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EndNote online

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Creating an EndNote online account


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via EndNote online (EndNoteWeb)


Online search


Manual entry


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Saving PDFs


Searching, viewing and editing records


Creating a bibliography


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Syncing EndNote online with EndNote desktop


Appendix A: Installing Cite While You Write on a Mac


Information Services


April 2014

EndNote online is a web-based reference management tool which allows you to collect, organise
and format references and in-text citations using a number of different styles. It can work in
conjunction with EndNote desktop software or independent of the desktop version.
You can access it anywhere - on your desktop, online, or on your iPad. Benefits include:•

Unlimited reference storage
5,000+ bibliographic styles
5GB of file storage
Online search
Automatic generation of in-text citations and reference lists

Creating an EndNote online account
Option 1: via EndNote desktop (X7)
This option includes unlimited records, 5GB file storage and 2 years roaming access. If you have
access to the University desktop version of EndNote, this is the recommended route to creating an
EndNote desktop (X7) from a University
managed network PC.

You can tell if you are using a University managed
network PC if you see the following icon on your

1. Open EndNote desktop (X7)
- using the icon on the desktop

Click 'Start' and search 'All

In EndNote desktop (X7)
2. Create a New Library or open an
existing Library

Information Services


April 2014

Information Services 4 April 2014 . Select 'Edit' 4. Select 'Enable Sync' 7.3. Select 'Sign Up' and follow the on-screen prompts to set up your EndNote online account. Select 'Sync' 6. Select 'Preferences' from the drop-down list 5.

ac.hw. You will only be asked to do this if using a computer not connected to the University network. log in with your Heriot Watt ID. (see page 3) 1. Select 'EndNote online' 4. Select 'My Services' 3. then sync it with EndNote desktop (see page 20) your account will be upgraded to include 5GB of file storage and 2 years roaming access. Go to www.000 records storage. This is your HWU email /Vision username and 2. Select 'create an account' and follow the on-screen prompts. Use this option if you don’t' have access to the desktop version of EndNote X7 via a University managed desktop. Information Services 5 April 2014 . Note: If you create your account in EndNote online. 2GB file storage and 1 year roaming access. If prompted. 5.Option 2: via EndNote online This option includes 50.

Select relevant record(s) from results screen Information Services 6 April 2014 . e. As an example.Online search (Collect) The 'Online Search' option allows you to search some of the Library's databases and freely available catalogues from within EndNote online.g. While convenient. Select Collect tab>Online Search 2. select 'COPAC' from the drop down list and click 'connect' 3. book title: Biology author: Campbell publication year: 2011 4. 1. Enter details for what you want to find and click 'search'. the search features in this type of search are limited compared to those available when searching the databases directly and from where you can export to EndNote online.

Manual entry (Collect) 1. Select 'New Reference' Information Services 7 April 2014 . Select an existing group to add your record to or select 'New group.5. Open the 'Add to group' drop down list. 7. 6. If you selected 'New group' give the group a name and click OK. The new group will appear in the 'My Groups' list containing your saved record(s). Select 'Collect' 2.

BBC. J.. Pear Tree Books: Oxford. As an example.g. select 'Book' 5. R. Smith. 4.Pears. (2008) Cite them right: the essential referencing guide. You can use the following as an example . Tip: If your source has a corporate author. in the author field type two commas after the corporation/organization name e.3. At the 'Reference Type' drop down –scan the list of possible formats It’s important to choose the correct reference type as this will determine what details can be input and how they are formatted in the reference list. Fill in some book details and save to your newly created group or experiment with creating a new group. Information Services 8 April 2014 .

Go to the Information Services website at www. Experiment with the limiters in Discovery to refine your results. 5. For information on what bibliographic details are required for different sources you may find the Library's Harvard Guide helpful It is good practice to check the downloaded records to ensure they are complete and accurate. Enter some search terms in the Discovery search box 4. Select a few results to export to EndNote online by clicking 'Add to folder' Information Services 9 April 2014 . 1. Tip: For some downloaded records.Download from a search It is possible to download records from many of the Library's You can then add in or edit any missing or wrongly placed information. The example below used the Library's Discovery single search service. Select 'Find resources' 2.see www.pdf (please bear in mind other styles may differ in the bibliographic details required). not all bibliographic details are available and/or transferred to EndNote online.

if prompted 10. 7. An export confirmation message appears 11. Select 'Direct Export to EndNote Web' then 'Save' 9.6. Exported records will appear in the 'Unfiled' folder under 'My References' You can move them by viewing the record and selecting 'Add to group' (either an existing group or a new group you create). Information Services 10 April 2014 . Sign in to your EndNote online. In folder view. Click on the 'Folder' icon top right. tick records to export then click 'Export' 8.

g. navigate to open the PDF You may need to click on a 'check for full text' button to find out if a PDF is available. the first step is to save each PDF to your computer. 1. Find the record to attach the PDF to e. If you are still in the Discovery Export Manager screen. From the PDF. you can search on the author surname or browse in the 'Unfiled' folder (if you have not moved your records from here to another group) Information Services 11 April 2014 . 3. select ‘back’ to return to the results page. select to download or save the PDF to your computer e.pdf' 4.g. first author surname 'Taddicken. Tip: Save the file using a name which facilitates finding and attaching it to the appropriate record in EndNote online e.g. Once you have saved the PDF go to EndNote online. 2. From the results page. You can do this from the results screen in Discovery.Saving PDFs To attach a full-text PDF to your record in EndNote online.

Locate and select the file. Use the 'Upload File Attachment' box to browse for the saved PDF 7. Select 'Upload' 9. A upload confirmation message will appear Information Services 12 April 2014 . then click 'Open' 8.5. Click on the paper clip icon then 'Attach files' 6.

The file is now attached to the EndNote online record 11.10. You can manage your attachments in the 'Organize' tab under 'Manage Attachments' Information Services 13 April 2014 .

Searching. Combining search terms with OR finds ANY of the terms 3. viewing and editing records 1. Double click on a field to open and edit Information Services 14 April 2014 . Enclosing terms in quotation marks finds the complete phrase Once you have found some records:5. Combining search terms with + finds ALL of the terms 4. Use the search box to search for some records you know are in your EndNote online 2. Click on a record to open the edit screen 6.

Select 'Preview & Print' 5. Click on the 'Format' tab in EndNote online 2.Creating a bibliography Once you have some references in at least one group: 1. If you use Open Office. Click on 'Bibliography' 3. a file format e. A formatted bibliography / reference list appears in your chosen style. HTML to view easily on screen 4. Select the 'EndNote Web' tab Information Services 15 April 2014 . Use the dropdown lists to select :8. Harvard HWU 10.g. a group of references 9. see the section below on 'Format Paper'. Open a Word document 2. a bibliographic style e. You could copy and paste in this in to your document Cite While You Write For use with Word. Once you have some references in at least one group: 1.g.

Select 'Application' 5. Select the reference(s) you want to insert and select 'Insert' Information Services 16 April 2014 . enter a search term which you know should give some results e. The EndNote Web tab should now be visible 8.g. When you wish to insert an in-text citation. A list of matching records from your EndNote online library appears 11. type your text.If you don’t see the 'EndNote Web' tab but EndNote X7 (this will only happen on PCs with the desktop version of EndNote):3. In Word. Login if you are prompted 7. In the pop-up screen. an author or title word for a reference you have in your EndNote online 10. select the 'Find Citation' icon from the toolbar 9. Select 'EndNote Web' in the 'Application' box 6. Click on 'Preferences' 4.

12. Select the ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’ option Information Services 17 April 2014 . The in-text citation and reference should appear in your text 13. At the pop-up box use the drop down list to select an output style or citation style then click OK. 15. You can change the citation style by selecting the arrow next to 'Bibliography' 14.

2 in the suffix box • Click 'OK' Information Services 18 April 2014 . To insert page numbers in citations:• • Highlight the in-text citation Select 'Edit Citation(s)' • In the Edit Citation screen. Your in-text citations and references will be re-formatted in the appropriate style e.g. .g. numeric 17. type comma space p stop page number e. p.16.

the Cite While You Write “toolbar” is on the Tools Menu: Information Services 19 April 2014 . pp.• The page number is now shown in the in-text citation Tip: For a range of page numbers. page number range e. 34-40 in the ‘Suffix’ box and click OK Note: the format of page numbering may vary with different citation styles Cite While You Write on a Mac On a Mac. . type in comma space pp.g.

rather than Word. Year} e.RTF) file 4. 2007}. 1.g. select the referencing style required (e. 3. Open the File menu 3. You will then be given the option to either view or save your formatted document Syncing EndNote online with EndNote desktop When you Sync your EndNote online library with your library in EndNote desktop. Log in to EndNote Online and click the Format Tab and select Format Paper 5. When you wish to insert a reference. Click the Format button 8. Open the desktop library you are syncing from 2.g. type {author's second name. Save your document as a Rich Text Format (. you can insert citations and references in your paper using the Endnote online 'format paper' option:1. Backup your desktop Library Before you sync your libraries for the first time you should backup your desktop library.enlx)… Information Services 20 April 2014 . Choose Compressed Library (. {Beardwell. the two libraries will be compared and:• references that are in your EndNote online library but not in the desktop library will be sent to your desktop library • references that are in your desktop library but not in EndNote online will be sent to your EndNote online library So both libraries will end up containing the same references. Create your document as normal 2. Under Bibliographic Style. Click on the Browse button and select the file you saved in step 3 6. Harvard HWU) 7.Format paper If you use Open Office.

Choose the options required and click Next 5.4. Select the location for the Backup file and click Save Information Services 21 April 2014 .

Click OK 5. Enter your EndNote online account details 4. Open your EndNote library Open EndNote desktop (X7) . Start the Sync process See page 20 • Click or open the Tools menu.When you first sync your libraries 1. and choose Sync 3.using the icon on the desktop OR • - Click 'Start' and search 'All Programs' - Open a Library Backup your EndNote library if you haven't already done so 2. Complete the Registration form Information Services 22 April 2014 .

click No at the prompt • Your libraries will be synchronised Once complete.6. Click • If you haven't already backed up your file you will be prompted to do so If you have not already backed up. Click If you Decline you will not be able to synchronise your libraries. and your EndNote online library should contain the same references. Read the Agreement Assuming that you agree. click Yes and follow the steps on page 2.. the library you have open in EndNote. If you have already backed up. 7. The EndNote online registration screen will appear 8. Information Services 23 April 2014 .

Test Information Services 24 April 2014 . my EndNote online library contained 10 references in a group called Test.EndNote Library before and after…. Original EndNote file 156 References in All References Synced file 166 References in All References 10 (from my EndNote online library) in Unfiled Groups. and my EndNote library (called Demo) contained 156 references. At the start of this process.

Click OK Preferences include • • specifying the library that you want to Sync automatic Sync options You can also sync whenever you wish by clicking To see the updates in your EndNote online library • Login to EndNote online OR. if you are already logged in 1. Go to EndNote online 2.Keeping your libraries in sync By default. Open the Edit menu. Set the preferences as required 3. Press [F5] to update the display Information Services 25 April 2014 . then Sync 2. your libraries will sync • every 15 minutes • when you close the library To edit the Sync settings 1. choose Preferences.

Sync Status To check the Sync status to see when you last synced your libraries • Click Sync Status… Information Services 26 April 2014 .

1) Open your web browser (e. 4) Agree to save the file: 5) Follow the installation instructions by clicking on the Cite While You Write icon. Firefox) and go to EndNote online (see instructions on p. 3) Click on the Download MacIntosh link.Appendix A: Installing Cite While You Write on a Mac These instructions are for installing the Word Cite While You Write toolbar on your own Safari. 5). 2) In EndNote online. please contact ithelp@hw. If your computer is owned by the for assistance. go to the Options tab. and dragging in on to the Applications icon: Information Services 27 April 2014 . and click on Download Installers. Cite While You Write does not work on Mac OS 10.

Information Services 28 April 2014 . click on Open. and then double click on CWYM_Installer: 8) If you get a warning about CWYW_Installer being an internet download. from the Go menu) and find the Cite While You Write folder: 7 Open the Cite While You Write folder.6) Open the Applications folder on your Mac (e.g.

10) You can now delete the installer files: On the Mac version of Word.9) Follow the on screen instructions to install EndNote Cite While You Write: You will get a “thank you” message at the end of a successful installation. as shown overleaf: Information Services 29 April 2014 . the Cite While You Write functions will appear under the Tools menu.

Location of Cite While You Write on a Mac Information Services 30 April 2014 .