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 India based ITO & ITES company having Global Development & Delivery Center in Pune, India
with Marketing & Sales offices in USA & UK.
 Team consists of 100+ Certified Professionals like Graduates/Post-Graduates/CPAs/Microsoft
Certified Professionals with diverse experience in field of Accounting, Finance, Investment, IT
Software & Cloud Infrastructure & Consulting Space.
Vision Statement

“IBN’s vision is to become the most sought after multi service provider by way of consistency in
delivering quality and value multiplying services within the constraint of time and capital under
the arc of compliance to regulations concerned.”

Mission Statement
“IBN’s mission is to be recognized within the industry as a global service provider of offshore services
ranging from Back Office Services in Investment Management and Financial Accounting sectors to IT
sector with high quality and control.”

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IBN Controller Services provides client with professional and experienced team of
financial experts to perform client company's Controller level functions when they
are required. Our scalable business model allows you to leverage Accounting
Controller and Financial Controller services when needed during key periods and
then scale back this service during non-peak periods, at your discretion.
Financial Controller Services
• Complete Management of Internal Accounting
• Management Accounting Reports
• Profit & Loss Statements
• Balance Sheet
• Budgeted Profit & Loss Statement
• Cash Flow Statement

Audit Support & Coordination – Assisting in managing year-end reviews and/or audits with
your outside accounting firm, and assist with preparing for labour and workers compensation
audits with outside government agencies.
Monthly Discussion & Analysis Report - We track and identify changes and trends in your
account activity and report them to you in a monthly management report.
Reporting & Flash reporting – A daily or weekly one-page snapshot of key financial figures,
such as cash in banks, investments and notes payable.

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Time Benefit:
• Allows to plan round the clock operations.
• Data Processed & critical reports prepared overnight.
• Allows you to focus on your business rather than on back office functions.
• Streamlining priorities to avoid loss of business.
• Save time from running the business & invest time in growing the business.
• Time spent on managing administrative staff, hiring, evaluation, etc.

Staff Benefit:
• Highly Skilled Staff & already have experience working in US Processes which minimizes the cultural gap.
• Wide Range of Industry experience from Finance & Accounting, AP / AR Support & Business Operations
which includes customer support, Data Processing etc.
• Understanding of Best Industry Practice & same help us in consulting approach for process improvements.
• Right Level staff for different requirements
• Reduce key employee risk as staff redundancy for each process is inbuilt in IBN’s outsourcing approach.
Business Benefit:
• Cost Advantage
• Save on Infrastructure and Technology for outsourced staff.
• Access to Skilled Resources for expansion at short notice.
• Time Zone Advantage.
• Business continuity planning inbuilt as you have teams working at offshore location.

Cost Benefit:
• Lower cost of operations by 40%. This is even true for Jr. Accountant level staff in USA.
• No Overhead Cost, Employee Benefit Costs, etc.
• No Training & Hiring Cost

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Processes at IBN Technologies mandate the sharing of information on a strictly need-to-know basis
only and have put in place powerful network authentication tools. We investigate any data transfer
by employees that do not comply with our security stipulations. For utmost financial data security
we have put in place the following process and network features:
Financial Data Security
Process Features

Network features

Enterprise Access System for
Employee Login

Non-disclosure / confidentiality

Total secured CISCO VPN Tunnel to

Secure Smart Card and Secure
Premises Login with Biometric Access

Audit trails for all system activities

Secured Cisco® Intelligent switches
and Cisco® Network Assistant
optimized for LAN

Network and Windows Login

Access to registered and authorized
users only

CiscoVirtual Private Network (VPN)
protection and Secure Network® PIX®
Firewall to block all ports for HTTP,
FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and even ICMP

PC ’locking’ & Password protected

Scanning of servers for penetration

Secure network firewalls

Secure Remote Access (VPN)

Large budget outlays on security

Technology-driven detections systems

Secure email with digital signatures

Regular Quality Checks

Secure Encrypted Web Servers and

Single sign on to enterprise and
desktop applications

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