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Curriculum Vitae

Harish B N, B.E(Electrical and Electronics)
#3-172, Block 916, Jurong West Street 91,Singapore-640916.

Ph: +65 91343381
 Working as a senior electrical commissioning engineer in
Alstom Pte ltd, Singapore.
 Worked as a Electrical engineer in ABB Pte Ltd, Singapore.
 Worked as a commissioning engineer in Voltech Engineers Pvt
ltd, Chennai, India.
1 Alstom Transport Ltd.

: Alstom transport ltd
: senior Electrical commissioning Engineer.
: 17-03-2014 to present
Working Place : Singapore.

1 Working as a senior testing and commissioning engineer in Tuas
metro stations for LTA and SMRT for the commissioning of Metro
Rail projects.
2 Factory testing, coordination with LTA for design works.
3 Inspection of panels, visiting sites for testing and commissioning
4 Documents
5 Commissioning of all electrical equipment’s under PE.
6 Erection of panels, referring IEC standards and checking whether
the equipment is manufactured and IEC under IEC standard.
7 Documents for testing and commissioning review, approval from
8 Checking all the equipment’s from 66kv to 750V DC.
9 DC coordination, Stringer system and great idea about DC
2 ABB Pte Ltd.


: ABB Pte Ltd.
: Electrical Engineer.
: 04-02-2013 to 28-02-2013

1 Testing and commissioning of all equipments from 415 V to 400 KV. LV feeders testing and scheme check. 7 According to the client requirement charge the battery and put the UPS in normal postion. 2. circuit breakers in all the MV and the LV feeders. 5 Any modification in the drawing or any correction in the drawing has to be done. 3 Coordinate with RTU. control breakers. 2 Testing of motors. : 09-12-2009 to 17-12-2012. ATS check in all the MV and LV feeders 4 Coordination with vendors. transformers. Testing and commissioning of all the 3 substations in Jurong island for Jurong aromatic complex.6 KV feeders. Worked as a senior testing and commissioning engineer in Jurong island. 3 The job scope includes testing of 22/6. connect the batteries in series. 3 Checking the control circuit by giving the supply. Working Place : Singapore. 8 Checking of the schemes.     Employer Position Period Working Place : Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd. 4 All operations as per the scheme has to be checked.6 KV transformers. : Senior Commissioning Engineer. motor testing. 5 Testing of Current transformer. 5 To check the voltage of each battery and check the desired voltage. scheme checking of all the 6. generators. isolators. 6 Acccording to the voltage of the battery. : Chennai. . 3. 6 Cable schedule preparation has to be prepared as per the drawing. India. 2 Charging the battery with float and boost mode to improve the performance of the system. 4 Load test to be done on each batteries. 7 Preparation of test reports and coordination with Professional engineer for commissioning. modification of schemes as built drawing preparation. 1. SCADA and PLC to ensure that the correct cable is connected for signalling. control and relay panels. Battery experience: 1 Testing of ups Panel by giving the supply. 6 Performed differential REF protection for all MV transformers. earth switches. potential transformer. Voltech Engineers Pvt Ltd. attending the discussion with the client.

6. 220KV.  Coordinate with vendors and sub contractors to complete the works. 2 The job responsibilities includes maintenance of all the CNC machines.4. Operation and Maintenance of Power Plant and sub-station. : Maintenance Engineer. 11KV. Bus Coupler. switch gear and Power Transformer.  As build cable schedule submission and all site activity to satisfy the customer . Knowledge of Transformer protection.  Testing of CT.  Trouble shooting of all Electrical circuits. verification of drawings.6KV.  Testing and commissioning of control & relay panel for Transformer. construction team. and Bus-Transfer and Line feeder. Machine Tools Engineering     Employer Position Period Working Place : Machine Tools Engineering. PT.  Inspection of control and relay panel. power plant.  Coordinate with the electrical contractors to complete the job. 33KV. Bus Bar protection. India. Motor protection.400KV System. test report submission.  Lead the team by assigning the works to the team. motor checking.  Testing and commissioning of power control centre and motor control centre. Transformer Differential Protection & REF Protection. 66KV 110KV. 1 Worked as a maintenance engineer. and process plant. vendors sub  Coordinate with the electrical cable schedule. and synchronizing scheme. control and protection circuits  As Built Scheme drawing submission. Circuit breaker. JOB SKILLS  Testing and commissioning of all Electrical equipments 415 V. preparation of Test Report and cable schedule for sub-station. CVT. : 14-08-2008 to 27-11-2009 : Bangalore.

6 KV switchgear panels. REF 542 plus ABB make and Scheinder make Sepam relays were tested. Nature of job: Tested and commissioned 33kv switchyard. INTERNATIONAL SUBSTATIONS. Project: 6. Current transformer and potential transformer checked.415V panels. electrical interlock and mechanical interlock checked.6 KV switchgear (Siemens) make. ATS scheme check. Project: 6. Srilanka. Project: Jurong Aromatic complex. circuit breaker (VCB type). Nature of job: Tested and commissioned the 12. CLIENT: M/S ABB LIMITED. JAMSHEDPUR. bus bar hipot test. 33kv CGL make breaker testing. CLIENT: M/S CEYLON ELECTRICITY BOARD (CEB). 2*15/20 MVA transformer (ONAN/ONAF) testing. CLIENT: M/S SK ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS. 11KV VCB checked all panels scheme checked. Nature of job: Tested and commissioned the 6. 2. 3. SRILANKA. Contact resistance measurement of busbar. KOLKATTA AIRPORT. CLIENT: M/S Siemens India Limited. Transformer differential and REF protection checked. . 415V LT panel testing and overall scheme checked. CLIENT: M/S ABB LIMITED. 1.5MVA transformer (ABB) make. stability test and sensitivity test done.6 kv panels breaker testing. Transformer differential and REF protection checked. 2. Jaffna. 6. Coordinate with vendor for all the testing works and prepare the reports. singapore Nature of job: Testing of 18*2MVA transformer testing. 11 KV (Scheinder make) panel testing and overall scheme checked.6kv Switchgear. Prepare test protocols for substation equipments & obtain customer approval. Project: 11KV/6. Project: 2*24MW power plant.  Prepare testing and commissioning program  Checking of various equipments schemes  Attending technical discussion with client & consultant modification according to the customer & system requirement. KOLKATTA. Ariyalur. ASSIGNMENT FOR POWER PLANT and AND 1. DOMESTIC ASSIGNMENT FOR POWER PLANT AND SUBSTATIONS. TATA NAGAR.6KV/0.

Nature of job: commissioning of 220 kv panels. REF and differential stability done. Gerusoppa. Scheme check of all the panels (Siemens Make) done. PT (CGL) make. Nature of job: CT. Cogeneration plant successfully commissioned. testing of 66 KV (CGL) make breakers. 7. scheme checking. . operations of all the equipments checked. 14 line bays commissioned. CLIENT: M/S L and T limited. Project: 400/220 KV substation. HAVERI. Project: 415V LT Motors testing. CT primary injection done.6 kv switchyard. 5. Synchronizing check with existing grid done.3 KV switchgear. 4. 6. Nature of job: electrical interlock check. Parallel operation of transformers checked. 10. ORISSA. Project: 500 MVA transformer. 8. CT. Measurement of Contact resistance measurement of isolators and CB done. SF6 gas circuit breaker (CGL) make tested. PT. Project: 66KV/11KV Substation. Electrical interlock checked. Nature of job: Tested all the equipments. 125 MVAR reactor. Bangalore. Nature of job: Testing of LAVT panels. CLIENT: M/S SIEMENS LIMITED. panel drawing modification done. PATIALA. Project: 110/6. 14 line bays of 400/220 kv substation. PT and SF6(CGL make) breakers testing done. Scheme checked and commissioning done. CT. Scheme check of 66KV control and relay panels. CT. 125 MVAR reactor (CGL) make. VCB testing of ABB make. cable schedule and termination schedule prepared. Nature of job: LT motors (ABB make) testing done and commissioned all the motors. preparation of cable and control schedule.6KV/3. CHATTISGARH. Project: 220/11KV substation. Nature of job: Tested and commissioned 500 MVA transformer (AREVA) make. CLIENT: M/s POWERGRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED. Project: 33KV/6. Bus bar stability done and commissioned the line.Nature of job: Tested and commissioned the 2MVA transformer (ABB) make. CLIENT: M/s Areva Limited. 9. NGR panels. CLIENT: M/S POWERGRID CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED. PT. CLIENT: M/S SIEMENS LIMITED. electrical and mechanical interlock of the system. CLIENT: M/S ABB LIMITED. HIMACHAL.

14. CLIENT: M/S SIEMENS LIMITED. 17. Relays overcurrent and earthfault(P127) tested and commissioned.6 kv HT panels. 12. Nature of job: Commissioning of 6. Project: 6. CLIENT: M/S ABB LIMITED. ABB RELAYS: REF 615: Feeder protection.6 kv HT panels. P122: Overcurrent/Earth fault relay. CLIENT: M/S HAMTEC INDIA PVT LTD. (Overcurrent/earth fault relay) RET 615: Transformer protection. 13.6KV/415V panels. CLIENT: M/S SCHEINDER ELECTRIC INFRASTRUCTURE LIMITED. CT primary injection done. Nature of job: Maintenance of HT panels and explaining the operation to all the engineers of the power plant. (Differential and REF relay) REF 542: Feeder protection. Project: 110/6. Nature of job: Testing and commissioning of 15 nos of HT panels (Chinese) make. CLIENT: M/S ABB LIMITED. capacitor bank. Project: 6. electrical interlock check. GULBARGA. Project: 415V LT panels.6 KV reactor. CLIENT: M/S POWERTRAC.6 KV HT Panels. 20 MVA transformer testing (ONAN). . Cogeneration plant successfully commissioned. testing of 2 MVA transformers (Voltamp) make. CLIENT: M/s SIEMENS LIMITED. Nature of Job: Tested the 33KV VCB make breakers and commissioned the plant.6 kv switchyard. Project: 33KV HT panels. P111: overcurrent/earth fault relay. interlock through. Nature of job: Commissioning of LT panels.6kv/415V panels. 2*2 MVA transformer testing. Project: 6. EXPERIENCE WITH RELAYS: 1. Project: 6. Nature of job: testing of 5 nos of 20/25 MVA (ONAN/ONAF) Areva make transformers. 15. AREVA RELAYS: micom relay.11. 16. Nature of job: Tested and commissioned the 6. (Over current/earth fault relay) 2.

3. SIEMENS MAKE: 7SJ60. CHINESE RELAYS: 7UT6313 (line relay) Transformer relay: 7UT6315 (Differential and REF Relay) Motor protection relays. Yours sincerely (HARISH B N ) .E(Bachelor of Engineering) in Electrical and electronics. (Overcurrent and earth fault relay). ACADEMIC B. 7SJ61 and 7SJ62. passed out in the year 2008. | PERSONAL SCENARIO  Date of Birth: 04th FEB 1985  Nationality: Indian  Gender: Male  Status: Married. 4.  Visa: S pass holder  Passport Number: H5836036  Hand Phone: +65 9134 3381 Declaration I hereby declare that all the particulars furnished above in the curriculum vitae are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.