in
Zurich, which has connected with all the banks of
Opus Dei, which are now spread all over the world,
and which also invested in Calvi's Bank Ambrosiano.

The evidence of Berti assuring Calvi's investments

and involvement in the management of money were
known two days before his death in 1982: in that
Calvi made a desperate call from London asking if he
could get his hands on $200 million. Berti answered
him and reminded him of the pact and rules of the
game: that is, that nobody nor any member could
touch the money without the prior consent of the other
members. Calvi saw no problem in that because he
boasted of his ties with the Institute per le Opere di
Religione (IOR) and with the Opus Dei. When he was
found dead two days later, Berti concluded that Calvi
had miscalculated and was unable to negotiate with
the others, IOR and the Opus Dei: they abandoned
him in the hour of his greatest need! Berti does not
speculate whether Calvi's death was a suicide or
assasination. But his evidence suggests that if Calvi
felt ruined and desperate, he also known that others
would also suffer much discrimination.

Berti confessed to his client investors that the money

was supposed to pass into the hands of Inecclesia or
38 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

into Venezuela ecclesiastical hands. He explained to the

Italian news agency ADISTA, speaking from his exile
in London, "That nobody is sure in Venezuela, because
nobody dares to investigate this now nor ever! The
Catholic Church is absolutely untouchable in
Venezuela. This hath been and was (and is) the great,
the only advantage: that an investigation that tries to
find out or snoop into the origin of these investments
could be hated in the very doors of In ecclesiastic. No
government leader would dare take the church to the
courts in Venezuela.

This is the reason why the Archbishop Paul Marcinkus,

Pope John Paul II right hand man and the key to the
Vatican's finances, who is intimately tied to the scandal,
escapes from under every investigation." Berti also
affirms that he abstained all his recommendations from
the cardinal Egidio Vagnozzi, the apostolic delegate in
Washington, who by then was president of APSA (The
Administration for the Patrimony of the Holy See), and
also from Archbishop Giovanni Benelli, whom he
erroneously thought was the secretary of state and a

This was the chief error, because Benelli in 1970 acted

as though he were the secretary of State, presenting
himself beside the Frenchman Jean Villot, who had the
title. OIR was effectively involved in the scandal.
Nevertheless it denies it or even to have knowledge of

Monsignor Donato de Bonis, who retired from IOR,

competitively showed his professionalism and answers
that he never knew Berti. Nevertheless he signed many

of his documents. And Alberti had the key to

safeguard the funds of Bank de Genova (Genova
Bank) the one of Paris and of the Basque country,
which possessed the evidences.

Berti's explanation for the denial of Bonis was to be

the affect that he had recently left from the IOR to
occupy the charge of chaplain of the knights of Malta
(another Catholic Institutions as the Knights of
Columbus and richer), whose members are privileged
leaders a sovereign State, and also having its
offices for the management of monies via Condotti,
modern Rome and the commercial center. They had
complete immunity. Nobody could touch them
legally. Berti also thinks that they of Opus Dei will
now also fire him from his charge as chief of A in
40 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


One of the most documented books about the Catholic
Church's riches and origins in Mexico is the one written
by John Frederick Schwaller, which he titles origins of
the church's wealth in Mexico, Ecclesiastical income
and finances of the church (from) 1523 to 1600 (origins
of the churches economic power in Mexico)., Incomes
Ecclesiastic and finances of the church, 1523. 1600). It
was published in Spanish by "Fondo de cultura
Economica" (Economic culture fund). In its prologue
we are told, "that from her arrival to the New World, the
Catholic Church was one of the essential pillars in the
spiritual, economic, social, political and military life of
the Mexican people. During colonial times, in the 18th
century, the Catholic Church was the most powerful
institution of the New Spain. Her power and influence
in all areas of the development of the New Hispanic life
competed with the power of the government of the
crown. Even unto the 20th century, she still represented
a vital threat to Mexico's central government." It was
the Golden Age of National Catholicism in New
Granada. After we have finished reading John
Frederick's book, we can do a historical analysis of how
the Catholic Church achieved her economic power
following the guidelines or norms of her multinational
corporation: Vatican State. Once we are come to
reliable conclusions employing the scientific method,
which give me the coordinates for this article, we can
better comprehend the Political Despotism and capitalist
arrogance maintain by the Catholic Church in this day
and age, with her dominating bishops and the riches of

her religious orders, Opus Dei, Jesuits (The Society

of Jesus), Dominicans and a hundred others defying
the legitimately elected democratic government. For
his study the author executed an extremely careful and
diligent investigation in the archives of tithes in
Mexico, the divisions of the powers of the numerous
religious orders, and the National Episcopal
Hierarchy. Therefore he analyzes a great diversity of
financial sources, fiscal regulations and historical
data, which have helped me conclude that the
Mexican Catholic Church, as the Spanish church or
the Vatican, very well represents world capitalism,
and not Christianity, whose teachings proceed from
the truth church of that poor carpenter, Jesus the
Christ, whose kingdom is not material or economic;
but celestial and of evangelical poverty. The bases
upon which the development of the Catholic Church
relied are very clearly defined and described in this
study, which explains the reason for the ecclesiastical
power in Mexico, which unfortunately is ignored by
the majority of Mexican Catholics. Let's never forget
or ignored that the arrival of the Spanish missionaries,
bishops, priests, and militants commissioned by the
Monarchical government, representing and dedicated
to the Catholic monarchy of the Vatican, both states
being their Golden Age, exercised a radical change as
rabid dictatorships in the New Lands, which they
subdued militaril y and spiritually with unspeakable
crimes. The impositions make us comprehend her
malignant influences, which continue to be inherited
in Mexico and in the Catholic world in general: The
Millennial dictatorship that still refuses to
democratize and respect human rights, freedom of
cons ci ence, of express ion, and of worship
42 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

to every individual's own conscience and moral. I find,

as a monsignor and historian of the church, that the
same arrogance and cockiness inherited from the
Catholic crusaders of Spain is still maintain in Mexico
unto this day. Now that I am retired and have had access
to this historical reality of what Christianity really is and
what Catholicism is, I plan to continue investigating and
documenting myself in the United States' independent
libraries of the Public Universities, as well as on the
evidence found in federal libraries and historical
archives, to be able to offer the Catholic peoples a new,
true Catholic and Christian history based on reliable
facts without censorship or Nihil Obstat, or worry about
the excommunicator INDEX, which is maintained unto
this day, and is responsible for the silence of thousands
of writers. Who continue ignoring the truth of a Catholic
Church that, using the name of Christianity deceitfully,
continues to seize and accumulate earthly riches. Her
bishops and hierarchies live to serve Mammon, the god
of worldly gain, at the expense of the offerings made to
God by the poor, faithful believer, which offerings
should be divided among the poor, especially the poor,
miserable natives in Mexico, who continue to be
exploited by the Liberation Theology preach by the
Harlot's clergy and leader's as or in the name of


"Third time lucky," so goes a true argument in the

popular speech of the people; and after serving as a
priest in Spain, Panama, Puerto Rico, Tijuana,
Mexico, and San Diego, California for forty years, so
it convinces me "that the only thing which really
exists these Catholic [Satan] temples is a very rotund
spiritual mercantilism, and that evangelical pastorals
or pastoral programs are all but extant. That was when
I finally understood that I was but a servant of the
Vatican state's mercantilism and her qualified
merchants, the Mexican bishops: A Political Party of
National Catholicism.

In Tijuana, for more than a year, I was able to

annotate, in the different sacerdotal charges I
occupied, as a professor of philosophy in the
university de la Ibero American, in the Cety's, rector
of the parish Ntra.. Sra. De Guadalupe (Our Lady of
Guadalupe) in the River Zone, helper in the cathedral
and other parishes, whose charge's d' affaires
marched off on vacations, and even a chaplain of
nuns, all these things and observe firsthand the
spiritual debacle and ambitious mercantilism which
exists and is worked out in these institutions.

Even now that I am retired, when I visit Tijuana and

its Catholic churches, I still find the Tijuana priests
depositing the generous offerings of their cathedral in
the bank here in San Diego every week, and
purchasing their most modern goods and expensive
foods in the most luxurious centers. The offerings,
requests, and promises made to God, the saints and
44 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

the Virgin Mary by Tijuana, and the religious services

they provide at exorbitant prices, debutantes, etc, are
truly amazing. I myself celebrate a ceremony in a
famous restaurant for a rich family, which paid me
$200, etc, etc.

The collection boxes and donation plates, the first thing

we stumble into in every Catholic church, her rosary
beads, medallions, devotional books, etc, etc, clearly tell
us that Catholic churches are become dens of thieves
and a theatrical business.
It seemed ridiculous unto me how, after celebrating
Sunday masses in these Tijuana parishes, we priests
would sit around counting the mountains of money and
ills. A repentant parishioner even deposited an erotic
Coin. A mockery!?.

The mercantilism that the Tijuana church practices in

her temples, religious associations and educative
institutions in such that only the rich and wealthy can
defray the costs. And that's why there is still so much
difference between social classes; that is to say, the
middle class has all but disappeared, and all that's left is
a 10% privileged class and a 90% slave class that lives
in poverty, enslaved by the continuing influences of the
Catholic church in our politics, economics, and
education, which function according to the interests of
state. My experiences in Tijuana as a monsignor and
priest were so terrorizing and worrisome for my
Christianity, that I had to take the option of COMING
OUT OF HER (Rev. 18:4) and refusing to collaborate
with so much corruption and immorality of her bishops,
priests and several Catholics who reminded me of the

Catholic Spaniards, who were Catholics only in name

and could care less about the poor Christ, who
signaled the way to eternal life. It gave me the
impression that the Catholic church and her
hierarchies in Tijuana seek not to lead souls to the
Gospels, but their own selfish interests, which, as the
abbot of the Guadalupana sanctuaries, are of this
world devilish. Their Preaching in the name of Christ
pale quickly when we find out about their riches, rosy
bank accounts and dolche vitta (sweet life), which, as
the capitalists they are become, they enjoy, thanks to
the donations which should be distributed to the poor,
miserable natives, to mitigate the poverty of so many
Mexicans who still fancy that their salvation rests in
the Catholic churches, which are nothing but a
mercantilist business.

"Yea shall know them by their fruits" (MATTHEW

7:16) and not by their writings or words, nor by the
Vatican's political interests. Why construct another
new cathedral and Episcopal palace while the poor
and needy without bread to eat migrate to the USA in
search of work?
46 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The renewed Vatican's author John Frederick Schwaler,

in his book "Origins of the Church's Riches in Mexico,"
documents the historical process of the Catholic
church's economic power, and tells us in his
introduction: "That the Catholic Church is the most
powerful institution, with a great advantage in the New
Spain; even a rival of the government." The political,
economic, and spiritual power of the Catholic Church
has become a vital danger and present threat to
Mexico's central government."

The process of enrichment followed by the Vatican's

Catholic Church is one whereby she is taking over the
riches and patrimony of whole countries: lands,
buildings, investments, taxes, markets, ranches, tithes
and collections, foundations, sacramental sales,
international publications, monasteries of nuns and
friars, the sales of indulgences, blessings, benedictions,
privileges to the nobility and the rich, charters, the sale
of canonization and privileges to clerics, monsignors,
cardinals, bishops, archbishops, nuncios, delegates,
hundreds of incumbents in all the world, etc, etc.

Even the canonization of saints and the reproductions of

Marian images, medallions, prayer books, religious
articles of gold and silver, liturgical vestments.
Gregorian masses and pagan funerals, and the tithes
which every diocese of the world is to turn over to the
contribution of Saint Peter are all inexhaustible
fountains of the millions of dollars which enrich the
Vatican. The true history of the Catholic Church and her
finances is vet to be fully known, because it has been

jealously occulted . . .But now in the 20th century, as

we approach the third millennium, it is high time for
historians, now permitted to glimpse her secret
archives (although only partially), to start consulting
cardinals and bishops for some facts and explanations
concerning the administration of the catholic
churches' dealings and over all for audits of the
Vatican and Catholic Church's international financial
organisms, which would demand of them a clear
responsibility to society.

We already know that they have been falsifying the

facts about their finances and bank accounts . . . not
only of their banks but also of their currencies
internationally. Schwaller very well points out "that
the historians who have written about the church of
the end of the eighteenth century and beginning of the
nineteenth have considered the Vatican's long process
of development... and that we are come to the
twenty century recognizing that her economic power
is such that if the governments don't know how to act
quickly and allow this development to keep growing,
she will eventually seize all the political powers and
riches of the national patrimony.
The financial success of the Vatican throughout
history is due to various factors, and different
methods have been used in every nation. Spanish
America inherited the Vatican's National Catholicism
and the Spanish empire's, which imposed their tithes,
took over gold and silver mines, enslaved the natives,
who were forced to erect her cathedrals, churches and
estates, and organized a new social class of Caciques
(Sheriff) and rich Creoles, who were named Spanish
inquisitors, bishops and friars of the native culture.
48 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

This is what has made the Vatican so rich, which has

not only seized the material riches of all nations
conquered in the name of her pseudo Christianity, but
has also done that which is worse - she has robbed therm
of their individual consciences and spiritual element,
which is much harder to extirpate, and programmed
Catholics with such fanaticism that they even think that
the Vatican and her Catholic Churches are poor and in
need of believers' money. Various factors, which I will
analyze in this study, have collaborated to enrich the
Vatican. As a monsignor and priest and historian, I have
been documenting myself not only on my living
experiences in different dioceses but above all on the
reliable sources of Christian historians: and not on
Catholic writers, who only represent the very same old
falsities over and over though in different ways some]
for centuries and have kept us in the blind concerning
the most important chapter of all THE VATICAN'S
FINANCES. Which shows us that this Catholic Church
didn't, doesn't and never will represent the Holy Church
of Christ on earth, whose kingdom is spiritual, from


The New Catholic Catechism of the Catholic Church
is "A sure norm for the teaching of the faith," thus the
present pope defines it in the millions of editions of
his "best seller," which hath inundated the world, and
whose copyrights are owned and controlled
exclusively by the Vatican's Editorial Bookstore
Editrice, one of the Vatican's biggest moneymakers,
seeing it has the exclusivity and royalties on the
thousands of book titles corrupting the world. You
yourself can do an inventory in any Catholic library,
bookstore, or business as this servant did and you
will note the multimillionaire sales business that the
Vatican has in all the world. Some 75% of religious
books in all libraries are written by Jesuits,
Dominicans, Pauline, Clerics of the religious orders,
and Claretians. The edition which I consult is
published in the United Sates, where there is an
accord between the Catholic conference, Inc., who are
the only official agents of Bookstore Editrice
Vaticana and International Publishing House Bantan
Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc., for the price
of $9 paperback and $30 luxury back. You can add
the figures yourself and reach your own conclusions
on how the Vatican increases her finances with the
Publications business. The actual pope alone, who
lords over the Catholic world with an iron fist, has
written 20 books, 21 decrees, and 6 encyclicals, which
occupy all the libraries of the world, as well as 34
biographies of so political and charismatic a polish
pope, who with his trips has sowed all this literature
50 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

all over the world, which has lined his pockets with
millions and enriches the Polish Church, and his
luxurious voyages in private plane. This new Catechism
of the Catholic Church is a resume of what the Catholic
should believe and practice if he really wants to call
himself a member of the Catholic Church.

Nowhere does it claim to be a Christian Catechism. This

is how we can identify the differences between the
Vatican and her National Catholicism, a Pragmatic
Political Sect, and the true church of Jesus Christ, an
apolitical Christian organism without economic interests
and less mercantilist, as the Vatican is with her
multinational publications. In the Catechism there
appears the most diabolical mixture and teachings
which could ever be published, applying the biblical
texts according to her interests and interpolating them
shrewdly through her Catholic theologians .
Several dogmatic principles and canons, of which we
have all been victims from an early age, are inculcated
in Catholics. The Catholic Catechism has supplanted the
For the encyclicals and teachings of the Vatican, the
MOTHER OF WITCHCRAFT. Thus has she influenced
the consciences of Catholics for centuries, whom she
has fanaticized with creeds, masses, sacraments, and
unbiblical traditions. A Mercantilist Political Church
imposing some invented commandments on her faithful
but simple flock so they pay tithes and first fruits, which
historically demonstrates why the Vatican's Patrimony
and riches have increase beyond our wildest dreams.
The famous historian Frederick Schwaler, in his book
"origenes de la Riqueza de la Iglesia in Mexico" (The
origins of the church's wealth in Mexico) documents the

huge inflow of income from tithes and agricultural

first fruits administered by the dioceses of Mexico,
which follow the norms and/or rules of the universal
Catholic Church. And as other financial studies,
Schwaler inserts a biography also at the end so that
you can get to know the reality of a church that
showeth herself to be poor, when the truth is that she
is the richest international enterprise on planet earth,
bar none. It's very interesting to note that after the
first edition of the New Catechism was published in
Italy, it sold out within just a matter of days, and
multiple editions have been made afterward.

The reason was because Italians were shocked to find

out that their church had been involved in defalcating
Bank Ambrosiano and caught stealing, with God's
Bankers being tried by Civil Courts. As the Spanish
upon the ratification of their constitution in the new
democracies, which give them liberty of expression
and conscience and human rights, which Rome never
respected, the Italian people couldn't believe that they
were serving a church which was exploiting them
shamelessly since the concordats with Mussolini and
Franco, Political and economic alliances which helped
engross the Vatican's coffers with the income taxes
levied against the poor people.
52 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


All of us Catholics have been instructed with Catechisms of
very high acquisitive value issued by the Vatican, and not in
harmony with gospels. We are to learn and memorize an
innumerable amount of definitions of the councils,
Encyclicals, synods of every diocese, etc. (Everything but the
bible, it seems) I remember that even to help in the Mass I
was forced to learn it in Latin before I was selected to be an
alter boy or acolyte. I shall remember the Catechism of
Ripalda with certain sympathy, because we thought we were
learning Christianity, when in reality it's just a most talented
market wherein even the salvation of our soul is
commercialized: and to say nothing of the money they exact
of us. The catholic Christ is only (a) business commodity,
valued according to invented miracles. Pius X's Roman
Catechism and the multiple Catechisms written since the
Roman Catholic Church first deviated from true Christianity
has been the main cause of the ignorance and apostasies of
Roman Catholic Church and her followers. It has separated
the Catholic Church from the genuine Christian Church and
her tenets, because it has become a Vader me cum, that is to
say, the god of the consciences and faith of Catholics. As a
Monsignor and Christian Doctor, I find that the Catechisms
are what best represent and/or define the catholic Church's
beliefs and organization, and give Christian historians the
coordinates to prove her separation and theological,
hermeneutical, patristic, and moral apostasies to which she is
come in the 20th century. But all she sees is that all these
catechisms have generated countless riches for her. After the
second Vatican council, the New Catechism promoted by
Pope John Paul II himself (also known as the Polish Pope
who has cause the most damage to Christianity. The
Antichrist, as even many agree) has reunited all this is
essentially Catholicism in more than a thousand pages. We
can analyze in every chapter and prove that in no way can the

Catholic Church be the representative of the authentic and

true genuine Christianity founded by Jesus Christ [on
himself] on earth. Her deviations are of such magnitude
that, if she is not renovated and restored to her very
foundations very soon, that Babylonian Empire will be
punished and cast down by the Immaculate Lamb for her
sins, which have reached into heaven (Rev. 17:16-17; 18:2-
24) The New Roman Catechism, a best seller, and the
most sold book internationally, is an inexhaustible fountain
of income, published by Editorial of the Vatican Money is
always needed to raise the already generous salaries of the
Roman Curia. This Catechism is, as John Paul II himself
says, A sure horn for teaching the (Catholic) faith
effectively the Catholic faith, which has very little to do
with the true Christian faith, even though she insists on
proving the opposite. We are trying to amend so much
biblical, theological, patristic, and moral corruption's, a
story which still appears in the New Catholic Catechism.
The lord will allow me to clear up these deviations, as well
as the nefarious canons and anti biblical dogmatism of the
second Vatican council, also promoted by this Polish Pope,
who during his long reign has undermined and converted
the few remaining Christian foundations we had left into a
new, more satanic Catholic Church. He is destroying the
very foundations of the church, and we contemplate some
new, secularized bishops and priests, Marxist Liberation
theology theologians, and established Merchants preaching
a pseudo Christianity and saying by their works, "Do as I
say, not as I do."
54 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The second biggest area of income coming into the
Vatican's coffers, after the sale of sacraments, are
universities, secondary (Junior High) schools, High
schools, elementary schools, colleges, Parish schools,
private schools, and seminaries, which every Catholic
diocese in the world possesses, and which are to send
their contributions of Peter to the Vatican. This subject,
unknown to most Catholics, has been hatched and
structured with so much scheming and planning during
the centuries, that there exists not a multinational
enterprise which can be compared to it. From the
Middle Ages, during which convents and their monks
and nuns were almost exclusively the centers of learning
and functional illiteracy, only the Catholic religion,
changed into an amalgamation of esoterically beliefs,
which are maintained unto this date, enjoyed the
privilege of running schools and teaching her dogmatic
biblical and theological aberrations, imposing upon her
students the greatest burdens, and forcing even
commercial farmers, landowners and fiefs to pay
excessive tithes there for. To go over the history of the
occidental culture of the middle ages from the 9th to
14th centuries, and its monastic and parochial schools
and famous universities, governed by friars
commissioned by the Vatican, and existing in every
nation of Europe, is to convince oneself of the awesome
riches which the Vatican's Catholicism received from
her taxes levied upon the education of millions of
students, who did not have any other institutions where
in to get an education. In spite of wanting to separate
church and religion from public education, and
constitutionally establishing the secularization of

education in the new democracies, we are still seeing

that it's not being fulfilled and that Catholic schools
and all kinds of educational or teaching institutions of
religious affinity continue to be opened for the
maintenance of thousands of nuns and friars, who
have neither graduated nor have a teacher's
certificate, and who impose (Catholic) laws and live
as capitalists at the cost of education; which by law
should be free. Why? Answers the Vatican: "A
Mighty Gentleman (or knight) is Don Money." The
Contribution of Saint Peter (or assigned quota), which
she receives from all of these educational institutions
and schools, keep her coffers overflowing. You
yourself can investigate in your own city or small
town the every kind of schools run by priests, friars,
nuns, and the thousands of religious orders, which not
only canonize new fancied Saints but also even invent
new pedagogically unsound educational systems.
From my sacerdotal ordination in 1952 in Spain until
my retirement in California in 1997, according to
how I was taught, I gave preference to the education
of my parishes from a private teacher of Latin and
logic in Andalucian small town parishes, to a director
of institutes, teachers, professors, head of university
institute, not only in the Catholic Church but also of
Protestant Institutions in different nations, including
now in San Diego, California, I have been able to
assemble materials of my living experiences in these
centers, for which cause I have been preparing with
my doctorate in the education field and textbooks to
teach alumni and future teachers the "tricks" of the
trade. So much falsity and deception in the name of
Christ! The Vatican's banks, which function in all
Catholic dioceses, and educational institutions
56 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

administered by her religious orders (millions of them)

are to send their monthly quotas and bank statements to
the diocesan office of education and culture every year,
whose inventory of expenses and income is jealously
inspected by the Vatican. And Woe unto him who
forgets to turn in the usufruct of his earnings! He will be
removed from his charge. The most curious thing about
all these Catholic-religious MASTERS, despite their
vows of poverty, is that if you look into their bank
accounts and properties, you will comprehend the great
lie of the poverty which they preach, and above all see
the pagan dolche Vitta that they enjoy at the expense of
From the Pontifical Gregorian Universities, in Rome,
direct dependant of the Vatican, to the thousands of
Pontifical Universities of the Jesuits, Opus Dei,
Claretians, Dominicans, etc, etc. (I have also another
Doctorate in Philosophy and Letters by the University
Pontificia of Comillas in Madrid) I have been able to
grasp , together with my religious teachers, and being a
Monsignor and Doctor myself, and having been a
personal witness of the Vatican's concordats with
fascist dictatorships, how she hath enriched herself,
even off of the National Budgets, with the millions of
assignments and buildings which the state has donated
to the Vatican generously. You yourself can do the
adding and calculating. My living experiences in the
educational field were a whole life as an economist and
financial administrator.

The Vatican's Apostolic (papal) Nuncios in every
nation, whether Catholic or non-Catholic, are the
agents responsible for carrying out the Vatican's
orders. They represent her political interests and are
the last word to be carried out with regards to the
finances of every diocese. Every archbishop, bishop,
and hierarphy except a few independent cardinals are
to give an account every year of their income,
businesses and investments, and of the financial state
of every diocese and religious order under their
authority. Their orders and recommendations in the
Episcopal conferences or religious assemblies in
regards to their budgets or investments are to be
scrupulously stipulated and carried out. And when any
bishop slips or does not want to contribute to the
contribution of Saint Peter, that is to say, to the
Vatican's coffers, or doesn't recognize it as a papal
mandate, he 's removed as many a bishop still
around, are named Prelatus Nullius,( Self Tittle) that
is to say, bishops but without a diocese to administer.
It's only natural that the Vatican's coffers should be
drained by the millions of dollars invested in her
budgets for the Nuncios salaries and their palaces and
personal house servants nuns or friars who, with their
vows of poverty, and carefully chosen, serve them as
maids and servants without social rights. I have
studied the life of the Papal Nuncio of Panama
firsthand, in whose palace we met and by whom I was
well attended for my missionary labor with the Indian
Guaymies. That's why I was named a Monsignor and
58 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

proposed to the Holy See.

The Nuncios are the ones who make recommendations
to the Vatican, and promote the appointments of
bishops, cardinals and archbishops. No appointment of
the Vatican in any nation can be carried out without the
prior approval of the Papal Nuncio. That's why the
candidate ought to have contributed generously to the
Vatican's treasury and coffers, and to her political
interests and consignments. "Papal" Nuncios (there is
nothing apostolic about them: very few, that is, only
four I know of, of the thousands existing, have been
canonized) are but crooked Merchants carrying out the
Mother of Abominations' orders, most of them, anyway.
My living experiences with them in Spain, Panama,
New York, Puerto Rico, and now in Mexico with its
New Nuncio, compatriot Just Mullor, have shown me
that they are the same sinister personages who pass
themselves off as ambassadors of peace and
Christianity, when they are all the contrary. They brag
about representing a billion Catholics, when their
statistics are all phony; seeing that most Catholics are
only Christians in name and by baby sprinkling, and
paying their simonies quotas for the traditional religious
services they receive.

The Papal Nuncios are all commissioned to transform

democracies into [Catholic] dictatorships, whereof I was
a personal witness in Seville, Spain, with the arrival of
the New Nuncio, and where I exercised my charge as an
economist and parson in the biggest parish of San
Julian. What I witnessed there (the Vatican toppling of
the democratic republic, and the Nazi-fascist columns
and armaments, bought and paid for by the Vatican
money, entering to subdue the people) is the very same

situation now taking place in Mexico. And as we see,

the Papal Nuncios already wants to take over the
military, organizing the military chaplains and an
extensive vicariate of bishops. He already wants to
abolish Art. 130 of the Mexican constitution, of the
separation of church and state and the prohibition of
religious teaching in public schools. We see in the
declarations this Nuncio is making to the News Media
that he is already prepared, and with millions of
dollars, to carry out his functions as a seasoned
politician of Rome. And every day his objectives are
being realized, accompanied by hundreds and
thousands of diocesan clergymen who suck up to the
Episcopate, friars and nuns capable of assassinating,
and fanatics agitating the people to civil disobedience
and repudiation of the democratically elected
authority. Wake up Mexico! Expel Just Mullor! He's
your enemy! Far too many proofs of his political
interventions in the nation's politics exist.

There are many proofs that this experienced Spanish

Politician and witness in Ukraine of this Pope's Slavic
politics and interventions in international organisms,
aleady has most of the economic power and cultural
heritage of the nation cornered: for he is from Opus
Dei, the owners of the money.
60 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The administrative and diplomatic politics of the
Vatican's government has three important departments.
The first is the congregation for Ecclesiastical Affairs,
that is to say, for the Catholic Churches of the world and
the consignments to be carried out. Remember, dear
reader, that the Vatican administers more than 500
seminaries and more than 2000 universities, and
thousands of parochial schools whereby her political
instructions are executed to the letter. If you studied the
ecclesiastical formation of thousands of priests,
religious brainwashed and fanaticized with a false
scholastic philosophy which has made us prove the false
for the true a pseudo Christianity which is by no means
biblical Christianity, but Catholicism, you would better
understand the formidable power of the Vatican. In the
Vatican state's territory itself, in Rome, there are 400
seminaries of groups of Africans, Abissinian
(Ethiopians: Cushy), Armenians, Maronites, and
Russians; and since the 4th century numerous colleges,
Academic Institutions, Papal Universities and colleges
have been established in Rome, graduating the
thousands of priests who would take the positions of
authority and responsibility in the dioceses spread
throughout the whole world. I have several statistics of
these centers, their properties, riches, etc, which
demonstrate her temporal and Satanic powers, called
spiritual. Every one of these congregations of religious
orders, numbering more than two thousand with the
most varied habits and colors, has its own MOTHER
CHURCH in Rome, and they are slowly but surely

taking over the city of Rome. For they receive

millions of dollars from all the missions and Catholic
Churches of the world. Just in the United States alone
she maintains various seminaries and Catholic
colleges which come to the USA as very stereotyped,
proud capitalists, imposing an Anglo-Saxon religious
Pragmatism which is no longer a Christian Church in
the biblical sense at all, but an Irish National

I have not the space, neither is it possible, to fully

summarize almost two thousand years of Vatican
power. I recommend, from among the biography that I
insert, in George Selde's book "The Vatican
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow," where he statistically
proves the Vatican's temporal and spiritual powers,
her Concordats and Alliances with both rightist and
leftist governments, with reliable historical
documents, and from which I have document myself
considerably. It's very possible that if Catholics
ignore many of the affirmations which I am making,
and remember that I have had the privilege of
consulting them scientifically, they may rebuke me as
an heretic and renegade who isn't even a priest. Thus
National Catholicism defames and slanders me to the
Mexican press, to discredit my affirmations and
accusations against National Catholicism. I am
canonically within my ecclesiastical license from the
diocese of the Archbishop Rick of Seville, Spain. I am
not excommunicated (yet), even though they arc
trying to silence me and persecute me mercilessly and
relentlessly. There are also the Departments of
Religious Affairs, of Ceremonies, of Sacred Rites, of
Discipline and Sacraments, the congregation of
62 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

seminaries, universities and studies, the

Congregations of Eastern Churches, the sad Sacred
Congregation for Propagating the faith and the
disastrous Congregation of the Holy Office (or of the
INQUISITION), etc. I recommend my investigative
work concerning inquisition magazine Cultural
Concept N.2. This INQUISITION still functions
through the following Vatican Tribunals, and which
exist in all the thousands of dioceses scattered
throughout all the Catholic world: with their
excommunications, censorships, and persecutions
against Christians, priests, and all or any groups,
associations, or authors which disobey or oppose her
tyrannical laws. Her secret archives and history today
fill us with indignation and prove that the Vatican's
power has been possible thanks to her Satanic and
Hitler laws. The Sacred Roman Rote (to clear up or
resolve sacramental problems), the Apostolic
Signature or Supreme court of the Catholic Church (a
tribunal that has functioned since the 15th century,
and whose mercantilist actions I can and do denounce
as a personal witness in Seville, Spain), and last, the
Sacred Penitentiary. Why continue proving the
Vatican's powers? If your Catholic organization
demonstrates that it is but an Unchristian Political
State of National Catholicism? I am a Doctor in both
Christian and Catholic history: a documented



The catholic Church in Mexico, following the

consignments of the Vatican, has forced the Abbot of
the Basilica of Guadalupe to resign for committing the
mortal sin of telling the truth, that the whole history of
the apparitions to the Indian Juan Diego is nothing
more than another myth, as the miraculous image, the
Tilma. Flowers, etc. with can not be seriously taken as
beig true. These legitimate declarations and
accusations by an authority who has served the
Basilica for over 30 years should no doubt be taken
very seriously, and his opinions respected in the
century of freedom of expression and the new
democracies, even more so since these declarations
concern the religious conscience of Catholic believers
in regards to liberty of conscience, expression and
worship. But unfortunately the Vatican only cares
about power and money, fall or perish who may. Of
course she gives the news media her well tailored
truths. We saw from the first minute that the Vatican
herself denied, refused and contradicted his
affirmations and treated the elder Abbot as a decrepit
phony and denied him even the right that every citizen
has to opine, judge and say when he considers to be
the truth, according to his individual conscience. All
the events that took place with the historical fact of
the Guadalupan declarations, and how Vatican State
reacted who was losing one of the richest fountains of
income in Mexico she and the archiepiscopal prelacy
and the majority of other compromised bishops had
reminded me of Spain's dictatorship and church,
which was allied to the Vatican. When Spaniards
64 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

realized that the myth of Spain's patron Saint, the

Virgin of Pillar, could no longer be sustained in the 20th
century for much

longer, seeing that it was but a fable and myth, an event

which never existed, and that in the new democracies of
freedom to investigate such lies and historical falsities
had to be destroyed, the Vatican went mad. Reading and
listening to the case of the abbot of the Basilica with

I have to come to the conclusion, as a Monsignor and

Christian writer and Doctor, that the same coordinates
which were given in Spain are being realized in Mexico
today, with Catholicism and the Vatican, besides the
dictatorial government and Catholic prelates, directing
the scene. As a matter of fact, I find Mexico even more
compromised than Spain itself was, obeying the
consignments of Vatican State to the letter. Luckily
now in Spain's new democracy, points are being
established which separate Catholicism's bloody history
and political interests from the true history of
Christianity, something very different indeed. All the
other democracies in Latin America are trying to do the
same, to the Vatican's Chagrin.

Mexico needs to follow suit and not be left behind, for

we already see the Vatican and her delegates using their
money to mobilize Mexican guerrillas. In Spain they
were able to destroy the democratic republic and send
all of us who opposed her dictatorship into exile. Forget
not that if the myths and other Catholic lies, which have
kept the people asleep, are not stopped soon, the same
thing that came to pass in Spain shall also happen in

Mexico: millions of brothers shall die, and thousands

of her opponents shall be sent into exile. Offer not
your money to the Vatican anymore. For why should
you pay for your own enslavement and destruction?
You are better off giving it to the poor and needy. The
events of the Abbot are being repeated in every nation
where the Vatican controlled ecclesiastical hierarchies
are permitted to exercise their political and
economical powers.

Don't forget, Mexico, that the Vatican's Mexican

primates are only interested in the takeover of the
Basilica's offerings, and they are achieving it, believe
me. It's basically the same story in Mexico, whose
shrine to the Virgin of Guadeloupe was brought by
the Franciscans themselves with great care, who still
exist in Spain. Mexico should not ignore Vatican and
her Catholic Churches' true interests in regards to the
riches of the Guadeloupe shrine: riches which the
Abbot himself has used to live the dolche vitta, and
which the Vatican could not lose. The mighty
multibillionaire will run rampant as long as the
Mexico and the other countries let her. And if they
don't rein her in, she will eventually end up
possessing all the riches of all the world.
66 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The secrecy maintained by the Catholic Church in all
her dioceses, and the consequent ignorance of faithful
Catholics about the Vatican's finances, bank
investments, thefts, and misuse of offerings, which one
thinks, upon offering them to God, will be well
administered and distributed among the millions of
hungry, naked, sick, poor, and needy masses of the
world, is the main reason why offerings go to the
enrichment of her hierarchies, to control governments
and economies, take over education, possess millions of
shares in Markets and Stock Exchanges the world over,
and the purchase and sale of multination enterprises,
which today compete with, excel, and make up the
richest nations on earth, whether capitalist or otherwise.
In the summer of 1982, the Vatican and her
administrators John Paul II and Paul Marzinkus,
archbishop and confidential banker, and monsignar
Martinez, assessor of the secretary of state, embezzle
and bankrupt Bank Ambrosia of Milan, the private bank
with the biggest money backing in Italy, and Vatican
property. As Richard Hammer very well points out in
his book "The Vatican Connection, The Astonishing
Account of a Billion Dollar Counterfeit Stock Deal
Between The Mafia and the Vatican," a book

I recommend you read, so you can understand and

hopefully come to the same conclusions as this
Monsignor that the Church Christ founded cannot be
the one the Vatican claims to represent in the world.

which always hides her true terrestrial interests and

intentions. On page 323 the author relates the illegal
transactions which the Vatican's financial wizards
committed with Monsignor Mario Fornasari and
Mario Foligni; how police discover $95,000,000 went
to the Vatican's Sacred Congregation or Institute for
Religious Works; the way Monsignor Martinez, who
was responsible, denies everything and tries to ignore
the proven deeds, etc. And as John Paul II and
Marzinkus, with all malice aforethought, they too
deny the deeds which the courts and justices

Personages like Mario Folligni revolved around 1

million dollars in profits from the diocese of Rome.
And among other things, Hammer relates how the
Vatican bank and the inter commerce group Nouva
Since be show up in illegal transactions. The Vatican's
utter refusal to acknowledge her crimes, and her
determination to keep her illegal actions secret,
always justifying the unjustifiable with scholastic and
false arguments, by claiming she is, "not going into
detail because that would be a violation of banking
secrecy laws" (pg. 239), is a perfect example of her
impenitent heart.

The Company Linch was expelled for soliciting its

violated rights, along with others, with the papal
argument and Marzinkus' recommendations and
Martinez' support, saying, "that he (had) no
knowledge whether anyone in the Vatican know
anything about the situation." And then adds with yet
more degeneracy and impudence: "But in any case it
was not the intention of the Vatican to collaborate
68 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

with United States officials in their investigation at this

point" (pg. 292), etc. IN OTHER WORDS, WE WILL
won't go to jail, even though it's the CIA or FBI who
want us to cooperate and tell the truth: for they already
have the evidence of the Vatican's connections to the
New York Mafia. Marzinkus has been caught, and there
is ample federal police documentation of it, in illegal
projects with Michele Sindona.

The depositing of 950 million dollars in Swiss bank

accounts and in Bank of Rome, and how three
Monsignors were implicated, is all well known (pg.
292). Also known are the charges of the companies
implicated and clients affected by the Vatican's
bankruptcy of Bank Ambrosiano. The Zagas Marcinkus,
the Vatican's banker, had the following answer for
them: "[He] said he would try to answer those charges
to the best of his ability, but he would not go into any
details about it (pg. 293). Conclusion: Is it possible for
us to still believe that the Vatican is the representative
of the true Christian Church?. I know not! Why don't
they admit their errors and turn to Christ Jesus Our Lord
in repentance?


I will refer the reader to consult pages 40-293 of
investigator Richard Hammers book "The Vatican
Connection," which will show you how New York,
Los Angeles, Chicago are the centers of the dirty
businesses and contacts of the Mafia, together with
the banks in the Bahamas, the paradise of money
laundering, where banker Marzinkus carries out his
illegal transactions, for which cause he has been
implicated in the purchase of a Billion dollars in
counterfeited stocks. The Vatican's capital is
increased by buying and selling her shares in the
following companies.
1. New York banks. 2. Coca cola Bottling co., Los
Angeles. 3. Occidental Petroleum, Co. 4. Norton
Simon inc. 5. Bear Stern co. 6. Goose and company.
7. Nardatand company. 8. Switzerland Bank. 9.
Multinational Investment. 10. McDonald Construction
de Los Angeles. 12. Credit Suise. 13. Bank Exterior,
etc. I wouldn't have enough space to continue
enumerating how banks and business firms, wherein
the Vatican's BILLIONS are invested in the purchase
of shares and certificates at exorbitant interest rates,
enrich the Vatican's coffers, the smallest nation
territorially, but the richest and most powerful of the
world. Pope John Paul II has been taken by surprise
by private investigators of the secret service as the
author of crime of lese-majesty, with hairs and
fingerprints, that he has been committing since the
beginning of his pontificate. But notwithstanding all
this, he still appear in the News Media with the
appellative of the Papa "crossing the Threshold of
hope," etc, a testimony of the Vatican's influence on
70 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

our communications media. I have hundreds of

biographies of this pope on my redaction table wherein
his silhouettes as a racist slave appear, artistically
studied photographs by his designers and
photographers, who transform him into something he
isn't: into an image that has made the whole world
believe, including the UN and UNESCO, that he is both
the center of the gospel and has the solution to the crisis
through which we are going. What sarcasm! Christian
believers , that is to say, those of us who believe in
Christ and his infallible teachings in the Bible, have a
sure hope they who no longer believe in the pope,
whose fruits and those of his Catholic Church
demonstrate how far they have deviated from the way of
Salvation. He has changed the church into that which
we are now analyzing in this biography we have in our
hands: A corrupt, sinful church that falsifies
Christianity. We are now permitted to speak and expose
the truth, without fear and openly, in the new
democracies. And that I do!
I don't have enough space to continue mentioning all
the companies, banks and businesses working the
Vatican's billions, I'll insert the following books,
which, if you really want to know the truth about the
Vatican's financial corruption and of her present Pope,
you will read and re-read:
Pope John Paul II, by George Blaznski; for the Man
from Krakow, All Roads Led to Rome; Crossing the
Threshold of Hope, by His Holiness John Paul II;
Vatican Imperialism in the Twentieth Century, and
many other biographies which you should read.


As a monsignor and priest, I have worked in the
publications offices in the dioceses and archdioceses
of Seville, Spain, Panama, Puerto Rico, and now in
San Diego, California. I am a living witness of the so
perfected organized mercantilism that exist therein,
and of how the Vatican has thereby taken over the
majority of journalism, literature, textbooks, bible
printing, magazines and all kinds of parochial
publications, bulletins, seminaries, missionary
programs, etc. Thus she engrosses her coffers even
more with the money collected thereby. During the
centuries the Catholic Church and the Vatican have
registered all kinds of publications, and have censured
and prohibited (under penalty of sin or
excommunication) all those publications which have
desired to open the eyes and conscience of poor
Catholics, criticizing and contending with the
corruption and abuses of world Catholicism. To prove
my affirmations with statistical facts, and challenging
with my proofs whomsoever may want to prove
differently, I have used scientific arguments, and not
Romanist scholastic speculations, which the false,
private interpreting Catholic Church presents, and
which claims that all her publications are scriptural,
but are but a JUICY BUSINESS: and the most
dishonest commercial fraud which is practiced in the
same of the poor Christian. No Catholic book can be
printed unless it has the nihil obstat et imprimatur. In
every diocese in every nation of the world, there is a
press and communications office or commission
charged with supervising all kinds of publications and
72 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

giving them the nihil obstat, that is to say, it damages

nothing. All these ecclesiastical censors, together with
their bishops, participate in this business; and all of
them are owners of libraries, authors of books,
shareholders of the most important News Media of a
nation. A great part of her riches and treasury accounts
in the banks proceed from so marvelous a business as
this. The Vatican's economic might in the whole world
comes by the money that her Editorial and Bookstore
Editrice Vaticana [a publishing business] contributes;
and which approves every Catholic publication in the
entire world; and which is also in charge of exacting
royalties of every Catholic publication that comes out
That's why the Vatican, using the very same language
as the Roman Empire, which she claims to represent,
utilizes the seal "Bookstore Editrice Vatican Omnia sibi
vindicat yura. Sine ejusdem licencia scripto data nimini
liceat imprimere hunc Catechismum aut in aliam
linguam vertere," (Latin words) which being translated
is, "The right to publish and/or translate any book is
forbidden without first paying the Vatican." Imagine ye,
just in Spain alone seventy million exemplars have been
printed of the New Catechism of the Catholic Church.
Three editions of luxury paper $50, couched paper $25,
and, which I have myself, regular magazine paper $12.
Do you want to do the adding? Bibles are just another
business to Rome, both of the Catholic Bible Society
and her associates in the protestant Bible Society,
published by the United States Catholic conference; The
New American Bible with Revised New Testament and
Revised Psalms, that is to say, with the apocryphal
books and a Catholic exegesis, and the chapters
interpreted according to Catholic interests. This Bible-if
you can call it a Bible cost me $11, and it can be

compared to the Protestant Bible, "The Holy Bible

New International version," seeing both are based on
the same corrupted texts of "Vatican's" the two Greek
texts chosen by all translators since the 19th century,
and costs $5.99.
Millions of exemplars are made of these
bibles. Some editions, as that of Luxury de Torres
Amat, are sold for $35, and why continue? Does this
not prove how even our sacred books are
commercialized? As a Professor and teacher in both
papal and secular universities, and as an author of
textbooks on philosophy, humanities, Special
Educational, anthropology, and biblical works, I have
had to struggle with her publications, editorials, etc.
My conclusion of the whole matter, after doing a
thorough analysis of the textbooks which are
recommended (ie imposed) to students every year,
and which, if they won't buy, they won't be allowed
into the classroom, is that they are just a big, juicy
business. The statistics and annotations I've gathered,
in just the University de la Ibero in Mexico, are truly
staggering, and very few people have stopped to think
about how so many Jesuit, Franciscan and Dominican
colleges and 400 religious orders of nuns and friars
could live the dolche vita off of the PUBLICATIONS
BUSINESS. In closing, did you know that the Publishing
House Paulinas A very profitable business indeed! You
may now understand the Vatican's preponderance and
74 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


I have been asked, as an non excommunicated
Monsignor and Doctor who has served the Catholic
Church for fifty (50) years, exercising different pastoral
and administrative charges, and teaching in divers
countries' universities and colleges: what would my
qualifications or definitions be of the Catholic Curia and
my living experiences with them? After so many years
within that system, writing my memoirs now as a retired
man in California, I would have to answer my Catholic
and protestant friends, who are still ignorant of the
reality of the Catholic Church's gross corruption, that
the majority of them have been disappointed and
defrauded, as this servant was. People who have been
educated in the Catholic Church only know what they
read about her in her Catechisms or journalistic or
television programs. All of a literature founded on
scholasticism's or the philosophy used by Catholicism,
and which hath made to think, opine, and come to the
conclusions which I essay to set forth before my friends,
the Christian believers, who have their doubts
concerning the Roman Catholic Church, because her
fruits and the conduct of her administrators answer not
to the holy teachings of Christ our Lord: that is, her
enrichment, bad examples, pagan ceremonies and
arrogance, etc, cannot represent genuine and authentic
Christianity. Here in why.
1. The Vatican is not the center or depository of
Christianity. For since the 4th century, when she was
created, she has deviated some 75% from biblical
Christianity and is become a Political State and fascist
Dictatorship of National Catholicism-a Millennial Sect

whose Political, educational, religious and agnostic

tentacles, (and) her fretting for material interests, and
not spiritual, and her mercantilist enrichment discredit
from being the representative of Christianity, and
much more from being the center of Christendom.
2. The administrators of the Roman curies, as any
other businessmen, have had us so deceived, in the
name of Christ Jesus, with a hypocrisy and holy
charisma, and with a face of honesty and other false
appearances, that it is difficult to know how to
distinguish between the true internal acts thereof and
those of the scholasticism that surrounds all their
works and words. It has taken his servant many years
to discover this, and to come to the conclusions to
which I have come.
3. Then I would define and describe or rate the
Catholic curies and their administrators, for using the
philosophical system of Catholic scholasticism in
their lives and offices. You could then decide for
yourself and tell me what that system is. And this
servant has had to get a doctorate from scientific
teachers, who were not scholastic or irrational, to
understand the entrapment where with I was educated,
and from which it is so very difficult to get away,
seeing they use Christianity to conceal their
falsehoods and lies,
4. The scholastic system is a philosophy or doctrine of
cynics, a group of Socrates disciples which have
separated themselves from the truth, whose founder
was Antistenes and Diogenes, who also separated
themselves from true wisdom (my book Essays on
the Philosophical foundations of Education).
This system is defined by the Royal Academy as a
76 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

doctrine of cynicism some shamelessness in lying or in

defending the practice of reprehensible actions or
doctrines. I am a witness thereof during the 50 years I
served this false Catholic institution.
5. You yourself can witness, as this servant, in the
Catholic curia, the thousands of faithful Catholics who
have to leave their offices upset and offended by so
many humiliations and disrespectful conduct which are
directed at them. When you solicit your rights and due
attention, you get your most sensitive feelings hurt by
the hardness or rudeness of these ill-mannered
administrators, who, in the name of God, allow
themselves the luxury of offending people and believe
themselves to be deified superiors.
6. As a Christian who has a doctorate in education, I
will not define or describe these Catholic curies with
epithets which answer not to (the) sufferings of which I
am a personal witness, and whereof I have received so
abundantly from so big headed and unrighteous
administrators, the majority of whom lack an education,
having but a few scholastic Papal academic grades
which are not scientific, nor are they validated in State
Universities. "They are diplomatic oxen," affirms
Octave Paz. I should forgive, but nevertheless I have
chosen to define the Catholic curies with the following
epithets: Places of inhuman affectations and rudeness,
of impudence, shameless obscenity, indecency. A place
of racist, cunning devils, of rascals naughty scamps,
ambitious merchants, astute etc.


Vatican historian Avro Manhattan, in chapter
V of his excellently documented book "The Vatican
in World Politics," tells us very well that, "In addition
to the vast machinery of religious administration in
Christian and non Christian countries, there is another
great machinery which although not so well known, is
nevertheless of the greatest importance in furthering
the spiritual and political powers of the Catholic
Church." That is to say, the fifth columns with which
the Vatican has counted since the 4th century and the
epoch of monastic orders, communities which ran
from the world and submitted themselves to living
together either under papal laws and those of their

You yourself can review Holidays of the Catholic

almanac, which will enable you to start enumerating
the houses, convents, and monasteries of both men
and women which were formed over the centuries
fifth columns on which the papacy depends to sow its
scholastic Catholicism. It's very possible that you
yourself have been the Victim of being brainwashed
with a nun's or priest's education, or maybe your
sons, friends, and have been able to witness, wherever
you live, how they have increasingly taken over
Catholic education with such professionalism and
consecration, even fanatical devotion, toward
guidelines, curriculums, criteria, rules, norms, and
consignments of the Vatican. One of the hardest
working departments of the Holy See is called
Congregation for Religious Affairs, and the
78 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

Congregation for Seminaries, universities and (of)

studies. . . Their lists of congregations and founders
occupy thousands of pages, if we count the many names
which never existed, and less are they founders of
Christian values. Millions of monks, nuns, semi
religious , brothers, sisters of cloister without papal
cloister of perpetual vows, simple vows. You yourself
can count the all kinds of privileges which they receive
from the Vatican and differentiate the one from the
other. It's very curious to go for a drive through Roman
Street sand run into seminaries and friars with the most
enjoyable colorful clothes, from the red dresses of the
Germany Clergy, to the outfits and uniforms of the
Vatican's Swiss guards, and of the religious orders of
the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. You will be
able to annotate what is found in the Roman Catholic
world, which, following the customs and habits of the
Roman Empire, including talking in Latin, has been
stagnated by the Vatican powers that be. How many
millions of priests, curates, clergymen, clerics, nuns,
monks and seminarians are there populating the whole,
world? I am pleased to tell you about them through my
articles so you can begin to understand it. You can be
sure that the life of Catholic priests and their monk-like
existence, and that of their hierarchies, who run into the
millions today, are spent living off of the miseries of
poor, trusting Catholics, in the name of Christ, having
their reward now, in the kingdom of this world and age.
And there exists not a religious order on earth that
doesn't have its very organized finances, or that
contributes not the contributions of Saint Peter to its
Mistress and Mother The Vatican. My living
experiences as a chaplain of friars and nuns is why I
have come to these conclusion on the religious orders,

which I've served and walked with, and which can be

classified into three groups: A) nuns of the order of
Saint Clare, which Saint Francis of Assisi founded, of
Papal cloister, their faces covered behind bars from a
very early age until they die.
I recall in Bornes, a small town of Cadiz, in Spain,
where I was a chaplain, the kind of life which these
poor souls lived, and their medieval customs, etc, who
are imprisoned by the Mother of. . . Abominations. B)
Saint Vicente of Paul nuns, in hospitals and municipal
centers or shelters. Sick nuns who are Frenchified and
of capricious discipline. C) Mercenary nuns who were
founded to rescue Christian captives in Africa, and
now converted into preponderant educators, together
with their brothers, the Mercenary priests. I also
contemplated the Carmelite sisters of the cross, of the
Divine Pastor, of the sacred Heart, slaves, servants
of Mary, of the Sacred. Hearts, etc. And of men, and
of Whom I was chaplain, Salesians (members of the
society of saint. Francis of sales), of the Christian
Doctrine , Brothers of Saint John of God, Etc. Why
continue?. There are thousands of them, both female
and male, who are the Vatican's fifth columns,
pushing her divers social, cultural, educational and
economic programs, of which we are all victims.
80 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The history of investitures during the Middle Ages, and
(of) the wars come up to obtain their privileges, besides
the purchases and sale of dioceses and bishop,
canonries, royal chaplainries, coronations of princes and
kings, of knights of the nobility, dukes, marquises, and
all of a spectrum of nobles and blue bloods,
ecclesiastical aristocrats, cardinals, bishops, domestic
prelates, papal nuncios, abbots, prelates nulls, papal
delegates, etc, can all be found mixed up with Vatican

I have not space to continue enumerating the thousands

of personages who, to receive investitures, paid
enormous sums of money to the Vatican's coffers, and
who until this very day occupy the dioceses and
monasteries which claim to represent Christianity; when
the truth is that every one of them has used his position
to enrich himself using the name of the poor Christ.
Wars of investitures in Europe's Holy Roman Empire
occupy numerous chapters of bloody battles where
millions of poor Catholics, directed by National
Catholicism and its chief, the pope, have been martyred
and used in sad crusades unto an death. At the cry of
Deovo lo Volt, "God wants it," millions of Catholic
natives have died in fratricidal wars and struggles of
national brothers deceived by the Catholic Church's
ambitious plans or consignments in all nations, many
times through her associations of Catholic Action,
"Cristeros" (supporters of rebellion against secular laws
introduced after the revolution), Apostles of the word,

Apostles of Christ, and thousands of legions of

monasteries of friars and nuns, who are sworn to
defend the Vatican's interests and consignments.
Even unto this day the Vatican's coffers are re-
established and maintained, when they get low,
through these investitures.

To be able to really understand my historical

documentation concerning all I am saying about
investitures, I should recommend one of my books on
the Humanities, and which I've titled Lecturas Sobre
las Humanidades (Lectures on the Humanities) vol.
II, pg. 45, chapter 2, and which I titled "History of
Christianity." I do a summary of this sad history of
the struggles for investitures from the Middle Ages
unto this present century.

The most notable moments in both the western and

Eastern Empires, the principal factors which Roman
Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire used to convert
true Christianity into state Catholicism, that is to say,
into a church that deviated from her primordial
objectives and teachings of Jesus Christ, obeying the
king and Pontifex Maximus of Rome or of
Byzantium. On page 74 and following, I say: "The
financial supervision of the Vatican's economic
system was strictly regulated. This sacred Empire was
known as the " Paradise of Monopoly," privileges and
paternalism. The state and the Catholic Church
exercise a total income declarations and monopoly of
all activities. Both the wages of workers and the
prices of products were fixed by governmental decree.
A system of guilds or labor unions, established in the
latter days of the Roman Empire, was maintained,
82 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

where a citizen couldn't even choose his own

occupation. The manufacturer couldn't elect the
quantity nor (the) quality of the raw materials which he
desired to acquire, and all were to render accounts and
pay tithes off of their production and earnings, etc. To
get an idea of the Vatican's and wealth, I will facilitate a
biography at the end whereby you can document
yourself and reach your own conclusions which the
Vatican and her Catholic zealously conceal. But we can
now know the truth, and without fear of
excommunication or the stake.

The history of the Church's investitures, which are

maintained unto this day, is one of the major sources
that the Vatican has or uses to increase her finances and
get the temporal power she possesses in this day and

I have not the space to continue enumerating the

thousand year old mercantilism of the Vatican, whereby
she receives her millionaire revenues from investiture


As thousands of other Spaniards, I am a monsignor
and priest who was exiled for opposing Franco's
dictatorship and criticizing Vatican state and her ally
the Catholic Church, who were responsible for
defeating the Spanish Democratic Republic and
imposing, by force, a fascist regimen, a forty year
dictatorship, thanks to the millions of pesetas which
Vatican state puts in the hands of rebellious militants
of bishops and Catholic seminaries. I was a parson in
the arch diocese of Seville, the biggest of Spain. It
was the stomping grounds of famous cardinals, and
where the see was ruled by the holy doctor cardinal D.
Pedro Segura y Saenz, also a victim of Vatican City
and her dictator Franco. I was a witness of how
Vatican state constantly mobilized and sent new
nuncios and papal delegates, who carried out her
consignments to finish off the constitutional
government. And all this only for separating church
(Catholic) from state; and putting her arrogant
clergymen in their place, whom Rome uses for her
political and economic interests, in the name of
Christianity, she has confused us ingenuous priests
and believers. They won the war in Spain, expelled or
banished the Spanish Republic from power,
intellectuals, artists, and Christians (all those who
resisted this Catholic-fascist dictatorship), and caused
the death of a million Spaniards in a fratricidal war: at
the cry of the crusaders' "Hail Christ the king."
Execute the communists! I am no retired (and) writing
my memoirs, but only after first having had the
opportunity of visiting the Vatican several times, and
of having had access to the university libraries in
Columbia, New York, California, etc; and to the
84 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

National Libraries of various countries. And today,

without ecclesiastical censorship, that is, the nihil obstat
et imprimatur to worry about, free and in a democratic
society with freedom of expression, and not fearing
excommunication [or the stake], I have been able to
annotate, for true history, those doctrines and historical
facts which Vatican state and her representatives have
falsified, and which they made us believe as truth; when
the reality is that any honest man, especially a Christian
having the spirit of Christ, must come to the conclusion
that Vatican state, using her scholastic and irrational
philosophies, has sown but lies instead of truth in
Catholic consciences, even though she presents herself
as the exclusive center of Christendom. The truth
remains (and I can prove it scientifically with facts) that
the Catholic Church that the Vatican represents doesn't
even have ten percent (10%) Christian values, and that
her interests are by no mean spiritual, mind you, but of
political and material power and wealth. Vatican state
has been losing many battles through or with the New
Democracies springing up and the separating of Church-
state relations. The mission of the [true] church is to
preach the gospel (Matt. 28:18-20), but this is what we
see least of in Mexico. We see all the contrary. Arrogant
Bishops and dominating nuncios, who every day
contaminate the pulpits more and more, and whose
Vatican consignments are daily being realized, is what
we see. Rome doesn't want to lose the war in Mexico,
And there from proceed the unjustified attacks and
defamation that the clergy reserves for and vents toward
evangelical Christian groups. It's a truth that the
Catholic Church is nothing but a thousand-year-old
millennial sect whom we must confront now once and
for all and forever. In Spain Vatican State ordered the

burning of Protestant temples and churches, the

prohibition of the bible [which she does every single
chance she gets], and the exile or assassination of
Christian ministers who criticized the fascist
dictatorship and clergy, which was compromise to
German National Catholicism. The arrival of guerrilla
forces in these moments in different states, yea, the
arrival of the generals of the Jesuits, Opus Dei,
Teresians and thousands of friars and nuns of Rome,
including Monsignors educated in papal institutions,
and secret delegates of the Vatican, who are
occupying universities and positions of directorships
in big businesses, etc, reminds me of the same
situation in Spain - of how they started taking over
everything. . . until they won the war. The very same
coordinates given in Spain then are being given in
Mexico now. And if the Mexican Government opens
not its eyes very soon, we will have a cicil war [again]
and Mexicans will continue dying in defense of, or
opposition to, Vatican state, which is not a Christian
Church. In the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, Yucatan,
as in Colombia, Nicaragua and in all Latin American
Catholic dictatorships, liberation theology guerrillas
are being established, who are majestically directed
by the Vatican's National Catholicism and its battle-
hardened clerical legions of bishops, Jesuits and
priests, who are committed to either conquering or
dying with the cross and assault rifle.
86 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


I am a Monsignor and Doctor who writes about
Christianity and its pseudo representative, Catholicism.
During the years I have endeavored to get acquainted,
through my doctorates and biblical studies (and not
fearing excommunication or ecclesiastical censorship)
in the United States, with the true history of
Christianity. Forty years in pursuit of the true church
founded by Jesus Christ on earth and her teachings,
characteristics, etc, if so be that this church really
existed on earth. For even though I was educated, or
rather brainwashed, thoroughly in Catholic institutions,
nevertheless I saw that Protestant and evangelical
churches, though closer to God and true Christianity,
and having a bigger percentage of saved Christians,
were also in need of restoration. Through my living
experiences within Catholicism, occupying the most
diverse pastoral duties, and knowing the Catholic
Church system in different nations, I have been able to
come several conclusions concerning which, with all
due respect to their beliefs, I cannot but write in
conscience what I believe, as a doctor and Christian
missionary and Ex priest, to be true Christianity and its
rival, Catholicism. Two totally different CONCEPTS.
Vatican State's power and riches are incalculable. This
whore and MOTHER of ABOMINATIONS has very
well known how to exploit Christianity in the occidental
culture, to make people see her as the sole
representative of Christianity. But the history of the
centuries testifies how she has carried on her power
politics and acquired her riches, and how she has taken

over and controlled the consciences and minds of

whole nations through INQUISITIONS,
WONDERS, etc; and how all those which resisted are
damned to Hell fires already for disobedience. We are
now coming to the thresholds of the Third Millennium
when democracies permit us to study, investigate, and
speak the truth of history, and when we are granted
the human rights of freedom of speech, worship, and
beliefs, free from fear of excommunications or
inquisitions, which Catholicism still wants to
maintain, we can now come to legitimate conclusions
and reliable arguments and defy this power Dictatorial
State of the Vatican on public forum, whose
ambitions are not nor ever really have been Christian
or spiritual, but very much on the contrary, political
and economic ambitions. I can prove-and it's clearly
documented-her financial corruption in Mexico.
Vatican State is the biggest enemy of democracy in
existence, bar none. The power of Vatican State
survives still today. Very arrogant and powerful are
her bishops, nuncios, Monsignors, and clerics, who
are educated in Rome's Institutions, more than 300
universities, colleges, convents, seminaries, patroness,
councils, boards, etc. all of which make the Vatican's
power and influence in Mexico of such (a) magnitude,
that if Mexico's leaders don't check her very soon, as
they do in democracies, Mexico will become another
bastion or stronghold of Vatican city's Multinational
Empire. Wake up Mexico to the snares of Vatican
State, which is the most powerful force within
88 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

Mexico: an Empire who, using the name of Christianity,

is subjugating and undermining the true democracy
which we need so badly in these moments. She is
undermining and asphyxiating all manifestations and
principles of a democracy. As far as Catholic
dictatorships are concerned, I was a live witness in
Spain, Puerto Rico, and California now, of how Vatican
State imports a Political-religion nationalism through
the name of Christianity.
In these very moments, Basque, Irish, and Polish
Catholics are growing in Mexico, and by means of their
bishops, allied to and controlled by the Vatican, are
carrying out an armed crusade wherein Mexicans die
every day: and everything governed strictly from the
Vatican by her billions of dollars.

Forget not this reality, my brothers: Christ cannot be

represented by a terrestrial, bloody state, a millennial
dictatorship and antichrist sect such as this. "By their
fruits," and not by their words, "You shall know them."
We are witnesses of her scholastic falsities, her
ambitions to get richer, her deviations, her deceiving,
her ABOMINATIONS and in the name of our bless
savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Is it not now high time we
unmask the Antichrist and Culprit of Christian
ignorance? .


The sad events taking place in Chiapas and in other
Mexican regions are the same as the events which
took place in Spain and Panama, whereto I was called
to live as a missionary and priest. The arrival of the
Vatican's New Nuncio, and the appointments of the
primates and papal political delegates of the religious
orders, and of lay political delegates with whom
National Catholicism abundantly counts, and
landowners, converted the Spanish and [later]
Panamanian governments into dictatorships which
stripped the poor natives of their lands, cattle,
agriculture, etc. In Andalusia , the poorest region of
the Spanish peasantry, and in the regions of Chiriqui
in Panama, where I exercised my Pastor as Vicar
General of the East, I was a witness of this very
process. The history of the Spanish conquest of Latin
America written by the general chronicler of the
Indies, Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo y Valdes,
whose fifty (50) volumes are censored because her
tells it like is, his publications only being allowed in
1835, taught me, for my doctoral thesis on the history
of the discovery, the truth of the lamentable deeds and
atrocities which both (the) ambitious soldiers and
Catholic missionaries, with the Vatican's and the
Catholic king's blessings, committed against the
indigenous cultures. The present case in Chiapas, as
well as the case of the poverty in Seville, Spain, in the
poor quarters and areas of la Corza, Arbol Gordo, and
Fontanal, of the municipal shelter under my authority
90 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

or charge, is a good example thereof. As a parish priest

and economist of the 50,000 native Guaymies who were
under my missionary responsibility, I presented a
petition for assistance to the Panamanian Nuncio and
primate and to the Spanish Nuncio and primate, to
resolved the crisis and poverty of so many thousands of
hungry souls who died in desperation and misery daily.
I presented the following program, as that which is now
being presented in Mexico, whereby I try to contribute
to the solving of the natives' problem in Chiapas, to the
nuncio and primate. . . and through them to Vatican

1. Cease to send the millions collected by the Spanish

dioceses and their mercantilist businesses to the
Vatican. Millions which rightfully should be dedicated
to the erection of schools, hospitals, and community
food centers, and to agricultural equipment, the just
distribution of cattle, clothes, and medication to them
that cultivate the lands. By this means a thousand
million dollars could be reserved and justly
administered by a committee of conscience. 2. All
salaries of bishops, priests, and politicians, whose bank
accounts are already overflowing with the alms and
offerings of poor peasants, which, according to the
teachings of Jesus Christ, should be distributed among
the poor, should be checked. If this were effectively
done, and the millions of dollars gathered in the
basilicas, universities, parishes, sale of sacraments,
monthly quotas, bingo games, raffles, sale of religious
articles, productive investments, etc, rightfully applied
and used, and deposited in a pro-native and pro-poor
account, to be used accordingly, we would see the
positive Christian results within a year. In this chapter
an official audit would be taken regularly, and its

accountants diligently supervised and paid by an

oversight committee of conscience. Do you have any
idea of how many millions of dollars could by offered
by the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico and that of
Spain? Or by the Basilica of Saint Peter and the
Basilica of Pillar in Rome? You can get a good idea
of it by just some simple calculations. If every
Catholic offers $25 a year, and you multiply that by
the 1,000,000,000 who claim to be Catholics, is it not
true that the crisis in Chiapas, and the poverty of the
impoverished zones, could be remedied therewith? 3.
In the National budget we could include all those
expenses which politicians, nuncios, and bishops
divide among themselves in trips, conferences and
feasts: Millions which solve nothing. This annual
budget could preferably be applied to the problems of
the starving, needy natives, which could no doubt be
much better and more Christian than giving it to the
privileged class, which bleeds the economy and
contributes to the nation's poverty.
4. The objectives of the Nuncio and bishops, and of
the governors and politicos who want (supposedly) to
do away with the crisis in Chiapas and in other
Mexican regions, shall never be carried out if they
continue letting the Catholic Church to plunder,
pillage and/or despoil the little that the poor and their
hierarchies still have left to live as missionaries, who
preach to the poor and give them examples, food, and
economical and moral support.
92 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The history of the Vatican's, and consequently of the
Catholic Church's, business dealings and wealth has
ever been changed, twisted and falsified by
ecclesiastical historians and the Spanish, Portuguese,
and Italian missionaries who, in the name of
Christianity, came to seize the Patrimony, gold and
silver of the natives' very rich mines. I don't affirm or
come to this conclusion capriciously just because I want
to belittle, slander, or discredit the church that educated
me, though falsely; but only once [or after] I was able to
document myself with a scientific doctorate in history,
in the University of Madrid.

In Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo's 50 volumes on the

General History of the Indies, theme of my doctoral
thesis, we can find the reality of the arrival of the
Spaniards and their missionaries to the Americas well
described, and the truth of the greedy conquerors' thirst
for blood and loot expertly narrated. It's definitely not
the same (as) the General History of the Indies which
was written by the first bishops of Chiapas, nor is it the
same history written by Franciscan, Jesuit, Dominican,
and ecclesiastical chroniclers, who are all rich and
would have us believe a history of Christian
evangelization, when the truth is, as Oviedo, the official
chronicler of the Indies, narrates, all the contrary: that
is, a mortal blow to the thriving native cultures, and the
armed looting by the missionaries and soldiers of some
bishop Inquisitors and viceroys, whereof we can still
contemplate the inhuman victimization,

impoverishment, and slaughter of the autochthonous

races. Yea, Oviedo narrates this true history for us,
and that's precisely why his books were censured and
unpublished until 1895. The only history known to
Catholics is censured, as all Catholic literature," and
this has caused Catholic readers to be ignorant of the
true history of the sad events which took place
through the fanatical Catholics whom the immoral
pope Alexander VI in the name of the Holy Roman/
Spanish Empire.

In my data on these historic moments, I could find

and mention the following. The bishops' residences
and the houses of the religious orders, which are
improperly called Christian missions, are not but a
fountain of enrichment, proving that the majority of
productive lands, livestock, treasures of minerals and
cultural treasures were sacked and sent to Spain and
the Vatican to construct the biggest of basilicas,
Cathedrals, and the great houses of the Jesuits,
Dominicans, Franciscans, etc, which cropped not up
out of thin air, a you yourself can contemplate, but
proceed of the riches looted from the Americas, the
tithes imposed, and the treasures which the lords of
the native nobility had, many of whom, for only being
rightful owners of properties, died at the stake of the
INQUISITION, after having their treasures and
belongings confiscated: In my conferences in the
Mexican States and in Latin America I am opening
many consciences concerning the deceit we have
suffered on account of this false Catholic history, and
I admonish the believer of his individual obligation to
study and acquaint himself with the other side of the
money, that is, (with) the true history of the discovery
94 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

of the Americas. I will also warn my readers that the

books which have been written on this truth don't exist
in Spanish. Today, in the new democracies, which grant
us liberty of expression, the truth of the discovery is
become known, as well as the mercantilist intentions
and Political-economic ambitions of the Vatican, who
only uses the name of Christianity to enrich and benefit
herself, as I am a witness to and can prove. I
recommend the reader consult the documented work by
Doctor Luis Rodriguez called "Catholics, Liberal
Thinkers and Protestants, We Agree," a true history;
doctrinal truth, page 301, chapter XV11, titled "Lay not
up for yourselves treasures upon earth" (Matthew 6:19).
He enumerates with documentation, and numerically,
the head of cattle, ecclesiastical pretends, and lands and
estates of the dioceses and colleges of Tepeaca,
Tepotzotlan, Ntra Senora de San Juan de los Lagos, and
the dioceses of Puebla, where four fifths (4/5) of the
rural property pertained to the clergy, and, as Historian
Humbolt Calculated, the total property of the clergy in
the New Spain was valued at some $260,000,000.00.
The half of the property and capital (s) of all kinds
existing were in the hands of the Vatican and her clergy.

For a historian whose doctoral thesis he versed
on Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo's . Oviedo was the
official chronicler of the Spanish crown General and
Natural History of the Indies, and who was a
missionary in the native areas of Spain and Panama,
and lived in different nations of Latin America for 25
years, preaching the gospel to the poor, to narrate the
events which took place during the discovery of
America, through the coming of the Spaniards
commissioned by the Catholic kings and Pope, a
historical event which changed the course of history
and which this servant presents to obtain his doctor's
degree in the Papal University of Madrid, is an easy
thing to do. It is also easy for us to understand the sad
political-religious situation that traverses one of
Mexico's most problematic and rich regions: Chiapas,
The Center of National Catholicism. From the arrival
of the Catholic missionaries and the appointment of
the first bishop, P. Las Casas, INQUISITOR
GENERAL in Mexico, to the naming of Samuel Ruiz,
Bishop of San Cristobal, the very same situation
continues without remedy, that is to say, the
exploitation of the Native, his disappearance, and the
despoilment of his Patrimony and culture at the point
of the gun. The cause of this so incongruous a
Chiapan history is very easy to end, as it ended in the
United States, Puerto Rico, and in all those other
states which smartened up and expelled the Jesuits
and politicized bishops, as Fidel Castro, the
Communist tyrant of Cuba did, exiling them or
s e ndi n g them back to their own nations. Out went the
96 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

force of subtle reason without arms, and a church of

National Catholicism - helping the poor native re-
incorporate himself into society, not with words, but
with actions. [This should not be taken as a defense of
Fidel Castro's atheist dictatorship, who has transformed
Cuba into a Maximum Security Prison in which the
common masses are trampled under foot by a
totalitarian, antichrist, unequal state which has done
more or just as much evil as his predecessors, and is
causing indescribable suffering to both his citizens and
the exiles in America]. Social restructuring, returning
lands unto their rightful owners, recompensing millions
unto them to build and buy schools, Health Centers,
agricultural implements, food, etc. In Panama's native
zone of Chiriqui, when I was Vicarius of the 50,000
Indian Guaymies, I was able to incorporate, together
with the government, thousands of them and take to the
University, and if it had not been for CELAM of the
Vatican's National Catholicism, which mockingly is
called the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith,
these natives would have long ago been incorporated
into Panamanian society.

As soon as the Mexican government is well advised -

and not by bishops, Jesuits, and priests commissioned
by National Catholicism, whose tactics and
consignments are all designed to take over power in
Mexico .

The legacy of P. Las Casas, whose hypocritical life as a

bishop Inquisitor was dedicated to plundering and
oppressing the poor natives, and to battling with the
chronicler of the Indies for control over land and Indian

slaves, (you can read my doctoral thesis where I

document these polemics, unedited and on microfilms
in the university of Michigan) is about the same
situation we are now contemplating in Mexico: and
we can contemplate this very situation in any nation
where the church of National Catholicism loses
In Chiapas, all the denunciations of the bishop and
his rich Catholics are against Christian groups, whom
they label as sects, prohibit entry into colleges, and
even kill, in the same way they used to do during the
epoch of the INQUISITION. We can understand that
forty percent of Mexico has already left off being
Catholic, (and) how statistics presented to the people
by a compromised press and fanatical Catholics are
deceitful, and that the battle of National Catholicism
in Mexico is all but lost. Her lemma Chiapas the
gospel of the poor, the church, justice, and truth is the
biggest lie and deception which the Catholic Church
could give. That's why Christian churches in Chiapas
are excelling Catholic churches, and, hopefully, soon,
shall end up erasing them from the Mexican map, as
we see taking place throughout all of Latin and Brazil.
National Catholicism, in these moments, is being
conquered by the true church, "The Light of the
World," a Mexican movement of Christian restoration
which is the only solution to the problems of the
natives in Chiapas.
Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


One of the most powerful economic and politico-
religion Institutions in the world, and which represents
the Vatican's interests so thoroughly, is the
Congregation of Opus Dei, or work of God in English.
The Holy Mafia, so named by international bankers
Monsignor Jose Maria Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei in
the twentieth century, and St. Ignacio de Loyola,
founder of the Jesuits, who have been the two great
supports upon which the Vatican and Catholicism lean,
and the cause of the political, economic, and educational
empire that the Roman Catholic Church maintains in the
that, hiding behind the shield of Christianity, we see by
history has been but serving Mammon as its principle
objective, and not precisely the Christian valves laid
down by our Savior. I remember , in Spain, the arrival
of Opus Dei's columns, and how the universities and
other educational organisms of a Democratic Republic
and wise secular teachers passed into their hands, who
quickly began imparting their Catholic curriculum and
Vatican consignments into [both] public and private
teaching and controlling educational departments with
an iron fist. I recall how, in the University Complutense
of Madrid, when I did my doctoral thesis on education,
all my teachers were from Opus Dei and the Teresianas.
The democratic professors who resisted the Franco
dictatorship were all either exiled or banished to the
strange. During my second doctoral thesis on
philosophy and letters in the Papal University of
Comillas, also in Madrid, the Jesuits were both my

teachers and the owners thereof. As is now taking

place in Spain through the government of Aznar, so
also in these very moments Vatican City is sending
her most prepared and battle-hardened hosts to her
unconditional servants of the Opus Dei. The
consignments and objectives of Vatican state, as
they've always been, are to take over all educational,
the news media, companies and banks, etc. Many of
these soldiers, with their thorough experience and
training would put an end to Mexico's democratic
government at the snap of the finger. Their members,
as in Madrid, are already occupying advanced
administrative positions in banks and educational
departments, and they have the peculiar characteristic
that they obey [blindly] the Vatican's direct orders,
and not Mexican bishops'.

The University of Navarra de Deuston, the most

famous Catholic and nationalist university, has a
handbook Manuel which has been translated into 39
languages, with 261 editions and 3.740.244 copies,
published in 1949, which makes us see the Opus Dei
vigor and strength in these moments. It's
compromised and dedicated members, priests and
secular humanists, with the same vows, are numbered
in the thousands and have been carefully selected
from among the rich and professional classes. I
remember how many interests were held out as bait to
invite me to join the ranks of Opus Dei in Seville,
where I had the opportunity to visit its centers and
know its organizations. The Vatican will not allow the
lost of another war, as she had it lost in Spain with the
previous democratically run government of Felipe
Gonzalez, whereto priests, professors, and
100 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

intellectuals, who were forced into exile for opposing

Franco's dictatorship and a church governed by the
Vatican's fascist state, in Co hoots with Opus Dei
politicians, returned. The Vatican in these very
moments is sending hundreds of paid soldiers to Mexico
under the lovely name of "Work of God," Opus Dei. A
wealthy, political Catholic God who will progressively
take over the reins of the government and its institutions
and agencies. That's why with 29 of their members
already in key government positions in the new
government of Aznar, in Spain, they have already begun
to win the already lost battle.

The Opus Dei army, as the Mexican journalists San

Juan a Martinez very truly writes in his article about
Opus Dei (Proceso 30 June 1996) "amplifies itself in the
social sphere, and besides its politicians, it now includes
businessmen, financiers, judges, soldiers, editors,
publishers, journalists, doctors, professors who see the
opportunity to receive the institutional support of the
present government. I could add, by my experiences in
Spain, as a Christian monsignor and priest, and a doctor
and historian of Christianity, that the Papal religious
orders have been what have won the Vatican's political
wars and saved her finances from bankruptcy. Don't
forget what took place in Spain, Mexico, etc. The civil
war, supported and fueled by Catholicism, is begun


The society of Jesus (or the Jesuits) was founded by a
Basque Spaniard named Inigo Lopez de Recalde,
better known today as Ignacio de Loyola, in 1535
during some of the most notable moments of Spain's
Golden Age. When these vanguard soldiers of
Catholicism appeared, they manage to halt the
Protestant Reformation considerably, direct the
council of Trent, and save the corruption of the
Vatican and a morally disintegrated church. Their
participation in the Monarchial courts is legendary;
their talented men, educated to the Basque mettle, a
mixture of warriors, vanguard soldiers with Trojan
discipline and Athenian wisdom, thousands of
potentates, rich men of the most distinguished
Spanish, French, and European nobility, are attracted
by the Catholic-Christian ways of perfection of its
founder, who was also a soldier and fighter in the
battle fields. His Spiritual Exercises would be
converted into the rule and canons of the Roman
Church, who needed urgent reforms because of the
degeneration to which she had by then come. The
power that the Jesuits come to have in the Vatican,
and in Universal Catholicism in general, and their
contributions to the missionary, scientific world of the
Vatican, we can still see today, seeing that they direct
more than 400 reputable Papal Universities and
secular institutes. Having received one of my
doctorates in the Pontifical University of Spain, and
being a teacher in her universities in different nations,
of her Catholic-scholastic programs, and other
educational organisms in Latin America, I am still a
102 Monseiior Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

witness in Mexico, the Iberian of the USA, of Loyola's

legacy, etc.

Actually there is no Vatican congregation where the PP

Jesuits are not leaders: News Media's, the observatory
Roman, Radio Vatican, Gregorian Universities, the
cradle of all bishops graduated in theology, philosophy,
history, canon law, etc. Not even the pope himself can
engage in Cathedra nor travel without being
accompanied by Jesuits. The Jesuits are indispensable to
the Vatican's finances, and are masters in the pecuniary
arts. One of the New York Time's Best Sellers is the
book written by P.Jesuit Malachi Martin titled "The
Jesuits the Society of Jesus and the Betrayal of the
Roman Catholic Church," whereby you can get a much
better understanding of the Society of Jesus power and
history during the past 500 years. I just don't have the
space in my brief articles to continue narrating its so
formidable Political, Cultural, and warmonger labors in
all the various nations. The Jesuits were Catholicism's
right hand man until the coming of this Polish Pope,
who was not accepted by them in the Gregorian and
betrayed them in vengeance, as P. Malachi's book very
well titles, turning most of their powers and confidence
and preeminence over to (the) Opus Dei. In relation to
this, journalist Juan Arias, in his book "Un Dios Para el
Papa" ( pg. 125), very well says: "Is Wojtyla the pope
of Opus Dei? Or is it the millions of another modern
religious order, founded also by another Spaniard, J.M.
Escriva, as revenge to the rebelliousness of many Jesuits
after the Sad Second Vatican Council? To the writer
Avro Manhattan, in his book "The Vatican in World
Politics," "The Jesuits form an almost invincible army
because of their four vows to the Vatican and for being

the leaders of clericalism in Spain. Formed during the

age of the Catholic kings, they reigned supreme until
the Franco Dictatorship, allied to the Vatican and
backing her National Catholicism. The author, whom
I recommend you read, documents the labors of
Catholic proselytism [i.e., forced conversion in most
cases] and its Political-social interventions in Spain,
France, Austria, and Germany, its attacks against
American institutions, its Martyrs for defending
National Catholicism, in revolutions, at the cry of
"He's Christ the king, its mobilization of guerrillas
of the poor native cultures, (and) its displacement of
Democratic Governments, as took place in Spain
when the fascists arrived. And I was a personal
eyewitness of the coming of Italian fascism and
German National Catholicism thereto, and how the
Vatican used her millions to buy arms and allies, and
to consolidate the empire of National Catholicism:
astute bankers, rich men with the vow of poverty,
merchants, etc. Yea, the Jesuits, together with the
Dominicans and Franciscans, have always been the
columns which have sustained the Vatican and kept
her from collapse upon her apostasy from genuine and
authentic Christian.
104 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The power that the Catholic Church exercises throuh
the whole world is due to various factors, which I have
been able to study, in her long history as a Monsignor
and doctor who has served her for forty years as a
faithful slave. The first fact is the thousands of
intellectuals selected in every diocese and educated in
papal universities, such as the bishops, Monsignors,
very obedient writers, and all those which believe in
Papal infallibility and Rome's dogmatic canons, never
mind that they might violate the most fundamental of
human rights. These preeminent, privileged intellectuals
are selected and in the majority of cases bought in every
nation to be used and assigned to represent the political,
economic, and educational interests of the Vatican,
which satanically claims she is the exclusive
representative of Christianity on earth, when she is of a
truth the most diabolical lie, bloody monster and
falsehood ever invented. Christians are followers of
Christ, and not of the pagan empire of Romanist and
baptized Baal worship maintain in the Roman Catholic
Church. The writings of all these intellectuals, with [all]
their Catholic-scholastic philosophies and mere
speculations, have unfortunately infused the whole
planet's bookstores, libraries, and catalogues of all
languages, and are translated in the Universal News
Media. The second factor which has also contributed so
much to the spreading of Romanist is the use that the
Catholic Church hath made of true Christians-Catholic
Christians who, being obedient to the Vatican's
interests, have refuse to separate themselves from her
apostasies, no doubt fearing excommunication and the

loss of their temporal power. There are thousands of

genuine Christians who have refused to replace their
apostate Catholic faith for a Christian, Bible
believing, authentic faith in Jesus the Christ. In
Catholicism's history we can study how the Roman
Catholic Church has known how to use hundreds of
stunborn Christian men and women, whose lives of
Sanctity and examples of Christianity are truly
admirable, for her own disastrous ambitions of
Political power; riches, and the confounding of
millions of believers in genuine Christianity in order
to convert them to Catholicism, which is NOT
Christianity. A very liberal pope, John XXIII, Pius X,
several cardinals and bishops, whose Christian
writings, evangelizations and founding of charity
missions are so well known, are among some of
Rome's members, whose fruits we clearly see today
in the 20th century. I don't have enough space to
recognize their labors of salvation, in (the) hospitals,
monasteries, educational centers, parishes, etc. Many
of them, including diocesan bishops, are removed
from their charges never mind their regenerative
social and other Christian labors only for willing to
correct the so many abuses and corruption's of the
Vatican and her Catholic Church, whom they refuse
to serve, being silenced and, in many cases,
mysteriously disappearing, never to be seen or heard
from again. The Catholic Church's history carries
many surprises [or shocks] for us, and whenever true
Christian writers have by chance had the opportunity
to pinpoint her political trajectory of alliances with the
greatest of empires, which she has assisted in every
country, never mind that they were Atheist states,
religious persecutors, or fascist dictatorships, they
106 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

have been muzzled or murdered. Now that the Vatican

has partially opened her top secrets archives, and
permitted historians to scrutinize the fruits of this
church, who wants to call herself Christian, they can not
but see the true history of her deeds and separate her
from authentic Christianity. She can only survive by
means of her diabolical use of the intellectuals she
brainwashes and graduates in her universities, which, in
the same way as Marxist universities educate and
fanaticize their leaders around the world, and as both
Hitler and Mussolini also educated their youth [Hitler
Youth], indoctrinate them into believing that the
Catholic Popes and other hierarchies are superman
destined to change humanity into their own image. Even
so Rome's second Vatican council, despising the
previous intellectuality, of what it considered mediocre
intellectuals, desired to create a NEW Christian who
would with time adjust to the new INTERNATIONAL
SOCIALISM, a new Christianity more in line with the
terrestrial exigencies of an worldly parodies governed
by Vatican city than the Bible, finishing off the
Christianity very clearly preached by Christ, of a new
creature saved by grace through faith (EPHESIANS
2:8) - the real solution to the crisis and disaster in which
we now live.


In the Bank Ambrosiano scandal mentioned earlier,
the biggest participator therein was Opus Dei. Thus
we see that Berti, the key to understanding the truth of
the money laundering in Venezuela, was replaced as
head of Unecclesia by the Bishop of the Opus Dei,
Francisco de Guruccago, 65, auxiliary of Caracas
since 1973. Berti was allocable to reveal that another
Bishop from Opus Dei, Jose Joaquin Troconis, 51,
auxiliary of Valencia in Venezuela, got a woman
pregnant and was forced to contract a marriage with
her. And finally, to Berti money laundering could be
used for republic works as the construction of bridges,
expresses, and plots in Caracas.

Italian firms, as that of Alliance and la de Vianini

(close to Giulio Andreotti, who is being investigated
for his ties to the Mafia), were also involved. To Berti
the immense amounts of money of the Opus Dei came
mostly from Spain and were sent off to solidarity in
Poland during Martial Law. It explains the
preponderance of Opus Dei in the Vatican's financial
departments, Berti affirms that he is known by the
Pope John Paul II, but was better known by Paul VI,
with whom he met 20 times.

Italian courts investigating long term relationships or

associations. The recognized Vatican's journalist Juan
Arias, in his informative book Un dios Para el Papa
(A God for the Pope), on page 125, asks himself, is
Wojtyla the pope of the Opus Dei? In his very
interesting study, he confirms it and documents his
ties and sympathies with/for the Opus Dei and not
with the Jesuits.
108 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

The Opus Dei, which was trying to take the reins and
control of the Catholic Church without success, was the
one which elevated Wojtyla to the Cardinality, and
whose money later helped him occupy the papacy. It
was they and their multinational enterprises' millions
which have made it possible for National Catholicism
once again to take over the bishopric's, Nunciatures,
Episcopal conferences in Latin America, etc. and as he
very well tell us, "The Opus Dei, in its line of
occupation, for the good of the church, used to prepare
itself into four very concrete camps (the economic,
social communications, the universities, and canon law
studies) because in those days, before the Vatican II
council, it was all but impossible to ordain a priest who
had not obtained such a doctorate.

I was a witness in Spain of how they obtained these

objectives by offering Franco the "easy way." I recall
that all my teachers in the universities complutense were
Opus Dei members, and how those who were professors
for life and the best teachers - if they opposed the tyrant
church - were expelled. And as in Latin America, Opus
Dei Bought up the News Media and other information
outlets. By this means they are able to destroy
democracies and progressively take over their minds
and hinder their human rights progresses. Aries refers to
it thus, "The Opus Dei amplified itself economically."
Franco gave them the Ministries and departments, the
keys to the economy, bank funds [both] within and
without Spain, entered the companies, captured the most
distinguish key men in the economy in her webs, and
thereby create his dictatorial empire. His scandals, as
those of Matesa, made his own organizatin's members

doubt his sanctity. Banco popular Espanol (Spanish

Popular Bank) was by then already the principal bank
of the Opus Dei. We could run into fourteen other
banking institutions, under the umbrella of the popular
Bank, the Atlantic Bank, and the Rumasa group. It
was known (also) that more than twenty (20) banks
besides pertained to Opus Dei in Spain alone, without
even counting the subsidiaries and affiliates in Latin
America. Yea, Opus Dei's actions and fruits clearly
show that it can not be a part of Christ's true Church,
which was poor, persecuted, and without material
interests. Once Opus Dei's true intentions became
popularly known by the people, it was surnamed as
being like white Masonry, the Holy Mafia, Octopus of
God, secret service of the Pope, fifth column, etc.
Yea, and it was also accused of being in connivance
with Latin American dictatorships, belonging to the
C.I.A., possessing interests in some of the greatest
multinational interests (including some of doubtful
morals), and of having intimate, strait contacts to the
most far right Masonic organisms and secret services
of various countries. I recall once being visited in the
university of Seville and invited to become a member
of the Opus Dei. . .
110 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The most pernicious of lies that the Roman Catholic
Church has used during the centuries to confuse the
values existing between Catholic believers, who can't
distinguish between what Christianity is and what
Catholicism is, and consequently the corruption of
Catholic Christianity from the fruits of true Christianity,
is her scholastic ideologies as employed in the education
of her monsignors, bishops, and hierarchies scattered
around the whole world to corner shrewdly the few
riches which remain in all countries of the world.

I am a Christian doctor and monsignor who has

dedicated his whole life to understanding the true
histories of both Christianity and its impostor,
Catholicism. It has taken me a whole life of preparation,
with my doctorates and master in divinity, occupying
the most varied academic charges in universities and
their programs, as a writer of textbooks, etc, in order to
be able to clearly distinguish and affirm the differences
which exist between the academic degrees awarded in
papal universities to her clergy, who are prepared
thoroughly to attack at their opportunity, in order to
spoil the riches of nations and send them off to their
mistress, the Vatican, and the academic degrees granted
in civil universities. Some being scientific doctors,
others ecclesiastical, papal, scholastic. So many clerics,
who occupy the most privileged positions of doctors in
canon law, doctors in philosophy, in history, theology,
liturgy, and sacred scriptures in the dioceses, and with
their arrogant diplomas displayed in their offices, and

monsignors certified for paying thousands of dollars

to the Vatican, etc, have demonstrated that they
approve the requisites of many courses taught in
these universities, which are based on Catholic
scholastic philosophies, that it's appalling.

The Vatican converts all these graduates, who come

to us from papal universities around the globe, into
high-handed leaders; naughty men who think they
know everything, when it's all the contrary, seeing
that the scholastic philosophies taught in Vatican
institutions are irrational and violate the most
minimal principles of natures laws and individual
conscience. They respect not human rights, and
preach a pseudo Christianity composed of but mere
Catholic speculations and theories, which, as they
very well say in Mexico, "Answer not to Scientific
Reality." That's why these papal graduates and
Diplomatic confuse the magnesia with the
gymnasium when they speak. Their conferences,
books, Preaching, and conduct, upon wanting to
become spiritual guides, interpreters and teachers of
Jesus Christ's message of salvation, and to validate
their scholastic credentials, are not recognized in
civil universities. They have no academic value.

I myself would attribute the greater part of the so sad

situation wherein we live today, in the 20th century,
to believing that these bishops and monsignors,
graduated clerics who come to us from Vatican
institutions to occupy the top positions in the entire
world's dioceses and cathedrals, are scientific or
reliable teachers, and it's "NOT" so. They are
teaching us historical falsehoods about Christianity,
112 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

biblical exegesis and hermeneutics the worst that could

ever have come to us who believed in the Catholic-
scholastic Christianity. These papal graduates have been
lavished with so many titles, and the list of cardinals,
bishops, monsignors and doctors is so big, that I've
collected some very appalling intellectual statistics of
conceited elements, ignorant bishops and vicars, false
chancellors and teachers, who are destroying the little
Christianity remaining in the Roman Church. They have
converted her with their scholastic falsehoods, which
prove nothing, and whose fruits are not but the present
[spiritual] bankruptcy we are now witnessing.

These Vatican graduates are rich capitalists who are

commissioned by the Pope himself, and selected for
their unconditional obedience: Rich men established in
the Pontifical yearbook, whose mission is to attain all
the power you could ever imagine, forgetting Christ.


Under the papal administrations of Popes Pius X, Pius
XI, Pius XII, Paul VI, and John XXEI the
INQUISITION has been revived under the name of
the holy office. These Popes have dedicated their
papacies to persecuting the reformers, theologians,
and exegete of the Catholic Church herself. They
invented the "INDEX" to prohibit Catholics from
reading the books, magazines, and all other writings
not having the approval of the ecclesiastical censure
of Rome, excommunicating them and charging them
with mortal sin. This is how Rome has ever kept her
poor Catholic followers ignorant of the best authors
and their very enlightening works, Christians who
have desired to reform the Vatican's corruption's. The
history of these Popes political and financial
interventions, etc, have made Vatican city the richest
state on the planet. The history of Pope Pious XII
experiences in Nazi Germany, and the treaties and
alliances of his bishops and their blessings of fascism,
are now all well known. It was appointed unto me to
live during this epoch, when the Vatican's fascist
hosts and militant fanatics arrived in Spain with their
millions, sacking the Spanish Republic and imposing
the dictatorship of Franco and his Spanish Phalanges
Movement, the black and blue shirts of the Italian ,
and the black wear dresses who came to dominate
In these moments we see that the Vatican's alliances,
pacts, and concordats with [ today ] democracies
don't check, since the Vatican or National
114 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

Catholicism is still a millennial dictatorship which

hypocritically presents herself as a theocratic
democracy. Her deeds in present day Latin America,
seeing that she can not do them in Europe now, show
that she is once again leading nations to a Neo-Nazi
epoch of ultra rights and American Capitalism. Her
fascist concordats with Germany, Italy, and Spain
clearly demonstrate just what the Vatican and her
treaties really are a sovereign political state (not as
apolitical Church of Christ) that receives the following
privileges: exemption from taxes, exemption from
military service for her clerical legions, diocesan clergy,
and religious. (This servant was relieved of mandatody
military service during the draft because of my seminary
student statues) with the Lateran Treaty the church is
also given diplomatic immunity, and her ambassadors
are named deans and senior members of the diplomatic
corps. They are also given exemption from import
tariffs, and that's why, in the diplomatic bags of her
delegates and diplomats, can be found DRUGS,
laundered money, etc. She is also permitted to install
broadcasting stations, newspapers, etc, which are
independent, carrying out her agenda, and censored by
civil authority. The Pope will be equipped as chief of
state, and thus he is honored and treated in all nations he
visits. The Vatican is bestowed the Character of a sacred
city. She thus imposes her religious doctrines in Italy,
Germany, and in ALL countries of Latin America which
subscribe to or sign the pacts and concordats already pre-
established by the Vatican and her papal Nuncios. The
church also has her exclusively in legislating Catholic
marriages and moral conduct; and governors and
political parties that don't back her ecclesiastical laws
on divorce, contraceptives, canonical and dogmatic

decrees, celibacy, feasts to be celebrated and

observed, tithes, sacramental impositions, etc, are
excommunicated and damned to eternal fires. The
Lateral Treaty gave the Vatican two thousand million
lives and 80 million dollars, which money the pope
turned over to a certain banker and financial wizard
named Bernardino Nogara to administer and transfer
in Swiss, English, and America banks. He was the
foundation of the immense financial power that the
Vatican flaunts today, and a reason that the Vatican is
the ricchest state on earth, bar none, and one of the
biggest moneylenders [i.e, usurers] to banks and
multinational enterprises on earth
Thus even Mussolini himself borrows money ("the
borrower is servant to the lender," Proverbs 22:7)
from the Vatican, as well as all the major fascist and
Catholic parties of that day. The banks, companies,
businesses, and brokerages which the Vatican
possesses today are enumerated at about 5000, and
you yourself can know them in the prestigious English
magazine "The Economist" (1965), which assures us
that the pope presides over the leading stock society
of the world, with a capital of $3,900 million dollars
[in America alone]. You yourself can know about her
businesses and actions. Naturally the Vatican has tried
to deny it, used fronts, and LIED about her formidable
financial potency, but the so many scandals and
corruption of her hierarchies clear up the truth, as I
116 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen


The Vatican's treaties, alliances, and concordats with
governments or political parties, never mind what their
ideologies may be, as long as she gets her share, are also
a big source of enrichment to her finances. All through
history, since the emperor Constantine's time unto this
very day, the Vatican's political state has benefited
through her pacts, concordats, and alliances. Through
these concordats (with) states and political parties, the
Catholic Churches are guaranteed their privileges and
constitutional rights as any other nation. At the same
time as the church commits herself to staying out of
political affairs (we already know she never keeps her
promises and alliances) her pulpits have throughout
history been political cathedrals, and the churches
centers for the political reunions of Catholic-fascist
associations. The Vatican's treaties and concordats are
models of diplomatic genius and of surprising
advantages for National Catholicism, which has
survived the storms of history by exercising her
[political] powers in the nations in the name of
Christianity, benefiting, enriching, and politicizing
herself shamelessly. We know that in every civil
constitution the religious aspect of its voters and citizens
has the capacity for generating problems or friction
between civil and religious laws. They should be
overcome or rectified with the concordats; but it isn't
so. Revolutions and their origins are born of the
Catholic Church's failure to comply with the laws and
compromises she's made with governments and
political parties.

Leon XIII, the pope political par excellence, upon

talking about these concordats, says: 'A concordat. . .
Greatly strengthens the state authority and the papal,"
and these always "offer the church (as) a much-
needed protection to the rulers of Europe." The
Vatican's concordats are always careful to have civil
backing and the laws in her favor, to accommodate
her interests of world conquest. In the case when
concordats with secular governments don't exist, and
which keeps church and state separated, the nuncios
sign a compromise with the government (with no need
of concordats) where the ways for a modus vivendi
are established; that is to say, as in Mexico and in
Spain, in the epoch of democracies and of separation
of church and state, we can consult these treaties and
note the scholastic genius and subtle wisdom utilized
to attain the joint ownership of properties which the
Catholic Church and her unscrupulous lawyers and
canonists always manage to include in all treaties. As
an example of a concordat that the Vatican would sign
with the fascist dictatorships of Italy, Germany,
German National Socialism, the USA, or any other
European countries like Spain, I am going to copy
some of the articles of one so you can see the reality
of a church that calls herself Christian, but whose
interests are political, worldly ambitions, which she
ever subscribes to. The concordat signed on the 28th
of August 1953 between the Holy See and the Spanish
Government of General Franco mentions, in 35
articles, what the Catholic Church, the Vatican and
Franco's fascist dictatorship agree to. These same
concordats are repeatedly signed with governments
called Catholic, for Mussolini and Hitler were both
118 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

good Catholic boys. In like manner the Latin American

dictatorships of Chile, Argentina and, in these moments
Nicaragua and even atheist Cuba herself are preparing
to sign concordats which will make the Vatican the
most overbearing state known on earth, with her team of
plenipotentiaries and millennial experiences in
international politics.

She will manage what no other nation nor empire on

earth has been able to pull off: substantial international
agreements and concordats with the backing of millions
of Catholic members, 75% of whom believe in nothing
really. The new concordats between the Holy See and
the government of President Salinas and the present
Zedillo, who are big devotees of papal blessings and
(of) Mexican bishops and nuncios, don't come to the
public light will not come to the public light until
exposed by their fruits, in the same way as their pacts
with drug trafficking and other corruption's are
maintained in secrecy. But the citizenry, only or just
from their actions, comprehends that when the new
Spanish nuncio talks about politics, social problems, the
conference of Bishops, and religious orders as the Opus
Dei etc, with such authority as he does, and contempt
for constitution laws of the nation, he is clearly
demonstrating that parts already exists: a concordat and
several alliances favorable to Catholicism and to the
toppling of democracies.


The unabridged text of the concordat signed August 28,
1953 between the Holy See and the Spanish Government
of General Franco. I copy out of Gin's de Haro's book El
Govierno de la Iglesia Catholic (The Government of the
Catholic Church), Appendix, pgs. 210. 223.
"In the name of the most Holy Trinity: The Apostolic Holy
See and the Spanish State, animated by the desire to assure
a faithful collaboration for the greatest good of [both] the
religious and civil life of the Spanish nation, have
determined to stipulate a agreement , resuming past
agreements and completing them, constitutes the norm that
is to regulate the reciprocal relations of the contracting
high parties, in conformity with the law's) of God and the
Catholic traditions of the Spanish nation. To this end, his
holiness Pope Pious XII has had a monde to name for his
plenipotentiary monsignor Dominic Tardini, pro-secretary
of state (I remember him being responsible for the
extermination of my cardinal and several other Seville
priests for rebuking the concordat) for extraordinary
ecclesiastical affairs, and his excellency the chief of the
Spanish State, Don Francisco Bahamonde, has had a mind
to name his plenipotentiaries the most excellent Sir Martin
Artajo, minister of foreign affairs, and the most excellent
don Fernando Maria Castiella y Maiz, ambassador of Spain
close to the Holy See, who, after their respective
plenipotentiaries are given up (i.e., resigned), and
recognized and authenticity of the same, have agreed to the
Article 1. The Roman Catholic Apostolic Religion
Continues being the only religion of the Spanish nation,
and will enjoy the rights and prerogatives which go with it,
in accordance with the Divine Law and Canon Law. [is this
120 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

democratic?] .
Article 2-1. The Spanish state recognizes the Catholic
Church's character as a perfect society and guarantees her the
free and complete exercise of her spiritual power and
jurisdiction, as well as the free and public exercise of her
2-2. In particular, the Holy See shall be able to freely
promulgate and publish in Spain any disposition relative to
church government and communicate freely with the
prelates, clergy and the faithful of the country, just as these
shall be able to do with the Holy See. Both the common
person and the ecclesiastical authorities will enjoy the same
faculties regarding her clergy and faithful.
Article 3-1. The Spanish State acknowledges the
international legal system (or personality) of the Holy See
and of the state of Vatican City.
3-2. To maintain the traditionally friendly relationships
between the Holy See and the Spanish State, an ambassador
of Spain (in Madrid) and a papal nuncio close to the Holy
See shall be permanently authorized to act on behalf of both.
This shall be the dean of the Diplomatic Corps, according to
the terms of the common law.
Article 4-1. The Spanish State recognizes the law personality
and the full capacity to acquire, possess and administer all
kinds of goods to/for all institutions and religion
associations existing in Spain when the present concordat
comes into effect, constituted according to Canon law, is
particular (of) the dioceses with their account (or state)
institutions, parishes, religious orders and congregations,
common life societies, secular institutes of canonically
recognized Christian perfection, whether of papal law or
diocesan law, and of their provinces and houses.
4-2. Entities of the same persuasion that are subsequently
erected or approved in Spain by competent ecclesiastical
authorities will enjoy the same recognition, with the only
condition [being] the decree of erection or approval should be
officially communicated in writing to the proper state

4-3. The ordinary and extraordinary negotiations of goods
pertaining to ecclesiastical entities or religious associations
and the vigilance and inspection of said negotiation's) of
goods shall go to the competent authorities of the church
there is why her financial reality is not known).
Article 5. The state shall consider festive the days
established as such by the church in the canon law code or
in other particular dispositions on local festivities, and
shall provide by legislation the necessary facilities so that
the faithful can fulfill their religious duties on these days
civil authorities, both national and local, shall watch for the
necessary observance of rest on festive days.
Article 6. According to the concessions of the high pontiffs
Saint Pious V and Gregory XIII, Spanish priests will daily
lift up prayers for Spain and the chief of state (I.e, Franco),
according to traditional formula and the prescriptions of
the Holy liturgy.
Article 7. For the appointment of residential archbishops
and bishops and of coadjutors with (the) right of
succession, the norms [or rules] of the concordat stipulated
between the Holy See and the Spanish Government on
June 7, 1941 will continue governing. (I remember that
(as) I prepared myself it was necessary for me to be
compromised (or dedicated) to the Vatican's fascist
National Catholicism and to have a doctorate in the Papal
Article 8. The Priorato Nullius of the military orders shall
continue subsisting in the royal city. (That is to say, The
Vatican's military host. I myself was a Lieutenant, and my
cardinal a general of the army. National Catholicism's
military powers, with their armaments and multimillion
dollar budgets, is formidable). For the appointment of
bishop prior, the rules refereed to in the previous article
shall be applied.
Article 9-1. In order to avoid, insofar as possible, the
dioceses from taking territories belonging to diverse civil
122 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

provinces, the chief parties to the contract shall proced, as

mutual agreement, to a revision of (the) diocesan districts (I
remember how they divided my archdiocese of Seville
among the Vatican's Sympathizers).
Thus the Holy See, in agreement with the Spanish
Government, shall take the necessary steps to eliminate the
enclaves (That is to say, the bishops or other hierarchies who
opposed the dictatorship). No part of the Spanish territory or
of Spain's sovereignty shall depend on bishops whose
headquarters (or sees) are found in territories which are in
subjection to the sovereignty of any other state, and no
Spanish diocese shall recognize any area or territory subject
to the sovereignty of foreign countries, with the exception of
principality of Andorra, which will continue pertaining to the
diocese of Urge.
9-2. To erect a new diocese or ecclesiastical province, and to
make other diocesan district changes which may be deemed
necessary, the Holy See shall come to an agreement with the
Spanish Government beforehand, unless it deals with minute
territorial rectification's reclaimed for the good of souls.

9-3. The Spanish state is committed to proving the economic

necessities of dioceses which are erected in the future,
adequately increasing the funding established in art. 19
(millions of pesetas of the National budget). Thestate,
moreover, through itself, or by means of interested local
corporations, shall contribute with an extraordinary subsidy
to the initial expenses of the organization of new dioceses. In
particular it shall subsidize the contribution of the new
cathedrals, the buildings destined for the prelates' residences
(palaces), the offices of the curia, and the diocesan
seminaries out of the local and national budget.
Article 10. In the provision of non consistorial benefits,
Article 11. The ecclesiastical authority shall be able to
liberally erect new parishes and modify the limits of those
already existing. When these measures entail an increase of
the state's economic aid, the ecclesiastical authority must

come to an agreement with the competent state authority

for that which reformers to said aid. (I was the first parish
priest of our Lady of Rest, in Seville, and neither I nor my
poor parishioners were ever repaid one centavo).

Articles 12 to 16 The Catholic Church is guaranteed

everything related to (the) curriculums and pedagogical
methodology to be used in national education. I was and
am a witness, as the Doctor I am in education, of how the
Church takes over Education in any nation through legions
of Jesuit, Dominican, and Opus Dei teachers. All liberal or
non catholic teachers or elements were eliminated. The
influence of National Catholicism in the entire world, esp.
With these Concordats, has been so harmful and nefarious
that we can honestly say that the false Catholic-scholastic
education which we received at her hand has caused us to
fall behind in comparison with other countries and plunged
us into the spiritual and (consequently) the material crisis
in which we exist today, the Catholic Church, the
MOTHER OF ABOMINATIONS, being the Chief Culprit.
This concordat was signed in Vatican City on August
28, 1953. This concordat enriches the Vatican's finances
and is just one more proof of the robbery and craftiness
which impoverish the nations of the world.
124 Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen

The Vatican is just another Political Party, and National
Catholicism, when it's convenient, is just an extreme right,
extreme left, moderate, or Capricious Party with the sole
objective of staying in power and monopolizing as many
riches as possible, both of her ignorant parishioners and of
the equally ignorant Political, religious, educational,
financial, or Press Parties; all of which have allowed
themselves to be manipulated by the Vatican's
The Vatican's National Catholicism is the richest and most
powerful Catholic Political Party in the world. I will
demonstrate this by realizing a sample statistic that anyone
who desires to do so can verify. According to the Vatican
herself, they count on same 1 billion Catholics. If we were to
say that their offerings and alms were at least a minimum of
one dollar a day, taking into account that there are 365 day a
year, we would have a whopping annual sum of
$365,000,000,000.00 dollars a year in only minimal
offerings. We must also take into account the Collection
boxes and piggy banks that every saint has in the entrances to
all churches.
The Catholics, from cradle to grave, and then beyond, are but
business commodities used by THE MOTHER OF
ABOMINATIONS so her Popes and hierarchies can live tge
dolche vitta, in sin, vice, corruption, and pervesion,
persecuting Jesus Christ's true sheep, instigating wars,
crusades; and as John very well says in Revelation 17:3-6 a
woman decked with gold and precious stones and pearls,
having a golden cup in her hand full of abomination and
filthiness of her fornication and drunken with the blood of the
Saints (Christians), and with the blood of the martyrs of
Jesus." "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, that You be
not partakers of her sins, and that You receive not of her