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Notes from Home Cluster Partner Day, Jan 25, 2010

Attendees: Ruth Clarke (Khadambi Asalache); Brenda Martin, Gina Evans (Dorich House); Paul ‘Shez’ Sherreard
(Keats House); Alan Kirwan (Leighton House/18 Stafford Terrace); Catherine Ritman-Smith, Komal Khetia (Design
Museum); Alison Lightbown, Hannah Lake, Nancy Loader, Mandy Williams, Alex Goddard, Eleanor John, Ratan
Vaswani (Geffrye Museum).

1. Project documents, funding agreements, quarterly returns, paperwork

Project documents for funding agreements have travelled extensively between
Geffrye, Hub Central and Cluster Partners. Still on target for issue of agreements by
end Feb.

Each Partner required to report on progress to Geffrye and submit a quarterly return.
Process to be explained once agreements in place.

2. Connections between projects, building ‘Home’ theme and final exhibition

Each partner outlined its projects. Common themes included houses themselves as
objects and homes reflecting personalities and international connections of those
who lived in them. 4 of 5 partner institutions were residences of people they

A key common theme was that of traditions of Welcome, which connects well with
the Olympic notion of welcoming the world. This is likely to be an element of the final
exhibition in 2012 to be held at The Geffrye Museum.

3. NYA, Revisiting Museum Collections, V50 and Evaluation frameworks

Partners reported back, generally favourably, on the mandatory training provided by
Hub Central. Still lack of clarity about expectations of partners in implementing ‘light
touch’ versions of the NYA and RMC frameworks. Current understanding is that
partners will be required to complete an end of project evaluation reporting on each
of NYA, RMC and V50 in a single document.

4. Communications and Digital

Despite frequent requests it’s now looking unlikely that interim marketing material
from Hub Central will be available before full marketing guidance and license from
LOCOG scheduled for end March. In the meantime use wording on initial press

Digital products are a strong element of all projects. Use of existing platforms and
social media favoured over creation of new websites in digital strategy for Stories of
the World project as a whole.

5. Collective training needs

Training in Podcasting and Use of Still and Video Photography to be laid on by Hub
Central. Details to follow. Ideas for what else could be requested included:
• Safe use and moderation of social media and chat rooms
• Creative evaluation techniques for youth projects
• Managing contentious issues and difficult behaviour

6. Keeping in touch and next meetings

Ideas for ongoing digital contact between cluster partners included Home Cluster
Facebook badge and closed area on Huddle file-sharing platform. Meetings once a
quarter to be held at each Cluster Partner venue. Shez offered to host next meeting
at Keats House.