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1. The UK consists of 4 (number) countries (SCOTLAND, ENGLAND, NOTHERN
2. London lies on the river Thames (Tamiza)
3. The name of the Queen of Commonwealth Realm - Elizabeth II
4. The Queen and the King live in Buckingham Palace
5. What is the name of British king who had six wives? Henry VIII of England
6. The Prime Minister of Great Britain is David Cameron
7. The title of the national anthem of Great Britain is “God Save the Queen”
8. The name of the channels, located in the south of the UK is La Manche
9. The established state religion of the UK is Christianity (Anglican Church)
10. Who is the most famous English writer and playwright? William Shakespeare
11. Give the name of the city where the Beatles wrote their songs Liverpool
12. The most well known universities in Great Britain are Cambridge, Oxford
13. When did Elizabeth II become the queen of the United Kingdom? 2 June 1953
14. The full name of writer who wrote Lord of the Rings is John Ronald Revel Tolkien
15. The

UK’s two








Konserwatywna) and Labour Party (Partia Pracy)
16. The name of the most famous English detective is Sherlock Holmes
17. What is the most well known role of Rowan Atkinson? Mr. Bean
18. The longest river of the UK is the Severn River
19. What is the name of well known bell of the clock in London? the Big Ben
20. What is the name of London Wax Museum? Madame Tussauds
21. The famous circular setting made of stones in England is Stonehenge
22. The guards at the Tower of London are called (nickname) Yeomen Warders
23. The most famous tennis tournament in London is Wimbledon
24. The most famous football stadium in London is Wembley Stadium
25. The 2nd day of Christmas is called Boxing Day in Great Britain
26. British people pay pound sterling (currency) in shops.
27. Where does the Prime Minister of Great Britain live ? (accurate address) 10 Downing
28. What are the names of Diana’s sons? William and Harry

29. The capital of the United States is Washington 31. American people pay dollars (currency) in shops. Who was the first president of the USA? George Washington 33. Kilt is the official skirt in Scotland 46. The oldest American university is Harvard 37. The official residence of the American president is White House 34. The capital of Wales is Cardiff 49. When did Christopher Columbus discover America? 1492 32. NHL is the professional league of Hockey 45. When do we celebrate Halloween? 31 October 50. The USA consists of 50 states 35. The day before New Year is New Year’s Eve 51. New York's financial center is Wall Street 41. Utwórz liczbę mnogą od poniższych wyrazów:  wife WIVES  church CHURCHES  disco DISCOS  toy TOYS  fox FOXES  mouse MICE  foot FEET 52. What place was attacked on 11 September 2001? World Trade Cebtre 42. The Big Apple is a popular name for New York 40. Saint Andrew is the patron of Scotland 48. 39. When was the Great Fire of London? 2 September 1666 30. Podaj wyrazy przeciwstawne do poniższych wyrazów:  appropriate INAPPROPRIATE  heavy LIGHT . The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh 47. The most American movies are created in Hollywood 36. What are the most important parties in the USA? Democrats and Republicans 43. The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA in 1886 by France 44. When is the Independence Day celebrated? 4 July 38.

. Utwórz stopień wyższy i najwyższy od podanych przymiotników  smart SMARTER THE SMARTEST  funny FUNNIER THE FUNNIEST  good BETTER THE BEST  young YOUNGER THE YOUNGEST  important MORE IMPORTANT THE MOST IMPORTANT 56. low HIGH  background FOREGROUND  expected UNEXPECTED  mean(adjective)GENEROUS 53.I’M GOING TO BE  Mam nadzieję zdać. I WOULD LIKE TO BE  Niezgodne z prawem.. ILLEGAL/UNCONSTITUTIONAL  Zamierzam być... Podaj drugą oraz trzecią formę od podanych czasowników:  teach TAUGHT TAUGHT  sow SOWED SOWN/SOWED  choose CHOSE CHOSEN  let LET LET  seek SOUGHT SOUGHT  freeze FROZE FROZEN 54. IF I WERE YOU  Chciałbym być. Przetłumacz określone zwroty na język angielski  Jeśli byłbym tobą. I HOPE TO PASS/ I HOPE I WILL PASS 57... Utwórz przysłówek od podanego przymiotnika  cold COLDLY  quick QUICKLY  good WELL  true TRULY 55...... Z podanych poniżej przymiotników utwórz rzeczowniki:  famous FAME .

 possibile POSSIBLITY  satisfied SATISFACTION  noisy NOISE Pytania opracował mgr Michał Kozłowski .