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IETF 2011






Power Transmission, Conveyor Belts, Systems to precision
equipment components, Plastic films and sheets, Hybrid rubber
industrial products, Optoelectronic Electronic Materials
Automobile component parts









Oil Pump & Water Pump for Motorcycle, Engine Parts for Motorcycle
Agricultural Machine, Engine, Construction Machine parts
Throttle body, Carburetor
Front wiper systems, Power windows, Fan motors for 4-Wheeled
Vehicles, Starter motor for 2-Wheeled vehicles, AC generators for 2Wheeled vehicles.
Mold Parts for H/Lamp, RC/Lamp of Automotives
Injection Molding Parts, Blow Molding Parts
Components of Seat Belts, Airbags and Steering Wheels



Multi-Function Switch, Power Window Switch, Heater Control Switch,
Remote Key, Steering Lock Assembly, Immobilizer System
Transmission component parts

Fuel Tank Assy, F/Neck Pipe Comp, Breather Joint, Fuel Cut Valve,
Fuel Tube Clamp, Fuel Tank Cushion B, F/Pump Module Packing,
Fuel Vent Tube Assy A, F/Pump Module Lock Nut, Filler Neck Tube,
Sunroof Asy, Ctr Frame, Link Comp, Side Frame.etc.



Automotive parts for assembling, Automotive manufacturer
Parts of Air Conditioner and Chiller
Turned/Machined parts
Water Pump Assy, Universal Joint Kit Assy, Suspension, Wheel
Bearing, Clutch Bearing, Tensioner Bearing.
Information Stand





4C - 60 Single-Use Tea Plucker, Portable Tea Plucker, CG-200
Backpack Brush Cutter, CG-200 Grass Cutter (Four-Cycle), CG-430
Portable Brush Cutter, 3CX-750A Singl-Blade Hedge Trimmer, 3CX650 Dual-Blades Hedge Trimmer Single-Use Chain Saw
Pipe Making Machine, Square Pipe Polishing Machine, Embossing
Machine, Round Pipe Polishing Machine, Moulds



Gearboxes for Cement Plant, Gearboxes for thermal Power Station,
Gearboxes for General Industry Field, Marine Gearboxes for Shipyard
Flexes, Banners, Print Material, Laptop - LCD Projection
Turned/Machined parts
Brochures and CD-ROMs about Engineering and Machinery







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Mud Pump, Hydraulic Drilling Machine, Mechanical Drilling Machine
Baler (Metal Baler), Metal Shear, Metal Crusher, Waste Paper Baler,
Pet Bottle Baler
Tower Crane, Construction Elevator, Concrete Batching Plant,
Concrete Pump, Concrete Mixer, Concrete Batching Machine

lg. Chocolate Beans Roller Press System and Software Development Manufacturing and wholesale of inner Flexi Desks. Chocolate Miller. Kaplan ahmed. which are produced in own plants(2 plants in China) .co. Gas Fired Boiler. DC sivakumar.. Chocolate Automatic IT Torque Convertor Model . VCB With Lamination Production Line. Chain Gate YANGZHOU METALFORMING MACHINE GROUP CO LTD yz@duanya. Gantry Cranes With Complete Equipment for Chocolate. Fin Press Line Euro Tye Wire Rope inoway@3ace-net. Candy Bar Production hoomura@jams. Boiler Pipe. Business Centres 31 32 33 RAS AL KHAIMAH FREE TRADE ZONE AUTHORITY (RAK FTZA) .jp main@shimada-kasei. Continuous Tempering Machine.vrkec. Executive afive@apricot. Win Drive ktanaka@ontec. Flexi Trading.shinmaywa. Heat Oil Boiler. 125 kva DG Set Crew Rest sakamoto@emi-trade. Aluminum Foil) 35 36 37 TAISHAN GROUP TAISHAN BOARD INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO LTD jiafj@taishanboao.king@yahoo. / Page 2 AC Motor. Boiuler Injection Molding Machine Screw OF CTBC Storage 39 KIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC CO LTD rks@ndl. Metalic Processing. Heat Exchanger. Chocolate Chip Transformer. Boiler AOYAMA SEISAKUSYO CO LTD ASAHI FIVE CO LTD CHORI CO LTD EMI CORPORATION G-DREAM INT'L ISO RESEARCH INSTITUTE CO LTD JAPAN MICROSYSTEMS CO LTD KSD INC MEISHO CO LTD MICROBIT INC MIKAKUTO CO LTD NIHON TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD ONTEC CO LTD SANWA-I CO LTD SHIMADAKASEI COMPANY LIMITED SHINMAYWA SOFT TECHNOLOGIES CO LTD THREE ACE CO LTD 40 VOITH HYDRO PVT LTD vibha. Model of Maxima. Gantry Cranes With nkhatib@primegeotextile. Planetary Gearboxes. EOT/Gantry Cranes for Other Industries 38 ZHEJIANG SINO CRANE CO LTD CORPORATE PAVILION AT IETF GLOBAL 2011 aaronchen@zjsinocrane. Coating Machine. Biomass Boiler. Coal Fired EOT Cranes With Grab For Waste Power Generation. Packing Machine (Coin. Gantry Crane For Ship Building. UAE AL JAZIRA METAL INDUSTRY ALDAFRA INT'L LUBRICANTS OIL FACTORY BIN HAZEEM PLASTIC INDUSTRY HAMRIYAH FREE ZONE PRIM GEOTEXTILE RAS AL KHAIMAH FREE TRADE ZONE TECHNICAL INDUSTRIES FOR MELAMINE BOARDS REGGIANA RIDUTTORI S R L SOUTH AFRICAN HIGH COMMISSION india@rakftz. Chocolate Enrober. EOT Cranes With Hook.pref. Sales and Trading of sh-takezaki@chori.IETF 2011 29 LEE YUEN MACHINERY (EU PING) LIMITED 30 OSAKA ASSOCIATION FOR THE ASIA REGION PROMOTION PROJECT AND GROUP COMPANIES keizaikoryu@sbox. EPT Crane For Hydropower Land For sathish@microbit. Shell & Core Office Space. Standard Furnished Offices. mainly including circular knitted underwear for ladies. Pressure Vessel. Exchanger info@reggianariduttori.gusu@gmail. EOT Cranes With Electromagnet. Planetary Wheel Drives 34 SUZHOU GUSU GENERAL WORKS OF FOOD PROCESSING MACHINERY justin.f@sa. Ball hfahmawi@ajmi.

ne. OKUDAYA GIKEN CO LTD 61 ASIAN PRODUCTIVITY ORGANIZATION 59 WINPRO CO LTD / samir. High Temperature Anemometer. incinerator. s-shimazu@chuo-chem. Energy Saving Machine. Gas 62 CII. Handbook on 57 58 TOYOX CO LTD UNIVERSAL GREEN TECNO CO LTD Temperature Multi-parameter Water Quality Checker.) Industrial pressure hoses & Specialized connectors for factory pipe line & machine gaurav. With our rich exprience. Boxes Carbon greentecno@un24.Tec Introduction of wind power generators of WINPRO (The model of the hybrid street light is exhibited) Industrial trading@opk. Non-contact Page 3 Multi-Channel Anemometer. Gas Engine.egashira@mayekawa. High performance furnace. ZEB.go. Heat Resistance paint & Insulation Paint Steam and Air related products (eg steam Energy Efficient. Mission On Sustainable Growth. Hot Shield. Gloss Checker. LTD aabraham@continentalcarbonindia. Palm Paper Products. Kitagawa Gas Detector Tube System. Industrial Robot. Wrapping Paper.ocn.kantroo@horiba. Green Technology Centre Packaging. Portable & Fixed Type Gas Detectors yoshino@komyokk. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Estimation and 60 YAMATO SANKO MFG CO LTD OTHER COUNTRY EXHIBITORS AT ECO-PRODUCTS 2011 j-chou@yamato-sanko. Green Business Incubation. Environment Management. Renewable Energy. 49 MAYEKAWA INDIA PVT LTD hiroyuki. NEXT generation of insect repellent product "ARINIX" and weatherized cable clamp "DP clip kit" Material Handling Equipment Equipment to Derive Oil from Plastics/Waste Cooking Oil/FatContained Biomass Using Catalytic Cracking Shirasu balloon paint. e-learning brochure. Water treatment 56 TLV PTE LTD ken@tlv. Glass Shield. our furnaces have possibility to meet your special needs. info@enomt. Dust Compact. Airflow Transducer. Packaging & Stationery Design. Oil Content 52 53 ecoparadise1@piano. This is a Low Maintenance. GP training manual. etc. LNG Storage Tank. Heat pump technology. Airborne Particle Counter Refrigeration Reciprocating Compressor. Continuous On-Line & Portable Stack Gas Analyzer. Coal Preparation Technology etc. valves. Environmental Audits. Water Management. Absorption Chiller/Heater 48 KANOMAX JAPAN INC sales@kanomax. 50 NEMS CO LTD 51 NEW ENERGY AND INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION ohnomch@nedo. Light Weight.SOHRABJI GODREJ GREEN BUSINESS CENTRE manjeet.IETF 2011 EXHIBITORS AT ECO-PRODUCTS 2011 PARTNER COUNTRY JAPAN (JETRO) 41 42 43 CHUO KASEIHIN CO INC DAIKIN AIRCONDITIONING INDIA PVT LTD ENOMOTO MACHINE CO LTD 44 HORIBA INDIA PRIVATE LTD 45 JASE-WORLD 46 KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD 47 KOMYO RIKAGAKU KOGYO K K OA Floor Using By the Recycling Pet Air Conditioners Information of Screw Press for 63 64 65 CMYK STUDIO SDN BHD CONTINENTAL CARBON INDIA LIMITED ECOPARADISE CO. IAQ Monitor. Eco-products Directory 2010. Ambient Air Quality Analyzer.buwa@horiba. Steam Ecoparadise Solution Products . Energy Efficiency. Mayekawa K Series model is Reciprocating Compressor and is well suited for wide range of industrial applications. High Speed Compressor.okada@eccj. Smart-grid technology. Multi-parameter Gas Analyzer. NEDO's renewable energy 54 55 RECYCLE ENERGY CO LTD TERAWISE CO LTD Rolling Stock. Energy Efficiency Manual Green Buildings. INC. Introduction of activities of JASE-World and the book named "Japanese State-of-the-art Smart Energy Products & Technologies". thermal treatment system and waste (sludge) treatment system. compiling 190 examples developed and owned by members of JASEWORLD. We have been manufacturing atmospheric furnaces and vacuum furnaces over 30 years.

Automotive Equipments.m-kagaku. Vaccum Cleaner (VC 982). Amorphous Transformer. Visual Information Systems. VCO 1. Gas Turbine. Oil Free Screw Amorphous Cut bangareshwar@jukiindia. Waste-toEnergy Plant. G Skin Care 2 Body Lotion. Inverter. Energy Systems & Environmental Products (Power GS Pla. IT Service. Selling of Spares Banana and jackfruit Chips. Space Systems. Sirkel (Coconut Water Syrup) AQSOA Dessicant Air-Conditioner. Servicing of Cars. Bus Destination Displays. Intelligent Water Systems.SA4. Guardin Coconut Cooking Oil. G Skin Care 1 Body Lotion. AC .go. . Battery Health Monitoring Unit.IETF 2011 66 EFFTRONICS SYSTEMS PVT LTD 83 PANASONIC CORPORATION Page 4 Screw Manufacturing. Waste Water & Sludge Treatment System. LED E 90 . Color Television . ITFacility Consolidation System. Environmental activity. HS201 Projector 73 LG ELECTRONICS INDIA PVT LTD Plasma TV. Electric Drive Machines. Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). Steel Structure for Building. Bridge. Energy Solutions. System and Software Development Digital AVC Networks. Logistic Machinery. GPS Based Digital Clocks. PEW and PanaHome. Environmental Education for Students.mpi. Refrigerator FF + DIOS. PV Power Conditioning System.FL. Water supply filtration device (Strow clean water) 78 79 MITSUBISHI PLASTIC INC M K ENTERPRISE 69 JAPAN PRODUCTIVITY CENTER G.L X 6500. Heat Pumps Systems etc. Conductive Films. Online Appliances Controlling. Sanyo. G Skin Care 2 Body Lotion. Building 74 MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD gaurav. Industrial Sewing Machine Parts Microwave Oven (MP 9889). Washing Machines . G Skin Care 1 Body Air Purifier (PS 550). Automatic Weather Stations. Guardin Coconut Cooking Oil. Film on NLC History and environment. Municipal Waste Material Flow Cost Chillers. Charcoal and Liquid Smoke. Energy efficiency.Mobiles. Factory Automation Systems. Trafic Signal Lamps. Bio degradable plastic. Photovoltaic Generation Systems.srivastava@lge. Conductive Pastes Public Transport. Components and mk. Flat Panel .yasunori@ma. Smart Water Scada. Power Generation Systems. Industrial Machinery. Split Air Conditioners. Industrial Sewing Machine. Energy Information System. Photo panels of Project Panorama.nlc57@gmail. Samples 81 NEYVELI LIGNITE CORPORATION LTD pro. VCO 2. Sirkel (Coconut Water Syrup) 80 NATIONAL PRODUCTIVITY ORGANIZATION (NPO INDONESIA) protek@centrin. AQSOA Adsorption Heat Pump Banana and jackfruit Chips.lg. Amorphous Metal 76 MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL CORPORATION 1406048@cc. Durabio Bio-based Engineering plastic Air Conditioning Systems. LED E 60 70 JAPAN STAR CORP ikeda@japan-star. GSM . Home Theatre (HT964/954).) 77 MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CORPORATION eqd. Shower (Micro Bubble-Nano -Shower).com 67 68 HITACHI GROUP JAPAN INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION AGENCY (JICA) INDIA OFFICE id_oso_rep@jica. Recycling Plant. Ballast Water Treatment Equipment. Transportation Systems. Information & Communication 75 MINISTRY OF MANPOWER AND TRANSMIGRATION THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA (NPO INDONESIA) AND KADIN INDONESIA protek@centrin. Inverter Technology & Manufacturing & Selling Led Lighting Solutions. Trading. Home 82 OSAKA ASSOCIATION FOR THE ASIA REGION PROMOTION PROJECT keizaikoryu@sbox. Forestry. LED E2240/E2340 Monitor .com 71 72 JFE ENGINEERING CORPORATION JUKI INDIA PVT LTD sakai-e-katsutoshi@jfe-eng. Charcoal and Liquid Smoke. VCO 2. Sales and Trading of Chemicals. Metalic Processing.Energia. VCO Technology Transfer in Environmental Management Lamp (e-save).ent.

highly transparent. Indian Rubber wood Doors. Eco-Business etc Allied Chemicals. Highly heat resistant Led Lighting. LED Light Origami Workshop. Indian Tiles arau Baby Laundry Soap.Friendly Technologies in Emissions & Alternative Fuels Flat Products. Wires. Bio Fuels. Panlitem. Indian Natural Rubber . Participants include energy Data Center Services. Metallic Material for Electronic Parts. Media & Entertainment Services. PEN film for a flat Cable & backsheet films for PV.heat-reflective insulating film. Indian Rubber Smoked Sheets (RSS).com 93 TATA COMMUNICATIONS 94 TATA MOTORS 95 TATA STEEL LIMITED CSR Report. Consultancy in customer driven excellence. query@jfindia. and sterilizer Waste water treatment ema_SIEW@ema. Total Quality 92 TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES laxmikant. Compound Semiconductor.naik@tcs. Contact Center Services. Electric Power Cable. deodorization & anti germ Optical Fiber Cable. Agricultural Implements.Office.Branded. Long Products. Reftel. geo-grid reinforcement with Technora. Networking Equipment. Management of Business Ethics. Led MR 16 85 RUBBER BOARD Led 86 SARAYA CO LTD hands@saraya. Processed Rubber Wood. ADEAM. Panel of Japan Foundation . senior representatives from international energy associations.A DIVISION OF TATA SONS LIMITED 2011 theme: Securing our energy future.closed-loop polyester recycling system.House Hold. Balanced Scorecard and other improvement methodologies. (ISNR). Indian Cabinet Shutters.choudhry@tatasteel. Indian Standard Natural Rubber. Industrial Materials 87 SINGAPORE INTERNATIONAL ENERGY WEEK BY ENERGY MARKET AUTHORITY 88 SUMITOMO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES LTD eco@info. Plants and Equipment 96 97 TEIJIN LTD THE JAPAN FOUNDATION Page 5 Tenax. Alkakarb. focuses on opportunities in thriving Automotive Wiring Harness. Fluorine Resin Products.sei. Led Canopy Light. Telumina. Indian Furniture . TELCLEAN. ECOCIRCLE. Innovation. with opportunities to participate in business matching and Network. line-up of conferences and exhibitions. Electronic Wire Products. Tata Paras/ Tata Paras Farmoola/Tata Kisan Sansar. Led High Bay-Par60. Bearings. Yashinomi Inorganic coating material with stain-proof.polycarbonate resin for weight reduction of automobiles. IT-Infrastructure Management Panels on Environmental . Tubes. Detergent. aramid 89 SUMITOMO MITSUI BANKING CORPORATION nagai_mari@dn. industry players and thought leaders Asia.IETF 2011 84 PROREKA (M) SDN BHD info@proreka. Security Services. Fresh Produce Assessment of Business 90 TATA CHEMICALS LIMITED soap. Collaborations 91 TATA QUALITY MANAGEMENT SERVICES (TQMS) . carbon fiber for weight reduction of automobiles/aircrafts. Facilitation of climate change initiative across Tata companies Network Services. Cloud Raw Materials. Indian Furniture . Led Par30. Cement. Knowledge Management. PET Film for backsheet films of PV & as replacement of chrome plating. Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC). features both strategic and industry-level events within the Week.

com Page 6 Stainless Steel Welded straight Tubes for Heat Exchanger / Condensor & General Applications. SS Plumbing System. Office. Stainless Steel Utensils. Commercial refrigerators. CR Coils. P LTD rahul@brggroup. Medical Equipment IT. Precision Strips. Auto Exhaust system. elevators and nirali@nirali. Water coolers. Stainless Steel Seamless straight Tubes for Heat / Condensor & General Applications. transportation systems.Electrical. Bath. Razor blade 110 111 112 JSL STAINLESS LTD JYOTI (I) METAL INDUSTRIES PVT LTD MUKAND LTD info@jindalsteel. transmission and distribution systems. Publication on Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Slabs. SS Modular Kitchen. SS Bar. Custom Built Enclosures for Telecom. air conditioners) Innova. Ferro Silicon. Jute Ribbon.Coils & Strips Blooms & 100 101 102 VOLTAS LIMITED rajibkumar@voltas.IETF 2011 Digital products (LCD & LED TVs. Home appliances (washing machines. Ferro Manganese. Water Tanks. Stainless Steel Seamless U-Tubes for Heat Exchanger / Condensor & General Applications. Metro Cars. Fabrication. Jute Soil Saver. Visicoolers and freezers. Jute Yarn. for Railways Rolling Stock like: 114 PRAKASH STEELAGE LIMITED / STAINLESS STEEL 2011 104 105 APEX TUBES PVT LTD BHANDARI FOILS & TUBES LTD apex@apextube. refrigerators. Bright Bars. DG Sets. notebook PCs.19 Racks. Jute Bag. Sponge 107 108 109 DTL ANCILLARIES LTD HISAR METAL INDUSTRIES LTD INDIAN STAINLESS STEEL DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION md@dtlpune. Automobile products 98 TOSHIBA CORPORATION 99 TOYOTA KIRLOSKAR MOTOR PVT LTD rengarajans@toyota-kirloskar. SS Kitchenwares & Cookwares. LHB Coaches. Stainless Steel Welded Pipes. Stainless Steel Cold Rolled praveen@bhandarigroup. Electronic Power Equipments. hard disk drives. social automation systems). HR WASTE MANAGEMENT & RECYCLING ASSOCIATION OF SINGAPORE joannetan@epc. SS Bus Shelter. Enclosures .Telecom. Wire Rods. medical systems. Stainless Steel Welded U-Tubes for Heat Exchanger / Condensor & General Applications. Mounting Beam & Lifting Beam. Social infrastructure systems (Power generation systems. Stainless Steel Welded Large Dia Pipes Tubes / Pipes. Jute Felt. Stainless Steel Pipes / Tubes. SS Bench. Coils / nissda@gmail. Garden Light & Sculptures. Industry & Electrical Industry. Etios. Dustbin. Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes. Steel & Stainless. Fortuner. S. Medical. Ferro Chrome. Jute Scrim Cloth 103 WORLDWIDE TRADES worldwid@cal2. Environment initiatives. Metro / Railways (Components) Stainless Steel Sinks Black Bars. Room/split air conditioners. SS-Fittings Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Plates. Service for Electro-mechanical solutions. Jute Rope. Forklift trucks & Cranes Jute Tape. Steelness Steel Tube & U-Tube (Seamless & Welded) . Stainless Steel Speciality Products SSCRF Components. Bi cycle Rim. Steelness Steel Pipe (Seamless & Welded). Electronic devices & components (leading-edge semiconductors. Coaches. Electronics. Jute Cloth.S. S S Sub Assys. Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Coils. Modular Toilet. SS Gas Cylinder. Coin Blanks.vsnl. Blu-ray and DVD recorders & players. Plates. IT Solutions). Dining & Home decor accessories. Corolla. displays and materials). Wires Conrtact 106 BRG IRON & STEEL 113 PRASHA TECHNOLOGIES LTD

Wiremesh Welder. SAIL JYOTI (GP) / (GC)sheets. Titanium Long Products Stainless Steel HR Coils. Projection Welding Machine. Bus AC Unit. Paint Shop Equipment. Stainless Steel Seamless Pipes / Tubes. Air Springs Welding Machines 129 130 131 132 ENAR WELD .com 135 136 137 KAIZEN INDUSTRIAL SERVICES KIRTI PRESSINGS (P) LTD MECHELONIC ENGINEERS PVT LTD kaizenindustrialservices@yahoo. Cold Rolled Precision Stainless Steel Foils Flash Butt Rim Welder. Wedge Mounts. Wear Plates CNC Laser Cutting Machine. Repair and Reclamation Jobs. Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine Welding Consumables. Thermal Spraying Services.IETF 2011 115 QUALITY FOILS (INDIA) PVT LTD contactus@qualityfoils. Stainless Steel Welded Pipes / Tubes. CED Coating System. Low Heat Input Electrodes. Dip Spin Coating Machine. Stud Welder .com Anti Vibration Pads. Pre-Treatment System. Kiswel Ltd. Welding Machines. Defence AC Unit. Side Seam 117 STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LIMITED cadsail@gmail. Agtators SAIL Page 7 Venus Stainless Steel MIG / TIG / SAW Welding Filler electraengg@yahoo. Nut Feeder. Aluminum Brazing Fluxes. Korea Alloy Steel TIG Filler Wires. Welding 125 COATEC INDIA sangita. Faro Gage. CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine. Reactors. Electrodes Samples. Nickel Alloy. Pantry Equipment Stainless Steel. Imaging & Vision info@hitecind. Single Phase Spot Welding Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strips / 120 VSP INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD .com 116 REVAT METFORMS PVT LTD vrr@revat. Fluidized Bed Coating Machine. Elisental. Kiswel Ltd. Vessels (SS). Pannels 127 128 DYNEMECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD ELECTRA ENGINEERING (INDIA) PVT LTD sales@dynemech. Special Purpose Machines Welding Technology Process. 121 AKAL INDUCTION PVT LTD akalind@gmail.. Partition Welding 134 JAYAHIND SCIAKY LIMITED 123 ADOR WELDING LIMITED 122 ADOR FONTECH LTD kohlis@adorfon. Enar Brazing Alloys. Companies Handbook. Stainless Steel CR Coils. Korea Alloy Steel / Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires. Welding Wires & Electrodes. Stainless Steel Corrugated Hoses & Assemblies & Bellows Tubes & Pipes. Tungsten Rods Faro 133 IUP JINDAL METALS & ALLOYS LIMITED info@iupjindal. Spot Welding newdelhi@mechelonic. Chemlok Coating 124 CARVER WELDING PVT LTD Welding Machine / Gun Spot Welder. Cutting 126 D&H SECHERON ELECTRODES PVT LIMITED jyoti@dnhsecheron. Building Automation. Faro Focus 3 D. Stainless Steel CR Strips MANUFACTURING 2011 High Frequency Induction Heating Machine. Welding Wires. Rails. Wheels and Axels. RMPU for Driver Cab. Glide Coating Machine. jhsl@vsnl.. Wear Machine Samples. SCADA and DCS Implementation. Pr. Welding Simluators Welding Electrodes.BRAZE PVT LTD FARO BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES (I) PVT LTD HI-TECH INVESTMENT CASTINGS LTD INDIAN INSTITUTE OF WELDING marketing@enarweld. Faro Laser Tracker Investment Castings Cold Rolled Precision Stainless Steel Strips. Welding / sales@valbrunagulf. Hydraulic Flash Butt Welder. Flash Butt Pneumatic 118 119 SIDWAL REFRIGERATION INDUSTRIES LTD VALBRUNA STAINLESS STEEL indianwelding@vsnl. CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine. Fome Extractors. Factory Automation. Welded Assemblies. Welding Tools / Fixtures / Gauges Welding Control. Ador Institute of Welding Welding Manipulator. Welding Equipment. HR Coils. Germany Aluminum MIG / TIG Welding / Brazing Filler Welding Equipments. Dual Head Seam Welder. Stainless Steel Items RMPU for LHB type coaches. Spares. Wire rods. Enar Vapour Flux. Spring Isolators. Heat enquiry-india@faro. Project Engineering. CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Pretreatment. Height Guage. Toray RO/UF/NF Membranes. Micro Hyd. Vegetables PVC Piping & Fittings. Die . Cams for Press. Fruit Processing. Manual and Portable). Calibration equipment and Masters. Resins & Chemicals. Tissue Culture (Banana). Hardness Testers ( 150 CH2M HILL (INDIA) PVT LTD vinod. Water transmission pipelines and distribution Aquanomics Pressure Vessels. Desalination plants. Die Loader Siemens PLC. Profile Projector & Microscopes.atlascopco. PVC Liner. Aerial Order Pickers. Aquanomics High Pressure Pumps. Form Measuring Machines (Contour. Waste water and effluent treatment plants. Vision Measuring Machines. Antioxidant Alkaline sales@panchmahalsteel. WEG Electric Motor. PVC Foam Sheets. Hydraulic Actuators. Hand Pallet Trucks.singh@Ch2m.Tools Circular Sawing Machine. Activated Carbon. Stackers. Hand Held Measuring Tools . Hyd. Knoop.Digital & Mechanical (Caliper. Diasater Relief Equipments. Tube/Bar End Chamfering Machine. Speciality Lubricants. One Touch Under Sink Filter. Maintenance Weldings Alloys Welding 142 143 STANVAC SUPERON sales@stanvac. Brinell. Antioxidant Alkaline Stick Set. Bore Gauge) TIG & MIG Wires Grinding Pool Heating Systems. 2D Height Gauge. Green House Integrated Marketing Services. PE Piping & Fittings. Super . UPVC Pipes & Singapore International Water Week 2011 Brochures. Siemens Ac & DC Drives. MCC / PCC Panels WATER 2011 146 147 148 AQUANOMICS SYSTEMS LIMITED ALFAA UV ATLAS COPCO COMPRESSOR SALES sanjiv@aquanomics. Rockwell. Gas Springs. Cad-Cam-Cae Software. Prefabricated Swimming Pools. Die-Springs (ISO). New Generation Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant (NGPSTP) 154 155 JAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD KESTONE INTEGRATED MARKETING SERVICES PVT LTD jisl@jains./ 145 WINTECH ENGINEERS (P) LTD ajayd@ndf. Silos Page 8 . de-mineralization and condensate polishing units for the industry 151 152 JITF WATER INFRASTRUCTURE LTD INDIAN RAILWAY CATERING AND TOURISM CORPORATION LTD railneernangloi@irctc. TCT Circular Saw Blades Anti-Corrosion Coatings. Indexing 'marcom@in. Elect. Scissor Lifting Platform. Micrometer. Manual Control Valves. Negative ion Bracelet & Etc Project 149 BIOCERA CO LTD biocera@biocera. Irrigation Systems. Antioxidant Alkaline 144 TECH MECH HANDLING EQUIPMENTS jetindia@vsnl. Maintenance Aerosols. Solar Products Washing ball.Springs. Roughness and Roundness).com 141 RAVIK ENGINEERS PVT LTD 140 PRECISION INTERNATIONAL 153 ION EXCHANGE (INDIA) LTD deepti@ionexchange. Drinking water treatment facilities. Line Laser 3 D Coordinate Measuring Machines (CNC. Hand Stackers. Poll Lights/Cleaning Accessories UV Water Purification Systems Screw Blowers Ceramic ball.IETF 2011 138 139 MITUTOYO SOUTH ASIA PVT LTD PANCHMAHAL STEEL LIMITED delhi@mitutoyoindia. UV & Ozone manisha@rostfreisteels. Company Brocures Raw water intake and conveyance sales@superonindia.Heavy Die . Aquanomics Membrane Housings. Dial Gauge. Drum Handling System. Industrial Cleaners. Marking indsales@alfauv. Manpower Services 156 157 PUB SINGAPORE ROSTFREI STEELS PVT LTD HSS Circular Saw Blades. Complete Pool Rail Neer Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR). Superficial). Toray MBR (Membrane Bio Reacters). Welding Machines Aerial Maint. Event Poster Water Storage Tank.

com Purified drinking water solutions for underserved people of India. Floating Trash Hunters. Noise Barrier HSAW Pipes. vineet.bankure@a2zemail. Skid Steer Loader SSL170 Nalah Man .com rahul@hyquip. GRP Pipes. Piston Rings. Spectrometry based water quality Sensor (Displayed).sg 165 166 167 UL INDIA PVT LTD WATER HEALTH INDIA PVT LTD ZENNER AQUAMET INDIA PVT LTD INCLUSIVE. TOC Analyzers. Prefabricated Shelter. Traffic Barriers PARTMART & AUTOCARE 2011 Shock Absorbers. Verticle Water Quality Profilers for lakes and reservoirs Certification Services as per NSF 60 Standard for Water Treatment Chemicals. Water Level Recorders. Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant 163 TRIVENI ENGINEERING & INDUSTRIES LTD 'Water Quality Monitoring Systems. Hydrological Monitoring Systems. Scrubber Dryers. Internal Epoxy Coating. Rugged Dissolved Oxygen Sensor. Industrial Water & Wastwater Treatment Plant. Plastic Granules. Gaskets. Certification Services for Bottled Water Program. Solar Powered Circulators. Multi parameter Water Quality Sensor (Displayed). External 3LPE Coating. France 120-1100 maniar@maniar. EN 840 Compliant Waste Bins from Plastic Omnium.IETF 2011 158 SWAN ENVIRONMENTAL PVT LTD info@swanenviron. Effluent Recycling Systems. Turnkey Solution for Water & Wastewater Treatment 159 TANCLEAN PVT LTD sunil@tanclean. Weather Monitoring info@zenneraquamet. Portable Water Quality Monitoring HDPE Pipes. Microbiology Testing Products Service of cleaning and disinfection of Drinking Water Tanks. Wheeled Waste Bins 90-240 ltrs. Industrial Road Sweeping Machines. INTEGRATED SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT A2Z INFRASTURCTURE LTD AURA EXIM tnvv. Aquatic Weed Harvesters. Zero Liquid Discharge. Eco Build (Sand) Model of Composting Plant. Compost. Break Adjusters. 162 TOPWORTH PIPES & TUBES PVT LTD krishna. Eco-Bricks Aura Bucket Crusher 168 169 170 CLEANTEC INFRA PVT LTD cleantecinfra@gmail. Installation of latest technology Australian water Storage tanks Sewage Treatment Plant Monitoring. Galvanised ERW Pipes wbg@projects. Amphibious Excavators. Water Level Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant.rao@in. Sandwashing Plants Organic Fertilizer (Compost). Water Meters. Flow Meters nisha. ERW infoindia@waterhealth. 175 176 NILKAMAL LIMITED info@nilkamal.trivenigroup. Road Sweeper Free Standing Litter Bins. Verification Services 164 TRITECH GROUP LIMITED 160 161 TECHSPAN ENGINEERING PVT LTD TIME TECHNOPLAST LTD santosh. D'Siltman. Total Suspended Solids Monitoring System. Engine Cooling Systems 177 ANAND AUTOMOTIVE LTD Page 9 .com neeraj@auraexim. Sewage Treatment Plant.deshmukh@topworthgroup. C&D Waste Recycling Plants. Water Level Monitoring and Flood Alarm Portable Meter & Pocket Festers. Certification Services as per NSF 61 Standard for Water Treatment Chemicals. Dredging 173 174 JCB INDIA LTD MANIAR & CO. Equipment for Water & Wastewater Treatment Seawater Desalination Plant. Tertiary Treatment of Sewage. Green Fuel (RDF).com hareshpillay@timetechnoplast. Certification Services for Drinking Water Treatment 171 172 HANJER BIOTECH ENERGIES PVT LTD HYQUIP TECHNOLOGIES LTD vikas@hanjer.palan@techspaneng. Model of Shredder Backhoe Loader 3DX. RDF.

Start-Stop Systems. PVC Wire Harness Tapes. Wipe Out Scratch Remover. Rear View Mirrors.Engine Management System for gasoline. Diesel Fuel Treatment. Quick Fix Tire Inflator. ABS. Parking Brake Levers. Vehicle Electronic. Radios.Flanges. Floor Marking Tapes. Deep Drawn Flanges. Levers & Yokes. Batteries. Evaporative Canisters. Carnauba Wash-N-Glo. Car window closer. Clean All Foam Cleaner.IETF 2011 178 AJIT INDUSTRIES ajitindustries@ajitindustries.Wiring Harness & Electrical Centers. Car parking sensor system. Exhaust Bracket. Traction Inverters. Two Wheeler Chassis & Sheet Metal Parts. Paper Masking Tapes. Heat Shield. CNG Kits. Radiator Flush. Sensors and Electronic Control Unit (ECU). Proportioning Electrical & Electronic Architecture . Dashboard Polish. Thermal Systems . High Quality Double Sided Tapes. Ignition High Temperature Masking Tapes. Fuel pump and Fuel Modules. Service Kits. Premium Oil Exhaust Parts . Friction Products. Immobilizers. Super Gold Paste Wax. Complete Emission Systems. Delphi Product & Service Solutions (Aftermarket) HVAC. Sheet Metal Components + Assemblies. Battery Chargers and Hybrid Controllers. Li-Ion Battery Pack and Power Box. Windshield Washer Cleaner & Anti Freeze Cleaner. Bleeder Kit ferrario@vsnl. RTV Silicone Gasket Maker. Brake fluid Tester. Fine Line Masking Tapes. Transfer Tapes. Foam Tapes. Spray 179 BRAKES INDIA LTD bi-marketing@brakesindia. Duct Tape. Page 10 .. Accessories 189 MINDA GROUP Queries@mindaautocare. Brake Cleaner. Urethane Auto Glass Adhesive. Polishing Pads 180 DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS PVT LTD 181 FERRARIO AUTO PRODUCTS 182 GLOBAL AUTOMOTIVE info@globalautomotive. Exhaust Manifold Gaskets Car alarm system. Protection Tapes. Wiring Harnesses. Paint Spray Guns. Polyester Tapes. Body Computer Module. Head Lamps. Electronics & Safety . Filament Tapes. Gear Shifter Ignition Coil.Clusters. Exhaust Gaskets (High Temperature Gaskets). Gear Oil Treatment. Radiator Coolant & Engine Oil Automotive Polishes. Glow Plug. Plastic Trim Parts 188 LUMAX INDUSTRIES LIMITED lumax@del2. Instruments. Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner. High Performance Friction Switches. Lines and Hoses. Powertrain Systems . DC-DC Converters.vsnl. Abrasive Sheets. Filter. D/S Tissue Tapes. Engine Management System for alternate fuels. Power Steering Fluid Booster Tandem Master cylinders. Brake Fluid DOT 3 & 4. 183 184 185 186 187 GUANGZHOU CAR-UNION AUTO ACCESSORIES CO LTD IMPERIAL AUTO INDUSTRIES LIMITED INDIA PISTONS LTD KNORR BREMSE SYSTEMS SYSTEMS FOR COMMERCIAL VEHICLES PVT LTD LUCAS .HVAC Module and compressors. Brake. Shell etc. Car central lock system Automotive Lighting Solutions. Heat Exchangers. Gasoline Treatment. Locks. Half shaft. Reinforced Paper. Condenser Assembly & Radiator and FSM. Throttle Body. Die-cut Foam Navigation. Foaming Tire Cleaner. Suspension. #2 Super Lithium Grease. D/S Acrylic Foam Tapes.TVS LTD tim@gd-yth. Clutch Booster. D/S Foam Lamition Tapes.

Crank 197 QH TALBROS LIMITED marketing@qhtalbros. Inner Rings & Housed Units. Engine Valves. Steering Linkage Assemblies Gaskets. Shock Absorber . Gears and Shafts. Clutch facings. Clutch Forgings. Tapered Roller Bearings. Wiring 202 ZHEJIANG HENGXING AUTO SPARE PARTS CO LTD pansen@hxparts. Torque Rods. Brake Pads. Crown Wheel Oil Systems Additives. Cylindrical.vsnl. Hub Pins. Air Horns. Gear 201 'WYNN'S MEKUBA INDIA PVT LTD Brake Linings. Machined Forgings. Suspension Control Arms (Wishbones). Forged Control Arms. Rocker Arm Bearings. Drag Link Assemblies. Halogen 194 195 SADHU FORGING LTD SETCO AUTOMOTIVE LTD Needle Roller Bearings. Cylindrical Roller Bearings. Piston Pins. Taper Thrust Bearings. Bulb Holders. Stampings. Heat Shields.exports@shrirampistons. A & V Links.IETF 2011 190 191 192 NRB BEARINGS LIMITED PFEDA SYNTHETICS PVT LTD RANE BRAKE LINING LIMITED nrbbrgs@bom3. Crank marketing@turboenergy. Needle Roller Thrust Bearings. Piston Rings. Rubber Components. Disc Pads. Stabilizer Links. All Purpose AP3 Grease k. Ball Bearings. Needle Roller Thrust Bearings. Outer Ball Joints. Spherical Roller Bearings. Automotive Battery. Car Care Products.balasubramaniyam@rane. Flashers. Needle Bushes & Cages. Wipers. Clutch Buttons Electric Workshop Equipment Electric Fuel Pump. FS Cages. Inner Ball Page 11 Ball Suspension Joints. Steering & Suspension Turbo Charger & Parts. Bevel Gears Pistons. Tie Rod Assemblies. Brake Cylinder Liner Piston Assembly Kits 196 SHRIRAM PISTONS AND RINGS LTD spr. Forgings. Vehicle Security System. Needle Bushes & Cages Taper Thrust Bearings. FS Cages. Service Network Fuel Additives. Mobile Chargers 193 ROOTS INDUSTRIES INDIA LIMITED 198 199 200 TALBROS AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS LTD TATA AUTOCOMP SYSTEMS LTD (INTERIORS AND PLASTIC DIVISION TURBO ENERGY LTD talbros@talbros.