Plimmerton Residents’ Association Newsletter

What’s new in Plimmerton?
November 2015
Karehana Park project … countdown to the grand finale
Planting is complete and taking off. Picnic furniture is about to be installed at the
playground end of the park. Final quality checks of the new path, and the park generally,
will be made and the project signed off!

Inspiration and leadership
After years of mammoth effort project
managers Roger Johnston and Allan
Dodson will be able to take a breather.
They would like to give a special shout
out to Michael Pennington, a local
resident, who developed the design
concept for the playground, scooter
path and gardens. Roger says, “It was
Michael’s inspiration that gave us such
an amazing result.”
And the whole community owes a huge
debt of gratitude to Roger and Allan
for their dedication and determination to see this huge project through all its complex phases
over many years. Thanks too to the team at Porirua City Council who have supported this
community effort. Thanks too to Mana Community Grants Foundation and to all of you who
bought pavers to fund the pathway development!

Official opening of the scooter path … Sunday 22 November 11am
Plimmerton Kindergarten will be arranging fun events for kids at the park and using the event
as a fund raiser. You’ll be able to enjoy sunny weather, watch the kids have fun and sample
tasty snacks (snarlers and gourmet things in a bun, drinks, baking and treats). Everyone is
invited to celebrate this momentous achievement!

Big Spring Clean 2015 … getting this place flash for Summer
Sunday 29 November 10-12pm
Roll up to Big Mac Slabs at 10am and you’ll be chauffeured in a fire engine to your
clean-up patch. Gloves and tools supplied. If you want to use the mower or weed
eater we’ll show you where to get stuck in. Great fun for all the family and people of
all ages welcome. Big sausage sizzle to follow for all workers. If you are new to
Plimmerton we’ll introduce you to some of the local characters.

Creating an (even more) fabulous Camborne
Making the Taupo Crescent steps safer: There’s a working bee in November as part of the
Big Spring Clean to paint cleaned up handrails and weed areas of the steps and path which
will be water-blasted before the day. PCC are helping with a pre-clean up and waterblast of
the area and with paint and rubbish removal on the day. They will also look at upgrading the
lights on the steps with a safer modern system.

Sea gazers seat: A seat will be installed in the area thanks to generous assistance from Big
Mac Slabs. Some preliminary retaining work and construction of a concrete pad will start
soon. Trees will be trimmed and other improvements made to make this a special spot for
Taupo Crescent Community Green (Sounds like the setting for a Midsomer Romance!)
Locals are planning a new future for this neglected area as a community meeting place with
upgraded seating, play equipment and more attractive gardens. A group is working on the
plan with Ian Barlow, village planning manager, from PCC. Currently creative ideas are being
shared. If you are keen to help develop this Camborne community asset contact us (subject
Taupo Crescent)

Please report crime to Police
Telling people about crime and suspicious activity on Facebook is not enough. If someone is
lurking about your property on foot or in a vehicle please report it. If property is stolen from
your car or residence get on the phone. Police can only act on reported events so let them
know quickly. Call 2381400 if the offenders have left or 111 if you feel threatened.

Street group summer meetings … fun and sun and things in buns
The very best way to keep your family safe and to feel good about where you live is to know
your neighbours and community. We suggest that every street starts planning now to meet
each other, share stories, and arrange contacts for emergencies. All the info you need for a
street group meeting is in the free planning booklets you can take home from the Big Salami.

Security cameras for Plimmerton entrances
Technology-based solutions will help police to catch and prosecute criminals when crimes
have been committed. PRA is evaluating a plan for security cameras at the two entrances
and exits of Plimmerton. These will record number plates of vehicles entering and exiting.
Recorded material will be accessed by police when investigating crimes have been reported
to them. The cameras are there to help police take people who have committed crimes in
this area to court and secure a conviction so we are looking at systems that record evidential
quality footage. Signage will be minimal as those who come here to commit crimes will know
what to look out for and other people don’t need to be alarmed. We hope to have a solution
selected soon. Images will not be seen by anyone other than the police and then only in
response to reported crimes, and recorded material only remains live for a limited period.
The team working on this project are seeking expert advice on all related matters. You can
give us feedback subject security.

Dog poo signs reminder to pick up after pooches
Since some people just will not pick up after their dogs some signs will be placed around key
trouble spots. These will remind people to pick up and be responsible for their pooch poo.
And it spells out that fouling the footpath is liable to a fine. Reinstatement of bins and dog
bags is being considered by the council in some dog exercise areas.

Dog beach hours
A reminder to dog owners that Summer dog hours start at the beginning of November. Dogs
are allowed to be exercised on all beaches before 10am and after 7pm daily.
They cannot be exercised on Karehana Beach or Plimmerton Beach between 10am and 7pm
but are allowed in other coastal areas during that time. Dogs must be under control at all
times and owners must pick up after their pooches.
There’s a detailed map for your reference

Shower power

A new super-duper shower is planned for Karehana Beach. This stainless steel spot-on system
will provide a shower, sand-off-toes-rinser and water for filling drink bottles and dog bowls.
The shower will be affixed to the existing toilet block at the beach. This amenity is being
funded by Plimmerton Residents’ Association as a service to locals and visitors. Funded by
those generous residents who have paid their $15 a year PRA membership, thanks! (If you
have not paid your family’s $15 a year for 2015 yet it’s never too late. See the info at the
end of this newsletter).

Slow Zone around village centre
The central area of Plimmerton village containing the school, kindergarten, Plunket rooms
and toy library, church playgroup and medical centre will soon become a slow zone. At peak
drop off times, a speed level of 50 kph is just too fast. Our roads are narrow and winding and
the volume of visitor and resident traffic in the village centre means people should drive at a
slower speed to meet the conditions. We outlined the arguments for this move in the
previous newsletter, and there is an excellent article in this week’s Kapi Mana Call for less
speed in Plimmerton both of which you can access on the website from the home page. We
welcome your feedback subject Slow Zone.

Coastal erosion remediation under discussion
We are talking to coastal erosion teams from Greater Wellington Regional Council and Porirua
City Council about remediation of the severely eroded areas at the south end of South Beach.
Site meetings have been held and we are assured that action is imminent. If you have
expertise to offer

Award-winning fire fighter and community jolly good sort
Congratulations to our own Dave Anderson … and the 49 other worthy recipients of Porirua
50th birthday awards. Dave was acknowledged for his project management of Plimmerton
railway station refurbishment and for his decades of service to the volunteer fire brigade.

Tagging gone by lunch time.
Thanks to Jay from Waitangarua Action Group and Richard Witheford-Smith for their speedy
removal of ugly tags slashed across the new rail fence. Our great local tag removers, with the
help of this specialist team remove this stuff before most of us see it. Great stuff.

Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club members (and their pooch pals)
TBCOC competed in the recent National Dog Show where some 600 dog owners descended on
Porirua’s New Zealand Kennel Club with 130 breeds of dog on show. Courses run by this club
have turned out splendid local dogs with a variety of qualifications from introductory puppy
socialisation, domestic obedience, agility, and the ultimate Canine Good Citizen. Good work
those people especially Jaquie with her puppy socialisation class 11am on Sundays (everyone
welcome with dogs under one year old for a gold coin donation).

Porirua history book launched
June and Neil Penman have toiled for eight years to produce their book in time for Porirua’s
50 year celebration. The book features 649 photos, many of them taken by Neil. “We have
lived our lives in Porirua, we love this place, and this is our gift to the city,” Neil says.
Brilliant. Their book is available from Pataka and Paper Plus for $75.

Western hills are alive with consultation a Kapi Mana story
Five reserves on the western hills behind Tawa and Porirua, some 550 hectares, are being
looked at in a new planning process. It opens up great opportunities for those who love the
great outdoors. Go to and search for Porirua Outdoor Recreation Park
Or go to to read the article and link to this site.

Who’s in the dog box?
Hopefully the family dog who is booked to go with his family for a South Island Christmas.
They are looking to borrow or rent an Air NZ approved middle-sized dog crate over the
Christmas period. Contact and we will pass it on!

I share my heart with Africa book launched
Denise Carnihan who was our guest speaker at the 2013 AGM has written a book about the
school she and husband Chris built and run in Kenya. If you enjoyed her talk then you’ll love
the book. Order your copies for $24.95 from

Plimmerton Boating Club entertainment PLUS
Freaky fireworks Thursday 5 November BBQ - $14 for adults, $8 plus free drink for kids up
to 12. Rain or shine … sizzling at 6pm!
Faulty Towers - NZ’s number one dinner show on Sunday 29 November at 6pm. More than
30,000 people have enjoyed this crazy experience in Australasia. Come along for an evening
of food and fun with Basil, Sybil and Manuel.
The Boat Club Bistro Sunday lunches 12-2pm. Saturdays - enjoy two meals from the main
menu and your second drink is free. No charge for the view!
Soul Minerz Great Christmas show Saturday 5 December -$40 dinner and show (dinner from
6pm, show 8pm).

Uplifting response to Zonta appeal
Thanks to all the women of Plimmerton who donated bras and knickers for the women in
Arohata Prison. And to Robynne from Beau Cadeaux in Beach Road who spent weeks up to her
ears in assorted corsetry.

Mobility scooter for sale
Shown in our last newsletter - number correction. Ring 027 383 6066.

PCC want your input to District Plan review
Ten year review of key issues affecting us all. Peruse the 12 points and give your feedback
before 18 December. Public meeting Tuesday 17 November at Plimmerton Boating Club. All
the info on
Reminder to book for Mana Little Theatre’s Season’s Greetings Wed-Sat 18-28 November at
8pm and Sunday 22 November at 3pm.
and our email:

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