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1. Introduction : This assignment is going to describe the marketing strategies
for the hospitality and tourism sector. These strategies will be discussed on the
behalf of Jet Airways. First of all there will be a brief history of Jet Airways.
Then theory of marketing strategy and PR strategies will be given. After thatthe
marketing strategy of Jet Airways will be discussed as well as the PR strategies.
Then the analysis of these strategies will be done using some internal and
external forces which affect the organisation. SWOT and PEST will also be
used for analysis. With this analysis it will be seen how effective these strategies
are. At the end some recommendation for marketing strategies will be given to
discuss how Jet Airways can become more popular and attractive airline.
Customer loyalty, networking and relationship marketing, brand identity and
strategy, strategic customer relation, viral and guerrilla marketing and emarketing all these are very important aspect of today’s marketing. These will
be discussed on the behalf of Jet Airways. First of all there will be a brief
history of Jet Airways.

2. History
Jet Airways is one of the India’s biggest private airlines. It was incorporate as an
‘Air Taxi’ operator on April, 1992. It started its commercial airlines business on

5 May 1993. At the beginning it was started with affect of four leased brand
737-300 aircraft and 24 daily flights serving 12 destinations. Jet Airways was
set up by Naresh Goyal, who owned Jet air private limited which provided sales
and marketing for foreign airlines in India. Jet Airways is one of the strongest
competitors for Indian airlines, who had enjoyed monopoly in the domestic
marketing since 1953. It acquired its scheduled airline status in January1994,
when the air operator act (1953) was repeated. In January 2000, Jet Airways
took its decision to buy air Sahara, the only major private airline, making it the
biggest takeover in Indian aviation history. Now it becomes the largest aviation
industry in India. But the deal feels through in June 2006, however, a modified
deal went through in April 2007 and Air Sahara becomes Jet Lite. In August
2008, Jet Lite fully integrates to Jet Airways. Further in October 2008, Jet
Airways announced an alliance with Kingfisher airlines that including an
agreement on code- sharing on domestic and international flights, common
ground handling, join fuel management, joins utilization of crew and sharing of
similar frequent flier programmes.Jet airways introduced another low cost air
line Jet Konnect with spare aircraft that were earlier discontinued due to low
passenger load factor in May 2009. Jet airways Konnect uses the same operator
code as jet airways. (Anon, online 2011)


Owner of Jet Airways Naresh Goyal
Naresh Goyal. Naresh Goyal (born 29 July 1950) is an Indian businessman
and founder Chairman of Jet Airways. He started operating
Jet Airways in 1993. Following the 2005 IPO of Jet
Airways, Forbes magazine declared him the sixteenth
richest person in India with a net worth of $1.9 billion.

View Our Route Map
Now discover more of the world as we fly you to 74 destinations within India
and across the globe. Enjoy seamless connections to even more worldwide
destinations with our codeshare and interline partners.

Since our first flight in 1993, we have come a long way to becoming one of the
fastest growing airlines in the world.
With our strategic partner Etihad Airways, connect seamlessly from India to
more of the world. As part of the extended codeshare agreement, enjoy access to
destinations across Europe, North America, Africa and Australia via Abu Dhabi,
our gateway to the world. To know more click here
Destinations within India







































Port Blair








International Destinations

Abu Dhabi









Ho Chi Minh

Hong Kong




London Heathrow



Paris Charles de Gaulle





Cabin Baggage
Cabin baggage allowance may vary depending on the type of aircraft, class of
travel (First Class, Première or Economy), domestic or international flights,
route and JetPrivilege Tier status.
Flights within India

Number of pieces

Dimensions of
Cabin Baggage



Number of pieces

Dimensions of
Cabin Baggage55 Weight7 kgs
cms X 35 cms X 25


Number of pieces

Dimensions of
Cabin Baggage50 Weight7 kgs
cms X 45 cms X 20

* not exceeding 115 linear cms
The Government of India regulations permit only one piece of cabin baggage on

Trolley bags with the above specified dimensions will be allowed.

An infant carrying basket is allowed per infant traveling within India.

JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold members and Premiere guests will be entitled
to cabin baggage allowance of 10kgs + 1 laptop across all Jet Airways flights
within India.
Guests travelling on flights originating from Jammu, Srinagar and Leh stations
will not be allowed to carry any cabin baggage.
Lost Baggage Tracer
Jet Airways ensures utmost safety of your baggage at all times. However,
sometimes your baggage may be lost or delayed. In such cases, we assure you
that our representatives at the airport will assist you in recovering your lost or
delayed baggage.
Product and services-Jet airways provide different types of services to their
customers. For example they provide same






significance cities like Pairs, Singapore or
some domesticities e.g. Delhi-Mumbai,
Mumbai-Bangalore. It provide business
class service and the club premier cabin
with wider seats and greater seat pitch,
exclusive ground check-in facilities

1 July 2007, Jet Airways Flight 3307, an ATR 72-212A (registered VTJCE) which was flying on the Bhopal - Indore route was involved in an
incident which was caused by a storm. There were no fatalities amongst the
45 passengers and four crew onboard; the aircraft suffered damage beyond


Issues with US authorities
It took Jet Airways more than two





clearances from US authorities to
fly to the United States. The US
State Department gave the goahead on 15 November 2006. Jet was initially expected to begin service
to Newark via Brussels in June 2005 but a problem arose in March 2005, when
the airline submitted an application to the US Department of Transportation.
Nancy Heckerman, CEO of US company Jet Airways Inc. based in Bethesda,
Maryland, opposed the application in letters to the Transportation Department
alleging trademark infringement. Though the litigation is still unresolved, the
Department of Transportation concluded it was not a reason to prevent Jet from
flying to the U.S.
Jet Airways was originally set up as a subsidiary of Tailwinds, an Isle of Manbased holding company designed as a tax shelter, whose sole shareholder
was Naresh Goyal, the airline's non-resident Indian (NRI) founder and
chairman.[74] Initially, both Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways had acquired minority
stakes in the airline. However, the Government of India subsequently decreed
that foreign airlines would not be allowed to own any shares in any Indian
airline (though other foreign entities and individuals could still acquire or own
minority stakes in Indian carriers).
As a result of this ruling, Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways sold their stakes to
Naresh Goyal, who then became the airline's sole shareholder. Jet Airways
floated a minority stake of around 20% on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2005
to enable it to reduce the debt that had been accumulated since its inception as

well as to fund its fleet expansion programme, including the acquisition of a
fleet of new Airbus A330 and Boeing 777 long-haul wide-bodied jets to operate
new long-range services, primarily to Europe and North America. This resulted
in a reduction of Tailwind's stake in the airline to just below 80%. [76] According
to the company's articles of association, the bulk of Naresh Goyal's shares in
Tailwinds are held on behalf of several other individuals who all seem to be
resident citizens of India. While Indian government officials have been satisfied
that these arrangements do not compromise Jet Airways' status as an Indianowned airline that is effectively controlled by Indian citizens, they were viewed
as "problematic" by the American authorities.
British contractor controversy
Another controversy arose when Asmin Tariq, a contractor who was working
for the airline as a security agent at Heathrow Airport (and was subsequently
made a member of staff when the airline decided to bring its London-based
security operation in-house), became implicated in the foiled terror plot of 10
August 2006 to blow up over several weeks up to ten transatlantic airliners
belonging to three different US airlines in mid-air on their way from London to
New York, Newark and Los Angeles. [77] Asmin Tariq had been arrested along
with the other 20+ suspects and is now [when?] in British police custody. In
addition, he has been suspended from duty by Jet Airways. When asked how
such a person could have been employed by the airline in a position demanding
extreme confidence and trust, Jet Airways defended its conduct by saying that
the person was a UK passport holder who had passed the stringent security
requirements of BAA, Heathrow's owner and operator. They also said that under
UK employment legislation, the company was obliged to offer any permanent
appointments to former contractors once the contract that formed the basis of
their original employment had been terminated.


August 2014 investigation
In August 2014, two pilots were suspended after a plane carrying 280
passengers dropped 5000 feet. Indian air regulators issued an investigation on
the situation. The plane was en route from Mumbai to Brussels. The captain was
in "controlled rest" which is permitted under aviation laws. The co-pilot,
responsible for the flying the aircraft while the captain was sleeping, "claims
she was busy on her electronic flight bag and didn't notice the plane had lost
Marketing and Marketing strategies
Marketing has always been a little
misunderstood, not a real job like













understanding and explaining- not quite
sales but perhaps some advertising and
it involving leaflets, photographs, websites and entertaining clients. And when
times go tough, it is the first department subject to budget cuts, because it is
seen as a cost and not an investment. The key measurement for marketing
activity is not about awareness or creating buzz or any of that nonsense. Many
companies only see marketing as a new Boucher or advert in the local
newspaper. This may drive new clients to your door, but will they stay with you
and more importantly, will they recommend you to others? There are still being
taught the 4ps as the marketing method developed 50 years ago, well before the
internet, mobile phonesor e-mail become an everyday reality. It gives a simple
view of marketing and views the world only from a marketer’s perspective. The
theory is based on the idea that marketers, or their organization, are in control;

that the client is an accidental and inexperienced player in the tactical game of
getting them to buy your services or products. The key measurement for
marketing activity is more people buoying your services or products than before






According to Koontz and O’Donnell, “a decision about how to use available
resources to secure a major objective in the face of possible obstructions.....such
as competitors, public opinion, legal status, taboos and similar forces is called
strategy”.Marketing strategiesmust be formulated for each section of marketing.
These strategies should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.
Marketing strategy can be based on product, price, segmented marketing
actions, market share, promotion, distribution etc. Now the marketing strategies
for Jet Airways will be discussed. (Marketing strategies, 2010)

Marketing strategies of Jet Airways
Jet Airways use different types of strategies for the promotion of their services.
The common marketing strategies adopted by Jet Airways are as follow:1.
Affiliate marketing programme- Jet airways, the India’s largest domestic
airline has recently rolled out affiliate marketing programme in the marketing.
This is new digital marketing strategy of Jet airways. Under this programme, Jet

airways provide affiliate partners with websites and provide the opportunities to
these websites to make partnership with India’ s biggest airline. It provides
opportunities to partner one of India’s leading brands and generate revenuesper
conversion by promoting the airline’s web. Moreover, affiliate partner may
integrate Jet airways’ booking engine on their websites and allow visitors to

book tickets online. Online sales are treated via a unique ID provided to each
partner. Affiliate partners may also get promotional content and banners on a
regular basis to promote airline effectively. (Seth, 2009)
Removing a row to gain passenger space- Another marketing strategy adopted
by Jet airways is about to provide more space to passenger. Jet airways have
removed a row of seats from some of its planes to increase overall legroom for
passenger. Now it is using an innovative concept of 3D billboard to sell their
concept of more space the Mumbai billboard have images of two chairs sitting
alongside toeach other and then onedrifting on railways to reveals the concept, “
we have removed a row to give you more space”. The rows of seats have been
removed from Jet airways’ 737-800 series of planes. (Chandran, 2007) Gaurang
Shetty, vice president of Jet airways has stated that they want tocreate an impact
and effectively communicate that we have removed a row of seats from our

domestic flight. The outdoor innovation has only been done in Mumbai
considering the restrictions on the same in other metros.
Partnership with UTV- In 2009, Jet airways has partnered with UTV to launch
the online contest ‘Canners Calling’. In this contest the winner will get a chance
to attend the film festival 2009 along with the campaign that jet airways is
trying to highlight its product superiority. With these type of campaign Jet
airways increase its publicity and also give the information about their services
and how their services different from other airlines.
Alliance with Kingfisher airline- Jet airways has used one of the integration
strategies in the current situation of crises. An alliance with its rival Kingfisher
has been formed. This alliance is a code sharing agreement. In this agreement,
both companies can jointly reduce costs on routs globally by sharing the
resources. Furthermore, Lisa reveals that jointly a global airline alliance is
certainly on the cards of Jet airways. With this alliance they can share the petrol
station and other places in different countries to save money. (Online, 2011).
Ethnic marketing in US- Jet airways is relying heavily on ethnic marketing in
the US to get in touch with its main target market of non residence Indian. They
are tripping on the distribution networks like grocery stores where they allow
access to customer to get tickets. Jet airways have been targeting niche events
like Diwali celebrations and India day parade in the US to get targeted exposure
with the people who regularly fly to India. Moreover, Lisa realises that these
customer shop around a lot to do their homework before they made a purchase
and Jet airways offers a product that offers a great value. (Simplifying, online,
Pricing and Fare strategies- Jet airways also use some strategies related with
price or ticketing. For example, sometimes they provide some free tickets to for

the promotion of their services. They also provide concessional fares for
students on domestic level and also on international level. Jet lite surprises offer
corporate deals. All these offers help them to promote their services and also
they encourage the people to use their services for all their national or
international tours. (Chundawat, 2009)


Promotional Activities- Jet airways also use some promotional activities to
promote their products or services for example they make Sharukh khan, the
bollywood star, their brand ambassador.In the times of fuel price rising they are
making the most expensive brand ambassador.The Shahrukh Khan TVC, which
broke on September 1, is the first of three campaigns Jet has planned (the ones
on economy and premier will follow), and is running across most news channels
and some specialised travel channels. Jet is trying to highlight its product
superiority. Jet had come out with Boeing 777 last year, which has some
superior features and this ad is merely an aim to highlight those features besides
trying to latch on to the celebrity appeal of Shahrukh Khan.(online, 2011)
Public Relation Strategies of Jet airways
Now the PR strategies of Jet airways
will be discussed. First of all it will be
discussed what is the meaning of PR
strategies. PR is one of the most
important aspects of business. It helps
in building and maintaining a good
reputation; PR increases a company’s
profitability and ensures its continued existence. Here some are the examples of
PR strategies. Product launch campaign, promotions, advertisement, articles,
speeches, social awareness, media relation, sponsorship etc these are some


common PR strategies used by all the major companies. Now the PR strategies
of Jet airways will be discussed.
Social awareness-Using social media as a b2c is a new phenomena to business
in India. Jet airways come a long way since its first flight in 1993. This is one of
the fastest growing airlines in the world and now it’s all set to change the way to
fly for better. It makes the full utilization of social media strategies for
marketing. It regularly updates on face book or twitter about the latest travel
deals and offer new flight announcements interesting places to visit queries.
They also upload new pictures on image sharing sites such as Flicker and Video
on You Tube to show case there in flights features. People can see how they will
be treated and what will be offered before travelling to Jet airways. (Anon2,
2011, online).
Brand and promotion strategies- the core focus of the brand is to be a world
class airline. Towards this end it tries to offer passengers a world class product.
It endeavours to ensure that the customers can depend on the clockwork like
regulatory of Jet airways’ operations and it promise to deliver a highly
professional and efficient brand experience pre- flight, in-flight and post
flight.The world class airline for business travellers; the identity needed to
reflect the professionalism and warmth reflect its band position. This was build
into the Jet airways logo design and the choice of colours.
Product Launch Campaign-Jet airways first advertising campaign was
released in 1993. An integral part of the launch strategy for Jet to hold out
airline would be a joy. This led to the familiar line ‘the joy of flying’. New
strategy was developed to make the brand more ‘warm and caring’ the brand
property or control theme of this new strategy was the yellow rose and entire
communication. Programme was developed around this. The new uniform was
also introduced in 1999. The uniform design uses a floating diya (a traditional

Indian lamp) in its print. Over last 4 years the uniform has become avery visible
and significant feature of the brand.
Analysis of Marketing Strategies and PR strategiesAnalysis of marketing can be done using external and internal factors.
Government policies and completion are including in external factors. Internal
factors means people skills, resources available, customers, production capacity
etc. Now the marketing strategies of Jet airways will be done using all these
factors. First of all external factors will be discussed which have an impact on
Jet airways. Memorable word PEST can be used to study external forces which
affectJet airways.
a. External factors:
Influence of political decision-A member of parliament voted on 13th
November stated that airline must reduce co2 emission by 10% when they join
the EU’s carbon cap-and-trade scheme in 2011. Furthermore, it was announced
that all airlines flying to and from EU territory should join the scheme in 2011.
These airlines must reduce 10% emission. 25% of the pollution permits would
be given or auctioned out of airlines. The cost of all co2 permits bought by
airlines would be multiplied by two unless the commission develops the
legislation to address additional climate impacts caused by nitrogen oxide
emission from aircraft. He also said that an efficiency clause states that the
aviation sector can only buy permits from other sectors of it just to improve its
own fuel efficiency. These entire announcements have a great impact on Jet
airways. They need to build new strategy to promote that they have reduced the
emission and the journey on their aircrafts is free from pollution.(Article, 2007)
Economical issue-Most of the airlines are becoming private because they have
to meet certain criteria for a successful. So all these aviation are entering new

strategies for their business. Jet airways also need some strategies to compete
with them. Moreover, Jet airways are facing the problem of decline in demand,
lower yields, recession and high fuel prices. To come over all these problems it
needs new strategy. They should try to find something new to increase the
demand of their aircrafts. The loss of income for airlines led to higher
operational costs, not only due to the lower demand but also due to higher
insurance costs which increased after the WTC bombing. This prompted the
airlines to lay off employees. (anon1, 2011)
Social factors- The travel habits of people are changing day by day. To cope
with these habits, Jet airways need new strategy to promote that they are taking
care of their customers. They must provide the services according to the taste of
people to increase the demand of their aircrafts. Plane hijacking is also a social
factor which is a cause of decreasing the demand of aircrafts. Sound pollution
also affects the marketing of airlines. So air craft should befree of sound
Technological factors- The major competitors of Jet airways are using new
technologies for the promotion of their product. They increase the use of
internet for example Air Sahara provide the facility of online booking and they
also auctioned their remaining tickets before two days of timing. Jet airways
have an influence of these technological factors in the marketing of their
product or services.
Competition- Jet airways are facing the strong competition from Kingfisher
especially in domestic fights. Some overseas markets like British airways, Air
Canada also giving a strong competition to Jet airways. To cope with all these
airlines, jet airways need a new strategy to promote its services at international
level. All the major competitors of Jet airways are using some innovative
strategy to increase its popularity. So Jet airways also need new strategy for this.

Guerrilla marketing-The war of sky is back again and poor Jet Airways is
loser again. Last year Jet started a campaign saying “We have changed” and
Kingfisher hijacked the whole campaign by placing a hoarding just above it
claiming “We made them change”. Jet was forced to withdraw the campaign
and started a new one with message “take off to New York daily” Kingfisher
again changed its hoarding which stated, “They have flown from here to
NewYork.” Jet put up an outdoor campaign for JetLite stating, “our smile lights
up 502 flights togo over 50 cities every day” with pictures of their smiling staff.
Deccan put up its hoarding next to this, which said, “We’d rather you smile)”,
with pictures of their smiling customers. This strategy also put a great effect on
the marketing of Jet airways.
Opportunities-Air cargo market is an opportunity for Jet airways. Jet airways
have been on the forefront in the transportation and handling of general and
special cargo safety and comfort.Jet has a scope in international service and
tourism. Tourism is expanding industry in these days and airlines have a wider
scope in this industry.
Threats-Air lines industry has several threats and Jet airways also could not
escape from these threats. Strong competition from other airlines is a big threat.
Fuel prices are raising day by day because of this fare prices also increasing. As
fares are increasing then the demand of customers is going to decrease. This is a
biggest threat in the marketing of Jet airways.
b. Internal factors:
Now some internal factors will be discussed which have an impact on the
marketing strategy of Jet airways.
Strengths- Jet airways are the known as the market driver in the Indian airlines
market. It has now the experience of more than 14years. It is the only private

airline with international operation. It also has the largest fleet size. All these
strengths are very helpful in the marketing of their products. It has a strong
brand values and reputation in the mind of customers about the quality of
service. It is the first airline to have new fleeted air buses.
Weakness-in these days, the ticket price is going to be high. It is also losing its
domestic market share. Most of its fleet are going to be old with average age
around 4.79 years. Its brand promotion is also weak in the comparison with
other airlines. High fares are also a weakness for Jet airways.
Customer service- People are not satisfies with the customer service of Jet
airways especially in domestic aircrafts. A customer said that the staff did not
provide the facility of wheelchair to his parents who are too weak to stand. This
type of news will have bad effect on the promotion of its products.
Production capacity-The airline expects higher demand driven by increasing
affluence in Asia's third-largest economy, but has no plans of placing big aircraft
orders, Naresh Goyal said at a conference organized by the Hotel Investment
Forum India. They are expected to increase its domestic revenue by 15% and
international revenue by 20% in the next five years. A day after smaller rival
Indigo placed a $15.6 billion order to buy 180 planes from Airbus in the largest
jet deal in commercial aviation history, Goyal said Jet is following a "relatively
modest" aircraft acquisition strategy. This type of strategy is helpful the
promotion of their services.
Customers-Jet airways targeted customers are business class and economic
class. These targeted customers also have an impact on the market of airline. It
does not have attractive strategy for other people of society as there are different
types of people in the society and they should make the strategy for all these
people its market segment can be divided in to three segment economic class;

business class and premium class. It has an impact on the marketing for the
other classes of people.
After analysing the marketing and public relation strategies of Jet airways it is
realised that Jet airways needs lot of improvements in their marketing strategies.
Here some new strategies will be recommended for Jet airway so that it can
become one of the strong and most demanding airlines in today’s world. These
recommendations are listed below:
RecommendationSome recommendation for effective market and public relation strategies are
listed below. If they use these suggestions then they will make their airline more
powerful and demanding.
a. Recommendation for marketing strategyBoost consumer confidence- Consumers are fickle lot and are frequently
hesitant to buy a product they know little about. To boost the confidence of
customers about the services they should use that type of campaign that
emphasizes the quality and value of product and services.
Leverage emotions-The buying decision is emotional for many customers.
Large Corporation spend millions of their money playing on their customers’
emotions and this works for them. Jet airways also should create a campaign
that makes its customers feel themselves, your organization and their decision to







Overcome objections- the task of overcoming a buyer’s objections is usually
assigned to the sales team. However, a well crafted marketing campaign can
work towards overcoming the customers buying obstacles before the walk to the
door. A marketing strategy that emphasizes warranties, testimonials,
endorsement and other positive reinforcement devices attract new customers as
well as existing customers. Jet airways should use this type of marketing
Knowing the competitors’ strategies-The marketing strategy of competitors
are also very important. They should have information about the marketing
strategies adopted by their competitors. They should have good knowledge


about what are the strategies adopted by others to promote their services and
Customer oriented approach- Customer oriented approach or technique
should be used by Jet airways becausecustomers are one of the main parts of an
organization. They should do everything to keep customers in the mind. They
should use strategy which is customer oriented so that they can compete with
new entrants in the market.
b. Recommendation for Public RelationGood media relation-Jet airways should try to have a good relation with media
because media plays an important role in the promotion of services or product.
If they have good relation with media
then media will promote their effective
strategy about customers’ relation.
To provide sponsorship- For the
effective public relation, Jet airways
should provide sponsorship. It can be
either a team or charity organization. Then people will have a chance to know
about Jet airways and the services provided by them.
Deliver speeches- the managing director, sales manager or other respectable
persons in company should deliver speeches to public, time to time, about their
recent changes and their upcoming strategies.
Publish articles- The organisation should also publish some article about their
changes and about their customer relation strategy in the popular newspaper or
magazines. With these articles people will get knowledge about their strategies


and about what are they doing to improve their services. It will increase their
good relation with customers.
Use technology-In today’s predominantly online business world. There is no
quicker medium than online for breaking a big news story. Viral marketing and
video campaigns are just two of the ways that businesses are reaching a wider
audience. Blogging is another vital cog in the online promotion of a business.
Jet airways should use this type of technology or their good public relation
Know the market-For good public relation it should be known what is
happening around you. It will help to act immediately to keep your clients ahead
of the game. Jet also should have the knowledge of every technology which
give information about the market in which their product or services is going.



To conclude it can be said that Jet airways is one of the biggest airline industry
at domestic level as well as international level. Its market share is more than any
other airline at domestic level. It is very aware about their marketing campaign
and their public relation. They are using all the recent technologies and
strategies for the promotion of their products and services such as customer
loyalty, social awareness, social media strategy and advertisement with famous
people. But all these things are not enough in today’s world. As new entrants are
coming in the market and existing competitor are also using very effective
strategies for the promotion of services or products. After analysing the
marketing and public relation strategies of Jet airways it is realised that their
marketing strategy is not as effective as their competitors’ strategy. They need to
re-establish their strategy to compete with other airlines. Political, economical
and social issues also have an impact on the marketing of products. These are
uncontrollable elements. Nobody can control them. So they should make their
strategy in such a way that they have a little effect of these uncontrollable
elements. As people are very aware about the products or services which they
are buying so the organization should need good public relation. Some
recommendations are provided for the effective marketing and public relation
strategy. With the help of these suggestions they can improve the marketing of
their services and also their public relation.













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