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Isabelle Tegner

Crdoba Program
The first time I ever considered studying abroad was when I received a postcard from my
cousin who was going to college for a semester in London. At the time I was in grade school and
I had never considered the possibility of traveling to another country for college. From this
moment on, one of the constant goals I had, throughout my secondary and college education, was
to be able to travel to a different part of the world while going to school. Now that I am older and
I know a little more about what I would like to pursue in the future, Im excited that many of my
interests and goals have led me to continuing my dream of studying abroad in Crdoba
Having the opportunity to travel abroad would enhance my experience in college in many
ways. Traveling abroad would be an amazing opportunity to enhance the passions I have gained
in the disciplines I am currently studying at Pacific University. Currently, my major at Pacific is
Anthropology with minors in Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish. I started
college with a passion for learning about other cultures. For this reason, I decided to major in
Anthropology and expand my knowledge of humanity. Anthropology, however, is such a broad
spectrum of different ideas, I found myself becoming more interested, specifically, in human
communication and anthropological linguistics. At this time, I decided to also minor in
Communication Sciences at Pacific as it offered a more personal approach to communication
issues that people may experience in their daily lives. Traveling abroad would allow me the
opportunity to increase my skills in Anthropology, as I would be able to gain knowledge about an
unfamiliar culture, while also helping me to better communicate with the people around me.

Another one of my goals as an undergraduate has been to increase my skill in speaking

Spanish. I have loved the language for many years and have improved in my ability overall, but
full immersion in a place where only that language is primarily spoken is an unparalleled way for
increasing ability. As a minor in Spanish, an opportunity, like studying in Crdoba, would be
invaluable for gaining a more complete education and help me immensely with my speaking
The opportunity to be able to study abroad would be an amazing bridge for all of these
collegiate pursuits and would help me to become a more well-rounded student overall. I also feel
that sending students abroad in general is so important for a University as it helps broaden many
perspectives of the overall student bodies understanding of the world. I would like to be able to
take what I learn about culture and communication at Pacific University and apply this
knowledge to future pursuits and careers.
My future goals mainly align with work that is healthcare related. I would like to,
possibly, become a Speech-Language Pathologist in the future and work with individuals who
have communication disorders, or to work in the field of medical anthropology. Having the
ability to communicate well in Spanish, especially with regards to healthcare in the U.S., is a
skill that is vital to being able to give the best care possible to all of the people who live in this
country. I would hope that being able to study in Crdoba would allow me to be more useful to
the people around me, and to offer them better care as worker in the future. I believe that gaining
knowledge about another culture influences a person positively in many different aspects. My
own personal goal in studying abroad would just be to learn and listen as much as possible and
hopefully use some of this knowledge to help others in the future.