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Worst of Barrier Reverse Convertible on Companhia Brasileira de

Distribuicao Grupo Pao de Acucar and Net Servicos de Comunicacao

Coupon 10% p.a. - 6 Months - European Barrier at 70% - USD

Details Redemption
Issuer EFG Financial Products
Guarantor EFG International Collateral-Secured Product On 06.04.2010 Client pays USD 1000 (Denomination)
Rating: Fitch A No issuer risk
On 01.10.2010 Client receiv es a Coupon of 10%p.a.
Bbg Ticker CBD US Equity NETC US Equity
Strike Level (100%) USD 65.63 USD 13.43 PLUS
Barrier Level (70%) USD 45.94 USD 9.40
Conversion Ratio 15.2369 74.4602 Scenario 1: if the Underlyings are at or above the Barrier level on the Final Fixing
Payment Date 06.04.10 The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in the Settlement Currency equal to:
Valuation Date 22.09.10 Denomination
Maturity Date 01.10.10
EU Saving Tax Option Premium Component 4.78% (9.56% p.a.) Scenario 2: if one or more Underlyings is below the Barrier on the Final Fixing Date
Interest Component 0.22% (0.44% p.a.) the Investor will receive a predefined round number (i.e. Conversion Ratio) of the
Details Physical Settlement European Barrier Underlying with the Worst Performance per Denomination.
ISIN CH0111527393
Valoren 11152739

- Companhia Brasileira de Distribuicao Grupo Pao de Acucar operates in the foods, and non-food retail businesses. The Group's structure comprises of supermarkets, hypermarkets,
electronics/household appliance stores, convenience stores, cash&carry (wholesale/retail), e-commerce operations and a wide distribution network.

- Net Servicos de Comunicacao SA provides cable television services under the brand name NET, high-speed broadband Internet services under the name Virtua, and data transmission
services using both satellite and terrestrial technology under the name Vicom. The Company mainly operates from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Opportunities_________________________________________________________________ Risks______________________________________________________________________________
1. A guaranteed Coupon of 5% in fine 1. Maximum return of 5% in fine
2. Protection against 30% drop in Underlying's price 2. Exposure to v olatility changes
3. Low er v olatility than direct equity exposure
4. Secondary market as liquid as a share
5. Optimization of EU Tax components
6. COSI Product: the inv estor does not bear issuer's Credit risk
Best case scenario____________________________________________________________ Worst case scenario_______________________________________________________________
At least one Underlying is at or below its Strike lev el on the Maturity Date
All the Underlyings are abov e the Barrier Lev el on the Maturity Date

Redemption: Shares of the Worst Performing Underlying (With Negativ e

Redemption: Denomination + 1 Coupons of 5% (Total return: 105%)

Historical Chart
importer depuis la deuxieme feuille
Redemption: Denomination + 1 Coupon 5%


Strike Level at 100%


30% Protection
Barrier Level at 70%


40% Redemption: Shares of the Worst performing
Underlying + 1 Coupon of 5%

Jan-08 Mar-08 May-08 Jul-08 Sep-08 Nov-08 Jan-09 Mar-09 May-09 Jul-09 Sep-09 Nov-09 Jan-10 Mar-10

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Bruno Frat eschi Spanier Sofiane Zaiem
St anislas Perromat +41 58 800 10 45 +41 22 918 70 05
Alejandro Pou Cut uri Live prices at
+377 93 15 11 66

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